Ted Cruz eligible for presidency?, Ted Cruz natural born citizen?, Cruz a patriot?, Ted Cruz advisory opinion from FEC, Natural born citizen not citizen, Naturalized citizen Abdul Hassan not eligible

Ted Cruz eligible for presidency?, Ted Cruz natural born citizen?, Cruz a patriot?, Ted Cruz advisory opinion from FEC, Natural born citizen not citizen, Naturalized citizen Abdul Hassan not eligible

“Why did Obama employ Robert Bauer of Perkins Coie, to request an advisory opinion on FEC matching funds that he was not eligible for?”…Citizen Wells

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Moore said he’s seen no convincing evidence that Obama is a “natural born citizen” and a lot of evidence that suggests he is not.”…Judge Roy Moore interview by WND



To be president of the US one must be a natural born citizen, not just a citizen and not a naturalized citizen.

Is Ted Cruz a natural born citizen?

Based on my understanding the answer is no.

Ted Cruz was born in Canada and had only one US citizen parent.

Is Ted Cruz a patriot?

I believe so.

For the good of the country I am requesting that Ted Cruz, at the earliest possible moment, request an advisory opinion from the FEC about his eligibility for Federal Matching funds and therefore the presidency.

The FEC will be compelled to provide an advisory opinion about whether or not he is a natural born citizen.

This will be important for two reasons.

Ted Cruz needs to know early if his efforts are worthwhile and not counterproductive.

We need a ruling on this. Every government entity that should provide guidance on the definition of natural born citizen has passed the buck, including the US Supreme Court. The courts and congress have shirked their constitutional duty.

There are 2 important instances of an advisory opinion from the FEC on matching funds.

1. Attorney Robert Bauer of Perkins Coie on behalf of Barack Obama in 2007.

From Citizen Wells January 23, 2012.



Obama, attorneys and Democrats control FEC

The devil himself could not have come up with a more devious plan.

Robert Bauer, of Perkins Coie, on February 1, 2007 requested an advisory opinion to keep Obama’s option for matching funds open. Bauer knew full well that Obama, not being a natural born citizen, was not eligible for matching funds. The FEC advisory opinion from March 1, 2007 responded in the affirmative.Ellen L. Weintraub, former staff member at Perkins Coie, was a Democrat appointee of the FEC at that time. She remained well beyond her scheduled tenure with the help of Barack Obama.
Obama, Robert Bauer, Democrats interaction with FEC timeline.
February 1,2007

Advisory Opinion Request: General Election Public Funding

From Obama attorney Robert Bauer to FEC

“This request for an Advisory Opinion is filed on behalf of Senator Barack Obama and the committee, the Obama Exploratory Committee, that he established to fund his exploration of a Presidential candidacy. The question on which he seeks the Commission’s guidance is whether, if Senator Obama becomes a candidate, he may provisionally raise funds for the general election but retain the option, upon nomination, of returning these contributions and accepting the public funds for which he would be eligible as the Democratic Party’s nominee.”

“cc: Chairman Robert Lenhard
Vice Chair David Mason
Commissioner Michael Toner
Commissioner Hans von Spakovsky
Commissioner Steven Walther
Commissioner Ellen Weintraub

Note, in the above advisory opinion request, Robert Bauer was a Perkins Coie attorney and Ellen Weintraub was a former Perkins Coie staff member.
March 1, 2007

FEC advisory opinion

From Robert D. Lenhard to Robert Bauer

“The Commission concludes that Senator Obama may solicit and receive private contributions for the 2008 presidential general election without losing his
eligibility to receive public funding if he receives his party’s nomination for President, if he (1) deposits and maintains all private contributions
designated for the general election in a separate account, (2) refrains from using these contributions for any purpose, and (3) refunds the private
contributions in full if he ultimately decides to receive public funds.””

June 19, 2008.

“Obama to Break Promise, Opt Out of Public Financing for General Election”

“In a web video to supporters — “the people who built this movement from the bottom up” — Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, announced this morning that he will not enter into the public financing system, despite a previous pledge to do so.”

“In November 2007, Obama answered “Yes” to Common Cause when asked “If you are nominated for President in 2008 and your major opponents agree to forgo private funding in the general election campaign, will you participate in the presidential public financing system?”
Obama wrote:

“In February 2007, I proposed a novel way to preserve the strength of the public financing system in the 2008 election. My plan requires both major party
candidates to agree on a fundraising truce, return excess money from donors, and stay within the public financing system for the general election.”


2. Abdul Hassan, a naturalized citizen, requested an advisory opinion in 2012.

From Citizen Wells March 11, 2013.

“From the FEC March 11, 2013.


