Dr. Ada M. Fisher, Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Solutions for What Ails Us, UNC TV, NC Republican National Committeewoman, First and only African American serving

Dr. Ada M. Fisher, Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Solutions for What Ails Us, UNC TV, NC Republican National Committeewoman,  First and only African American serving

“Old fashioned, conservative values, the kind that our ancestors employed to survive, are needed now and forever.”…Citizen Wells

“A man should not be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character”…Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



I do not usually watch “Black Issues Forum” on UNC TV as I would not watch a white issues forum if there was one.

It is time to move on.

I was switching channels yesterday and happened upon an interview of Dr. Ada M. Fisher, author of “Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Solutions for What Ails Us” and NC Republican National Committeewoman.

I was impressed.

She is just what the doctor ordered.

I found the following on Amazon.

“Dr. Ada M. Fisher is a physician, author, educator, dynamic public speaker, and public servant. She received her BA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, her MD at the University of Wisconsin at Madison Medical School, completed her residency in Family Medicine through the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY and was awarded her Masters in Public Health at the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health. Fisher is the mother of two grown sons and has served as the Chief of Occupational Health Services at the VAMC-Salisbury, the Medical Director of Amoco Oil Company, an Industrial Physician with anti-terrorism training at the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge, TN, the state Substance Abuse Detoxification Director serving a 16 county catchments area at the John Umstead Hospital in Butner, NC and completed a stint in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps in Greenevers, NC which is a medical/physician shortage area. Dr. Fisher has previous board membership on Preservation NC, the Salisbury Rowan Symphony, Rowan Salisbury Schools Board of Education, and the Rowan County Chamber of Commerce. Her volunteerism embraces the American Red Cross, as well as Historically Black Colleges and Universities where she undergirded hundreds of students, provided scholarships, taught and served in various advisory capacities. Dr. Fisher additionally worked through the Rowan Salisbury Community Action Agency’s Workforce Investment Act Program with high school drop outs for several years providing them tutorial services, mentoring, recommendations for school and/or jobs and gave things such as housing where needed. In 2008 and again in 2012 Dr. Ada M. Fisher was elected to serve her state as the Republican National Committeewoman where she is the first and only African American from the continental USA serving in this capacity. The culmination of these and other experiences on life’s battlefields led to the writing of this future bestsellar titled “COMMON SENSE CONSERVATIVE PRESCRIPTIONS Solutions for What Ails Us, Book I” which is now available.”

“ABOUT THE BOOK Honed on the battlefields of politics, knee deep in community involvements testing her theories of things which work to positively impact citizens, Dr. Ada M. Fisher in this book uses a family practitioner’s record keeping format to better illustrate the impact of issues on society. She brings to these concerns informed commentary on best practices aimed at addressing critical national and state problems. From this, solutions are deduced which will work better to serve the masses. Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Solutions for What Ails Us is not what one might initially think; especially when one takes the term conservative out of too many preconceived assumptions of what that means. The points in the definition of the word conservative reflects the heart and wisdom of those who have labored in life’s vineyards from the grass roots of the community to the economic small business engines of barber shops to the learning incubators of our classrooms and others struggling to be heard. The Tea Party people are but one many voices representing those who are “fed up” with business as usual and want real solutions. Some of these are provided through this work which is based on best practices, commonalities and fairness through which most will have buy-in.”


Here is the TV show.




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  1. Good morning.


  3. Eric, MO (on the right) and Stupid (in the spotlight)…..what a trio !

  4. TEN Reasons why Soetoro (aka Obama) and many OTHERS should be sitting in JAIL right now.

    The future of our Republic and the rule of law requires that we do not stop asking the following questions until they have been truthfully answered.

    Not just until and if the Islamic Communist law breaker leaves office, or goes to jail, but for as long as it takes to expose him, his crimes and the people and organizations who have been behind him and this coup de ta.

    1.Why did no judge, justice, attorney general, or political party (both democrat and republican) not enforce the Natural Born Citizen requirement of our Constitution regarding Obama’s eligibility to be President? What method of notification and what evidence was presented to them to have such weight as to close forever their mouths and the functions of law?

    2.Why was the state of Hawaii never forced to show Obama’s original birth certificate? Did the interest of Hawaii take priority over national interest?

    3.Why would any elected official forge, or allow to be forged an official birth document if a real one existed somewhere? Why has no one come forward yet to disclose this to the public?

    4.Why has there been no official government investigation into a forged Selective Service registration form? Can all of our government employees (over 3 million) be so corrupt and blind?

    5.Why has the Social Security Administration not investigated why a man from Hawaii was using an illegal Social Security number issued in Connecticut when the man had never lived in Connecticut? Why have they not commented on the many different social security numbers associated with Obama and his also his wife?

    6.Why wasn’t the altering of government international travel records and official government documents relating to Obama and his mother never investigated? Why was his now CIA Director allowed access to the State Department passports and visa’s to view/change/alter his passport records?

