MSN Trump overstates Cruz challenges, Really?, Media discredits Trump protects Obama Democrats, Illinois ballot challenges update January 28, 2016, MSN quotes obot site instead of Citizen Wells

MSN Trump overstates Cruz challenges, Really?, Media discredits Trump protects Obama Democrats, Illinois ballot challenges update January 28, 2016, MSN quotes obot site instead of Citizen Wells

“To his kind of judge, Cruz ironically wouldn’t be eligible, because the legal principles that prevailed in the 1780s and ’90s required that someone actually be born on US soil to be a “natural born” citizen. Even having two US parents wouldn’t suffice. And having just an American mother, as Cruz did, would have been insufficient at a time that made patrilineal descent decisive.”…Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard Law Professor

“Ted Cruz wrote the forward for U.S. Constitution for Dummies which clearly reveals that he is not a natural born citizen.”…IL ballot challenger Bill Graham

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells



MSN and the media get a twofer on trying to discredit Donald Trump and prop up Ted Cruz on his eligibility.

The Obama and Democrat Party media would love for Cruz to get the nomination and then determine he is not eligible as a natural born citizen.

From MSN January 27, 2016.

“Trump Overstates Cruz Challenges

Donald Trump claims Illinois is “very seriously” looking at Sen. Ted Cruz’s eligibility to run for president and “may not even let him run.” That’s misleading. Illinois is following routine procedures for resolving ballot challenges against five presidential candidates, including Cruz.

Trump made his claim on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” part of his ongoing campaign to cast doubt on Cruz’s eligibility to run for president. Cruz was born in Canada, but, as we have written before, he most likely qualifies to run because his mother was a U.S. citizen when he was born.

Trump, Jan. 24: I guess you probably heard last night Illinois is looking at it very seriously. They may not even let him run in Illinois. They feel strongly about it. But other states are looking at it very seriously. There’s a real question as to whether or not Ted Cruz is allowed to run for president.

Trump, a construction and casino mogul, is overplaying his hand. It is not unusual for candidates to have their nominating papers challenged.

The fact is, the Illinois Board of Elections has received objections regarding five major presidential candidates, and it is following its routine procedure for resolving petition challenges. In addition to Cruz, Illinois has received objections regarding the nominating papers filed by Sens. Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.

Cruz’s case gained some national attention recently because the conservative website interviewed Lawrence Joyce, a licensed attorney who makes his living as a pharmacist and says he supports Ben Carson for president. Joyce makes the claim that Cruz is not a “natural born citizen,” a requirement to be president.

Joyce is one of two people who filed an objection against Cruz’s candidacy. The other is William K. Graham, who, in addition to challenging Cruz, is also challenging Rubio, who was born in the U.S. to parents who were not U.S. citizens at the time.

Jim Tenuto was appointed the hearing officer to handle the objections filed against Cruz and Rubio. Philip Krasny will oversee the objection filed against Clinton, and Barbara Goodman will handle the cases involving Sanders and O’Malley, according to the board. (See the Jan. 14 letter regarding to appointment of hearing officers on page 38.)

Tenuto, the assistant executive director of the board, said none of the five challenges have been resolved, according to a Jan. 23 article in the News-Gazette. “We just called the cases on Wednesday and they’re looking at holding a meeting on February 11, possibly, to see if we can resolve as many as possible,” Tenuto told the paper. As a result, early voting may not start as scheduled on Feb. 4, the paper said.”

Read more:

The article also mentions the H. Brooke Paige lawsuit in Vermont but links to a highly biased obot site instead of Citizen Wells where the Paige lawsuit was first reported.

Here are some updates on the Illinois ballot challenge from Mr. Bill Graham:

January 27, 2016 10:24 PM

“Additional comment that resolution of objections might delay Feb 4 start of early voting.”

January 28, 2016 11:07 AM

“This morning from IL Hearing Officer for Election Board
“My Recommendations will be transmitted today. The information as to the location and time of the meeting will be set in detail in the Notice to be attached to the Recommendation. It will inform you that the Board will meet on Monday, February 1, 2016, at 10:30 am You can attend either in the Chicago or Springfield offices of the Board. In Chicago, the Board will meet in Suite 14-100. ( next to where the case management conference was held). You will have an opportunity to address the Board prior to them voting on my Recommendation.””

January 28, 2016 1:41 PM

“IL Board to Rule Monday 2/1 that Cruz and Rubio are NBC

Recommendations do not reject solely on administrative grounds and say Board has authority to decide if candidate is qualified as NBC.

Says Minor is dicta and can be ignored. (Interesting to me that Wong Kim Ark opinion accepted Minor)

Hearing is Monday, suggestions are welcome. Five days to file appeal.

Issue of Board Member oath and validity of statement of candidacy is not addressed in recommendation; may be moot of Board agrees both are NBC.

Will bring to hearing 2009 book Cruz wrote forward to which says on p 115 you must be born in US.”


