Hillary Clinton Vince Foster murder/suicide coverup, The strange death of Vincent Foster, Christopher Ruddy investigation, NewsMax articles resurrected by Citizen Wells, Scathing Foster investigation articles, Clintons’ reach extends?

Hillary Clinton Vince Foster murder/suicide coverup, The strange death of Vincent Foster, Christopher Ruddy investigation, NewsMax articles resurrected by Citizen Wells, Scathing Foster investigation articles, Clintons’ reach extends?


I have been digging into the details of the Vincent Foster death in 1993  and subsequent coverups and botched investigations.

The amount of information on the internet is amazing and once again I am encountering important, damning articles that are no longer found at their origin.

I have resurrected 2 and they are presented below.

Also, in the true spirit of citizen journalism, one of the dedicated commenters here, oldsoldier79 recently presented a Cspan II video of a presentation of jounalist and author Christopher Ruddy who investigated the death of Vince Foster and subsequent inquiries. Ruddy then wrote “The Strange death of Vincent Foster.”

Christopher Ruddy founded NewsMax Media in 1998.

From NewsMax April 4, 2001.

“‘Vince Foster’s Gun’ Serial Number Searched Before Death

When Vince Foster was found dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the head in 1993, the government was quick to write off the death as a suicide.

That sat well with Bill Clinton and Vince’s closest confidante, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

For years, detail after detail emerged questioning the official ruling.

Significant questions were raised about the unusual gun – a .38 Colt revolver made from the parts of three guns with two serial numbers – found conveniently in Vince’s hand.

The Park Police said one of the serial numbers indicated the gun was vintage 1913 – and had no pedigree.

Foster family members insisted neither Foster nor his father ever owned the old revolver.

Recently, a NewsMax.com reader named Craig Brinkley contacted us.

Curious about the gun, Brinkley had filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI, asking details of requests on the gun’s serial numbers with the NCIC – the National Crime Information Center.

The NCIC keeps records of all law enforcment inquiries of serial numbers.

On March 23, 2001, the FBI responded to Brinkley’s request.

Serial number 356555, one of the numbers on the gun, was never searched, not by the FBI, the Park Police or by that “investigation” by Ken Starr.

Serial number 355055 was found on the frame of the gun. Brinkley believes that was the gun’s real nnumber.

That number was indeed searched by the Park Police, on the evening of Foster’s death, more exactly at 22:45 EDT on July 20, 1993.

Interestingly, searches were conducted on the same serial number no fewer than three times earlier that year, before Foster’s death, on March 3, March 7 and April 29.

Was someone checking to see that this gun had a “clean” predigree and was untraceable?

We called Marilyn Walton at the FBI’s Access Integrity Unit. She told us that the government does not disclose which law enforcement agencies requested a trace on the serial number. She said it could have been made by local or federal agencies who have access to the NCIC computer.

She noted that serial numbers are often duplicated, and usually when a request is made, it includes additional information, such as the gun’s make and model.

In all four cases no such information was entered, just the number. Walton added that many guns share similar serial numbers.

Is it a coincidence that in the year of Foster’s death, four searches were conducted on the serial number found on the old gun – none ever before or after?”


From NewsMax December 4, 2003 via Free Republic.

“Vince Foster: What the Media Won’t Tell You”

“Major media outlets reported Wednesday on the Supreme Court hearing of California lawyer Allan Favish’s case that government photographs of Vincent Foster’s death scene be released for public viewing. The media report that no fewer than five investigations have found that Foster committed suicide because he was depressed. But despite 10 years of denial by the major media, the Foster case has not “closed” – as the Supreme Court hearing Wednesday demonstrated.
The case won’t close because of the failure of authorities to make full disclosure – and to conduct a full investigation into the case, including a complete autopsy.

Vince Foster was not only deputy White House counsel but also the personal attorney to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

On the night of Foster’s death, top Clinton aides made a frantic effort to enter and remove documents from his West Wing office. In the days that followed, federal investigators were stymied in their investigation of Foster’s office and strange death.

