Bill Hillary Chelsea Clinton foundation fraud, Legal definition or just dictionary, Slush fund is misleading, Example on about page regarding 2013 consolidated financial reports, 88.4 percent spent on programs???

Bill Hillary Chelsea Clinton foundation fraud, Legal definition or just dictionary, Slush fund is misleading, Example on about page regarding 2013 consolidated financial reports, 88.4 percent spent on programs???

“the Democratic Party overlooked the ethical red flags and made a pact with Mr. Clinton that was the equivalent of a pact with the devil. And he delivered. With Mr. Clinton at the controls, the party won the White House twice. But in the process it lost its bearings and maybe even its soul.”…Bob Herbert, NY Times February 26, 2001

“The William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation, which reportedly expects to raise $200 million to build a library to help memorialize the ex-president’s legacy, is nothing more than a ‘slush fund,”…Dick Morris February 2001

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984”




Corporate fraud:

“Activities undertaken by an individual or company that are done in a dishonest or illegal manner, and are designed to give an advantage to the perpetrating individual or company. Corporate fraud schemes go beyond the scope of an employee’s stated position, and are marked by their complexity and economic impact on the business, other employees and outside parties.”


“an act of deceiving or misrepresenting”
The about page for the Bill Hillary and Chelsea foundation shows the following at the bottom:

2013 Expenditures (Per 2013 Consolidated Financials)

Management and General

Gives one the impression that 88.4 percent of the expenditures went to the advertised end recipients doesn’t it?

Here are the breakdowns for the expenditures:


Click to access clinton_foundation_report_public_11-19-14.pdf

That is a total of $ 222,396,102.

“Program services” $ 196,633,380.

Management general $ 15,633,562.

Fund raising $ 10,129,160.

The breakdown for “program services”.

Salaries and benefits……………… $ 65,775,050
Direct program expenditures……. 29,389,026
Professional and consulting………. 13,697,674
Conferences and events………………. 9,721,984
UNITAID commodities expense.. 28,647,779
Procurement and shipping…………. 1,668,867
Travel………………………………………. 16,707,454
Telecommunications…………………. 2,214,469
Meetings and trainings……………… 7,470,295
Bank and other fees…………………….. 706,900
Occupancy costs……………………….. 4,715,823
Office expenses…………………………. 4,673,655
Capital charges…………………………. 3,962,232
Depreciation…………………………….. 4,318,967
Other……………………………………….. 2,963,205

That is a lot of salaries, consulting, conferences, travel and meetings.

And those items total $ 113,372,457.

51 percent of total expenditures.

How did spending $ 113,372,457 help the advertised charity recipients.

Who benefited most?

I would like to to see the details.

From WND April 22, 2015.

“Wall Street analyst uncovers Clinton Foundation fraud”

“The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation – already under scrutiny for foreign donations – is now being accused of fraudulent and possibly criminal mismanagement.

Over the past six weeks, Wall Street financial analyst and investor Charles Ortel has shared with WND, prior to publication, the results of his six-month, in-depth investigation into what he characterizes as an elaborate scheme devised by the Clintons to enrich themselves.

Through their foundation, Ortel contends, the Clintons have defrauded an unsuspecting international public of hundreds of millions of dollars for personal gain.

The findings come amid separate charges in Peter Schweizer’s upcoming book “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.”

In Ortel’s April 20 report, “False Philanthropy? First Interim Report Concerning The Bill Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation,” he asks: “Did management exercise vigilance to ensure that the Clinton Foundation actually carried out its original and its amended tax-exempt purposes?””

““The numbers that the Clinton Foundation supply to the global public in its legally mandated filings do not add up, are frequently incorrect and overall appear to be materially misleading,” Ortel explained.

He said that in numerous cases, the Clinton Foundation “appears to have followed inconsistent policies adding in appropriate portions of the various activities it pursued around the world to create ‘consolidated’ financial statements.”

“In some instances, portions were added only for some of the years in which the entities remained in operation, artificially enhancing purported financial results,” Ortel concluded. “In other cases, important elements of activity were improperly characterized and combined.”

Ortel asks: “Do the Clintons, and others who operate the Clinton Foundation, function as Robin Hood in reverse – do they dupe small, modest income donors to enrich themselves and cronies?””

Read more:



13 responses to “Bill Hillary Chelsea Clinton foundation fraud, Legal definition or just dictionary, Slush fund is misleading, Example on about page regarding 2013 consolidated financial reports, 88.4 percent spent on programs???

  1. citizenwells

    “Do the Clintons, and others who operate the Clinton Foundation, function as Robin Hood in reverse – do they dupe small, modest income donors to enrich themselves and cronies?”