WASHINGTON – The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit today issued its Per Curiam Order inHassan v. FEC (Case 1:11-cv-02189-EGS). The text of the Order may be found here: (http://www.fec.gov/law/litigation/hassan_ac_order2.pdf).


From Citizen Wells October 1, 2012.

“From the FEC October 1, 2012.


WASHINGTON – The United States District Court for the District of Columbia on Friday issued its Memorandum Opinion and Order in Hassan v. FEC (Case 1:11-cv-02189-EGS). The text of the Memorandum Opinion may be found here (http://www.fec.gov/law/litigation/hassan_dc_memo_opinion.pdf) and the text of the Order may be found here (http://www.fec.gov/law/litigation/hassan_dc_order2.pdf).

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is an independent regulatory agency that administers and enforces federal campaign finance laws. The FEC has jurisdiction over the financing of campaigns for the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, the Presidency and the Vice Presidency. Established in 1975, the FEC is composed of six Commissioners who are nominated by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.


“Hassan’s challenge to the Fund Act rests on his contention
that the natural born citizen requirement has been implicitly
repealed by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. The Court need
not repeat the thorough and persuasive opinions issued by its
colleagues in at least five other jurisdictions, all of whom
determined that the natural born citizen requirement has not
been implicitly repealed by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.”

“Moreover, the Supreme Court has consistently held that the distinction between natural born citizens and naturalized citizens in the context of
Presidential eligibility remains valid.”

“Because the natural born citizen requirement has not been explicitly or implicitly repealed, Hassan’s challenge to that provision, and the Fund Act’s incorporation thereof, must fail.””


This is important.

I urge you to contact Ted Cruz with this important information.


32 responses to “Ted Cruz eligible for presidency?, Ted Cruz natural born citizen?, Cruz a patriot?, Ted Cruz advisory opinion from FEC, Natural born citizen not citizen, Naturalized citizen Abdul Hassan not eligible

  1. Excellent article, CW; of course Cruz isn’t eligible, nor are Rubio, Jindal, Santorum, or Haley. Cruz’ renouncing of his Canadian birth doesn’t make him Natural Born; that is a birthright, and not something you ‘obtain.’

    Cruz could break this thing wide open if he’d hold a presser, stating why he’s not eligible in fact, he’d be an American hero and Obola would be thrown out on his tush.

    I don’t understand why all the radio talkers are pushing Cruz. Would he make a better POTUS than the enemy combatant in the office now? You bet, however, he does not qualify. He would do America a great service if he was nominated for and accepted a high level cabinet post but POTUS? No.

    Signing off from Blizzard Central here in the Boston area; 30″ on the ground and still coming :(.

  2. SueK,
    Be careful there in that 30 inches.
    Over here by the Sierras they lubricate their snow blower chutes, and snow removal equipment with Armor All. Supposed to make it easier to deal with wet packing snow.

  3. Take a look at the garb Michelle wore to greet the Saudi king.

    Michelle Obama navigates limits on women in Saudi Arabia


  4. cabbyaz,
    Michaels fake boobs are too high up on the chest, and is that a beer gut?

  5. What ever happened good ole government protocol?
    The Obama’s show no class!
    Read how tacky these people are.

    Michelle Obama’s uncovered head draws Saudi Twitter critique
    By KENDALL BREITMAN 1/27/15 4:10 PM EST Updated 1/27/15 8:08 PM EST
    First lady Michelle Obama faced backlash from Twitter users in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday for not wearing a head covering during her brief visit there with the president.
    Obama wore loose-fitting clothes including a long blue jacket and dark pants while accompanying President Barack Obama during their four hours on the ground in Riyadh to offer condolences on the death of King Abdullah and for the president to meet with new King Salman.
    Story Continued Below
    On Twitter, Saudis used a hashtag that translates to “#Michelle_Obama_Immodest” or “#Michelle_Obama_NotVeiled” to chastise the first lady for being disrespectful to Saudi traditions.
    Saudi Arabia has a strict dress code for women, who are instructed to wear black robes and head coverings at all times in public, though visitors to the country are not required to abide by the dress code. In 2011, when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Abdullah in New York, she did not cover her face or hair. Nor did then-first lady Laura Bush during a 2006 visit with Abdullah in Saudi Arabia.
    Some on Twitter noted that Obama had covered her hair during a visit to a mosque in Indonesia and wondered why she hadn’t done the same, Egypt’s Ahram Online noted, while one woman urged fellow Saudis not to “make Obama angry at us.”
    The first lady’s office had no comment on her attire.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/01/michelle-obama-saudi-arabia-head-covering-criticism-114646.html#ixzz3Q5TjuXAx

  6. Good luck SueK!

  7. SueK , Cruz is my senator and I had sent him and his staff the very same thing you just posted in regards to cruze’s eligibility when his name first came up as a presidential candidate. His staff is usually very quick to respond but not on this issue…. still waiting …His senate race was very interesting in Texas as he ran against the RNC’s Golden Boy Dewhurst. At first I felt that i was not voteing for Cruz … i voted against Dewhurst.. Other than Dodging Obummers and his eligibilty, i has been pleased

  8. Regardless of what Cruz or anyone else thinks about his eligibility status, he needs to get a ruling asap.
    The FEC is a good place to start.
    They will not rule on whether he can be a candidate but rather if he is a NBC to qualify for matching funds.
    Once that opinion is out there, then we have a starting point for further action.
    Actually another candidate could ask for a ruling.

