Blagojevich appeal prosecutor response, November 13, 2013, 169 page plea to reject new trial request, US Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit, Blagojevich prosecution drags on Obama protected

Blagojevich appeal prosecutor response, November 13, 2013, 169 page plea to reject new trial request, US Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit, Blagojevich prosecution drags on Obama protected

“Why did Judge James Zagel allow only 2 percent of the Blagojevich wiretaps to be released?”…Citizen Wells

“I can tell you that, based on court rules and procedures, Judge James Zagel carries some of the blame for the delay in the transcripts.

The question is, what was Judge Zagel’s motivation?”…Citizen Wells

“Regardless of how this plays out, it benefits Obama. If there is no appeal or the appeal is denied, Blagojevich will be sequestered. If the appeal proceeds, it could drag out beyond impacting the 2012 election cycle. The intent is obvious.”…Citizen Wells, July 19, 2011

The prosecution of Blagojevich drags on and protects Obama.

From Fox News Illinois November 13, 2013.

“Prosecutors respond to Blagojevich appeal”
“Prosecutors have filed a response to Rod Blagojevich’s corruption conviction appeal. The 169-page government filing submitted late Tuesday urges the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reject the imprisoned former governor’s request for a new trial. Defense lawyers filed the appeal on the Illinois Democrat’s behalf in July. It asks the Chicago-based appellate court to toss his convictions or at least reduce his 14-year prison sentence.”

Read more:

From Citizen Wells July 16, 2013.

“Blagojevich appeals convictions, stiff sentence”

“Lawyers for Rod Blagojevich filed an appeal Monday challenging the imprisoned former Illinois governor’s corruption conviction and stiff, 14-year prison term.

The lengthy filing with the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago comes more than two years after the Chicago Democrat’s retrial and 16 months after he entered a federal prison in Colorado.

Jurors convicted Blagojevich, 56, of engaging in wide-ranging corruption, including that the two-term governor sought to profit from his power to appoint someone to the U.S. Senate seat that Barack Obama vacated to become president.

The appeal cites a juror who allegedly expressed a bias against Blagojevich who was seated despite the objections of defense attorneys. It also raises longstanding claims that Judge James Zagel barred FBI wiretap evidence that might have aided the defense and argues the judge miscalculated the appropriate prison term.

The appeal was filed about 30 minutes before a midnight deadline to do so.

In June, Blagojevich’s attorneys requested permission to file a longer-than-usual appeal, noting the trial produced 12,000 pages of transcripts. “The issues for appeal are numerous and complicated,” they wrote. The court agreed to let them file the equivalent of about 100 pages, which is what they did.

Blagojevich was convicted on 18 counts over two trials, jurors in the first deadlocking on all but one count. Taking the stand in the second, decisive trial in 2011, Blagojevich insisted his talking about wanting to sell Obama’s seat was just that — talk.

At his sentencing hearing later in 2011, an uncharacteristically deferential Blagojevich asked Zagel for mercy and said he accepted responsibility. He told the court in a hushed voice, “I caused it all.”

Despite those words, Zagel imposed a lengthy prison term, telling Blagojevich he had abused voters’ trust and undermined the democratic process “to do things that were only good for yourself.”

Many observers at the time said Blagojevich’s best hope on appeal wasn’t that a higher court would overturn his convictions but that appellate judges would agree his sentence was too harsh.”

The appeal.

The response.

67 responses to “Blagojevich appeal prosecutor response, November 13, 2013, 169 page plea to reject new trial request, US Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit, Blagojevich prosecution drags on Obama protected

  1. “The following facts make the argument that Rod Blagojevich should have been arrested long before December 8, 2008 and before Tony Rezko.

