Victor Williams petition for Administrative Review, April 14, 2016, To New Jersey Secretary of State Elections Division NJ Attorney General and Governor Chris Christie, Relied on fundamentally flawed decision by judge Jeff Masin

Victor Williams petition for Administrative Review, April 14, 2016, To New Jersey Secretary of State Elections Division NJ Attorney General and Governor Chris Christie, Relied on fundamentally flawed decision by judge Jeff Masin

“To his kind of judge, Cruz ironically wouldn’t be eligible, because the legal principles that prevailed in the 1780s and ’90s required that someone actually be born on US soil to be a “natural born” citizen. Even having two US parents wouldn’t suffice. And having just an American mother, as Cruz did, would have been insufficient at a time that made patrilineal descent decisive.”…Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard Law Professor

“Ted Cruz wrote the forward for U.S. Constitution for Dummies which clearly reveals that he is not a natural born citizen.”…IL ballot challenger Bill Graham

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln



From Victor Williams April 14, 2016.
“An Opportunity for Governor Chris Christie and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno

At 3:15 p.m. on April 14, 2016, I faxed a “Petition for Administrative Review” to the New Jersey Secretary of State, to her Elections Division, to the New Jersey Attorney General, and to the Office of the Governor Honorable Chris Christie.

I cut and paste the Petition below:

Petition for Immediate Administrative Relief

Objector/Candidate Victor Williams comes now to respectfully request any and all additional administrative or adjudicative relief that is available from the New Jersey Secretary of State Kim Guadagno in this consolidated case [AOL Docket No. 5016 (Williams) and AOL Docket No. 5018 (Powers)]. Williams asserts that the Secretary of State relied on a fundamentally flawed decision by Office of Administrative Law officer/judge Jeff Masin and that her “Final Decision” of April 13, 2016 was in serious error.

As Williams first argued in his filed exceptions (which the Secretary of State’s Final Decision states were accepted) Williams additionally asserts that the irregular appointment process by which Jeff Masin self-reported that he was “recalled” to preside over this matter seriously taints (if not voids) Jeff Masin’s April 12 decision upon which the Secretary of State relied.

Williams requests a fulsome reconsideration by the Secretary of State of her April 13, 2016 Final Decision and/or any other relief available from any New Jersey Executive branch office or officer. Williams requests a de novo review of the entire record of this consolidated proceeding including all parties objections communications, briefs, exceptions and legal memorandum as well as any and all internal AOL documents and communications. Williams requests a review of the basis for, and the possible prejudice inherent in, the Office of Administrative Law’s reported “recall” and appointment of Jeff Masin as administrative hearing judge for this consolidated case.

Additionally Objector/Candidate Victor Williams respectfully requests any and all additional administrative processes or adjudicative relief including that requested above that is available from any other New Jersey Executive branch officer or office – including from the Office of Governor Chris Christie.

Williams makes these requests in good faith seeking to immediately exhaust all possible Executive and agency branch processes for relief of the consolidated case prior to advancing this case to the New Jersey judiciary.

Respectively submitted on this 14th day of April, 2016″

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53 responses to “Victor Williams petition for Administrative Review, April 14, 2016, To New Jersey Secretary of State Elections Division NJ Attorney General and Governor Chris Christie, Relied on fundamentally flawed decision by judge Jeff Masin

  1. citizenwells

    “Before discussing this challenge in detail, it is perhaps appropriate to note that
    the issue of the meaning of the Constitutional term “natural born” is a very legitimate subject of legal and historical debate, and whatever the outcome of the issue and its impact on the current Presidential campaign, it is by no means a frivolous matter. ”

    Judge Jeff Masin

  2. AND SOON ……….
    ………….we will see what the NJ SOS, and perhaps even Christie will have to say about Cruz eligibility. After all the HOT AIR that Christie exhaled while he was campaigning he might find himself between a rock and a hard place if he sides with Cruz. If he sides with Cruz his name will go on a million SHI# LISTS. He will never again be elected to any public office……… not even DOG CATCHER!

  3. citizenwells

    “Natural born Citizen” Constitutional Term and “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” Will be Discussed on ‘Walls in Our Minds’ Radio Show Tonight | Guests: CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) and Atty Mario Apuzzo | Show Hosts Dr. Kate and Terry Dodd and “Red”

  4. I believe that the FLAWED ruling of Judge Masin will STAND, and the SCOTUS will NOT TOUCH IT EITHER.

  5. Has any one seen this yet? Cruz’s college years. There was a lot of rapes going on and locks were to be put on doors ..guess what Ted fought against it! Did they have rape kits back then if so maybe they should check Ted’s DNA.

