Obama fraud shocks law men at Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention, Mike Zullo presentations June 1, 2013, Biggest fraud in US history, Moving to congressional investigation

Obama fraud shocks law men at Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention, Mike Zullo presentations June 1, 2013, Biggest fraud in US history, Moving to congressional investigation

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Why does Glenn Beck continue to make uninformed attacks and insults upon Sheriff Joe Arpaio and millions of concerned Americans?”…Citizen Wells

“On August 22, 2008, one day after the filing of Philip Berg’s Obama eligibility lawsuit, FEC attorney David Kolker sent an email to Rebekah Harvey, assistant to Ellen Weintraub, formerly of Perkins Coie, with the message “thanks!.” The subject line stated: RE: Victory in Berg v. Obama.”…Citizen Wells 2008 FOIA request

From PP Simmons June 1, 2013.

“Law men and elected officials “SHOCKED” by new evidence Obama Birth credentials fraudulently and criminally fabricated! Biggest FRAUD in US History!”

“Carl Gallups is reporting that he just got off the telephone with Mike Zullo immediately after Mike made his public presentation at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention in St. Charles, Missouri, this morning.

According to Carl, Mike Zullo reports that the overwhelming response of the lawmen and elected officials is that ofabsolute SHOCK.  He said that one official came up to him and said, “I have been purposely ignoring this matter – until NOW! I will ignore it no longer.”  Zullo reports that several constitutional officers, public officials, attorneys, elected officials, and others are now pledging full and personal support in moving this matter to a congressional investigation. Zullo says that the media blackout has kept many of these officials in the dark. He says most of them are now outraged – now that they have seen the evidence that they should have seen from the beginning. Now, Zullo is reporting, the media is being ‘side-stepped.’ “We are making inroads and contacts that we have never made before. This conference is really going to ‘pay off’ in moving things forward. Very important people are now beginning to see the amassed criminal evidence of perhaps the biggest fraud in American history.”

Remember – this movement Zullo is speaking of –  is the result of the PUBLIC presentation only.The full PRIVATE presentation for lawmen and elected-officials-only (credentials checked at the door) will be made later on this morning. In that two hour meeting, Zullo, with full authority of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, pledges to reveal all the criminal investigation material they possess in this matter. We can only imagine the reaction and outrage that will ensue once these constitution loving, patriotic officials see the pile of criminal evidence.  Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups have been promising for months that we would soon see some forward movement in this case. It is now happening.
Carl emphasized, “This Sheriffs and Peace Officers meeting was just icing on the cake. This was dropped in our laps just 5 weeks ago. We still have other VIPs and other plans being made now that are even bigger than what is happening at the Sheriffs Convention. This matter is finally going to be heard as it should have from the beginning.”
Carl continued, “Very soon, certain members of the media, the courts, and congress are going to look very silly. They have been ignoring this, sitting on it, marginalizing it, and flat-out trashing the matter for years. They will soon be seen for what they are. This matter should have been investigated by Congress years ago. It is their constitutional mandate and they ignored it – purposely. This whole thing could have been resolved one way or the other years back. The media blacked it out. But we don’t need the pundit media anymore. We are going around the MSM. We have other venues now. More and more, very important people of constitutional standing are being enlightened and coming on board. Soon, the world will know that we have been correct in this matter all along.””
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Thanks to commenter GORDO.

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  1. It just takes one small ‘domino’:

    “Domino Chain Reaction”


    Hitler’s regime knew that the bigger the lie the easier it is to promulgate through out a society.

    OBAMA IS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, even though there is not a SINGLE valid document to prove it…..This unknown person with a COMPLETELY SEALED background sits in our White House as Commander in Chief of the most powerful Armed Force in the world, with his finger on the nuclear button that can destroy the entire planet

    -If your “representative” does not take corrective action on this he/she is not your representative. They are not part of the solution….they have become part of the problem.

    -If your Sheriff is not taking action on this he/she is not upholding their Constitutional oath to defend against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.They are as much a part of the problem as your representative..

    -If your judges po-po the evidence presented before them, or refuse to view the evidence, they do not represent the real spirit of our laws and must be replaced because they have proven they are no longer qualified to pass judgement on anyone.

    -If your news network is not reporting on the biggest story in the history of the American experience, it is not a news network….it is nothing more than a left-wing propaganda machine… Stop supporting the left-wing propaganda ….turn off your televisions and radios, if they refuse to air the truth..

    -If after presenting the hard cold facts to your friends and neighbors… they still don’t understand the problem this BIG LIE has presented, then wipe their dust from your feet…. turn your attention to the next person and present the truth again…someone will listen.

    The American people need to wake and smell the coffee… that duty my friends has fallen upon those of us who have drank from the cup of knowledge…We must carry the torch, the truth must be heard.


    m !

  3. We’ve been anticipating Mike Zullo’s release of information and evidence gathered by him and the Cold Case Posse for quite some time.

    Let’s hope they’re finally listening and more importantly, that Mike stays safe.

  4. Still just a bunch of talk and lots of fundraising.

    You say “Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups have been promising for months that we would soon see some forward movement in this case. It is now happening.” I say nothing is happening. Nothing of real substance. Lots of hype and snake oil, speeches and radio talk shows. Absolutely no action that will result in the removal of the fraud from the White House. It’s the same old story we’ve been hearing since 2008. Everyone is just trying to cash in, sell books, promote their websites and collect donations.

