Trump will debate Ted Cruz when federal judge rules him eligible, Cruz is an arrogant fool for not addressing this earlier, Trump campaign manager sent message

Trump will debate Ted Cruz when federal judge rules him eligible, Cruz is an arrogant fool for not addressing this earlier, Trump campaign manager sent message

“To his kind of judge, Cruz ironically wouldn’t be eligible, because the legal principles that prevailed in the 1780s and ’90s required that someone actually be born on US soil to be a “natural born” citizen. Even having two US parents wouldn’t suffice. And having just an American mother, as Cruz did, would have been insufficient at a time that made patrilineal descent decisive.”…Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard Law Professor

“Ted Cruz wrote the forward for U.S. Constitution for Dummies which clearly reveals that he is not a natural born citizen.”…IL ballot challenger Bill Graham

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells



Obama and Ted Cruz went to Harvard Law School.

That speaks volumes.

Ted Cruz should have gotten a ruling on his eligibiilty to be president as a natural born citizen many months ago.

Ted Cruz is an arrogant fool for not doing so.

From the Daily Mail January 29, 2016.

“Trump campaign manager to Ted Cruz: We’ll debate you one-on-one as soon as a judge says you’re eligible to be president!”

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Friday said his campaign will debate his closest rival for the party’s nomination head-to-head – but only if a federal judge says so.

Trump, the New York real estate tycoon who boycotted Thursday night’s presidential debate because of a long-running personal feud with one of the network’s reporters, signaled Friday that he would be happy to debate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. asked Trump if he was serious about resisting Cruz until a court decides on his presidential electability.

‘Well, I think you’ve got a real problem. I think Cruz has a real problem… I would do that. I would absolutely do that. But they’ve got to rule. He’s got to go for a declaratory judgment,’ Trump said aboard his private jet on the tarmac in Des Moines, Iowa.”

“Trump went on to joke that he would debate Cruz in Canada – ‘to give him home-field advantage,’ before pledging to attend next Saturday’s Republican debate in Manchester, N.H.

But already Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, had dismissed Cruz’s proposal as nothing more than a ‘publicity stunt.’

‘What we’ve said to Ted Cruz: Go into court, seek a declaratory judgment to find out if you’re even legally eligible to run for president of the United States,’ he said Thursday in a Boston radio interview.

‘That’s the first thing. Once you’ve gotten that ruling from the federal judge and you’re the last man standing in this presidential contest next to Donald Trump, we’ll be happy to have a debate with you one-on-one, anywhere you want, because that’s the way the system works,’ Lewandowski said.

‘But, as it stands right now, we don’t even know if Ted Cruz is legally eligible to run for president of the United States.'”

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58 responses to “Trump will debate Ted Cruz when federal judge rules him eligible, Cruz is an arrogant fool for not addressing this earlier, Trump campaign manager sent message

  1. “On August 12, 2013 Cheryl Chumley wrote the following:
    “Donald Trump, staunch birther: ‘Nobody knows’ yet where Obama was born”
    “The two then discussed the birthplace of Sen. Ted Cruz, who’s been talked about as a potential GOP frontrunner for the White House in 2016. Mr. Cruz was born in Canada, which would make him ineligible for the office under the provisions of the Constitution.””

  2. The Donald said in September that HE checked it out with HIS staff lawyers and it was good! Now he is worried about it?? Ok Don YOU file a complaint. Then when you HAVE to debate Cruz PRACTISE using COMPLETE senternces so you ACTUALLY make sense to people that sp[eak ENGLISH not TRUMPENSE!!!

  3. CW………
    ………one thing is certain. in spite of our Constitutional values which are clearly set out, there are people who try to TWIST, and otherwise reword the Constitution in efforts to make it mean what it DOESN’T MEAN. In any event such people should NEVER be allowed to hold a public office at any level. In all probability among their first efforts would be the INTERPRETATION of our Constitutional law, which equates with CASE LAW. I believe the Constitution is clear, and does NOT NEED INTERPRETATION!

