November 2014 unemployment jobs creation reality check, Low information investors, Where is the evidence of 312k jobs created, ADP reported 208k jobs, 2 plus 2 equals 4?

November 2014 unemployment jobs creation reality check, Low information investors, Where is the evidence of 312k jobs created, ADP reported 208k jobs, 2 plus 2 equals 4?

“Over the last six months, of the net job creation, 97 percent of that is part-time work,”…Keith Hall, former BLS chief

“Nearly half of U.S. companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees because of the ACA. One in five firms indicates they are likely to hire fewer employees, and another one in 10 may lay off current employees in response to the law.

Other firms will shift toward part-time workers. More than 40 percent of CFOs say their companies will consider switching some jobs to less than 30 hours per week or targeting part-time workers for future employment.”…Duke University Fuqua School of Business December 11, 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



Since we live in an Orwellian age, it is difficult to believe anything we are told. Especially by the government.

Just a few days ago ADP reported 208,000 jobs added in November.

The US Labor Department just reported 312,000 jobs added for November 2014.

Where is the evidence to back this up?

It does not compute.

Consider the following numbers also reported by the US Labor Dept. for Nov. 2014. (you’re gonna love this)

4,000 more people employed.

115,000 more people unemployed.

69,000 more people not in the labor force.

8,000 more people not in the labor force who want a job now.

6,000 more people who could only find part time work.

This is just for 1 month, November.

Don’t take my word for it. Look it up.



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  1. 2 + 2 = 4.

  2. I sometimes wonder if anyone has stopped to figure out exactly why we are having all this racial strife… and the main stream media is spending almost all day rerunning the same old racial inciting crap in their effort to “force feed the public” with the social problems that are mostly dreamed up in some far away news studio.

    Well the answer to that is right under our nose. It you want to keep a secret…put it out there in the public’s eye…then work your magic with the other hand…..the one that isn’t full of government requested postings.

    As Obama’s ratings are taking a nose dive, he is working overtime to try to destroy this nation before he is exposed and dealt with. It will be an interested period in our history to see how ” the king ” deals with a hostile Congress.(if they are hostile, or will they too become “lame ducks” )

    In the past three weeks since Ferguson, just how much “negative” publicity has Obama been exposed too? How many Benghazi’s? how many top military officers has he fired? how much of the federal treasury has he given away? how many more illegals has he let into our country? These questions do not seem to get any traction now days.

    The real de facto president, Val Jarrett is working very hard to reestablish O’Bozo’s ratings….and in the process, everything else that is worthy of worldwide attention is “going to hell in a hand basket”.

    You can bet your booty that the American citizens are going to soon be hit right between the eyes with a “great big surprise” because the media has no time to cover all the real news for “chasing ambulances” in Ferguson and New York City.

    Al Sharpton is in his full glory and enjoying his “15 minutes in the sun”.

  3. CW…….
    …….i would venture to guess that the brand of BOLOGNA being produced by the WACKEY HOUSE is not made from the best ingredients. REAL BAD ODOR!

  4. AND NOW……
    …….DeBlasio has gotten his tongue wrapped around his eyetooth,and he couldn’t see what he was saying……with respect to the NYPD. The NYPD is UNIONISED,and they are HIGHLY incensed as a result of several cops who were thrown under the bus by De Blasio. Mr.De Blasio could see one hell of a strike against him……at which point every nut case in New York will go on a spree………no cops on the streets means EASY PICKINS for ALL. har har after which……ADIOS Mr. BIG SHOT DE BLASIO.(another looney liberal)

  5. “Full-Time Jobs Down 150K, Participation Rate Remains At 35 Year Lows, “No Job Market For Young Men””

    “While the seasonally-adjusted headline Establishment Survey payroll print reported by the BLS moments ago may be indicative of an economy which the Fed will soon have to temper in an attempt to cool down, a closer read of the November payrolls report shows several other things that were not quite as rosy. First, the Household Survey was nowhere close to confirming the Establishment Survey data, suggesting jobs rose only by 4K from 147,283K to 147,287K, and furthermore, the breakdown was skewed fully in favor of Part-Time jobs, which rose by 77K while Full-Time jobs declined by 150K.”


    bye bye all……….til we meet again!

  7. before I shutdown……just one more thought…….Eric Garner was said to be an innocent victim of the police,and Deblasio made that statement. Eric Garner had an arrest record of several pages. He is far from being an INNOCENT VICTIM. He was confronted by police,and ordered to put his hands behind his back…..instead he tried to evade,and resist being cuffed. The evasion,and RESISTANCE is the underpinning of what followed. It was unknown to the officers that he sufferred from an asthmatic condition which impedes respiration……particularly when the sufferer becomes apprehensive. Much of the problem of his alleged inability to breath,was the result of his somewhat deteriorated health. but it seems that he was a carbon copy of the FERGUSON PUNK with regard to his size,and it looked as though there was at least 5 cops surrounding him. I would have to say that when you are confronted by a GORILLA you might need some help.

  8. Current links on Drudge:

    92,447,000 Americans Not Working…
    Labor Force Participation Remains at 36-Year Low…
    11,918,000 Have Dropped Out Since Obama…
    Media Cheers 321,000 New Jobs…

  9. In Citizenwells last posting, I said to watch what the other hand is doing…

    Have you seen ANY national news coverage of this on either of the major television stations, ABC,NBC,CBS ?….I didn’t think so….


    Yet we get 24 hour coverage of two black punks…..and all the destruction they are bring with them.

  10. Probably some of you saw this, as I did last night. It was downright appalling that anyone sitting in Congress could make the rant that she did. She was smirky and then got very irate (video is at the following site as well as a transcript):

    Sean Hannity Left Visibly Stunned by Dem Congresswoman’s Answer to His Question About Evidence in Michael Brown Shooting


    Listen to his Budget Director Tap Dance around Senator Session’s questions……NEVER giving a Yes or No answer…….

    What idiots we have running our government.

  12. CABBYAZ…

    Just watched your posted video of Congresswoman Holmes…all I can say is.

    And she appeared very rude and angry…like all the other black people do when you ask them a question they don’t want to answer or their answer will not fit into their agenda.

    All she did was show white America just how most of the black politicians react because they all “feed from the same bowl” and they all (well most) thrive on unrest.

  13. RMinNC | December 5, 2014 at 3:36 pm |

    Just watched your posted video of Congresswoman Holmes…all I can say is.
    Isn’t it outstanding? Here is something else on the radar screen, hot off the press. Soetoro is very cagey and street-smart (gangster style):

    ‘It’s all part of the ‘catch me if you can’ Obama presidency’

    ‘Criminal violations

    Fitton noted that according to Johnson’s memo, DHS will defer prosecution for three years and issue work authorization permits to qualified illegal immigrant parents of children who are U.S. citizens.

    “I have long maintained there are potential criminal violations of law in the federal government taking money for one purpose and spending it for another,” Fitton commented.


  14. RM, re. the video of Sen. Sessions questioning the Budget Director, you are right, they are IDIOTS, but clever and devious ones at that.