    What is needed now is for a federal prosecutor to present the evidence to a grand jury and get an indictment.

  5. Birdy,

    Who’s cashing in, selling books, promoting their websites and collecting donations? List please. Is Sheriff Joe? Is Mike Zullo? Is CW? I think not.

  6. citizenwells

    Not only am I not making money on this I am losing money.

  7. SueQ and CW……

    Some little birdies just don’t understand……
    knock the dust off your shoes and move on……..others will listen.

  8. WB; Comey was Wyma’s lawyer and he was/is a good friend of Fitzgeralds? That’s cozy..

  9. WB; Everyone in the local Chicago media and their so called investigative journalist all know about this, they all know about the song and dance that was the Blagojevich trial’s’….and they did nothing, they said nothing! They more than anyone hopes this all goes away quietly, IF it does come out they will never be credible again…

  10. Whistleblower


    When it all comes out.

  11. Did you all read this from the site that CW (and Gordo) linked?
    To the naysayers like Birdy:

    Carl Gallups
    When asked about those who are DEMANDING that Arpaio and Zullo “press criminal charges now” – Gallups had this to say, “Look, those people do not know what they are talking about. Most of that talk is coming out of the Obot camp – so what does that tell you? They know that would be the wrong and premature thing to do. They know that if something like that was done now – the case would be lost – there would be jurisdictional and prosecutorial matters at stake. Mike Zullo has explained this in detail, time and time again.

    “If the case were to be struck down because of a blunder like that – it might never come to a congressional hearing. The detractors know that – that is why they are trying to turn public sentiment towards filing criminal charges now.
    Anyone who claims they know what they are talking about and they are screaming for “criminal charges to be filed now” – be wary of them. They are up to no good. They are purposely trying to derail this case.

    Zullo and Arpaio are not that stupid. They know what they are doing. Arpaio and Zullo have almost 80 years of professional law enforcement experience between them. Apraio has 30 years of federal law enforcement background. He knows how this game is played. This will soon be handled the way the constitution demands that it be handled. And when it is handled properly – it will stick!”

    Gallups went on to explain, “These detractors who are calling for criminal charges to be filed – some of them have supposed ‘credentials.’ Some of them claim to have their own evidence. One person claims to have amassed an entire case against Obama and even has a website touting that they are the world’s leading authority in the matter. Yet, they have not moved this case forward one iota.”

  12. Right on CABBYAZ…right on

  13. Birdy,

    I agree with SueQ,

    Please explain. Apparently you are fully aware of the snake oil and book selling business. Obama to begin with and his fictional life story that never happened.


    When was the last time you visited Stone Mountain Park with the world famous carving of legendary Americans: Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, or beautiful Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia where Jefferson Davis is buried?

    The Jefferson Davis Presidential Library will be officially dedicated on his birthday Monday, June 3, 2013, at “Beauvoir” Davis’ last home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Biloxi.

  15. At least, JEFF DAVIS had a valid Birth Certificate….

  16. Whistleblower


    Fitz’s replacement Zach Fardon was Wyma’s lawyer.

  17. FYI,

    For those lurking Socialist or Communist Democrats here at CW sites, I will say this to you. NEVER will Obama be placed on Mount Rushmore. That is a fact, get over it! Obama WILL be EXPOSED, it’s not a matter of “IF” only a matter of “WHEN”….

    The Democrat Progressive Socialists and the Democrat Communist Party will soon be exposed in full force. They have and are beginning to awaken the Sleeping Giant….

    Beware, and be very Afraid….

  18. In other words,

    I don’t care if the Socialist Democrat Party declare they have 134 various Judges on their side, 347 Congress persons on their side, 116 DOJ members on their side, ect..

    If you piss off just 1/2 of this Country, you have over 170,000,000 (Yes, that’s millions) pissed off Americans willing to fight for their freedom and rights. No amount of a few hundred special people will be protected.

    Socialists such as Hitler and Mussolini found that out the hard way.

  19. Amen to CabbyAz @ 3:07……..I hope Birdy doesn’t poop on my windshield. She sure did here.

  20. Nough said,

    I headed to the pool. Time for some Jimmy Buffet and Jack. Take care my friends.

  21. WILLIAM…

    Have you ever wondered what will be in obama’s pResidential library after he goes directly to jail?

    Blank walls….and two UN-CIRCULATED copies of ghost written books (by Bill Ayers)….as a matter of fact, that seems to be all he lays claim too.

    Everything else, he either does not have knowledge of, or his staff hasn’t informed him about it..

    His accomplishments can all be properly displayed in a southern OUTHOUSE…thats the perfect place for his work !!!

    For those who do not know what an outhouse is….it’s a place for the deposit of human CRAP…..

  22. June 1, 2013


    “Lead investigator Mike Zullo conducts an 14 minute exclusive PPSIMMONS Radio interview with Carl Gallups. Mike has just completed a long and grueling day of hours upon hours of presentation to scores and scores of law enforcement and legal professionals as well as a US Congressman, Steve Stockman (TX).

