Loretta Fuddy Director of health in Hawaii dies in plane crash, Fuddy tied to Obama birth certificate controversy, Whitehouse.gov image fake, Another Obama tie with knowledge of his past dies mysteriously

Loretta Fuddy Director of health in Hawaii dies in plane crash, Fuddy tied to Obama birth certificate controversy, Whitehouse.gov image fake, Another Obama tie with knowledge of his past dies mysteriously

“We hope that issuing you these copies of your original Certificate of Live Birth will end the numerous inquiries received by the Hawaii Department of Health to produce this document.”…Loretta Fuddy
“It was actually written I am told, this is what our investigation is showing, it actually exists in the archives, written down …”…Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie

“Why was Christopher Kelly transported past 2 trauma facilities on the way to Stroger Hospital?”…Thomas R. Bennett


How ironic that Loretta Fuddy Director of health in Hawaii dies in a plane crash, the day before the Blagojevich appeal hearing. She, like Chris Kelly. had knowledge of Obama’s past and died under mysterious circumstances.


From KHON 2 December 12, 2013.

“State health director dies in plane crash off Molokai”

“Sources tell KHON2 that state Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy died in a plane crash off Molokai.

KHON2 has this footage inside a Makani Kai Air Cessna, during a prior trip from Kalaupapa to Honolulu. The company owns two of these aircrafts.

On Wednesday, one crashed in waters a 1/2 mile off of the north shore of Molokai. Maui Fire Department and the U.S. Coast Guard quickly got to the scene.

“They rescued eight people who got out of the plane. Difficult conditions as it was offshore in the water a couple hours before dark. Rapid response from Kahului with [a] rescue helicopter the Shoreside Company was on the cliff side spotting and relaying info,” said Capt. Terry Seelig, Honolulu Fire Department.

One of the passengers even swam to shore to try to get help. But not everyone got out alive. One person died in the tragic crash.

“That person remained in the fuselage of the plane. Not much details. Always a difficult situation when you can’t get everyone out, and unfortunately that was the case here,” said Capt. Seelig.”

“Nine people were onboard when the plane took off. One person was pronounced dead, three were flown to Honolulu and taken by ambulance to the Queens Medical Center. Another three stayed on Molokai and were hospitalized. The rest did not need any medical help.”

Read more:


From Citizen Wells May 15, 2013.


Perkins Coie represented the Obama Campaign in 2008 and going forward and Robert F. Bauer represented Obama in keeping his birth certificate, college records and other records hidden beginning with the Philip J. Berg lawsuit in 2008. Bauer was appointed White House General Counsel by Obama.

Judith L. Corley of Perkins Coie assisted Obama in procuring the document placed on WhiteHouse.gov. Once again we are presented with a confusing scenario smelling of Orwellian spin. Ms. Corley writes on behalf of Obama requesting two certified copies of his certificate of live birth and that she is authorized to do so. Once again, per Hawaii law, and irrespective of any departmental policy, Obama is entiltled to personally request a certified copy of an original birth certificate if he has one.

Loretta J. Fuddy, Director of Health, states that she is making an exception to departmental policy to accomodate Obama. Is that due to the third party, Ms. Corley acting as a go between? Ms. Fuddy then confirms that the copies will be computer generated.

We learned today that Judith L. Corley stated “I will be coming to your offices to pick up the copies of the certificates.””


From the Star Advertiser January 18, 2011.
“Q: You stirred up quite a controversy with your comments regarding birthers and your plans to release more information regarding President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. How is that coming?

A: I got a letter from someone the other day who was genuinely concerned about it; it is not all just political agenda. They were talking on Olelo last night about this; it has a political implication for 2012 that we simply cannot have.

(Abercrombie said there is a recording of the birth in the State Archives and he wants to use that.)

It was actually written I am told, this is what our investigation is showing, it actually exists in the archives, written down …

…What I can do, and all I have ever said, is that I am going to see to it as governor that I can verify to anyone who is honest about it that this is the case.

If there is a political agenda then there is nothing I can do about that, nor can the president.”


Thanks to commenters Keith and John.

56 responses to “Loretta Fuddy Director of health in Hawaii dies in plane crash, Fuddy tied to Obama birth certificate controversy, Whitehouse.gov image fake, Another Obama tie with knowledge of his past dies mysteriously

  1. Who benefited most from the suicide/murder of Orlando Jones?

    Who benefited most from the murder of Donald Young?

    Who benefited most from the murder of Lt. Quarles Harris Jr.?

    Who benefited most from the suicide/murder of Christopher Kelly?

