Economic Policy Institute labor market report leaves out important facts, May to Feb 2015 and Dec 2007 comparisons, Hispanic Latinos big gains in employment, White Americans down almost 2 million employments since 2007, BLS data

Economic Policy Institute labor market report leaves out important facts, May to Feb 2015 and Dec 2007 comparisons, Hispanic Latinos big gains in employment, White Americans down almost 2 million employments since 2007, BLS data

“In today’s labor market, there are nearly 1 million “missing” young workers—potential workers who are neither employed nor actively seeking work (and are thus not counted in the unemployment rate) because job opportunities remain so scarce. If these missing workers were in the labor market looking for work, the unemployment rate of workers under age 25 would be 18.1 percent instead of 14.5 percent.”…Economic Policy Institute May 1, 2014

“Of the approx. 6 million new employments since Obama took office in January 2009, 4,511,000, 75 percent, were Hispanic/Latino!”…Citizen Wells

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells



From the Economic Policy Institute June 19, 2015.

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May State Employment and Unemployment report showed most states continued on the generally positive—albeit somewhat unremarkable—track they’ve been on for the past year. Since May of 2014, all but one state (West Virginia) have added jobs, and unemployment has fallen in all but five states: Louisiana, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, and West Virginia. The only slight dark spot in recent trends is that, as with last month’s report, it appears the well of jobs from the oil and gas boom seems to be drying up. In states where growth from the boom has been explosive (North Dakota, Oklahoma), this slowdown still leaves them well ahead of the pack.

From February 2015 to May 2015, 38 states and the District of Columbia added jobs. Nevada (+1.3 percent), Rhode Island (+1.3 percent), and Maine (+1.0 percent) had the largest percentage gains. All three of these states showed some acceleration in job growth in recent months, although none of the three has yet to recover all the jobs they lost in the Recession. From February to May, 11 states lost jobs, with the biggest percentage losses occurring in North Dakota (-1.8 percent), Wyoming (-1.3 percent), and Oklahoma (0.6 percent). For the country as a whole, employment grew by 0.4 percent over the same period.

Unemployment fell in 25 states from February to May, with Washington (-0.9 ppt), Tennessee (-0.8 ppt), and Indiana (-0.8 ppt) experiencing the largest reductions. Washington state and the broader Pacific Region have had impressive labor market improvements over the past year, as Pacific states have increased employment and reduced unemployment faster than any other region of the country.”

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As far as I am concerned, this is just another lie, i.e., leaving one with a false impression.

Directly from the US Labor Department, BLS.

Hispanic Latino employment rose 147,000 from February to May of 2015 and 3,875,000 since December 2007.

White employment rose 56,000 from February to May 2015 and dropped almost 2 million since December 2007.

Why is no one else reporting this?

Contact Rush, Hannity or anyone else you prefer to get the truth out.


54 responses to “Economic Policy Institute labor market report leaves out important facts, May to Feb 2015 and Dec 2007 comparisons, Hispanic Latinos big gains in employment, White Americans down almost 2 million employments since 2007, BLS data

  1. citizenwells

    “We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.

    Even the talk radio station, 94.5 that carries Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity regurgitated the same old crap from the mainstream media about the jobs report.

    I am here to present unreported facts.

    The real employment situation in this country.

    As noted above, there were 2 million more White Americans not in the labor force since Obama took office and only 13,000 white employments added in 2015 after a huge drop.

    Also, by looking at the US Labor Department historical tables, one finds. Comparing May 2008 to May 2015:

    Over 9 million more White Americans not in the labor force.

    An employment to population ratio drop of 3.2 percent.

    Approximately 1.5 million fewer White Americans employed.

    A 3.4 percent drop in labor force participation rate.

    A almost 6.4 rise in White civilian noninstitutional population.

    A big rise in employee age population and drop in employment.

    The truth.

    Why is this happening?”

  2. Obama Admin moves to block embarrassing jokes about Dear Leader….Fascism we can believe in.
    Just like any other fascist dictator ship, insulting dear leader is a crime.

    Obama’s Bogus New Excuse for Secrecy

    The Obama Justice Department yesterday put forth an new legal argument, one that even the Bush team might not have had the gall to employ. Call it the Daily Show disclosure exclusion.

    Yes, a Justice Department lawyer actually argued to a federal district court judge that there should be an exemption from Freedom of Information Act disclosure rules for documents that would subject senior administration officials to embarrassment — as in on late-night television.

