Obama BLS jobs data recap August 3, 2013, Fact vs fiction, Employment data rectified as in 1984, Orwellian wordsmithing or outright lies?, Labor force dropouts part time workers and food stamps reveal truth

Obama BLS jobs data recap August 3, 2013, Fact vs fiction, Employment data rectified as in 1984, Orwellian wordsmithing or outright lies?, Labor force dropouts part time workers and food stamps reveal truth

“11.4%: What the U.S. unemployment rate would be if labor force participation were back to January 2008 levels.” …James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, June 2013

“Approximately 1 million more people could only find part time employment since Obama took office in January 2009.”…Citizen Wells August 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984”



You are being lied to.

Don’t take my word for it.

Look it up.

This past week, we received the usual Orwellian reporting on jobs, unemployment rate, initial claims and the economy.

This Market Watch heading was typical.

“Payrolls disappoint,
but unemployment falls.”

No mention of the one month drop in the Labor Force Participation Rate or the huge drop since Obama took the White House in January 2009.

On Thursday the BLS reported initial claims were 326,000. No wonder. Think about it. Huge numbers have dropped out of the labor force.

And part time workers. You don’t have to fire them, just cut back on their hours.

From the BLS Employment Situation report for July 2013.
“Both the number of unemployed persons, at 11.5 million, and the unemployment rate, at 7.4 percent, edged down in July. Over the year, these measures were down by 1.2 million and 0.8 percentage point, respectively.”

“The civilian labor force participation rate was 63.4 percent in July, little changed over the month.”

“Among the marginally attached, there were 988,000 discouraged workers in July, up by 136,000 from a year earlier.”


The  Labor Force Participation Rate dropped .1 percent in July. That is significant.

The increase of 136,000 discouraged worker from 2012 is certainly significant.

So, do you believe that the unemployment rate is 7.4 percent and that the jobs situation has improved since Obama took office in January 2009?

                                                                               Jan 2009          July 2013
Labor Force
Participation Rate                                                 65.7                    63.4
Population Ratio                                                   60.6                    58.7
Could only find
part time work                                                    1,676,000   2,665,000
Not in Labor Force                                         81,293,000  88,560,000
Not in Labor Force
Want a Job Now                                                5,866,000    6,862,000
Not in labor force
Discouraged                                                         734,000         988,000

58 responses to “Obama BLS jobs data recap August 3, 2013, Fact vs fiction, Employment data rectified as in 1984, Orwellian wordsmithing or outright lies?, Labor force dropouts part time workers and food stamps reveal truth

  1. CitizenWells,
    Wait for the summer to end, then many part time jobs evaporate. The economy is actually getting worse, the Federal Reserve buying into the market is the only thing that keeps the number from being outright tragic. Sadly, no one listens to the truth, they will just switch on MSNBC and hear how the democrats need to save Detroit from themselves. When do you think people will figure it all out?


  2. Whistleblower

    Valerie Plame Wilson’s friend, Marc Grossman, guilty of Treason!


  3. Off topic
    I am not on Medicare, but have a few questions.
    I know that Medicare Part B is deducted from Social Security check. And, if the person chooses, he can have Medicare Part D (prescription plan) deducted from S/S check as well.

    My question is can your Medicare Supplement premium (I think that is Part C) be deducted from your Social Security check as well? Or is that something a person has to purchase and pay for themself?

  4. The reason for my question…an out of state freind of the family said she just got a letter from S/S…She is currently on Medicare Part A.B,D and a supplement. The letter stated her S/S check would be reduced down sizeably due to the (Obamacare) increase in the supplemental premium. Not Parts A.B.or D, but from the private supplemental policy.

    I am thinking it is a scam, but if Obamcare does in fact raise the cost of medicare supplemental policies to our Seniors, I think we may have a huge revolt.