25 responses to “MSN Trump overstates Cruz challenges, Really?, Media discredits Trump protects Obama Democrats, Illinois ballot challenges update January 28, 2016, MSN quotes obot site instead of Citizen Wells

  1. “Filed today rebuttals to Memoranda of Law from Rubio and Cruz; all documents now with Hearing Officer. Today’s filing on Founders intent referred to Maskill’s CRS update 1-11-16 and on NBC definition to Mario Apuzzo 11-29-15 opinion on Minor and Wong Kim Ark.

    Candidates claim anyone born a citizen is a natural born citizen, even if they owe their citizenship to the 14th Amendment or Naturalization law. Even if their one or both parents have allegiance to another country. Founders wasted undivided allegiance.”

    Bill Graham January 26, 2016

  2. Watch Trump, Santorum, and Huckabee tonight on OAN online.
    One Amerca News


    Don’t think for a second that evil doesn’t exist within the nature of men.. you suspect it.. get it dealt with immediately.. humanity can’t allow the evils of man to fester and grow as they did in Hitler’s Germany.

    If you didn’t already know, it’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    This video reminds us of the atrocities that happened during WWII. And the Holocaust Museum of Houston is also trying to do its part to make sure we never forget what happened back then… and what could again happen.


  5. A great movie in reference to the holocaust…Reader.

    Not gory movie. Happens years after when a guard is charged with 5 others and is too proud to admit she can’t read/write; therefore didn’t sign the documents used in the trial to convict her.
    Great movie.

  6. looks like wordpress took off my video of the Holocaust…now why would they do that ?

  7. sorry they put it back on…

  8. Clinton pardon records offer fuel for Hillary’s foes

    Over 43,000 pages give new details of some of Bill Clinton’s most controversial pardons.

  9. We are in the middle of a ‘counter revolution” in this country…stay tuned…it will get better. Trump was a great success tonight…and the veterans love him…


    TRUMP 56.93% (13,883 votes)

    CRUZ 22.48% (5,481 votes)

    RUBIO 8.31% (2,026 votes)

    PAUL 6.35% (1,548 votes)

    CHRISTIE 1.41% (343 votes)

    KASICH 1.2% (292 votes)

    CARSON 1.11% (270 votes)

    BUSH 0.93% (226 votes)

    FIORINA 0.84% (205 votes)

    HUCKABEE 0.24% (58 votes)

    SANTORUM 0.2% (53 votes)


    any questions ?

  11. BREAKING: Video of FBI Shooting of Bundy Militia Member LaVoy Finicum Released [VIDEO]

    The above video shows the shooting of LaVoy Finicum around the 9:15 mark. The FBI has released the full video of the operation that was carried out to arrest…|By Reagan Wilson

  12. Bob Strauss……….
    ……..the individual who left the vehicle with his hands in the air was walking in some extremely deep snow. It appears to me that he might have lost his balance, and in the process of trying to keep from falling might have instinctively lowered his arms in a reactive attempt to keep from falling………which I personally do not believe justifies somebody to open fire ,and killing him. I believe there is a hell of a lot that needs to be told………about which I personally see as either INTENTIONAL MURDER, or some really PI$$ POOR police behavior. If this is an example of the quality of our FBI then it appears to me that they have turned into a BUNCH OF PAID GOONS, rather than trained POLICE OFFICERS. It would have been a different ball game had Finnicum actually had a weapon in his hand. If he was simply carrying a loaded weapon, yes all officers present would be watching him closely, but Finnicum had to have a weapon IN HIS HAND before he could be legally shot in self defense. There is an officer who is now guilty of AGGRAVATED ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON WITH INTENT TO KILL. I seriously doubt if it was done by an FBI officer. They are trained to KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG. At this point I have to believe that there was an alleged officer who is either INCREDIBILY STUPID, or possibly had orders to take out Finnicum. All in all it was a severely BOTCHED arrest, which again smacks of GOONS with phoney IDs instead of trained FBI officers. I also believe that trained FBI officers would not have even tried such a moronic sort of arrest. This has all of the fingerprints of a pack of HIRED BLM GOONS. I have a great deal of disbelief that the FBI would have ever been involved to begin with. As I stated this screams for investigation within the FBI.

  13. Bob Strauss…….

    …………while I am not familiar with Oregon OPEN CARRY LAW, or for that matter if Oregon even has an open carry law, but if they do and Finnicum was legally carrying a holstered weapon, I would say that any officer would have his eyes glued on Finnicum’s hands……….but that same officer CANNOT LEGALLY SHOOT HIM DEAD because he was armed with a holstered weapon, in addition any motion which he might have made does NOT NECESSARILY MEAN that he is attempting to use the weapon. This is a fine line situation, and largely rests with how the officer perceived Finnicum’s motion. If the carrying person has a strap top holster with the strap secured, most officers would order him to remove the weapon from his belt, holster and all……and the carrying person would be at possibly multiple gunpoints. He could not expect to survive any sort of shootout. As I understand it Finnicum at NO POINT tried to return the fire of the officers. which leads me to believe that he had no intent to do so. I believe that he was DELIBERATELY MURDERED,………but why him, certainly Ammon Bundy would have been a bigger prize in a horizontal position. I am wondering if his murder actually had more to do with his FOSTER HOME efforts than anything else. Foster homes sometimes cause real legal problems for officers trying to serve warrants etc. This might have been a problem there as well.
    While the protesters might have been breaking the law, they had NOT COMMITTED A CRIME FOR WHICH A PERSON NEEDED TO DIE. This compounds upon all of the CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR of the alleged arresting officers, which was NOT JUSTIFIED at any point. I pray that an independent investigator will be appointed by THE PEOPLE OF OREGON to get to the bottom of it, and RIP NEW ANUSES WHEREVER NECESSARY!