    Mike says doors have been swung “wide open.” The attendees were flabbergasted, shocked, and have been made believers. Not a single law enforcement profession disputed the massive criminal case prepared by the Arpaio Cold Case Posse. Steve Stockman has called for another and personal meeting with Investigator Zullo. …”


  23. RMinNC,

    I don’t think there will be an Obama Library. It’s debunked before the foundation is laid. If attempted, an armature historian would struggle to keep his/her story straight during tours.

    We know more about King Tut though history than Obama. How the hell is that going to be defended?

  24. Let’s hope Steve Stockman remains committed. I know he is one of the few in Congress who has called for impeachment.

    We’ll see… and I thank CW for his constant vigilance, research and time spent, as well as everyone else here who has stayed focused on this topic— for all the excruciating years of this administration.

  25. .. Ugh…..

    Amateur Historian…….

    Where are the Nazi Spelling Police when I need them? 🙂

  26. CitizenWells,
    I don’t see a donate button. Please inform us, privately if you want, how we can donate. You have my email.

  27. Hey William……not to worry, I understood your post perfectly. I didn’t even see your misspelled word until you pointed it out. The human brain is amazing at deciphering the meaning of a sentence no matter how many misspelled words there might be in it. Just glad the Nazi police aren’t monitoring mine! 🙂 Personally, I just want to read what people have to say rather than worry about whether they spelled everything right.

    PS/ Did I spell everything right??? lol

  28. @ SueK

    From the last thread, thanks for your response and if you didn’t see mine, our friends have since contacted us and they are okay. Yes, they live in NW AR and the storm passed by them, but you probably already know that. Thanks again for your response.

  29. Hi thistle,
    VERY glad to read your friends made it through!
    Air Force Brat has lost power, as many in OK did, and there is severe flooding.
    Let’s hope power is restored soon and those who are missing are found safe and sound. Let’s also hope that barky stays home this time and leaves people to clean up on their own; he serves no purpose by going there and adding insult to injury!

  30. There are several places that people can donate to in OK. May I recommend Mercy Chefs if you haven’t heard of them? They are currently providing 3 hot/cold meals a day to those devastated in Moore, OK and I have no doubts that they will also be in OK City,, if possible, though that will really be spreading their efforts thin. They’re a good operation trying to keep the food flowing to those dealing with the most difficult of situations. Thanks in advance.

    @ SueK………ditto in your statement to hopefully find people who are currently missing, SAFE, and Barky can stay home. Like with Hurricane Sandy, he goes for the photo ops to impress his minions so they think he really cares when, in fact, he really doesn’t. All for show.

    Gordo………thanks again for another great audio. I know they are out there, but I don’t always have time to look for them and it’s so nice to come here to CW’s and see so many different videos/audios and links to information from internet sites that I don’t, or can’t, normally visit.

    Thanks CW for all you do and provide for the rest of us to share in.

  31. thistle,

    Mercy Chefs and the Salvation Army (my favorite ‘people’ charity) it is. Thanks for the recommendation. We have our homes and property intact. Many don’t.

  32. Wow! Judge Jeanine Pirro really gave it to Holder tonight! It was fantastic and all true.

  33. First of all, thank you CW for all you do for us!! You are truly appreciated!! And I agree with Pete, please add a donation button so we can donate and help out with the site.

    Second, I am finally going to get a GREAT night’s sleep tonight knowing that the truth is finally starting to be revealed with the imposter. As Lt. Zullo and Carl Gallup said, the conference this weekend was just the icing on the cake, the VIP’s they have been speaking about are a whole different group. Nothing will stop it now, there are too many people that know the evidence. YEAH!

    Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but wonder when they say that they have 100% proof that the BC is fake, could they possibly have the microfilm?????

    I just hope I have enough popcorn to get me through these next few weeks!

    Goodnight fellow patriots!!!!

  34. citizenwells

    Thanks for the donate offers.
    I accepted them for a short while during some difficult times.
    They were most appreciated.
    I tried to keep this site as “pure” as possible regarding money.
    The only way I will receive money going forward is in capitalistic mode.
    i.e. ads or even raising capital.
    Regardless, I cannot be bought.
    Thanks & God bless.

  35. citizenwells

    Julie T, et al.
    Please remember, and I keep making this point.
    I appreciate & respect the efforts of the Arpaio posse.
    Even without their investigation, the Whitehouse.gov image is not proof of HI birth.

  36. Good Morning CW, et. al. – This is hopeful news CW. Thank you CW. I wrote an eligibility article in 2008 or 9 that was posted in Australia. I got a comment then that the group that could make the most impact on the issue were the Sheriffs. I hope the shock and outrage described is true.

  37. Praying that Zullo, Arpaio and now Stockman can get this to the finish line. They may save America. So many hopes are with them.

  38. Credit is due, where credit is due. I first heard of this incredible fraud from Mr Philip Burg, and Mr Ed Hale, long ago. Shocked by this, I have been non stop, since, trying and hoping to wake every last soul to the dangers, within. It has taken nearly 5 years years, with loss of much respect, from friends, even family, that deemed me, either, a racist, or crazy, but soon, adventurely as time past, saw the light, due to the policies, and lies, and ways of this man, they thought had their back and country. They now, understand, that I was never crazy, that I was standing up, and out, for my country, and them, to safeguard, their future, my grandchildrens, future, and my fellow Americans. I feel, vindicated, knowing that this is now coming to a head and so many great Americans, are now coming on board and will finally see what we ORIGINAL , SO CALLED BIRTHERS, a term, I am NOT. Ashamed to be called, risked, our reputations, for, our lives, our, money, and our family, loyalty, and respect. I thank all here today, and every one, for your awareness, your time in spreading the word, and everything you sacrificed, to bring the greatest betrayal in this nations history, over the finish line.. Thank you America, we are strong, we are one, and we are constitutional bound. May we always live, united we stand, and justice, for all..