    You know, if you or I held a position like that we’d want to be as straightforward as possible and relate the TRUTH. Instead, these idiots, as you say, can’t give a plain yes or no, because their purpose in being there from their standpoint is to deceive and mislead Congress. It’s like trying to do business with a liar. You can’t get anywhere. I don’t know how this is all going to turn out, but my hopes are not very bright at this point. Most signs are negative.

  15. Here’s 17 more TRILLON DOLLARS of debt for your dinner plates Americans……..

    Had enough yet?

  16. CitizenWells,
    I think you have to factor in the part time jobs generated by those looters and protestors supported by the communists to achieve the over 300k new jobs. Since ‘volunteer’ jobs are considered by the Obama administration as ’employed’ I strongly suspect that these people, who may well be on the DNC and George Soros payrolls, could have been included in the Nov. statistics. Obviously, the administration would like to consider them in the overall employment stats, but would prefer to distance themselves from knowledge about them. Under Obama looting, robbing, resting arrest, and protesting is the new economy. Just saying



  18. This man has overstepped his Constitutional authority. Laws are made by the Legislative Branch, NOT the Executive Branch…….. Will someone stop him before he becomes a dictator?

    Section 1.

    All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

  19. MARY’S GOING DOWN…….for the final count.

    before the November election, I predicted, as most who post here, that the Republicans would pick up a lot of seats in the election……I said at least 10….up until today that GAIN account was nine……today when MARY GOES DOWN…..IT WILL BE 10….

    Now the Republicans have no reason not to act to take out this USURPER…they will have control of both houses of Congress just as the democrats did when they crammed Obamacare down the throats of every American…….

    A fair warning to Congress…….act or WE THE PEOPLE will remove you too.


  21. By the way…Hillary will EAT those words before she ever become president…which will be NEVER.

  22. With all the turmoil now going on, this is bothering me….
    Do I want to be a
    RIOTER or
    Oh well, forget it, I give up,
    Good night

  23. Read this and weep and/or get very angry. It is outrageous! The details are even more so.

    Docs Reveal Obama’s HHS Paid $182,129,786 for Housing of Illegal Alien Children

    See more at:

    (Judicial Watch) – Judicial Watch announced today that on September 9, 2014, it received documents from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealing that the Obama administration paid Baptist Children and Family Services (BCFS) $182,129,786 to provide “basic shelter care” to 2,400 “unaccompanied alien children” (UAC) for four months in 2014. The BCFS budget included charges for $104,215,608 for UACs at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and an additional $77,914,178 for UACs at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. –

    See more at:

  24. Least We Forget……

    God Bless the old soldiers/sailors/ and marines…and God bless America

  25. Another democrat bites the dust !!!

    NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy handily won a Louisiana U.S. Senate runoff election on Saturday, capping big wins for his party in the Nov. 4 midterms at the expense of one of the chamber’s last remaining southern Democrats. 11 point spread win for Cassidy.
    OK….Mary, Mary quite contrary….you can now go back to your cabbage patch and think of how your idol, Barack, sold you and all the other democrats down the river…….remember….’when you lie down with dogs…you will get up with the fleas”….always !

  26. For 182 million those children could have flown home! $75,887.41 per child is a little pricey! This is ridiculous!

  27. cabbyaz and Hrmfc can you imagine the vacation you can go on, or pay off. or buy with that kind of money?

  28. Just imagine how much that 182 million could do for our veterans!

  29. Nice to see another, in your face, rejection of the democrats. Good bye Mary Landrieu. You POS! Take the liar usurper with you on your way out.

    Last check it was 58% to 42% to throw the bums out!

  30. A 16 year old walks into the DMV to apply for a driver’s license. The clerk tells him she needs to see his birth certificate to prove he’s old enough to drive. He tells her he forgot to bring it with him.

    “But wait”, he says, as he pulls out his smart phone, and goes to his photos on Dropbox. He then shows her a copy of his birth certificate posted on Dropbox.

    “It’s just a copy of a document posted on the internet”, she says. “I have no way of knowing if it’s official. I could be a fake. I can’t accept that.”.

    “Why not?” he says. “It worked for Obama”.

  31. Programming alert!

    Gruber and Tavenner will testify before House oversight committee on Tuesday at 9:30 est. Cspan3

  32. My wife and I were sitting at the kitchen table this morning having coffee and reading the morning paper…..

    There was a section of the paper called ‘the buzz” where citizens write a short comment about things going on in the world….most of them are funny and pointy. The wife was reading each as I sipped my coffee…..

    She came to one that said….”Caesar went around his senate too and looked what happened to Rome”…..she laughed and expected the same from me……

    I said……..”yea and look what happened to Caesar”….Et Tu Bruta ?

  33. RMINNC……..
    Isn’t marriage great, we always get the last word which is often “YES DEAR”. This time it sounds as though you was a thought or two ahead of your wife. I know a lot of people who liken marriage to being in the military where they always have the last word………YES SIR. har har

  34. Jonah………
    Hope everything is cooling down out there. It isn’t much fun wondering when you are going to have to defend yourself with a firearm. Since all of the crapola started I have had a 12 guage, with a 3″ chamber loaded with 5 rounds of 00 buckshot,…Remington Express high brass. This is an old Savage semi auto. So far so good……..haven’t felt the need to use the weapon……….YET! These rounds are NOT CHEAP!

  35. Mr Gruber…….

    Keep talking baby,I want to hear all you know about the public fraud that is going on that is called ACA. Having 2300 + pages seems to say that there is a LELLUVA lot that the PUBLIC is still not aware of in the ACA language. Very few people know what is contained in the entirety of the bill. When the public finds out the exact language,and what the bill does to them, I am willing to bet that all hell is going to break loose.

    ……….tell us EVERYTHING that the ACA bill contains. Don’t be afraid,…….you have a lot more people on your side than you realise. Don’t ever be afraid to tell the truth. It is only the OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS who are getting upset with you, they think you shoud try to make people think UP is DOWN.

  37. We still have our slingshot and bucket of acorns ready. Added some black walnuts like someone suggested. Removed the green stuff to make it hurt more. 🙂

    Things have slowed down here. Outsider chit disturbers have moved on to other cities to protest the Eric Garner grand jury decision.;_ylt=A0LEVwpRoIVUM_AAvAVXNyoA

  38. Published on Dec 5, 2014
    Bill O’Reilly claimed tonight that much of the national protest over Eric Garner is not spontaneous, but being organized by liberal groups with intent to agitate and disrupt.

    O’Reilly said he learned today that “hard-core, fare-left activists” are organizing the protests, and railed against these “professional agitators” for taking away from the message.

    He charged that in both the case of Garner and Michael Brown, liberals are using them to “foment unrest” and chaos, specifically citing the SEIU and, yes, groups with ties to George Soros. (At about 2:15 into video)

    I hope that some courageous journalists will “follow the money” and find out who is paying the expenses for these “protesters” to travel to cities and instigate riots. Who is paying for their hotel rooms and meals? Surely they’re getting paid to instigate unrest among the locals. They can’t hold down a real job and travel all over the country to protest.