  9. SUEK…….

    Let me add my thoughts concerning Cruz for POTUS…I feel the same way as you….apparently the press is trying to push Cruz into running then they can turn around and say if it’s good enough for the Republicans, then its good enough for the democrats…..then Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 will be ancient history and so will all the rest of our Constitution….

    Stay warm and stay inside if you can…..storms like you have now can be a killer…..keep all of us posted here about your situation….


    A friend of mine forwarded this email to me this morning…I thought I would share it with you…..

    Saint Peter is sitting at the Pearly Gates doing his normal job in Heaven when two guys wearing dark hoodies, and sagging butt showing pants, arrive.

    St. Peter looked out through the Gates and said, “Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

    St. Peter then goes over to God’s chambers and tells him who is waiting for entrance to heaven.

    God says to Peter: “How many times do I have to tell you Pete? You can’t be judgmental here. This is heaven. All are loved. All are brothers. Go back and let them in!”

    St. Peter goes back to the Gates, looks around, and lets out a heavy sigh.

    He then returns to God’s chambers and says, ” Well, they’re gone.”

    “Who the guys wearing hoodies?” asked God.

    “No. The Pearly Gates.” says Pete.

  11. I hope no one accuses me of just playing the ‘race card’…..haha…if they do, ‘so mot it be”

  12. bob strauss | January 27, 2015 at 8:59 pm |

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks! My plow guy is gonna have to help me out today however, I have 4′ drifts on my roof which have to come off!

    I don’t have a snowblower, but I’ve been known to lube up the old shovel with either WD-40, or Pam cooking spray (butter flavor).

    We’ll get through it, with a little help from our friends…

  13. citizenwells | January 28, 2015 at 6:35 am |

    Thanks, CW…we’re OK, bar a big mess!

    One of these years, Cabby is gonna have me as a neighbor in AZ!

  14. kingtbone | January 28, 2015 at 8:02 am |

    Hi kingtbone,

    I wouldn’t expect that you’d get an answer to your inquiry; they’re avoiding the subject like the plague, just as SCOTUS is avoiding it. If they tell what they know, the cat would be out of the bag; they’re all complicit in the fraud and their political careers would be over.

    Our local morning talker in Boston is Jeff Kuhner, formerly of the Washington Times. He was born in Montreal to Croatian parents, and he’s said that because of that fact, he couldn’t run for POTUS. If I can ever get through on the phone, I’d like to ask Kuhner what makes him think that Cruz is eligible; he’s in the same boat. I’d be interested to hear his answer.

    Kuhner’s wife is Dr. Grace Vuoto, who does an occasional stint and guest commentary on Carl Gallups’ Freedom Friday show. She knows. Kuhner knows. I feel that they’ve been threatened into silence, and he’s mentioned that a few times.

    Some say that this ‘administration’ has taken America down when, in fact, it’s been the media. Without an honest and open media, we’re toast…

  15. oldsoldier79 | January 28, 2015 at 9:55 am |

    Hi RM…I know it’s you!

    Yes, push, push an ineligible candidate. I’m thinking that by doing that, it would give Obola legitimacy. If they snuck one in, they can sneak others in, and to hell with the Constitution! I think the goal is to get Obola to finish his term; if that happens, the eligibility issue will become moot. To many of us, though, it will never be moot!

    Have out get out there and clean up the mess. Thank goodness the power stayed on; the fluffiness of the snow (even with the howling winds) helped us out there. We’ll recover…always do…but only after a lot of cussing!

  16. oldsoldier79…….
    It isn’t as though Massachussets hasn’t had ACCUMULATIONS of snow in the past almost equalling what they received from Juno,…..and are still receiving. New England normally gets some fairly deep snow early on because of the lake effect, but this storm was more like a NOREASTER. I was stationed at South Boston for the final year of my enlistment which ended in1956. That year the temperature dropped way below zero,and even the ship’s wardroom heater froze. The bloody officers were all howling profanities.Finally somebody located a huge electric heater which seemed to do the job until the ship could get in to Charlestown shipyard for repairs. As I said the people of Massachusetts are well experienced with such weather conditions,……and if you try to help them you will probably be seen as an intruder……..I know a little about that, and I have taken the cure.