    7.Why was a perfectly healthy person, one Loretta Fuddy, the only person to die in a relatively gentle sea landing of a commuter plane while wearing a life preserver?

    8.Why was the only living person, one Loretta Fuddy, to ever claim to see Obama’s actual birth certificate, now not a living healthy person?

    9.Why was the coroner’s report concerning the death of, one Loretta Fuddy, changed three times and the details, as required by law, never released?

    10.Where was Obama, and who was he with during the 17 hours when 4 Americans were fighting a losing battle for their lives in Benghazi?

    While those who would use the “Conspiracy Theory” rhetoric to cloud these issues and questions, it is UNDENIABLE that not one of the 10 items listed above are theories, they are FACTS and they need to be ask and answered and the perpetrators of them, need to be held accountable.

    Until these questions are ask and answered, and punishments dealt out to the deserving, America will never be back on the correct path and our Constitution will never have the full force of law it was intended to have.

    If Soetoro and his lawless “gang of 40 thieves” are allowed to finish his term of office and skate this one out without being held accountable, it will open Pandora’s box for all others (both democrat and republican) to take the same road to weaken and destroy our Republic which has made this country what it has been for 238 years.

    But then again, my Holy Bible says……”Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust”…
    we have been forewarned.

    Has our time in history finally come?

  5. Zullo and Arpaio need to release the evidence before the sheriff march in Washington DC on December 10. That will cement the flying poop on the faces of congressmen and senators. Guaranteed.


    this is the best advice I have heard in a long time.

  7. RM, excellent questions that need answering pronto! Congressmen just want to dance around them and hit on trivia most of the time.

  8. There is no in-between….

    Dear God,…..Please help the citizens take back their country…amen

  9. good morning CABBYAZ…..

    That seems to be the favorite pastime of all everyone in Washington……

    Kind of like “450 fairies all dancing on the head of a pin”….and still room for more…..

    They really don’t give a damn about America…all they are looking for is a paycheck for the rest of their lives without having to endure the hardships that everyone else does.

    Anyone who is allowed to set his/ or her own pay scale, create their own retirement system, and legislate their own health care system after forcing a disaster on the backs of the people….they don’t deserve to govern.

    When the servants become the masters….it’s time for a change !

  10. CabbyAZ……….
    Throughout my life I have learned that a person who is AFRAID to fight for his/her rights is a COWARD. Granted…… there is only futility for ONE person by themselves to attempt to correct the PLAGUE which has fallen upon us,and only when the people of America unite into a BODY of highly angered,and vengeance seeking citizens,will a change actually occur……carried out by the FOURTH BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT.

  11. …….in addition I would venture to state that only when the servants become the masters,will change actually occur.

    BYE BYE………..Have a great day

  12. Herman Cain

    Maybe the best thing Obama has done is fail to keep this promise. Too bad he’s still trying, and Congress has to keep stopping him – as they did again yesterday.

    Congress to Obama: You’re not bringing Gitmo prisoners to the U.S., bro
    Six years and counting.


  13. Now this is something every American should give his family and friends for Christmas……

    I’m going to buy a whole damn boxcar load of this and smile every time I have to use it……


    I took this first hand article from another website. It tells of a man who was born in LA and had some recent experiences with the medical system there…it is well worth reading because it is a mirror of what is to come in other parts of America…….here in his own words is his story…….
    I’m born and raised in Los Angeles, 40 years old. Went to public schools here in the LAUSD system.

    When I was younger growing up here Illegal Immigration was nowhere near this. As a kid a “Mexican” or Honduran or Salvadoran was sort of a rare sight. A few neighborhoods were, but overall it was Whites, Blacks, Asians…for the most.

    Around the 90s when I was in high school the waves starting coming after Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Nafta, etc. Since then it has been a steady increase every year on almost every ethnicity, but specifically Hispanics. Within the past 10 years I just resigned to the fact that California and Los Angeles will be taken over, and that it can’t be stopped with our current politicians here.

    I’ve accepted it because it can’t be fought. I go around town to many places and I am, as a White man, a stranger here. That is how it is. When you are White here you are a minority. It’s not the minority part I mind, it’s that we as a country and California as a State are being bombarded at a level that is unseen and unreported in history. It’s WORSE than thought and I am seeing it full steam now.

    Last week I had a medical emergency because I ate a toxin and got severe hives. I was nowhere near a good ER room so I had to be L.A. County hospital. I was there in the daytime and parking was almost impossible to find, as I went myself. I got into the ER and the TV’s I noticed were tuned to Spanish stations. But it didn’t end there. I was guided to the triage nurse who could barely speak English and had to point to a sign on the wall in English for me to understand “Heart Rate”. She was making errors from the get go.