  4. CW…….
    ………..I believe that if a Judge takes the matter into review he will inevitably rule that Cruz IS ELIGIBLE……..because if he rules AGAINST CRUZ it would open a clear path to Soetoro, and eventually to ALL who conspired against America …..which includes MANY FEDERAL JUDGES, even at the SCOTUS. All could be prosecuted as ACCESSORIES TO TREASON.

  5. bye bye have a great day!

  6. Why hasn’t anyone filed for an ex-parte Declaratory Judgement of what a “natural born citizen” is and then apply it to an individual’s status. The “standing” issue would not be an obstacle here.

  7. FRANK….

    That has kinda happened before….remember when all of America was told 8 years ago by every judge Soetoro’s QUALIFICATIONS came before….. that ‘YOU DON’T HAVE STANDING” TO FILE A SUIT……

    That was nothing but a slap in the face of every voter in America….if “We The Voters” do not have standing and the right to question as to whom will be our president or will not be….then pray tell just “who the hell does” ?

  8. I haven’t committed to any candidate yet. There are positive and negative traits in all of them. I realize there are many die hard Trump fans here and I admit it was refreshing to see someone speak his mind instead of kowtowing to the pc police. And I do believe he loves this country, unlike the Muslim leader we have now. But Trump’s arrogance scares me. Refusing to attend the FOX News debate because he didn’t like Megyn Kelly was cowardly and childish. Congress doesn’t vote his way so our current arrogant, dictatorial president just issues an executive order. From Trump’s recent behavior, I fear he would do the same. I’d vote for Trump before Hillary or Bernie but Trump’s “do it my way or the highway” attitude is disturbing. We don’t need another dictator.

  9. More fraud from the usurper’s regime.

    Real Science should never be tampered with!

    300 scientists send letter to Congress accusing NOAA of cooking the books on climate change

    One of the least reliable sources for data on climate change is the US federal government. Now, a group of 300 scientists and academics want Congress to investigate the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for cooking the books on climate data in order to erase the pause in the ris…

  10. Anyone who has a question about the definition of “natural born Citizen” will find it answered on this site I have linked to.

    I urge everyone to become fully aware of this requirement to be eligible to be president. There are currently candidates running for office, and a usurper in the white house who are ineligible to hold office.

  11. HOW BLACK LIVES MATTER Terrorists And Cop Killings Can Be Traced Back To Barack Hussein Obama

  12. AMEN

  13. Jonah………
    …….while Trump might seem a little brash in his manner, but so was Teddy Roosevelt. I personally see a few of TEDDY’S behavioral traits in Trump.
    I believe that staying away was more about strategy than Megyn Kelly. He is highly attuned to doing things which override such events as the so called debates. By going to Drake instead he most likely commandeered the respect of a huge cross section of Iowa voters for having attended the veterans benefit there, and in the final analysis might substantially outweigh anything he might have said had he attended the debates. He is not a billionaire for NO REASON!

  14. oldsoldier79…….
    ………..the expression STANDING has rarely been used before 2008. It is a TWISTED LEGAL TERM FROM CASE LAW. Constitutionally any and all CITIZENS of America DO IN FACT HAVE STANDING, when there is a question regarding the LEGAL VALIDITY OF A POTUS. If our citizenry has no STANDING then our votes are INVALID AS WELL. If we can legally vote in a federal election we have standing to question the legal validity of the candidate. It is obvious that the BASTARDS who perpetrate criminality, and assorted illegal acts while holding public office, are little more than criminals themselves, and would have the world believe that UP is DOWN…….ESPECIALLY THE VOTERS!

  15. bob strauss | January 30, 2016 at 1:09 pm |

    Usurper Cruz would be a hell of a lot better than usurper Obama.

    At least Cruz and Trump love this Country.

  16. OLDSAILOR83….

    You got that right my friend…that is exactly what I have said ever since I became old enough to vote…..

    but you are also right, the “bought’ SCOTUS and federal judges have bastardized that term, STANDING to the point that apparent NO ONE HAS STANDING” !!!!


    LOVING this country does not make him qualified….