  17. I believe that most SO CALLED Americans havn’t a clue about NBC. It is only those who are older who even seem to be concerned for the continuity of our Constitutional values. We now have so many DUMBED DOWN people walking among us,that I believe that you could shout in their ears that Cruz is ineligible,but the only reaction you would get would be a VACANT look. In addition it also appears that very few people even give a damn anyway. Until we fix that the King of Siam could run for the POTUS,and as such most of our young people would think HE IS C-O-O-L,AND VOTE FOR HIM.

  18. byebye……..HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  19. citizenwells | January 28, 2015 at 8:41 am |

    Regardless of what Cruz or anyone else thinks about his eligibility status, he needs to get a ruling asap.
    The FEC is a good place to start.
    They will not rule on whether he can be a candidate but rather if he is a NBC to qualify for matching funds.
    Once that opinion is out there, then we have a starting point for further action.
    Actually another candidate could ask for a ruling.
    This is going to be interesting!

    Soetoro has pretty much set the standard for who the dems think is POTUS eligible.

    That is; born in country,(without a birth certificate), and derive US Citizenship from Mother. Soetoro’s, claimed, Father had no influence on his citizenship, and the British Nationality Act of 1948 was ignored, along with Kenyan laws, in order to make him Constitutionally eligible.

    Ted Cruz derives his US Citizenship from his Mother, his Father is Cuban, and he was born in Canada. Cruz argues, he had American Citizenship via his mother at birth, so he is eligible for POTUS under the Constitution’s qualifications for eligibility.

    Both of them claim to be Article 2, natural born Citizens, and POTUS eligible.

    SCOTUS has a different take on it all, and stated:


    …the only time the US Supreme Court ever did define the class of persons who were POTUS eligible under Article 2 Section 1 was in Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1874), wherein it was held:

    “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.” Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162, 168.

    There’s a quote for you. It really exists. And it tells you exactly who are natural-born citizens; those born in the country of parents who are citizens. The words are plain-spoken and self-evident. There are two classes of persons discussed in the above quotation. Those born in the country of citizen parents were labeled by the Court as “natives or natural-born citizens”, but these were also further identified as being “distinguished from aliens or foreigners”. The distinction is crucial.


    Who is going to enforce the law?

  20. Did you notice how Obama NEVER mentioned the debt in his SOTU? It’s another bit of truth he’d rather not reveal. So let me help out a bit – and please feel free to share as well! http://allenbwest.com/…/debt-deficit-explained-even-libera…/

  21. bob.
    If this reaches FEC it will be interesting if they adhere to this standard.

  22. Muslim Brotherhood Starts New Political Party In Chicago With Obama’s Blessing – Now The End…

    The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) has begun building the framework for a political party in Chicago.


  23. BOB STRUSS…..

    No no…now the beginning ends…..they may get away with that in Chicago, I would expect them to in that slum neighborhood…..but not in mainstream America……

    Can you just picture an Iowa farmer, or Texas cowboy voting for an candidate sponsored by the US Council of Muslims Organizations…..or how about a Tennessee hillbilly or a Georgia cracker…some would call them a rednecks…..I call them real Americans.

    I’m afraid they would be voting with double O buck….know what I mean?

  24. Committee Name:

    Draft Ted Cmz for President
    If registered. FEC ID:
    Today’s Date:
    Federal Election Commission
    999 E Street, N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20463
    Re: Form 1, Statement of Organization—Unlimited Contributions
    To Whom It May Concem:
    This conmiittee intends to make independent expenditures, and consistent with
    the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit decision in
    SpeechNow v. FEC, it therefore intends to raise fiinds in unlimited amounts. This
    committee will not use those fiinds to make contributions, whether direct, in-kind,
    or via coordinated communications, to federal candidates or conunittees.
    Respectfiilly submitted.
    Treasurer’s Name
    Paul Kilgore Treasurer



  25. I just had an argument with someone about Cruz’s eligibility–he continues to maintain that the McCarran-West Act makes him eligible!

  26. Sorry…I meant the McCarran-Walter Act.

  27. Could Ted Cruz be playing the devils advocate in the natural born Citizen saga?

    Ted Cruz is a product of the TEA Party, and the TEA Party members are well aware of the usurper’s ineligibility issues. I believe it was the TEA Party in Surprise AZ that led to the Arpaio birth certificate investigation.

    Could the Ted Cruz candidacy be part of a larger plan to expose the usurper?

    Ted should know better, what it takes to be eligible to be POTUS, unless he’s figured out the U.S. Constitution is no longer in force.

  28. Wow–I just moved to Surprise, AZ last April…cool.

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