    Wall Street financial analyst and investor Charles Ortel

  2. bob strauss

    The Clinton Foundations and Profound Dishonesty
    The Path to a Balanced Budget

    Just this morning I learned that there was a small Clinton Foundation in Great Britain, the William J. Clinton Foundation UK.

    This has to be added to the dozen, literally 12, other Clinton Foundations that have now emerged. They are:

    Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation
    Clinton Global Initiative
    Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership
    Clinton Health Access Initiative
    Clinton Foundation Sweden
    Alliance For A Healthier Generation
    Clinton Climate Initiative
    Clinton Development Initiative
    Clinton Foundation in Haiti
    Clinton Health Matters Initiative
    Too Small To Fail
    No Ceilings Partnership

    Note that Too Small to Fail is a joint venture with Tom Steyer, the left wing environmentalist billionaire who is focused in defeating the Keystone Pipeline. Of course approving the Keystone Pipeline has to come through the State Department and has still not happened.

    With 13 foundations already surfacing it will be interesting to see if there are any more.

    A number of them did not report anything about the sources of their money.

    The Clintons have developed an empire of corruption and dishonesty on a scale never before seen in America.

    This afternoon I did a Facebook Q&A with Peter Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash. It was absolutely fascinating. You can view the entire Q&A here.

  3. bob strauss

    GOP Must Investigate Clinton Uranium Deal
    Published on on May 1, 2015

    A week ago, The New York Times broke a front page, lead article story that detailed how Russia, led by Dictator Vladimir Putin, took over Uranium One, a major uranium mining concern. The article noted that as the transactions unfolded, “a flow of cash” totaling $2.35 million “made its way to the Clinton Foundation” from a foundation controlled by the Uranium One company CEO.

    The paper also revealed that right after the Russians said they would buy a majority of Uranium One stock, Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech “from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.”

    Finally, the newspaper pointed out that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton — also the recipient of these funds deposited in the joint account she shares with her husband — approved Russia’s acquisition of Uranium One.

    The NY Times noted that it did not know if “the donations played any role in the approval of the uranium deal.” But, it said, the episode underscores the “special ethical challenges” presented by the Clinton Foundation.

    And that’s where the paper left it.

    Tens of millions of Americans, reading the story, doubtless assumed that the Republican led Congress would get to the bottom of the affair and find out what role each of the Clintons played in the transaction. But since the story, there has been little or no action from Senator or House Republicans to investigate further.

    Where is the GOP? Where is Congress?

    The appropriate investigating committees of the House and Senate should convene a full investigation. They should subpoena the former president, Guistra, and the others involved in the transaction. They should ask national security experts to enlighten us about the risks of a large Russian presence in our domestic uranium market. We should hear from utility executives on how they would be impacted by Russian control of a fifth of our uranium.

    Where are the defense hawks? McCain? Lindsay Graham? They should be out front denouncing Clinton’s actions and demanding a full explanation. The NY Times story raised key questions about conflicts of interest but also begs the question of whether or not a former president and his wife — a serving Secretary of State running for president — worked with Russians and Canadian mining interests to approve a deal that might prove injurious to the United States.

    Bill Clinton did not disclose donations to his foundation from Uranium One — the go between in the deal. And, according to The New York Times, his aides “helped start a Canadian charity that effectively shielded the identities of donors who gave more than $33 million that went to his foundation.”

    All this just adds fuel to the fire. In fact, the former president even lied to the media about meeting with Guistra in the first place. But where are the flames? Is the GOP asleep at the switch?

  4. cabbyaz
    Hope you get well soon.
    More posts for you on Jade Helm-15
    Texas State Guard to Monitor Jade Helm

    5 Wal Mart closures due to Jade Helm (conspiracy theory)
    Russians to participate in Jade Helm exercises.

  5. oldsailor82

    The concerns of people living in the states,and cities where the ALLEGED JADE HELM exercise is scheduled to occur is genuine. Such exercises have never before been publically conducted. I believe that it is being done for several reasons but is primarily intended to intimidate the general public. However the public also contains well armed,trained,battle hardened veterans,both enlisted men as well as officers and it is doubtful that the seasoned veterans are going to be scared by the action. Rather they will watch it closely,and note the mistakes made by the so called trainees. When push comes to shove the veterans will quickly seize upon the troops,and their numbers will be quickly diminished. Further it is also extremely doubtful that any US veteran will ever obey an order to fire upon an American citizen who has DONE NOTHING against his /her country. Rather it is more likely that the soldiers weapons,including artillery,will end up pointed Eastward.