  39. Thanks Jonah.
    I agree with O’Reilly.

  40. Take A Closer Look at Who Is Behind the Protests in Ferguson and You’ll Understand Exactly What’s Up

  41. Jonah……

    There you can find the seed of all our problems…….I said over a month ago in the Ferguson situation and the chaos that followed to….follow the money and you would see who is behind all this racial thing…

    MONEY TALKS…especially to those rebel rousers and criminals who are out of work and being paid to burn, loot and steal in the name of racial justice.

  42. Probably Acorn style federal grant money. And Obama knows it

  43. DSP2……

    Of course !!!


    This is the best video I have found concerning the racial problems that face our country…and it tells it like it really is…..

    And it isn’t a white on back problem…it’s just the OPPOSITE !!!!

    This is an interview conducted by and Colin Flaherty, author of “White Girl Bleed a Lot”……the #1 best selling book on about social unrest in America.

    In this interview, Colin is in a discussion with Cliff Kincaid, president of…..Flaherty says that the press today is taking three cases where white cops have killed black criminals and they have totally ignored the over 1000 cases of BLACK on WHITE crime that is and is occurring….He has documented this in his book.

    Flaherty also says that not only is the press part of the racial tensions, but out government, Obama and Holder, are stocking the fires….along with the Communist party of the USA…..



  46. Jonah | December 8, 2014 at 8:02 am |

    We still have our slingshot and bucket of acorns ready. Added some black walnuts like someone suggested. Removed the green stuff to make it hurt more. 🙂

    Last resort, hit them with that chair, and bust that Obama Chia pet over their head, if they survive the Walnuts.

  47. Jonah | December 8, 2014 at 9:25 am |

    Take A Closer Look at Who Is Behind the Protests in Ferguson and You’ll Understand Exactly What’s Up
    I was watching video of a group of protestors, and at the bottom of the protest signs it said SEIU. The same group the usurper rolls out every time he needs paid protesters. These people are not protestors, they are bused in, paid, union organized, troublemakers. Probably paid for by Geo Soros with the blessing of the usurper.

  48. Find out who is paying to bus in the SEIU bastards to protest, and hold up the professionally printed SEIU signs, and we will know the truth about the communists trying to destroy America.

  49. Bob Strauss……..
    Great point Bob. Hasn’t it always been UNION GOONS literally everywhere in America,that were to blame when trouble broke out at a strike point? All these KNUCKLE HEADS have done is taken it to far greater EXTREMES………now instead of chanting UNION SLOGANS,or calling people SCABS, they scream “BURN BABY BURN”,or “BURN DOWN THIS BITCH”, and other UNION GOONS do just that. In reality all those KNOTHEADS do in the long run is short circuit their own interests……because such people are unable to RATIONALISE,REASON,or see LOGIC, thanks to their abbreviated,or NON EXISTANT education.Then they WHINE that WHITEY is doing it to them……MORONS!

  50. Bob Strauss……….
    Here is one for you……NOW the US is going to allow Russian observation aircraft to fly across America to take pictures of key bases etc, as part of the so called Friendly Skies AGREEMENT. Oh yeah, I’m wondering if the Russians are going to let us do the same over Russia. Just one more strike against our country by the BASTARD at the Whackey house. Yet I don’t see or haer anybody doing a damn thing about such an intrusion.

    BYE BYE……I am having a really bad anger spasm. Need some strong COFFEE.

  51. RMINNC……….
    Before I go I would like to say that “MISS PIGGY HAS BEEN RETIRED”. HAR DE HAR HAR.

    bye bye AGAIN

  52. Courtesy of Dora from another blog:
    GRUBER IS AN EUGENICIST. No wonder he fits right in with death panels, etc. of Obamacare.

    Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber: Abortion of ‘Marginal Children’ a ‘Social Good’

  53. I agree with you all about the unions being used by communists. Way back in the 1920’s my uncle, a young man, was greatly influenced by the street goons giving communist speeches. He was not a communist but surely had a lot of the doctrine implanted in him even until he died in his 80’s.

  54. Report: U.S. State Department Will Not Release Proof Of U.S. Senator’s U.S. Citizenship


  55. I R S…. SCAM ALERT…..

    This morning, I received a telephone call fro 206-512-1626…the individual spoke with a far eastern accent and he said he was calling for the IRS and gave me another number to call if I wanted to avoid big trouble with the IRS

    Well…I’m no fool and I know the IRS does not call you over the phone…in the past 6 months my phone has been called over 10 times buy SCAM artist acting like the IS…..

    Well this morning, I gave the bastard a piece of my mind and told him to sent the damn IRS if he really worked for them…I even told him why don’t he come in person to get me…..he hung up the phone.

    This afternoon, the same 206-512-1626 number called again… wife answered this time and just hung up……well I did a retrace on the phone number and it was coming from Seattle Washington….on 6th and Spring Street…I could not get the name of the caller because it was a mobile…..

    I called that number and an Asian speaking man answered by saying IRS and his name…which I could not understand..

    I said is this the IRS? and he answered YES….I then said, where are you located? and he said, Washington DC…..

    I said, Really ! I don’t think so ! In fact I know the exact building you are located in and it isn’t in Washington DC…You are located in Seattle Washington in a building on the corner of 6th and Spring street….and by the way….. I have just turned your telephone number and where you are located over to the Charlotte FBI office…..

    I would suggest that you get your ass out of that building and stop pestering and trying to scam honest citizens…..or you will be going to jail…Do you understand what I am telling you…he acted real frightened when I told him where he was located and on what street and building and then he ask….

    How do you know where I am located?….I said a little jail birdie told me and that same little birdie will lead the FBI straight to your door…..

    BOTTOM LINE: If you get a call from the IRS, DO NOT be frightened and DO NOT do anything they tell you…..the IRS DOES NOT and WILL NOT call you on the phone over a collection….they will send you a certified letter by the postal service ONLY…..

    If you receive a telephone call…note the number…..then go to and retrace the number…then report it to your local FBI….it will cost you 95 cents to retrace but its worth it…….

    I hope this ALERT helps everyone who post on here…..DON’T FALL FOR THE IRS SCAM….the next post, I will tell you the sad story of a pastor here in Charlotte who did and how much it cost him.


    I said in my last post that I would post next about a preacher here in Charlotte who was SCAMMED by these IRS imposters…

    This preacher was contacted by the same damn scumbags who called me. He was so frightened by their message that he did EXACTLY what they told him to do, and he paid a terrible price for his fear.

    First they told him to call a certain number by cell phone and to NEVER hang the phone up his cell phone…..then they told him to go and get a specific amount of money out of his bank account and then to go buy GREEN DOT money transfers……after he had done as they instructed, they then told him more money was need of the IRS agents would be coming to get him….

    This cat and mouse game went on for over six hours with the poor man running all over town getting GREEN DOT money transfers that couldn’t be traced..

    After six hours , his bank account had been drained of all his savings and he was out a whooping 16 thousand dollars…..he eventually called the police but it was to no avail….they could not trace or recoup any of his lost savings……

    The preacher said later that he was afraid of an embarrassment it may bring top his church……

    This scam not only was pulled successfully on a preacher, but the local paper also reported a former player of the Charlotte Panthers prop football team who lost over 6 thousand dollars before he got smart…….his losses also could not be recovered…….



