NC jobless rate falls to 8.8 percent in May?, Greensboro News Record AP, Labor force participation rate dropped .1 percent, Dishonest media reports, Dishonest Bernanke report

NC jobless rate falls to 8.8 percent in May?, Greensboro News Record AP, Labor force participation rate dropped .1 percent, Dishonest media reports, Dishonest Bernanke report

“11.4%: What the U.S. unemployment rate would be if labor force participation were back to January 2008 levels.” …James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, June 2013

“Although the numbers are not directly comparable, local labor markets
across much of North Carolina began 2013 no differently than they
began 2012,” said Quinterno. “Simply put, unemployment rates remain
elevated across the state, and twice as many North Carolinians are
jobless and seeking work than was the case five years ago.”…SBN Strategies March 22, 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



The Greensboro News Record on Friday June 21, 2013 regurgitated an AP report about the May unemployment rate in NC. The report was misleading and dishonest.

“NC jobless rate falls to 8.8 percent in May”

“North Carolina’s unemployment rate dropped to 8.8 percent in May from April’s revised rate of 8.9 percent, marking the fourth straight month of slow improvement in the measure of economic health for workers, the state Commerce Department said Friday.

“The headline is going to say that unemployment goes down a notch,” said Robert Whaples, chairman of the economics department at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem. “But it’s not really that beautiful of a change from a month ago.”

North Carolina remains stuck with the country’s fifth-highest unemployment rate behind Nevada, Illinois, Mississippi and Rhode Island. The national rate rose from 7.5 percent in April to 7.6 percent in May.

The numbers show the total number of employed in North Carolina rose by about 1,000 people between April and May, while the total number of unemployed workers dropped by nearly 2,500, Whaples said. Equally meaningful is that even as the state’s population continues to grow, the number of people in the labor force _ people who are of working age who have a job or are looking for one _ dropped in May by about 1,400, signaling people are still dropping out and ending their job search, Whaples said.

The number of people employed in North Carolina has increased by more than 37,000 in the past year, but there are still more than 416,000 people listed as unemployed.”

“”That’s the good news. Our employment in this state has not fallen since the beginning of the recession. It hasn’t gotten better. It went down. It came back up. so we’re sort of back where we started,” he said. “The last few months haven’t been much. The last year, it’s been enough to keep up with population growth. But it could be worse.””

Read more:

Now I’m not a rocket scientist, but I can read.

So I went to the NC labor data website and found that the labor force participation rate in NC fell .1 percent in May. That fully accounted for the .1 percent drop in the unemployment rate.

Can’t the folks at the News Record or the AP read?

Don’t they care?

Or is this part of an agenda?

And what about Ben Bernanke stating that the US unemployment rate could fall to 6.5 percent in 2014.

That sounds dishonest to me.

Especially when the current US unemployment rate is 11.4 percent based on 2008 labor rates.

And when you use the May 2008 labor force rate for NC the current NC unemployment rate is 11.5 percent.

Don’t take my word for it.

Check it for yourself.


36 responses to “NC jobless rate falls to 8.8 percent in May?, Greensboro News Record AP, Labor force participation rate dropped .1 percent, Dishonest media reports, Dishonest Bernanke report

  1. citizenwells

    The Raleigh News and Observer wrote:

    “North Carolina’s unemployment rate fell for the fourth consecutive month in May to 8.8 percent, but the slight drop was largely due to a shrinking labor force rather than the creation of new jobs, economists said.”

  2. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    CW – The 3 kind of lies –

