Columbia TN Herald Obama natural born citizen?, Founding Father’s concern about foreigners serving as president, Kenyan birth forged birth certificate not only concerns, Muslim Communist anti-colonist foreign father

Columbia TN Herald Obama natural born citizen?, Founding Father’s concern about foreigners serving as president, Kenyan birth forged birth certificate not only concerns, Muslim Communist anti-colonist foreign father

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Moore said he’s seen no convincing evidence that Obama is a “natural born citizen” and a lot of evidence that suggests he is not.”…Judge Roy Moore interview by WND

“Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya”...Barrister Michael Shrimpton

Hat tip to Birther Report.

From the Columbia TN Herald March 4, 2014.

“Nothing beats a ‘natural born’ leader for president”
“If being a natural born citizen made people true and responsible patriots, most of our problems would go away, but it doesn’t. So what were the Founding Fathers intentions when they drafted the eligibility rules for presidential candidates?

Assuming Barack Hussein Obama’s grandmother was wrong, and Obama wasn’t born in Kenya, let’s dismiss the other alleged evidence of a forged birth certificate, and focus on the Founder’s concerns articulated by Alexander Hamilton’s writing in Federalist No. 68:

“Nothing was more to be desired than that every practicable obstacle should be opposed to cabal, intrigue, and corruption. These most deadly adversaries of republican government might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from more than one quarter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils. How could they better gratify this, than by raising a creature of their own to the chief magistracy of the Union?” — Alexander Hamilton.

How many natural born citizens, running for president of the United States, had a Muslim, Communist, anti-colonist foreign father, whom they never knew?

How many natural born citizens, during their formative years, received their education in an Islamic state, and then ran for president of the United States? e.g., Barry Soetoro (President Obama’s name inherited from his stepfather) was a citizen of and schooled in Indonesia. By his own testimony it is there Barry learned to appreciate Islam and the sound of the morning prayers.

How many natural born citizens had a self-confessed communist for a mentor, such as Frank Marshall (Barry’s mentor while living in Hawaii)?

How many natural born citizens, schooled in America, grew up respecting Marxism and community counterculture organizers and writers such as Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules for Radicals”? OK, besides most of Obama’s czars and Hillary Clinton … .

How many natural born presidential candidates had a proclivity to not salute the flag during the national anthem, not wear a flag lapel pin and not celebrate Christian holidays?

How many natural born, past presidential candidates advocated a “civilian force as well equipped and trained as the military,” and wanted to “fundamentally transform America?””

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32 responses to “Columbia TN Herald Obama natural born citizen?, Founding Father’s concern about foreigners serving as president, Kenyan birth forged birth certificate not only concerns, Muslim Communist anti-colonist foreign father

  1. citizenwells

    “U.S. productivity in the fourth quarter grew at a 1.8% annual rate instead of 3.2% as originally reported”

  2. citizenwells

    “According to a recent study by Ookla Speedtest, the U.S. ranks a shocking 31st in the world in terms of average download speeds. The leaders in the world are Hong Kong at 72.49 Mbps and Singapore on 58.84 Mbps. And America? Averaging speeds of 20.77 Mbps, it falls behind countries like Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Uruguay.

    Its upload speeds are even worse. Globally, the U.S. ranks 42nd with an average upload speed of 6.31 Mbps, behind Lesotho, Belarus, Slovenia, and other countries you only hear mentioned on Jeopardy.

    So how did America fall behind? How did the country that literally invented the internet — and the home to world-leading tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Facebook, Google, and Cisco — fall behind so many others in download speeds?

    Susan Crawford argues that “huge telecommunication companies” such as Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, and AT&T have “divided up markets and put themselves in a position where they’re subject to no competition.””

  3. citizenwells…….

    Great article…it says it all…..

  4. citizenwells

  5. oldsailor81

    While Shrimpton might not be available under subpoena from our courts,I would venture a guess that he would happily be a sworn witness, and quite possibly be willing to supply a legally valid and CERTIFIED deposition,under oath.

  6. oldsailor81

    Have a great day all! Time to take my meds! har har

  7. bob strauss
  8. Looks like when you stand for nothing, well, people see you as standing for nothing….and both sides at that:

    Poll: McRINO Most Unpopular Senator In The Country, Approval Rating In Arizona Just 30%…

  9. citizenwells

    bob, et al.
    Thank God.

