Obama and Democrat party ideologues responsible for D68 childrens deaths, Enterovirus spread by illegal children from Central America, Greensboro News Record editorial example

Obama and Democrat party ideologues responsible for D68 childrens deaths, Enterovirus spread by illegal children from Central America, Greensboro News Record editorial example

“It’s easy to look back and realize what a jerk Hitler was. But at the time, Hitler looked pretty good to the German people, with the help of the media. He was TIME Magazine’s Man Of The Year in 1938. The German people assumed they were safe from a tyrant. They lived in a Republic, after all, with strict laws regarding what the government could and more importantly could not do. Their leader was a devoutly religious man, and had even sung with the boy’s choir of a monastery in his youth.”…whatreallyhappened.com

“Barack Obama is endangering the children of the US and now our troops. Where is the outrage?”…Citizen Wells

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



Forget the irresponsible actions of Barack Obama for a moment and the subsequent threats of Ebola and ISIS to this country.

We have an epidemic of Enterovirus D68 in this country and it is killing, crippling and making our children extremely ill.

We know for a fact that D68 was rare in this country prior to this year.

We know for a fact that Enterovirus D68 was found in the child population of Central America in 2013.

We know for a fact that there is no vaccine.

And we know for a fact that Obama was warned about not screening the illegal immigrant children for disease.

We also know for a fact that Obama requested help from governors  in dispersing these children all over the country.

We know for a fact that the children were dispersed all over the US.

Some areas of the country protested.

This is not your father’s Democrat Party.

Many people have supported Obama because of his skin color, white liberal guilt or just because of the modern day left agenda.

This is no different than supporting Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s because of his rhetoric about a greater Germany.

The Greensboro News Record presented one of the most irresponsible and apparently party line editorials that I have ever read recently.

“The United Nations counts 641,000 refugees living in Jordan and 609,000 in Turkey, thanks to Middle East conflicts.

Kenya hosts 534,000 refugees. Chad has 434,000 and Ethiopia 433,000. These are poor African nations.

In North Carolina, leaders in two counties have passed resolutions saying they don’t want any refugees, not one, from the crisis along the border with Mexico. “This issue is not of Brunswick County’s making, and is much larger than Brunswick County, and Brunswick County does not have the excess resources necessary for relief,” its resolution said. Surry County commissioners adopted a similar statement.

Brunswick and Surry are not among the four North Carolina counties listed by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement as having received 50 or more young people this year as part of the recent crisis. The four are Mecklenburg, 536; Wake, 188; Durham, 180; and Wayne, 55. The total for North Carolina is 1,648.

Opposition stems from concern that these children may be eligible to enroll in school and receive other government services. But their presence in North Carolina is not only a reality; it is a legal and humanitarian necessity.

They arrived at our border to escape dangers in their native Central American countries. This was not a matter of poor border security; they wanted to be taken into U.S. custody. Under a 2008 law, they are entitled to legal due process — an evaluation to determine whether they qualify for asylum. This takes months, if not years. In the meantime, many are settled with family members or other sponsors in every state.

Should they be crowded into concentration camps on the border, or should communities across the country share in the responsibility of caring for them? Any county can declare it had no role in creating the problem, but it’s an American problem. It belongs to all Americans.”

“So, perhaps we can emulate many poorer countries and share a little space with people who have nowhere else to go.”

Read more:


Ever heard of Ellis Island?

Many of our ancestors were screened for health issues there.

Some were rejected.

Why? Because people had more damned sense then and we had real leadership.

Instead of blindly following the agenda of Obama et al, the News Record owes their readers an apology.

This is another example of irresponsible party ideology.

And it needs to stop.



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  1. “Upon arrival at Ellis Island, potential immigrants had to undergo medical screening. Most passed, but some didn’t. Find out what happened to those who were not in the best of health.”


  2. “Michigan Toddler Becomes Sixth Death From Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) – While Alabama Toddler Clinging To Life”

    “The timing, specific strain and outbreak pockets coincide with the introduction of virus carrying Central American Immigrant children.

    It might sound alarming to think that EV-D68 was introduced by President Obama and his policies for the distribution of virus carrying Central American UAC’s, Unaccompanied Alien Children, but research reflects the accuracy of such a hypothesis.

    Actually, documentation to support that hypothesis is growing, not shrinking. Our ongoing research on virus distribution follows these two articles on the latest victims.”


  3. CW Here’s one for you…..

    Besides Dr. Lee Hieb’s comments on the spread of Ebola and being the former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons she is running for governor in IOWA. I’m impressed with her energy and insight. I’m sure she could use your support and your bloggers.


    P.S. I think I may have a remote connection to Dr. Hieb.

  4. Thanks for info hapnhal.

  5. CW,

    Thanks for the Ellis Island vids (there are more following the first one you posted).

    While heartbreaking for those who needed medical treatment or were sent back, the majority were given the green light and were able to stay.

    What has happened to us? This ‘administration’ is allowing disease-ridden illegals to flood across the border, with no concern for the American people who belong here. There is no way our healthcare system can possibly keep up with the flow of sick illegals and those legitimate American citizens who are being infected. Have our years of eradicating all these diseases been for nothing? Apparently so…

    It is being done on purpose.

  6. Just came across this video, it is loaded with F words sorry, I don’t know what to believe after seeing it. This guy claims the entire Ebola story is a hoax. With the usurper in office I don’t rule out anything. What do you think?

  7. I knew that NC Governor Pat McCrory questioned the Obama admin sending illegal alien kids to NC.
    Kudos to Gov. McCrory.

    August 6, 2014.

    “McCrory To Feds: Stop Sending Illegal Minors to N.C.
    Public health, schools threatened by 1,200 undocumented immigrants”

    ” Citing health, public safety, criminal justice, and fiscal concerns, Gov. Pat McCrory Tuesday called for immediate federal action to address the relocation of 1,200 unaccompanied illegal-immigrant minors into North Carolina.

