Illegal alien Obama allows illegal alien rally on mall, National Park Service posts pickets and barriers to bar Americans citizens, OK to barricade elderly veterans, Illegal immigrants have to be accommodated

Illegal alien Obama allows illegal alien rally on mall, National Park Service posts pickets and barriers to bar Americans citizens, OK to barricade elderly veterans, Illegal immigrants have to be accommodated

“Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove
they are insured… but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.”

“Many of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are
citizens will receive free insurance, paid for by those who are forced to
buy insurance because they are citizens.”…Ben Stein

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln

“We control life, Winston, at all its levels. You are imagining that there is something called human nature which will be outraged by what we do and will turn against us. But we create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From the Daily Caller October 7, 2013.

“Obama OKs illegals’ march on Mall, still blocks Americans”

“The National Park Service is allowing an Oct. 8 pro-immigration rally on the national mall, even as it posts pickets and barriers to bar Americans from visiting their open-air memorials.

“They’re going to be allowed to go [ahead] because it is a First Amendment activity,” Shannon Maurer, a spokeswoman for the “March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect,” told The Daily Caller.

“They allowed us to have it because it is part of the First Amendment of the constitution,” said Susana Flores, a spokeswoman for CASA in Action, which is organizing the rally. ”We’re going to have a stage and microphones,” plus a stand for TV cameras, she said.

The mall is currently marked as closed, and law enforcement officials have have been deployed to picket open-air monuments to keep Americans off their own land.

Critics quickly pounced on what they see as special treatment for the administration’s allies.

“What this means is that the administration is sending a clear message that it’s OK to barricade elderly veterans out of their memorials, but illegal immigrants have to be accommodated no matter what,” Mark Krikorian, director of the anti-immigration Center for Immigration Studies, told The Daily Caller.

“It’s hard to justify closing off open areas [such as the World War II memorial], but to allow a major setup with equipment, electronics and security in a closed area is a little outrageous,” said Krikorian.”

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23 responses to “Illegal alien Obama allows illegal alien rally on mall, National Park Service posts pickets and barriers to bar Americans citizens, OK to barricade elderly veterans, Illegal immigrants have to be accommodated

  1. CW…you said in your past post,
    “Meanwhile RMinNC….Obama’s past and present problems are being ignored & downplayed.
    Blagojevich, AL & VT Supreme Court cases & real unemployment situation”

    It’s all part of their game plan…They live by the “Golden Rule”
    He who has the Gold…Rules.

  2. Shutdown denies death benefits to families of fallen soldiers

    The shutdown of the federal government is now affecting some families when they are most vulnerable, denying them benefits to help with funeral expenses of loved ones killed while serving the country.
    The families of five U.S. service members who were killed over the weekend in Afghanistan have been notified that they won’t be receiving the $100,000 benefit normally wired to relatives within 36 hours of the death. The “death gratuity” is intended to help cover funeral costs and help with immediate living expenses until survivor benefits typically begin.

  3. JONAH…

    Hopefully the American people will soon wake up and realize our government is “at WAR” with the people they govern…

    This DESPICABLE act you have noted by our government is just more DOT proving the intent.of their actions since, and long before, the shutdown, has been to bring pain and misery to the people of America, while at the same time, accommodating our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

    To their feeble way of thinking…it is acceptable to send young men and women into war…but if they get wounded or killed in doing their duties, it will not be the fault of the government, therefore they are not responsible to provide any aid or comfort to the families of the unfortunate soldier.

    I could not blame the soldiers who are put into harms way under such policies…if they would just lay down their arms and say,…NO MORE…WE REFUSE TO FIGHT FOR A GOVERNMENT THAT REFUSES TO CARE FOR OUR FAMILIES……

    All of this stress and painful activity by the government, in my opinion, is designed to push the people into committing acts of insurrection against the government….giving the wolves an “excuse” to enact martial law against the people whom they fear the most…..the common man who has been a law abiding, but vocal citizen.

    All we have to do to understand their motives is to start connecting the dots..The pattern is obvious…their intent is an open “in your face secret”.

    The question is…how much more abuse will the American people take from an illegal ruler before the pot boils over?

    As Pogo once said as he took his rag tag army into the swamp to fight a war. They later came back beaten up pretty badly and looking like they had encounter a tribe of tigers…..Upon landing at his home station, he disembarked his tree bark boat and said these immortal words;

    “We have met the enemy, …and he is us”.

    Like Pogo, I think we have met the enemy and most of us know who he is.

    ‘They looked like Hulk Hogans, armed. They told us you can’t go outside’

    For all those people who feel that somehow the U.S.military will not obey orders to attack us, perhaps they should reevaluate. After all, according to this article the National Park Service personnel, who are usually very accommodating to tourists, have turned ugly at the command of the Obama regime. How far is this type of behavior going to be allowed without revolt?

  5. If you speak Spanish, or any other language other than English, and carry a Green Card, or no card….then you are entitled to all the benefits this country can generously provide……
    If you are a legal citizen of America, a veteran of her wars who has provided protection for this country, then you ARE NOT entitled to anything that has been promised under our Constitution or her leadership……

    A great example of this is happening right now on the National Mall in Washington…which has been closed to all citizens supposedly because of the “shutdown”….yet is OPEN for an Immigration Rally ….a legal citizen cannot enjoy the Mall , but the illegals can….

    Add this disgrace to the unnecessary CLOSING of the National Parks…the CLOSING of the Veteran Memorials to the soldiers and sailors who have protected our freedoms….the attempt to close the Gulf of Mexico to fishing…the threat from the leader that the aged may not have a SS check this coming pay period…I could go on for a long… long time…but what’s the use?