    Who benefited most from the murder of Bill Gwatney?

    Who benefited most from the death/murder of Andrew Breitbart?


    And now Loretta Fuddy.

  2. Any news on an FAA investigation? Haven’t seen or heard of one. That’s usually the first thing you hear.

  3. Are some of the OTHER ‘players’ in this conspiracy beginning to worry about their safety ???

  4. David Rockefeller…..Old article but …….


  5. My God have mercy on her soul

  6. I pray that she left behind documents with people of trust to expose the evil scumbags if anything happened to her. Even a video of her confessing the truth! Let us pray that she did.

  7. “Court tells Hawaii officials to explain Obama’s birth records”

    “California attorney Orly Taitz today secured an order from United States District Court Magistrate Judge Richard L. Puglisi demanding representatives of the Hawaii Department of Health appear in federal court Sept. 14 to show why Taitz should be prevented from seeing whatever original 1961 documents the agency has on record regarding Barack Obama’s birth.”


  8. Fuddy was the only person to die in the crash.
    I hope that there will be a real coroner investigation.

    Food for thought:
    In the past several months an episode of Columbo was run twice.
    Johnny Cash played the husband of an overbearing wife.
    He plotted her death.
    On board the small plane that he piloted he gave her a thermos with coffee & sleeping medicine.
    She & the other passenger fell asleep, cash parachuted out & then lay next to the wreckage.
    A near perfect crime.

  9. “Deputy Health director Keith Yamamoto was also on the flight.

    Makani Kai CEO Rich Schuman had received earlier reports that all nine people aboard the Cessna had been accounted for.

    “They initially told me that when they were on scene, they told me how many people were accounted for and how many people they got, and apparently one person swam to shore.

    Schuman said another aircraft happened to be in the area and was able to radio the Molokai Airport tower. He also said that everyone who got out of the aircraft was wearing a life jacket.

    Among the other passengers, three patients were flown to Oahu for treatment; two declined treatment and are staying in Kalaupapa, while three other patients were taken to Molokai General for treatment, according to Maui fire officials.

    It appeared that Fuddy didn’t make it out of the plane, according to the Maui Fire Department.

    “They said that that person remained in the fuselage of the plane, but we don’t have much details on that at this time,” said Honolulu Fire Capt. Terry Seelig. “So it’s always a difficult situation when you’re not able to get everybody out, but unfortunately that was not the case here.””


  10. The hand of man or the hand of God?

  11. Tweets

    NTSB investigating Hawaii crash of Cessna 208 into ocean shortly after takeoff from Kalaupapa Airport.
    about 8 hours ago

  12. “Schuman said the survivors were treated for non-life threatening injuries.
    “They were admitted to hospital and now some of them have gone home or to hotels,” he said. “They’re all being taken care of.” ”


  13. ” Emergency officials responding to the crash site reported seeing eight people floating in the water wearing life vests.).

    According to initial news reports, Fuddy was one of eight other people—including the pilot—in the plane and the only person to succumb to her injuries.”


  14. April 8, 2013

    “Hawaii DOH’s Loretta Fuddy Fingered In Obama Identity Document Fraud Scandal”

    “- Excerpts Via Butterdezillion’s Five-Part Report -”

    “Summary: When Loretta Fuddy took over, after Palafox’s forced resignation, she had a new BC created for Obama at the request of law enforcement using Stig Waidelich’s BC#.

    In order to hide that Obama’s BC# was illegally stolen from Waidelich, she altered at least 3 other BC#’s and fed them to the public via a stunt orchestrated with CNN and Stig and Monica Waidelich, a complicit Johanna Ah Nee, and a death certificate forgery – to try to hide how the BC’s were numbered.

    After first conspiring with the AG’s office and Michael Issikof to lay a foundation of lies about what she can lawfully do, she violated the Administrative Rules and at least 3 statutes by instituting an illegal “policy” to keep people from being able to get photocopies/scans of original birth certificates, and at the same time forged and posted a 2001 memo to make it look like the policy had been in effect for a long time – to match the inaccurate statements given by Bob Bauer at the press gaggle. She illegally instituted that policy (by posting the forged memo) on the very day that Obama released his forged long-form image.

    But she didn’t get away with it because others at the HDOH followed in the footsteps of the fired Neal Palafox, resisting the lawless deeds they were ordered to do …”


  15. “Richard Schuman, president of Makani Kai, said a pilot flying over the crash site about half-mile offshore observed eight passengers in the water with life vests, he said.”