Since Foster’s July 1993 death, the facts of his death have been obfuscated by friends of Bill and Hillary in the major media, but here’s the undeniable truth:

There weren’t “five” investigations into Foster’s death, as the media report. The Park Police, best known for their meter and horse patrols around Washington, were put in charge of the initial death inquiry of the most important federal official to die suspiciously since President Kennedy. The Park Police, contradicting standard procedure, declared the death a suicide before launching their inquiry.

The FBI never officially investigated the case but simply signed off on the Park Police “probe.” The bureau had little choice. The day before Foster’s death, Bill Clinton hurriedly fired the director of the FBI, William Sessions. Sessions later charged that Clinton had “politicized” the bureau.

Later, Robert Fiske, selected by Clinton’s counsel Bernie Nussbaum and Janet Reno, quickly confirmed the Park Police probe as a suicide.

But when Ken Starr entered the investigation, he reopened the case. His chief prosecutor in the case, Miquel Rodriguez, later quit the Starr investigation, claiming that Starr’s staff was engaging in a cover-up of Foster’s death.

Rodriguez, a Harvard-educated federal prosecutor, argued that one of the Polaroid photos taken of Foster at the crime scene indicated an additional wound on Foster’s neck – never noted on the autopsy report. Favish’s suit before the Supreme Court is seeking to release this photo, among others.

No fewer than three of the paramedics on the scene indicated in reports or testimony that the crime scene was consistent with a murder scene, not a suicide.

A careful FBI microscopic investigation of Foster’s shoes found not a trace of soil or grass stains on them, though he supposedly walked several hundred yards through wooded Fort Marcy Park to where his body was found. [Years later, Starr’s investigation found plenty of soil and grass stains. Rodriguez charged that the shoes were tampered with to produce such “evidence.”]

Foster was found with little blood around his body – and despite claims that he fired the gun into his mouth, practically no blood was found on the front of his shirt.

Foster was found with a 1913 revolver no one in his family could claim, with two serial numbers, made from the parts of three or more guns. None of Foster’s fingerprints were found on the gun.

The bullet that supposedly killed Foster was never found, despite intensive searches.

Despite claims to the contrary, no one who knew Foster, including Hillary, Web Hubbell and his own wife, saw signs of depression.

A so-called suicide note was found in an office briefcase that had been searched and found to be empty after Foster’s death. The note was torn into 27 pieces. Yet an FBI examination found no trace of Foster’s fingerprints on the note and a top Oxford handwriting expert found the note to be an “obvious” forgery.

Despite the enormity of the case, Foster’s autopsy lasted an astounding 45 minutes. The coroner in the case had previously been overruled in other cases he declared “suicides” that were later found to be murders.

All of the X-rays taken during the autopsy are missing.

Complete crime scene photos don’t exist. The Park Police said all the photos were “accidentally” overexposed. A series of close-up Polaroids, which Favish is suing for, remain. This is just a brief summary of the dozens of inconsistencies in the case. Two New York homicide investigators who looked into the case concluded that Foster’s body had been moved to the crime scene and that murder could not be ruled out.

Despite overwhelming evidence of a cover-up, the media won’t question the official ruling.

Ken Starr, who could find no criminal wrongdoing on the part of the Clintons during his “intensive” probe, confirmed a ruling of suicide. Starr even hired O.J. Simpson’s defense expert to prove his case.

If ever there were a case for public disclosure of government records and photos, it’s the Vince Foster case. The high court should decide in Allan Favish’s favor.”


It appears that NewsMax’ archives only go back to 2007.

Is that the reason that these 2 articles can’t be found there?

Who made the decision for a news site to only keep articles from 2007 on?


Is there another reason?