    The message is given every day as we wake up…….”we are at war”.

    We are at war with our government.

    With the engine that is driving the government going in one direction …and the engine that is driving the other party going in the opposite direction……

    I have just one question for the incompetent people running our government now……


  6. Look at his ears…they look like they’ve been glued on!

  7. Did I just hear the white House idiot say;
    “during my time in office, I have cut the deficit in half”?

    Excuse me…….would someone explain to me how he could CUT the deficit in half and at the same time spend over a trillion and a half dollars each year he has been in office…….

    “Lier, Lier…pants on fire”

  8. The man is mentally deranged and/or on drugs. He stammers and stutters around and doesn’t even make sense. I can’t stand it.

  9. As the White House idiot exited the stage , right after his DICTATORIAL SPEECH…….did everyone notice …….

    the DEEP SCAR ON THE LEFT SIDE OF HIS HEAD….from the base of his chicken neck to the top of his pin pointed head……..

    Don’t the public have a right to ask how , when and where he got that? I think they do…if he’s going to lead us over the endless cliff…I think we have a right to know his mental health…as Cabbyaz has stated above !!!

  10. From >>> December 23, 2009

    “Obama’s NASTY Scar”
    From >>> January 27, 2011

    “Obama’s Movable Features …His Newest Scar!”

  11. citizenwells

    Isn’t that from the lobotomy?
    AKA psychosurgery.

  12. Hmmmmm…

    WH adviser Dan Pfeiffer apologizes for ‘horrendous’ N-word tweet…

  13. RMinNC,

    He says things like that because he knows 51% of the Country are low information voters and will believe anything he says, therefore, without any dignity, honor for the office, nor integrity, he can and will lie through his teeth, whilst the Dems applaud him and the Republicans will not refute him and publically humiliate him, as the should.

  14. Well said WILLIAM…

  15. Regarding the scar on Soetoro’s head……do you suppose that he was a WATERHEAD,and might have needed a shunt to keep his waterhead drained. These are often put under the skull and allow a shunt to expand as the child grows. Unfortunately after the shunt becomes to short,another is required, the waterhead condition has to be drained otherwise it could kill the child. I do not offer this in protection of Soetoro,rather I offer it ONLY as a POTENTIAL explanation for such a scar upon any person’s head. I personally knew a father of a very young child who was a waterhead,and this procedure was done upon his tiny daughter.

  16. Isn’t it strange that the government can tell you almost to the number, how many people have given their personal information for the sign-in for Obamacare…….but they can’t tell you anything about how many people have actually bought into this fraud called Obamacare aka Affordable Care Act…..

    That fact alone tells me that you “can’t fool all the people… all the time”.

  17. William…….
    I would think that if you KNEW that you are talking to people whose mentality is roughly equivalent to that of APES,you would know that you could say about anything and such people would believe you. This is how I look upon the largest percentage of our youngsters as they progress through elementary,middle and high school. There is a lot of information concerning the declining SAT scores of students. My guess there is a teacher liability which contributes to these low scores.

  18. Oldsailor,

    Your hunch pertaining to teacher liability is factually correct. With such low expectations for teachers, how can anyone expect anything different with the students they teach? Of course, a low level -make everyone happy curriculum doesn’t help either….

  19. oldsailor81….

    Is being a WATERHEAD anything like being an AIRHEAD?

    I would think Obama’s medical problem would more closely fit that of an AIRHEAD Of course water is nothing but H2O while….. Air is only O.(mostly hot air)

    Maybe it’s a little of both.

    ‘They looked like Hulk Hogans, armed. They told us you can’t go outside’

    I heard today that the Kuwaiti’s are developing a test that will determine if a person is a homosexual. I guess it is their plan to administer the test on all persons entering the GCC countries.

    I am dreaming of a time when we take this country back to its original charter.

    If they can develop a test for homosexuals, we should be able to develop one to determine if you are a liberal. These sorry turds need to be put in a place where they are a danger to no one but themselves.

    God Help Us

  21. Just a thought. Do you remember when Michelle Bachmann and Peter King came out against the dangerous inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood in our Government. They cited numerous documents, reports, etc and demanded an investigation. Ultimately they were crucified by the dems and even those in their own party. Now, several months later, Michelle Bachmann announced she will NOT run for reelection and Pete King has turned against the likes of Senator Ted Cruz and Mike Lee….WHY???

    I would surmise they had gotten a little too close to the truth and have been summarily threatened. Seems strange to see such vocal opponents suddenly turn .

  22. Even the likes of John McCain (who ran on repealing Obamacare), Lindsey Graham, Mitch Mconnell, John Cornyn, Orin Hatch etc. they have all turned against the conservative faction of the Republican Party. They are all long term, career politicians open to corruption and thirsty for power, but why are we seeing en masse changing of the ranks. We know the thugs from Chicago now run the gov’t….With the NSA spying on everyone, has there been a massive threat of blackmail. I hate to be sinister, but something is going on.

  23. Oh Oh! It seems that every time Obama has a private meeting with people they always come away with a changed perspective in regard to their support for Der Fuhrer. Are they being persuaded, bribed, blackmailed, threatened, hypnotized?
    > > >

    Obama meets with Krauthammer, Gigot

    President Obama held an off-the-record meeting with five conservative journalists on Tuesday afternoon.

    Present at the meeting were Charles Krauthammer, the Washington Post columnist and Fox News contributor; Paul Gigot, the Wall Street Journal editorial page editor; Robert Costa, the National Review’s Washington editor; syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker; and Washington Examiner columnist Byron York, according to a source with knowledge of the meeting.

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