  58. sorry that didn’t post…

  59. RM, what a terrible story about the pastor being scammed! You are a wise fellow and know that IRS never makes contacts by phone. I subscribe to their e-mail service, and one of the issues they discuss and warn about is that very thing. Doesn’t it beat all?

    The other day I got a call supposedly from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s office. It was a robo call and I couldn’t understand what was being said so immediately notified the sheriff’s office, and they said definitely that this is not the way they contact people when necessary.

    Not only does the government scam us indirectly all of the time, but individuals are brazenly trying to fleece us. We must be wary all of the time.

    I’m looking forward to hearing big-mouth Gruber tomorrow at the hearing. He is a real piece of work, but I hope his bravado keeps the mouth going and that those like Gowdy give him a run for his money.

  60. CABBYAZ….So am I should be interesting…if Gruber makes it to the hearing.

  61. THE HEARING IS ON…..Let’s see if our government is working or sleeping,

  62. I don’t know who that woman is that is on the ‘hot seat” in this hearing…but she has a scowl on her face that is greater than “GRUMPY CAT”….

    God what a face on that gvmt employee…it will stop a train……..lets see Ole Tray cut her down to size…….


  64. Well I guess we now know……CUMMINGS SAYS IT’S ALL THE REPUBLICANS FAULT !!!

    There is just one thing wrong with these hearings…idiot cummings is spouting off at the mouth….

  65. GRUBER is eating his words…….

    what he doesn’t eat…TRAY GOWDEY will cram down his throat.

  66. RMinNC I can not stand that jerk Cummings.

  67. Trudy…….

    Me either…..looks like a jail bird to me….acts like one too !

  68. w o w !!! WHO’S THAT CONGRESSWOMAN?…She looks like she just crawled out of bed….or got her hair caught in a mix master……if she just crawled out of bed….was her partner blind?…must have been.

  69. Looks like GRUBER has got his tail in a bind…..I can hardly wait till old Tray gets hold of this Ivy league nerd……look how red his face is !!!

    just tell the damn committee how much money you scammed with your bull$hit assessment of Obamacare.

  70. Mr. JORDEN is giving them all hell……even old sour puss…refuses to answer the damn questions…

  71. Do we realize that Sen. Diane Feinstein is about to release today the long held secret activities of supposed torture treatment of terrorists? Don’t tell me that this isn’t being done to deflect from the Gruber hearings!!! Soetoro insists that this CIA activity should be released NOW. Why today?

    Hmmm…….. I think it is to take the heat off of the Obamacare hearing with Gruber. Mssssss. Jarretttttt is probably the driving force behind that one. Two huge stories in one day? One or the other will suffer somewhat, but the liberal media will grab onto the CIA report.

    Fox is reporting that the U.S. Marines, White House, and CIA are on high alert. Furthermore, all of the foreign intelligence services that have helped us throughout the years will be thrown under the bus. When we need their help again, what will be their response? “Forget it.” Lives will be lost.

    Can’t we get this traitor out of the W.H.? What’s it going to take?

  72. Can’t we get this traitor out of the W.H.? What’s it going to take?
    What’s it going to take?
    Impeachment in the House and 67 votes in the Senate to convict him of committing high crimes and misdemeanors. According to the definition,there’s plenty of evidence to support that! But will the Senate go there? Probably not. Does anyone see these recent protests as a forewarning of what will happen if the first black president is impeached and convicted?
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The charge of high crimes and misdemeanors covers allegations of misconduct peculiar to officials, such as perjury of oath, abuse of authority, bribery, intimidation, misuse of assets, failure to supervise, dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming, and refusal to obey a lawful order.

  73. Just saw on Fox that the W.H. has been negotiating for the release of this report since April. So why was TODAY selected? What she is saying is going to destroy our credibility everywhere. She’s a damnable traitor, too. She has been talking for nearly an hour. Only Democratic staff members compiled this report. What does that tell us?

  74. But will the Senate go there? Probably not. Does anyone see these recent protests as a forewarning of what will happen if the first black president is impeached and convicted?
    Hi, Jonah,
    You are SO right about that and Congress knows it. That is Soetoro’s protection. Another thing – Congress protects him to protect themselves for their complicity, I fear.

  75. Has anyone noticed that all the periods that Ms. Funnystein is talking about was BEFORE O’bummer came on the scene….. 2003 or before…..nothing recent.

    Now why would she be doing this?…. And why is she telling the world that our CIA , ( before the Muslim, JOHN BREMMER came on the scene) was nothing but a thug operation……

    Again, I ask…what good is her telling the world all this TOP SECRET information?….other than putting lots of people in danger.

    We don’t need enemies outside the us…we have all within our borders that we need…..Ms. Feinstein is listed among them.

    Lets see how many heads the radicals cut off because of her big mouth….

    By the way, this report is a DEMOCRAT OPERATION…not one republican was a part of complying or putting this out to the public..

    It is my understanding that Obama ordered it be put out today…Is that correct?



    Her speech today is nothing but enforcement for our enemy…plain and simple. As Cabbyaz said, she is a damn traitor along with everyone who wanted to put this out to the public….

    I guess by her tone and temper, she would have expected that we have tea and crumpets with those radical terrorist every afternoon at 2…..someone need top tell this woman that when you are in war, don’t expect to show compassion for your enemy…if you do, your head will roll……

    Someone needs to tell her that our Constitution DOES NOT apply to Muslim radical terrorist….


    Most definitely, not the interest of the United States of America.

  78. RM, good posts! I’m livid over this release today on two counts. First and foremost, the danger it poses to American lives around the world and the “giving aid and comfort” to the enemy. She is doing Soetoro’s bidding, you can be sure.

    Secondly, the timing really stinks. I don’t think it takes a Philadelphia lawyer to figure out that this was a diversionary tactic to detract from the Gruber hearings. After all, S’s signature piece of legislation can’t be sullied, now can it? This was a set up job if there ever was one. Even Feinstein herself should have the good sense not to pull this off today. Of course, one could argue that each issue plays off against the other – an attempt to neutralize each. “Oh what a web we weave when we practice to deceive….”

  79. cabbyaz…

    you are right on all points…there is only one reason to have released this damaging top secret information today…at the very same time that the House was having hearings on Obamacare….it would take a complete idiot not to understand the politics of that move..

    This mob of criminals we have in power today in Washington care little about security or individual lives…..or top secrets, or anything else other than covering Soetoro’s back side…..what a sorry state of affairs our nation has progressed into……the democrats can be real proud of their backward move..

  80. RMINNC………re12:27 PM
    What else would you expect from the SICK,WARPED,and PERVERTED mind of Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.FINE-STINE.