    This is not just wrong, it’s perversely wrong. By contrast, a good rule of thumb would be: The more embarrassing, the more we need to know. The Justice Department and the White House should be forced to renounce this assertion immediately.

    And if this wasn’t bizarre enough, consider the irony that in the case at hand, the Obama Justice Department is fighting the release of a transcript of former vice president Dick Cheney’s testimony to special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald about his role in the outing of Valerie Plame as a CIA agent.

    And guess what else? The Obama team relied extensively on a legal opinion (via Emptywheel) authored by Stephen Bradbury, the utterly discredited head of the Office of Legal Counsel whose other writings included memos outrageously asserting that torture was legal — and that Karl Rove had absolute immunity from congressional oversight.

    In his memo, Bradbury described the information in question:

    Portions of the withheld documents reflect or describe frank and candid deliberations involving, among others, the Vice President, the White House Chief of Staff, the National Security Adviser, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the White House Press Secretary. These deliberations concern, among other things, the preparation of the President’s January 2003 State of the Union Address, possible responses to media inquiries about the accuracy of a statement in the President’s address and the decision to send Ambassador Joseph Wilson on a fact-finding mission to Niger in 2002, the decision to declassify portions of the October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate, and the assessment of the performance of senior White House staff.

    OK, right this second, I can’t think of a single document that I want — or deserve to have — more.

    And yet, as R. Jeffrey Smith chronicled in The Washington Post this morning:

    [C]areer civil division lawyer Jeffrey M. Smith, responding to Sullivan’s questions, said Bradbury’s arguments against the disclosure were supported by the department’s current leadership. He told the judge that if Cheney’s remarks were published, then a future vice president asked to provide candid information during a criminal probe might refuse to do so out of concern “that it’s going to get on ‘The Daily Show’ ” or somehow be used as a political weapon.

    This is yet another example of Obama’s lawyers blatantly violating the president’s promise not to “protect information merely because it reveals the violation of a law or embarrassment to the government.”

    Shocked? You’re not the only one. As Smith writes:

    U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan expressed surprise during a hearing here that the Justice Department, in asserting that Cheney’s voluntary statements to U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald were exempt from disclosure, relied on legal claims put forward last October by a Bush administration political appointee, Stephen Bradbury….

    Sullivan said Bradbury, who was the acting head of the Office of Legal Counsel, was not obviously qualified to make such claims and that they were in any event unsubstantiated. Sullivan said the department needed new evidence, if it hoped to prevail, and said the administration should supply him with a copy of Cheney’s statements so he could directly assess whether the claims are credible.

    This is not the first time the public has gotten this close to seeing Cheney’s statements.

    As I wrote in December 2007, it took an intervention by the White House to prevent Fitzgerald from turning it over to congressional investigators.

    Then-House Oversight Committee chairman Henry Waxman had gotten Fitzgerald, up until then reluctant to divulge any information about his investigation that hadn’t come out in open court, to turn over documents that weren’t protected by grand-jury secrecy rules. Fitzgerald explicitly acknowledged that “there were no ‘agreements, conditions and understandings between the Office of Special Counselor the Federal Bureau of Investigation’ and either the President or Vice President ‘regarding the conduct and use of the interview or interviews.'”

    After the White House intervened, Waxman subpoenaed the Justice Department for the information. He pointed out that what he was asking for was far from unprecedented: “During the Clinton Administration, your predecessor, Janet Reno, made an independent judgment and provided numerous FBI interview reports to the Committee, including reports of interviews with President Clinton, Vice President Gore, and three White House Chiefs of Staff.” But then-attorney general Michael Mukasey backed up the White House, and refused to turn it over.

    Why all this still matters is that it’s long been clear that Fitzgerald was hot on Cheney’s trail until he was obstructed by a pack of lies from former vice presidential chief of staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby. In the closing arguments of the trial at which Libby was found guilty, Fitzgerald declared: “There is a cloud over the vice president. . . . And that cloud remains because this defendant obstructed justice.”

    So while Fitzgerald couldn’t prove a case against Cheney, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of evidence of wrongdoing in his case file. And Cheney’s interview with Fitzgerald would, I am quite sure, be revelatory. For instance, Libby told the FBI in 2003 that Cheney might have ordered him to reveal Plame’s identity to reporters. What did Cheney say to that?

