Initial Claims October 16, 2014 lowest since April 2000?, Americans stupid enough to believe?, Huge labor force dropouts reason, Employment to population rate plummeted 5.4 percent

Initial Claims October 16, 2014 lowest since April 2000?, Americans stupid enough to believe?, Huge labor force drooputs reason, Employment to population rate plummeted 5.4 percent

“Over the last six months, of the net job creation, 97 percent of that is part-time work,”…Keith Hall, former BLS chief

“Nearly half of U.S. companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees because of the ACA. One in five firms indicates they are likely to hire fewer employees, and another one in 10 may lay off current employees in response to the law.

Other firms will shift toward part-time workers. More than 40 percent of CFOs say their companies will consider switching some jobs to less than 30 hours per week or targeting part-time workers for future employment.”…Duke University Fuqua School of Business December 11, 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″


Are Americans stupid enough to believe the reports coming from the US Labor Dept., the White House and the mainstream media.

Initial Claims for October 16, 2014 are the lowest since April 2000?

If you do you had better look closer.

The employment to population ratio has dropped 5.4 percent since April 2000.

If you lose enough workers and even more full time workers you are going to be less likely to have layoffs.

I.E. you have already pared the work force to the bone.

Don’t take my word for this, look it up.

Oh, and by the way, there are 23,317,000 more people not in the labor force than in April 2000.



26 responses to “Initial Claims October 16, 2014 lowest since April 2000?, Americans stupid enough to believe?, Huge labor force dropouts reason, Employment to population rate plummeted 5.4 percent

  1. “The Times of the nineteenth of December had published the official forecasts of the output of various classes of consumption goods in the fourth quarter of 1983, which was also the sixth quarter of the Ninth Three-Year Plan. Today’s issue contained a statement of the actual output, from which it appeared that the forecasts were in every instance grossly wrong. Winston’s job was to rectify the original figures by making them agree with the later ones. As for the third message, it referred to a very simple error which could be set right in a couple of minutes. As short a time ago as February, the Ministry of Plenty had issued a promise (a ‘categorical pledge’ were the official words) that there would be no reduction of the chocolate ration during 1984. Actually, as Winston was aware, the chocolate ration was to be reduced from thirty grammes to twenty at the end of the present week. All that was needed was to substitute for the original promise a warning that it would probably be necessary to reduce the ration at some time in April.”…George Orwell, “1984”

  2. Everyone on the news is saying Dallas messed up in treating the Ebola patient and Atlanta did well. The difference is that Emory, in all cases, knew they were getting Ebola patients and had plenty of time to prepare. In Dallas, their patient lied and said he did not have contact with anyone who was sick, so they didn’t put protective gear on until there was a positive blood test a couple days later. When you go to the emergency room in any city hospital, the doctors and nurses are not wearing the protective space suit looking gear needed when dealing with Ebola. That was the difference betwen Dallas and Emory. Yes. Emory is better equiped, but if Duncan walked into any hospital in the country vomiting they still would not have been wearing protective gear. A misleading patient, as he was, can infect numerous people before they understand he has Ebola. This is why we need a travel ban on people from West Africa.

  3. CW…….
    …….can’t help wonder what will happen when there is no longer any American business because it has left the US. The unions will probably go on strike against GOD. While the chances of that sort of thing ever happening are extremely REMOTE, there is a very small chance that ALL AMERICAN BUSINESS could come to a complete standstill at some point. The CHIEFS cannot function without the warriors,and when the warriors are all gone hell will have already frozen over.

  4. oldsailor82……good morning friend

    If the Union went on strike against GOD…it would never reach GOD’s desk…..
    Peter would dismiss the case as a frivolous attempt to extort money using felony means…….

    then Peter would throw all the bastards into hell for eternity.

    Case closed.

  5. RMINNC……
    … sentiments exactly! 10-4

  6. ……RMINNC…….
    …..perhaps it is now time to bring 100,000 Borneo,and/or New Guinea head hunters into the fight against IS. They long ago perfected a process in which they can shrink the skull of a normal human down to the equivalent of the same size as a RHESUS MONKEY. ( about 1/5) of normal human skull size,after which they mount the skull on the end of a stick,and shove the stick into the ground. The skull glares in the sun,and ALL of their adversaries who witness the shrunken skull shudder whenever they see one. Needless to say the Japanese left them alone as well.


    Tom Clancy died mysteriously in 2012…he was only 56….some say heart attack….most say murder….before Clancy died he was considered a n “insider to governmental information”…..before he died, he wrote a book called Dark Winter.

    Even Clancy’s own family consider his death something other than a natural one.

    Dark Winter was about a total world collapse because of a spreading killer virus… is a video of “the Division” which relates to Dark Winter……

    If Tom Clancy was murdered along with other whistleblowers, as many think…it was most likely because he was ready to “spill the beans”

    Was Clancy on to something so terrible that it sealed his death warrant?

    According to this video…it will only take five days to accomplish the task.

  8. CW my last comment was regarding historic comment,and there is no profanity…..perhaps you will be so kind as to take a look and see why it went into moderation…..thanx

  9. “An Air France aircraft flying from Paris was grounded at its Madrid destination Thursday over concerns that one of the passengers onboard had Ebola.

    Officials for the French airline and the Madrid airport said the passenger had fallen ill during the flight and would be tested for the virus.”