    1 – Big lies

    2 – Little lies

    3 – Statistics

  3. I can’t help but think of the unemployment problem like CO2 driven global warming. There may be less of a job rate (temperatures increasing) but there statistics are so crowded by politics and greed it’s impossible to tell. I’m pretty sure that Obama isn’t the impetus for any recovery (CO2 isn’t the factor), but the liberals can’t help but push their agenda even if the facts don’t align with the hypothesis. The economy might continue to grow slowly (holocene warming) but that is the trend of modern times (industrialization). The liberals are willing to bet the entire country, economy, and future that they are correct that Obama (CO2) is the driving factor and will never say sorry if they are incorrect for the massive damage that they have caused. Despite the gigantic resources applied to study and promote only one side (Obama or CO2 global warming), more and more data demonstrate that the hypothesis is utterly wrong, and based upon fraud science (hiding or manipulating real data) for both Obama and CO2 warming, in an attempt to gain power for other agendas.. Somehow; gay marriage, pedophelia, theft of resources (taxes), agenda 21, and drugs, are now ‘good’ and honest freedom loving hardworking citizens, or scientists, are ‘evil’. The liberals use blackmail, spying, thuggery, overbearing taxation, disregard for rule of law, murder (Bengazi), because their cause is so just, saving the world from conservatives or CO2, these activities are justified.


  4. CW……..
    It was reported by Comcast news this AM that housing prices are starting to skyrocket…..HAR HAR who the hell do they think they are fooling. If there is NO MARKET prices …..FALL. Perhaps they mean an upside down rocket traveling downward rather than UPWARD. People are indeed lucky if they can meet the mortgage payments on what they already have. But soon they themselves might be out of a job. As long as organised labor exists there will be a permanent disease in our productivity,and competetive ability.

  5. ………….PHONEY MARKETS are just that. The realestate market has been such a market for decades. If you don’t think so take a strong look at how many alleged sales associates are grouped under each banner. Where do you think their salaries come from? Many of thes people collect .14 % on each sale. If a house sells for $150,000.00 the selling agent collects $21,000.00… the TOP. Sadly people don’t realise that the agent doesn’t do a damn thing more than the potential buyer can do for himor her self.

  6. ……..In 1939 a very nice upper end home,in which a doctor ,or a lawyer might dwell, and having about 1500 square feet available on each of two floors, high end trim 4 bedrooms,and perhaps two baths,a full poured concrete foundation,and masonry construction,heated either with coal or oil heat,either
    forced air,or hot water,and built on a 1and 1/2 or 2 acre site, and have all of the city provided amenities, graded and shrubbed. Such a home would have cost approximately $9,000.00- $10,000.00 to build. Today that same exact home ,if it has been well cared for will command at least $250,000.00. This is referred to as market appreciation…..but is appreciated in a PHONEY market. If you want to know what a house is really worth just take the time to go to the clerk’s office and see what the property taxes for then do the math. That is one reason why so many people get SUCKERED into buying a house that really is not worth the asking price at all. They fail to do the sort of research needed.

  7. …………lower end homes are no longer built with either the same quality of materials, or the same level of technology. Instead when you walk on the roof you must now be very careful to keep from having your leg go through the roof. Once upon a time 3/4 inch underlayment was standard,now the builder says 1/2 inch underlayment is just as strong. FROM EXPERIENCE I will SAY TO HIM ………HE IS FULL OF SHI#. Therein lies a big part of the reason why so many homes are s9o thoroughly destroyed by tornados. But I do NOT say thhhat a home no matter how well it is constructed will stand up to a tornado. I only say thhhat the State of Florida long ago required all builders to use metttal connectors at the truss to sill connections ,and throughout the new construction. Thes houses stood up quite well in subsequent hurricanes. The proof of the pudding lies in what is left standing after the stornm has passed So here once more we see the BALONEY LAND crap from people who would PICK YOUR POCKET AT THE DROP OF A HAT. But these people are usually ASSISTED by the gullibility of their victims. If a realtor tells you UP IS DOWN,,,,do you believe him?


    “(Reuters) – An aircraft believed to be carrying Edward Snowden landed in Moscow on Sunday after Hong Kong let the fugitive former U.S. security contractor leave the territory, frustrating Washington’s efforts to extradite him on espionage charges”

    i sure hope not…I was beginning to look upon Snowden. as a kinda HERO….but is it possible that Snowdon will only be the MESSANGER boy delivering to PUTIN all of Americas secrets as promised by OBAMA before the last election? ……Only time will tell…..