    Flash to me talking to a medical billing person who handed me a slip of paper written in Spanish, with a short pencil. While waiting for the second nurse I looked around at all the people. All Hispanic. Maybe one “other than” there, a black dude. NOBODY in the waiting room spoke English. Nobody. The nurses who were seeing other people had to call in interpreters regularly as not all of them spoke Spanish. The look on their faces was pure frustration. In fact they seemed to be relieved I spoke English.

    When I was on my way out and ready to pick up my pills, I saw the billing agent coming in and asking questions to about half of the other “outgoing” patients about personal things that they all had trouble answering. They all spoke Spanish to an interpreter and were writing down numbers on pieces of papers. I speak enough Spanish to get by and I knew they were having trouble with payments because they were NOT citizens. Either that or they had emergency Medical (which Illegals qualify for)

    These were NOT Americans that just spoke bad English. When you grow up in Los Angeles you know what the deal is when someone is older than 30 and can’t speak a LICK of English.

    I went down to the pharmacy which is in a huge lobby area where you can overlook hundreds of people in lines. I looked and noticed there was only maybe 2 “other than Hispanic” people out of I would say 200 people. I went down to get in line and overhead the conversations. A lot were ABOUT legality and “home” and “insurance” and “can I do this”. It was surreal

    Days later I had another referral appointment in Olive View Hospital. It was the SAME exact experience.

    I have no clue what’s going on but the media is ignoring or are not aware of something huge and I think fraudulent. If anyone would have seen what I saw, my words can’t even describe it. It was like being in another country and witnessing a whole underground economy.

    I didn’t know it was this bad. I suspected things were bad but all the way into our Medical system this deep? Possibly involving Medical/Medicaid numbers and other things. We have been invaded by something much larger than reported. I won’t even get into the other makeups of Illegals here like the Koreans, Armenians, Filipinos, Etc. This experience was enough to know that something dark is going on here in California and I am afraid it’s just going to get worse.

    I don’t know how an economy can survive like this. And with the latest actions on Illegal Immigration I think now is the final tipping point. As an L.A. Native born and raised, I barely recognize this city, this State.

    I only wish I had the funds to document it and make a film but I’m too busy with my own survival.
    Thanks to our current president and the last four presidents…..we, the native Americans, will soon be strangers in our own country…..

    I cry for America.

  15. RM, what a testimony of the CA fellow re. the takeover by foreigners! He really had an eye-opener and has felt compelled to share it with the world. I believe, as I know you do, too, that this is all directed toward making Mexico, the U.S. and Canada one big country. Hence – the open borders. It may be unstoppable now that the floodgates have been opened even wider.

  16. Let’s hope this guy Gruber keeps on yacking:

    Jonathan Gruber Explains How to “Kill” Obamacare


  17. True words….

    Thank you


  19. Black man on Beck now, speaking truth about Ferguson, et al.


    It was all a set up…….and the community paid to bill.

  21. Michael brown died.
    Darion lied.
    The truth was learned.
    Ferguson burned.



    Well everyone except the “stupid” Americans…the malls open at 8am..

  23. RMINNC…….
    Did I hear you say stupid Americans?Americans aren’t stupid they simply aren’t PAYING ATTENTION to anything except their own thing,at a time when they should be paying attention to what is going on around them……..but GEEZ all the great drugs,all the wonderful porn,and all the FREEBIES from Soetoro……..hells bells there is no reason to pursue anything else……..that is the total life parameters of many so called Americans. BTW another word for “not paying attention”………STUPID.

  24. Justice Department to treat Obama’s close friend as a ‘hostile witness’ in fraud case


  25. RMINNC………
    It would appear that the guy in LA has either been ASLEEP for a helluva long time,or he has been away from California for the largest part of his life. LA was like what he describes even in the 1950s. I was aboard ship whose home port was the LONG BEACH destroyer base….. less than 10 miles between LA proper and LONG BEACH. Much of our liberty time was spent at various places in LA. Between the Mexicans,and all the other nationals,along with the queers,from the various ethnic groups,made it a real relief whenever we put to sea. When I learned that the ship was going to be mothballed I started doing some specialised looking and found a ship that had received orders to return to the East Coast. I immediately wangled a transfer(SWAP) to that ship……..after which I ended up in the COM 1 neighborhood (Boston Massachussetts). Unfortunately I found just as many FAGGOTS for every step I took. It seems that most of them were “fascinated” by the 13 button bib on our dress blue trousers. I rest my case.

  26. …….”burn this bitch down”,screamed the BROWN step daddy! Now it is time for the BROWN step daddy to PAY THE FIDDLER…….he is probably going to be charged,and hopefully the law will prevail. Nice 6×6 SLAMMER time to get his head on straight. har har har……..and guess what…… it will be his OWN KIND,who sentence him! ……..whitey didn’t do that one. The only thing he accomplished in inciting a riot was to set his kind backwards about 50 years. If you want RAW STUPIDITY there it is …..screaming loudly ……..”LOOK AT ME”.

    byebye for now…..have a great day

  27. oldsailor82….

