FDIC v Amrish Mahajan et al update July 12, 2014, Obama Rezko lot Mutual bank loan, Mary Hakken-Phillips pleads fifth, Board minutes altered by Mahajan and Regas

FDIC v Amrish Mahajan et al update July 12, 2014, Obama Rezko lot Mutual bank loan, Mary Hakken-Phillips pleads fifth, Board minutes altered by Mahajan and Regas

“Why wasn’t Rod Blagojevich, Governor of IL, prosecuted before Tony Rezko, a businessman?”…Citizen Wells

“Why was Tony Rezko’s sentencing delayed?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Mutual Bank fire whistleblower Kenneth J Connor after he
challenged the appraisal on the land purchased by Rita Rezko, just
prior to the land sale to Obama?”…Citizen Wells



From a memorandum opinion and order by Magistrate Judge Young B. Kim July 9, 2014 we learn.

Previous opinions resolving Defendants’ motions to dismiss, see FDIC v.
Mahajan, No. 11 CV 7590, 2012 WL 3061852, at *1-3 (N.D. Ill. July 26, 2012), and the FDIC’s motion to strike, see FDIC v. Mahajan, 923 F. Supp. 2d 1133, 1135-36 (N.D. Ill. 2013), describe the details of this case’s background facts and procedural history. What follows are the facts and allegations most pertinent to the questions presented in the current motion.

According to the FDIC, in November 2009, FDIC representatives interviewed
Hakken-Phillips concerning her work as the secretary of the Bank’s Board of
Directors and as the administrative assistant to Bank President Amrish Mahajan.
(R. 289, Mot. ¶ 1.) In support of its current motion the FDIC submitted an affidavit from Tina Solis, one of the FDIC’s attorneys, stating that during the interview Hakken-Phillips described preparing handwritten Board minutes which she then submitted to senior officers. (R. 289-1, Mot., Ex. A ¶¶ 4-5.) According to Attorney Solis’s affidavit, Hakken-Phillips said Defendants Mahajan and James Regas altered the minutes to remove references to “certain adverse matters,” and that she signed the final minutes “feeling that she had no choice but to do so.” (Id. ¶ 4.) The affidavit goes on to say that Hakken-Phillips discussed the Bank’s lending and credit administration practices, compiling reports on the Bank’s real estate portfolio and loan deficiencies, document shredding at the Bank, and Regas’s role in Bank operations. (Id. ¶¶ 5-6.) The FDIC alleges that several weeks after the interview, Hakken-Phillips voluntarily provided the FDIC with her handwritten draft Board minutes and handwritten “diaries” describing tasks, meetings, and communications with the Bank’s senior officers. (R. 289, Mot. ¶ 3.)

On October 25, 2011, the FDIC sued Defendants, each of whom was a
director, officer, board member, or attorney for the Bank. (See R. 1, Compl.) When the FDIC deposed Hakken-Phillips on October 31, 2013, she chose to invoke the Fifth Amendment in response to every question except those asking for her name, address, and educational background. (See R. 289-7, Mot., Ex. G, Hakken-Phillips Dep.) The FDIC filed the instant motion on June 2, 2014, to compel her testimony regarding the authenticity of the draft minutes, the explication of certain passages in those minutes, and the process of preparing the Bank’s final minutes. (R. 289, Mot. ¶ 16.) Hakken-Phillips filed a response on June 19, 2014, in which she requested leave to provide the court with “additional information” regarding the basis of her Fifth Amendment privilege assertion for an in camera review. (R. 302, Opp. ¶ 2.) With the court’s leave, Hakken-Phillips submitted her “additional information” on June 24, 2014, ex parte. (R. 304.) On June 26, 2014, the FDIC filed a reply in support of the current motion. (R. 306, Reply.)”




From Citizen Wells December 27, 2013.

“The FDIC lawsuit against Amrish Mahajan, et al is still alive.

Amrish Mahajan, the former president of Mutual Bank of Harvey, the bank that loaned Rita Rezko the money to buy the lot subsequently sold to the Obamas, has been barred from banking.