  9. Pete……
    So far as I know we live on the SURFACE of a ROUND BALL. Wouldn’t you be inclined to think that if we are to reduce the CO2 levels on earth that ALL INDUSTRIALISED COUNTRIES would have to participate, in an equal effort. I realise that many countries do not share the level of our industrial machine,but we need to keep in mind that the atmosphere is a COMMON entity to everybody on earth, therefore if the atmosphere is to be cleaned up it WILL REQUIRE the efforts of ALL countries including the communist,as well as the Islamic worlds. How do we achieve TOTALITY.

  10. oldsailor81

    Interestingly the fact that a few years back an AOPA publication stated that there was at that time over 50,000 jet aircraft aloft over various parts of our common globe. I have long thought that the level of heated air and condensation coming from so many jet engines at one time offers a very serious potential for radically changing the upper atmosphere. Regarding the frozen condensation, since it is HEAVIER than air it eventually finds it’s way to earth…….and in a total volume which could radically effect the lower levels of our atmosphere. I would be inclined to reason thhhat the greater the number of aircrafttt aloft the greater is the potential for severe weather at lower levels. Since the size of the earth is FIXED then the atmosphere becomes a variable

  11. CW…
    Would you please give WILLIAM my email address…he is trying to get in contact with me…….THANKS….

  12. oldsailor81

    Back for a moment……IMPORTANT!
    Everybody needs to take a look at the video of Clare Daly wherein she is referring to Soetoro as a WAR CRIMINAL. Just type Clare Daly into your search engine then read……………….Bye bye again

  13. Oldsailor81,

    Is this the Video you meant?

  14. Fearless lady.

  15. Hi, SueQ,
    I’m still marveling over your story of the miraculous rescue of your grandson from the predator bird. That dog was certainly a hero and used by God to spare his life.

    It was reported that Snowden was an Obama supporter, but I don’t know that he is now. I agree with you that it is hard to see what advantage Obama would gain from S’s flight to Russia, because he intends to make Ecuador his destination as a safe haven. William pointed out the fact that he was “hiding in plain sight” when he left Hong Kong, but according to Newsmax, Hong Kong found discrepancies in the U.S. extradition papers and seems to not want to get embroiled in a nightmare. The U.S. probably had no granted authority to stop him. That is just my take.

  16. Hi Cabby,
    The predator bird was what’s called a turkey buzzard. They are huge and really ugly. In fact around here they have been known to go after new born calves. I think it is legal to shoot them, but I’m not sure. Anyway, God provided.

    So Snowden is off to Ecuador. To what advantage is that to him? I’m glad he spilled the beans. It’s what we expected all along, but now both sides of the aisle seem to be united in their disgust.

  17. SueQ………thanks for that video…I loved it ! do you think we can talk her into “Coming to America” and running for political office?

    The lady in that video was all fired up over the Chicago whor*s who are sitting in the White House….

    I thought it was funny when she spoke about Michelle’s “IRISH Homecoming”…..if either of them have one ounce of Irish blood running through their vains, then I’m a “Kleagon from outer space”…what a joke those two have become and it’s turning our country into a world laughing stock… come all the other countries can see through these uncouthed ‘freeloaders” and the people in America can’t?

    I will now give you an RMinNC original: What is worse; The FOOLS who has been sitting in the White House for the past 6 years…..or the FOOLS who put them there”?………

    This is no riddle and a no brainer. If the FOOLS who put him in office had not been FOOLISH and voted for the “village idiot”, he would still be pushing drugs and organizing street fights in South Chicago, or in jail with Tony Reszo……more likely the latter..

    As Americans, we have no one to blame but ourselves and until we recognize this fact and accept that responsibility, …..nothing will change.

    The lady in the video is right….the rest of the world is tired of “pimping” for this bum and his not so lovely wife (thats a nice name for the likes of those two)….Well I’m also tired of America “pimping” for this USURPER….he belongs double bunked in jail,…. along with his Queen, who has found that she “can love her country” as long as her country bends to her every request and desire..

  18. RM,
    I can’t take credit for the video. Oldsailor81 tipped me off. But I honestly thought it was fantastic.

  19. MortimerGarfinkle

    Personally, I’d rather see Obama in a jail cell with Chris Mathews. He can give Chris his nightly thrill up his leg.

