Obamacare triggers millions of healthcare policy cancellations, Rep Cory Gardner questioned insurance company executives, Businesses facing increased healthcare costs will drop employee coverage

Obamacare triggers millions of healthcare policy cancellations, Rep Cory Gardner questioned insurance company executives, Businesses facing increased healthcare costs will drop employee coverage

“Your employer’s known about it for the longest time, just like everybody else has.  We had a call. The guy couldn’t go on the air. He was afraid to go on the air. He was afraid he would be recognized.  He told Snerdley his name. He’s a health care consultant. What did he say, 15 companies that he’s consulting?  (interruption)  Yeah.  (interruption)  Oh, okay. He’s a health care consultant.

In other words, he advises companies on how to best do health care, the most affordable pricing with the least expense involved and so forth.  He said that so far he’s consulting 15 different companies/corporations who are gonna offload all their employees.  He’s also advising them on the 30-hour workweek and what that will mean for them (i.e., part-timers don’t have to get covered at all). “…Rush Limbaugh May 8, 2014

“Nearly half of U.S. companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees because of the ACA. One in five firms indicates they are likely to hire fewer employees, and another one in 10 may lay off current employees in response to the law.

Other firms will shift toward part-time workers. More than 40 percent of CFOs say their companies will consider switching some jobs to less than 30 hours per week or targeting part-time workers for future employment.”…Duke University Fuqua School of Business December 11, 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From WND May 7, 2014.

“Insurance execs: Millions of health plans to be canceled”

“Millions of American families still must face the catastrophic loss of their health insurance policies because of Obamacare, members of Congress learned at a hearing with insurance company executives this week.

They will join the millions of families who lost their policies over the last six months, also because of Obamacare, the company executives confirmed.

It was at a hearing of the Energy & Commerce Committee that Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., grilled a half-dozen insurance company executives appearing before the committee on who was responsible for the previous round of policy cancellations, and who should face blame for the next round.

A statement on Gardner’s website said, “The witnesses confirmed that these [previous] cancellation notices were sent out due to the president’s healthcare law. It was also disclosed that millions more Americans will see their plans canceled when the president’s healthcare law is fully enforced.”

The conflict arose over Barack Obama’s publicly and repeatedly stated promise: “If you like your health-care plan, you can keep it.”

But estimates are that about six million policies were canceled as the new law started applying its requirements and consumers’ old policies no longer were “compliant” with Obamacare, that is, they didn’t include some demand of the new law, such as coverage for abortifacients.

The policies were canceled, and consumers were told they were required to find new insurance.”
“When Gardner asked the insurance executives the reason for the previous and coming cancellations – he asked whether it “was because of Obamacare or because of you” – they said without hesitation it was because of the requirements of Obamacare.

“The law required us to send those cancellations,” one executive said.

Asked specifically about Obama’s promise that consumers could keep their plans if they liked them,” an executive said, “That was not true for 100 percent of our customers.””

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From Rush Limbaugh May 8, 2014.

“Media Knew the Truth About Obamacare”

“RUSH:  Yeah. Well, wait ’til you get to the non-retired employees.  They’re gonna get hit with this, too.  That’s what’s kind of disingenuous. Look, I don’t want to get the Kaiser people mad at me.  There’s nothing to be gained by that. But, for crying out loud, here! They’ve known about this.

They’ve got this big news story from yesterday warning people (scoffs) that this is going to happen, and they’re saying that there may be something they can do to help this situation. But, I mean, for crying out loud! Everybody who supported Obamacare has got to accept a share of responsibility for this.

Everybody who supported this, everybody who knew what was in it and didn’t tell anybody this was in it, is responsible.  Two years ago! Go back to RushLimbaugh.com. You can read transcripts of it being discussed on this program.  Again, I want to make the point: It was supposed to have been implemented in January of this year, 2014.

Right now, all these cancellations you’ve heard about? Those are just the self-insured.  Those are not people that get their health insurance at work.  You’ve heard enough horror stories from those people, what the replacement costs are, what the premiums and the deductibles are — doubled and tripled — and what’s happening to the copays.

All along we reminded people, “Wait, those of you who are covered at work? This doesn’t affect you yet.  Your time is coming.”  It was supposed to have arrived with January.  But the Regime delayed it.  Can you imagine, just in this guy’s example, if hundreds of thousands of people in January had been off-loaded to HealthCare.gov with the mess that was?

Can you imagine? We wouldn’t just be talking about a wave Republican victory; we would be talking about the funeral of the Democrat Party, and the Regime knew this.  That’s why this has been delayed until after the election, and there are couple of other elements of Obamacare that have moved back beyond 2016 and the presidential race.