    Right on !


  29. Thanks for the heads up HonorFirst.
    Been watching this as well as racetrack civil suit against Blago et al with Monk as a witness.
    All of this with Obama ties.

  30. A grand jury in New York announced their decision this afternoon not to indict a police officer who was accused of using a choke hold on a man who resisted arrest. The man died, the grand jury found it wasn’t a choke hold, he was legally being restrained and died because of his medical problems, including obesity, hypertension, heart disease etc. So now they’re worried about the Rockefeller Center tree-lighting ceremony tonight. Thousands of people, mostly families, will be there, plus lots of cameras, so it’s an ideal place for people to protest and riot. DiBlasio has already cancelled his appearance there, some celebrities will be there, so the situation is ripe for a big mess. But I hope not.

  31. You are quite welcome CW,. I thought that would interest you


    The EXACT words of Larry Silverstein, lease owner of the World Trade Center buildings on 9, 11, 2001: Please NOTE he said PULL….a word used by building demolitions experts to take a building down by place explosive charges throughout the building…….

    “I remember getting a call from the, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is PULL it.”

    ” they made that decision to PULL it and we watched the building collapse.”
    Now if any part of the 911 story is FAKE……………..it’s all FAKE.

    To have a building demolished by times explosives, the explosives MUST be placed long before the building is to be PULLED….

    The destruction of building 7 by PULLING the building on the same day that world Trade Center Tower 1 and 2 came down is the SMOKING GUN in the Government’s official version of events on 9-11-2001.

    First building 7 would have had to have been rigged long before 9-11 in order to pull it after the destruction of Tower 1 and 2.

    To rig a building for demolition, the build MUST be RIGGED with explosives weeks before, sometimes it take months to place the charges correctly, you cannot just say pull the building and it will fall down magically, it must be brought down with explosives that must be placed throughout the building in key places…..10 minutes, 10 hours, or 10 days is not sufficant to rig a building to be pulled by explosives……

    That means that the people who worked in that building were sitting on a time bomb many weeks before it actually exploded and came crashing to the ground!!!

    So………..if building 7 was rigged many weeks before it came crashing down, is it safe to assume Tower 1 and 2 were also? I say Y E S.

    REMEMBER: if we can PROVE any part of the OFFICIAL government version to be wrong…..then the whole damn story is FAKE…..

    I have just proven a part of the governments official version to be FAKE. There is much more to the 911 story, but the public refuses to listen to reality., but I do not believe that history will be kind to the present version……if history tell the truth !
    If you think your government will not kill citizens to promote their own agendas…..think again .

    It has happened in our past, it will happen many times in our future.

    I will never believe that 19 Saudi terrorist took the 2 greatest buildings down with nothing but box cutters…you may believe this, if you wish….my common ability to reason tells me different.

    Remember………if one part is false…it’s all false.

  33. “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”
    — Voltaire

  34. Barack Black Eagle Obama

    President Obama will host Native American tribe leaders at the White House on Wednesday, as part of the annual White House Tribal Nations Conference.

    As McClatchy’s Anita Kumar points out, Obama is known to many Native Americans as “Barack Black Eagle Obama” after receiving an American Indian name in 2008 during his campaign for president.

    Obama was formally welcomed into the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana after he was adopted by a couple on the reservation.
    “I like my new name: Barack Black Eagle. That is a good name,” Obama said at the time.


  35. Interested Bystander


    I believe the owner of the building was agreeing to PULL the firefighters from the building.

    He may have mispoke, or maybe he was misquoted.

    But as the quote you posted stated, he was talking to the fire department commander about how they were losing control of the fire.

    If you have a tape of those EXACT words, as you state, I’d love to hear it, but I’d still be inclined to think he misspoke, IF those were his EXACT words as you insist.

    But it’s very difficult for me to imagine so many people would go along with this. What you are suggesting is that all of these people knew they were going to do all of these things (like fly rockets, or whatever you want to think was flown in to those buildings), and NOT ONE came forward to blow the whistle on this before it happened.

    I can’t imagine that all of these people placed explosives on every floor of those buildings, and also building 7 and not ONE peson who worked in those buildings questioned what was going on.

    I know that MOST Americans are mind numbed robots, but SOMEONE with a stable head on their shoulders would have seen it going on and asked questions.

    One or two people wouldn’t have been able to complete this task, it would have taken many people including the fire commander who the owner gave the order to “PULL” the building.

    I’m just not buying it, sorry.

  36. IB….

    A building that FALLS down from fire, or other reasons WILL NOT fall in it’s own footprint…..but a building that is destroyed by placed explosive charges WILL fall in it’s footprint as did building 7…..

    Any person who is experienced in bring down buildings by explosive charges will tell you that was the way building 7 fell….

    As for your comment, “I can’t imagine that all of these people placed explosives on every floor of those buildings, and also building 7 and not ONE person who worked in those buildings questioned what was going on.”