    Nedra Pickler writes for the Associated Press about how this latest case came to be:

    In July 2008, the liberal watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the Justice Department seeking records related to Cheney’s interview in the investigation. The Justice Department declined to turn over the records, and CREW filed a lawsuit in August.

    And Ben Conery writes in The Washington Times:

    The judge’s move came as the Obama administration continues to defend the legal positions of the Bush administration on the Plame affair.

    In addition to fighting against the release of the interview notes, the Obama Justice Department is carrying on its predecessor’s opposition to a lawsuit filed by Mrs. Plame and her husband, former U.S. Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, against several top Bush administration officials, including Mr. Cheney. The Justice Department recently asked the Supreme Court not to hear an appeal of the case, which has been dismissed by two lower courts.


  3. ……..and why doesn’t anyone else tell it like it is? har har That’s easy………they are either EMPLOYEES OF THE LIAR IN CHIEF,or they are too stupid to recognize up from down. You can rest assured that the FEW of us who DO know the truth,are a steadily diminishing body,and have largely become a MINORITY where for a couple of centuries we were the MAJORITY…….and thanks to the policies of the Chicago criminal cartel it is very likely that people who know the truth will continue to DISAPPEAR……by hook,or by CROOK.

  4. oldsoldier79

    HILLARY’S lapse in Memory……the mouth loses again !!!

    Yesterday, Hillary Clinton argued that South Carolina should remove the Confederate Flag from its statehouse grounds:

    “I think about how many South Carolinians have served in our military and who are serving today under our flag and I believe that we should have one flag that we all pay honor to, as I know that most people in South Carolina do every single day,” Clinton told The Associated Press in an interview.
    “I personally would like to see it removed from the Statehouse grounds.”

    She must have forgotten about celebrating Confederate Flag Day each year…
    …at the Arkansas capital.

    – See more at:
    Let’s be clear about the South Carolina Confederate flag. About where it was, what it stood for, and why it was at the location where it was.

    That flag was removed from the top of the capitol building years ago and placed beside a memorial statue to the CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS who fought in the Civil War for the honor of that state.

    Today, there are those, including the governor, who are demanding the flag be removed from the location it now occupies……if it is removed from this location, then what will logically be demanded in reference to the Civil War of 1861-1865 ?

    If that Confederate flag which was honoring the soldiers of South Carolina who fought for what they considered to be a just cause, is forced to be removed from it’s place of honor…
    Then I predict the statue of the Confederate Soldier will next on the demand list for removal because the CSA that is stamped on the belt buckle of the soldier is offensive to some…..
    That will most like be swiftly followed by the removal of all headstones in the old southern graveyards that carry any reference to a southern soldier that lies in the ground there…. now in peace…..

    By now, some may say, ‘you take this too far’. What you predict could never happen……the same thing has been said when other countries have tried to ERASE and change their history.

    My point here is…….YOU CANNOT CHANGE HISTORY….period !!! It happened and that is a fact.

    You, I, nor anyone else, now living was responsible for the Civil War, or had any part to do with it…so learn from it and….get over it ! And stop pointing fingers of blame as excuses for failure of one race or the other.

    The terrible Civil War in America happened, that cannot and must not ever be erased from our minds…….else we will make the same mistakes our forefathers made which will take this country into another civil war….this time it will really be between the races.

    What happened in 1861…happened. It cannot be erased from the American history books. That is not to say the Civil War was right or wrong, but it occurred.

    In my opinion, it happened over STATES RIGHTS issues, not over a slave issue.

    Our history books tell us Lincoln did not consider the issue of freeing the slaves until AFTER the terrible battle of Gettysburg, and it certainly was not an issue to start the war in the first place. The argument was over the admission of new states to the union, as slave states, or as free states.

    History also tells us when ask what song he would like played at the occasion of his second swearing in ceremony, Lincoln proclaimed; “Let the band play Dixie”.

    What happened in that black church in Charleston was not caused by the presence of a Confederate flag flying over a Confederate Soldiers monument. It was caused by some demented, crazed, and drugged out punk. It would not have mattered if it had been the flag of Uganda flying over the capitol building in Charleston…that massacre would still have happened.

    When we, as a ‘human race’, are more concerned over the presence of a distasteful (to some), unofficial flag flying over a Confederate Soldier monument than we are about the mental attitude of the deranged citizens of that area, then we are in a whole bunch of trouble.

    It’s situations like this that “race baiter’s” thrive on and manage to “keep the pot boiling” which divides all Americans,……. both black and white.