    “As governor of North Carolina, I’m calling on the president and the leaders of Congress to cancel their vacation to solve this problem,” McCrory said at an afternoon news conference.

    “I encourage both leaders of Congress and the president to reach out to governors, to mayors, to sheriffs, to county health and school officials who are going to feel the impact of this very, very serious issue in all states,” McCrory said. “This is not the time to wait another two or three months.”

    McCrory said he is unaware of any legal recourse to the relocation or to prevent further federal distribution of illegal immigrants to North Carolina, and his goal is to reunify the children with their families in their home countries.

    “The way the system is supposed to work is that these children should be returned home. Frankly, there should have been efforts in place long ago to ensure that this large wave of children should not have been allowed across the border,” McCrory said. “But that system is severely broken.”

    The governor characterized the Obama administration’s response to the surge of illegal children as woefully inadequate, and said the situation has mushroomed beyond a border crisis.

    “They aren’t ready for this volume. They aren’t ready for the security background checks. They aren’t ready for the health care. They aren’t ready for the follow-up of immunizations. They aren’t ready for record keeping. Our educational systems aren’t ready,” and the defective approach is being repeated in all states now housing the illegals, McCrory said.”

    ““We have not been given any details on their immunization status and what steps need to be taken later on regarding follow-up steps regarding their medical care,” and whether North Carolina school children may be put at risk of contracting illness or disease potentially afflicting the illegal immigrants, McCrory said.”


    Thank God I live in NC.

  8. CW
    What is really distressing is the fact that no matter how great the health of a potential legal immigrant,he/she is being turned away,and are required to WAIT for years,while the DISEASED bastards are free to cross over whenever they wish,and wherever they wish.

  9. oldsailor.
    I have known people who jumped through hoops for legal immigration.
    Obama must identify with his fellow illegals.

  10. A new government report shows that global warming is a SCAM. Find out what they discovered and who stands to benefit from the continuation of these lies.

    Do you believe that “green” industries are running a scam by pushing the global warming narrative?

    New Government Report Shines a Light on the Global Warming Scam and the “Green Mafia” Running it

    The “science” behind the study of global warming has been irreparably tainted. While objective scientific method demands that one formulate an experiment…
    By Greg Campbell


  11. citizenwells | October 12, 2014 at 3:01 pm |

    I have known people who jumped through hoops for legal immigration.
    Obama must identify with his fellow illegals.

    It is a shame what this usurper has done to our legal system, and what he has been allowed to get away with. Immigration laws without enforcement are meaningless, and the usurper has failed to faithfully execute the laws as is his sworn duty. Arrest the usurper! Argue about the details later!

  12. Global warming alarmists continue to push their agenda the only way the know how – they LIE.

    Do you think the myth of global warming was invented by Al Gore so that he could sell carbon credits to willing dupes as a get rich quick scheme?

    Desperate Wildlife Extinction Claims are Part of the Warming Hoax
    One thing that those of us who have been longtime observers and debunkers of the lies surrounding global warming and/or climate change have noticed is that…
    By Alan Caruba


  13. Me thinks something strange going on here!

    According to the experts (?) Ebola can only be transmitted from an actively symptomatic patient. Incubation is anywhere up to 3 weeks.

    Mr Ebola was confined in a small apartment with other people for 2 days with symptoms.. He went to emergency room on Wednesday, sick and with 103 fever on Wednesday and dismissed. He goes back to apartment until Friday where he continues to get worse, vomiting profusely. It has been over 2 weeks and (unless they are not telling the truth) none of those living with Ebola man are symptomatic. Nor are any of those that had contact with him at the apartment complex or those that transferred him back to hospital.

    Now, we have a nurse who followed isolation protocol testing positive. And symptomatic in a relatively short time span.
    I read that there was a breach in protocol, but still, those in direct and perhaps intimate contact (girlfriend) at the apartment had literally NO isolation protocol and they are so far so good.

    It could only be one of two things. Either there are more people infected that we don’t know about or perhaps, this virus is not as communicable in the early symptomatic stages…That could be a good thing.

    But even more communicable in the end stages. Remember, Mr. Ebola helped to transfer a woman with ebola that died shortly that evening.

    Just trying to make sense of this nightmare.


    Obama: My ‘Larger Role’ Is ‘My Obligation to Make Sure Africans Are Safe’

    If there wasn’t a more “in your face” rejection of what the office of the President of the United States is supposed to be, this past week Barack Obama spoke out on the Ebola virus in the US.

    While he claimed that it was his job to make sure Americans were taken care of, he said he had a larger role.

    What is that role you ask? What could be larger than doing his job to secure the borders and obey his oath of office as any American president should?

    According to Obama, it’s making sure that Africans, particularly children and their families, are safe.
    Well I guess after that statement WHITE America knows where he stands with them.
    Needless to say but Obama is failing miserable in both his missions…..

  15. From prior thread.
    You must listen to this video!!!


    “Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson speaks with former Border Patrol Agent Zach Taylor as he breaks down how the CDC is working with Border Patrol authorities and the Department of Homeland Security to disappear potential Ebola victims attempting to cross the border into the United States.”


  16. More economic destruction by the usurper.

    Canada is fed-up with US delay of Keystone, now planning alternative pipeline October 12, 2014 The price of catering to greenie billionaires like Tom Steyer just went up as Canada tells us to go fly a kite. More


  17. It does seem that about every news report is mentioning Hazmat teams being called here and there all over the place:

    Hazmat suit maker’s stock up 50% on Ebola fears

    The stock market was tanking again Thursday. But one tiny company was escaping the carnage. And that’s an understatement.

    Lakeland Industries (LAKE), a maker of hazmat suits with sealed seaming, soared more than 50% due to growing Ebola fears.


  18. Massive Decontamination Effort of Public Spaces as CDC Says Can’t Get Ebola from ‘Casual Contact’

    In the wake of the first Ebola patient to come down with the virus from contact in the U.S., the Center for Disease Control and Prevention sought to once again tell the public that Ebola cannot be caught through “casual contact.”