  18. Why are ‘policies’ being made using fraudulent data?

    Climate Change, you mean weather…

    U.S. Senate: Climate Change Not Caused by Humans

    Liberals want Climate Change to be humans fault so that they can control them.

  19. ………Does anyone out there have any in depth research into the life of the now dead Mr.Finnicum?

  20. Jonah……..
    ……….I respectfully disagree with you regarding Cruz, or Rubio. If they are INELIGIBLE to hold the office of POTUS then pursuing the election in spite of this makes both of them NO BETTER THAN SOETORO. FRAUD IS FRAUD NO MATTER HOW YOU STACK IT. Just my viewpoint, NO OFFENSE TO YOU ,or anyone else!.

  21. Jonah | January 30, 2016 at 2:00 pm |

    bob strauss | January 30, 2016 at 1:09 pm |

    Usurper Cruz would be a hell of a lot better than usurper Obama.

    At least Cruz and Trump love this Country.
    I agree, but they are still not eligible, only natural born Citizens of the United States of America are allowed, the toughest requirement for certain candidates to meet.

    I have noticed a concerted effort from certain people at Harvard, trying to promote their “Anchor baby is the same as NBC” theory, in order to promote their Alumni usurpers, Cruz and Obama, while Tribe is not.

    Maybe a little truth telling from Harvard is in order!

  22. oldsoldier79…….
    ……….while it is relatively irrelevant, I would turn it around 180 degrees, and say Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack H. Obama! It is about 90% certain that he was legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro, at which point the surname Obama legally went into limbo, which means that he would have had to be NATURALISED to even become a citizen of America. That is primarily why I do not believe he has EVER BEEN A US CITIZEN. Had he been Naturalised he would have been stopped cold in 2008. At best there is little more than reasoning, and logic to rely on at this point in time, and looking for records at public information databases that SHOULD BE ON HAND if he was a citizen of America. As I have said in the past there IS NO EVIDENCE ANYWHERE IN AMERICA, EITHER IN THE SUPERIOR COURT SYSTEM, OR IN P.I. DATABASES AS TO THE BIRTH OF SOETORO. ANYONE WHO WAS BORN IN A HOSPITAL IN AMERICA HAS A BIRTH RECORD AVAILABLE IN A P.I. DATABASE. THEY RECORD EVERY WORD OF THE COURTS PI DATA, AS WELL AS THE DATA FROM THE HOSPITALS,AND MORTUARIES. I FURTHER BELIEVE THAT THE ALLEGED ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE BIRTH OF Barrack H.Obama was criminally placed in an artificial newspaper page made to look like the legals page of such a newspaper. Had the birth been a real event the PUBLIC INFO databases would have had the information… long ago. The simple fact that the information is NOT AT the PI databases tells the story about the ongoing LIE. That is why I believe that there is not now, nor has there ever been a legally valid CERTIFICATE of LIVE BIRTH ON FILE at the Hawaii Board of Health for Barrack H Obama. Had Obama’s birth occurred in Hawaii the PI databases would have recorded it from released hospital statistics. PURE AND SIMPLE! In addition he could never have married Michael and legally conferred the Obama name upon (HIM/HER). Nor without first having a legally adjudicated name change, could he legally return to the name Obama. He couldn’t do a legal name change because he has no legally valid BC., a certified copy of which must accompany the petition for name change at the time of filing. There is no record of a name change petition having ever been adjudicated for Soetoro., which means he is still legally Barry Soetoro, AND THEREFORE IS A FRAUDULANTLY ELECTED LEADER.

  23. OldSailor83. You explain it as I see it. I do not understand why most Americans cannot see what has been going on in our government for 7 years. Let me correct that ..I do understand and we have had problems for more than 7 years. Americans, overall, do not know what the Constitution says nor what it stands for. Nor do they know what is in the Bill of Rights or the constitutional Amendments. They also shirk their duty to vote. People are not standing up to their duty which will be the downfall of our once great nation. All one has to do is look around, not only in our neighborhoods, but worldwide, to see what socialism,dictatorship, open borders, etc. etc.. Take a good look at Europe today,,,the devastation, the rapes & murders of kids, ransacking of homes, stores, the burning of cars, and the takeovers of entire towns (as in Birmingham, England for instance), This IS coming to America and we sit idly by blogging, tweeting, and yakking, We are a NO ACTION NATION. When will we awaken?

