12 responses to “Hillary Clinton email account criminal inquiry, Inspectors general Justice Department request, Mrs. Clinton’s private account contained hundreds of potentially classified emails, Some information in the messages should be retroactively classified

  1. citizenwells

    “Mrs. Clinton personally was involved in the discussions regarding the White House’s handling of documents in Vince
    Foster’s office following his death. Mrs. Clinton made known her views that investigators should be denied ‘‘unfettered access’’ to Foster’s office prior to the search of the office on July 22, 1993.”…House Investigation of the White House Travel Office Firings, September 26, 1996

  2. citizenwells

    As of the date of the filing of this Final Report, the White House has failed to produce all
    documents to which this Office is entitled. Grand juries in the Eastern District of Arkansas and
    the District of Columbia between March 4, 1994 and December 10, 1998 issued 216 subpoenas
    to the White House and its affiliates, which required the search of records responsive to those
    subpoenas, including all electronic records and e-mails. The Independent Counsel first learned
    from news accounts in February 2000 that the White House may not have conducted complete
    searches of records within its custody. It was not until several months later that this Office fully
    realized the scope of the White House’s lack of compliance with lawfully issued subpoenas.”


  3. oldsailor83

    ………..and the garrote ever so slightly…..tightens. Unfortunately Clint is only one facet of the overall criminal enterprise…….but in spite of it all she could be the WEAK LINK which once destroyed will unleash an avalanche of evidence of criminal wrong doing on the part of the entire US GOVERNMENT.

  4. citizenwells

    “Mrs. Clinton personally was involved in the discussions regarding the White House’s handling of documents in Vince
    Foster’s office following his death. Mrs. Clinton made known her views that investigators should be denied ‘‘unfettered access’’ to Foster’s office prior to the search of the office on July 22, 1993.

    · The White House withheld evidence subsequently discovered among the 2,000 pages over which President Clinton invoked
    executive privilege, that senior White House aide Bill Burton spoke with Mrs. Clinton on the evening of Foster’s death (July 20, 1993).

    · Mrs. Clinton directed that Mack McLarty and others not inform the President about the discovery of the Foster ‘‘suicide’’ note on July 26, 1993. This note essentially defended Foster’s and the White House’s actions in the Travel Office firings and Mrs. Clinton suggested that executive privilege research be done regarding the note.”


  5. oldsailor83

    ……….and the probability of TREASON by both parties. There will need to be a prison constructed to house them all…….there will be over 3000 perpetrators who should be imprisoned…….at which point Guatanamo would be a perfect place for all of them. The first to be prosecuted should be 127 FEDERAL JUDGES. They should be replaced by CIVIL SERVANT JUDGES comparable to the OLD TIME CIRCUIT (HANGING) JUDGES. The burden will be upon the prosecutors to bring solid evidence to court.

  6. citizenwells

    “White House officials also conducted inadequate searches for documents and failed to make timely production of documents, including relevant e-mails, in their possession.”


  7. ……….and soon after the prosecutions of the FEDERAL Judges should come the prosecution of the Congressional accessories to treason. Then when all of the evidence garnered from their trials the GANG LEADERS need to be FULLY PROSECUTED to the letter of the Constitution. Finally the top commander should be prosecuted for ALL of the crimes that he committed. He wasn’t even a LEGALLY ELECTED LEADER. This usurpation of the office should be a guaranteed LIFE IMPRISONMENT, or DEATH BY HANGING, as was the case for most perpetrators of WAR CRIMES, and for those who abused their powers as leaders.

  8. ……asking PERPETRATORS to search for documents which might incriminate themselves is like sending a wolf to recover a freshly downed duck. Guess what will happen?

  9. Hillary “Jail Time?” I doubt it . Obama would write another EO and pardon her. Or, would he?

  10. oldsoldier79

    America is supposed to be a nation of laws….but who’s law and what law?

    As I see it now in this country there are two different laws at play for the people..

    First, we have the law of all the commoner’s (that’s you and me)….those laws are clearly spelled out and punishments are dealt out according to severity of the crime.

    Then we have the law as it applies to the rich, powerful and the politicans , like the Clinton’s, Bush’s, Obama’s, Holder’s, Learner’s, and most of the politicians on Capitol Hill and elsewhere…..where there is NO law, and NO punishment for any offense they may commit. .

    For anyone who still thinks we live in a Constitution Republic, I say you are living in a ‘dream land world ‘ ….what we really are living in today is an “unannounced dictatorship” to support this form of government, where one man is making all the rules that we must live by.

    If that ‘one man’ wants to change a rule or two, that seems to be fine with all the other branches of our “make believe” government and the go-along Supreme Court that seems to forget they cannot make laws, only rule on those that are infrequently make by our do-nothing congress.

    Then to support this kind of government, we have the “see no evil-hear no evil-speak no evil” media, when it comes to exposing the violations of the rich and powerful. That subject is ‘off-limits’ to them….. all of them!.

    Perhaps an in depth research of our government would show that we have never lived in a Constitutional Republic, and this fact is only coming to light in today’s society because of the internet where the truth cannot be hidden. That will be an area for someone else discovery.

    As an example, or two. If you or I had committed the criminal offenses of Hillary Clinton, we would be looking out from behind bars rather than strutting around like a confused peacock looking for some idiot that will vote for her.

    Then we have the Chief executive of this nation who is most likely Not even a citizen of this country, at best he is a proven DUEL CITIZEN. And our constitution clearly states he must be a ‘natural born citizen’ to hold that position. But the fact he isn’t QUALIFIED doesn’t seem to bother the other politicians,courts, or press……even though it is apparent he has a given mission to destroy this country and turn it into another ‘third world something.’

    Then there was, and still is, an Attorney General of this country that supports anything and everything the usurper wants, right or wrong, to include starting a war between the blacks and whites of this country.

    This nation is clearly in a whole lot of trouble and the evidence supports this. It is not theory, it is fact. But no one in a position to alter this downward decline seems to get the message….or wants to get the message.

    I am just about of the opinion that if a whole bunch of people don’t soon wake up, ‘smell the coffee’ and get their ‘heads out their A**, there will soon be no more United States of America….no more ‘Home of the Brave” and “No more Land of the Free”

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