  6. oldsoldier80


    you said, …”I believe that the FLAWED ruling of Judge Masin will STAND, and the SCOTUS will NOT TOUCH IT EITHER.”

    I agree with you…if they expose Cruz, they will expose Obey who has been getting away with this crap for 8 years….and of course the New World Order elite would never let that happen….the fix has been in for a long long time my friend……..

    No one in america will ever question the ‘natural-born’ status of anyone ever again……our constitution is dead…you, I and several million just refuse to acknowledge that fact…..but in Washington, it seems to be common knowledge among all the congress and judges…..

  7. hocuspocus13

    The year Ted Cruz was born 1970 Canada did not recognize dual citizenship

    And we do know Ted was a Canadian Citizen at birth which Ted denounced in 2014

    It is a very simple matter all a Judge has to do is render a decision for Ted Cruz to put forth his birth certificate which as we have come to know has been sealed

  8. oldsoldier80………..
    ……..It is really not very difficult to see why America is being DEGENERATED. This has been the overall plan from the beginning way back many decades ago. Our esteem ,and our world position must be totally destroyed before America can become a piece of the NEW WORLD ORDER jigsaw puzzle. Sadly far too many Americans cannot see past the end of their noses………..what is really going on! Our young people think Socialism is C-O-O-L ( IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE).

  9. CW..
    Here’s one you might want to make a comment.
    This statement caught me by surprise.

    A federal judge has scheduled Blagojevich to be re-sentenced on June 30, 2016. Judicial Watch
    What Does the FBI Have on the Obama Gang?

    For several years we have been seeking records of then President-elect Barack Obama’s interview with two FBI agents and two assistant U.S. attorneys regarding former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who was sentenced to fourteen years in federal prison for attempting to sell Obama’s vacated Senate seat.

    Our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests were rejected, and so we have now filed a lawsuit (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No 1:16-cv-00576)) against the U.S. Department of Justice in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia seeking the FBI interview records of Obama, Rahm Emanuel, and Valerie Jarrett.

    The FBI denied our June 1, 2011, FOIA request seeking:

    Records of FBI interviews with Barack Obama concerning or relating to Rod Blagojevich, including but not limited to notes, summaries, and recordings of the interview.
    Records of FBI interviews with Rahm Emanuel concerning or relating to Rod Blagojevich, including but not limited to notes, summaries, and recordings of the interview.
    Records of FBI interviews with Valerie Jarrett concerning or relating to Rod Blagojevich, including but not limited to notes, summaries, and recordings of the interview.
    Records concerning any of the aforementioned interviews with Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, or Valerie Jarrett.
    The FBI contends the release of these records “could reasonably be expected” to interfere with law enforcement proceedings and withheld them under Exemption 7 (which allows agency to withhold certain law enforcement records).

    Here is the background:

    On December 18, 2008, about a week after Blagojevich’s arrest, then-President-elect Barack Obama was questioned at his Chicago transition office about the scandal surrounding the alleged sale of the Senate seat he vacated in 2008. We are seeking the FBI summaries from this interview.

    In January 2009, we released documents from the office of then-Governor Rod Blagojevich related to Blagojevich’s contacts with President-elect Obama and his transition team. The documents include a December 3, 2008, letter from Barack Obama following his December 2, 2008, meeting with Blagojevich, as well as a November 17, 2008, letter signed by Presidential Transition Team co-chairs Valerie Jarrett and John Podesta, providing Blagojevich with a list of transition team contacts. These documents tend to undermine Obama’s claims that he had no contact with Blagojevich.

    Blagojevich was convicted on 17 of the 20 public corruption charges against him, some of which have been vacated. He is not scheduled for release until 2024. The Supreme Court has refused to hear his appeal on the 13 remaining corruption charges. A federal judge has scheduled Blagojevich to be re-sentenced on June 30, 2016.

    Writing in The Washington Examiner, Rudy Takala noted, “There are no enforcement proceedings related to the case known to be pending, leading critics to charge that the agency’s denial is politically motivated.”

    Well, yes. This lawsuit highlights the personal corruption issues of Barack Obama. He and his closest aides were interviewed by the FBI in a criminal investigation, and his administration doesn’t want Americans to have the details. The Chicago way shouldn’t trump the American people’s right to know.