  81. RMINNC and ALL…….
    I am sick to death with all of the blatant lies,wordtwisting,and outright evasions which occurred at todays Senate hearings. I had HOPED that somebody as important as Gruber would have come to the hearings in a DEFIANT,and ANGERED, position,and opened his statements with “YES the American people were STUPID”, but not in the usual way because not everybody is a MIT professor,or a Phd. I had hoped that he would have provided his complete allegiance with his prior videoed statements………instead he turned into a complete SLIMEY EARTHWORM. his answers did not in any way equate with his level of alleged intelligence. In watching the facial expressions on his face I saw very little,and I now know that he is an EXPERIENCED LIAR. As for Mzzzzzzzzzzzz,Tavenner, in watching her facial expressions I again saw very little,which confirms to me she TOO is an EXPERIENCED LIAR……however she made a few mistakes. She allowed a few contractions of her chin. Visibly she was under extreme stress,and I thought for a few moments that in spite of her ability to mask her emotions ….she was borderline TERRIFIED,and might inadvertently say something which would turn out to be a 100 megaton nuke. It even required several people to convince her to acknowledge that over 400,000 of the enrollees were also included in DENTAL plans. It was not until nearly the end of the hearing that Gruber made the statement regarding the prepayment of plans which would not go into effect for a year,and the enrollee would not be covered until 2015. Slowly but surely the truth is emerging.

  82. The 948 million fund is only a part of the one-year, 1 trillion – with a T -2015 spending plan described in a late-night report from NYT. And there is no restriction placed on Dept. of Homeland Security.
    We’ve been sold down the river.

    GOP Spending Bill Gives Nearly $1 Billion To Aid Border Migrants

  83. oldsailor82 | December 9, 2014 at 2:22 pm |
    RMINNC and ALL…….
    I am sick to death with all of the blatant lies,wordtwisting,and outright evasions which occurred at todays Senate hearings.
    Count me in, too, Old Sailor.

  84. Personally I would hope that soon all 50 states will formally secede from the UNION…..In a span of 20 minutes the present band of liars,and criminals could be totally disenfranchised,and otherwise UNEMPLOYED…..including the top offices of our country, and with all of these liars,cheats,and swindlers, would go their so called laws that they have put on the books, or made up as they went along. In the span of another 20 minutes an interim restricted government could be put into place,to serve until a new union can be formed and elected by the people. Slowly but surely the people will begin to see this as our only path to salvation as a country,as everything that we ever held dear is finally taken away from us……which is our Bill of Rights. Many of us have seen the errosion of our rights for a long time, but probably just as many cannot see through the constatnt rainfall of total BULLSHI# from our alleged leaders.

    bye bye for now……have a great day……. IF YOU CAN!

  85. Mr. Sharp speaks the truth to a point…but my goodness…what about the identity fraud? OBAMA IS A USURPER…A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE WHOSE MISSION IS TO DESTROY AMERICA.

  86. Looks like R party are already sticking it to us. They are no different then the Democrats.


    I picked up the morning democrat “ragsheet” here in my town…it’s called the Charlotte Observer……I wanted to see if they were giving any coverage to the Obamacare coverage of the GRUBER BURNDOWN about his stupid remarks……

    Just as I thought, NOT A SINGLE WORD about the congressional hearings into Obamacare……but front page to back page coverage of how terrible the CIA was in dealing with the terrorist who want to cut Americans heads off….

    It started on the front page and didn’t strop until the back page where it showed Mount Rushmopre with paper bags over the heads of our 4 great presidents…..

    No where did they mention that all the tings mentioned occurred over 10 years ago…and no where did it mention that this could possibly endanger the American troops now serving overseas… I guess those were irrelevant points of the message……no where in the articles did it mention that not ONE single republican was involved in releasing this top secret information.

    Damn…I’m beginning to really dislike the sorry democrats for their actions and if ONE SDINGLE American soldier is killed or captured over the release of this “ancient” information……..I hold Ms. Feinstein responsible…but

    then again, she was only carrying water for her boss, Barry Seotoro who wanted some means of taking the heat off of Obamacare yesterday.

  88. sorry for they typos…that should have been Rushmore…and things should have been things…and single was a typo also……..

  89. Trey Gowdy’s select committee on Benghazi hearing happening now. Cspan 3….10:30 am est

  90. RMINNC………
    How twisted can a PHD be?…..or rather how twisted can a Phd make himself appear to be? Here is a professor who teaches at one of the most prestgious schools of technology in America………so he is very familiar with the psuedo aspect of wordsmithing. To me he visibly turned into a slimey earth worm,yet after thinking about his performance I am still not really convinced that he meant his apologies yesterday,and instead was actually teaching an unsuspecting classroom of babbling morons that UP is UP and DOWN is DOWN,and even the so called INVESTIGATORS were fooled by his ACT. His expressionless face tells a lot about him………particularly that he is skilled at masking his facial expressions,controlling his tone of voice, carefully crafting his verbal utterances,and finally limiting his manual motions, which collectively will make a person seem sincere to even highly trained people. He is probably the most difficult person to read that I have ever watched…….and I tend to believe that this may well have been his intention all along. This might well have been his way of saying” F— YOU” to his questioners,but In the end he might not have fooled everybody,because it is now probable that Congressional subpoenas will follow. Eric Holder and Lois Lerner both IGNORED Congressional subpoenas and were both subsequently found in contempt of Congress……yet neither was incarcerated,or otherwise held accountable for their felonious behavior. Jonathan Gruber, knows a HELLUVA lot about ACA,and the battles with him might not yet be over,rather….. JUST BEGINNING! It is the WAR that counts. Perhaps a little WATERBOARDING might extract the appropriate answers to the interrogations of the MASTER WORDSMITHS in Congress.

  91. RMINNC…….
    I had an appointment with my “GOLD GRABBER” this AM and I missed the Senate Benghazi rehash……..has Trey torn anybody a new anus during my abscence?

  92. OLDSAILOR82…..

    The problem with that hearing yesterday was it accomplished nothing….

    You are right when you question the intelligence, honesty and integrity of that slimball “doctor” from MIT…..if he is an example of how we are educating out young people today, I have only one thing to say…..they need no education, if this is all our country has to offer.

    I’m watching the Benghazi hearing now……where’s the fire works? So far, it’s boring as hell.

  93. RMINNC…….
    Do you suppose that the 1865 Internet was made up from carrier pidgeons? har har


    If all the illegal immigrants are given amnesty as Obama has pledged, even though he DID NOT sign an Executive order granting this, the following WILL happen:

    If all illegal immigrants are granted amnesty, they would receive “.…$9.4 trillion in government benefits and services and pay $3.1 trillion in taxes…They would generate a lifetime fiscal deficit…of $6.3 trillion…This should be considered a minimum estimate.”

    Once the wealthiest nation in the world, America has now become a welfare country. At the end of 2012 the U.S. Census Bureau reported out of a population of 309,467,000 there were 109,631,000 people living in households receiving federal welfare benefits. Yet there were only 103,087,000 full-time year-round workers in the United States with 16,606,000 of those being government employees

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook
    We are now 18 TRILLION dollars in debt If you add 6.3 TRILLION (as a minimum) because of goodwill efforts to “be all, to all”…that makes our national debt almost 25 TRILLION…..

    Personally, I think the bubble will burst before this happens….when you have only 1 in 3 people working in America….and 1 in 3 living off the federal government….that leaves 1 in 3 working part the best.

    We are indeed now a “Banana Republic” of Norte America…..

  95. Oldsailor82……
    You ask…”Do you suppose that the 1865 Internet was made up from carrier pidgeons?”…….good question, Old Abe never said !!!