AT&T, all along, has been saying that Obamacare was gonna cost them over $1 billion a year, and this is how they are going to get out of that, in part.  So the Kaiser report here is a warning story.  “Ah, ah! Heads up! Warning! Guess what?  Your employer is even now thinking about doing this.”  Well, of course your employer is! ”

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29 responses to “Obamacare triggers millions of healthcare policy cancellations, Rep Cory Gardner questioned insurance company executives, Businesses facing increased healthcare costs will drop employee coverage

  1. citizenwells

    “The truth shall set you free.”

  2. oldsailor81

    Have you read what the North Koreans had to say about Soetoro? Pretty hairy stuff. At one point the North Koreans referred to him as a HALF BREED,with a monkey body,and that he should go live at an AFRICAN ZOO.

  3. oldsailor81

    My comment got me put in moderation. All I did wasa repeat what I read about earlier…….and it wasn’t in moderation where I read about it, and nobody was in moderation.

  4. oldsailor81

    Go to MSN.NEWS. Read

  5. oldsailor81

    Well,well,well I can’t help wonder how “THE LIE HEIMER” likes getting back some of his own sort of BS, and by a foreign government. Lets see if Soetoro will have the people who said it ARRESTED, for RACISM! har har

  6. oldsailor81

    ……….or maybe Mzzzzzzz.HOLD HER will go and arrest the person who said it all. Lets see if he has the GONADS to arrest Kim jong Ill.

  7. bob strauss

    Maybe Trey Gowdy will subpoena the usurpers “Hawaiian” birth certificate for forensic examination.
    Former Judge: Trey Gowdy Can Subpoena Obama Himself [VIDEO]

    Judge Napolitano explains the broad subpoena power the Benghazi…


  8. bob strauss

    Why would she do this?
    Whoops! Guess What Hillary Didn’t Do While She Was Secretary of State . . . Jim Geraghty – Boy, this is awkward: Under Hillary Clinton, the State Department repeatedly declined to fully go after the terror group responsible for kidnapping hundreds of girls. The State Department under Hillary Clinton fought hard against placing the al Qaeda-linked militant group Boko Haram on its official list of foreign terrorist organizations for two years. And now, lawmakers and former U.S. officials are saying that the decision may have hampered the American government’s ability to confront the Nigerian group that shocked the world by abducting hundreds of innocent girls. In the past week, Clinton, who made protecting women and girls a key pillar of her tenure at the State Department, has been a vocal advocate for the 200 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, the loosely organized group of militants terrorizing northern Nigeria. What Clinton didn’t mention was that her own State Department refused to place Boko Haram on the list of foreign terrorist organizations in 2011, after the group bombed the UN headquarters in Abuja. The refusal came despite the urging of the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, and over a dozen Senators and Congressmen. “The one thing she could have done, the one tool she had at her disposal, she didn’t use. And nobody can say she wasn’t urged to do it. It’s gross hypocrisy,” said a former senior U.S. official who was involved in the debate. “The FBI, the CIA, and the Justice Department really wanted Boko Haram designated, they wanted the authorities that would provide to go after them, and they voiced that repeatedly to elected officials.” Anybody else think we’ll be hearing a lot about Boko Haram between now and Election Day 2016? … Morning Jolt

  9. bob strauss

    Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833: “The state governments have a full superintendence and control over the immense mass of local interests of their respective states, which connect themselves with the feelings, the affections, the municipal institutions, and the internal arrangements of the whole population. They possess, too, the immediate administration of justice in all cases, civil and criminal, which concern the property, personal rights, and peaceful pursuits of their own citizens.”

  10. bob strauss

    House Republicans find 10% of tea party donors audited by IRS: By Stephen Dinan – Despite assurances to the contrary, the IRS didn’t destroy all of the donor lists scooped up in its tea party targeting — and a check of those lists reveals that the tax agency audited 10 percent of those donors, much higher than the audit rate for average Americans, House Republicans revealed Wednesday. Republicans argue that the Internal Revenue Service still hasn’t come clean about the full extent of its targeting, which swept up dozens of conservative groups. … Rep. Dave Camp, Michigan Republican and chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, asked the IRS to review the names on those lists to see whether any had been audited. The IRS reported back that 10 percent were audited — substantially higher than the average rate of 1 percent of average Americans who are audited each year. … Washington Times [So if you were one of the people on the Tea Party donor lists that were illegally obtained by the IRS from the targeted conservative groups, you were ten times more likely to be audited than the general public – TEN TIMES. That is no coincidence. This is a scandalous abuse of government power to target your political enemies. People should go to jail over this.]