    It won’t if we have anything to do with it.

  10. He can not have a birth certificate from the USA. I’d say he’s having a hard time finding his citizenship papers to even be here legally. Mums birth certificate means nothing. All of use that were born here have a paper copy of our certificate whether it’s valid or not at this point. Easy to copy and show. This is just a ‘goose/gander’ thing with the half bread we have now.
    It’s really the only chance for another usurper to go for it as the powers to be are all to afraid to challenge obama and his minions.


  12. This is another article just to Confirm yours:
    Cruz’s Professor at Harvard-Senator Ted Cruz Was For The Constitution, Before He Turned Against It…
    …”When Cruz was my constitutional law student at Harvard, he aced the course after making a big point of opposing my views in class — arguing stridently for sticking with the “original meaning” against the idea of a more elastic “living Constitution” whenever such ideas came up. I enjoyed jousting with him, but Ted never convinced me — nor did I convince him.

    At least he was consistent in those days. Now, he seems to be a fair weather originalist, abandoning that method’s narrow constraints when it suits his ambition”… ~ Laurence H Tribe (Harvard)

  13. citizenwells

    First of all thanks.
    So even Judicial Watch is taking the Orwellian bait, hook, line & sinker.
    The FBI has way more on Obama than the diversion of the senate seat.
    Most of the substance linking Obama to Blago corruption was dropped from the original complaint.

  14. oldsoldier80


    THE ALL-GENDER RESTROOM IS LOCATED IN THE EXECUTIVE SECTION OF THE WHITE HOUSE….so if Obey fells like being a girl today , a boy tomorrow, and maybe one of each on Sunday… he will not have to walk any distance to “play the game” ….this is some sick sh*t folks.

    The White House has just opened its first gender-neutral restroom in what is seen as a ‘symbolic step’ by President Barack Obama to protect the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in the workplace.

    White House spokesman Jeff Tiller said the “all-gender restroom” is in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building where many employees have meetings and offices and is next door to the West Wing which houses the president’s offices.

    The initiative is the latest in a series of actions by Obama to support the LGBT community. On Wednesday, the president issued an executive order barring companies that do business with the federal government from discriminating against LGBT staff.

    “The White House allows staff and guests to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity, which is in keeping with the Administration’s existing legal guidance on this issue,” Tiller said in a statement.

    Obama has taken a firm stand over the past year or so on gay and also transgender rights, an area of debate that is becoming hotly contested.

    Last year, in a presidential first, Obama used the word “transgender” in the annual State of the Union address and he has also endorsed same-sex marriage, marking what may be one of the most significant advances of his presidency.
    Does this mean that everyone working in that ‘NUT-HOUSE’ will be standing in line for the all’gender thrill of it !…what ever it is…….

    I can assure you the first thing Trump will change is that restroom…and it will most likely take the better part of a year or two to fumigate the damn place…..know what i mean ?

    I wonder if the Charlotte mayor knows this facility now exist in the White Hose ( I typed that word by mistake, but it seems so correct, I will leave it just as it is)…perhaps she will even take a trip up there just to try it…..

  15. oldsoldier80
  16. It’s affectionately called “Michelle’s Shitter” after the First Tranny.
    oldsoldier80 | April 15, 2016 ,

    “The White House has just opened its first gender-neutral restroom in what is seen as a ‘symbolic step’ by President Barack Obama to protect the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in the workplace.”

  17. Friday, April 15, 2016
    Ted Cruz, Rafael Edward Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, father, family tree, ancestry, genealogy, dates, birth certificates – Republican presidential candidate
    Ted Cruz, Rafael Edward Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, family tree, ancestry, genealogy, dates, birth certificate,

    UPDATE: 03/15/2016: I’d sent my original blog post and research to a few reporters who were researching Ted Cruz’s history. Only one got back to me and said thanks. I now see some of the reporters I sent my research to wrote articles about the ancestry. Here’s an interesting one. Ted Cruz had a child after she was separated from her first husband. That child born Michael Darragh Wilson was born and died in 1966 in London. That doesn’t change anything but it did give me the correct birth date for Eleanor’s first husband. Obviously Eleanor told her son Ted a different story to save face. If Ted knew his mother got pregnant by someone other than her husband, he would have called her a “whore” like he did to the mother of one of his friends who did the same.