  96. RM says, “Personally, I think the bubble will burst before this happens….when you have only 1 in 3 people working in America….and 1 in 3 living off the federal government….that leaves 1 in 3 working part the best.”
    RM, all we need now is a stock market crash. Isn’t it something the way Wall St. just keeps climbing (effects of QE) and climbing, with a little setback here and there? All that has to happen is something earth-shattering re. financial markets, the dollar, etc., plus some extra dumping of stocks by key investors, and voila! You have the perfect storm for a sharp drop – perhaps 1/3 or even more. I hope that doesn’t happen, but what ever goes up usually has to come down at some point.

  97. you are so right CABBYAZ…..what goes up will eventually comedown…sometimes like a feather floating in the wind…and sometimes like a huge rock…

    Either way the shock effect will be “out of this world”…..

  98. When the Fed pulls back all that QE money, look for a major correction. I would think at least 20%. Most likely happen 3rd quarter next year. Just about right so the media can blame the new GOP congress. Of course we, the high information voters know better, but the press will surely carry that narrative.

  99. SAY WHAT?????
    Treasury Department Seeking Survival Kits For Bank Employees

    I guess after all the Federal agencies use up all that ammunition they have ordered and stockpiled, they will then go into survival mode.

  100. Honor First, thanks for that article about survival kits. What do you think is up? Is this just a precaution so that the banking system will not be interrupted in case of a catastrophe, or are they really expecting something big?

  101. Cabby, I have no idea…sure sounds fishy though

    I found another interesting article…discusses the drop in oil prices, how it is affecting global markets, the Fed’s QE and possible rate hikes, etc.

  102. CabbyAZ…..
    Here is one possible indicator……….go back and take a look at the NYSE rise from the early twenties to 1929……..then look at what happened,and WHY. Then look at the monetary activity which paralleled the market…………RAMPANT, UNCONTROLLED,AND UNPAID CREDIT dept was one of the MAJOR PRECIPITATING CAUSES OF THE 1929 crash, which became the INFAMOUS DEPRESSION. It amounted to MILLIONS…….the next one will be in TRILLIONS,and possibly extend into QUADRILLIONS……..but obviously the liberals think everybodie’s money grows on trees

    If you are lucky enough to have five or six huge barns on your property I advise you to start filling them with everything imagineable that would hold,or increase in value in a serious downturn. TRADE ,and BARTER will be the name of SURVIVAL.

  104. Honor First……….
    Far too many people think there is a FREE LUNCH………I have a news flash for them …..that exists in their minds only. Quantitative Easing is simply BORROW FROM PETER TO PAY PAUL TAKEN TO INSANE proportions……WITH A TIME VARIABLE ADDED, UNFORTUNATELY IT IS STILL PHONEY,BECAUSE AT SOME POINT everybody WILL EVENTUALLY BE FORCED TO PAY THE FIDDLER,WHEN THERE IS NO LONGER A VALUE CONSTANT…….THAT IS WHEN THE PHONEY HOUSE OF CARDS COLLAPSES. OIL PRICE SLIDE COULD PRECIPITATE IT…….JUST DEPENDS HOW MUCH FURTHER IT SLIDES. In some ways it is sort of like the “real estate contract derivatives”. …..and LOOK WHAT THAT FINANCIAL FANTASY DID. I recently sold off over 50 % of my energy portfolio. For now I am holding my oil and gas transmission companies. But they will get the ax if the Canadian pipelines begin to lose volume.

  105. Hey Folks…….

    We gott’a take care of those bean counters……..else there won’t be anyone to count the peso’s, yen, and all the other phony money when we go belly up….don’t you just love those fat cat bankers…..

    And our country feels like they have to give them survival equipment…..what they really need is a good swift, hard and lasting kick in the $SS…..their the bastards who have gotten us in all this trouble in the first place …

    But I am very concerned that our government feels they have to take care of private bankers……now just what in the hell is going on here ??????????

    I dare say you could give them whatever survival equipment and the bastards wouldn’t know what to do with it…..what can you expect from someone who has sit behind a desk chewing on a cigar all his life?

    But now a good old farm boy or veteran …they knows how to survive…….

  106. ……..I would give a Kings ransom to watch one of the OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS have a shovel inserted into his hands and told to shovel manure,in exchange for food. The uncaloused hands of the PRIVILEGED ELITE would soon be shredded, and bleeding………FIRST TASTE OF REALITY………HARD PHYSICAL WORK!


    The 82nd Airborne, the All-American Division, on Parade in NYC in 1946
    We need a whole lot of this kind of patriotism now…….take a 12 minute break and watch the victory parade……it will lift your spirits tonight.

  108. RMINNC………
    ……it seems that somewhere in the last 5 or 6 years I heard the expression….”TOO BIG TO FAIL”,utterred by one of Soetoro’s goons, Maybe it was the same person who said “Never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste”……….must have been in the distant past.

  109. that’s 2 star general JUMPING JIM GAVEN leading his paratroopers…..damn that’s back when we really had an army……and believe me they fought as well as they paraded…..that’s why they were called those ‘Devils in baggy pants” by the Germans……

    If that don’t put a great big lump in your throat tonight….you have ice water instead of blood running in your vines……

    God Bless America…and God Bless those of the Greatest Generation who are still around. …..I was 10 years old when this victory parade was conducted.

  110. oldsailor82….

    Yes I heard that too…just some more of that liberal bull$hit they are preaching now days…..

    I’m afraid all the good men have gone my friend…and we are left with the rejects, retards, liberals, and homos……I lump them all in the same category…..

    Well I was too young to be in the 82nd Airborne back then but I did make the old 11th Airborne Division in 1956…ten years later……

  111. Damn I love a good parade !!!!

  112. Did you see this? President Know Nothing just makes stuff up about the Bible!

    In Nashville, Obama refers to ‘Bible verse’ about throwing stones in glass houses ==>

  113. Things happened pretty damn quick once Patton was given an Army. Everybody thought Montgomery was fast, but Patton beat the crap out of him. I once read that when they gave Patton an Army they had some real reservations about doing it………in the end the people at Bastogne were real thankful to see,and hear him coming.


    hello Bob…..haven’t chatted with you in a while…in reference to your post…..”In Nashville, Obama refers to ‘Bible verse’ about throwing stones in glass houses ”

    In reality, Obama don’t know his ass from a hole in the ground…and he definitely can’t quote the Bible…being a full blown Muslim in disguise …that may be in the Koran, but I don’t recall anything about it in my Holy Bible

  115. ……We both were kids. I was just 14. But I was an airplane nut in those days. Had a model of nearly all of the Japanese as well as the German fighters, My bedroom had three rows of model airplanes hanging from strings,in the middle was models of all the US fighters. I had them pointed at the enemy fighters,and the favorite models were the NOSE DOWN enemy who had just been shot out of the air. Yep I was one of the lucky kids ….we lived in a Cape Cod style house which had one huge dormitory type bedroom upstairs. That was my model airplane manufacturing place,and HANGAR. I even managed to find room for some of my favorite, PUDDLE JUMPERS like the J-3 Cub,and later on the Aeronca,7AC Champ. Most were powered by a rubber band,but towards the late fourties I managed to wangel a few engines.Drove the people around us crazy with all the noise. Fortunately the nearest house to us was about 300′.Beginning in the early summer of 1947 ,sat in the real McCoy,and received my first dual flight instruction,at our then Municipal airport. I had a pretty good leg up on aircraft nomenclature,because of all the models. My instructor couldn’t believe that a 14 year old could know so damn much about the real aircraft. When you build as many model airplanes as I did even the stupidest person would learn something.