  11. bob strauss

    Alan Gray: The mainstream media seems to have abrogated their responsibility to report the Obama ID fraud issue… NewsBlaze.com is interested in finding out the truth… Someone should be doing it… Time to do something…


  12. Here’s some of the racist comments made be “average” Citizens of North Korea against Obama. If comments like these could be traced to a person here in the US they would be lynched or worse. So notice how different standards of tolerance contrast between our country and other totalitarian regimes.


  13. bob strauss

    Maybe we’ll see how long Lois Lerner will protect the usurper when she’s in a jail cell.
    Boehner has Authority to Arrest Lois Lerner


  14. bob strauss

    How about in every office of government?
    Obama’s Political Staff Operating Illegally in the EPA


  15. bob strauss

    I guess now we know who Hillary works for.
    See my post @ bob strauss | May 9, 2014 at 2:50 pm |
    FLASH, George Soros’s MoveOn.org Petitioned to Keep Boko Haram Off Terrorist List, now they kidnapped nearly 300 Christian girls to sell them into slavery


  16. bob strauss

    More evidence of fraud by the usurper. More lies, impeach this criminal.
    Winters in the United States Are Getting Colder


  17. bob strauss

    Found this on my Facebook page, thought it might be of interest to my fellow infidels.

    Muslim girls being lead off in chains to meet their new husbands. The leading experts in Islamic Law met recently at the 191st meeting of the Council of Islamic Ideology and declared as un-Islamic any laws attempting to establish a minimum age for girls to be married.

    At the 192nd meeting the Council of Islamic Ideology went further and declared that women are un-Islamic and that their mere existence contradicted Sharia and the will of Allah. “Women by existing defied the laws of nature, and to protect Islam and the Sharia women should be forced to stop existing as soon as possible.” Women who express their own will (most especially non-Muslim women) will be the first targeted for extermination.


  18. oldsailor81

    Bob Strauss………..
    What else would you expect from those who have sex with their NANNY GOATS.

  19. bob strauss

    The Insiders: Five reasons voters don’t believe the White House about global warming

    By Ed Rogers
    May 8 at 9:55 am

    The White House released a third iteration of the “U.S. National Climate Assessment,” claiming it is “the most comprehensive scientific assessment ever generated of climate change and its impacts across every region of America and major sectors of the U.S. economy.” The report emphasizes the need for “urgent action to combat the threats from climate change.” Well, here are five reasons voters don’t believe what the White House says on climate change:

    1. Overreach. The White House doesn’t just want it both ways, it wants it every way. Increasingly, when there is a topical weather event, be it a warm typhoon in the Pacific or a cold snap in the United States, we hear it is caused by global warming. But non-events, such as fewer tropical storms becoming hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico or the frustrating, inconvenient truth that there hasn’t been any warming in the past 15 years, are dismissed as meaningless because we are told you must evaluate climate change over the long term. On Tuesday, President Obama even took time to meet with local and national weather reporters as a way of emphasizing the effects of global warming on today’s weather. The left is inconsistent in its selection of what factors and events “prove” that manmade global warming is real.

    2. Hypocrisy. Voters notice that the founding father of the global warming movement, Al Gore, has become fabulously wealthy by selling out to Middle Eastern oil and gas interests. Voters notice the mansions, private planes and the super-wealthy lifestyle. And Gore is not the only global warming hypocrite. I would guess that after he leaves office, President Obama will never again fly on a commercial airline – and he will probably be traveling by Global Expresses, Gulfstreams and the occasional large Falcon, not even on the more modest, smaller private jets. Voters are on to the fact that the global warming crusaders want us to pay more and live with less — but, of course, the rules don’t apply to the politicians who want everybody else to sacrifice. Not to mention, the people who insult and belittle anyone who has a question about the “science” of manmade global warming are often the same people who categorically dismiss the scientific proof of the viability, safety and reliability of nuclear energy. I have a little test for the global warming crusaders: If you’re not for nuclear energy and against ice cream, your commitment to the cause is questionable.

    3. The global warming cause fits too nicely with the president’s left-wing political agenda. The prescriptions for dealing with climate change are the same policy objectives the left has promoted for other reasons for at least the past 25 years. That is, redistribution of wealth, higher taxes, anti-growth, anti-development regulations, etc. Because they don’t have much support from voters, the left has to advance its cause through surreptitious maneuvering rather than forthright advocacy of its specific global warming policies. The left never answers the questions of who pays, how much and for what result.