    I don’t have Ancestry international because it costs $29. If you hover over the international document, you get a preview. Here is Michael Darragh Wilson’s preview of his birth record.

    Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Michael Darragh Wilson, born in London, Middlesex 1966, died in London

    I just realized the significance of Ted Cruz’s mother’s last name being “Wilson” on the birth certificate. That would appear to mean Eleanor was not married to Cruz’s father Rafael when he was born. They divorced in 1997. I see no marriage certificate. Perhaps they were never married and Eleanor wanted the divorce so she wouldn’t be stuck with Rafael Cruz’s debts. If that is so, then Ted Cruz is a bastard child and his mother is a “whore” per Ted Cruz himself. Ted Cruz stated the mother of a friend was a “whore” as she had a baby out of wedlock. Cruz Sr did not find Jesus until 1975.

    03/14/2016: @ObligedFriend pointed out something to me about Ted Cruz’s legal nationality. A child born of a Cuban citizen abroad is legally Cuban. Ted Cruz allegedly renounced his Canadian citizenship. Did he also renounce his Cuban citizenship? Legally Ted Cruz was born 1/2 Cuban and 1/2 American. I don’t believe Cruz Sr ever became a legal US citizen. He stated he’d show the documents then never did. I also posted the information about the real Rafael Bienvenido Cruz who died in 2012. That person has same name and birth date as Cruz Sr. No response from Cruz Crew.


    New Jersey Cruz Eligiblity Challengers File “Exceptions” to Judge’s Opinion

    by Sharon Rondeau

  19. The debate over whether or not Senator Ted Cruz is eligible for the U.S. Presidency is about to end. It has now been confirmed that Senator Ted Cruz is neither a “U.S. natural born Citizen” or a “legal U.S. citizen.”

  20. AND NOW……….
    ………..ANOTHER INSANE Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz LIBERAL JUDGE has allowed the Sandy Hook lawsuit against Remington Arms to go forward. Remington had filed for a motion to dismiss, because there is a law which prevents manufacturers from being sued resultant of somebody’s inappropriate, and or immoral use of their product.

  21. Sorry about the ‘porn’ that comes with my Face Book post! I am sick of having to see all those breast implants and butts!

  22. bob strauss | April 15, 2016 at 6:08 pm |

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for posting that link….extremely interesting!

    Ya know, something always stuck in my craw, in addition to his birth mess. Even though he’s sealed his records, (this is becoming a nasty habit with POTUS candidates, isn’t it?) word began to filter out that his mother voted in Canadian elections. She would have to be a Canadian citizen in order to do that. Three strikes, Teddy Boy, and you’re out; no American birth, A Cuban father and a perhaps formerly American mother, now a Canadian.

    My own mother was born in Canada (she was Native Acadian), but had to be naturalized at the age of 2 when my grandparents moved the entire brood to MA. I remember that she told me that she ‘could never be President because she was a naturalized American citizen.’ I am first generation Natural Born.

    Same situation with Cruz, it seems; two Canadian parents and their child born in Canada. Like my mother, not Natural Born. Not eligible.

    Case closed.

  23. SueK | April 15, 2016 at 9:30 pm |

    Hi SueK,
    I think these ineligible Kenyans, and Canadians are counting on the courts, and our ignorant/complicit congress, on mishandling, and ignoring the NBC issue, so they can skate by on the ballot.

    One thing that is bothering me is the chronology of the Leo Donofrio, SCOTUS, lawsuit against Obama in 2008, and the whereabouts of Lyin’ Ted during that time frame. I remember Leo Donofrio writing about some shenanigans, that were going on in the clerks office, at SCOTUS, at the time, and I was wondering if Lyin’ Ted was involved in helping Obama usurp the presidency. I heard Lyin’ Ted was a clerk at SCOTUS close to that time in history, and we know Lyin’ Ted obfuscates the NBC issue for his personal gain, and maybe for fellow alums of Harvard too. Maybe there is a pattern here?

  24. oldsoldier80


    it’s usually the future generations that are ask to pay for the transgressions and ignorance of their fathers… it will be with our generation also.

  25. oldsoldier80

    sorry bout that

  26. oldsoldier80

    A BIG… F 7 8 5 3 2 G…DEAL !!!

    POPE TAKE 12 REFUGEES BACK TO ITALY as a gesture of his greatness and kindness from his visit to Greece on April 16, 2016…..