  5. Citizen Confronts Congresswoman: Obama Is A Foreign-Born Communist Despot

    We need more patriots like this guy!!! Watch how this Congresswoman responds…


  6. Can you hide in a crowd ?????

    This picture was taken with a 70,000 x 30,000 pixel camera (2100 Mega Pixels.) These cameras are not sold to the public and are being installed in strategic locations. The camera can identify a face among a multitude of people. Place your computer’s cursor in the mass of people and double-click a couple times (or ‘finger-spread’ on a device.) Scary sharp!!

    George Orwell must be smiling somewhere out there


  7. Bob,
    This is absolutely scary and proves that no one can hide in a crowd any longer. Couple that ability with the advances in drone technology to be able to “see” what’s going on in your home…….or, even spy on a person through their computer or TV? How about a drone hovering over a crowd, taking pics as in your link, and then in real time have the authorities immediately locate a certain person or persons for apprehension. This could be considered good when looking for “criminals”, but the crux of the matter is, “Who is a “criminal”? In the usurper’s regime all of us fit that description.

  8. cabbyaz,
    The usurper has already shown how he treats his political enemies, it will only get worse if left unchecked.

  9. In listening to the far-left attorney, Tamara Holder, on Huckabee this evening, I can’t help but think of the quote by Pres. Reagan, ““It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” She is the very epitome of liberalism and accompanying arrogance.

  10. What will it take for the clueless to finally figure out which side this regime is fighting for?

    Intel Community Worried Obama Admin May Have Disclosed Too Much About Current Al-Qaeda Threat

    Intelligence officials are dismayed that the administration provided so much detail on what prompted the closings, and that the disclosures could work against obtaining new information. Militants are now likely searching for the sources of the information to both the U.S. and Yemeni officials, and almost certainly will kill anyone they suspect of working with Western intelligence.

    “There simply are not that many who would know about the attacks,” says one former high-ranking U.S. intelligence officer, “so it won’t be hard for al Qaeda leaders to pin-point the sources of information. Once that happens, they certainly won’t be working with us anymore.”


  11. CabbyAZ……..Re 8:33PM.
    I would also venture to say she is about the stupidest person that I have ever heard. She obviously doesn’t have the slightest idea how small business works. These people are exactly what is wrong with Detroit also. I call them NINCOMPOOPS

  12. I personally fear that push is going to escalate to shove …..VERY SOON. Get ready for it.


  14. wHEN YOU HEAR A KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR TAKE A SECOND TO LOOK OUT AN ADJACENT WINDOW, IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE. mANY TIMES THESE slimey goons WILL FIRE THROUGH THE DOOR IF THEY THINK SOMEBODY IS ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE. Just be FORWARNED! Prepare yourself by obtaining at least a twelve gage shotgun having at least an 18 inch barrel. Then be sure it has a 3″chamber that will handle MAGNUM rounds. Use 00 buckshot. if you see somebody on your porch holding a weapon simply fire through the door. I guarantee that a magnom round of 00 buckshot will end his visits to peoples porches.

  15. If he appears to be wearing gunfire protection, then aim high enough to catch his face, or low enough to turn him into a GIRL. Be very cautious as to who you allow into your home. People who were once friendly may very well be trying to KILL you and your family. Stock up on MAGNUM rounds of 00 buckshot. Some people refer to Remington express loads as HIGH BRASS. As you aim for his vulnerable spot. be certain that you do this QUIETLY so that he does not hear you at the door.

  16. Above all do not attempt to warn him,as he is already prepared to kill you or anyone who answers the door. Verbally warning him will tell him exactly where you are with regard to the door. If he begins firing through the door, step aside and let him unload his weapon. Then the very second that he ceases to fire is when you need to begin firing. If you have a slide action, it is sometimes referred to as a PUMP action. Can you imagine the surprise he will feel when his fire is returned upon him. It is best to get back away from the door about 4 or 5′ before you squeeze the trigger.