    4. A lack of faith in foreign cooperation. Absent any verifiable, enforceable global warming treaty, any unilateral moves by the United States would be pointless. After all, the left wants us to believe that global warming really is global and that fossil fuels burned in distant lands are every bit as harmful as they are when they are utilized here at home. I would love to see a poll that asks American voters if they think American tax dollars should be spent on global warming remedies in foreign lands. Of course, we all know the vast majority of Americans would say no. Some say the United States should lead by example, but does anybody believe that if we affirmatively harm our own economy, others will somehow think that is a noble sacrifice and follow suit? The very notion is ridiculous.

    5. This administration lacks credibility. For a long time, we have said in America, “If we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we do X, Y or Z?” Well, in the Obama era, that adage has morphed into, “If he couldn’t get a Web site right, how are we supposed to believe he knows how to control the climate?” Who really believes that a massive government tax and reordering of the economy in the name of stopping global warming or climate change or whatever will go as planned and the world’s thermostat will adjust to something the Democrats find more acceptable? Answer: Almost nobody. Voters don’t believe what the White House says on this issue in part because it has not been credible on so many other important issues. We’ve heard everything from “you can keep your health-care plan” to there is a “red line” in Syria. Why should anyone believe the White House now?

    As I’ve said before, voters aren’t stupid. They know when they are not being leveled with. And all the bluster, intimidation and angry frothing won’t make their doubts go away or make the Obama administration any more believable.


  20. bob strauss

    oldsailor81 | May 10, 2014 at 1:27 pm |

    Bob Strauss………..
    What else would you expect from those who have sex with their NANNY GOATS.
    Hi, oldsailor81, soon to be 82,
    I was viewing videos on the Military.com site, and came across an infrared video filmed by American troops, of a sexually aroused Nanny Goat chaser, cheating, and trying to mount a Donkey. This went on for about 20 minutes, the Donkey kept moving away, and he kept walking behind it. The guys filming were cracking up.

  21. bob strauss

    John Wayne’s Daughter Exposes Obama’s Fake SSN


  22. Triple-Amputee Iraqi War Hero’s Letter Shames the President of the United States

    “We embrace heroes in America. Senior Airman Brian Kolfage defines hero: the triple-amputee veteran of the Iraqi War overcame insurmountable odds to survive his horrific injuries. Kolfage recently sent a powerful – and damning – letter to his commander-in-chief:”

    I nearly died in a war that you and most of your colleagues supported overwhelmingly, including the two presidents who came before you. Many citizens may not agree with waging war in Iraq to free the oppressed Iraqi citizens, but it’s something that warriors like myself have zero control over. I joined to serve my country and to better my life. I’ve seen things that you could never imagine, and they have made me the person I am today.

    Mr. Obama, even though we share extreme opposite views, we have one thing in common, we both attended school in Hawaii. However, that’s where the similarities end. You see, as you attended your exclusive, private school, I would ride my bike to Kaimuki High school in one of the roughest areas in Hawaii every morning and would ride past Punahou, the exclusive private school you attended.

    I would notice the Bentleys, Maseratis, and fancy foreign cars that all the kids were dropped off in; wow it must have been extremely rough in Hawaii living that life, right? I could only imagine what it was like to have that kind of money.

    Fortunately for you, not many people are aware of the school and the upper class citizens who attended it. The tuition to attend your exclusive, private school was more than it cost me to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Arizona. You talk a big game when it comes to financial inequality, yet I’m quite sure you have no idea what it’s truly like to have sacrifice. You were one of the elitist children in Hawaii.

    After High School, we each chose very different paths. You were able to attend Ivy League schools, and I sought out a military career in hopes of earning a degree. What we have in life as children usually sets the tone for what we will face later in life that will make us successful. I worked to get where I am today, and YOU WERE HANDED IT…Mr. Inequality.

    I volunteered to go to Iraq on both of my deployments, and the second time I begged to go even after I wasn’t selected, which ultimately got me placed on the team where I would lose both legs and my dominant arm. I’ve never asked myself was losing 3 limbs in a war worth it, even though many Americans were against it.

    I am frequently reminded of the many young Iraqi children who would beg me for water, food, and toys while I was stationed in Iraq. Children, who in all aspects made the poorest of poor American children look rich. You have no idea what it really means to be poor. It’s laughable that you, who would have no idea what it means to be poor would so frequently play the inequality card.