    MORIA, Greece (AP) — Pope Francis gave Europe a concrete lesson Saturday in welcoming refugees by bringing 12 Syrian Muslims to Italy aboard his charter plane after an emotional visit to the Greek island of Lesbos, which has faced the brunt of Europe’s migration crisis.

    Refugees on the overwhelmed island fell to their knees and wept at his presence.

    The Vatican said Pope Francis wanted to make a “gesture of welcome” at the end of his five-hour visit to Lesbos, where he implored Europe to respond to the migrant crisis on its shores “in a way that is worthy of our common humanity.” The Greek island just a few miles from the Turkish coast has seen hundreds of thousands of desperate people land on its beaches and rocks in the last year, fleeing war and poverty at home.

    This is the absolute height of ‘power pushing people’ ,,,this guy takes 12 possible Muslim terrorist back to Italy in his private jet , then he expects the countries of Europe who are being overrun by these ‘refugees/terrorist’ with the intent of destroying their Christian nations to accept hundreds of thousands more of the same ! ….. This is sheer madness by Francis !!!

    And why only 12 ?….Is that suppose to be symbolic of Christ taking his 12 closest brothers around with him ?…Lord, i hope not…..and I wonder just how many Swiss guards he will assign to each of those 12 refugees that he will let wander around among the treasuries of the Vatican…..he better be watching them real close, else they may just plant some explosive charges under the ‘tomb of Peter’ and bring his house down !!!! …or carry off the Madonna Peita from the front door of Peter’s church !

    Such a hypercritical displays of concern only serve to show the real world how the wealthy people openly deal with problems facing the entire world…… problems which have the potential of destroying the good along with the bad…….

    If Francis was really concerned about those ‘refugees’, why didn’t he give them a free ride back to Syria and tell them to clean up their own country…and the rest of the world will help them in that process.

  27. bob strauss | April 16, 2016 at 3:34 am |

    Hi Bob,

    Agreed. Not only do we have a complicit bureaucracy, but we also have an ignorant electorate who are more interested in what the Kardashians and ‘Cait’ Jenner are doing this week, rather than paying attention to what’s going on in their country. Like me, I’m sure that you saw this coming a long time ago.

    This is the first I’ve read about the Cubanadian clerking at SCOTUS, but it all fits. Wondering if Leo will expand upon his claim of shenanigans and blow the lid off the whole mess.

    If we have yet another usurper in the White House, you can pretty much call Canada “American North’ and Mexico ‘America South.’ At that point, we’re beyond finished.

  28. TO ALL……….
    …… I have said so many times before, all you need to do is use your eyes, ears, and your gourd to see what is happening to America. Sadly far too many so called Americans don’t even give a damn anyway. These people are the ones who will ultimately feel what is coming in the fullest magnitude, and they will also be among the first to fall in DEATH.

  29. SueK | April 16, 2016 at 12:00 pm,
    This is the first I’ve read about the Cubanadian clerking at SCOTUS, but it all fits. Wondering if Leo will expand upon his claim of shenanigans and blow the lid off the whole mess.


    I went to Wikipedia and checked on Cruz’s clerk career. It appears that he was not at SCOTUS at the time of the Donofrio matter, but his lasting illegitimacy may have lingered to taint any opinion on NBC.

  30. Eureka…I just figured it out !!

    CRUZ and OBAMA

    Only someone with severe amnesia would repeat the “MISTAKE of 2008!” Why would anyone do that?

    Look at the Similarities – then look at the Facts.

    “ROOKIE SENATOR” Ted Cruz is “The Republican Obama”

    1) Ted Cruz is a First Term “Rookie” Senator who “vacated” his job to run for President (same as Obama)

    2) Besides alienating ranking Republican Senators in the Senate, Ted Cruz “accomplished” ZERO as a United States Senator (same as Obama)

    3) Ted Cruz never had a job in the Private Sector (same as Obama). He was a “Government Clerk/Lawyer” – PAID by the TAXPAYER.

    4) Ted Cruz never held an Executive Position or Created a Single Job (same as Obama)

    5) Ted Cruz never had to meet a Payroll or run a business (same as Obama)

    6) Ted Cruz is a LAWYER – He is a “Talker” – which makes him a “fine” Politician (same as Obama)

    7) Ted Cruz will appoint Political “Hacks” to Prominent Positions in Government, because THAT’S THE ONLY PEOPLE HE KNOWS – LAWYERS AND POLITICIANS! (same as Obama)

    8) Ted Cruz will be beholden to Special Interests and Donors (same as Obama)

    9) Ted Cruz will keep the “Status-Quo” in Power (same as Obama)

    10) Ted Cruz will make a fine “Puppet President” (same as Obama)

    11) Ted Cruz is a Zionist. He stated “If you will not stand with Israel, then I will not stand with you!” Really Ted? Israel can do NO Wrong?

