May jobs report June 6, 2014, Jobs added replace jobs lost in recession?, US Labor Dept BLS orwellian data, Low information voters and reporters, CNN Market Watch reports

May jobs report June 6, 2014, Jobs added replace jobs lost in recession?, US Labor Dept BLS orwellian data, Low information voters and reporters, CNN Market Watch reports

“According to shocking new numbers that were just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20 percent of American families do not have a single person that is working. So when someone tries to tell you that the unemployment rate in the United States is about 7 percent, you should just laugh. One-fifth of the families in the entire country do not have a single member with a job. That is absolutely astonishing. How can a family survive if nobody is making any money? Well, the answer to that question is actually quite easy. There is a reason why government dependence has reached epidemic levels in the United States. Without enough jobs, tens of millions of additional Americans have been forced to reach out to the government for help. At this point, if you can believe it, the number of Americans getting money or benefits from the federal government each month exceeds the number of full-time workers in the private sector by more than 60 million.”…Zero Hedge April 29, 2014


“Nearly half of U.S. companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees because of the ACA. One in five firms indicates they are likely to hire fewer employees, and another one in 10 may lay off current employees in response to the law.

Other firms will shift toward part-time workers. More than 40 percent of CFOs say their companies will consider switching some jobs to less than 30 hours per week or targeting part-time workers for future employment.”…Duke University Fuqua School of Business December 11, 2013


“Over the last six months, of the net job creation, 97 percent of that is part-time work,”…Keith Hall, former BLS chief


We not only have low information voters in this country we have low information reporters.

Yesterday the big jobs news was the alleged recovery of jobs lost during the recession.

From CNN June 4, 2014.
“U.S. soon to recover all jobs lost in crisis

Set your sights on this number: 113,000.

“That’s how many jobs the U.S. economy needs to hit its break-even point, to finally recover all the jobs lost in the financial crisis.
Get ready, because we’re about to get there this Friday.

That’s when the U.S. Department of Labor will release its May jobs report, and the outlook is rosy. Economists surveyed by CNNMoney expect the U.S. economy added 200,000 jobs in May.”

Read more:

From Market Watch June 5, 2014.

“When the Labor Department releases the data on jobs created in May, the figures are expected to show that, for the first time, the total number of jobs has surpassed the level when the U.S. entered recession in December 2007. The U.S. is just 113,000 jobs away from the previous peak reached in January 2008. Economists polled by MarketWatch expect a 210,000 gain.”

Read more:

At least Market Watch added this:

“And it’s important to note the U.S. population has grown by about 12.5 million people since 2008. Not all of them will be in the work force, but if the numbers on labor-force participation of that group are similar to what’s seen nationally, that’s another 6 million positions to fill.”

And thank God some of the public is paying attention.

From the Market Watch article comments.

“Wayne H1 hour ago
Government fuzzy math.
US Population:
7/8 304.09M
11/13 316.99M

Growth of 12.9M during Obama presidency

US Labor force participation:
01/08 66.2M
04/14 62.8M

Jobs shrunk 3.4M during Obama presidency

US household income:
12/7 $55,500
6/13 $52,100

Down $3,400

The reality is that fewer people are making less money to support even more people.


Seamus Brown2 hours ago
Hey MW, you missed this chart:

It tells the whole story, factoring in the falling participation rate.

Of course, we all know the truth is not your goal, is it?


Will O’My2 hours ago
@Seamus Brown
This is a good one also –
This data center has all the data for economics research, it is the Fed’s central data center.”

“Bill Johnson2 hours ago
Quick get the memo to all those extra people on food stamps that they need to cancel their benefit. They are employed again and didn’t even know it.

In the year 2000 we had 17,194,000 people on food stamps with a population of 282,162,411. In 2008 we had 28,223,000 people on food stamps. As of February of 2014 we have 46,177,144 people on food stamps. Our current population is 318,176,220 million.

This means that we went from having 6% to 14.5% of the population on food assistance in 14 years. What type of jobs are exactly being created here? What type of “progress” are we experiencing here? ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF IT YET!!?

Oh I know the answer, we will just keep expanding the gov’t some more. That will fix it because its obviously worked so well for us so far. Before you jump down the Democrats throats the Republicans get some of this blame too.”




29 responses to “May jobs report June 6, 2014, Jobs added replace jobs lost in recession?, US Labor Dept BLS orwellian data, Low information voters and reporters, CNN Market Watch reports

  1. oldsailor82

    CW ……..
    The numbers don’t lie,unless they are bullshi# to begin with. Even in Indiana there are entire families without anybody employed. They have to find food money somewhere…..hello WELFARE! Between all of the Religous organisations,the food banks, and summer,most of those people manage to get enough to eat,but they live from hand to mouth. Some grow gardens in the summer,and they can what they grow. Some go hunting during deer season,and again either freeze or can the meat. A few who live outside of city limits raise egg laying hens,and sell fresh eggs,and some have begun to have milk cows. Unfortunately only a few people who have the acreage can do such things. In Fort wayne an enterprising individual has been leasing empty lots,and growing produce for the local food bank. They have the produce canned commercially, under special branding,and FDA licensure. The outside of the cans are stamped as to the contents. I tend to think that if anybody goes hungry,it is for the most part their own fault. Some of these people will do absolutely nothing,but expect everything in return.