    Blagojevich began scheming as soon as he entered office. From the Blagojevich arrest press release. “The charges include historical allegations that Blagojevich and Harris schemed with others – including previously convicted defendants Antoin Rezko, Stuart Levine, Ali Ata and others – since becoming governor in 2002 to obtain and attempt to obtain financial benefits for himself, his family and third parties, including his campaign committee, Friends of Blagojevich, in exchange for appointments to state boards and commissions, state employment, state contracts and access to state funds.”
    Pamela Meyer Davis began wearing a secret FBI wiretap in late 2003 to record conversations involving state health planning board.
    Most of the corruption in the Tony Rezko, Stuart Levine and Rod Blagojevich indictments took place between 2003 and 2005. Counts 1, 2 and 4 in the Blagojevich Indictment were eventualy dropped. Those counts covered that time period and represented approximately half of the indictment.
    “FBI Special Agent Daniel Cain, the primary case agent on the investigation into Levine and Rezko, is on the stand now in testimony that is laying the foundation for entering the wiretaps into evidence. Cain said the investigation, dubbed Operation Board Games by the federal agents, began in December 2003 and was prompted by information gleaned from an informant whom he did not identify. That witness, he said, took part in meetings with two other individuals who were in contact with Levine by phone at his home. Cain said Levine had three phone lines in his North Shore home. Federal agents recorded conversations on those lines April 8-May 21, 2004. Those dates span the time when Levine, Rezko and others allegedly were working to rig the hospital board vote on a Mercy Health System hospital proposal for Crystal Lake and other kickback schemes prosecutors claim they were engaged in.” Rezko trial March 12, 2008″
    “Why wasn’t Rod Blagojevich, Governor of IL, prosecuted before Tony Rezko, a businessman?

    Why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department wait until December 2008 to arrest Rod Blagojevich?

    What were Obama and Blagojevich discussing just after the 2008 election and just before Blagojevich was arrested?


    I told you this would happen over 2 years ago.

  2. Mia Marie Pope on Pete Santilli Radio Show – Documents Turned Over To Team Arpaio – Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, a Known Foreign Student | CDR Kerchner (Ret)’s Blog

  3. “Carville: Maybe Obama Should Try a Crack Pipe”


    How about has.


    “Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Ore., accused Obama of “grossly misleading” the American public.”

    “I think the president saying you could stay with it and not being honest that a lot of these policies were going to get canceled was grossly misleading to the American public and is causing added stress and added strife as we go through a really difficult time with health care,” Schrader told a television interviewer.

    In turn, Republicans accused Schrader of hypocrisy after discovering his own website had the same inaccurate claim.

    National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Alleigh Marre accused Schrader of “blatantly misleading voters in the face of changing political winds and the plan’s botched roll-out.”

    She said Schrader’s website has now been scrubbed, but it had read, “If you are insured and happy with your coverage, nothing changes.”

    Marre circulated a screenshot of Schrader’s website showing it had included the false claim that caused Obama to issue an apology to the American people, last week.”

  5. It is very clear that PUSH is VERY SOON going to become SHOVE. The cancellation of healthcare policies has only just BEGUN! Lets talk about 200,000,000. That is when the HUMAN TSUNAMI will move out of control,and NOTHING will stop it. Now that the public now knows that they were LIED to they are starting to get REALLY steamed, particularly when they KNEW in 2010 that this would happen. The insurance companies WILL NOT re instate policies particularly policies that were held by people who were in CRITICAL CARE. There is now going to be HELL TO MPAY

  6. From prosecutor response.
    Obama’s ghosts of Christmas Past.

    “Monk’s secret receipt of
    between approximately $70,000 to $90,000 cash in increments of $10,000
    from Tony Rezko over a period of approximately one year while he was
    working for the defendant”

    “Blagojevich argues that the district court improperly restricted his
    ability explore Wyma’s motive to fabricate information against him in order
    to deflect attention away from his own criminality, that is, his purported
    involvement in the payment of a bribe involving a client named Provena.”

    “The defendant’s attempt to question Magoon regarding historical
    contributions he made to other politicians was properly stopped for similar

    “Defendant argues that the district court improperly allowed the
    government to cross-examine Jesse Jackson, Jr. about an incident in which
    defendant indicated to Jackson that defendant did not hire Jackson’s wife for
    a state job because Jackson had refused to make a $25,000 contribution to

    “The court properly admitted Lon Monk’s testimony regarding the
    corrupt conversations Blagojevich participated in in 2003 and 2004, which
    were including in the indictment, and explained the nature of Blagojevich’s
    relationships with Monk, Rezko, and Kelly, and the true nature of
    Blagojevich’s thinking about trading official actions for personal benefits.”