  116. oldsailor82…

    isn’t it great to just take a few moments and turn back the clock……I seem to remember things back 50 or 60 years ago much better than I can remember what I did yesterday…..and it also seems to have more meaning

  117. RMINNC……..
    Was glass even invented yet when the various books of the Bible were being written.? …..let alone glass houses. I would think that anybody with even half a brain would question that statement…..just on general principles.! But then only people with twisted brains would be listening to whatever he was “bleating” about anyway.

  118. RMINNC……
    Believe it or not,I can still remember the names of over half of the 8th grade class……67 years ago. I recently ran into a member of my 8th grade class. I remembered him instantly,but he sure as hell forgot me……but then most people WANTED to forget me in those days. har har

  119. oldsailor82…..

    No glass hadn’t been invented then…but perhaps the Egyptians had something like glass beads and junkets…..but I doubt that glass panes had been invented……

    But like you said, nobody other that those idiots who buy everything that fool says would believe otherwise…….

    I think also old friend that the older we get, the more we want to turn back the clock……….I remember when I was in the 1st grade, there was a pretty little girl who sat right behind me…I thought one day I would make some brownie points with her… I started singing “You are my Sunshine”…..the teacher didn’t appreciate my vocal abilities and took me out in the hall…

    Where she proceeded to bust my ass good…then I took a note home from her and I got my butt busted again by Mom…then Dad came home and he laughed so hard, he acted like I was getting a spanking, but really wasn’t….

    needless to say, I didn’t do any more singing to the girls…..or anyone else.

  120. RM, your story about singing to your girl”friend” tickled me no end! I can just picture that. I have a story, too, about first grade. Our teacher was extremely strict and would not allow any whispering or interaction during class time. A great boy named Bob sat across from me, and after he finished his paper work he was having fun with static electricity – you know, smoothing the paper out on the desk and then lifting it slowly. I was very intrigued and probably showed enthusiasm. The next thing the teacher is walking down the aisle, and sure enough, she stands me up and gives me a good shaking, as only a teacher could do. Many years later after I was out of school we visited her at her home. She had forgotten the incident, of course, but said that she had to be very strict, because the children came from all types of homes. We remained friends until her death. I always had a boyfriend during school, but most of them never knew it. There was Albert, Max, Edward….. (sigh) 🙂

  121. CABBYAZ….

    Yes the on the spot punishment straightened me out….I never was a wild boy…just a spirited boy…….never really had a steady all through my school years…although I could have…but I had plans to “get out of town” as soon as I graduated and it would have been hard to leave a steady girl… stay in my little town meant that would have to accept whatever it had to offer…..I wanted more.

    The army adopted me shortly after I graduated…and gave me a good home until I met my “other” in San Antonio…I was 27 years old when I got married…had been around the world 2 times by then….and Vietnam was heating up…so I knew where my next stop would be……

    We didn’t let a little thing like a war keep us from starting a family…..we just had to plan it between trips to and from Vietnam……but I’m glad I stayed in and the Army lived up to what they promised me when I first went in……

    27 years went by too fast…I loved the Army and I loved commanding soldiers, in combat and in peacetime. Leading men is one of the greatest obligations I can think of…….Some officers and enlisted men thought that “rank had it’s benefits….I said rank had it’s responsibilities”…… I never ask an enlisted man to do anything that I hadn’t done or wouldn’t do if necessary……I earned their respect as their leader.

    Today, I wouldn’t trust anything the top brass promises…they are no better than their Commander-in-Chief who lies every time he opens his mouth….

  122. Oh, RM, thanks for sharing some of your military career and life. I know that you were a very good commander, because your love of the service and duty to life show through in your posts. You’ve certainly “been there and done that”! You took your responsibilities very seriously and I know that you wouldn’t have had it any other way. When one gets old and reflects on the past, that is where the rubber meets the road, and immense gratitude wells up that one has done the very best possible regardless of calling in life. No regrets there. Carry on, Faithful Soldier!!

    Old Sailor, what I said about service to one’s country goes for you also. Although much of your life was in the private sector, you can look back and be immensely proud of your accomplishments. It is amazing how much you know about aviation, and after your explaining that your love for planes began at an early age, it is little wonder that you have so much knowledge about the subject.

    We oldsters that are engaged in current events don’t dwell on the past (at least not yet), but we certainly do have a legacy of remembrances that can’t help but be gratifying. My mother told me when I started my first job that if one always does one’s very best, there will be few regrets later in life. That is certainly true.

  123. Thanks for the kind words…CABBYAZ…

    I think I can say with a 100% degree of truth that everyone who post here on CW are true patriots who love this county dearly and are troubled about where we are, and where it looks like we are headed…….we should all be grateful to Citizenwells for giving us the opportunity to express our patriotism so openly and freely with no restrictions…..

    Thank you very much CitizenWells !!! You are doing a hell-of-a-job !!!! We appreciate you more every day with the truth being killed in the major media sources….you have become our life saver..

    I love AMERICA, I always have, and I always will…….but I cannot say that about our elected leaders, or the direction they are now taking our country…..

    We need a course adjustment……real fast….. before this lunacy becomes a full blown revolution !

  124. NOW WE KNOW WHAT SOETORO HAS BEEN READING…and it isn’t the Holy Bible either…..

  125. HERB MYER a former CIA official had this to say about Feinstein releasing that unfavorable report about the CIA yesterday…he makes a valid point:

    For Meyer, watching the criticism of the CIA in recent years, particularly by Democrats, raises an unanswered question.

    “For years now, Senator Feinstein and the others have been saying what they DON”T WANT the CIA to do, but they never say what they DO WANT the CIA to do,” he said, painting a very personal scenario for TERRORIST loving Feinstein to consider.

    “Let’s say that the CIA finds out that a nuclear bomb has been planted in one of our cities. Just for fun of it,….. let’s pick San Francisco, Senator Feinstein’s hometown.

    We find out that there’s a nuclear bomb planted there. Our CIA agents over in Yemen capture one of the terrorists and ask, ‘Where’s the bomb, and when is it going to go off?’ He won’t say anything.

    So we ask him again and he says, ‘Allah be praised, lots of Americans will die!’ At this point, what does Senator Feinstein want and expect the CIA to do?” Meyer asked.

    “I’d like her to answer that question, not to tell us what they don’t want the CIA to do. What do they want us to do?

    And if her answer is ‘nothing,’ then San Francisco WILL BE a pile of radioactive rubble.” , and there will no longer be a need for you or Nancy Pelosi in Congress anymore.
    COME’ ON FIENSTIEN….tell the CIA what you would like for them TO DO ! ….have tea and crumpets with the terrorist while your town is reduced to radioactive ash? …or get the location of the bomb BY ANY and ALL MEANS available?… include the things you condemned in your exposure of the CIA..