  24. oldsoldier79 | January 30, 2016 at 2:02 pm |
    LOVING this country does not make him qualified….
    You’re right! Obama is NOT qualified. But he is the President of the United States. We can whine and complain and call him usurper until we’re blue in the face but that ain’t going change it. It is what it is.

    After seeing Ted Cruz’s credentials I would say he is qualified. Is he eligible? Aha! Now that’s a different question. There are MANY Constitutional scholars with different interpretations of “natural born citizen” so you can pick and choose the one that suits your fancy. But until there is an official court decision, I’ll set aside judging Cruz and Rubio. It’s beyond my pay grade.

  25. bob strauss | January 30, 2016 at 2:29 pm |
    Usurper Cruz would be a hell of a lot better than usurper Obama.
    At least Cruz and Trump love this Country.
    I agree, but they are still not eligible, only natural born Citizens of the United States of America are allowed, the toughest requirement for certain candidates to meet.
    I have noticed a concerted effort from certain people at Harvard, trying to promote their “Anchor baby is the same as NBC” theory, in order to promote their Alumni usurpers, Cruz and Obama, while Tribe is not.
    Maybe a little truth telling from Harvard is in order!

    Thank you for understanding that I was making a statement about Cruz and not advocating for his election.

    I used to think that anyone born in the U.S. was a natural born citizen. But my many quests into genealogy enlightened me. I learned that anyone born in the U.S. is native born. They have American citizenship but are NOT natural born. Anchor babies are native born citizens, NOT natural born. Natural born citizenship is a birthright, your heritage. It concerns to whom you were born. It is bestowed at birth by your American citizen parent or parents, depending on whose legal opinion you adhere to.

  26. Jonah….

    As I have said many times before here on citizenwells….”you cannot ‘cherry-pick” the Constitution of the United States….you cannot ignore one part of that document while favoring another….

    And as I have also said many times…….the Constitution “is what it is”….

    Just because Obama is now sitting in the White House does not make it, or him in any way, legal to be there and hold that office… any other country in the world, other than America, he would have already faced justice if he violated that country’s Constitution on qualification fraud…

    Just because you will set aside your judgement call on Rubio and Cruz and think the question is above your pay grade doesn’t make these people “natural-born’ citizens and qualified for the office….

    That question must be ask and answered again in a court of law…and we must continue asking it until the answers are consistent with the United States Constitution…not what someone wants to ‘read into’ that document.

    I will go by what has already been established by SCOTUS and other federal courts ( and I don’t mean the cases concerning the 14th Amendment )….but according to already established court president, neither of these gentlemen. can be classified as a “natural-born” citizens…

    In fact, Cruz was not even a citizen of this country until 18 years ago…his birth and citizenship was in Canada…..Marco Ruibio was born in Florida to two CUBAN CITIZENS on American soil…that made Rubio an ‘anchor baby’…and certainly NOT a “natural-born citizen”.

    I really don’t give a damn what the other so called ‘constitutional scholars’ say……I’m sure the ‘constitutional lawyer’ sitting in the White house would tell you he too is a “natural-born citizen” and over-qualified for the job….

    In most people minds, there is great doubt as to whether he is even a citizen of this country let alone a “natural-born citizen”…..after all, no one, I repeat ,no one, has produced a VALID birth certificate to prove that.

    However, in reality the facts about this bird are somewhat different,… he was not even a ‘constitutional lawyer” in Chicago, but a lowly instructor… on race, equal opportunity, and community organizing. ……

    So, lets agree to disagree…you have your opinions on who is, and is not legal and “natural-born”, and I have mine….maybe one day this very sick SCOTUS we have will decide this question once and forever……AGAIN….

  27. However, in reality the facts about this bird are somewhat different,… he was not even a ‘constitutional lawyer” in Chicago, but a lowly instructor…

    I read he wasn’t even that, but a lecturer, no less, no more.