    “Honolulu Emergency Medical Services said paramedics took two people — a 74-year-old female and a 39-year-old male — in stable condition to an Oahu hospital at about 6:30 p.m. from Honolulu Airport. A third person was medavaced directly to an Oahu hospital.
    Schuman said the pilot survived and called him after the crash. The pilot was flown to Oahu and drove himself to the Queen’s Medical Center to be checked out, Schuman said.”

    “Besides Fuddy, Health Department Deputy Director Keith Yamamoto was also on board.

    Yamamoto, dressed in blue swim trunks and a T-shirt, was seen being driven away from Makani Air’s Honolulu Airport headquarters at about 7 p.m. ”


  16. Blue swim trunks & T-shirt.

    How convenient!

  17. “Initial Claims Spike Most Since Sandy To Worst In 9 Months”

    “While the Labor Department admits “difficulties in seasonally adjusting” the data, this is the biggest spike ex-Sandy in the all-important initial claims data since 2005. At 368k (versus 320k expectations), this is the worst miss sicne Sandy also (absent the government shutdown debacles) and the Labor department says no states were estimated.”


  18. No connection but….

    Isaac Hunter, son of Obama spiritual adviser Joel Hunter, dead in apparent suicide

    ….His father Joel Hunter has been a spiritual adviser to President Obama, speaking and praying with him regularly. Hunter’s spokesman said the Hunter family does not have a statement at this time.

    Isaac Hunter was the second of Joel Hunter’s three children. His resignation in the fall of 2012 was one of three Orlando pastors who left their pulpits after admitting affairs.


  19. Observer.
    No connection except for the pervasive effect of evil spreading in our society.

  20. I wouldn’t have been surprised if all “but one” had wet suits and snorkeling equipment capabilities. Nothing surprises me with this corruption level. I do believe it will get to a point where, 0.0000018% of those leaders (congress) – piss off enough of the (320 million) U.S. citizens, a shift will occur. Historical pasts have always been repetitive.


    It took just about everything I had to beat the recall this year. But with your help, Citizen, we beat the liberal opponents while standing up and staying true to our conservative ideals.

    If my opponents perceive me as weak or in a weakened position there’s nothing to stop them from launching another recall against me. And Citizen, they have already publicly stated they would try to recall me again if they have the opportunity.

    Citizen, you and I both know the Democrats would love NOTHING more than to see me defeated. They have poured millions into Arizona to try and take me down before, and I need to be ready to stop them again.

    I’ve got to have every single one of you with me. If you have ever donated to me before I need your donation again today.

    Every dollar donated will go towards ensuring I have a strong, winning campaign ready to fight back against Obama’s liberal army.

    Unlike some politicians, I have never and will never compromise our beliefs just to get a few votes. I believe in protecting and serving our nation at all costs. But, the recall depleted our campaign’s funds, and now as we enter the year’s end, I need your immediate help.

    The Democrats are looking to my campaign’s funds as a sign of our strength. Your immediate donation today will send the Democrats a strong message about the strength we have.

    Please join me in fighting back today. ”

    – Sheriff Joe


  22. CW………..
    I would tend to think that anybody who was aboerd an airplane over open water ,and dressed in a tee shirt and swim trunks is either a half wit,or is expecting to be swimming ….soon! Oh yes everybody had time to don a life jacket also, why didn’t Fuddy Duddy have a life jacket. I would further think that her injuries might have been sustained prior to the airplane ride. Remember the crash which killed Ron Brown as well as 12 innocent people? Nothing like a Hollywood prepared script to follow, and a GOON squad to execute the the crash.har har. In the WACKY HOUSE 2+2=5. Most people know bewtter.

  23. Thanks Pete.
    Great article.

  24. “Out of respect for a free press, reporters ought to boycott these releases because they’re so selective that they reveal little about real enrollment. But we’ll try to parse the data as best we can without the White House high gloss.

    A charitable reading suggests that ObamaCare’s net enrollment stands at about negative four million. That’s the estimated four million to five and a half million people who had their individual health plans liquidated as ObamaCare-noncompliant—offset by the 364,682 who have signed up for a plan on a state or federal exchange and the 803,077 who have been found eligible to receive Medicaid.

    HHS is boasting of enrollment for November that was four times as high as October, yet 62% of the total was in the state exchanges, some of which are marginally less prone to crashing than the federal version. Then again, 41 states posted sign-ups only in the three or four figures, including eight states that run their own exchanges. Oregon managed to scrape up 44 people. Among the 137,204 federal sign-ups, no state is reaching the critical mass necessary for stable insurance prices.”