  17. A 12 gauge sawed off shotgun, loaded with 00 buckshot, and is a magnum load will leave about a 1 and 1/2 foot diameter hole in your front door. But where the real mess will be is where the armed goon WAS standing. If he is dead try to get a picture of him and the weapon he was holding. You will need it with the police. Make sure you have more than one copy of the picture,and hide it in a safe place.

  18. Good Morning All. Great analysis CW.

  19. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  20. citizenwells

    More work for me from the local libs.

    The Greensboro police are now accepting ID’s issued by FaithAction for immigrants.


  21. Good morning CW et. al,

    Great article CW. First, how does an 18 year old have a child that is 4 and a half years old and someone not in prison?

    Second, I didn’t know that Charlotte N.C. had 100 different languages? I didn’t even know 100 different languages even existed in the World, considering the fact that their are only about 180 recognized countries, many of which speak the same language. 40 or so of them English is the primary language, which only counts as 1.

  22. William……..
    For what it is worth…..last year I read a story written by a New York author, who told of a 13 year old PUNK who had raped a little girl of the same age. She was impregnated by him. The little scum bag was later killed in a gang warfare fight. Now the little girl lives with a little bastard to look after when she can’t even look after herself. She has NO income,or no way to support either herself or her child. I would hasten to add that the SLIME PUNK did in fact receive his just due.

  23. CW…………
    I am questioning if the NC government is involved with the issuing of the IDs,or if the Faith Action is an entity sanctioned by the Federal Government. If the answer is NEITHER then the IDs would be legally invalid for use at a voting place…..or at least so it would seem.

  24. I am also wondering if Faith Action is providing legally phoney birth certificates for immigrants as well.

  25. We Hold Obama’s Government In Contempt

    I am a freeborn American with God-given rights. This means I submit voluntarily, or I don’t submit at all. As an American, my government is my servant, not my master.


  26. Bob Strauss……….
    My feelings exactly……you couldn’t have said it better!

  27. Bob Strauss……
    We are in a relative calm NOW, but wait until the MAIN EVENT BEGINS. Grown men will be CRYING,because everything they worked all of their lives to have will either be destroyed or confiscated. Remember what Fidel done soon after he became the Cuban dictator…..people had the same thing done to them. Stately homes were confiscated and given to friends of Fidel. Hopefully I will still be alive to celebrate HIS DEATH.

  28. If the middle east doesn’t soon forge a peace agreement,I personally believe that the entire middle east will become embroiled in all out WAR between themselves. The Syrians and the Iranians are some of the most erratic people on earth. They have ALL been taught HATE from day one,and they in turn are still preeching it to their children, who grow up hating all people in the world,and they don’t even know why they hate everybody. The black community in the US also preeches hate to their kids,then when their kid ends up either with a LIFE sentence,or is put to death for murder,they all cry and whine and blame the caucasian people for the acts of their own kids.This sort of behavior is the sort of thing that agitators like Sharpton and Jackson continually spew from their mouths.

  29. “We Americans are so tired of being thought of as dumbasses by
    the rest of the world that we went to the polls this past November
    and removed all doubt.”

    Clint Eastwood

  30. citizenwells

    I intend to get answers on the ID’s.

  31. oldsailor81,
    The number of people who have seen the truth about the usurper, and the fact he is an undocumented alien, grows daily. Soon, if not already, these people will see congress, being added to the list of people aiding in the coverup. Once they are informed of the, law breaking, usurpation, and the felonies, done to install the usurper as president, they themselves, are guilty of misprision of felony. But they don’t care, because the usurper will never prosecute them for leaving him in the 747.

  32. citizenwells | August 4, 2013 at 2:10 pm |

    I intend to get answers on the ID’s.
    I would guess, they are given the ability to issue ID’s, via the Obamacare Tyrannical Government Constitution, called the Affordable Health Care Act.

  33. William commented: I will never accept this Obamacare bull, will not participate, will not accept, will not acknowledge this illegal law.


