Obama mainstream media Orwellian spin, Economic recovery Of 2013 giant lie, If you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it, No employment recovery, Millions left labor force

Obama mainstream media Orwellian spin, Economic recovery Of 2013 giant lie, If you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it, No employment recovery, Millions left labor force

“You get a declining unemployment rate. But it appears to be an artifact of people leaving the labor force, not of more people having jobs,”… UNCG Economist Andrew Brod, December 5, 2013

“11.4%: What the U.S. unemployment rate would be if labor force participation were back to January 2008 levels.” …James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, June 2013

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”…Joseph Goebbels



I have endeavored to keep you apprised of the real economic conditions in this country. Especially the jobs situation.

Many thanks to Zero Hedge for this cogent article December 9, 2013.
“37 Reasons Why “The Economic Recovery Of 2013″ Is A Giant Lie”

“”If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.”  Sadly, that appears to be the approach that the Obama administration and the mainstream media are taking with the U.S. economy.  They seem to believe that if they just keep telling the American people over and over that things are getting better, eventually the American people will believe that it is actually true.

On Friday, it was announced that the unemployment rate had fallen to “7 percent”, and the mainstream media responded with a mix of euphoria and jubilation.  For example, one USA Today article declared that “with today’s jobs report, one really can say that our long national post-financial crisis nightmare is over.”  But is that actually the truth?  As you will see below, if you assume that the labor force participation rate in the U.S. is at the long-term average, the unemployment rate in the United States would actually be 11.5 percent instead of 7 percent.

There has been absolutely no employment recovery.  The percentage of Americans that are actually working has stayed between 58 and 59 percent for 51 months in a row.  But most Americans don’t understand these things and they just take whatever the mainstream media tells them as the truth.

And of course the reality of the matter is that we should have seen some sort of an economic recovery by now.  Those running our system have literally been mortgaging the future in a desperate attempt to try to pump up our economic numbers.  The federal government has been on the greatest debt binge in U.S. history and the Federal Reserve has been printing money like crazed lunatics.  All of that “stimulus” should have had some positive short-term effects on the economy.

Sadly, all of those “emergency measures” do not appear to have done much at all.  The percentage of Americans that have a job has stayed remarkably flat since the end of 2009, median household income has fallen for five years in a row, and the rate of homeownership in the United States has fallen for eight years in a row.  Anyone that claims that the U.S. economy is experiencing a “recovery” is simply not telling the truth.  The following are 37 reasons why “the economic recovery of 2013” is a giant lie…

#1 The only reason that the official unemployment rate has been declining over the past couple of years is that the federal government has been pretending that millions upon millions of unemployed Americans no longer want a job and have “left the labor force”.  As Zero Hedge recently demonstrated, if the labor force participation rate returned to the long-term average of 65.8 percent, the official unemployment rate in the United States would actually be 11.5 percent instead of 7 percent.

#2 The percentage of Americans that are actually working is much lower than it used to be.  In November 2000, 64.3 percent of all working age Americans had a job.  When Barack Obama first entered the White House, 60.6 percent of all working age Americans had a job.  Today, only 58.6 percent of all working age Americans have a job.  In fact, as you can see from the chart posted below, there has been absolutely no “employment recovery” since the depths of the last recession…

Employment-Population Ratio 2013

#3 The employment-population ratio has now been under 59 percent for 51 months in a row.

#4 There are 1,148,000 fewer Americans working today than there was in November 2006.  Meanwhile, our population has grown by more than 16 million people during that time frame.

#5 The “inactivity rate” for men in their prime working years (25 to 54) has just hit a brand new all-time record high.  Does this look like an “economic recovery” to you?…

Inactivity Rate Men

#6 The number of working age Americans without a job has increased by a total of 27 million since the year 2000.

#7 In November 2007, there were 121.9 million full-time workers in the United States.  Today, there are only 116.9 million full-time workers in the United States.”

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16 responses to “Obama mainstream media Orwellian spin, Economic recovery Of 2013 giant lie, If you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it, No employment recovery, Millions left labor force

  1. Good morning all.

  2. “The Structural Decline Of US GDP In 4 Charts”


  3. “Guess What The Fed’s Original 2013 GDP Forecast Was”

    The chart below tracks how the latest and greatest prediction of the 2.15% 2013 GDP (2.0%-2.3%) moved over the past two years.

    “In other words, the Fed started at 4.2%… and ended with half that number. Oh, and that includes the recent GDP-boosting revision, without which GDP growth for the year would have been even lower.”


  4. CitizenWells,
    Once again I would like to personally thank you for showing it like it is. I am saddened that so few in America want to see the truth, as you have demonstrated in your discussion and graphs. What we see is utter failure of Obama and his Keynesian economic followers. The suffering will continue, and inflation has not been enourmous because their has been no economic recovery, yet I can see it on the horizon now. We, as a nation, need to embrace production and manufacturing for the future of our children. children

  5. [failure = success] ?
    From >>> September 28, 2008

    James Simpson:

    “The Strategy was first elucidated in the May 2, 1966 issue of The Nation magazine by a pair of radical socialist Columbia University professors, Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. David Horowitz summarizes it as:

    The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.”


  6. Posted at CW:

    From >>> November 14, 2009 at 1:50 pm


    GORDO: “A reminder about David Horowitz:”

    [links are dead]
    “David Horowitz is exposed as a False-Front Conservative after he derides the American Constitution and its requirements that a US President be a Natural Born Citizen. Then Horowitz proves to be a demagogue by decrying that “63 million people voted for Barack Obama” as being some sort of proof that this Foreign Occupier is legitimate. Finally, Horror-witz proves that the A.C.O.R.N. does not fall far from the Marxist tree by blasting Frank and John as “racists” for disagreeing with the policies of Barack Obama.”



    [audio src="http://www.therightperspective.org/Audio/2009/TRP_2009.04.03_Horowitz_Excerpt.mp3" /]

  7. Pete.
    Sooner or later the smoke & mirrors will evaporate & reality will hit.

  8. For Citizen WElls, a post card from my travels on the www.

  9. Orwell.
    The man.

  10. the silver lining. gnosis.
    Thanks Be To God, Dear Americans.

  11. David Cameron, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Barack Obama pose for a selfie. Michele Obama, meanwhile, remains focused on Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Photograph: Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images

  12. Barack Obama jokes with Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP

  13. Obama and Helle Thorning-Schmidt in deep conversation. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP

  14. a picture is worth a thousand words.
    and sometimes only a few.

    the feeling is mutual, housewife.

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