  25. If the water isn’t too deep her body could be recovered,at which point an autopsy performed…….which might reveal the cause of her death. There are deep diving submersibles available now that have the capability to retrieve bodies. Perhaps Woods Hole will loan one of their submersibles to a reputable diving concern,and they will recover her body. It might contain a bullet. We would also know that it had to be one of the 8 other people who fired the bullet into her………..if this would become a true scenario.

  26. CW,

    Are you 100% confident that that is actual going to Sheriff Joe MCSO and not a spoof?

    Reason I ask is simply last week, when the MCSO website was briefly down, several Obots were attempting to file for their domain name, but failed.

    I just looked at Sheriffs Joe’s website at the main MCSO website and all of it and links begin and end with the MCSO and a dot com.

    Just asking.

  27. Also,

    I make many donations to various organizations, and so long as under the federal reporting amount, I have never been asked to “name my employer” and current “Job Occupation” title with said employer.

  28. Fuddy thread at FR:

    “Hawaii Health Official Killed in Plane Crash”


  29. William……..
    It should be easy enough for anyone to verify if the solicitation is that of Arpaio……….simply email them and ask if they are currently soliciting funds,and if so make a tiny contribution then ask them to verify the receipt of your contribution. If they refuse then you probably should NOT make any further contributions. You are RIGHT……the OCCUPATION and EMPLOYMENT status seems to be a real SORE THUMB……sticks out ….BIG TIME!

  30. …..tends to make me wonder about the veracity of the solicitation…….it is my intention to telephone them and ask for a verification of receipt of a small donation which I just made, which is for the purpose of determining the veracity of the solicitation. I will post the results later!

  31. Pingback: Official Who OK's Obama Birth Papers Dies in Plane Crash - Page 2 - Stormfront

  32. Hawaii DOH Director Who “Certified” Obama’s BC As Legitimate Dies In Plane Crash

  33. CW………
    When you posted the list of beneficial deaths you omitted one which might be one of the most important of all……….Madelyn Dunham! It should be remembered that she came home from the hospital after relatively MINOR HIP SURGERY, which there is no danger of a person dying from, unless there is a serious MRSA infection thereafter. ….which I personally doubt. I personally believe that she was WHACKED DELIBERATELY, by the order of the very BASTARD who she RAISED. Quite a thank you ! Since there was no autopsy done even adds to the level of suspicion,and the fact that she was suqsequently ,and QUICKLY cremated adds again to the level of suspicion.

  34. CW……….
    I would strongly suspect Mr. Yamamoto of being complicit in the death of his boss. Here is some additional logic for you. If the pilot survived along with 8 of the nine passengers there is reason to believe that he ditched the aircraft intentionally. If he lost control then it is probable that NOBODY would have survived the impact alone. But when everybody but one survives it is an indicator that the aircraft was skillfully landed on the water, and would have remained afloat for some time. It is extremely doubtful that she died from injuries received from the crash landing. Again NOBODY ELSE received any significant injuries…. this tells a story which does NOT ADD UP.,and is completely illogical.

  35. oldsailor.

  36. Also linked to at Drudge:

    Top official in Obama birth mystery killed

    Woman lone fatality in Hawaii plane crash

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/12/top-official-in-obama-birth-mystery-killed/#gIFCjSYJc0dRd81t.99

  37. CW……
    I visited the NTSB website and took a look at the Cessna 208 safety record. There have been a total of 6 aircraft of this model which have crashed for one reason or another. Yet the aircraft ….being a high wing single engine turboprop, is designed for operations from short, and unimproved airstrips. That said it has a relatively high aspect ratio,which makes it a somewhat forgiving aircraft as well, particularly if there is some sort of failure,which includes engine failure. It has a glide capability, even with NO POWER at all. Any pilot would realise very quickly that he must get the nose a little below the horizon to maintain a workable airspeed. .Any pilot even a green pilot could have easily glided this aircraft to a stall landing on the water while sustaining little damage.. I would characterise the 208 as being a powered glider.. The only question that is still unanswered at NTSB is a question of icing conditions. If the airplane encoumnters such conditions but does not have the capability to deice the leading and traling edges of the wings, and the rime ice builds up significantly the aircraft will become uncontrollable quickly.. I don’t believe that the airplane would have encountered ICING conditionsanywhere in the Hawaiian Islands area.

  38. This “accidental” death of Fuddy is certainly suspicious, and I agree with the preceding comments. I first heard of it on TV last night and have to say that “foul play” came into my questioning mind without knowing the details.

    Now since learning that she was still in the fuselage (the only passenger), it seems indeed like a murder. Will we ever hear the truth? Not if you-know-who can help it.