    IF that building was brought down by explosive charges …the charges were placed there LONG before anyone know the building was wired. Perhaps the charges were placed when the people working there went home at night….that question is still to be answered.

    Read Silverstein’s comment closer….I DID NOT say that Silverstein said for the fire commander to PULL the building…….Silverstein was talking to the fire commander and said, “perhaps it’s time to pull it”…..no where did I say Silverstein told the fire commander to pull it……

    As far as who actually PULLED (destroyed) the building is another question to be answered.

    That is fine if you don’t want to buy it….there are people who feel the same way you do……but there are many who feel the evidence is overwhelmingly in support of explosive charges being used to bring the building down (PULLED) as Silverstein said to the fire commander….

    There is a video of him making that remark…I will look for it….

  37. IB….

    This is the best video I have found on building 7……on it Larry Silverstein says…”pull it”….not only that but there were NO firefighters in building 7….and Silverstein did not talk to any firefighters…..watch the whole video it will explain a lot of things …..

    “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”
    — Voltaire

  38. Cabbyaz……

    I was told that Obama’s Indian name was “Eagle Who Walks”……when ask why that name…the Indian chief who gave it to him said …….”because you so full of crap, eagle no can fly”……

    I like Eagle Who Walks better than Black Eagle…..I just wonder what he will be giving the Indians now…..maybe he will give them some of their land back !

    Now wouldn’t that be a hoot !!!!….Maybe he will give them the state of New York which sold for a few beads and trinkets way back then……….

  39. Good night all….time to go nighty night. God Bless

  40. RMINNC
    What I am about to say in no way reflects upon your perception of the events leading up to the fires and subsequent collapse of the Trade Center buildings. This is my own viewpoint,…..no offense intended.
    I can’t help wonder where all the passengers on the jets went,who NEVER ARRIVED at their destinations,or returned home. Do you suppose that George Bush had a secret HUMAN EVAPORATOR,and all he needed to do was press the button and,POOF nearly 1000 passengers just EVAPORATED into thin air, and those who died in Pennsylvania,were more victims of the George Bush EVAPORATOR. Then the aircraft which carried nearly 195 was flown into the Pentagon building, oh yes that was everyones imagination …..there was actually no aircraft flown into the Pentagon it was all a HOAX. There again I ask where are all of the passengers who never arrived at their destinations,or returned home? In all 4 aircraft well over 1000 people died. I seriously doubt that all would have chosen to disappear,or commit suicide at the same time. Then there is the question relating to how all of the aircraft parts and component assemblies arrived at the scenes, and was found intermixed with the buildings’ wreckage. In spite of all of the heat created by the JP4 fire not all of the aircrafts parts,and components were incinerated. Such components that remained behind were HIGH TEMPERATURE members of the engines. Then the next question is why was there jet engines found INTERMIXED with the buildings wreckage? Finally I ask why was several bodies found in the wreckage that were not cremated,determined to be bodies from one of the aircraft, and several were even identified. Then there was a lot of people who tried to say that no aircraft was flown into the pentagon even though there was pictures taken of some of the aircraft debris outside of the building. These photographs appeared in nearly every newspaper across the country. BTW I happened to be watching television that morning and I PERSONALLY watched the second aircraft execute a left turn and fly at high speed into the second tower. I along with probably a million other viewers witnessed the actual crash of the second airliner.(TELEVISION). The television crews were covering the first crash,and the second building and a fairly large portion of open sky was visible…..into which flew the second airliner. Very clear day and lots of sunlight,……perhaps it was a scale “model airplane”. Later some of the aircraft components were found several blocks from the crash sites. Wheel assemblies, engine mounts, etc. Of course all of that could have been hauled in the night before to add realism to the conspiracy. Of course one four wheel truck (WHEEL ASSEMBLY) weighs nearly 1000 lbs, and it would have required a huge truck to carry it and a helicopter like a Chinook would have been required to lift the truck assembly up to the top of the building where it was found. Chinooks make hell of a lot of noise, and if I was out walking the sidewalk I would have wondered what was going on…….New Yorkers are awake at literally all hours of the day and night, and are usually very curious about such goings on……….I know because I lived among them for a few years!
    There is a lot of speculation surrounding the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings,but there is far too much evidence existing which bears MUTE TESTIMONY to exactly what happened.
    I would also question why just one word from an ongoing conversation, would carry any significance with what was actually being discussed. The word “pull” (verb) could refer to any one of a thousand usages in sentences,and it could have been used by an emergency worker during the aftermath of the first crash. We all have our own beliefs surrounding the 9-11 attack. You just read mine.