    Yet at the same time a massive decontamination effort took place at the apartment complex and hospital of the new Ebola patient as detailed Sunday morning at a Dallas news conference.


  19. Now wouldn’t you just know that the low down (or down low) democrats would be placing the blame on the republicans for letting EBOLA into the United States…..I was wondering how long before this was coming.

    How about just putting the blame on the bastard (s) who refuses to close our borders and stop flights to and from the infected area into America….

    That makes more sense than blaming the republicans.

    There is only ONE person to blame for Ebola being in America today… and he isn’t a Republican.


  21. “The Enterovirus D68 and President Obama’s Executive Order #13295…

    The True Story Of Enterovirus D68 is Not A Story of Surprise

    Back in July of 2014 we outlined how the “surprise influx” of Unaccompanied Alien Children from Central America was not in actuality “a surprise”. We knew it was not a surprise because the Obama Administration was specifically pre-planning for an influx a full seven months before the story began to reach the headlines:

    On January 29th of this year, the federal government posted an advertisement seeking bids for a vendor contract to handle “Unaccompanied Alien Children“.

    Not just any contract mind you, but a very specific contract – for a very specific number of unaccompanied minors: 65,000.

    Obviously the key take-away was: How could DHS and HHS claim a surprise when they were specifically looking for contractors to handle a very specific number of UAC’s seven month earlier?”


  22. To Michael With Love…..

  23. sorry…I didn’t post the video…now I can’t find it again….I guess I’m having a senior moment this morning….

  24. EBOLA….Is it all about the Dollar?
    Either course will cause a collapse of our economy…..take your pick

  25. EBOLA in Spain….Real or….a Hoax?

    I have some very serious questions about this video….well not about the video, but about how they are handling the patient (if there is a real patient).
    After you view this, I think you will have some serious question too.

  26. Morning, RM,

    I saw this vid previously; there is no patient in that chamber. As the narrator states, why are the pilots not in protective clothing? That was the first thing I noticed when the doors of the aircraft were opened. And an IV OUTSIDE the chamber? Too many questions and irregularities for this to be legit.

    I’m calling ‘hoax’ on this one.

  27. ……….and exactly why do we now have several severe and life threatening diseases in the US that were never here before? That is easy ……thank the ALLEGED present leader ….Mr.Soetoro…..whose policies are those which only a COWARD,and an insane person would venture. Think about it and look very closely at the TIMELINE of these illnesses. Really even a MORON could figure this bullshi# out.

  28. RMINNC……….
    I would even bet a weeks wages that GEORGE BUSH made a special secret trip to West Africa and found some Ebola virus which he bottled up and brought to the US and his first victim was the gentleman who subsequently died………..yep, pretty sneaky ….dontcha think! I would also bet that the NUMBSKULL LIBERALS actually believe this sort of crap.

  29. I agree Sue K…..good morning to you…something smells about that video…..

    OLDSAILOR82… yep…it’s all; George Bush’s fault…..do you think TPTB are looking for a way to collapse our economy? maybe the world economy?

  30. ANYONE……

    Why are all the videos about EBOLA containing people who are dressed in a puckey looking green attire? Is that suppose to be some kind of signal ?

    Almost every video I have view on the internet contains that very odd color somewhere in the video….

    Does anyone here have thoughts on this?

  31. Yes, RM, I believe that the people dressed in green are crisis actors; we saw them at Sandy Hook…people playing the part of victims who were not victims..

    As I’ve stated before, I try not to buy into all the conspiracy theories out there, but there are too many ‘coincidences’ to be accidents.

    You have to ask yourself why all these crises (and green-shirted people) are happening during Obola’s reign of terror. Sure, we’ve seen tragedies over the years, but not the volume we’re seeing today; it seems that every week, there’s some sort of catastrophic event:

    A shooting in Ferguson, MO…check
    Enterovirus epidemic….check
    Ebola outbreak….check
    Illegal alien ‘children’ spilling over the border…check

    I could go on, but you get my drift.

    IMO, I think that these crises are being engineered in order to take the focus away from Obola’s illegality. We’re getting very close to finding out who and what he is,, and the heat is on.

    So, create a catastrophe and have green-shirted crisis actors play the parts. It makes sense.

  32. Now according to the WHO the cost of this EBOLA epidemic is the general public’s fault…..this tells me if our economy collapses over this Ebola thing, that the fault will lie with the common citizen…… ……this just in from WHO

    .WHO: Ebola is modern era’s worst health emergency
    Associated Press

    “MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The World Health Organization called the Ebola outbreak “the most severe, acute health emergency seen in modern times” on Monday but also said that economic disruptions can be curbed if people are adequately informed to prevent irrational moves to dodge infection.

    WHO Director-General Margaret Chan, citing World Bank figures, said 90 percent of economic costs of any outbreak “come from irrational and disorganized efforts of the public to avoid infection.”
    Did I read this WHO response correctly?…Is 90% of the fault, according to Margaret Chan and the WHO, with unformed people. … and will those 90% of uninformed people take the fall for collapsing the economy?

    What does she mean by “irrational moves” ? I wish Margaret Chan had been a little more specific and detailed what her term of “irrational moves” meant.

    If Ebola comes to the shores of America, I do not see how we can blame anyone but Obama…..since he has refused to close the southern border and refuses to impose flight restrictions coming from the countries where this disease is suppose to be raging…..

    It appears to me that he openly and intentionally issued an invitation to bring this “most severe acute health emergency seen in modern times” to our doorstep.

    Even an idiot would have to agree that Obama has prematurely encouraged the deadly infection to America by his failure to take positive action to stop it where it is located…..in west Africa.

    But one thing is for sure……It has taken the spotlight off of all the other serious problems with ISIS, the 150,000 Kurds that will soon be history, and the power grab by Putin…..all of the above mentioned problems are sidelined by the Ebola scare……rightly or wrongly.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste….watch my right hand, pay no attention to my left…..nothing to see here folks, move along.