  28. After seeing Ted Cruz’s credentials I would say he is qualified

    Good lord, man –his wife is a Goldman Sachs twat and he borrowed from them 1.2 million for his campaign for Texas senator. AND then lied about that!!!!
    PUH–LEEZE. Who/what is influencing you to be a Cruzbot?
    We have all the estabishment pricks we need in DC.

  29. AND he is gung ho for giving all illegals here naturalization instead of calling it citizenship!

  30. BoB Strauss–from all I’ve read, the video is why his law license is inactive.
    He lied!

  31. Re: Megyn Kelly.
    Until last week, I didn’t know what a Megyn Kelly was.
    Now she is on every tongue in every household in America.
    Sly. What do they say?? It doesn’t matter what kind of publicity you get, just get it!!
    What was her true agenda??

  32. oldsoldier79 | January 30, 2016 at 6:39 pm |
    Just because you will set aside your judgement call on Rubio and Cruz and think the question is above your pay grade doesn’t make these people “natural-born’ citizens and qualified for the office….
    You are jumping to conclusions. I did not say that Cruz or Rubio were natural born citizens. I only said that Cruz was qualified, as in competent. Your opinion is that they are not natural born citizens and I did not disagree with that. My opinion is to let the courts decide the definition of “natural born” citizen.

  33. JJ | January 30, 2016 at 8:52 pm |
    After seeing Ted Cruz’s credentials I would say he is qualified
    Good lord, man –his wife is a Goldman Sachs twat and he borrowed from them 1.2 million for his campaign for Texas senator. AND then lied about that!!!!
    PUH–LEEZE. Who/what is influencing you to be a Cruzbot?
    We have all the estabishment pricks we need in DC.

    Good lord. man????? Even though you have been coming here for a while, you don’t know me very well.

    Take a look at Ted Cruz’s accomplishments. He is far more competent to be president than the lying, gay, socialist, Muslim we have now.

    Cruzbot? Actually, I still am undecided. I may even support Trump although his arrogance worries me. And Cruz is NOT establishment. The Republican establishment hates him because he doesn’t kowtow to them.

    But I agree with you that the mailer sent out by the Cruz campaign was foolish and it will hurt his campaign.

  34. Monday 10:30 I present to the IL Board of Elections that Rubio and Cruz lied in their Statement of Candidacy that they are NBC and qualified to serve as POTUS. The is fraud against the State. Hearing officer recommended Board deny my objections; legal counsel to Board concurred. I will make a brief statement that members would abandon their sworn oath to support the Constitution if they do not honor the Founders intent and Supreme Court rulings defining that NBC means born here to citizen parents. I regret that I may not be able to prevail, but pray the effort will get enough attention of the voters to make a difference in how they vote. Would be nice to have some patriots join me and Mr Joyce, who also raised an objection. State of Illinois building on Randolph, floor 14, suite 1400-100. Security check at ground level can take up to 30 minutes. Let’s keep up the fight to defend the Constitution!

  35. BillG……….
    …………..all of which makes everyone at the IL Board of Elections an accessory to Federal elections Fraud. I would love to see the look on their faces if about a million people showed up. I would suspect that they will try to use the “STANDING” bullshi#.

  36. Jonah…..

    Competent does not = “natural-born citizen”

    I am just going by what our Constitution says….

    If it said competent the one we have now wouldn’t be there !

  37. I saw a statement on Free Republic that resonated with me. It was something to the effect, “In this most important Presidential election, vote for the Republican who can win.” That is going to be the determining factor for me. Right now, Trump is winning. If that changes, my vote changes. I agree 100% with Old Sailor and Old Soldier…Cruz and Rubio are ineligible at this moment in time. This “loophole” in the Constitution needs fixed and soon, and if nothing else comes from this election, I hope the spotlight on this issue finally gets a judicial ruling.