  41. A little commercial aviation history…….

    In the early days of Boeing jets their 707 which utilised Rolls Royce engines,emitted over 125 decibels of noise. during both their takeoff,and landings. The people of both New Jersey,as well as New York city,and Long Island ended up highly incensed by the SCREAMING ear drum piercing engines at all hours of the night and day, finally complained ENMASSE to the Federal Aviation Administration, who then took steps to vector the approach of these aircraft over less populated areas. Finally several mufflers were designed which looked like ORGAN pipes were added to the 707s. This muffled some of the roar,but did nothing to suppress the 125 decibel SCREAM of the engines. The organ pipes also substantially reduced the available thrust from these engines.Eventually the engines were changed out and much quieter engines were used and were still being used when the 707 was finally retired from commercial aviation. Interestingly the 707 airframe was also the airframe of the Air Force tanker (KC 135). They operated well into the 1990s. A few of the older ones were still equipped with the SCREAMING MIMI ENGINES,and they sometimes flew up here from Grissom AFB to shoot landings. Those of us who live within a few miles of the Fort Wayne International Airport,decided we had had enough of their landing practice and we asked the Airport Authority to vector them to some other airport to practice their landings,as the noise was causing ear pain to some folks on the ground. We never had another KC135 come to Fort Wayne,to shoot landings. Over 10,000 people signed the petition. Our Air Guard Unit, now flies some really old F-16s, But they don’t get as much air time as they used to……so it is relatively quiet around the airport these days. There is about 1or 2 commercial aircraft per day,and at least one of them is AIR FREIGHT. Nice quiet fan jet engines.
    bye bye all see ya later.

  42. The below documents are evidence the grand jury considered that was released by St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch.


  43. “Initial Jobless Claims Miss For 4th Week In Row”


  44. “An American health-care worker who may have been infected with the Ebola virus in West Africa has arrived at a hospital near Atlanta.

    Emory University Hospital spokeswoman Holly Korschun says the patient arrived around 5:45 a.m. Thursday.

    Details about the patient were not released.”


  45. oldsailor82…..good morning

    You ask good questions…I have ask myself those same questions many times…

    Where are all the bodies?

    No bodies were found at the Pentagon either in that hole that was only 12 feet wide.. which happened also to be the exact spot where the Department of Defense kept it’s financial section and just the day before the crash there, Don Rumsfelt, DoD, said that 1.2 trillion dollars could not be accounted for in the Department of Defense budgets over the years….remember that? After 911, that statement about the missing money from DoD was never mentioned or discussed again……Now I also wonder why not?

    Also like you, I do not think George Bush had any prior knowledge of all the events of 911. I believe he was in a state of shock on that day…..but I do think Dick Chaney did have a lot to do with 911…and still does…..

    IF… and I say that with a great big IF…the twin towers were brought down by fires started with JP4 jet fuel, it would have been the first, and only time in the history of the world where a steel framed building was knocked down by fire……..I cannot buy that because the buildings came straight down in their own foot path within only 9 seconds from start to finish…..that’s the same amount of time it would take if a rock was dropped from the top of the building and it landed on the ground outside the front door….. …and remember the building came straight down !!! .

    The chief medical examiner said at the Penn. plane crash site at Shanksville that he …”stopped being the chief medical examiner because there were NO bodies at the crash site in the farmers field.”…Now that’s strange, a plane crash in a farmers field and no bodies….that too would have been a first in aviation history. At all other crashes of big jumbo jets there have been many bodies scattered all over the crash site, but not at Shanksville.

    But you are right….where did all the bodies go?……in all four crashes on that faithful day…..NOT ONE SINGLE BODY WAS RECOVERED that was on any of the planes…….ALL THE BODIES WERE OF PEOPLE WHO WERE ON THE GROUND, or in the buildings DURING THE CRASHES….But these questions were, and still are things that no one talks about.

    Like you, my friend…where are all the people who were supposed to have been on those ill fated planes that today?

    That my friend is the BIG question. Someone has the answers to that question…and I imagine that someone will go to his grave without disclosing the answer.

  46. oldsailor82….

    Wallace Miller was the Coroner of Sumerset country…here’s what he said about the crash at Shanksville on Spet 11, 2001…..
    Miller was among the very first to arrive after 10:06 on the magnificently sunny morning of September 11. He was stunned at how small the smoking crater looked, he says, “like someone took a scrap truck, dug a 10-foot ditch and dumped all this trash into it.”

    Once he was able to absorb the scene, Miller says, “I stopped being coroner after about 20 minutes, because there were NO BODIES there. It became like a giant funeral service.”
    – Washington Post, May 12, 2002

    “I wouldn’t know how there would be any possibility how any remains would get to Dover… As far as I know, nothing else left here except the DNA samples.”
    – Wallace Miller, Coroner of Somerset County to AP, February 28, 2012
    First to arrive…..small smoking crater….10 ft. ditch……..scrap pile…….no bodies……hummm strange to say the least.