  39. June 1, 2013

    “… Allen West looking worse and worse in wake of Constitutional Sheriffs Convention and Zullo revelations”

    “Don’t forget, PPSIMMONS ran a hugely popular story not too long ago about Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo returning from a CPAC meeting at which Allen West told them that he “couldn’t get involved” because he had “political aspirations for the future.” And this was after he was presented with the evidence. Interestingly enough, some of Mr. West’s peers have just seen the same evidence and they were shocked and outraged. And…THEY are getting involved. Makes one wonder about Mr. West – doesn’t it?”

    See the full article here:


  40. June 2, 2013

    “Fox News: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Attempts To Address His Article II Ineligibility”

    GaryW’s comment at ORYR:

    “Ted Cruz is another opportunistic political hack who cares more about his career than his country. I heard this interview on the car radio yesterday and Eric Bolling should be ashamed about not having hard follow-up questions.. He should have at least challenged Cruz about his lack of Natural Born Status. …”


  41. Gordo,

    I completely agree with you pertaining to Allen West. A few supported the efforts of Allen West for a Presidential or V.P. run. I never did and for good reasons. I seen him for what he was then, and now.

    I also agree with you about Ted Cruz. But I cannot help wonder if Ted Cruz is a Republican Set-Up in an attempt to legitimize Obama or their reasoning for not exposing Obama?

  42. The Next Scandal to hit…. .

    “Health And Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ private fundraising efforts to augment finances for Obamacare, saying her actions were legally and ethically wrong.”….

    Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/gop-senators-sebelius-obamacare/2013/06/01/id/507479?s=al&promo_code=13B12-1#ixzz2V417jWLc
    Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

  43. HEADS UP….Article taken from :Before It’s News

    With the DHS investing in billions of rounds of ammo and armored personnel carriers and the US military buying up hundreds of new tanks is there any wonder why it is that so many rumors persist of impending civil war and martial law in America?

    Well here’s something else to add to the list of worrisome goings on.

    An operative has informed us anonymously of a military order for 385 front-end loaders from the Caterpillar plant in Clayton, NC.
    385? That’s a hell of a lot of front-end loaders.
    The person who sent us this information was able to ask some questions during polite conversation with a truck driver picking up a load on site.

    Q: “are the green ones all US military?”
    Driver: “yup!”
    Q: “are they all for domestic use?”
    Driver: “yes – we’re delivering them to bases inside the country”
    Q: “why do you think they need so many?”
    Driver: “they’re planning something big, obviously”

    The anonymous whistle blower was also able to question someone who works at the facility, a person responsible for loading the machines onto the trucks for delivery.

    “We’ve never seen an order this big before,” he said. “Back in 2008 the military ordered 23 units, but this is unprecedented.”

    He continued: “some of these units, the ones with tan cabs, are armored with roof hatches and gun mounts.”

    Gun mounts? On a domestic front-end loader?
    Speaking from 3 years of experience in the jungles of Vietnam…I know what the US Army does with FRONT-END loaders… I have personally seen them in action…and it isn’t too move dirt !

    In Vietnam, the US military used them to move the dead bodies of Viet Cong soldiers into long narrow pits for mass burial

    IF THESE DAMN THINGS ARE BEING SHIPPED TO BASES IN THE UNITED STATES…..Well it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure this one out !!!.


    I don’t mean to alarm anyone…just a HEADS UP…

  44. citizenwells

    Thanks RMinNC.
    Stay vigilant!

  45. HonorFirst

    cabbyaz | June 2, 2013 at 12:17 am |
    Yes, yes…I agree! She is so good at looking straight into the camera and making her statements in a clear, no-nonsense manner. With her experience as a former prosecutor and judge, no one can deny that she speaks with authority and precise legal knowledge of the matters at hand.

    There was a rumor going around that she was considering a US Senate bid. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

    On another note, when Holder gave his little lie to congress last week, did anyone notice the man behind him and to his left (right side of viewing screen)? Ususally when people are testifying, they have associates sitting behind them for further counsel. Immediately after Holder inadvertently said what he did, that man turned his head and slightly raised his eyebrows. Like saying “whoa” did I really hear him say that? I thought it was quite telling. Maybe some body language experts could weigh in.

    More testimony coming this week on the IRS scandals. Now with Det. Zullo’s efforts, looks like the webs are finally unweaving. I say hit them hard with everything. Overwhelm them so they can’t keep their bogus coverups in line. And to the whistleblowers out there…please come forward, the Country is depending on you for the truth.

