No proof Bashar Assad approved chemical attacks in Syria, US intelligence can’t prove Assad directly ordered, Rogue generals and rebels may control

No proof Bashar Assad approved chemical attacks in Syria, US intelligence can’t prove Assad directly ordered, Rogue generals and rebels may control

“I do not believe John Kerry is fit to be commander in chief of the armed forces of the United States. This is not a political issue. It is a matter of his judgement, truthfulness, reliability, loyalty, and trust–all absolute tenets of command.”…REAR ADMIRAL ROY F. HOFFMAN, USN (RETIRED)

“Testimony from victims strongly suggests it was the rebels, not the Syrian government, that used Sarin nerve gas during a recent incident in the revolution-wracked nation, a senior U.N. diplomat said Monday.

Carla del Ponte, a member of the U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, told Swiss TV there were “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof,” that rebels seeking to oust Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad had used the nerve agent.

But she said her panel had not yet seen any evidence of Syrian government forces using chemical weapons, according to the BBC, but she added that more investigation was needed.”…Washington Times, May 6, 2013

“I didn’t like Obama from the beginning, I thought he was a hustler and I think he still is.”…Bartle Bull, long time Democrat and civil rights attorney

Barack Obama and John Kerry have been pushing for an attack on Syria with no proof that the Assad Regime was behind the chemical attacks.

There is compelling evidence that the rebels have used chemical weapons.

Now we are negotiating with Bashar Assad to remove chemical weapons when in fact he may not control them and after any alleged chemical weapons are removed, they may remain in the hands of rogue generals and rebels.

From the Washington Times September 11, 2013.

“U.S. can’t prove Bashar Assad approved chemical attacks in Syria
Control of deadly weapons in question”

“U.S. intelligence has yet to uncover evidence that Syrian President Bashar Assad directly ordered the chemical attacks last month on civilians in a suburb of Damascus, though the consensus inside U.S. agencies and Congress is that members of Mr. Assad’s inner circle likely gave the command, officials tell The Washington Times.

The gap in the intelligence has raised debate in some corners of the wider intelligence community about whether Mr. Assad has full control of his war-weary Army and their arsenal of chemical missiles, which most likely would be treasured by terrorist groups known to be operating in Syria, said officials, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because they were discussing intelligence matters.

“If there was a rogue general that did it on his own accord, that would be a bigger problem for Assad, because that would imply that he does not have control of his own weapons,” said one senior congressional source familiar with U.S. intelligence assessments on Syria.

Apart from concerns about weapons falling into the hands of such Sunni extremist and al Qaeda-linked groups as the al-Nusra Front, there are also concerns about serious hurdles now likely to lie ahead for the international community trying to assemble a special team to work with Mr. Assad on securing his chemical arsenal.

Some foreign policy insiders, meanwhile, said the lack of specific intelligence about who ordered the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack is the main reason why top Obama administration officials — including the president himself — have in recent days carefully assigned blame to “Assad’s regime” rather than the Syrian leader personally.”

““As far as I know, there’s no intelligence that links [Mr. Assad] directly to the operation, so that does raise the question of command and control,” said Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer who heads the Intelligence Project at the Brookings Institution in Washington.”

“What’s worse, he said, is that as international pressure mounts on Mr. Assad to comply with international specialists, there could be “Syrian military units and generals who believe keeping chemical weapons is their trump card and key to their survival.””

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19 responses to “No proof Bashar Assad approved chemical attacks in Syria, US intelligence can’t prove Assad directly ordered, Rogue generals and rebels may control

  1. Good morning William, et al.

  2. On the road yesterday I heard Rush:

    “Fake Syria War Hysteria Distracts from Obamacare News”

    “RUSH: I hate to do this to you here, folks, but I’ve got Obamacare news. Here we go. First up from Fox Business, the headline: “Business Owners May Face $100-Per-Day Penalty Under ObamaCare — Small business owners who thought they were off the hook for Obamacare regulations until 2015 may be in for an expensive wake-up call next month. Beginning Oct. 1, any business with at least one employee and $500,000 in annual revenue must notify all employees by letter about the Affordable Care Act’s health-care exchanges, or face up to a $100-per-day fine.”