  38. Kiltie………
    ……….I try very hard to never lose sight of the fact that America is largely a country whose people are either IMMIGANTS, or descendants of immigrants. That said it goes without saying that we are also a nation having a Constitution which is the SUPREME law of the land, and for over 200 years it has worked quite well as such. In the last 50 to 70 years there has been a movement of people who are what I call OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS, who are NEVER content with anything, and continually feel as though they must CHANGE EVERYTHING, and anything which they cannot control. Such people are often called PROGRESSIVES or progressive liberals, or progressive Socialists. Sadly by so doing they TWIST LAWS, by adding words, or deleting words in their VAIN efforts to make a law mean something which it never meant, or they twist the meaning of a law via so called INTERPRETATION……….all of which is BULLSHI#. When our Constitutional law becomes so twisted, reworded, or otherwise ignored, that its’ intended meaning is lost, then the PROGRESSIVES Socialists have succeeded, and we then have people who believe they are ABOVE OUR LAWS.

  39. Standing…What is it?

    In law, standing or locus standi is the term for the ability of a party to demonstrate to the court sufficient connection to and harm from the law or action challenged to support that party’s participation in the case. Standing exists from one of three causes:
    1.The party is directly subject to an adverse effect by the statute or action in question, and the harm suffered will continue unless the court grants relief in the form of damages or a finding that the law either does not apply to the party or that the law is void or can be nullified. This is called the “something to lose” doctrine, in which the party has standing because they directly will be harmed by the conditions for which they are asking the court for relief.

    2.The party is not directly harmed by the conditions by which they are petitioning the court for relief but asks for it because the harm involved has some reasonable relation to their situation, and the continued existence of the harm may affect others who might not be able to ask a court for relief. In the United States, this is the grounds for asking for a law to be struck down as violating the First Amendment, because while the plaintiff might not be directly affected, the law might so adversely affect others that one might never know what was not done or created by those who fear they would become subject to the law – the so-called “chilling effects” doctrine.

    3.The party is granted automatic standing by act of law.[1] Under some environmental laws in the United States, a party may sue someone causing pollution to certain waterways without a federal permit, even if the party suing is not harmed by the pollution being generated. The law allows them to receive attorney’s fees if they substantially prevail in the action. In some U.S. states, a person who believes a book, film or other work of art is obscene may sue in their own name to have the work banned directly without having to ask a District Attorney to do so.

    In the United States, the current doctrine is that a person cannot bring a suit challenging the constitutionality of a law unless the plaintiff can demonstrate that he/she/it is or will “imminently” be harmed by the law. Otherwise, the court will rule that the plaintiff “lacks standing” to bring the suit, and will dismiss the case without considering the merits of the claim of unconstitutionality. To have a court declare a law unconstitutional, there must be a valid reason for the lawsuit. The party suing must have something to lose in order to sue unless it has automatic standing by action of law.

  40. Happy Birthday CW!

  41. hapnHal | January 31, 2016 at 1:11 pm |


    Certain judges have denied standing on the NBC issue, claiming that living under an unconstitutional president does no harm. I think they believe oath breaking is standard operating procedure.

  42. AND……..
    ………and those who think they are ABOVE THE LAW, also believe that they are untouchable because they live in their little FANTASY land wherein they are SOOOOOOOO SUPERRRRRRIORRRR to everyone else. This is a classic example of the SICK,TWISTED MENTALITY of a liberal democrat,………who for the most part are themselves a lie, predicated upon LIES.

  43. hapnHal……..
    ………..I believe that all Citizens should challenge any law that diminishes his/her Constitutional rights. Yes we all have standing by virtue of being Citizens, particularly when we are injured by a so called EXECUTIVE ORDER of a BASTARD like we now have …..thanks to our NUMBSKULL LIBERAL LOONEY LEFT. …..but because the BASTARD has the US Courts in his hip pocket, nobody will have STANDING for a long time to come. The Federal judges need to be severely prosecuted when they depart from upholding Constitution as they have SWORN TO DO.

  44. Jonah–sad, very sad.
    It’s like you’re the 17 year old that can’t listen to mama when she’s told she is dating a man wrong for her.
    Mama smiles and knows truth wins, but not without pain.