  46. Someone very special is having a birthday today.


  47. RMinNC

    If we step back and take a look at the bigger picture, the elites have created the perfect storm. With the recent collapse of the markets, those hardest hit were the seniors. Most lost at least 30% of their retirement funds. Their major physical asset, their homes, were devalued. Rising food, drug and gasoline prices have kept them in a financial hole. Bernanke has devalued their dollars and has kept interest at unreasonable lows. Now they are spending their principal rather than the interest on that principal to stay afloat. Most in that age group are too busy trying to manage their own personal financial woes. And, I would venture to say it is the senior population that has the conservative political views. The 20-30 year olds are either brainwashed through public education or politically ignorant. Those in between are most likely the “independents” that can be swayed either way.

    Now through political bullying, the elites have tried and succeeded in stifling (to some degree) conservatives their right to assemble and donate to conservative causes. They blocked all forms of voter integrity allowing voter fraud. They have TRIED to take our right to bear arms.

    All the while, they have kept an OPEN border, relaxed the immigration laws and supplied the thugs south of the border with heavy duty weapons. I have been wondering exactly when those weapons will be used against this country. Looks like we have been set-up for some dangerous events. I agree with you, RminNC, could it be those front end loaders will be used to clean up the mess? With all the scandals coming from all directions, I sense desperation on their part.

    Perhaps their plans will be accelerated now. Stay alert folks, and God help us

  48. oops, I meant “principle” not principal

  49. OldSailor – Happy, happy birthday to you. Hope your day is as special as you are. 🙂

  50. citizenwells

    Happy birthday oldsailor.

  51. SueK,

    Thanks so much for reminding us!

    Oldsailor, I hope this is the best year of your life! You mean SO much to us here! Happy Birthday dear friend!

  52. Happy Birthday oldsailor! Hope It Was a Very Good Year!

  53. oldsailor80

    ………birthday enthusiasm at 81 seems to only remind us that we are one step closer to the END OF THE LINE. I keep thinking about what HUBERT told MURIEL, as they boarded the train upon which they would be transported back to Minnesota from DC. He said “It appears that we have reached the end of the line.” So, as that applies to me I would be a person looking to have as much fun as possible from now on. I particularly enjoy exchanging thoughts with everybody here at CW.

  54. oldsailor80

    Thanks for “THE FLOWERS” everybody. One thing is certain with a birthday, it is NOT PHONEY. UP IS UP and DOWN IS DOWN. Also my thanks for the little Muppets thing. Wouldn’t it be great if the poeple the world over possessed the qualities of the late RED SKELTON. I absolutely adored the wisdom which he along with others like Art Godfrey,and others from that era,and let us NOT FORGET the late Jean Stapleton. “All in the Family was my favorite tv show

  55. Happy Birthday !!!
    “Popeye the sailor – Happy Birthdaze (1943)”

  56. oldsailor80

    ………..Another person who has had a profound effect upon my life’s beliefs was Art Linkletter. I have always tried very hard to emulate such people. Sadly they have departed this world………..one at a time.

  57. oldsailor80

    It really saddens me to see that the Popeye cartoons have been replaced by stuff like THE SIMPSONS. It teaches all who view such tripe to act like MORONS. At least the Popeye cartoons taught youngsters to fight for the right cause. After consuming a can of spinach Popeye could send people four times his size on an air express trip into the next county. Then there was the fast little ROADRUNNER,and WILEY COYOTE. Most have disappeared to favor shows which teach perverted stuff

  58. oldsailor80

    It seems so ABSURD when we read,and witness the very people who are suffering from the high prices,the MORONIC,and EXPENSIVE HEALTHCARE,and the lack of employment still believe that SOETORO IS THE MESSIAH! He will provide them with a FREE LIVING,so they think. So far it doesn’t seem to have happened………….where is the UTOPIA he promised? Just keep a lot of REARS AND SAWBUCK CATALOGS HANDY to clean up the Soetoro BULLSHI#.

  59. oldsailor80

    ….With regard to Arpiao,and Zullo, I agree that both have a lifetime of law enforcement experience, which also includes investigative experience. At this point I am a bit reluctant to say that they are using the problem at hand to extract money for their own personal gain. If I see more evidence of such a practice then I might consider changing my mind. At present I believe that they are completely dedicated to pushing the investigation to a Congressional Grand Jury. The Soetoro numbskulls will not be able to hide the truth about the multiple scandals forever

  60. Old Sailor,
    Happy Birthday, Friend! You have reached another milestone along life’s pathway, and it is a great privilege to have your presence among us here at CW’s. Hope that this day brings special blessings to you as you enter a new year!

  61. This article points out the link between IRS former commish and liberalism, in case we didn’t already surmise it. The organization for which his wife works gets a lot of money from unions, etc. It figures.

    (Breitbart) – On Friday, reports broke that Former IRS chief Doug Shulman’s wife works with a liberal lobbying group, Public Campaign, where she is the senior program advisor. Public Campaign is an “organization dedicated to sweeping campaign reform that aims to dramatically reduce the role of big special interest money in American politics.”
    The goal of Public Campaign is to target political groups like the conservative non-profits at issue in the IRS scandal.

    Read more:

  62. HonorFirst | June 2, 2013 at 10:12 am |
    You (and RM) couldn’t have said it any better!

  63. Oldsailor……

    Just got back from CHURCH…let me also wish you a Happy Birthday, and many more…..

    if you will permit the Irish in me to come out, let me say these words:

    May God Give You….
    For every shower, a rainbow,
    For every tear, a smile,
    For every care, a promise,
    And a blessing in each trial.
    For every problem life sends,
    A faithful friend to share,
    For every sigh,
    A sweet song,
    And an answer to your every prayer.

    pps. and may you always have blue skies above and a strong wind to your back….