  33. Your logic is very sound SUE K….I totally agree with you..

  34. Sue K……

    your comments about Sandy Hook and the hoax, drove to research what color code they used there….it was “PURPLE”…the below video (s)
    explain the Sandy Hook hoax clearly……


    “President Obama went to the bank to cash a check and he didn’t have his ID. And the teller said you’ve got to prove who you are.

    He said, “How should I do that?” She said the other day Phil Mickelson came in, he didn’t have his ID but he set up a little cup on the ground, took a golf ball, putted it right into that cup so they knew it was Phil Mickelson. They cashed his check.

    And then Andre Agassi came in. And Andre Agassi didn’t have his ID either. He put a little target on the wall, took a tennis ball and racquet– hit it onto that target time. We knew that was Andre Agassi so we cashed his check.

    And she said to him, “Is there anything you can do to prove who you are?” And [Obama] said, “I don’t have a clue.”

    And she said, “Well, Mr. President, do you want your money in small bills or large bills?”

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/10/romney-spanks-obama-with-identity-joke/#P3QogkBjgUlFIVep.99

  36. VIDEO: Allen West tells Judge Jeanine that Obama’s latest executive order is not only UNLAWFUL, but that military members are “well within their rights” to DISOBEY the order!

    What do you think? Are military members obliged to disobey an order from the Commander-in-Chief if such an order is ILLEGAL?


  37. SueK | October 13, 2014 at 12:03 pm |

    Morning, RM,

    I saw this vid previously; there is no patient in that chamber. As the narrator states, why are the pilots not in protective clothing? That was the first thing I noticed when the doors of the aircraft were opened. And an IV OUTSIDE the chamber? Too many questions and irregularities for this to be legit.

    I’m calling ‘hoax’ on this one.

    SueK, Good afternoon.

    Where does the “hoax” end, and the truth begin?

  38. bob strauss…you ask:

    What do you think? Are military members obliged to disobey an order from the Commander-in-Chief if such an order is ILLEGAL?

    the answer to your question is; YES …but the military is not what it use to be…and with this illegal CinC…….you will most likely wind up at Leavenworth.

  39. This is an utterly desperate and despicable move by Obama’s Dems!

    Do you believe Democrats will say almost anything to keep from losing the Senate?

    WATCH: Outrageous New TV Ad For Desperate Obama Dems Labels Republicans Killers

    …slated to run in Kentucky where Mitch McConnell is locked in a tight battle…


  40. RMinNC | October 13, 2014 at 3:50 pm |

    Yes as Terry Lakin found out.

    Lakin should sue to get his benefits back, plus back wages, and penalties, and as proof, demand the usurper produce a legal birth certificate, which he can not do.

  41. BOB…

    That would be futile……every court of law in America is in Obama’s hip pocket….we have no system of justice in America any more…..but by law, Larkin has a strong case against Obama …IF, and this is a big IF, he can get a court of law to hear his case….and IF the media would publish the facts as presented…….but that will never happen either.

  42. Lakin has the strongest case of anyone in America, as I see it.

  43. A politically incorrect view of Columbus Day (yes, it’s tied to Islam)
    Written by Allen West on October 13, 2014

    Happy Columbus Day! Now, I know that’s going to upset some folks who want to rename this Indigenous People’s Day. But I for one am very appreciative for the endeavor upon which Genoan Christopher Columbus embarked upon in 1492.

    It’s time for a little trek through history because Columbus’ achievement is relevant to where we are today.

    To understand his achievement, we need to put the whole episode into context.

    After Mohammad’s conquest of Mecca circa 628 AD, his strategic objective went beyond what we know as the Arabian peninsula. Upon his death, that vision was still maintained by what would be known as the Umayyad Caliphate. It was under this Caliphate that Islam violently expanded across North Africa, after which the North African Berbers, Moors, and the Islamic armies turned their sights across the Mediterranean towards the Iberian Peninsula and Europe.

    The Islamic conquest of what is now Spain and Portugal began in 711 and lasted fully until 718 when the conquered land was renamed Al Andalusia — something which modern Islamo-fascists and jihadists use today. Between 728 and 732 AD, the Islamic armies sought to expand their reach beyond Spain into what is now France.

    It was in 721 AD at the Battle of Toulouse where a victorious Christian army led by Duke Odo of Aquitaine over an Umayyad Islamic army checked the spread of Umayyad control. And 11 years later in 732 AD at the Battle of Tours it was Charles “The Hammer” Martel who gave the Umayyad caliphate a serious setback in its objective of conquering Europe from the east.

    It also signaled the beginning of Islamic rule in the Iberian peninsula and what became known as the “Reconquista.” It took some 781 years for the Spanish to break the stranglehold of the Islamic occupation, but it finally came with the combined strength of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille in 1492 — with the fall of Grenada — check out one of Charleston Heston’s great movies, “El Cid,” to gather an understanding of the conflicts on the Iberian peninsula at the time.

    However, something happened before the success of Ferdinand and Isabella in Spain — Constantinople fell in 1453 to the Ottoman Turks and signaled a huge defeat for what had been known as the center of the Eastern Roman Catholic empire. It was the fulfillment of the letter which Mohammad had sent to the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius way back around 628 AD.

    Most importantly, it cut off the eastward trade route to the Indies and China, critical for European commerce. Subsequently there would be two major engagements that were successful in checking the Islamic conquest of Europe: one was the naval battle of Lepanto in 1571 and the other was the Battle of Vienna in 1683 — of course Europe today still remains under siege from Islamo-fascism and jihadism.

    So the man from Genoa, Christopher Columbus, stepped forward not only to challenge the belief that the world was flat, but to find a westward route by sea to the Indies and China. With the defeat of the Islamic armies, Columbus believed he could find favor with Ferdinand and Isabella, and indeed Isabella took a liking and supported Columbus’ endeavor. So we can thank Islamic conquest for inspiring Columbus to find a new trade route west.