  47. RMINNC……
    According to the news reports shortly after the 9-11 incident there was PUBLISHED reports that two bodies which had been protected from the main fire and subsequent collapse because they were encapsuled in debris from the building itself. When the two bodies were found they were identified via DNA tests. They were both passengers on the second aircraft. This was published in national media. Certainly the entire event would have taken a Hollywood producer to achieve,and billions of dollars in props to be believeable. Such a production would have taken multiple crews,and virtually a continuous stream of logistics. Then we ask where are the four aircraft if they were not flown into the buildings,into the Pentagon,and into the Farmer’s field. I can understand the abscense of bodies at nearly all of the crashes. The first two were oversize crematories, the Pentagon was a heavily fortified building,but I believe there was body parts scattered across the entire inside of the crash aperture. The fortifications of the building substantially increased the impact pressure,and resulting compression of both wreckage and body parts. As for the farmers field witnesses stated that the aircraft impacted the ground inverted 180 degrees,and at an airspeed of over 400MPH. Again impact compression comes into play. Human tissue cannot stand only so much impact compression beyond which comes total destruction.

  48. RMINNC……..
    I think we need to keep in mind that both of the towers were NOT CONVENTIONALLY designed STEEL FRAME buildings. They were of a design by which their overall strength was derived from VERTICAL framing at the periphery of the building,all the way around. This was also part and parcel with the reason why the building finally collapsed straight down once the progression began. The steel members near the impact point turned into virtual wet noodles after they reached a reddened color. Structural steel, becomes very weak after it is heated especially when heated with an aviation fuel that is by design,and refinement a fuel that produces a level of heat greater than any other fuel. This is largely the reason why the gas turbine technology is quite efficient,particularly at altitudes around 35,000 feet. When the gas expands from ignition it produces thrust.
    As the peripheral structural members of the towers heated up the supporting steel became a little like a FUNNEL which first bowed outward from the weight above,and the heat.After the outward bowing of the steel uprights began the weight of the above totality of the building caused the downward movement to begin, and both the weight compounded by the increase of speed of the downward plunge was like water going through a funnel. This was why they both fell into their own footprint. The principle reason why they fell as they did was because of their MECHANICAL DESIGN……which was NOT CONVENTIONAL. If you remember there was a few uprights still pointing upwards after the building had completely collapsed. These uprights were the base supports which were anchored in tons of reinforced concrete. But yes even they were tilted outward.

  49. oldsailor82….old friend…..

    many, many question …. but few answers……

    I guess we will never know the REAL truth about 911….but we can still ask the questions…..

    How are things in Indiana today…..it’s a beautiful day here in Carolina…temp around 58……fair skies….no wind….just an all around good day

  50. …….and exactly the same thing occurred in the second tower. Much of the deight fell upon the smaller building adjacent to the towers,ultimately causing it to collapse as well. When you say that the Towers fell within their footprint,might be a bit of an overstatement,because the debris field actually extended outward at many places to as much as 500′. Composition,and weight largely dictated where the debris fell.


  52. RMINNC…….
    And a good morning to you as well sir.
    You know I have always felt that the best of the day was when you could sit back in your easy chair exhale slowly, because inside of you is a level of peace,which you cannot verbally describe but you can ONLY FEEL, and it controls HEART,MIND,and SOUL. This might seem like something Godly to some,but I know it is real, I have felt it.

  53. ……….but what happens to each of us in the AFTER LIFE,is an unknown. Probably God designed humanity,with well founded reason so that we cannot see into his domain……but it does NOT stop us from FEELING HIS PRESENCE,in our hearts,minds and souls. Sometimes it takes TRAGEDY in a person’s life to discover all of this. We have a so called RESCUE MISSION here in Fort Wayne, which does many things to help down and out people get back on their feet. Every year at Christmas I send them a $100.00 donation. I know that every penny of it is spent on the people they are helping. Last year I visited the mission for a couple of hours just sitting and jacking my jaws with some of the down and outs. What some of them have gone through shouldn’t happen to any human or animal. I nearly choke up when I listen to some of the stories. Some of thes folks are where they are by their own choice, yet it doesn’t mean that I should turn my back to them. Others are where they are as a result of compounded problems all happening essentially at the same time ,and for no reason of their own. They supply meals, spiritual,mental and moral help to anybody who asks for it. I think most cities of any consequence has such missions,and probably all are well run. I can’t say enough for the administrative people at Fort Wayne Rescue Mission. I feel very small, and insignificant when I am visiting the Mission.

  54. oldsailor.
    God bless you and the mission folks.

    “Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, benevolence, were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business! ”
    – Marley’s Ghost”…Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol”

  55. 20 Reasons to know when you are living in a communist utopia…..

    1) When the executive branch has effectively become the legislative branch

    2) When the notions of secure borders and national sovereignty are considered thinly-veiled euphemisms for racial hatred

    3) When justice means determining a person is guilty before seeing any evidence, then rioting, looting and destroying property when said person does not even make it to trial.