    “In addition, a fifth witness, Ali Ata, testified about a conversation in July 2003
    in which Blagojevich referenced both a campaign contribution made by Ata
    and Ata’s request, through Tony Rezko, for a job in Blagojevich’s

  7. Soetoro and his BULLSHI# GOONS are going to try to write legislation to FORCE the insurance companies to re instate all of the cancelled policies. Writing law AFTER THE FACT will NOT force the insurance companies to do anything… fact they might choose to accelerate the cancellations. Trump told us this would happen. Perhaps it is time to listen a little closer to his viewpoints. Sadly far too many people laughed at him… they are laughing out the other side of their faces … as they LOSE their IINSURANCE

  8. …………I would hasten to add it is probably good for what ails the laughing faces. BTW it was several very recognised people who said exactly what Trump said. All were right on the money. Obviously they read the 2200 pages of the ACA,and knew exactly what it said. Now all we have to do is SIT AND watch the TSUNAMI CLEAN HOUSE in DC…….and it WILL!

  9. Bye bye…………Have a great day! Godbless! (HELP IS ON THE HORIZON)

  10. God bless oldsailor.

  11. Whistleblower, Karen Hudes – Secret plot to nuke USA.

  12. Main Core: A List Of Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law

  13. James | November 13, 2013 at 2:01 pm |

    Whistleblower, Karen Hudes – Secret plot to nuke USA.
    Listen to this, scarey stuff.

  14. New Word:

    A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

  15. It just takes one small domino:

    “Domino Chain Reaction”

  16. John in Illinois…….
    It is clear that Eric Holder is a spoiled fruit lying in a barrel of edible fruit. It has been obvious to most of us that he was seriously affected even before he was appointed to his office. I point to his alleged work with Slick Willy in forgiving millions of dollars in taxes owed by a personal friend of Clinton’s. He is a BASTARD of bastards,and hopefully he will be ejected, but I would never hold my breath on that one.

  17. ,,,,,but I agree 100% that the impeachment of Holder would provide incentive for ALL of the 127 Federal judges to return to supporting the Constitution. Federal judges who rule outside of,or in circumvention of the Constitution can be prosecuted for corrupt behavior. A couple of years ago a judge in Georgia thought he was Superman, he is now serving hard time.

  18. Bob Strauss….
    While your newly coined word “ineptocracy” is probably the best I have heard yet,as it applies to our alleged leader and his GOON SQUAD, I tend to think it is NOT QUITE ABRASIVE enough. When you have parasites leaching upon a host, you need something with which to remove them, either abrasive, or poisonous to the parasites, or perhaps even BOTH!. Have you ever known a person who has CRAB lice. har har. I wouldn’t be above dropping a few crab lice on some of the politicians’ chairs.

  19. It would really be great if somebody could drop a few FEMALE crabs into Soetoro’s bed. He would get a whole crop of them…..all riding motorcycles, and DRAGGING THE KICKSTANDS. FLIES above, and CRABS below….wow,somehow it all fits together perfectly.har har.

  20. “Pledge of Allegiance” now being forced out of schools. Once again the mentally twisted school leadership is at work. They scurry back and forth like the filfthy vermin they are, each trying to outdo their counterparts. They are the same VERMIN who have pushed the PROGRESSIVE AGENDA upon America’s school children. Hell it is ok with these people to have sex with children even in the classroom. They even provide condoms for grades KINDERGARTEN through grade 2, for play things. Is that sick leadership?


  21. Society screams loudly when some piece of garbage, from nowhere gets after a child,and he/she is thrown into prison for a very lengthy vacation, so why the hell aren’t teachers given the same vacations. Hell all they do is transfer the teacher to another school, and he/she is free to do it all again. It is time to start making examples of these SICK,FILTHY DEVIATES WHO HAVE INFILTRATED our public school systems across America.

  22. BTW……….you might want to cast your scopes upon the new LIBERAL “HO”-SURANCE ADS wherein they show a young hot chick holding a box of the morning after pills……she has a big smile on herface …….the pills were FREE.