    And both sides take their bait, and both side lose………so the Civil War that started 1861 continues into the Twenty First Century with no end in sight.

    Wise up America,…it’s not a flag that divide us as Americans…it’s people.

  5. How Obama And Hillary Accidentally Created ISIS, From Benghazi to Baghdad
    Friday, June 19, 2015 | Real Clear Politics

    Underneath roaring metal guitar riffs and confusing camerawork, Judge Andrew Napolitano asks a series of rhetorical questions that, when pieced together, fully explains how the futility of America’s foreign policy of arming rebel groups and the ignorance of American leaders to tell the good rebels from the bad, led to the rise of the Islamic State.

    Following the failure of the “Arab Spring” to overthrow the anti-American governments of Libya and Syria by the end of 2011, the Obama administration decided to help speed the arc of history along by arming rebel groups fighting against Qaddafi and Assad. Unfortunately, things got a little bit out of hand.

    Full Transcript:

    JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO: What if the president of the United States in 2011 decided it was time for regime change in Libya and Syria, and in order to bring that regime change about, without a declaration or war, the consent of the American people, he decided along with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to arm the rebels who were fighting against Col. Qaddafi in Libya and President Assad in Syria?

    And what if the delivery of those weapons to those rebels was against the law? What if the rebel groups turned out to be terrorist organizations that the justice department itself had put on terror watch lists and prohibited Americans arms merchants from selling to?

    What if the president authorized it and what if the weapons went there? And what if the weapons that the United States government illegally sold to American enemies were the same weapons used to kill the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi?

    What if the reason the consulate in Benghazi was attacked was because it wasn’t just a consulate, it was a warehouse for weapons, and the rebels knew exactly where we kept them. And they wanted more than we were giving to them.

    What if all of this is about to come out pretty soon? Because the Benghazi committee in the House will let it out or because people involved can no longer hold the truth within them?

    What do we do when the president commits a felony? What do we do when the Secretary of State commits a felony? Providing material aid to a terrorist organization is a felony. The Justice Department prosecutes people for attempting to do it, and the president and the secretary of state succeeded in it.

    What do we do when there is a grand conspiracy to violate the laws and put weapons in the hands of monsters and mad men?

    What do we do when the person in charge of public prosecutions lives in the White House? What do we do when one of the other people involved is on her way there?
    – See more at:

  6. America sold out!

  7. Bob Strauss………
    The more I see what is going on the more convinced I become that the entire middleeast thing is the result of the DELIBERATE efforts of our ALLEGED CINC,and everything they do is carefully disguised to look as though it is being perpetrated by somebody in the middle east. I firmly believe that it is LARGELY Soetoro who has stirred the pot to a boil……….,but I also believe that soon it will all UNEXPECTEDLY COLLAPSE around him and we will all get to watch as his own creature EATS HIM ALIVE. Benito Mussolini had never EXPECTED the ITALIAN people to TURN AGAINST HIM either,but when the Italians had enough of him they left him hanging from a signpost……and he was SPAT upon by those who subsequently HUNG HIM.

  8. Hillary foundering on the uranium sale June 23, 2015 Hillary’s Achilles Heel has been found. More

  9. bob strauss

    oldsailor83 | June 23, 2015 at 12:48 pm |

    Soetoro, and the Clintons deserve nothing less.

  10. bob strauss

    Judicial Watch, Inc.

    It’s been well documented that Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago lawyer and longtime Obama confidant, is a liberal extremist who wields tremendous power in the White House.

    She has connections to many Communist and extremist groups, as FBI files obtained by Judicial Watch show. (SHARE THIS!)

    FBI Files: Valerie Jarrett’s Hardcore Communist Family
    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal Valerie Jarrett’s family connections to hardcore Communists.

  11. bob strauss

    Hey white folks – here’s why YOU should be offended by Obama’s use of the N-word.

    And that goes for LIBERAL white folks too

  12. oldsailor83

    AND in a few days……..
    ……….we will see either confirmation of our worst fears, or see SCOTUS finally acknowledge support of TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE only. If they choose to support a SICK,TWISTED, and otherwise IMMORAL human behavior and marriage then the future of the SCOTUS will be forever TAINTED, and the necessity for their very existence will come HEAVILY into question.