From Chicago Business July 1, 2013.

“Politically connected ex-Mutual Bank president barred from banking”

“Amrish Mahajan, former president of failed Mutual Bank of Harvey and a major fundraiser for imprisoned former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, has been barred from future participation in the banking industry under a newly released regulatory order.”


Read more about the Mahajan Obama Rezko connection here.




25 responses to “FDIC v Amrish Mahajan et al update July 12, 2014, Obama Rezko lot Mutual bank loan, Mary Hakken-Phillips pleads fifth, Board minutes altered by Mahajan and Regas

  1. citizenwells

    Good morning

  2. citizenwells

    “Was IRS Union Boss Colleen Kelley the Lois Lerner Link to Obama?”

    “On March 31, 2010, the day before the Inspector General’s report says the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began its scheme to target tea party and conservative groups, the White House Visitors Log reveals that President Barack Obama met with IRS union boss Colleen Kelley.
    In a notable feat of investigative journalism, American Spectator reporter Jeffrey Lord exposed what appears to be an unholy alliance among the White House, Democrat members of Congress and the thousands of IRS employees, who are members of the far-left, anti-Tea Party National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU).
    The NTEU, which supported Obama in 2008 and 2012, through its political action committee, raised $613,633 in the 2010 cycle, giving 98% of its contributions to anti-Tea Party Democrats. In 2012, the figure was $729,708, with 94% going to anti-Tea Party candidates.
    NTEU’s Kelley has a long history of interaction with the Obama Administration, first meeting in the White House on January 30, 2008, a mere ten days after his first inauguration, which she described:
    “We are looking for a return to what we used to call partnership. I don’t really care what it’s called. For me, it’s about collaboration.””

    Read more: http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/was-irs-union-boss-colleen-kelley-the-lois-lerner-link-to-obama

    Thanks to CDR Kerchner for tip.

  3. citizenwells

    Monday JUly 14, 2014.

    Honorable Young B. Kim Courtroom 1019 (YBK)

    1:11-cv-07590 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatio 11:00 Magistrate Status Hearing

  4. CW……….
    The key to gettingAmerica back is the DOJ. The judiciary wing of government is probably the worst corrupted. This is another reason why I still adhere to a 50 state secession from the CORPORATION. This amounts to all of the BOARD members,taking leave of the corporation. When they leave there stands a BROKE chairman of the board,and a BROKE CEO…..which adds up to ZERO. If all states would act simultaneously and secede the alleged federal government could be disenfranchised in one stroke of the pen……and ALL of the CRIMINALS would be UNEMPLOYED. Including Barry Soetoro, Valerie Jarrett, and all the rest of the SCUM. If properly planned the entire disenfranchisement would not require more than about 10 minutes…..with a sworn temporary government in place. All of the CROOKED federal judges would also be UNEMPLOYED. Yes such an action would be painful,but a hell of a lot less painful than what is now beginning to happen.

  5. ……….AND NOW
    ……we are seeing massive lay offs of our military. What the hell is the PENTAGON DOING? They are showing the complicity of the upper echelon brass who have put politics ahead of the safety of our country. Now is the time to FIRE ALL OF THEM…..and return the previously fired upper echelon officers to active rolls. More and more US Navy ships are being either mothballed or scrapped……at a time when they are really needed. Our alleged government is BROKE. The LIBS have finally broke their (bank)…..the US TAXPAYER…..millions of whom are now unemployed thanks to the errant politics of the last 3 decades.

    Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Lerner should be jailed. The simple reason is that this action will send a very much felt message to the rest of the COHORTS that the House does have a few people left who have the BALLS to follow the law of the land. It will say to the rest of the perpetrators that their own slammer vacation is just around the corner, but they still have a chance to get straight with WE THE PEOPLE. Then it only becomes a matter of FOLLOW UP,and send as many of the rest as necessary to lengthy vacations at Leavanworth to drive the point HOME that their BULLSHI# is no longer going to be tolerated in DC.