More to come


31 responses to “Hillary Clinton Vince Foster murder/suicide coverup, The strange death of Vincent Foster, Christopher Ruddy investigation, NewsMax articles resurrected by Citizen Wells, Scathing Foster investigation articles, Clintons’ reach extends?

  1. citizenwells

    What I have already discovered is amazing.

  2. oldsoldier79


    I agree…your discoveries so far have truly been amazing……I think if you continue, your future discoveries will be mindblowing…..

    There is no statue of limitations on murder.

  3. Because America is in trouble.

    The pilot was locked out of the cockpit.

    That phrase finally revealed the full horror of the crash of Germanwings flight 9525. Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz waited for the pilot to leave the cockpit, then locked the door to prevent his re-entry. After which Lubitz, for reasons unknown and perhaps unknowable, deliberately steered the jet into a harrowing 8 minute plunge ending in an explosive 434 mph impact with a rocky mountainside. 150 men, women and children met an immediate, unthinkably violent death.

    Lubitz, in his single-minded madness, couldn’t be stopped because anyone who could change the jet’s disastrous course was locked out.

    It’s hard to imagine the growing feelings of fear and helplessness that the passengers felt as the unforgiving landscape rushed up to meet them. Hard – but not impossible.

    Because America is in trouble. We feel the descent in the pits of our stomachs. We hear the shake and rattle of structures stressed beyond their limits. We don’t know where we’re going anymore, but do know it isn’t good. And above all, we feel helpless because Barack Obama has locked us out.

    He locked the American people out of his decision to seize the national healthcare system. Locked us out when we wanted to know why the IRS was attacking conservatives. He locked us out of having a say in his decision to tear up our immigration laws, and to give over a trillion dollars in benefits to those who broke those laws.

    Obama locked out those who advised against premature troop withdrawals. Locked out the intelligence agencies who issued warnings about the growing threat of ISIS. He locked out anyone who could have interfered with his release of five Taliban terror chiefs in return for one U.S. military deserter.

    And of course, Barack Obama has now locked out Congress, the American people, and our allies as he strikes a secret deal with Iran to determine the timeline (not prevention) of their acquisition of nuclear weapons.

    Was Andreas Lubitz depressed, insane, or abysmally evil when he decided to lock that cockpit door and listen to no voices other than those in his head? Did he somehow believe himself to be doing the right thing?

    The voice recordings from the doomed aircraft reveal that as the jet began its rapid descent, the passengers were quiet. There was probably some nervous laughter, confusion, a bit of comforting chatter with seatmates, followed by a brief period in which anxiety had not yet metastasized into terror.

    It was only near the end of the 8 minute plunge that everyone finally understood what was really happening. Only near the end when they began to scream.

    Like those passengers, a growing number of Americans feel a helpless dread as they come to the inescapable conclusion that our nation’s decline is an act of choice rather than of chance. The choice of one man who is in full control of our 8 year plunge.

    A man who has locked everyone out.

    – Author unknown

  4. Regarding Germanwings, I believe you might find a couple of websites interesting “abel danger . net” “21st Century WIre” ……and I will add one more “SOTT.net”

  5. citizenwells

    “Schlumberger Ltd. reported a 39% decline in first-quarter earnings and announced further layoffs, as lower oil prices has slowed drilling activity in North America.

    “The abruptness of the fall in activity, particularly in North America, required us to take additional actions during the quarter,” Chief Executive Paal Kibsgaard said.

    Schlumberger said Thursday that it cut 11,000 more jobs, leading to a total reduction of about 15% compared with the peak of the third quarter of 2014. The company had laid off 9,000 employees late last year.

    The Houston-based company helps energy producers drill and frack wells so they can pump more fuel from the ground. Oil services companies have been warning that many customers are reeling from sharply lower oil prices. Moody’s estimates a 25% reduction in oil companies’ upstream spending this year. “No segment of the oil-field services and drilling industry will be immune,” Moody’s said.”