    Your highlighted things quite well at 10:32am…..you are bore sighted now and on target !…..you may fire at will !!!

  65. old sailor 80 ,
    arpaio , zullo , gallups , and don jeffrey are covering up the most explosive evidence on obama for some reason . that is the ssn . from connecticut never issued to obama and fails the e – verify system . carl gallups is helping them propagate a lie and he proclaims to be a man of god . i have always understood that god hates liars . jeffrey will not request the original ss – 5 application to get to the truth . if this was a mistake by social security as gallups suggests , it would have been corrected long , long ago . obama is using a stole ssn . of a dead person born in 1890 by the name of harrison j. bounel . and what is so insane is that don jeffrey says there is no crime being committed . so i guess that means any and everybody can just pick up on another persons ssn . and use it and not be committing a crime . that is the most insane and ridiculous thing i have ever heard . all these people spreading such a lie should be criminally charged themselves .

  66. Birthday blessings to you, Old Sailor! We’ll be wishing you a happy day and a happy birthday year.

  67. Happy Birthday Old Sailor! Wishing you many more.

  68. coldwarvet2

    …let’s not be too swift to judgement…

  69. Good advise Coldwarvet2……

  70. coldwarvet2 ,
    i’m not being too swift to judgment . i heard the entire interview on carl gallups radio as did many others . we heard carl gallups assist don jeffrey and mike zullo in probagating a lie . in fact , gallups did it many times over . the ssn . is the easiest and most damaging crime against obama . the facts have to be found out for certain and not just ” maybe ” as gallups insisted . he sounded like an obot or obamamite himself . i’m seriously wondering if arpaio , zullo , gallups , and simmons are not just doing a charade being opportunists and getting publicity .

  71. GRIDLEY, …You may fire at will !!!

  72. coldwarvet2

    I’m not arguing about what you are presenting….but perhaps more your zeal in bringing the mantle of condemnation upon those who actually possess proof of their discovery…my guess is that there will be further revelations as their investigation proceeds. It appears as if there is still much information we have not been privy to but, as with any criminal investigation, conjecture is not actionable in any prosecution….

  73. danny,

    Then you also heard and must agree with the difficultly on a federal level of exactly what it takes to present Felony charges pertaining to the SS number. It is not as simple as you propose whereby you simply march into a courtroom and slap down federal criminal suits without having the ability to purge the SS office to “Verify” you evidence itself.

    Of course, you already know that. So why are you proposing the “skip” that part of the criminal process?

  74. Danny…you said:

    “the SSN . is the easiest and most damaging crime against Obama”

    I beg to differ with you.

    The most damaging crime against Obama is that he is “most likely no even a citizen of the United States and he has his finger on the nuclear trigger that can destroy the whole world”….THAT’S THE MAJOR CRIME OF OBAMA……, among his many, many crimes.

    To say that his fake SSN number is the number one crime of Obama is like saying if we don’t prove his SSN number is fake, then nothing else matters…that’s rubbish !.

    The fake SSN number is nothing more than part and parsal of ALL the other crimes Obama (or whatever his real name is) should be held accountable for. .

    To say Zullo, Arpiro, Simmons, and Gallups are doing a charade and lying, or stalling in the prosecution of this matter is utter nonsense.

    If you feel this way, please tell me just ONE person who has done more, or pursued this matter with more professionalism?

    I, for one do not buy your line of thought and reason….I doubt anyone who comes here on a regular basis will either

  75. danny,

    You said in part…

    ” we heard carl gallups assist don jeffrey and mike zullo in probagating a lie .”

    How? Explain please.

    I am forgiving (to some extent), but my notion tells me one or two things. Either you are a devoted Orly follower and trash all others, or you are Fogblower Communist follower attempting to thwart any efforts exposing Obama. Your comments make no sense.

  76. RMinNC,

    🙂 Both of us see the obvious with danny….

  77. P.s..

    Fogblower Communists are going off the wall at his website, attacking everyone.. LOL..

    Poor bas-turds..

    Yes, I spelt that right…

  78. WILLIAM…..good afternoon my friend

    You sure have a way of putting things…lol

  79. danny,

    Apparently,you’ve been listening to Orly.


  80. Somebody just started a Sh*t Storm on here….

  81. william ,
    felony charges is one thing but to state that it is no crime to use a ssn . that was assigned to another person is totally ridiculous . oh come on then anybody can just steal a ssn . from somebody or a dead person use it and no crime is being committed . as i stated , that ssn . from connecticut where obama never lived failed the e – verify system . you may not be aware that means he is not eligible to work anywhere in the u. s. it is the same as an illegal ailien . and for gallups to continue just to say maybe it is a mistake is outlandish when you look at the poorly forged birth certificate and the poorly forged selective service card . now , whhat have you been smoking not to register anything on this ?

  82. It is my understanding that Mr Jeffrey is admitting that he did not find a smoking gun. There was nothing in his investigations that could lead to successful criminal prosecution. That isn’t to say that there wasn’t possible criminal or fraudulent action. Just not enough evidence that Obama was complicit in violation of the law.