  20. Clare Daly needs some serious protection.

  21. I loved the video as well SueQ. What a firebrand….saying exactly what she thinks and feels. That’s what free speech used to be here in the states before the speech police stepped in. Anyway, did the video go black on everyone else right after she finished speaking? It did for me and there seemed to be a couple more minutes left on it. Would have liked to have heard the responses to her questions.

    From the last thread to RMinNC…..yes, thistle is the flower of Scotland (a weed actually, but a pretty one 🙂 ). My ancestral roots are a crazy mix of everything from the UK, going back to the 1600s when most of them arrived here in the US. One day I would love to see those places of my ancestry in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales…. But like you, I’m 100% American.

    Also from the last thread, I too would like to welcome the gal from Ireland who posted here on CW. It’s nice to know there are some in Ireland who don’t think we’re all insane here in the US, nor do we agree with the demented policies of the current gvmt and those who elected them to office.

  22. THISTLE……I have been to Ireland….now the wife and I plan to go to Edinburgh for the Military tattoo perhaps next year…..I have a weak place in my heart for the pipes and drums…lol

  23. MADELINE7……

    You are a breath of fresh air for all of us here at CW……You are in a unique position to give us the European position on a lot of things we talk about here…..thank you for your input.

    It is refreshing also to note that you hold the same political opinion of Obama (or whoever he really is) as we loyal Americans who post regularly here do… is nice to know that our “Village Idiot” hasn’t captured the whole wide world …yet…lol

    Welcome to our friendly little group of patriots….we look forward to your comments and insights here……..

  24. Anyone think that the regime will simply declare Snowden a terrorist and set a drone on him? I mean what does Zero care about a few Ecuadorians that might suffer alongside…esp. if they aren’t on their way to be illegal immigrants who’ll do anything for the dear leader’s largesse!

  25. RMinNC….you may already know this but check out your Scottish Societies in NC as they have Scottish Games at different times and places in your state. Our San Diego Scottish Games are this weekend and we have friends there now. Hubby and I couldn’t go, but I think there is a large Games in your area at Grandfather Mountain. Check the net to see when it is. There’s probably a whole bunch of smaller ones around your state as well throughout the year. An acquaintance of ours once said that she thought the pipes sounded like someone dragging a shovel over cement! My eyebrows about hit my hairline when I heard that because I’m partial to the pipes and drums too and love them, lol.

    Observer…your comments are probably right on the money regarding Snowden. Did you see the article that Pelosi got booed when she said Snowden broke the law? I

  26. The Drudge Report is following closely….

  27. THISTLE……
    YES the Scottish Games are at Grandfather Mtn….not far from Charlotte…we plan to attend this year…thanks for the reminder.

  28. bob strauss

    Former Thatcher Aide: Obama’s Berlin Speech ‘Staggering Naïveté’

  29. @RMinNC. Thank you for your kind words. Actually, I started at “Texasdarlin” before the 2008 Elections, have “FoxNews,” and tried to warn the “ignorant leftards” what was coming. My Uncle Pat from Tyrone volunteered in WW2 ( The British did not call up the men from N.Ireland because they couldn´t trust their loyalty) and was killed in Tunis, fighting the Nazis. In my own way, I try to fight “Evil,” and open people´s eyes. I read multiple sites like Cw

  30. Good Morning All. madeline7 – is Texasdarlin still active. I enjoyed reading her stuff.

  31. Pingback: NC May unemployment rate worse than reported by North Carolina newspapers, June 21, 2013 articles, Drop in labor force not stated, 1 percent labor force drop in 4 months | Citizen WElls

  32. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  33. citizenwells

    I competed in the track & field events there years ago.

  34. Everyone needs to contact their Senators and Members of Congress regarding Immigration Bill.

  35. @zach. No, long gone. I peek in at “drkatesview ” now. There are a few nuts there but very good links on right hand side. Excellent ones are WTPOTUS ,GatewayPundit, Give usLiberty1776 and,of course, American Thinker and Atlas Shrugs

  36. Madeline7……
    I was posting on Texas Darling around that same time…under a different name……funny how zack would remember….I also like GiveusLiberty1776 and Atlas Shrugs…….

    You might try;

    Lots of different stuff…I find it accurate.

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