  7. BYE BYE for today. Have a great day!

  8. bob strauss

    From another usurper crony who plead the 5th.
    Judge Orders IRS to Find Lerner’s Hard Drive Under Oath

    WASHINGTON – Federal judges have delivered a one-two punch to the midsection of the IRS on consecutive days in court.

    As WND reported on Thursday, a federal judge ordered the IRS to explain, under oath, exactly what happened to the missing emails of former tax-exempt division chief Lois Lerner.

    Friday, a different judge in the same District Court ordered the IRS to explain, under oath, what happened to Lerner’s computer hard drive.

    IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified before Congress last month that the hard drive was recycled, and presumably destroyed.

    U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton wants the IRS to tell him whatever they know about the hard drive that Lerner says malfunctioned and lost two years of emails sought by congressional investigators, and he wants those answers in just one week.

    Walton issued an order Friday afternoon demanding to know the serial number of Lerner’s hard drive and, essentially, where it is now.

    WND obtained a copy of the judge’s order which specifically directs the IRS to submit to “an affidavit or declaration signed under oath by an appropriate individual with firsthand knowledge that”:

    “Outlines the expertise and qualifications of the individual or individuals currently conducting the forensic examination as part of the Inspector General’s investigation;

    “Outlines the expertise and qualifications of the individual or individuals who previously conducted forensic examinations or otherwise attempted to recover information from the computer hard drive at issue;

    “Provides a projected date of completion of the Inspector General’s investigation;

    “States whether the serial number, if any, assigned to the computer hard drive at issue is known; and

    “If the serial number is known, why the computer hard drive cannot be identified and preserved.”

    Lerner claims her emails were lost when her hard drive crashed on July 13, 2011. She said that caused her to lose all her emails sent to recipients outside the IRS from mid-2009 to mid-2011.

    A Treasury Department Inspector General for Tax Administration, or TIGTA, is doing the investigation into Lerner’s missing emails.

    The Treasury Department actually oversees the IRS, so attorneys for grassroots group True the Vote, which is suing the IRS for damages, requested the judge allow independent experts to do a forensic examination of what happened to Lerner’s hard drive and to see if they could recover any of the missing emails.

    Judge Walton stopped short of that, at least, for now, but was clearly sympathetic to their concerns, demanding that TIGTA provide so much information in such a short time to the court.

    Washington attorney Cleta Mitchell told WND she was very encouraged because the judge had decided the time had come to hear from people with direct knowledge of the investigation into Lerner’s missing emails.

    True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht told WND she was very happy with the development because the judge showed “a keen interest in having someone look at what investigators are actually doing.”

    Engelbrecht could be the poster gal for federal abuse in the IRS scandal, having had an entire alphabet soup of federal agencies come knocking on her door after she helped found, and then led, True the Vote and King Street Patriots.

    Even though the Englebrechts had spent two decades running a business without any interest from federal agencies, once she applied for tax-exempt status for her grassroots groups, the Texan was suddenly audited by the IRS and ATF, received multiple visits by OSHA and ATF, and even was visited by the ranking Democrat on the Oversight Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md.

    The Engelbrechts were subjected to an astounding 15 audits or inquiries, in all.

    Lerner is under investigation by Congress for targeting conservative groups such as True the Vote.

    She has admitted the IRS improperly targeted groups seeking 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, but has refused to testify before Congress, twice invoking her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

    WND broke the news on Thursday that Rep. Steve Stockman had submitted a motion in the House of Representatives calling for the arrest of Lerner for contempt of Congress.

    Lerner’s missing emails were sent during the very period in which the IRS targeted conservative groups.

    On Thursday, Federal Judge Emmett Sullivan ordered the IRS to make a sworn declaration in writing describing how Lerner could have lost all the emails she sent to other departments from mid-2009 to mid-2011.

    The declaration is due by August 10.

    The judge also assigned federal magistrate John Facciola, an expert in e-discovery, to find out if there is another way to retrieve the emails.

    The judge’s ruling was a significant victory for Judicial Watch, the non-profit government watchdog group which had filed a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, request for Lerner’s emails from 2010 to the present.