  83. PATRIOTS to the right…..OBOTS to the left…….

    On the count of three, you may start the war….

    one…two….two and one-half

    Danny…we are just trying to tell you that the SSN number is NOT the ONLY crime of Obama….There are many, many crimes, and they are all important.

    Everyone who post here on CW understand that OBAMA IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN ! We do not need a reminder of this, we need supporter of what Sheriff Arpiro and his cold case posse are doing…..
    After all, this man has over 30 years in law enforcement…don’t you think he just might know better than you or I how to “skin this cat”?

    You may not have any confidence in the Sheriff, but I sure do ! So let the man do his work…if he fails, at least he will have failed trying to do what is best for the country.

    If you have a better idea…perhaps you should strike out on your own crusade.

  84. danny,

    First of all, I don’t smoke anything. I am far too old and educated for childish fads and fantasies. But I certainly get your point whereby it severely lacks any criminal justification in a courtroom pertaining to the SS number.

    Now again, you claim you listened to the interview, then you should know what it details to move forward in any court to actually press Federal Criminal charges with said SS number and that is “verification” of a crime, not “speculation”.

    Do you or even Orly ‘KNOW FOR A FACT” that the SS dept. didn’t make a mistake? They make them all the time. Do you know that? NO, you don’t, and the only way to “Prove” that, is to purge their records to verify. Until then, no legal law enforcement agency can go before a Judge and say with diligence and facts, this is proven.

  85. When Obama, or If ever Proven that Obama, Ever used them name associated with SS number he is currently using, then he has not committed a crime. The only way to “Verify” that, is again, to have the SS application purged in court. That hasn’t happened, yet.

    Until then Danny, Lt. Zullo and others are correct. You simply cannot walk into a courtroom in front of a Judge, and guess.

  86. Happy Birthday OldSailor, or is that OldSailor81? Your just one day late, lol, my birthday was June 1st.

  87. Furthermore danny,

    Something you should learn as I taught to many young engineers with problem solving; Correlation DOES NOT PROVE Causation!

    And that applies to anything. Show me the data. Not correlations.

  88. And Yes,

    Happy 40th Birthday my friend…. OldSailor… 🙂

    I’ll have a shot of Jack for you, and salute….

  89. Happy 29th, Pete 🙂

  90. Off to the pool again… 🙂

    Put some Lynyrd Skynyrd on….

  91. Happy belated Birthday Pete!!!

  92. HERE IS THE REAL ENEMY OF LIBERTY….OBAMA (or whatever his name is) is just a (very) small part of this

    This is like the black death…you don’t pay much attention to it until you are lying on your death bed a few breaths away fro the grave.

  93. Jonah | June 2, 2013 at 2:00 pm |

    Apparently,you’ve been listening to Orly.

    Thanks for that observation, Jonah! That link is very revealing about Orly.

  94. William, RM, Coldwarvet, Jonah and others,
    Thanks for doing the heavy lifting re. Danny’s assertions, which are way off the mark.

    Today is not much of a pitching one for me as I am “slightly” preoccupied with a water leak that has done significant damage to my home. Things are presently under control by a very good restoration company, but lots of stuff has been put in storage and I’m living like a camper without proper gear. 🙂
    “One day at a time” is my motto, and “That, too, shall pass.” Black mold and wood rot are involved. It all came to a head very quickly. This old gal can’t weather things as well as when younger.

  95. william and jonah ,
    it is a violation of the law here where i come from to use another persons ssn . makes no difference if you use their name or not . obama used that ssn . from connecticut on his 2009 tax return . gallups says maybe a mistake but fails to say further investigation is needed to find out the truth for certain . he just stops there . this reminds me of the obots that claim everything about all the forged documents is a mistake or a coincidence including obama having on his college record that he was born in kenya , raised in indonesia and hawaii . that remained for 17 years and then it was a mistake . the ssa . is well aware of the ssn . problem with all the correspondence from orly and others . don’t you believe that if it was a mistake the ssa . would have corrected it by now . this was first discovered back in 2008 or 2009 years back . please stop being so nieve . the ccp , zullo , arpaio , and gallups are keeping a cover on this for some reason . this is very explosive evidence . a ssn . that fails e – verify , comes up under a different name , and a different birthdate from obama is a very serious matter . it also comes up connected with some of his property in chicago which is a fact that contradicts don jeffrey . i just named two ways he has illegally used the ssn . we don’t want a maybe , we want further investigation to get the truth for certain . orly has been fighting to get the original ss – 5 application for a long time . she is not a law enforcement organization but arpaio and zullo are . but they pretend this is not important enough to pursue . please give me a break . ss . fraud is a very serious crime . and we need to know the truth . myself and the majority of people in the u. s. could not get away with using another persons ssn . it is against the law regardless of name . it is still fraud . wake up please .

  96. Danny, your ears much have been clogged when you listened to the interview. I heard that whole thing too and the investigator said that Obummer never tried to pass himself off as Harrison Blondel, that is where the “easy” prosecution would be. Lt. Zullo said also that he had spoken before about the fact that they don’t have the resources to look into everywhere Obummer has used the SS#, that is why they need Congress to get involved. The investigator on the radio just said it isn’t prosecutionable because Obummer didn’t use another name in any of the documents the investigator found.