    Your “Goody Two Shoes” approach to REAL life is going to get a whole lot of people killed….think about that as you take down America’s security and make us a target for many more terrorist attacks…….because San Francisco may very well be a real target in the near future….then how would you explain your “godly approach” taken in perceiving the CIA problems to your voters (if there were any left) ?

    Then you seat in Congress from ‘fruitland’ would be abolished forever !!!

    Now that’s not a bad idea, but I don’t think the people deserve such actions.

  126. Better yet MS FIENSTIEN…..

    what if that nuke was planted in Washington DC.. with the Capitol building the prime target….would that change your mind about how the CIA operates?

  127. RMINNC—–
    Over the years I have watched a lot of things change,…..mostly for the better,yet even in the 1950s,the 1960s there was very clear handwriting on the wall which told a horrifying story of what was being perpetrated ,even then against America. Yet very few people even took the time to read it,and if they did they discharged it as gibberish. Now the handwriting on the wall is now being written with the blood of murdered Americans. If people continue to refuse to read the handwritintg on the wall they might soon have a valid reason…….they will all be DEAD

  128. The truth should be told, so they tell us, some people can’t handle the truth look at Ferguson, MO. its right there in black and white.

  129. Trudy………
    Very well said,and exact as exact can be!

  130. To ALL……..
    … reality MZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.FINE-STYNE, is just another human being…….but unfortunately a person possessing a seriously twisted and otherwise sick,and perverted mind. A person having such impairments,spend more thought time within the constraints of the impairment,than they do in REALITY. In short such people live in their TWISTED little fantasylands,and think the rest of the world should be like their DEVIATED fantasies. Such people should also be removed from public service offices. Twisted minds ,and deviated personalities seriously impairs their ability to think ratiionally. Such is the case with at least TWO SanFrancisco people who are in the public arena. One being the above,and the other being a tuna canner’s spouse. Now we know where all the “DEAD FISH SMELL” at the capitol is coming from. ………..but the over abundance of FLIES is is because of the source of manure smell,in the WACKY HOUSE.

  131. BYE BYE……..have a great day……….Mother nature is really crying over northern Calif…….and I know it is FOR GOOD REASON!

  132. IRISH LUCK………Send this to Everyone You Consider a Friend……

    His name was Fleming, and he was a poor Scottish farmer. One day, while trying to make a living for his family, he heard a cry for help coming from a nearby bog. He dropped his tools and ran to the bog.

    There, mired to his waist in black muck, was a terrified little boy, screaming and struggling to free himself. Farmer Fleming saved the lad from what could have been a slow and terrifying death.

    The next day, a fancy carriage pulled up to the Scotsman’s sparse surroundings. An elegantly dressed nobleman stepped out and introduced himself as the father of the boy Farmer Fleming had saved.

    ‘I want to repay you,’ said the nobleman. ‘You saved my son’s life.’

    ‘No, I can’t accept payment for what I did,’ the Scottish farmer replied waving off the offer. At that moment, the farmer’s own son came to the door of the family hovel.

    ‘Is that your son?’ the nobleman asked. ‘Yes,’ the farmer replied proudly.

    ‘I’ll make you a deal. Let me provide him with the same level of education my own son will enjoy. If the lad is anything like his father, he’ll no doubt grow to be a man we both will be proud of.’ And that he did.

    Farmer Fleming’s son attended the very best schools and in time, graduated from St Mary’s Hospital Medical School in London, and went on to become known throughout the world as the noted…..Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of Penicillin.

    Years afterward, the same nobleman’s son who was saved from the bog was stricken with pneumonia. What saved his life this time? Penicillin.

    The name of the nobleman? Lord Randolph Churchill … His son’s name?
    Sir Winston Churchill

    An Irishman once said:

    What goes around comes around.
    Work like you don’t need the money.
    Love like you’ve never been hurt.
    Dance like nobody’s watching.
    Sing like nobody’s listening.
    and…Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.

    It’s National Friendship Week. Send this to everyone you consider A FRIEND.

  133. It is well that we should study History…We can better understand where we are today…..and where we are likely to be tomorrow…..this is my own quote…

    Here is a quote from history which tell us just about where we are today:

    “America is Like a Healthy Body,
    it’s Resistance is Threefold.

    Spiritual Life

    If We can undermine these areas,
    She will collapse from within.”
    Joseph Stalin
    Are we there yet?
    Have these three cornerstones been undermined to such a degree that we are on a slippery slope going down hill?

    One thing I know for sure is that each of these areas mentioned by Stalin has been under attack for a long time now…..and they are faltering.

    No body waves the flag anymore….the Bible is outlawed…..and our spiritual life has gone to hell in a hand basket.

    “it’s Time to Ride Boy’s” ! We need another 1000 Paul Revere’s.

  134. My wife just sent me this email from her computer upstairs…..I just have to share it with my friends here:


    “I’ve torn out my alarm system and de-registered from the neighborhood crime watch.

    I have two Pakistani flags raised in my front garden, one at each corner, and the black ISIS flag in the center.

    The local police, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, Secret Service, Neighborhood Watch, and other agencies are all watching my house 24/7.”

    I’ve never felt safer in my life !
    Smart Girl !!!!


  136. Let the Band Play Dixie…


  137. As the old saying goes…
    an eye for an eye,and now….
    a head for a head!

    Get with the program Dianne!!

  138. RMinNC (10:18 am)
    For Meyer, watching the criticism of the CIA in recent years, particularly by Democrats, raises an unanswered question.

    “For years now, Senator Feinstein and the others have been saying what they DON”T WANT the CIA to do, but they never say what they DO WANT the CIA to do,” he said, painting a very personal scenario for TERRORIST loving Feinstein to consider.

    “Let’s say that the CIA finds out that a nuclear bomb has been planted in one of our cities. Just for fun of it,….. let’s pick San Francisco, Senator Feinstein’s hometown.
    RM, Meyer really hit the nail on the head. Someone publicly needs to ask her that very question about a deadly threat on San Fran or D.C. WHAT would she want the CIA to do? I have a feeling her narrative would be entirely different. These are hypocrites all.

  139. RM, your wife had a good e-mail about having your house under watch. I was snickering while thinking what would happen if I hung out a couple of Pakistani and ISIS flags outside. Maybe there would be so much surveillance that I could get someone to help clean out my carport, trim shrubs, etc. Hahaha!
    (Just kidding, of course)

  140. Too much political theater currently going on. With Feinstein’s release of CIA EIT report and all the media coverage, I fear something nefarious is happening behind the scene. At first, I suspected her timing. Perhaps it was a diversion from Gruber testifying, or that this is the dems last chance in the Senate to ever release this report. But now I worry there is much more going on that the administration wants to keep from the public. Could it be more secret dealings with Iran? More gitmo detainees released? The Bergdahl report? Ebola? Possible Christmas threats from ISIS?

    Watch what the other hand is doing.

    BTW This budget gimmickery going on is disgusting. Boehner and his group are now siding with Obama and the real, real marxists on the other side are teaming up to make a stand against them all.

    Looks like fauxcohantas is going to make a run in 2016 and is firing up the marxist base in Congress. The whole system is disintegrating.

    A very sick joke to all who rallied around the GOP in hopes that we could make a difference. They are all of the same ilk. Lord help us.

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