    Judicial Watch has been seeking the emails since May 2013 and requested Thursday’s hearing to have the IRS explain what happened to Lerner’s emails, and to explain why the group was never informed they were missing.

    Lerner is not the only IRS employee under investigation whose emails are missing.

    Incredibly, the IRS says the hard drives of six other employees also lost their emails due to hard drive crashes.

    Just one month ago, the IRS belatedly informed congressional committees that Lerner’s emails were missing.

    The IRS then informed Congress that Lerner’s computer hard drive was recycled and apparently destroyed.

    The IRS also then informed Congress that it did not keep backup copies of emails for more than six months, because they were stored on a on old-fashioned tape that is re-used every six months.

    Members of Congress were incredulous that the IRS, which requires tax-payers to save records going back seven years, did not save emails for more than six months.

    As WND reported, when asked by members of the House Oversight Committee on June 23 why the IRS used such an antiquated system, IRS Comissioner John Kokinen testified that the estimated cost of $10-to-30 million was too much.

    Expressing disbelief, Chairman Darrell Issa,R-Calif., wondered, given the IRS’s $1.8 billion IT budget, should that not have been a priority?

    “If we had the right resources, there would be a lot of priorities,” testily retorted Koskinen.

    However, Rep. Scott Desjarlais, R-Tenn. pointed out that $10-to-30 million was not much compared to the $89 million the IRS paid in bonuses last year, including $1 million to employees who actually owed back taxes.

    Thursday and Friday’s court action followed Wednesday’s revelation of more key emails from Lerner, during an Oversight hearing unrelated to the IRS scandal, that was actually called to look at improper government payments.

    An email Lerner sent on April 9, 2013, warned colleagues to be careful about what they wrote in emails because Congress could end up reading them.

    The IRS first became aware that Congress was looking into potential targeting of conservatives on Jun 3, 2011, when chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., sent a letter to the IRS.

    “I was cautioning folks about email and how we have had several occasions where Congress has asked for emails and there has been an electronic search for responsive emails — so we need to be cautious about what we say in emails,” Lerner wrote in April.

    She also asked whether the IRS instant message communications were stored automatically.

    When a tech staffer said they were not unless employees copied them, she replied, “Perfect.”

    Less than a month later, Lerner would use a planted question at a conference event to admit the IRS had improperly targeted conservatives.

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/07/judge-orders-feds-to-find-lerners-hard-drive/#fqLH2VBHMpPB8jB7.99

  9. Bob Strauss: In reference to your post from the “familysecuritymatters” website on July 11, 2014 @ 7:35 pm: Did you happen to see the comment left by “RickAHyatt” regarding 0bama’s biological father actually being Markus Wolf, Deputy Director of the East German STASI during the Cold War? Interesting theory, especially since it could tie into Tom Fife’s story from his visit to Moscow in 1992 – Markus Wolf exiled in Russia after German Reunification in 1990.

  10. bob strauss

    bankroller | July 12, 2014 at 2:54 pm
    I had not seen that comment.

    The plot thickens, who’s the mother?

  11. SO NOW YOU KNOW !!!

    An Act of War Has been Declared By Mexico and Guatemala Against the United States…with the Aid and Assistance of the United States !!!

    A Monday joint press conference was held between Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina to announce their agreement to jointly cooperate in and facilitate the invasion of their northern neighbor, the United States.

    Labeled “The Southern Border Program to Improve Passage,” it is an officially-sanctioned, and coordinated effort on the part of Mexico and the nations of Central America to invade the United States of America.

    The agreement provides a network of border checkpoints through which an internal Mexican travel document will be issued, which is valid for a period of 72 hours. That document, known as a “Regional Visitor’s Card”, will provide temporary legal status to those in Mexico illegally for the sole purpose of invading the United States.

    The announcement, officially granting the “privileges” to illegals from Guatemala and Belize, is expected to be applied to anyone who reaches the southern Mexican border with the intention of invading America.