  6. Nobody is beaten until he/she is spiritually overpowered. NO one person can do a damn thing against a well entrenched enemy,but when one person becomes 1 MILLION the pendulum reverses itself. This is called the MOMENT OF INERTIA. If you think that the last three words are bullshi#, then look up what it means. Obviously there are a hell of a lot of Americans who havn’t any INERTIA at all……but they will be the first to scream bloody murder when their front door is kicked in by some STINKING,BEARDED,RAVING LUNATICS carrying AK 47s, who then proceed to RAPE all of the females,and then kill all the males……..in addition there are a growing number of our young people who think such behavior is really C-O-O-L, and want to participate in the action by joining our enemy. Some of our children would thank their parents for their survival,by cutting off the heads of their own parents. Now you know the truth of the matter. Your own children are fascinated,and taken in by such behavior,and simply because many of our youngsters have never been taught Christianity…..either at home,or at school. Hell many of todays high school kids don’t even know what the word MORALITY means,and a like number can’t spell it either.
    Yes there is HOPE,but as each day passes it seriously DIMINISHES…….and as long as WE THE PEOPLE sit on our duffs and do NOTHING even HOPE will soon disappear.


  8. ………as much as it saddens me to say it……….ALL airline crashes and disappearances,are now PAST TENSE. Many lives have been lost,and a like number forever changed. As difficult as it is to put behind us, we MUST EVENTUALLY do so, after which we start taking a much more comprehensive look into the lives of those who are allegedly CERTIFIED to fly aircraft,and even more stringent exploration into the lives of those who fly aircraft carrying passengers. There has always been indicators of behavioral change. Somtimes they are very subtle, and difficult to pinpoint,yet before a pilot can be CERTIFIED he, and his subordinates should undergo more intensive psychiatric evaluation…….not by one doctor,but SEVERAL…..as a team! I am sure that even 1 million hours of psychiatric evaluation might not find all of the potential perpetrators,but I do think it would GROUND a lot of them. Paying passengers place their lives in the hands of the pilot,and co pilot……..so I see extensive psychiatric intrusion into their lives as an absolute necessity. Co pilots need far more than 600 hours in type before they should ever be allowed to take the controls for any reason. With respect to the Germanwings A-320 it was a mistake of the Captain to allow the co pilot to take the controls particularly since there seemed to be a growing tension between them. That alone should have been an indication of a potentially dangerous problem with Lubitz……but when you GOTTA GO,YOU GOTTA GO……..that is assuming that this WAS the Captain’s reason for leaving the flight deck.

  9. BYE BYE…………..Have a great day!

  10. CW……..before I depart,I would like to add the the problem is NOT peculiar to Schlumberger alone. Given the policies of “you know who” there will be a HELLUVA lot more people UNEMPLOYED, and probably sooner than many even suspect. To hear the LIBERALS tell it everything is fine and dandy!

    Bye Bye

  11. oldsoldier79

  12. oldsoldier79

  13. oldsoldier79

    sorry for the multi post on that CW….operator error !

  14. Must Read: The American Report’s Betrayal Papers Part V; Who is Barack Hussein Obama?
    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/04/must-read-american-reports-betrayal.html#mR5vc1KzYvsqG7dk.99

  15. oldsoldier79


  16. oldsoldier79


  17. oldsoldier79

    Well it damn sure don’t look like William Jefferson Clinton !!!

  18. oldsoldier79


    Chelsea has had plastic surgery to minimize the “gumminess” of her lower lips, which is one of the key tell-tells that big lipped Webb Hubbell is her father. If one looks at Chelsea’s lips and her weak chin from her early teenage years and compares them to Webb Hubbell’s lips and chin, the Hubbell parentage becomes clear. Webb Hubbell, in his autobiography, says that his own father used to say the he (Webb) had “ni**** lips.” That must be an Arkansas saying.

    Bill Clinton’s own parentage has long been in question. The phony cover story concocted by Bill’s mother Virginia, which is often told and repeated in biographies and at Wikipedia, is that Bill’s father was a traveling salesman, William Jefferson Blythe III, who died in a car wreck 3 months before Bill was born.