  10. “As Fear of Ebola Spreads, Ohio and Texas Close Some Schools”

  11. “A nurse suspected of having caught the Ebola virus through contact with an infected humanitarian worker was admitted to a hospital near Paris on Thursday, media said.

    The woman, suffering from a high fever, was transferred under high security from her home in the Hauts de Seine region of greater Paris to the Begin de Saint-Mande military hospital outside the capital, Le Parisien daily said.

    The woman had been in regular contact with a French volunteer working with humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders (Medecins sans Frontieres) who contracted Ebola in Liberia and was repatriated to France last month.”

  12. What’s going to happen when flu season hits? Are all the doctors and nurses going to be wearing protective space suit looking gear when patients walk in vomiting? They are not. They’ll just be wearing their regular doctor’s and nurses uniforms so if someone with Ebola walks in vomiting they could infect everyone in the emergency room. That’s why we need a travel ban on people from West Africa.

  13. sorry……Clancy died in 2013…

  14. “The Idiotic Explanation Why The “Idiot With The Clipboard” Was Unprotected”

  15. Thanks for the logic Tina.

  16. Here is a thought. Put the head of the USDA in charge of the CDC.

    Several years ago we bought a couple full blood boer goats. The boer goat comes from South Africa and is a “beefier” and sturdier goat that was introduced into the US to improve the goat meat industry.
    To get to my point, once these particular goats arrived into the US, they were quarantined at a facility in NY. The goats were isolated, monitored and tested for a number of diseases, viruses, etc., not seen in this country. After the quarantine ended, the goats were delivered to us with a clean bill of health signed by USDA veterinarians.

    We have very strict regulations on importing livestock into this country, but none whatsoever on people traveling from known areas of widespread, deadly diseases???

    Also remember the mad cow panic a while ago…The USDA tracked suspected cows, efficiently removed them and so far has contained the problem. (unless of course, they are keeping that a secret also)

    Shouldn’t the same basic practice be followed when you are involving human beings.

    How can we trust the CDC especially when they have recently misplaced or lost samples of smallpox, anthrax and bird flu?

    Now they are failing miserably with the ebola situation. Welcome to bloated government

    Looks like the patients are running the looney ward. God help us.

  17. Honor First……..
    I would tend to look upon the CDC deficiencies as those which leaders with 11 thumbs, 3 left feet, and no brain would possess.

  18. Honor first……
    Just be very careful that you do not allow any heavily bearded individuals to get anywhere close to your GOATS.

  19. Frieden won’t reveal who told him to ‘protect fledgling democracies’ instead of closing border to Hot Zone October 16, 2014 CDC head won’t say who is calling the shots. More

  20. President tells people to ‘stick it to climate change deniers’ (and other gems)
    By Ed Lasky
    The greatest orator and inspiration of our time has a mean streak.
    Barack Obama likes to insult people and agitate his cult-like followers. He has just done it again with a tweet lambasting climate change skeptics (or as he calls them, deniers). Here is his latest loaded call to arms:

  21. bob strauss | October 16, 2014 at 6:51 pm |

    He is so unworthy of the respect for the office of POTUS

    Such a divisive, derisive childlike character

  22. Just listening to the “king” on TV, and he is very bullheaded about not calling for a travel ban. He is, however, considering appointing an Ebola czar. It will just be another layer of government, and we know how that works, especially in this regime. I believe that Dr. Frieden is getting his talking points straight from the W.H., but he refused to answer the question posed by Congress.

    The more this plays out, the more I believe that Alinsky’s model is playing out. “Harmony is counter-productive. you need a crisis. when you have one you should never let it go to waste. If you don’t have a crisis, then make or allow one to develop.”  (my emphasis)

    It appears that Soetoro is adhering to the latter part – allow one to develop, or, at worse, make it happen. Of course, since he considers himself king of the world, why would we expect him to put America first?

  23. CabbyAZ……..
    History tells us that Adolph Hitler was towards the end of his life near totally insane. Even his doctors admitted that they had no idea he would live as long as he did. In the later years of his life he was being kept alive by various drugs which were then experimental. He is reputed to have had late stage syphylis. It was obvious that the spirochetes had finally broken the blood barrier to the brain… was the case with Al Capone. Soetoro’s overall behavior seems to say that he FANCIES himself as something he will never be……RULER OF THE WORLD. People who enter this sort of rationale I personally see as over the edge…..mentally ill. Given the life style of Barry Soetoro,there is plenty of justification to believe that he too is affected by a late stage STD.

  24. ……such lunatics often get where they are because so many people are taken in by the misleading babbling of these lunatics,and such people will never admit that they were suckered. There are some people who are introverts,and some who are extroverts, and still others who are perverts. Introverts are people who are interested in themselves, arrogant,and narcissistic. Such attributes are sometimes signs of mental illness. Soetoro might even be HIV positive…..also causes mental imbalance.

  25. Hi Old Sailor,
    As always you are spot on about Soetoro. I wonder if he won’t snap someday? BTW, he did name a “point person” today to be in charge of coordinating the government response to the Ebola outbreak. Her name is Lisa Monaco, W.H. Homeland Security advisor, who has had zero medical experience. That figures.

    Have you noticed how many brainless females he has on his national security team and on staff generally? The whole bunch taken together wouldn’t make one good one. They know as much about such matters as my dog. No wonder we are afloat on a sea of nothingness when it comes to foreign policy.

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