    Old Sailor, you bring out some very good points about the pilot, etc. She could have been given a deadly sedative, or injected by an agent that causes immediate death and leaves no trace (I watch too much forensic TV programming), or she could have been shot before the plane went down (using a silencer). Perhaps, the other health dept. official was ordered to and paid handsomely or threatened if he refused.

  39. …..more about the 208.
    It’s design also permits quick transition from passenger service to cargo hauling. It can also be easily equipped with floats for water landings. Floats will CHANGE the in flight handling characteristics a little. It makes the airplane feel like you are flying a WET SPONGE. Any pilot who has never flown a float plane needs instruction for a period of time before he attempts to fly the aircraft himself. Taking off from water and landing on water is a lot different than landing or taking off from a tarmac surface,which on a hot day can effect both the takeoff roll as well as the SET DOWN of the aircraft.

  40. Now that Zero’s ratings and “policies” are getting more negative coverage are those “in the know” about this fraud BC beginning to think about saving their own behinds….and the thugs are acting before that happens?

  41. Congressmen Want to Bring Obama to Court for Not Faithfully Executing Laws

    We shall see if they are serious.

  42. ……….. but after all of the considerations it is probable that the aircraft lost power, and the pilot managed to set it down on the water,and I would suspect with a minimum of damage, thanks to the high wing configuration,and related high aspect ratio. I have a lot of difficulty seeing anybody being severely injured to the point of death. There is a possibility that Fuddy Duddy might not have had her seat belt fastened. ,…….but even then I doubt that she would have been killed. She might have sustained some broken bones or some nasty bruises but again I have a lot of difficulty seeing anybody being injured significantly. This sort of proves itself because 8 others were literally unscathed.. I personally believe that there was a HIT placed on her.,before the aircraft hit the water.

  43. ………….and I also believe that the pilot knows EXACTLY what happened in the last few minutes of the flight. He needs to be placed under oath, and render a deposition behind closed doors as to what happened. He might even have been complicit in the overall scheme.

  44. Tables Turned: ‘Knockout Game’ Thug Gets Beaten By His Victim

  45. Getting the pilot to tell all might not be very easy,unless he is offerred complete immunity from prosecution, given a new name and taken to someplace for his own protection…..and if he has a family they too will have to be protected. We have something far worse than a Mafia family that we will soon be forced to deal with. When push comes to shove we will probably be sickened by the sheer number of our alleged elected officials who will be exposed. Guess what if you atke a look at the Nazi regime of the 30s and 40s there is a nearly a carbon copy of it now existing in the US.

  46. The Nazi regime was NOT JUST A FEW PEOPLE either. While I don’t know the exact figure who were put to death at Nuerenberg, it was a real big figure before it was over. Many only received life sentences,and others even lesser sentences, but the overall prosecutions ranged into several thousand, as I understand it.

  47. …………..Kristallnacht is probably just around the corner.

    Bye bye for now…..have a great day! Godbless everybody.

  48. Hey CW – I saw this at the Birther Report and thought I’d make sure you saw. Of course, you have. Another interesting article – http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-12-12/south-carolina-about-pass-bill-nullify-obamacare

  49. Suspicious hypotheticals: What caused the plane to land/crash at sea. Was it a controlled “crash”? What seat was Fuddy sitting in? Who was sitting next to her? Who was sitting behind her? Was her seat belt mechanism tampered with so that in arranged soft landing “crash” at sea she could not get out of her seat and drowned in the plane? Does someone remember someone else on the flight suggesting Fuddy sit in a specific seat? A complete and thorough investigation needs to be done into the precise cause of her death and into why she could not get out of the plane while the pilot and others did make it out. A complete autopsy into and extensive toxicology report must be obtained. Everyone on that plane must be interviewed as to why Ms. Fuddy could not and did not make it out of the plane while everyone else did.

  50. Brett Baier just mentioned the story quickly on Special Report….stating that Fuddy was the HI official that verified Obama’s BC and she was the only one killed in the crash!

  51. Loretta Fuddy WAS SHE KILLED?

  52. Ms. Fussy was alive and in a life jacket and clear of the aircraft. She passed away while being held by another passenger. Her body was recovered by rescue divers while floating on the surface. The pilot was the only person not to have a life jacket on. The aircraft will be recovered shortly, it came to rest in water 20-30 ft deep. In the early stages of an accident there are often conflicting reports of what is going on at the scene. Many people are talking but no one has the complete picture. The NTSB is conducting an investigtion as it does with all fatal air accidents. They will determine probable cause.

  53. My apologies for typing the name incorrectly. She was Ms. Fuddy.

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