    So if you have an employee at your small business, you’ve gotta send this person a letter informing them about the Obamacare health care exchanges. “The requirement applies to any business regulated under the Fair Labor Standards Act, regardless of size. Going forward, letters are to be distributed to any new hires within 14 days of their starting date, according to the Department of Labor.” So it’s just one more aspect of Obamacare that nobody knows anything about and has been unfortunately overlooked until now.”

    Syria Obama economic diversion, September 9, 2013, Food stamp use soars, Labor force participation rate at 35 year low, Long term unemployed worse than 1970′s 80′s recessions

    Obama Syria attack diverts attention from economy Obamacare Obama problems, Rush Limbaugh quotes Yossef Bodansky, What if Bashar didn’t do it?

  3. CitizenWells and readers.

    Take a minute to read the letter from Mr. Putin he sent to the United States people yesterday.

    Sadly, Putin actually seems more concerned with America’s well being, it’s ability to project power, and it’s future stability in the world’s balance, than does Obama. I am embarrassed by our leadership on a world stage.


  4. From The NY Times:


    “RECENT events surrounding Syria have prompted me to speak directly to the American people and their political leaders. It is important to do so at a time of insufficient communication between our societies.

    Relations between us have passed through different stages. We stood against each other during the cold war. But we were also allies once, and defeated the Nazis together. The universal international organization — the United Nations — was then established to prevent such devastation from ever happening again.”

    “Syria is not witnessing a battle for democracy, but an armed conflict between government and opposition in a multireligious country. There are few champions of democracy in Syria. But there are more than enough Qaeda fighters and extremists of all stripes battling the government. The United States State Department has designated Al Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, fighting with the opposition, as terrorist organizations. This internal conflict, fueled by foreign weapons supplied to the opposition, is one of the bloodiest in the world.”

    “No one doubts that poison gas was used in Syria. But there is every reason to believe it was used not by the Syrian Army, but by opposition forces, to provoke intervention by their powerful foreign patrons, who would be siding with the fundamentalists. Reports that militants are preparing another attack — this time against Israel — cannot be ignored.

    It is alarming that military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become commonplace for the United States. Is it in America’s long-term interest? I doubt it. Millions around the world increasingly see America not as a model of democracy but as relying solely on brute force, cobbling coalitions together under the slogan “you’re either with us or against us.””

  5. “AFL-CIO nearing formal criticism of ObamaCare”

    “Unions, after a contentious and difficult process, are on the cusp of issuing formal criticism of ObamaCare at the AFL-CIO convention.

    The AFL-CIO Executive Council is expected to consider a resolution, subject to fierce internal debate, that will call for changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — setting up a potential floor vote this Wednesday before the convention closes. Frustration has grown within labor as the Obama administration has failed to offer a fix to temper union worries over the law.”

  6. Good morning Zach, et al.

  7. He’s gonna arm the enemy one way or the other:

    U.S. weapons reaching Syrian rebels

    The CIA has begun delivering weapons to rebels in Syria, ending months of delay in lethal aid that had been promised by the Obama administration, according to U.S. officials and Syrian figures. The shipments began streaming into the country over the past two weeks, along with separate deliveries by the State Department of vehicles and other gear — a flow of material that marks a major escalation of the U.S. role in Syria’s civil war.

    Putin: “It is alarming that military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become commonplace for the United States.”

    Um, me thinks that Comrade Putin is being just a leeetle bit disingenuous here. Then again, like Obama, he’s taking the opportunity to appeal to (take advantage of) the great unwashed clueless here. His appeal is to the opened door to him by the agitated peaceniks. Anyone see those Russies running around in Syria via google earth?