  45. Bob S. and oldsailor83….thanks
    CW, Happy Birthday
    Now this for a thought.

    Hillary needs to be challenged to take a series of polygraph tests.
    I., e., Benghazi and her classified emails.

    Of course, being the pathological liar that she is, she could easily pass.


    There should be NO QUESTION as to whom the majority of people want as their next president from the Republican party…..the numbers are in from the last 3 day poll conducted by Drudge and the “people have spoke”.

    Over 1.4 million people cast a vote and Trump captured over 60% of that number…it is also interesting to know that a person COULD NOT vote but once in this poll…..

    So like it or not….Trump is on a roll and will stay on a roll…and he most likely will take every state in the union in the primaries…..and if you do not plan to vote Trump…then please try very hard to “get over it” because he will be the Republican chose in November…like it or not !


    BUSH 1% 16,064 votes

    CARSON 2% 21,613 votes

    CHRISTIE 1% 17,597 votes

    CRUZ 19% 273,478 votes

    FIORINA 1% 16,988 votes

    HUCKABEE 1% 4,742 votes

    KASICH 2% 22,719 votes

    PAUL 5% 76,982 votes

    RUBIO 8% 113,811 votes

    SANTORUM 1% 4,110 votes

    TRUMP 60% 866,248 votes

    1,434,352 Total Votes

    Poll was Posted 3 days ago .

  47. PERHAPS……….
    ……….a politician is really a PARASITE in disguise. When I say parasite it brings to mind a whole world of such organisms………one of which is the TAPE WORM. It enters the system of the host in the form of an egg, which soon hatches, and out comes a tiny tape worm. It instinctively knows that it must attach itself at some point inside of the digestive tract. It is soon many inches in length, and grows almost exponentially…… often to lengths upwards to 25 feet, or more. A politician attaches him, or herself to the digestive tract of America, at which point the SUCKING of the HOST’S life blood begins. Yes at the PRE LARVAE stage the PARASITE WILL VOCALISE about all that HE/SHE intends to do for everyone which of course is only the OVERTURE, before the OPERA. HE/SHE will end their sentences with such expressions as “YOU MUST”, or “YOU NEED” but they follow these words with a COMIC OPERA in which all of the YOU MUSTS, and YOU NEED, is expressed as such expressions as” ACT QUICKLY”, or “YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND”. Such expressions are designed to control what people of lesser, or little intelligence THINK, and by controlling their thoughts they largely control such people. Like the TAPEWORM, they then SUCK,SUCK, and SUCK the life blood of their HOST, until he/she can no longer pass a free living to them. In reality the ONLY THING THAT CONCERNS A POLITICIAN is getting elected, after which he is sworn in and he soon attaches his SUCKER to the GUTS OF AMERICA, and as time passes Americans PAY DEARLY for ONLY A VACUUMING!
    Sometimes it seems as though Americans really want a PARASITIC GOVERNMENT, because the PARASITE makes them think that his/her feces is really the ONLY FOOD that Americans should be ingesting. Those with twisted, uninformed, and otherwise illiterate minds will religiously, and immediately comply. Many such people NEVER WISE UP……..they are too busy gobbling up the droppings of their masters………..which they receive for FREE.


  49. Thanks hapnhal, bob, et al.


    If you do not know what the TPP is, it’s the LAST nail to be driven in the American economy and several steps closer to the New World Order…..

    Read the article and decide if you still want to vote for CRUZ or not……

    by Issy Miller

    I am reading some hesitations about CRUZ involving his trickery mail-outs and/or his involvement in TPP, ….so let me take it slow when I explain how CRUZ plays ball.

    First place, I read where some who actually claim CRUZ is not involved in TPP and/or there was never a TPP and/or he voted against it.


    There’s many public records, his records on his bills he tried to pass, his voting history, and videos of Cruz his self-pushing TPP.

    CRUZ’s wife HEIDI’s employment history is public record and she her-self was involved in helping write the manual on TPP.