  6. oldsailor82

    No American business can be forced by any twisted law to remain open if it has determined that the business should be closed. This is cardinal. Without a doubt the UNHINGED liberals think that THEY OWN WALMART,and therefore should dictate to the company. As long as the CEO has any spine at all HE/SHE will be the ONLY person who determines which stores must close and which stores should remain open. Many of WalMarts original stores are now aging,and without a doubt developing problems, plumbing and otherwise. At todays extremely high maintenance costs,closing a store makes sense. Many WalMart stores are no longer profitable. Many were built near black neighborhoods,and have literally been stolen blind. No company whose profits are only marginal,can sustain such losses without it diminishing the earnings performance of the entire organization. Sadly the blacks WHINE that WalMart doesn’t pay them enough. They think that they should have $15.00 an hour to do a $2.00 per hour job,which at WalMart is UNSKILLED labor. If they want more money let them acquire an education,and a skill. The same applies to Mc Donalds,or any business using entry level UNSKILLED labor. However I hasten to add… an employee the amount which you feel his/her level of experience justifies. If the potential employee dislikes your offer then let HIM/HER look elsewhere for employment.

  7. oldsailor82

    AND NOW………
    …………two more stinking a$$ed goat COPULATORS are DEAD. They CAME TO AMERICA and thought they were going to ram their SHARIA BULLSHI# down the throats of Americans…..”OHHHHHH BOOOOO HOOOOO” somebody drew funny pictures of their PHONEY PROPHET…….”T-0-U-G-H M-A-N-U-R-E”. I have seen several pictures of their PHONEY PROPHET having sex with a nanny goat posted in a public place not long after the thing in France. While I will never use a weapon offensively against anyone, I will use a weapon in SELF DEFENSE in a HEARTBEAT,and I know the difference in the legal definitions of the TERMS OFFENSE,and SELF DEFENSE. In addition hell will freeze over before I stop practicing my God given right to free speech. When raving goatherders start shooting at me, my wife,or my home I am legally justified in returning their fire. They can ram their Sharia law up their anuses. I am not an expert rifleman,but I did score 144 out of 180,and that is good enough to provide new anuses,or make a he into a she attacker at 50 yards.. and that was in 1952,and my accuracy has improved 100% since. In addition I guard my property 2 nights each week with a 12 gauge loaded with 5 ROUNDS OF 00 buckshot………you are welcome to GUESS which nights.

  8. oldsailor82

    AND NOW………
    Slick Willy says he has NO REGRETS about the Clinton Foundation. Everything the foundation done was at the DIRECTION OF Hillary,or Willy. so it appears that we now clearly see his lack of REMORSE. Felony crime is OK with him ,and obviously with Hillary as well. Even accepting foreign contributions while SOS is also OK.So vote for her, and you will most likely be thanked by being MURDERED. Twenty three of their more than casual friends died under extremely questionable circumstances. There is a trail of bodies from Little Rock to Westchester,NY. Just follow the YELLOW death road. The conclusions are easy!

  9. oldsailor82

    Bye bye……..Have a great day!

  10. oldsailor82

    Talk about store closures, how bout this….
    6000 Major Retail Stores to Close Their Doors 2015

    180 Abercrombie & Fitch (by 2015)
    75 Aeropostale (through January 2015)
    150 American Eagle Outfitters (through 2017)
    223 Barnes & Noble (through 2023)
    265 Body Central / Body Shop
    66 Bottom Dollar Food
    25 Build-A-Bear (through 2015)
    32 C. Wonder
    21 Cache
    120 Chico’s (through 2017)
    200 Children’s Place (through 2017)
    17 Christopher & Banks
    70 Coach (fiscal 2015)
    70 Coco’s /Carrows
    300 Deb Shops
    92 Delia’s
    340 Dollar Tree/Family Dollar
    39 Einstein Bros. Bagels
    50 Express (through 2015)
    31 Frederick’s of Hollywood
    50 Fresh & Easy Grocey Stores
    14 Friendly’s
    65 Future Shop (Best Buy Canada)
    54 Golf Galaxy (by 2016)
    50 Guess (through 2015)
    26 Gymboree
    40 JCPenney
    127 Jones New York Outlet
    10 Just Baked
    28 Kate Spade Saturday & Jack Spade
    14 Macy’s
    400 Office Depot/Office Max (by 2016)
    63 Pep Boys (“in the coming years”)
    100 Pier One (by 2017)
    20 Pick ’n Save (by 2017)
    1,784 Radio Shack
    13 Ruby Tuesday
    77 Sears
    10 SpartanNash Grocery Stores
    55 Staples (2015)
    133 Target, Canada (bankruptcy)
    31 Tiger Direct
    200 Walgreens (by 2017)
    10 West Marine
    338 Wet Seal
    80 Wolverine World Wide (2015 – Stride Rite & Keds)

    So why is this happening?
    Without a doubt, Internet retailing is taking a huge toll on brick and mortar stores, and this is a trend that is not going to end any time soon.

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