  8. Report: Two Hostages Kidnapped By Syrian Opposition Overheard Conversation That Government Didn’t Do Chemical Attack, Opposition Did

    “The hostages note how the “opposition” is Islamists and bandits, that there really is no “secular” or “moderate” opposition, as Kerry claims.”

    • In August, Belgian teacher Pierre Piccinin and Italian journalist Domenico Quiric were reportedly abducted in Syria by armed men in pickup trucks, possibly with the Free Syrian Army.
    • The men were released on Sunday and have been speaking out about their horrific experience.
    • Both men claim they overheard an English-language Skype conversation suggesting Syrian rebels are behind chemical attack.
    • 62-year-old journalist Domenico Quiric says radical Islamists want to topple Assad and extend global caliphate.


  9. God help those REAL martyrs if this is true:

    Catholic Nun In Syria Says Al Nusra Front Fighters Dismembered Young Alawite Girl With A Frame Saw While She Was Still Alive…

    ……MA (Mother Agnes): Everyone in Syria is facing grave danger. There was a case of Muslim religious leaders being kidnapped and beheaded. They were humiliated and tortured. Ismailis, the druze, Christians – people from all parts of Syrian society – are being mass murdered. I would like to say that if these butchers didn’t have international support, no one would have dared to cross the line. But today, unfortunately, the violation of human rights and genocide in Syria is covered up on the international level. I demand the international community stops assessing the situation in Syria in accordance with the interests of a certain group of great powers. The Syrian people are being killed. They fall victim to contractors, who are provided with weapons and sent to Syria to kill as many people as possible. The truth is, everywhere in Syria people are being kidnapped, tortured, raped and robbed. These crimes remain unpunished, because the key powers chose international terrorism as a way to destroy sovereign states. They’ve done it to other countries. And they will just keep doing it if the international community doesn’t say “Enough!”

  10. Is this not a very strange comment at the end of the NYT article by Putin?

    “We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”

    This was apparently a response to O’s speech on Tuesday in which he finally touted America’s exceptionalism, (the first time, btw, that I’ve ever heard O say that…………. in fact he has always down played America’s exceptionalism).

  11. SUEQ……good morning ………you said,
    “btw, that I’ve ever heard O say that…………. in fact he has always down played America’s exceptionalism)” and Putin said, ““We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”

    It’s a game they all play….you know…”good guy, bad guy” roles….one day they play the good guys,… next day ,they play the bad guys…..

    Anyone who believes the words or actions of a politician will believe anything…..I always believe the opposite of what they say…..

    and 9 times out of 10, I’m correct…..


    Poll on Obama’s Syria Address:

    On Tuesday night, President Obama said he’d give diplomacy a chance, but still made a case for a ‘limited strike’ against the Assad regime. Did his remarks change your mind on America using force against Syria?

    Yes,.. it’s time for the US to use military force to intervene in Syria…14%

    No,.. the threat of strikes may be effective, but the US should not get its military involved…86%

    Total votes: 77720


  13. RM.

    I agree it is a game they play with us all. In fact I was about to say at the end of my comment…. “We’re being played folks”. But I left it off.

  14. GOP Sen. Corker Rips Obama: A “Diminished Figure On Capitol Hill”, “Uncomfortable Being Commander-In-Chief”

    – See more at:

  15. “One thing is for sure, ripping into Obama has been a winning recipe for Jay Leno who quips that Obama is no longer popular abroad to the point that even Kenyans don’t want to admit Obama was born there. A lot of truth is often said in jest.”

    See more at:

  16. Interested Bystander

    Hey All

    Who gave the CIA authority to arm ANYONE?

    Central Intelligence Agency, by name alone would suggest that they are supposed to be smart.

    Sooooooooooooo, I guess the CIA is an oxymoron, because intelligent they are NOT.

    I’m a dumba$$, and I can see that running guns, arming “rebels”, and supplying the “opposition” with arms has gained us NOTHING forever.

    I would suggest that our foriegn policy took a dump once we started running guns, arming “rebels”, and supplying the “opposition” arms.

    It’s just plain idiotic, at least in my opinion.

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