  2. citizenwells

    Almost 300,000 more people not in the labor force want a job now from April to May.

    Source: BLS

  3. citizenwells

    The BLS jobs added numbers are BS.

  4. citizenwells

    “What Quality Jobs? Over Half Of May Payroll Growth Is In Education, Leisure And Temp Help Jobs”

  5. citizenwells

    “And now the bad news. As the next chart shows, that virtually every job gaines since the trough of the depression has been matched by at least one person dropping out of the labor force. In fact, since December 2007, the total number of jobs is virtually unchanged, while the number of people not in the labor force has increased by an unprecedented 12.8 million from 79.2 million to a record 92 million. Recovery?”

  6. oldsailor82

    My wife knows a lady who volunteers at the local food bank. The lady told my wife that there are a number of black females who think everything should be free to them,and they get really upset when they discover that they are now required to pay the restocking fee, which basically amounts to only PENNIES on the dollar. Hell they drive their ESCALADES in and at least 10 little chocolate drops come into the foodbank building with them and misbehave all the time they are there. Some of these females take over 200 lbs of food out of the foodbank,every week. She said that even though there are limits on every food item they will set up such a ruckus that the manager will give them everything they want,which takes away from the availability of food for others. Such people in my own mind are CHEATING ,SLIMEY BITCHES,and should be forbidden to even enter the premises,but that will never happen while we have a LIBERAL city government,along with liberal SUCKLING county officials. It is this sort of practice which defeats the mission of the food bank. ABSOLUTE STINKING PIGS,grabbing everything in sight,then screaming expletives at the people who are trying to help them. Classic example of the CROWD WHO THINK EVERYTHING IS OWED TO THEM! We have obviously been invaded by people from DETROIT. THEY RUINED their own city now they are trying to ruin our city. REAL A$$HOLES.


    FLOTUS for Senate?

    It wasn’t that long ago that such a slogan would seem absurd, but political wags are beginning to wonder whether Michelle Obama is mulling a run for Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk’s seat in 2016.

    A Thursday column in Reuters suggests that Obama would be the only candidate with a large enough profile to unseat the Republican.

    Follow us: @nbcchicago on Twitter | nbcchicago on Facebook
    Now this is all we need to complete the destruction of America….a transgender in the Senate… go along with the gay in the White House….

    A transgender that once said, “For once in my adult life, I’m proud to be an American”….then also said on national television, “all of this for a damn flag”?

    I call this a twisted patriotism…and FLOTUS a twisted patriot.

  8. oldsailor82

    …….if the local foodbank ever closes it’s doors the PIGS will probably sneak over the fences at night and set the buildings on fire. This has been standard practice of people who are evicted from where they live. They are usually evicted for either being behind on rent,or property destruction ,or all of the above. In many instances the apartments were torched soon thereafter,and in EVERY fire it was ARSON. Just their way of getting even. So when the BASTARDS have burned down all of the apartments they will WHINE that there are no apartments available to them and the city should provide FREE apartments. Most of this is coming from the PIGS who live off of the taxpayers dime to begin with,and are raising at least 10 little BASTARDS.

  9. oldsailor82

    ………..and a hell of a lot of our young people think MOOOOchell is really C-O-O-L. HAR HAR HAR………. TELLS A TALE OF TOTAL STUPIDITY! ……..YOU CAN’T FIX STUPIDITY!……COMPOUNDED BY “BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER”.

  10. citizenwells

    Half The Country Makes Less Than $27,520 A Year And 15 Other Signs The Middle Class Is Dying

    If you make more than $27,520 a year at your job, you are doing better than half the country is. But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can check out the latest wage statistics from the Social Security administration right here. But of course $27,520 a year will not allow you to live “the American Dream” in this day and age. After taxes, that breaks down to a good bit less than $2,000 a month. You can’t realistically pay a mortgage, make a car payment, afford health insurance and provide food, clothing and everything else your family needs for that much money. That is one of the reasons why both parents are working in most families today. In fact, sometimes both parents are working multiple jobs in a desperate attempt to make ends meet. Over the years, the cost of living has risen steadily but our paychecks have not. This has resulted in a steady erosion of the middle class. Once upon a time, most American families could afford a nice home, a couple of cars and a nice vacation every year. When I was growing up, it seemed like almost everyone was middle class. But now “the American Dream” is out of reach for more Americans than ever, and the middle class is dying right in front of our eyes.”

  11. citizenwells

    “• “Pretty much right on the head with all forecasts – a solid report all around. Not overtly positive, but still positive.” — Christopher Vecchio, currency analyst, @CVecchioFX.”

    What are they smoking?


  13. oldsailor82

    The sign says it all! har har Must be a “gunney” talking.