  13. bob strauss


  14. oldsailor83

    AND NOW………..
    …………the SUPREMES have finally done something right,…..the RAISIN FARMER WON hands down. The Government “DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONFISCATE PROPERTY”. The farmer LOST HIS CASE in EVERY Court up to the US SUPREME COURT, and it was there where all the lower courts JUST GOT SLAPPED SILLY. har har. Now the FED owes him many millions of dollars when everything is considered.Does that say anything about the LOWER COURTS? Could the handwriting be on the wall about rulings soon to come……?

  15. oldsailor83

    …… LGBTF about to be SLAPPED SILLY as well? They are already SILLY, so just a good rap on the end of their noses will do.

  16. bob strauss

    Despite the courts putting a freeze on his executive amnesty, Obama is moving forward with a stealth program to weave illegal immigrants into the fabric of American society…

    Do you think he should be impeached?
    Exposed: Obama Is Using This ‘Stealth Program’ To Forever Change America, Despite Court Opposition
    Despite the courts putting a freeze on…

  17. oldsailor83

    ……..China could easily fire the shot that is heard around the world, and the Confederate flag might become the flag of the COMING REVOLT. Nobody is addressing the fact that we still have the Constitutional right to use ANY ICON we choose to represent who and what we are whether a pack of A–holes like it or not. Obviously there are millions of IGNORANT BASTARDS among us who think UP is DOWN and are prepared to RAM THEIR VIEW POINTS DOWN THE THROATS of other innocent people.

  18. oldsailor83

    ……….and that is the sort of leadership that America now has…………yet everybody goes along with the insanity. Somebody better start working on the SERIOUS STUFF……..but I guess the Confederate flag is MURDERING PEOPLE. PEOPLE MURDER OTHER PEOPLE FLAGS DON’TMURDER PEOPLE. Same with GUNS.

  19. oldsailor83

    ………..Bernie Sanders is RIGHT about something. har har TPA is BAD NEWS FOR AMERICAN WORKERS.

  20. oldsailor83

    Senator Cornyn seems to think that Texas is the ONLY STATE in the union. Unfortunately A hell of a lot of Texas is now UNDER WATER.

  21. oldsailor83

    if you want to know what I see as the most dangerous situation in America …….let me tell you what I believe it is….The most dangerous thing in America is the fast growing mental, and moral decay, which everyday we see more, and more evidence of. Now we see the TWISTED belief that a FLAG is killing people. Once again it is the TWISTED mentalities which produce TWISTED LOGIC that is our most dangerous enemy.

  22. Interested Bystander

    With that logic oldsailor83, shouldn’t all violent video games be removed also?

  23. bob strauss

    Interested Bystander | June 23, 2015 at 5:17 pm |

    With that logic oldsailor83, shouldn’t all violent video games be removed also?
    Soon, we will resemble the Eloy, with all references to violence removed.

  24. oldsailor83

    Bob Strauss……….
    With such a mindset hell we will no longer have to even think,,,,,somebody else will tell you what to think, and why expend all the effort in thinking anyway when somebody else will do it for you …..for free, but if you don’t follow the PRESCRIBED thought you could be imprisoned. I guess that would be the “THOUGHT POLICE” in action.

  25. oldsailor83

    …..we gotta be careful about what we THINK……….the THOUGHT POLICE are just around the corner listening in on your thoughts. They are the LIBERAL OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS who fancy themselves as the GRAND IMPERIAL WIZARDS,and general KNOW IT ALLS. As such they KNOW EVERYTHING there is to know, and if a thought runs through your mind that they dislike they will remove it electronically…….and after the electronic surgery the patient will become a BRAINLESS HALF WIT. Such ROBOTS are part and parcel to the LIBERAL, LOONEY,LEFT.

  26. oldsailor83

    ………..I would agree that removing violent video games from the hands of young MORONS would be a great move. Some of the youngsters who watch such fantasy stuff also begin to believe that if they put on a cape they can fly, and leap over tall buildings in a single bound, and stop fast moving freight trains with one hand. Many of the believers are children about 10 years or less old. Tragically a few have already jumped to their deaths, trying to FLY……..but when people who are over 21 try it we are finished as a viable society.

  27. oldsailor83

    IB ………
    ………..I would also take away the idiotic so called COMIC BOOKS. My father always told me that such stuff was drawn by twisted people, and only weak minded people spent money for such insanity. I was always encouraged to use our public library. Early on I discovered books about science, power generation, radio, ships , and airplanes,etc. Sometimes I would spend the whole day on Saturdays at the library. That was my fantasy world. Literally anything you wanted to know about was at your fingertips. I done this from about 10 years of age,all through my school years.