  14. IN ADDITION……….
    ………the Sheriff had earlier made a statement which referred to the fact that he was PREPARED TO KILL PEOPLE, when he was pictured holding a rifle, and saying, NOBODY NEEDS TO DIE! The simple fact that he used this wording says that he was prepared to USE DEADLY FORCE, and since it was the SHERIFF, I would now even hold a stronger belief that the person who shot Finnicum was NOT AN FBI officer, rather he was a HIRED BLM goon.

  15. oldsailor83…..good morning my friend…..

    What the FBI, and BLM agents have deliberately ERASED from this video we saw was the SOUND….which would have told us EXACTLY when the FIRST shot was fired at this man and who fired it…

    It would also have told us exactly HOW many shots were fired even AFTER he was lying helplessly and dying on the ground… and as I now understand it, the man lay where he was shot for over 10 minutes before anyone approached him and medical aid was NEVER offered !

    To me, this is a CLEAR and UNQUESTIONABLE case of PREMEDITATED MURDER by the government agents who were shown on this video…and it also appears there was more than ONE person shooting at him…..perhaps as many as three or four.

    For whatever reason, which we don’t know at this time,….they wanted this man DEAD…..and they accomplished their mission.

    This situation in Or. is completely out of hand now, and about to morph into something that may take our country into a full scale martial law situation…if that happens….then there will be a hell-of-a lot more bloodshed.

    Then every veteran who has ever uttered an unkind, or unfriendly word, against this corrupt government we now have will be in great danger…..

    That’s you, me, and about 12 million other veterans, my friend !

  16. AND……
    ………is now guilty of MURDER! But from what I remember about Oregon it is the land of GOOD OLE BOYS CLUBS……..local law enforcement hangs together, and today resembles what used to prevail throughout our Southern states as well……….and in some areas of the South ……STILL EXISTS TODAY! I used to be a regular visitor in a more civilized area of Oregon……. called Grant’s Pass.

  17. oldsoldier79……..
    ………I too noticed the extremely long elapsed time before any aid was offered to Finnicum. This fact alone screams……INTENT……….otherwise he might have lived. As I stated he was standing in nearly knee deep snow, but at no point did I see him reach for a weapon. In fact there WAS NO WEAPON that I could see. To me he was standing on what appeared to be a snow covered highly angled embankment, and was probably trying to keep his balance.The only logical reason why he was shot seems to be that he was the ALLEGED LEADER of the protest……..which is NOT JUSTIFICATION FOR EXECUTION…… ANY COURT OF LAW!

  18. oldsoldier79……..
    …….while I don’t know about you, I personally have a VERY BIG PROBLEM in believing that a TRAINED FBI agent would have deliberately murdered a person, possibly an UNARMED PERSON. In the video I could see no evidence of the presence of a weapon either in the waistband, or in a holster, either of which is OPEN CARRY.
    At any rate I pray that there is a thorough investigation and that VIGOROUS PROSECUTION OF THE MURDERER WILL ENSUE, as a result. If it proves to have been an officer of the law who fired the lethal shots then I say that he is another who should never have been entrusted with a firearm to begin with.

  19. “Inconvenient truth”, of temperature measurements is exposing the global warming liars, and their fraudulent science scheme, to defraud Americans and redistribute, (steal) wealth, with the aid of the usurper.

  20. oldsailor83 | January 29, 2016 at 11:20 am |

    They murdered him to send a message!, ” YOU WILL BE TYRANNIZED! “, and the usurper is going to sell Uranium to the Russians, and the Iranians.

    ……..or have any information regarding how things went for Trump at the University? Was there any TV coverage, or any videos made of the event? I would dearly love to see something about it.

  22. Bob Strauss…….
    ……………..when BASTARDS within our so called government do their criminal acts they think they are going to live forever. There was another who thought he was above the law, and thanks to his alcoholism we lived to see him lowered into his grave………..and at the same time Mary Jo Kopechne finally received her day in court. I know that a lot of people watched his funeral with great relish…….because most knew what sort of person he was in life. Some of us also looked upon Mr.Murtha in the same vane.

  23. FBI/Agent/Provacateur: Carefully reach in your coat, show your weapon and throw it on the ground.

    There is a reason for no audio.

  24. Here we go…….

    Epic Challenge: Trump Campaign Manager; Trump
    Will Debate Cruz Once Judge Rules Him Eligible To Run

    You can’t stump the Trump! Canadian-born Cruz attempted to trump Donald Trump by using our wounded warriors as a pawn to get Trump to debate one-on-one. The following is what you would call an epic smack-down.

    Trump fires back telling Canadian-born Cruz to get a judgment declaring him eligible to run for POTUS.


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