  23. Citizen and Document Expert Doug Vogt Files His Response to Federal Judge in WA State | CDR Kerchner (Ret)’s Blog

  24. “Following the end of the plague of system glitches last week, the Labor Department admits that 5 states estimated levels this week. The initial jobless claims print remains near 4 month-highs (adjusted to for the prior glitch unreality). At 339k vs 330k expected, this is the 6th straight week of disappointment for the ‘critical real-time indicator of the economy’s health'”

  25. “Wal-Mart Misses Revenue, Guides Below Expectations: FX, Slow Economic Growth Blamed”

  26. November 13, 2013

    Jack Cashill:

    “Making prisons ‘look like America'”

    “The racial grievance industry, with the White House’s blessing, has a plan afoot to up the relative percentage of whites and Hispanics in America’s prisons by keeping young black men out.

    This week Broward County Public Schools in Florida reached an agreement with the NAACP and local law enforcement to end what is sometimes called the “school-to-prison” pipeline.

    These entities will end the pipeline not by addressing the social dysfunction that leads to crime but by refusing to put students in the pipeline until they commit their fifth criminal misdemeanor.

    You read that right, fifth. For the first four incidents, “administrators are instructed to try and resolve the situation without an arrest” through counseling and other such nostrums.

    “Everybody deserves a second chance,” said local NAACP honcho Marsha Ellison. “And all students will be treated equally no matter what the color of their skin.”

    Despite the NAACP’s happy talk of a color-blind program, its very involvement suggests these programs are not.

    Broward officials had to look no further than the Trayvon Martin case at neighboring Miami-Dade County Public Schools to see how racist and counter-productive these programs typically are.”

  27. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    bob strauss – Wonderful and touching video. The last two people in it went on to become Calif. Senator George Murphy and President Ronald Reagan.

  28. Thornton Parsons

    Obama speaking now: Spin, spin, spin. Uh-uh-uh. One thing that bothered me when he was talking about the devastation in the Philippines, he said that Philippino-Americans were worried about their family back home. If they’re Americans, I thought this country is home. If they are dual citizens, how can they claim to be Americans if their allegiance is to the Phillippines? Maybe that’s why the administration is trying to do away with the pledge of allegiance; because allegiance cannot be divided. You’re either an American, or you’re not.

  29. Thornton,
    Doesn’t Obama think of himself as “citizen of the world”? I believe he has so much of that mindset engraved upon his brain that it is impossible for him to ever conceive of true loyalty to our country, or any other, for that matter. Just mulling it all over……

  30. John in Illinois

    Mancow revealed on the Alex Jones show today that the actor Harry Lennix had “Coached” Obama for 4 yrs back in 1995 or so back in his Chicago days, Lennix called Obama a “Rat Bastard” and is no more than just an actor in an empty suit. Kinda makes sense to me.

  31. Perhaps it is time for people like Lennix to make their knowledge PUBLIC, via any and all potential channels. He has the money,so if he is so angered let him take his argument to the next level. Hollywood has been largely supportive of Soetoro, in just about every way possible. Such people are so caught up in their TWISTED LA LA land behavior they can no longer apply logic or reason to much of anything. They live in their OWN LITTLE FANTASY WORLDS, and TRA LA LA, is pretty much the watch words,as they skip along to their UPSIDE DOWN hideaways

  32. Mssssssssssssssss.Posi, and Harriet Reid will not be able to dig foxholes deep enough to hide them. I can almost hear both of them SQUEALING like rats on a sinking ship. HEY HARRIET,better get a life preserver on,your ship is NOW SINKING FAST. Always great to watch A$$holes like you go down with the ship……….and I will laugh uncontrollably as I watch you disappear, and I shall send a spittle along right behind you.

  33. Mssssssssssssssss.POSI says they are going to see to it that Obamacare works no matter HOW LONG IT TAKES. Such a statement should tell even a child that she is a MENTAL CASE. The insurance companies do not have to do a DAMN thing. Their coverages were made ILLEGAL by the ACA being SIGNED INTO LAW. Wait until the small business wash their hands of it, and eventually 100,000,000 million people no longer have any Healthcare insurance ….AT ALL, on anybody in their entire families. YEP,THE LOONEY LIBS OWN THIS ONE LOCK,STOCK,AND BARREL…..HAR HAR

  34. …………….and the TSUNAMI is growing,and as I type I can hear the splashes as the LIBS abandon ship, into boiling water, which they ALSO were responsible for heating. I am laughing, and savoring every second of each bail out by a LIBERAL. HAR DE HAR HAR…..and the CLUCKS will STEW.