  28. citizenwells

    “The “Smart Money” Just Sold The Most Stocks In History”

  29. How Did Valerie Jarrett Pass a Background Check
    By: Denise Simon

    Now this also begs the question, what did Obama know, did he approve and what is he going to do now? The 73 page FBI file on Valerie Jarrett’s family is found…

  30. Brigitte Gabriel Reads the Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America

    ACT for America president and founder Brigitte Gabriel, speaks at the Family Research Council’s Watchmen on the Wall event about the threat of radical Islam….

  31. National School Safety Expert: Sandy Hook Shooting Was A Staged Event

    Wolfgang W. Halbig , a former state trooper, US customs agent and national school safety consultant…

  32. Western Journalism

    Ted Cruz Just Changed Course In A HUGE Way That Will Make Both Obama And Top GOP Furious

    Cruz credits WikiLeaks with exposing critical new information about illegal immigration buried in the bill…

  33. bob strauss

    Obama Talks DNA-based Racism on Comedy Show
    By Cliff Kincaid Full Story

    Our pro-cross dressing President apparently doesn’t think people have DNA that makes them male or female. But he has just told an interviewer that white people and others have DNA that makes them racist and that American institutions are racist, too. These claims are described by our media as “bold” rather than bizarre racial slurs.

  34. oldsailor83

    Bob Strauss……..
    When Soetoro officially made Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Jarrett his top advisor,I immediately realized that there was substantial question as to her loyalties. Early on there was a huge mass of research published on the internet regarding her Iranian heritage. She is a Islamic radical,and many people read all about her on the internet. Even Snopes published some stuff about her. No POTUS in US history has EVER used a FOREIGN BORN TOP ADVISOR. This was the beginning of the “STACKING OF THE DECK” which we now see, and feel the results of. Once Soetoro gained complete control over the DOJ, he was literally HOME FREE. No court in America would ever dare to contradict him.(because most of the judges were and still are CROOKED, and on the take). Soetoro is their BOSS. As everybody has clearly witnessed….. every court in which an action against Soetoro was filed the action was either thrown out or DENIED. Sadly one justice taking a stand is like locking the stable door after the horse has departed. Nothing will be accomplished, and FEDERAL judges will keep ringing up their CASH REGISTERS (KA-CHING). All judges who act against the law of the land need to be TRIED FOR TREASON.There is only one way to break the Soetoro hold on America, and the Declaration of Independence tells us what must be done. ALL OF THE PERPETRATORS MUST BE ARRESTED,PROSECUTED AND SENTENCED (HARSHLY) But ALAS I believe that far too few Americans have ever read The Declaration of Independence, and without a doubt there is a secondary group who don’t even have a clue what it is, or that such a document even exists. Ironically a large percentage of the latter folks are RECENT COLLEGE GRADS.
    In short we now have a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE in control of America, and like ticks on a dogs butt they will suck every drop of blood they can until somebody either picks them off the dog, or the dog ITSELF is placed in a pool of very strong SHEEPDIP. Sooner or later Americans will be forced to prepare a pool of SHEEPDIP. Perhaps it is time to draft Guiliani for POTUS. He was a large part of the force which put a number of Mafia WOPS in PRISON, and he was hot on the trail of the rest who made FAST ONE WAY TRIPS BACK TO SICILY before he could arrest them. If Guilliani knows how to get rid of WOPS getting rid of SLIMY STINKING GOATHERDERS, ought to be a PIECE OF CAKE for him.

  35. bob strauss

    SPREAD THIS: U.S. General Calls for Immediate Arrest of Barack H. Obama for ‘Treasonous Activities’

    It’s about time …

  36. bob strauss

    oldsailor83 | June 24, 2015 at 1:26 pm ,

    “Guiliani for POTUS! He was a large part of the force which put a number of Mafia WOPS in PRISON, and he was hot on the trail of the rest who made FAST ONE WAY TRIPS BACK TO SICILY before he could arrest them. If Guilliani knows how to get rid of WOPS getting rid of SLIMY STINKING GOATHERDERS, ought to be a PIECE OF CAKE for him.”

    I agree!
    I would enjoy watching Rudy eviscerate these bastards, every last one of them, and use the Egypt model, and sentence them all to death.