    Additionally, this action even provides special protections as well as financial assistance to unaccompanied minors.
    ————————————————————————————————–Mexico now receives over ONE BILLION dollars in foreign aid from the United States every year…..this aiding of the Central American illegals to come to America with a “72 hour free pass” through their country must ,STOP….. or Congress must say all Foreign aid to Mexico must STOP…….

    There is no doubt in my mind, nor should there be any doubt in anyone else’s mind, that this rapid influx of illegal children has been a plan of action between Mexico, Guatemala, and the United States all along !

    Remember the Obama administration was placing ads in local Calf papers in Jan. for “escorts” for unaccompanied children entering the country…they estimated 65 thousand at that advertisement….the illegal children didn’t start arriving until July……Go figure.

    Someone, very high up, in the United States Department of State (I suggest John Kerry), has given a green light on Obama’s orders to encourage this invasion…and it is an INVASION, THAT HAS THE POWER TO DESTROY our country as fast, and as sure as a military INVASION…..a simple solution; destroy the economy and you have destroyed the nation.

    Congress cannot be so blind and stupid as not to see what is happening and not to know where to place the blame !!! Yet, no one in a position of power in congress or anywhere else seems to be concerned…..And Obama is going on another 15 days vacation, while Washington burns.

    Something is terribly, terribly wrong with our country and no one is making any effort to end this madness created by Obama with only one purpose in mind….

    the complete destruction of ALL borders between the US and Mexico. that is a ONE way destruction of the border……

    meaning the MEXICANS and SOUTH AMERICANS can enter the United States with a “one way ticket”, but it doesn’t mean an American can cross over the MEXICAN border without proper documentation…..just ask the Marine who has been in a Mexican jail for over 6 months now, with the possibility of a 20 years sentence facing him !

    Obama is famous for saying, “We don’t leave any service man behind….really Mr. President? What about that marine that you REFUSE to even identify or mention…..But I understand Mr. President why you refuse to help free him from that Mexican jail…..it is simply because he IS NOT a DESERTER who was fighting with the enemy…..

    I have a very good idea, Mr. president……Let’s trade the 65 thousand illegal children who just crossed the border into the US with Mexico and Guatemala for the return of that one Marine….

    now that trade would boost your rating in the national polls……then lets warn Mexico that if any other illegals try to enter the US with the aid of Mexico, we will; (1) stop all aid to their country, (2) send our military to the border with orders to shoot to kill anyone illegally crossing out borders, and (3) if that don’t work, we will then place mines along our borders because not too many Americans want to go the Mexico anyway, its always the other way around.

    If some POSITIVE action is not taken by our government, it will not take long for every working American to be as poor as those entering our country looking for the golden goose. this is not theory….it’s fact !

  12. bob strauss on July 12, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    According to the commenter, his mother is/was a “black Indonesian” woman.

  13. bob strauss

    bankroller | July 12, 2014 at 5:09 pm |

    bob strauss on July 12, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    According to the commenter, his mother is/was a “black Indonesian” woman.
    This info is similar to the Shrimpton story, told about his real mother. He said she was an Indonesian woman.

  14. bob strauss

    Wow… a highly decorated, Medal of Honor winning general is calling for Obama to be immediately kicked out of the White House. Please spread the word.

    He says Obama is “openly defying the law” and should be impeached. This general should have FULL support.


  15. bob strauss

  16. SO ……………….What would any rational person expect from a SEXUAL DEVIATE. Those who practice such sick twisted behavior are MENTALLY UNBALANCED which DEFINITELY effects their ability to reason or use any logic. I have repeatedly said this and NOW we are seeing very clear evidence of it. Such people are BOUND AND DETERMINED to RAM THEIR twisted behavior,and ILLOGICAL,and otherwise IDIOTIC reasoning down the throats of all Americans. Of late not a day has passed that has not brought with it clear evidence of the mental lunacy that is leading our country. Yet not ONE person has taken any positive action to confront the deviant,twisted lunaticperpetrator who is squatting in the WACKEY HOUSE.
    Further I personally believe that Barry Soetoro is NOT EVEN a CITIZEN of America and should rightfully be removed from office and DEPORTED.