    4) When those who riot, loot and destroy property are considered freedom-fighters, and those who peacefully assemble are considered radical extremists.

    5) When criminals advise law enforcement on how to do its job.

    6) When those who see every issue through the prism of race, sex, and class warfare are considered paragons of tolerance, and those who see people as individuals are racist, sexist bigots and terrorist.

    7) When illegal immigrants are granted equal if not greater ”rights” and benefits than law abiding legal citizens.

    8) When instead of targeting the jihadists responsible for committing the murders of thousands of innocents, the government targets the counter-jihadists.

    9) When the leaders of your Republic defend to the death those who wish to destroy her, while deriding and condemning those who wish to save her.

    10) When countries like Egypt and the United Arab Emirates designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, but yours does not.

    11) When Christianity and Judaism can be unmercifully attacked, yet Islam and sharia law may not even be critically examined and is exempt from our laws.

    12) When the people overwhelmingly despise and distrust its leaders, yet continually votes to cede more and more of its rights to said leaders.

    13) When a person commits a crime or act of violence, and the first question asked is what society did to make that person commit the act of crime or violence.

    14) When wealth redistribution is considered a moral obligation, and wealth creation is considered immoral and dirty.

    15) When protecting by race or culture, and thereby creating favored groups of people by law is considered equality.

    15a) When the government groups individuals by race, class, sex and religion, in and of itself.

    16) When you cannot discern where government ends and the media begins.

    17) When facts and logic are considered secondary to narrative and script, lest they be considered at all.

    18) When the people are lead to believe that Western civilization is inherently evil, and its enemies are inherently good and worthy of coddling.

    19) When the people are schooled to believe that the government, not the Creator, grants them their individual rights. When the people believe that entitlements are rights in and of themselves

    20) When breaking the Ten Commandments is considered the norm and the rule, and following them are the exception to the rule.
    When any or all of these are present in your government, you are then living in a communist form of government…They may not call it communism, but it sure is and it follows the communist doctrine to the letter.

    Never in my lifetime did I expect to be living in such a country, but we are at that point now…..we have only a scarce few individual rights left to give up….
    then they will come for our bodies….but I am there now.

    Never in my lifetime did I expect to be fighting for freedom and liberty…only to see it destroyed from within our own borders by those we elected to office…but they have.

    Never did I ever expect to live long enough to see the American educational system taken down so far and so fast…but it has.

    Never did I think I would live so long as to see “the tail wag the dog”, …..but I have.

    In my 79 years of existence, I , as most who post here, have been on a roller-coaster ride….we have had many down periods but we have always rebounded stronger than we were before…but that was then, this is now.

    We are now living in the most dangerous period in the history of our country, but most do not know or care…..what a pity.

  56. Dear God…….Bless this sweet woman

  57. “Ukraine Goes Full Orwell, Unleashes “Ministry Of Truth””

    “Officially called “The Ministry of Information Policy,” Mashable reports the Ukraine government has established a department that critics are calling the ‘Ministry of Truth’ in a dystopian reference to George Orwell’s 1984 (apparent instruction manual). Run by a close ally of President Poroshenko’s close ally, while its main objective appears to be confronting Russia’s formidable propaganda machine, the Ministry is likely to also restrict free speech and inhibit journalists’ work – particularly in war-torn eastern Ukraine, according to observers.”


  58. GINGER…..

    I’m a pretty smart fellow with a college degree and have travelled the world over….but I’m having a very hard time trying to figure out exactly what that black idiot was talking about…….

    Did I miss something? or is she just talking to hear her own voice? The last time I checked, big Mo was a state and not a republic…that title is reserved for our nation…..

    I would love to know exactly who she was selling her stupid “wolf tickets” too…..from what she was saying, I can only assume she was talking to other black idiots who were buying her crap.

    The number one problem in America today is: We have handed the microphone to the wrong people….her and other black idiots of the same caliber and education with a IQ of 87 or less and it’s like the blind leading the blind…….the inmates now want to run the asylum .

    We don’t “need top put this bitch’s lights out”…all we need to do is take the microphone away from her….then bitch slap her and make her sit down and behave like a good American citizen or go to the back of the room to pout..

  59. sorry…top should have been to

  60. RMin NC

    She is helping to keep the “Hate” stirred up! I am soooo sick and tired of these so called hate mongers! I took it where she is trying to stir up a war between the backs and Bosnens (sp) to get a race war/civil war started for Barry so he can call marshal law. They do not seem to get us White’s to get out there and start killing some blacks. They are failing with going after the ‘racist’ thingy and now with the police. They are going to try every trick in the book to get UNREST!

  61. Probably some of you saw this, as I did last night. It was downright appalling that anyone sitting in Congress could make the rant that she did. She was smirky and then got very irate (video is at the following site as well as a transcript):

    Sean Hannity Left Visibly Stunned by Dem Congresswoman’s Answer to His Question About Evidence in Michael Brown Shooting


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