  35. ……….”This is the way we sow our seeds,………tra la la la la!”

  36. ………..everybody needs to record all of the nitwitted crap that the looney libs try to make everybody think is the truth. Hell they have lied and twisted words for so long they have forgotten how to tell the truth.


    ……and now the gang of 14 are refusing to act in any effort to fax the Soetoro ACA which they concocted,and spread.

  37. I would bet my bottom dollar that the LIBERALS will pull a Wisconsin very soon. The Democratic Senate will ALL vacate the premises and go to another state, because they think that they cannot be forced to make any votes, while out of the Senate chamber. They will do this because in their TWISTED minds they think their tantrums will win over reality. Ohhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  38. …..once again “THIS IS THE WAY WE SOW OUR SEEDS……….TRA LA LA LA LA.( WHEN SINGING THIS YOU MUST ALSO SKIP ABOUT THE ROOM IN CADENCE, AND REACH INTO AN IMAGINARY SEED POUCH AND BROADCAST SEEDS, WITH EVERY SKIP! Hell if this sounds like insanity,then Soetorocare is certainly at the same level, it all sounds like a pack of tiny children singing the SEED SOWING song. Sort of states a mentality if you will!

  39. bye bye all, don’t sow too many seeds! Have a great day! Godbless!


  41. GORDO
    I need your expertise again. :D=

    To get to my E-Mail (Windows Mail) I have to click on the round symbol at the left bottom corner and I see ALL Programs and I then click on Windows Mail.

    What I would like to do is have it on the front screen where I click twice to get on the internet. It used to be there until my computer crashed and we had to have a new hard drive.

    I sure hope that you can understand what I am trying to explain to you. 8O=

  42. 8 0 =
    8 O =

  43. I give up! 🙂

  44. bob strauss | November 13, 2013 at 7:40 pm |

    James | November 13, 2013 at 2:01 pm |

    Whistleblower, Karen Hudes – Secret plot to nuke USA.
    Listen to this, scarey stuff.
    The last few minutes of this video talks about Moochelle being blackmailed, for an affair, and the attempted nukeing of S Carolina.

  45. oldsailor81 | November 14, 2013 at 3:35 am |

    Bob Strauss….
    While your newly coined word “ineptocracy” is probably the best I have heard yet,as it applies to our alleged leader and his GOON SQUAD, I tend to think it is NOT QUITE ABRASIVE enough. When you have parasites leaching upon a host, you need something with which to remove them, either abrasive, or poisonous to the parasites, or perhaps even BOTH!. Have you ever known a person who has CRAB lice. har har. I wouldn’t be above dropping a few crab lice on some of the politicians’ chairs.
    oldsailor81, these bastards deserve the same treatment given to Mussolini. While I have had experience with crab lice, it’s not nearly severe enough for these traitors.

  46. Mr. Bill(ms. helga) | November 14, 2013 at 11:35 am |

    bob strauss – Wonderful and touching video. The last two people in it went on to become Calif. Senator George Murphy and President Ronald Reagan.
    Mr. Bill, I noticed Ronald Regan at the end of that video, and was thinking about how he was already positioned on the patriotic side of the country.

  47. Revenge of the Nerds paen to the walking dead of MJ’s Thriller RIP

    Brought to America by the IT nerds who unleashed armagedon on health care in the land of the living.

  48. Ginger at 6:39 pm —
    The area above “All Programs” is called the “Start Menu”.

    If the icon for “WinMail” (Windows Mail) is in “Start Menu”, then left-click on icon and DRAG to desktop


    1) right-click on “WinMail” icon

    2) click (left or right) on “Add to Quick Launch”

    3) left-click on icon just created in “Quick Launch” and DRAG to desktop.
    If “WinMail” icon is not in “Start Menu”,

    1) left-click on “Computer”

    2) left-click on your harddrive icon

    3) left-click on “Program Files”

    4) find “Windows Mail” folder and left-click on it

    5) find “WinMail” in folder and right-click on it

    6) click (left or right) on “Create Shortcut”

    7) DRAG “WinMail” shortcut to desktop.