    Many condemn Columbus for his endeavor because of the clash of civilizations, which brought disease and death to the indigenous peoples of the New World. As well, with a completely warranted fear of the spread of Islam, the Spanish had adopted Roman Catholicism as a state-sponsored religion and hoped to spread it to the New World in order to counter Islam.

    Another horrific residual effect from the Islamic conquest of over 780 years was the Spanish Inquisition, which had abhorrent effects on the Jewish community, which had fled the Middle East and the Holy Land because of Islamic conquest.

    This is why we don’t have a state-sponsored religion in America, but we do have a Judeo-Christian faith heritage, and the freedom to practice.

    The Jewish diaspora began under Roman Emperor Hadrian around 135 AD after the unsuccessful Bar Kokhba revolt where upon victory, Hadrian renamed Judea as Palaestinia, andJerusalem became known as the Roman province of Aeolia Capitolina. Of course after Mohammed’s rise, a thriving Jewish community was driven from the Middle East as well — so we now know who are the real occupiers forcing people from their traditional homelands.

    But, today we celebrate and remember this Italian explorer who realized the world needed a new trade route because of Islamic conquest — and just so you know, the Umayyad caliphate was followed by the Abbasid caliphate. And here we are today, some 1400 years later, still confronting Islamic conquest by violence, displacement of other indigenous religions by Islam, and the establishment of a caliphate.

    We thank Christopher Columbus, but now the world needs another Charles Martel.


  44. …….there is another angle……….everything happening is choreographed by the Soetoro GOON SQUAD at the WACKEY HOUSE. The diseases were DELIBERATELY BROUGHT HERE……but WHY again that is easy. Soetoro is trying to take the focus off of himself. Everything he has done so far has served to bring more heat,and suspicion upon himself. Now even the LIBERAL LUNATICS are keeping their distance from him. But now we are also seeing the true colors of the American people. A big percentage of our young American females think Soetoro is REALLY C-O-O-L ( AS THOSE WITH TINY LITTLE MINDS SAY). As for the MALE recent college grad,he only knows expressions like UMMMMMM,and UHHHHHHHH,COOL….MAN,which he utters profusely,as he picks his nose,and/or plays POCKET POOL. Sadly this crowd by far outweighs those who have truly done something constructive with their time in college. Many have spent four years, partying,and getting stoned (at their parents expense) who themselves don’t have a clue, and think their little kiddey is going to be the class valdictorian.har har. How the hell can anyone have the smarts to figure out what is going on because they have been taught for the last 50 years that UP is DOWN. It looks to me like Soetoro and his GOONS will keep right on ramming his MANURE down the throats of Americans…….NOBODY HAS LIFTED A FINGER to stop him. Of course NO ONE PERSON can stop him,but if there is still 150,000,000 people in America who are getting really steamed they might want to act soon,because if the recently introduced diseases are not eradicated they themselves might be ERADICATED! NICE,huh!

  45. Every parent, grandparent and teacher should see this…

    Does Your Kid Have a Cold or Enterovirus D68? Here Are Two Ways You Can Tell the Difference

    Important signs to look out for…

    By Victoria Taft


  46. bob strauss | October 13, 2014 at 3:37 pm |

    Hi Bob,

    That, my friend, is the $64,000 question.

    IMO, the hoax does not end; there is no truth whatsoever in anything that comes from this regime.

  47. “Ebola patient in Germany dies, says hospital”



    AND NOW…….we have another Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz.IMPORTANT (Wendy Davis) AKA “BUTCH”….Close friend and “UNDERSTUDY” of Mzzzzzzzzzzzz.Fine Stine, Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Davis BLATANTLY LIED to the public about a person in a wheel chair who is there by no choice of his own. Here is a CLASSIC EXAMPLE of the sort of BULLSHI# that a SICK,TWISTED,liberal sexual deviate will stoop to when they have nothing else to use against a political foe.Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Davis owes him a PUBLICALLY RECITED APOLOGY.

  49. EBOLA:…Is it all about money ?…..

    A Canadian company by the name of NEWLINK ( a wholly owned private corporation) has been granted permission by the United States FDA (on Sept 4, 2014) (36 days ago) , to test an Ebola vaccine….information taken from their website is as below:

    About NewLink Genetics Corporation:

    NewLink is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel immuno-oncology products to improve treatment options for patients with cancer. NewLink’s portfolio includes biologic and small molecule immunotherapy product candidates intended to treat a wide range of oncology indications. NewLink’s product candidates are designed to harness multiple components of the immune system to combat cancer without significant incremental toxicity, either as a monotherapy or in combination with other treatment regimens. For more information please visit http://www.linkp.com.

    About BioProtection Systems Corporation:

    BioProtection Systems (BPS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of NewLink Genetics Corporation, is focused on the research, development and commercialization of vaccines.

    BPS is focused on control of emerging infectious diseases, including improvement of existing vaccines and providing rapid-response prophylactic and therapeutic treatment for pathogens most likely to enter the human population through pandemics or acts of bioterrorism.

    BPS is based on three core technologies that can be leveraged into the infectious disease or biodefense fields. The first technology is a replication-competent recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus, or rVSV, an advanced vaccine technology developed for the Marburg and Ebola viruses.

    The second is our HyperAcute® immunotherapy technology, which is currently focused on enhancing vaccines for influenza but can be adapted to a number of vaccines. (COULD THIUS BE THE ENTROVIROUS68 THAT AMERICA IS NOW EXPERIENCING?)

    The third technology is based on the yellow fever virus vaccine strain.About rVSV Vaccine Platform. This vaccine platform is based on attenuated strains of vesicular stomatitis virus, a common animal virus, modified to express an Ebola virus protein that is non-pathologic in primates and mice.

    This vaccine was initially developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) with a significant portion of the funding coming from the CBRN Research and Technology Initiative, a federal program led by Defence Research and Development Canada, the research arm of Canada’s Department of National Defence, which funded work at the PHAC’s National Microbiological Laboratory resulting in the creation of the experimental vaccine, rVSV-ZEBOV-GP (BPSC1001).