    Heidi’s bff and boss has serious ties into TPP as well as many other of the CRUZ clan’s friends and past and present co-workers, including Bush, the Clintons, and Obama. Before you assume and post comments that’s personal but inaccurate you should research and know 100% other-wise your inaccurate post only confuses the innocent unknown readers/voters making votes unfair.

    Think back to Obama’s ‘campaign stagies’, “the buck stops with me”, “I will not listen to the tycoons and Wall Street will not influence me as they did all others before me”. “I will make all meetings (except private issues concerning war) public”, “we will have videos filming live”, “I will post this and that within 24-72 hours so you the folks will know everything” …. blab, blab, ,…. babble, babble, babble.

    When Obama got busted and questioned for unlawful or dishonest actions, his answer has always the same, “They did it before me”… “I am not doing anything others before me didn’t do” … Yea, idiot your very own campaign highlighted you will not do what others before you did!

    Now listen to CRUZ’s excuse for the cruel and dishonest mail-out he recently ! He mirrors Obama, … “People before me did the exact same thing, and I am not doing anything different than those before me!”… Yea, idiot but your campaign highlights you won’t do as others before you!

    His lame excuse is he wanted to scare voters into voting!

    Well send them mail outs explaining the urgency of voting, tell the truth, not dirty trickery as you so clearly are against, hypocrite!

    I don’t give a damn who did it, my voting record is my business and it’s not for you to send to anyone, who the hell are you are sending something to that is totally private!

    Trust is vital to ‘we the people’ and our voting history is one of those issues we trust to remain private, yet you want to be a leader we should trust, then you go mailing out our personal private voting report,

    So someone please explain to me why CRUZ didn’t feel it morally wrong to betray our trust on two serious concerns!

    Research his ties with TPP,….. his own wife wants to be first lady not just for America, but for NEW NORTH AMERICA UNION!

    That in it’s self is scary.

    You do not care about American citizens if your only agenda is to open borders to everyone in expand AMERICA.

    Trans Pacific Partnership will end all small businesses in AMERICA and will take away millions more AMERICAN jobs! This will only benefits the players and the foreigners, zero benefits for working class AMERICANS!

    Don’t be fooled by CRUZ who plays ball like all other politicians and when he drops the ball, he screams same way Obama does, he says others before him also had dropped the ball before him.

    Cruz’s pitch is hypocritical at its best, so its high time AMERICA tells the CANADIAN CRUZ that…… 3 strikes and you’re out!

    I agree entirely with this writer…the TPP….Trans Pacific Partnership will be a KILLER for America…and any assh*le politician that is for this UN sponsored crooked trade deal called TPP…….. is against America….

    ……….simple logic tells me that a person whose livelihood was built ,and is STILL based in America, is NOT LIKELY to either BE, or BECOME a POLITICAL PARASITE, upon the people of America……….he has far too much to lose. He might be a very BRASH individual……..this sort of personality is quite often that of people who have EARNED THEIR STATUS. Such was the case of Teddy Roosevelt. He was VERY OFTEN MISUNDERSTOOD simply because he verbalized sometimes in what everybody thought was a RIDDLE, but he knew exactly what he meant. He was more often RIGHT, than wrong………..but like all humanity he was far from PERFECT!

  52. IL Board Hearing officer said there are no particular restrictions in addressing the Board on Monday. I crafted two statements each ~1400 words. Cruz statement is focused on founders intent and responsibilities of the oath of Board Members to support constitution; Rubio is on these plus Wong Kim Ark and 14th Amendment. I claim a Board determination of NBC for either candidate is unlawful.

  53. Bill G……..
    …………judging from what I already know about the upper echelon of Illinois, I pray that somebody on the board will decide to comply with the LAW. If they find positively, then I would expect a flurry of actions against Soetoro as well. You might be holding a potential landmark decision in your hands as you read from your brief. All I can suggest is that you put as much FEELING into it as you can, and ACCENTUATE KEY WORDS…….even say them TWICE to accentuate even more. Hopefully those hearing you will see how important this is with you! There must be a detectable level of emotion in your language. Sorry about my lecture!

  54. Thanks oldsailor83…say a prayer for me about 10:30 am CST tomorrow.

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