  17. AND NOW…………..
    ………….Isrrael has mounted a full scale invasion of GAZA, which I believe is for the purpose of PERMANENTLY shutting down the LUNATIC ROCKET LAUNCHERS. I take off my hat to the Israelis,because this is the ONLY way that they have to stop the insanity being sent to them AIR EXPRESS. Once again I point out TWISTED MENTALITIES. These lunatics have been taught HATE from the day they were born,and their minds cannot function in a reasonable manner. Their minds have been programmed to HATE,AND MURDER others,and the only reprogramming that will be effective is a bullet between their eyes. Israel knows this as well as the rest of the world. These lunatics have been at it since the 4th century. They slurp up goat milk like it is going out of style. It has excessive levels of calcium,which ends up in their pea size brains. Excessive calcium in brains leads to INSANITY. This was reported in detail to the AMA in the 1960s, by a prominent New York pathologist,who had studied this phenonema,for many years. He was LAUGHED AT BY ALL the do gooder uppercrust medical community. I personally believe what he had to say after all he too was a goat milk slurper. I believe that he might well be correct in his analysis.

  18. ……I have a question………….
    Why the hell would the IRS UNION boss Colleen Kelly be visiting the WACKEY HOUSE at all unless she was there for some sort of special meeting with Soetoro? Union bosses are supposed to be managing their membership,not visiting the POTUS. I believe that she was there to receive her marching orders…..direct from the HORSE’S MOUTH. If this is accurate then she too is a conspirator and deserves to be subpoenaed by the oversight committee. Her testimony should be under oath. with penalty of perjury. If she is caught in a lie then she should be found in contempt of Congress,and share a Leavanworth cell with Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Lerner.

  19. ………Colleen Kelly might very well be the connection to the WACKEY HOUSE.

  20. bob strauss

    Benghazi Cover-Up Grows: Obama Admin Obstructs Investigation as latest evidence proves Benghazi attacks premeditated
    Posted By Pamela Geller On July 12, 2014

    Despite growing mountain of evidence, the Obama administration continues to tell bigger and bolder lies.
    “Issa accuses State Department of dodging Benghazi questions in 37-page letter,” FOX News, [1]July 11, 2014
    Top Republican Rep. Darrell Issa Friday accused the State Department of trying to repeatedly dodge congressional efforts to look into the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.
    The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman sent a 37-page letter to the newly-created House Select Committee on Benghazi detailing attempts he claimed were made to sidestep providing documents and answering questions about the attack from September 2012 until May 2014.
    Issa said the State Department promised to cooperate with Congress but failed to actually provide information requested and missed many deadlines.
    He also claimed the State Department threatened to destroy “committee property necessary for internal organization of in camera documents” and called out “abusive State Department document redaction practices.”
    According to the letter, the State Department in early 2013 refused to hand over documents to the committee and demanded that the documents be reviewed in private. Issa’s letter added State officials also started leaving some of the documents behind or forgot to bring them to meetings.
    Issa’s letter also cited State’s “abusive” redaction of key documents, and said the department tried to retroactively declassify documents to prevent their release.
    “To mark a document with the lowest possible classification but the highest possible declassify date –25 years –is highly unusual,” the letter stated.
    Fox News previously reported that some of the documents released to Congress by the State Department this past spring were more heavily redacted than documents released to the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.


  21. Everyone…….you need to go to MSNnews,and read about Ian Thorpe.This is really disheartening news. You just NEVER KNOW who is next. I find myself in anguish to say the least.Really frustrating! Don’t know what to think,except that it solidifies my belief that HUMANITY is GOING TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET!

  22. BTW there is also a picture of him at MSN as well.

  23. The blonde state department spokeswoman certainly has male facial expressions. The blonde crown appears to be a WIG. Doesn’t seem to be in the correct position relative to his/her face. I have my doubts about this one!

  24. BTW he/she is wearing male style classes as well. Don’t remember seeing any females wearing such basic glasses frames. Could we be looking at ANOTHER TRANNY?

  25. bye bye have a great day! Godbless!

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