    In 2010, PHAC signed a licensing arrangement with BioProtection Systems (BPS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of NewLink Genetics, as the sole licensee for these vaccines and the underlying technology. BPS has worked with PHAC to produce clinical trial materials and to move this vaccine candidate into Phase 1 studies.(PLEASE NOTE THAT THE EBOLA VACCINE DEVELOPED BY NEWLINK WAS READY TO MOVE INTO PHASE ONE TESTING IN 2010)

    Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements:

    This press release contains forward-looking statements of NewLink that involve substantial risks and uncertainties. All statements, other than statements of historical facts, contained in this press release are forward-looking statements, within the meaning of The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

    The words “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “expect,” “intend,” “may,”
    “plan,” “target,” “potential,” “will,” “could,” “should,” “seek,” or the negative of these terms or other similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements, although not all forward-looking statements contain these identifying words. These forward-looking statements include, among others, statements regarding the following: plans with regard to our infectious disease division; the potential for development of an Ebola vaccine; the prospects and efficacy of our Ebola vaccine candidate; plans to develop and commercialize our product candidates; the timing and outcomes of planned clinical studies; and any other statements other than statements of historical fact.

    Actual results or events could differ materially from the plans, intentions and expectations disclosed in the forward-looking statements that NewLink makes due to a number of important factors, including those risks discussed in “Risk Factors” and elsewhere in NewLink’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the period ended December 31, 2013, Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the period ended June 30, 2014, Form S-3 Registration Statement filed December 28, 2012 and in its other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    The forward-looking statements in this press release represent NewLink’s views as of the date of this press release. NewLink anticipates that subsequent events and developments will cause its views to change.

    However, while it may elect to update these forward-looking statements at some point in the future, it specifically disclaims any obligation to do so. You should, therefore, not rely on these forward-looking statements as representing NewLink’s views as of any date subsequent to the date of this press release
    Please note these vaccines have been on the table since 2010 and they are just now starting to test them at Walter Reed Army Hospital……

    Does this mean that they will be using American soldiers for their human test ? Could the deployment of combat troops to the infected areas be in anticipation of these teat at Walter Reed?…I don’t know, but it’s sure worth looking into.

    Some additional information on the corporation NEWLINK with a subsidiary of BIOPROTECTION SYSTEMS …..

    The CEO of this corporation is Charles J Link Jr. He formed the company in 1999.

    Today the stock of that company opened with a 24% gain from yesterday. Mr. Link has control of NEWLINK and it’s subsidiary, BIOPROTECTION SYSTEMS, with 649,818 shares…..Mr. Link’s stock today is worth 17 million, three hundred and 56 thousand, six hundred and 38 dollars…and 78 cents….($17, 756,638.78) …that’s a pretty good return on investment for 15 years that the comp[any has been in existence !!!

    The United States FDA gave approval to NEWLINK on September 4, 2014 to start testing the vaccine….now isn’t that also strange…just in time for a pandemic scare in America on October 14, 2014 !!!
    You can visit NEWLINK website for additional information. This is all public data that I have posted here.

    I think it odd that this corporation has been standing in the wings since 2010, with a possible cure for Ebola….

    Now I say again folks,……….. is it all about money ?………

    I think I would like to be holding about 10,000 shares of NEWLINK…..

  50. ……our so called leader at the WHACKEY HOUSE seems to be a person who can’t do anything except lock the stable door AFTER THE HORSE HAS FLED. Tells a little about those who elected him as well. I have read that the CDC honcho was once a political appointee of Soetoro to the post of Surgeon General, yet he is GROSSLY, unqualified to even hold such a position. Perhaps Ben Carson would be a much better Surgeon General.

  51. SUR K…..

    If you are on line….can you make any sense with what I have just posted about NEWLINK??

  52. sorry..my typing is terrible this morning….please excuse…that should have been SUE K

  53. RMINNC………
    ………btw who else might be a huge stockholder…..clue: that person presently,and ILLEGALLY resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, DC

  54. If you just gotta fly……….don’t fly AMERICAN AIRLINES !!!

  55. OLDSAILOR82…..
    Good point…I will try to find out the principle stockholders of NEWLINK….
    they may lead back top Chicago !!!!!

  56. top should have been to….sorry.

  57. RMINNC…….
    ……….You seem to have a nose which has the ability to sniff out MONEY. It does have an odor of it’s own,and make no mistake is the odor is identifiable IMMEDIATELY,ANYWHERE,anytime.You might also send a resume to the Federal Securities Exchange Commission…….with a “financial wrongdoing” nose like yours we will have all the white collar crooks behind bars before the year is out.

  58. RMINNC……….
    ………it would seem that if the people at Walter Reed knew about the vaccine,and were preparing to test it, then what more reason do we need to see exactly why 3000 US soldiers were sent to such a place. It would seem to me that it was done for the purpose of deliberately exposing the troops to Ebola. But what happens when all 3000 die from their exposure……will the slimey liberals just say “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE”?

  59. …….but of course over a very long period of time one fact has prominently emerged regarding the LIBERALS ……they have NO COMPUNCTION whatsoever about putting lives at risk…….just as long as it isn’t their own life………which tells me that they are slithering, slimey cowards themselves.

  60. bye bye……….have a great day!

  61. before I go I will offer another thought………for those who are habitual fliers,and/or continuous patrons of American Airlines,you might want to consider looking for somebody who has developed a growth hormone which when taken causes the person to grow a pair of wings,complete with flight feathers…………soon thereafter that person will need to subscribe to a course in Earth Navigation. You will be able to ride the thermals,and fly for miles and miles FREE OF CHARGE. NO CON TRAIL EITHER…………human stealth, at 30,000 feet! Boy just think of all the potential PARA applications,even soldiers. If you could grow the wings of an angel,and you had the gonads of a hairy baboon,you could fly into the universe and get it on with the man in the moon!