  34. DHS Ammo Grab: No Longer “Conspiracy” But Plain Reality

    It now seems clear that the Department of Homeland Security’s stockpiling of ammunition and other warfare supplies can no longer be dismissed as “conspiracy theory,” but is a very real development in the actions of an overreaching federal government.


  35. oldsailor81,


    SEX IN THE SHOWER…thought for the day. In a recent survey commissioned by President Obama, his supporters have proven to be the most likely to have had sex in the shower.The survey was carried out for Democrats by a leading soap and toiletries firm.The results revealed that 86% of Obama supporters said that they have had sex in the shower.The remaining 14% said they haven’t been to prison yet.

    Sort of brings tears to your eyes..

  36. In case you missed it: Millions Of Americans Set To Gather In DC On Sept. 9th. (Click link below for more details.)


  37. Bob,

    Being married to the same lovely lady for 28 years, I’ve had sex in just about every place imaginable. 🙂 The creativity keeps the spark alive.

  38. Bob,

    Don’t remember if ever in a speedo though; I’ll have to think about that one. LOL

    Actually while typing this, scratch that one off, its a yes. 🙂

  39. William | August 4, 2013 at 3:54 pm |


    Being married to the same lovely lady for 28 years, I’ve had sex in just about every place imaginable. 🙂 The creativity keeps the spark alive.
    In prison? lol

  40. LOL,

    Not yet.

  41. Bob,

    We seem not to be able to be jailed at the same time for that one… LOL

  42. Sorry I haven’t been here much, but have been in some pissing matches at other sites with obots, shaking their stupidity from time to time.

  43. In honor of my sweetheart, who went to be with Jesus, one year ago today. August 4, 2012. This was his favorite song.

  44. Oh my! Is this the reason why the embassies are being closed?!
    Islam’s Night Of Power And Barack Hussein Obama

    Oh my! Is this the reason why the embassies are being closed?!



    Park Forest Police in riot gear have killed with a tazer and a round of shotgun beanbags a DISABLED 95-year-old WWII veteran in a nursing home after he refused surgery.

    “95-year-old veteran John Wrana fought for America in World War 2, but he didn’t get a chance to die for his country,” reports the Libertarian Republic. “Instead, his country killed him with a beanbag shotgun blast to the stomach after a thorough tazering.”

    After Wrana, who used a walker, refused surgery at his assisted living home, he became agitated at the staff for pressuring him for medical attention, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    “He was a war hero and didn’t like being pushed around,” the Libertarian Republic said in its article, DIE FOR YOUR COUNTRY! OR THEY’LL DO IT FOR YOU!

    Police in riot gear soon arrived to subdue the senior citizen.

    Employees of the home report that they asked officers to intervene but not to harm him.

    Instead, police tazed the wobbly war hero and followed that with a beanbag to the guts. He died a few hours later.

    “The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office said Wrana died from internal bleeding from blunt force trauma caused by the bean bag rounds,” reports CBS.

    Illinois State Police have launched an investigation into the alleged killing.

    “When the police came, they took over. They wouldn’t even let the staff calm him down, even though they repeatedly, literally, begged them, ‘Let us try and calm him down,” attorney Nicholas Grapsas said.

    “Park Forest police were able to do what the Japanese military couldn’t do,” he said.

    Officers reported a knife had been pulled, but no knife was found on the scene.

    Police used a riot shield, shotgun and tazer on a 95-year-old man in a walker, presenting no threat to anyone, only the pocket book of medicos.
    Is this a preview of OBAMACARE to come?….Do what the government says…or we will kill you……These Chicago criminals should get the same treatment they gave this 95 year old DISABLED veteran…a few well placed slugs to the mid section should the job quite well……WHOEVER DID THIS DASTARDLY ACT, IS A CRIMINAL AND SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN GIVEN A FIREARM….FOR ANY REASON.

  46. Is a second American revolution in our future? Bill challenges those who threaten freedom to consider their actions…

    “War Drums”
    Is a second American revolution in our future?