    12) Ted Cruz’s father, Raphael Cruz, preaches from the pulpit of the GREEDY TELEVANGELIST Kenneth Copeland.

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH America! The United States Government should be run by WE-THE-PEOPLE and NOT the WE-THE-USUAL “Political HACKS”, POLITICIANS and LAWYERS anymore! Cruz IS A LAWYER and that’s all he KNOWS how to do is TALK! No Business Sense at all!

    We now have a Kenyan President and a want-a-be Canadian who wants to be President.
    Who’s next?

  31. CW or anyone,
    Is there a single article here that I could point others to that would explain in very simple terms Ted Cruz’s eligibility problem? I find so much information here, but sometimes it seems difficult to condense it in a fashion that is quickly understood by those unfamiliar with the issue. Thanks in advance.

  32. Thank you so much cfkerchner!

  33. A white paper I wrote on the Who What When Where Why and How the natural born Citizen term was put into our U.S. Constitution:
    CDR Charles Kerchner (Retired) –

  34. Also read this tour de force by Atty Mario Apuzzo of NJ about why Ted Cruz is not constitutionally eligible for President and Commander in Chief and the Cruz should not be “TrustTed”:

  35. Thank you once again. God bless.

  36. Has any one seen this video! The little punk muslim slimes are rioting in France. Has yesterdays date! They won’t do it here and get away with it.

  37. AND……….

  38. Rience Priebus ….. Please read! Finally being held accountable (somewhat) by his party members!

  39. cfkerchner
    RE Natural Born Citizen Revised Definition?

    Those of you who worry about Democrats versus Republicans — relax, here is our real problem.

    In a Purdue University classroom, they were discussing the qualifications to be President of the United States .It was pretty simple. The candidate must be a natural born citizen at least 35 years of age.

    However, one girl in the class immediately started in on how unfair it was of the requirement to be a natural born citizen. In short, her opinion was that this requirement prevented many capable individuals from becoming president.

    The class was taking it in and letting her rant, and not many jaws hit the floor when she wrapped up her argument by stating,
    “What makes a natural born citizen any more qualified to lead this country than one born by C-section?”

    Yep, these are the same kinds of 18-year-olds that are now voting in our elections! They breed, and they walk among US. Lord, we need more help than we thought we did!

  40. I’ve seen that sad joke before. And if you wish to see more of the uninformed electorate what a section of “Watter’s World” street interviews. And this is not about Republican vs Democrat. It is about someone being constitutionally eligible and a natural born Citizen per originalist understanding, meaning, and intent of the founders and framers.

  41. efkerchner………
    Good morning sir,

    …………pretty much confirms what I have been saying all along. We now have a society with a serious intelligence erosion. I hasten to add that while it is not all Americans….. it is steadily increasing in magnitude.
    A few months back during one of the now famous WATTERS street interviews, a friend of the person who was being asked a question who was standing nearby, was picking his nose (ON CAMERA)…….his only words were COOL, MAN!

  42. efkerchner……
    ………I have a step son who retired from 20 years in the SILENT SERVICE. That is one segment of today’s Navy where we DEFINITELY DON’T NEED MORONS……yet he once told me that the recruiters are sending them some of the most stupid people they can find. he said many don’t know a screwdriver from a pair of pliers, or up from down……..which is bad news aboard a BOOMER.

  43. Barack Hussein Obama has made it abundantly clear through his actions that he is the enemy–from a long line of enemies–here to destroy the United States, her allies, and her position in the world. The U.S. is being crippled with debt, overloaded with Muslim refugees, and stripped of her power as President Obama works feverishly to rebuild the Axis of Evil by using the United States as its handmaiden. President Obama’s “transformation” of America is our destruction.

    CLUES UNLOCK OBAMA I.D. MYSTERY: FBI Soviet spy files, SUBUD cult, and a dead body

    Originally published August 19, 2015

  44. Still Report #802 – NJ Judge Didn’t Review Cruz Docs – YouTube

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

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