    While I was in Iraq, our mission was to liberate the Iraqi citizens from a tyrant and that’s what we did. Never forget; it was your people who sent us there, like the Clintons, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi & Carl Levin. However, since the day you busted onto the scene you’ve been talking about ending the war and pulling the troops out, not understanding the blood sweat and tears that so many Americans and Iraqi’sinvested.

    And with complete disregard for every life sacrificed, every limb lost, and every broken family, you bailed on our mission to pursue an agenda that was completely centered on your re-election in 2012. If you didn’t bail on Iraq you were worried that you may not get reelected and that’s a fact.

    Just before elections on Oct 11, 2012 you said “Al Qaeda is on the run and Osama bin Laden is dead.” Look at Iraq now; they are in shambles and the Al Qaeda flag is flying freely. Clearly, you’re unfit for duty as a Commander in Chief. You put your own agenda ahead of America’s agenda, and now you have single handedly ruined and destroyed nearly everything we gained in Iraq.

    It clearly means nothing to you, because the only thing that you’ve personally invested in that country was a promise to bail on them. However, people like me gave limbs, friends have died, and we’ve watched families destroyed by war’s aftermath.

    I’m not placing blame on you for the war, I’m placing blame on you for destroying what we’ve worked so hard to build. You’re not a leader, you’re a community organizer. A leader would have stood up regardless of the situation and put America’s agenda first and that is ensuring a secure Iraq even after 10 years of war. But, you placed Barack first, just as Robert Gates confirmed in his new book.

    I can’t help but think of those poor kids who I gave water and toys to 11 years ago. They’re probably 15 or 16 years old now, and I can only imagine what it’s like for them to have their nation being torn apart yet again; all because of your poor leadership qualities.

    Regardless of why we went to Iraq, its water under the bridge. We went there, we waged war, and we not only owed it to our KIA’s but we owed it to the citizens of Iraq. We invaded their country and turned it upside down, and you bailed on them. You bailed on our soldiers and you’ve wasted every death and every limb; it’s all for nothing. And to make matters worse, you blame others for your failures.

    You’re just another elitist rich thug who’s pretended to live the rough life growing up in the inner-city. You’re only worried about your own agenda and furthering your party instead of taking care of Americans. Your inability to be a leader at some of the most critical points has caused both of our wars to fail.

    You’ve been a joke to most of our veteran community and we have no faith in your ability to lead.

    Senior Airman Ret Brian Kolfage USAF


  23. bob strauss

    Reports show that a “mystery man” of great power in DC is behind the IRS attacks on conservatives… I think we know exactly who this is. Spread this far and wide!

    Evidence shows that the IRS scandal leads directly to Barack Obama who used the IRS to target his enemies… that’s impeachable AND criminal.


  24. Poor child. Obviously they better wear signs! Saw the other day that some guy wanted to “wed” his porn loaded computer since that made him happier than the other choices! Since the precedent has been established there will likely be a lot more “choices” wanting to be validated too.

    California Moves To Let Gay Men List Themselves As “Mother” On Birth Certificates, Lesbians As “Father”…


  25. First it was “global cooling,” then “global warming,” then “climate change,” then “climate disruption.” Truth is, it is a criminal enterprise that would rather line their own pockets than feed the poor or use the resources for actual good. We can call these actions by evil doers “climate profiteering.”

  26. The Democratic Party has become the racist party. It is time to call them out when they falsely brand those who disagree as racists such as the Tea Party merely for having a different opinion. Or call black conservatives “Uncle Tom” etc. Shine the light of truth on these evil doers. They will scurry away like cockroaches.

  27. oldsailor81

    Like a hell of a lot of others I know that most of us live on the surface of EARTH, and since we do,we are at the mercy of whatever mother nature brews,and subsequently distributes. Mankind is like a gang of virus……we do our thing irregardless of who ,or what gets in the way. One of mother nature’s virtues is giving vent to the molten inner core of Earth periodically via a number of active volcanos scattered across the face of the Earth. It is for the most part the chemistry from these volcanos combined with the release of billions of BTUs of heat which permeates both our atmosphere,and the stratosphere,and precipitates most if not all of the errant weather which sometimes strikes whole cities off the map. Sometimes the volcano activity is under the sea,and it can cause a hellish rise in the temperature of the surrounding sea water, which increases the volume of evaporated water into our atmosphere. I recently read that the water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico has risen over 3 degrees in the past 10 years. This tells a story of increased volcanic activity, beneath the floor of the Gulf. The increase in volcanic activity translates to a higher rate of evaporation,and subsequently an increase in thunderstorm activity. The stuff which finds it’s way into the stratosphere and can remain there indefinitely,while both refractioning the sunlight, and contributing to COLDER winters.

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