  47. Breaking Report: U.S. Congressmen Steve Stockman
    Confirms Bill On Sheriff Joe’s Obama ID Fraud Case;
    Congressman Ted Yoho Wants To Talk With Team Arpaio

    [ update below ]
    – See more at: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2013/08/rep-stockman-confirms-obama-fraud-bill.html#sthash.S9CDGi9D.dpuf

  48. What you get by voting “present”!:

    Egyptian anti-Obama video goes viral, blames him for siding with Muslim Brotherhood

    Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is at the vanguard of the street protests against Morsi’s ouster, claim the US supported the coup. Those opposed to the Brotherhood claim Washington has been and still is supporting the Islamists.

    An example of the vitriol in the country can be seen in a new video clip featuring a song by Egyptian performer Sama Elmasry. Titled “You Obama, Your Father, Mother,” it attacks the US president for allegedly preferring Islamic radicals over the army. It has gone viral, with over 160,000 views since last week.


  49. Observer | August 4, 2013 at 9:29 pm |
    I watched the video you posted.

    Looks like they don’t like the usurper at all. That’s the harshest lecture I’ve ever heard the usurper get.

  50. Obama may have created his own personal monster to contend with when he opened those “Spring” territories to the Muzzie Bros. Like to see him try the Alinsky approach with all of those guys. He may have to now keep looking over his own shoulder as he gets the blame for creating the mess that is now Egypt where his buddies are getting arrested by the military. Not quite the original plan. And seeing his lack of response to Benghazi he is now only their useful idiot who has served his purpose.

  51. SueQ

    God Bless You…. Sorry for your loss and I hope that you had family and friends with you today.


    Brits are having a field day. A new book “Presidential Perks gone Royal” by author Richard Gray, and which sheds light on the Obama’s family cost to the nation last year alone: U.S. taxpayers have paid the Obamas a whopping $1.4 billion. That is 20 times more than the royal family which .merely cost the U.K., $57.8 million. Obama’s expenditures include the salaries of his staff and Secret Service, plus doctors, as well as Bo, his dog and acronym, and his doggy-nanny at a rate of over 100,000 per year. Those expenses also include the maintenance of Air Force One, which presidents must take and which he has used and abused for his personal campaign purposes last year.
    “Truely… … the system should be reformed to stop the amount of unquestioned perks given to the president.” But is there anyone in Washington with balls enough to put the brakes on?

    Given that the current number of taxpayers is approximately 216 million, it means that each must contribute $6.48 for the First Family over-the-board indulging for last year alone..


    Isn’t it time someone in Congress put a stop to this “royal spending” by the “Chicago trash” in our White House?

    If we ever get them out of there…it will cost about a billion dollars to “fumigate” the White House….chicken wings under the bed can become a terrible smell over a period of time……..that may be acceptable conduct in Chicago, but not in the First House…..

    Can I have an AMEN to this?


  53. This …ANGERS me and breaks my heart. May those sob’s suffer the same as they did to that precious Fawn.

    PLEASE, GOD start punishing the Evil doers!


  54. Philo-Publius

    U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans

    A secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit is funneling information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to authorities across the nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans.

  55. Philo-Publius

    Judicial Watch president: Holder’s DOJ is ‘Locus of Evil’

  56. Have you guys seen this yet? Carl Gallups (PPSimmons) and Lt. Zullo are now asking us to write to Rep. Stockman and others. Snail mail makes the most impact. Here is information. Also, Rep. Stockman will need donations to help fight the fire storm he will be getting against him.


  57. I’ll give you a AMEN!! The taxpayers should only have to pay for what is business ,not pleasure.They should be given only three weeks of vacation. That’s what most people get.

  58. When they are on vacation, they are usually home for most of the time, so we can track them down and give them a piece of our minds. Plus, they aren’t spending our money as fast when they are home. 🙂

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