  62. OLDSAILOR82…

    You said, “it would seem that if the people at Walter Reed knew about the vaccine, and were preparing to test it, then what more reason do we need to see exactly why 3000 US soldiers were sent to such a place. It would seem to me that it was done for the purpose of deliberately exposing the troops to Ebola. But what happens when all 3000 die from their exposure……will the slimey liberals just say “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE”?
    I think you just might be correct…perhaps the REAL purpose of sending 4,000 soldiers into harms way in EBOLA country is to get them infected…then bring them back to America’s shore to infect the general population on a very large scale……this may sound “way out”, but we are living in way out times now…….

    SOLDIER’S ARE NOT HEALTH CARE GIVERS….and know nothing about that subject……they are not overly cautious about their personal cleanness and in combat situations, if a soldier gets a full bath once a month, most will be happy….. .

    The point is….I fear they will not follow strict protocol when it comes to personal cleanness and individual protection from this very deadly disease…..

    These facts alone then begs the following question…….
    “Why were fighting men/ and women sent into a country (s) where a disease that has a mortality rate of 70% exist in the first place?”……they certainly were not sent there to fight a war….well a war as we know it.

    The only logical answer I can come up with is so they may become infected and retuned to the states for treatment. It surely appears to me that our government is placing inexperienced military personnel in positions they are not trained for, nor were they ever expected to be assigned such duties.

    I do not think the Department of Defense, or the double-speak Obama administration has been forthcoming with an honest answer to this question.


    Wayne Madsen, a NSA Whistleblower, usually post valid info….


  64. sorry that last link did not come up…just type the link in your search engine….

  65. I don’t know what to think of this Department of Defense briefing held in 2005

    Published on Apr 2, 2012

    Thanks to Joey Lambardi, the man responsible for leaking this video. He was set up on charges and imprisoned. Please research this topic.

    In Lombardi’s own words…

    “I was on this assignment that seemed really bizarre. It just didn’t make any sense, you know? I was told that I was to document a war hero’s return home from Iraq. That was it — simple right?

    But the normal chain of command was altered. In this case, the first time in six years, I was to report to a CIA named agent Fleming as well as Army Col. Harris who from what I gather was a big wig intel guy at the pentagon.

    So, that was weird, especially for such a boring sounding assignment. It got weirder when I was mailed a package that contained a DVD and a stack of documents.

    There were a lot of things blacked out, but it was all stuff related to FunVax. The package was address to me, it was sent to the house where I was, you know, videotaping, the family that I was documenting.

    There were two videos actually. One looked like a homemade amateur video that was of a party in a common area, like a lunch room or something. There’s a cake that says “FunVax is a Go” on it and there was a sign that said Congratulations FunVax.

    But that was all the Funvax related information. It was just a normal party, the people were talking about normal things.

    The second video was a lot more informative. It was DoD footage from a lecture hall in the pentagon. The video was date stamped 4/13/05 so someone was holding onto this for awhile. I received it, the second week of February of this year. So, on it, it had one of the guys from the other video, the party video, giving a presentation. I just have an 8 minute clip from this presentation, but basically, this guy, he must be a scientist.

    This guy is giving a lecture about the brain and a gene called VMAT2 to a group of men in suits as well as various military uniforms. He talks about religion and was showing MRI brain scans. He said that the inhibition of VMAT2 could, over time, cause a persons brain to shift from a religious brain structure, they scientifically, you know they call it phenotype…but basically, you can change a religious brain to a non-religious brain structure.

    VMAT2 is apparently the scientific name for what people term the God Gene. At the end of the clip he says that he filed a proposal under the name FunVax to begin experimenting with the VMAT2 gene with the goal of creating a virus, like the flu virus, that will remove or replace this gene from people in the Middle East.

    Their goal of course was to create peace in the Middle East. ”
    This video scares the living hell out of me !!!

    It appears that the DoD goal for FUNVAX was a complete failure.

    Has everyone in our federal government and in our defense organizations lost their ever-loving minds? How far will our government go to destroy God and wipe his memory out of the minds of every living creature on planet Earth?

    If this vaccine (FUNVAX) had worked, then their first step would be to inoculate all military personnel. Then force the vaccine on school kids under some phony requirement dreamed up by the federal Department of Education.

    Within a generation, the word of God and the teachings of our Christian religion would be erased forever…

    Fortunately, if this stuff (FUNVAX) which was invented in 2005 and according to this video was introduced into the Middle East, it appears to have had a reversal on those vaccinated with this “pipe dream” crap. …..

    Since 2005, the Middle East has exploded with violence and the Muslims are more rabid about their fanatical Islam and terrorism now than they were in 2005….or perhaps the fighters of ISIS didn’t take it.

    What really pisses me off more than anything is the fact that our Department of Defense would even consider such a hair brain scheme….but the video appears to be proof they did……

    If FUNVAX was a reality with our DoD, …..what else have they been working on since 2005?

  66. SUE K…………..Help !!!

    HOAX…..or …..REAL ?

    Pentagon anti-religion FUNVAX A HOAX? Maybe not. More evidence-SHOCKING lab test reports.

    If you dismissed the Pentagon’s ANTI RELIGION “FUN(damentalist)VAX” as a Hoax, x based ONLY upon believing the “debunking” criticisms of the short Pentagon seminar video that was released. LOOK AGAIN at this additional purported evidence in the TESTING OF THE VIRUS: i’m on the Ipad and the link is to a 30 PAGE REPORT ON FUNVAX TESTING! There is something in the document that DISABLES COPYING!

    There is only 15 pages of the report at this website……

    Make sure you go to the END and read the conclusions and other pages before and after!