  10. bob strauss

    When the UAW (United Automobile Workers) union failed miserably in Chattanooga and was not able to unionize the Volkswagen plant, even with a staked deck, it started a chain reaction; and the next domino has fallen. The news that the AFL-CIO has decided to keep its money and not even try to save three Southern Democrat Senators comes as no real shock.

    The powerful union reviewed the polls and the political climate in North Carolina, Louisiana, and Arkansas, and decided that backing the Democrats in these states would be throwing good money after bad. The decision left Democratic Senators Mark Pryor in Arkansas, Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, and Kay Hagan in North Carolina on their own, with little major union help as they try to hold on to their seats in a region that is increasingly hostile to Democrats (especially those who are backed by unions.)


  11. bob strauss

    Will This Iranian Billionaire Bring The US To Its Knees?

    Iranian billionaire Pierre Omidyar has access to a staggering fifty thousand top secret NSA files that contain dossiers on world leaders and may even include files on U.S. politicians and judges.

    Omidyar is also up to other nefarious activities: financial documents obtained by Mark Ames of PandoDaily show Omidyar bankrolled the Ukrainian coup d’état, overthrowing democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

    Because of Omidyar’s revolution, Russia has invaded the Ukraine, which has led to a new Cold War between the U.S. and Russia and may lead to an actual war—even a nuclear war!




  13. bob strauss

    Ted Cruz: ‘The Truth Is Washington Is Corrupt’

    “Washington is corrupt,” said Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at the 41st Annual Conservative Political Action Conference. He added that more people are making great wealth in Washington, D.C. and as Wall Street prospers, main street suffers.!EE8E2E73-29B1-4188-A0D8-E99C687AAC73

  14. Check this out:

    Scroll down to Tues. March 4 and begin listening (if you don’t want to listen to whole thing) at 43:00…about Obama’s planned visit to Israel in March.

  15. i am still waiting

  16. Guess he’ll be globe trotting as he’s due in Saudi Arabia in late March among other places including the Netherlands and the Vatican…

    I read elsewhere that the Saudi trip will sometime within the week of March 19th through the 26th. Same week the wife, kids and mother in law are going to China. Who knows?

    Hope Sheriff Joe marks his calendar.

    Hiya Old Sailor!!!

  17. bob strauss

    BREAKING: It happened. Georgia has just officially filed an application for the “Convention of the States” to stop Barack Obama and federal tyranny. Please SHARE.

    Today, they became the first state to officially file the application in the history of the United States. This is a movement by the people and this must spread like wildfire.

  18. bob strauss

    Wow. The Guardian has reported that a Senator has come forward with a bombshell: the CIA hacked congress’ files to “watch” them… and Obama knew. Please SHARE.

    These are the actions of a wannabe dictator. The ONLY proper response to this is immediate impeachment and absolutely nothing less. Let’s see how many agree:

  19. Obama …don’t pack your BAGS….JUST YET!

  20. This is so funny! So close to home! Remember this because when the time is right and the lawyer un gags me I will explain!

    btw….kmov tv did not get it right or shall I say they did not tell the whole story. The dumb a$$eS who called the scumbag prosecutor really was sucking up! The Farmington police department knew all about the drill they should had been called!

  21. Wells,
    I have misplaced your e-mail address and cannot find it here, please give me a call or drop me a line at Mario Apuzzo and Counsel Press filed our petition with SCOTUS today (Paige v. State of Vermont , et al). I would like to chat and more importantly forward our petition to you for your review.

    All the Best, Brooke Paige

  22. Good morning CW, et. al

  23. oldsailor81

    It gave me some really great joy when I saw what happened at your old alma mater (VW). In addition if we use this as a yardstick to measure the general feeling of people through the right to work states ,I believe that the UAW has sufferred a HUGE blow. Without a doubt the usual foaming at the mouth die hards will keep on trying,but they will be simply throwing good money after bad. Most of the employees wages are guaranteed as long as he/she maintains integrity with their respective jobs,so who the hell needs the representation of a pack of howling, money grabbing morons, who don’t even know the difference between GROSS SALES,and NET PROFIT.

  24. citizenwells

    Good morning William, et al.

  25. oldsailor81

    I don’t know if you got any of the last weather system but I hope that you and yours are safe. I think that CW as well as RMINNC,are in the path of this ice producing storm. Thornton Parsons is also under this storm system.

  26. citizenwells

    Mr. Paige.
    Will do.
    We are having an ice storm here so may be delayed.

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