  37. oldsailor83

    Bob Strauss……….
    Regarding the POTUS DNA remark……….he needs to have a long talk with a GENETICIST. He obviously hasn’t a clue what the DNA STRAND even is………let alone try to say that the DNA is like playing cards (SPADES OR HEARTS.) He is an absolute moron. The DNA is responsible for producing CELLS in the human body, exactly like those which already exist. It does NOT DETERMINE ETHNICISITY. What a DAMN FOOL HE IS. BTW IONISING RADIATION will BREAK the DNA STRAND which subsequently leads to CANCERS. Anybody who thinks that is BULLSHI# needs to do some research on the subject. (Johns Hopkins Medical Center @ Baltimore) has a huge searchable database. Any medical question you have, including questions regarding the effects of ionizing radiation they have the correct answers available, and at your fingertips. You only need to expend the effort.

  38. bob strauss

    I’ll bet, the usurper is drooling!

    Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2015: China’s Animal Activists Buy Dogs, Target Restaurant Owners In…

    Dog meat sales are falling after criticism at home and abroad against Yulin festival, with many dogs said to have been stolen.|By Duncan Hewitt

  39. bob strauss

    oldsailor83 | June 24, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    The usurper is trying to apply his knowledge of global warming, to the DNA argument, and it’s clear he knows nothing about either. “Deceptionist” is my new word to describe this bastard usurper, he’s a true bull$hit artist, and a true enemy of America, especially white Americans.

  40. bob strauss

    Totally acceptable in Obama’s America

    Farrakhan Tells Black Soldiers To Desert- It’s The ‘Day Of Judgment’ For Whites!

    This dude REALLY hates white people… Dean James AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Question- Who is the nation’s most racist person? Some would…

  41. bob strauss

    Its time to end the Washington Cartel.

    Washington has done a great job of one thing – picking winners and losers, except it’s clear each time who the losers are: American families, who are struggling to pay skyrocketing health care premiums and tuition costs; it’s our community banks and marketplaces that are going out of business; it’s young entrepreneurs and small business owners.
    ICYMI: Sen. Cruz: It’s Time to Break the Washington Cartel
    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today delivered a speech at The Heritage Foundation revealing the cronyism that runs deep in Washington,…

  42. bob strauss

    Somebody arrest this usurper!

    President Obama Hosts a Ramadan Dinner at the White House and Lectures America About Muslims

    “Here in America…”|By Jennifer Van Laar

  43. bob strauss

    Pending: Justice And The pResident; Obama Ineligibility Case Still Pending At U.S. Supreme Court

  44. bob strauss

    Brent Bozell

    Imagine this headline in The Washington Post: “There’s not much Kenyan left in Barack Obama.” Impossible. But in today’s paper, there it is: “There’s not much Indian left in Bobby Jindal.” Those “people of color” always seem to lose their ethnicity when they’re Republicans.

    WashPost Boosts Slam of Jindal: ‘There’s Not Much Indian Left’
    On Tuesday, the Washington Post promoted an article touting how “many” supposedly view Bobby Jindal as “a man who has spent a lifetime distancing…

  45. oldsailor83


  46. oldsailor83


  47. oldsailor83

    Bob Strauss…………
    While the Judy case might still be pending, it might be a big mistake to hold your breath. I have a gut feeling that there is a pot simmering in LEFT FIELD, and the freshly stirred BULLSHI# which has been simmering will be dumped on the people.

  48. oldsailor83

    Everybody who thinks Gruber is a nut case……..stand on your head! It turns out that he was largely TELLING THE TRUTH. The WACKEY HOUSE TRIED TO SILENCE HIM, but they were TOO LATE………and now everybody is discovering the truth about ACA the EXPENSIVE WAY………and the ADVANTAGE PLAN ADMINISTRATORS at the Insurance Company contractors have all asked for at least 35% more from the government . In all probability they will soon be asking for 75% more. LEAVE IT TO THE OCCUPANTS OF THE WACKEY HOUSE TO PROVIDE EQUALLY WACKEY HEALTH INSURANCE FOR EVERYBODY TO PAY HIGH PRICES FOR.

  49. oldsailor83


  50. bob strauss

    Exclusive: The Post & Email Interviews Obama Eligibility Petitioner Cody Robert Judy


  51. citizenwells

    Today is George Orwell, Eric Blair’s, birthday.
    Thank God for the life of Orwell.
    God help us for what he warned us about.

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