    Therefore, the Pentagon itself may have helped to release enough info to get it debunked and dismissed and declared a hoax, thereby permitting them to push on with the program without fear of public condemnation!
    As a follow up, the only video I can find on the net is the one I first listed at 2:04pm. I found several sites that listed a video, but they all said, “this video is no longer available”…..all the screens at the other website were blank……

    If SUE K is on line, would you please give us an opinion……

  67. Did CIA Meet With CAIR to Purge Anti-Muslim Training Material? It’s Classified

    It certainly paints a scary picture that the nation’s top intelligence-gathering agency is possibly taking orders from an extremist group …

    Read more: Family Security Matters http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/#ixzz3G9g4DHVS
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  68. Apparently there is a drug on the market now from NOVUS BIOLOGICALS called VMAT2…it has a price tag from this company of $309.00 plus 125.00 for shipping to Nigeria ………

    So the question is still hanging………
    is FUNVAX real and is VMAT2 the answer?

    Remember, Joey Lombardi said, and the DoD film also said, ….
    “This guy is giving a lecture about the brain and a gene called VMAT2 to a group of men in suits as well as various military uniforms. He talks about religion and was showing MRI brain scans. He said that the inhibition of VMAT2 could, over time, cause a persons brain to shift from a religious brain structure, they scientifically, you know they call it phenotype…but basically, you can change a religious brain to a non-religious brain structure.”

  69. Hi RM,

    Am at work, but heading home soon; will read all you’ve written and post what I think as soon as I can digest it all :).

  70. SUE K….good afternoon from North Carolina….
    Thanks……..looking forward to your comments……

  71. RMINNC……..
    While I ain’t any sort of medical know it all, I learned in HIGH SCHOOL that when you introduce ANYTHING into the genetic composition of a person,which is contrary to his/her individual genetic composition the end result is CANCER. Because the cells cannot recognise the foreign(morphed) gene, and therefore they cannot reproduce a cell exactly as it is. This is precisely what happens with ionising radiation. The dna strand of that person is broken,and cancer is the result. The introduction of a morphed gene would cause irreparable damage to the recipient’s DNA STRAND.
    During the Korean war there was alleged attempts by North Korea to do BRAIN WASHING (as it was then called) which was based upon a REWARD system. To the best of my knowledge there was only one or two prisoners of war who were ever successfully BRAINWASHED by the North Koreans. If there was any success at all it was primarily because those persons possessed weak minds to begin with. I personally would be very skeptical of anyone’s claim to be able to DE- RELIGIONISE the mind of a strong willed person,via of some sort of genetic chemistry being injected into a his/her body,which was never contained in that person from conception forward.

  72. ……allegedly there are TRUTH serums,which if injected into a person blocked his/her mind in such a way that he she could only tell the truth when asked a specific question. Once again I have my doubts about the viability of such a drug as well. Initially if that person was aware of the ramifications of the drug they could mentally prepare totally screwed up answers to screw up the minds of the persons administering the drug, to begin with. Having the proper mindset is key to non divulgence of information to a captor…….no matter what he does to you…. VERY TOUGH ROW TO HOE!

  73. ……in the video it is constantly referred to as THEORY……. SO MUCH for the CONCEPT of the person doing the talking. I would suggest that he be placed under the care of a PSYCHIATRIST.

  74. …….as I remember Nazi Germany tried to do the exact same thing…..but in that circumstance they were trying to create the MASTER RACE, all of whom would be BLUE EYED,and BLOND HAIRED SUPERMEN.” JA VEE ISS DER SUPERMEN”! This had little to do with creation,and that pursuit by the Nazi Party was more related to HOMOSEXUALITY, than anything else. It seems that the Nazi Leaders had a special penchant for BLUE EYED BLOND MALES. …..really QUEER!

  75. bye bye ……..for today have a great evening!



  78. ….before I shut down I invite everyone to go to MSN and take a look at the little dog who is obviously giving the nurse with Ebola a little kiss on her cheek. You can’t be human if that don’t choke you up a little.

  79. RMinNC | October 14, 2014 at 10:38 am |

    Hi RM, I’ll be on and off shortly; scanning for a Trojan virus that has somehow popped up…

    I’m not sure about this; don’t have any ‘inside’ info however, it could indeed be about the money-that’s always a possibility-however, I came from the Biotech field and even with grants, the dollars run out pretty fast. Phase I clinical trials burn up millions, as does phase II however, Phase III (right before the drug goes to market) is the heavy hitter. My former company had a terrific drug in the pipeline with Phase III trials, and we were burning up **$3,000,000/week!***

    The company closed its doors right after the drug was marketed.

    Even when drugs are in the research stage, it’s expensive; gotta pay the scientists. This drug may have been in progress with no urgency attached to it then, W. Africa happened and it seems that our FDA got involved.

    I’m thinking that the money may have run out, but if this experimental drug is worth financing, the money will appear.

    It doesn’t appear that there’s anything sinister attached to it; Big Pharma is hustling to try to get an effective vaccine out there, and it probably doesn’t matter what country is doing the research.

    Will see if anyone in our Infectious Disease program knows anything about it. I’ll post something if I can get an answer.

  80. RMinNC | October 14, 2014 at 3:36 pm |

    RM, I have never heard of this, but the presenter seems to be legit. I’d like to know who he is, and who his audience was.

    If true, this is nothing short of mind control; sure, where dealing with some whackaloons over in the Middle East, but something like this is truly Orwellian.

    I’ll see what I can find out; remember, I’m a nuke lady! 🙂

  81. SueK…..

    Thanks for the response…if anyone knew anything about this….I felt it would be you…..you are most correct when you say this is truly Orwellian……

    But now days, I cannot reject anything on face value until evidence is presented…..the DoD briefer seem real…even the room number was displayed on the screen……his presentation was something right out of a science fiction book though !…At least, I hope it fiction, but I do not rule out fact at this point..

    Yes I agree the money runs out somewhere…but if this project has the eye of DoD….money will be made available…..even if it comes from black ops.

    I will continue to brose the net and see if I can come up with anything else, until then, you hang in there lady……yes I know your “our nuke lady” and thanks for that.

    Good night and God Bless

  82. “2nd Dallas worker tests positive for Ebola”


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