  14. citizenwells

  15. oldsailor82

    When the bow gate of the LCVPs fell the troops inside had no idea exactly how far up Omaha beach they would get, but they said a quick prayer and stepped into the shallow water and started in the direction of the beach. A hell of a lot of them were cut down by German machine guns before they took even one step forward. I cry inside of me when I think about what had to be in their minds as they watched their peers being cut down. I also wonder why so many young men didn’t concentrate rifle fire upon the places where the flashes from the machine guns was visible. There was usually 50 troops in each LCVP. It would seem that a heavy concentration of rifle fire might have slowed down the German machine gunners just enough to allow a better and faster penetration of Omaha beach. Such rifle fire was not allowed in those days until a soldier was on the beach. I never understood that. If you are in range of your rifle’s capability then every incoming small boat should have opened up upon where they saw the muzzle flashes at. When you get a hellacious volumn of incoming mail,most generally soldiers on both sides try tro get behind something solid. While that gunner is ducking incoming the offloaded troops could move.

  16. oldsailor82

    Instead they depended upon concentrated fire from ships offshore. All that would have been needed was for just one rifle round to go into the muzzle of the machine gun and the second the Kraut squeezed the trigger the machine gun would have exploded. When you concentrate such fire there is always a chance that one round will find the mark. My DS at the National Guard who was somehow lucky enough to not only penetrate Omaha beach,but lived through the entire war. He said that he walked most of the way to the Rhine. He too said that he never understood the reasoning behind waiting until a rifleman was off the landing craft before opening up on the enemy. He always told us that if there is a heavy concentration of machine gunners if you fire your weapon put the bead exactly on the enemy’s weapon flash.As I said only one round was necessary to put a machine gun out of commission along with the person squeezing the trigger. At Normandy, and everywhere else the LCVP s have a very high bow gate with a lower slot in it. The slot is for such fire against the enemy machine gunners to occur. The bow gates of the LCVPs was made from steel about 1/2 inch thick. It was designed to protect the people behind it,including the coxswain of the craft. In reality the second the bow gate was dropped is when the rifles should have opened up on the flashpoints of the krauts weapons.

  17. oldsailor82

    I tend to think that the reason why so many of our guys were hit and died before they even took istep forward was because they were ordered to not fire until they were ashore. You MUST SUPPRESS ENEMY FIRE any way you can if you expect to move forward in such a landing.

  18. oldsailor82

    Once again I have babbled far more than I should have……..bye bye have a great day all .

  19. citizenwells

    “U.S. consumer credit surges in April”

    “The biggest surprise was credit-card debt, which surged $8.8 billion in April or 12.3%. This is the highest annual rate of credit-card debt since November 2001”

    Any of you surprised?

  20. There are some real nasty rumors floating all over Washington DC this morning that in addition to releasing the five most wanted terrorist back into the fight, Obama also gave a “money ransom” for the release of the defector, Bergdahl.

    If this proves to be true, and I believe it will, then this president has committed a high crime …called treason by giving “aide and comfort” to the enemy’s of this nation, while still engaged on the field of battle. Aide can come in many forms. It could be weapons, intelligence, or money, which can be used to buy more bullets and bombs to kill more Americans in combat on the field of battle.

    If it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he did in fact give money to the terrorist…..that will be grounds for the most severe action and punishments possible to be taken against Obama.

    If it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, but no action is take….God help America because we now have a rouge dictator that cannot be stopped in his mission to destroy this country.

    The next few days are critical in making that determination….if Congress does not act, he will become embolden, just like those he has already released, and he will do something even more outlandish and illegal.

    This man must be held accountable for his high crimes against the people of America.

  21. bob strauss

    citizenwells | June 6, 2014 at 3:15 pm |

    “U.S. consumer credit surges in April”

    “The biggest surprise was credit-card debt, which surged $8.8 billion in April or 12.3%. This is the highest annual rate of credit-card debt since November 2001″

    Any of you surprised?
    No job, no money, put it on the card, and hope for the best.


    Obama was caught on camera chewing gum while clapping during the welcome for Her Majesty the the Normandy ceremony. He kept chewing throughout the ceremonies, also managing to anger France. French twitter blew up (not to mention British and American reaction): I am ashamed that he represents my country at this event.

    What a jerk we have for president….maybe the other nations will soon get sick of his total disrespect for anything and everything…other than himself !

  23. bob strauss

    92,009,000 Americans Not Working…
    Labor Force at 36-Year Low…
    7 Million Have Left Under Obama…
    Lethargic economy…

  24. bob strauss

    Hannity Goes There: Manchurian Candidate Obama Release Your Records; Transcripter?

  25. bob strauss

    Must Hear: Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro; Impeach Manchurian Candidate Obama

  26. Cabby did you count the number of repetitions. I did not get past 5 on each of the exercises that were done with 2kg weights.

  27. Well guys this is the first time that he knew about it before he heard it on the news.MHO says I don’t think this one is going to go away.

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