  49. Forgot to put this in my comment:
    Look for “Windows Mail” folder by clicking on “All Programs”.
    [I deleted mine.]

  50. THANK YOU ……… GORDO ;=) This is a wink if I do it right.

  51. I give up! 😦

  52. Air Force Brat

    Ginger — put just a single dash, not an “equal” sign. 😉

  53. Here we go again folks…….now Medicare is involved with the ACA. This is the first confirmation that I have heard of Medicare being effected by the ACA fiasco. Medicare derives funding from SS witholding. So that said ,and in view of the diminishing employed people in the US,Social Security,and Medicare are going to be seriously affected. Tonight earlier I heard from a friend who is in the know about both entities. Medicare funding is nearly depleted. The government is witholding money from SS checks to pay for Medicare availability. Last year Soetoro lifted 7billion from Medicare,and it has NEVER been paid back.. Allegedly the 7 billion was to fund the ACA. So maybe it is time for the LIBS to replace the funds……of course if it was given to the Islamic Brotherhood then maybe it is time to start cleaning house.

  54. When the funds were first transferred we learned that a portion of it was handed over to the World bank, so that France could have money to provide abortions to French whores
    ,etc.Hope that is OK with everybody,because I doubt that anybody will get off their rear ends to address the theft of the funds the way it is screaming to be addressed.

  55. I believe that many of the internet radio stations have the damning evidence,which is why they have chosen to regurgitate all of this. I believe that there is a very real possibility that Medicare will come to a screeching halt at some point in 2014. If that happens I guarantee that the shooting war will begin. To date there has not been a lot of coverage of the 7 billion RIP OFF from Medicare, but a LOT of people know about it.

  56. I seriously believe that there is going to be taxation on Social Security earnings, perhaps as early as 2014. There could also be a Federal tax on our vehicles each year,because we sometimes use Federal Highways,and or interstate express highways. If you own a car you WILL be taxed. This tax will be above and beyond the so called wheel tax. At the same time the possibility exists that another tax will be levied upon people who own vehicles,this is air pollution tax (EMISSIONS). If EPA is successful in getting this tax passed anybody who owns a vehicle will pay.

  57. ……………what I am waiting for now is the CLASS ACTION lawsuit against the Federal Government by all of the people who were MISLED by Soetoro,about keeping their Healthcare provider. As it stands now the class would be about 5,000,000 people, all demanding their coverage,or their money back. They have standing,they have sufferred financial loss,and subsequent injury at the hands of the government, and are entitled to financial compensation.(compensatory damages),and they have sufferred the loss of their healthcare resultant of Federal Government action. Damages of $50,000.00 per person.

  58. …………… todays economy, probably $100,000.00 would be more appropriate.

  59. The US government knowingly perpetrated Healthcare FRAUD against the CITIZENS of the US. Everybody who have received cancellations fo their Healthcare by their PAID providers,would be eligible to participate in the CLASS ACTION. Such a lawsuit could be quite successful. It is a really strong case. I pray that one of the big conservative law firms takes this one to court. I believe that a class action could be won…….or settled by arbitration.

  60. Good morning CW, Oldsailor et. al,


    Last week I mentioned what I believe is a very plausible explanation of Obamacare being a planned failure.

    However and to your point, you may remember (and also in the CBO report) in order to “help” fund Obamacare, 1/2 Trillion dollars over the next 10 years was to be taken from Medicare. Yes, this will collapse it. As you know, this program is designed to assist the elderly and retirees.

    Having said that, mostly those signing up for Obamacare are being forced into Medicaid as it has no age restrictions.

    The end goal is to have a Single payer system and I believe they will drive everyone by default into Medicaid and eliminate (financially) Medicare and throw Obamacare down the drain. It was designed to fail.

  61. Good Morning CW, et. al.-

  62. Good morning Zach, William, oldsailor, et al.

  63. By the way,

    Just my hunch, but Obama will blame the Republicans for this forced Single payer system. By calling his hand that he is not a king and cannot by fiat change the rule of law, he will declare there is no other option, thus the republicans and Supreme Courts fault.

    Least I see it happening by design. Shift the blame, and get what the Socialist liberals want in the end game.

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