    That is just a bunch of bunk.

    The reality is that Bill’s mother, known then as Virginia Cassidy, was a nurse who had an affair with a Dr. George Wright of Hope, AR, who is, in fact, the biological father of Bill Clinton.

    Author John Gartner went to Hope and talked to the old timers, people who had held Bill Clinton as a baby, and he found out in Hope it is pretty much an open secret that Bill Clinton is the bastard son of Dr. George Wright, now deceased.

    You can read about it in Gartner’s book In Search of Bill Clinton: A Psychological Biography.
    Well all i can say at this time is that this wouldn’t be the first, or last, time we have had a bastard as president of the United States.

    At least the one in this post was a ‘natural-born citizen”……we think !!!

  19. A-10 Warthogs Make Multiple Gun Runs Against Armed Taliban [VIDEO]

  20. oldsoldier79


    Did you know that the A-10 Warthog is one of the planes Obama is washing out of the inventory….

    One of the best war planes America has ever had….

  21. oldsoldier79


    ALL GAVE SOME…SOME GAVE ALL…God bless them all…..

    This nation is in grave danger tonight……please say a prayer that our people will come to their senses before it’s too late…..
    I’ve had three vodka and tonics tonight and intend to have another….after all, Iv’e been there, done that, and will do it again if necessary.

  22. oldsoldier79

    I was married to my first wife on August 4, 1963 in this cadet chapel…may God rest her soul.

  23. oldsoldier79

    That song is worthy of hearing again…….

  24. oldsoldier79

    sorry I posted the wrong one…operator error…

  25. oldsoldier79

    Sorry folks…I didn’t mean to burden you tonight, but some personal memories never seem to fade with time.

    it all boils down to this: If it’s worth dying for,…. it’s damn sure worth whatever it takes to insure it survive as a nation of free men and women….

    You do your part and i will do mine.

    Goodnight all and God bless.

  26. The Climate Change War Heats Up
    By Alan Caruba Full Story

    There is so much at stake for the charlatans that have foisted the failed “global warming” hoax, followed by the equally dubious claims and predictions regarding “climate change”, that it should come as no surprise that they have begun to wage a propaganda war on the courageous scientists who led the struggle to educate the public about the truth and the organizations who supported their efforts.


    by JB Williams, ©2015

    “Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Command in chief of the american army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.”

    (Apr. 15, 2015) — Through illegal immigration and so-called refugee resettlement programs, both importing a new breed of American “citizen” and a new crop of voters, the U.S. elections are now heavily influenced by foreign anti-American interests. The voter demographics of our country are being intentionally and purposefully altered. But that may not be the greatest threat to American sovereignty, security and freedom.
    Our nation’s Founders did their level best to create a system of self-governance of, by and for the legitimate citizens of the United States, establishing three co-equal branches of the Federal Government, each with their own set of limited duties and authorities necessary to execute those duties. In this extraordinary effort, they installed countless checks and balances to make possible the ongoing protection of all Natural Rights established for the people in our Charters of Freedom.

    One of those measures was a set of few, but strict conditions for high political office, an effort to make certain that only True Americans with no foreign entanglements or allegiances would hold the reins of political power in America. A different set of requirements was created for each branch, two chambers of the legislature, the judiciary and the executive branch.

    READ MORE… http://www.newswithviews.com/JBWilliams/williams302.htm

  28. Radio Host Discusses The Betrayal Papers,
    Obama’s Connections to The Muslim Brotherhood
    by Sharon Rondeau

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/04/king-muslim-brotherhood-connections-how.html#Zdx8O3iViVWZwchP.99

  29. Gallups: Answers Emails About Sheriff Arpaio’s Ongoing Obama ID Fraud Investigation

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/04/gallups-answers-emails-about-sheriff.html#aYEccoF6bwBQ3qVC.99

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