    I’m not sure why you are misrepresenting the interview. They kept stressing it wasn’t something they could prosecute right now, there isn’t enough evidence of it being intentional. They last thing we want is for some bogus “evidence” coming up saying that it was the SS office’s fault. If they had documents where he changed his name to Blondel, THEN they would have a strong case…..

    Also, Happy Birthday Old Sailor!!!!

  97. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) revealed new testimony from IRS employees on CNN’s State of The Union on Sunday.

    According to transcribed excerpts released by the Committee, a Cincinnati IRS employee made it clear they were told by Washington, D.C. personnel to give extra scrutiny to Tea Party groups: 

    Q: In early 2010, was there a time when you became aware of applications that referenced Tea Party or other conservative groups?
    A: In March of 2010, I was made aware.

    Read more:

  98. Danny,
    Friend, reprogram your thinking or at least put it on hold for the time being. If you are right, the truth will come out. In the meantime you don’t do good service to the valiant efforts that are moving ahead. There is much that we don’t yet know, but I and others are willing to trust the experts that are now on the frontlines.

  99. cabbyaz…

    sorry to hear of your misfortune …hang in there lady ….things will get better….

  100. julie t ,
    for heavens sake don’t you get it ? it is a violation of the law to use a ssn . that has not been assigned to you and comes up with a different name . it makes no difference how he passed himself off . although here in this area that is considered illegally passing yourself off as somebody else when you use their ssn . people here where im from have been prosecuted and sent to jail for that very thing . arpaio , zullo , gallups and all seem to want to give obama a free pass from going to prison . they know the ssn . is explosive and can nail obama and they don’t want that to happen . they will drag this stuff out by fooling around with congress who will do nothing about obama until he gets through his second term . congress cannot and will not do anything because they are all corrupt and complicit in this fraud . zullo says no criminal charges , then will somebody please tell me how anybody is going to get indicted and prosecuted with no charges against them . arpaio , zullo , and gallups are just ongoing with a publicity charade and book money later . they are not serious about bringing down obama . if they were , they would take the ssn. fraud more serious and leave no stone unturned until they get to the absolute truth with no maybe as gallups said over and over . if there are questions here about the ssn . a person is using , the authorities get right on it and if it is not legit or belongs to another person the guilty one goes to jail . zullo and arpaio are putting obama above the law by not digging for the truth and just leaving it at maybe .

  101. oldsailor80

    Julie T…………….
    To the contrary I along with a couple of people from our clerks office conducted a nationwide search of all public info databases,and Superior Court archives to determine a certain fact,………which is Barack H Obama is a name which is not legally in use anywhere in the US. There is no evidence anywhere in the US or Canada that Barry Soetoro EVER legally filed a petition for namechange which he would have HAD to do given his Indonesian citizenship. When he was legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro,his (ALLEGED) US citizenship became secondary,and to regain his citizen ship he would have had to be naturalised.This also means that he would have neede to change his name through a petition at a Superior Court somewhere in the US. There is no record of any legally adjudicated name change

  102. oldsailor80

    ……….the latter information and documentation was all forwarded to Arpiao,when we were certain of it’s validity. My guess is that they redone the entire search and found the same exact outcome. This could be just one tiny piece of PROBABLE CAUSE,which could be used as a trump card when it becomes necessary.

  103. Happy Birthday oldsailor80! and many Happy Returns of the Day!

  104. oldsailor80

    ………….This then leads to some related problems which heretofore there has been no effort expended by anybody to ascertain. If Soetoro is still legally Soetoro,he could NOT BE LEGALLY married to Michelle,otherwise her surname would be Soetoro,not Obama. He could not obtain a legal name change without producing evidence of a legally valid BC.,nor could he obtain a legally obtained marriage license. To this end there is a dire need of a thorough investigation because without a legally issued marriage license,he cannot be legally married to Michelle.If the DOWN LOW CLUB performed the alleged marriage,there is a very strong probability that the marriage is another fraud.

  105. oldsailor80

    I thank EVERYBODY for their warm wishes for a happy birthday. I feel very proud to have all of you as personal friends. God love all of you for making an old man feel…………Great!

  106. oldsailor80

    If no prosecutor will take up the cause then the only remaining hope is that sooner or later Congress will convene a grand jury to deal with the alleged crimes of the alleged person Barack.H.Obama. But if he is NOT legally Barack H Obama how can he be charged with any crime at all. Big problem! Because in REALITY Barack H.Obama does not legally exist.

  107. in brief , don jeffrey failed to tell all . he failed to tell the audience that it is against the law to use a ssn . with another persons name beside it and the passing off of that person is irrevelant . as i said , zullo and arpaio and jeffrey are covering up something here . jeffrey only put out what he wanted you to believe .

  108. danny. (i will write like you). i agree with julie t. i heard the interview differently. not sure why you are pressing the ssn, except that that is probably the weakest point of the case against obama. therefore, hard to tell where you’re coming from. lot’s more stuff will be coming soon. stay tuned.

    Cabby? Hunker down. We’re all praying for you.

  109. Happy Birthday Pete!

  110. oldsailor80

    ………………..nor can he be charged for using a SS number that was never legally assigned to him,because he IS NOT LEGALLY BARACK H OBAMA to begin with.

  111. oldsailor80

    Hey Pete……………
    Happy BELATED birthday to you YOUNG MAN!

  112. oldsailor80

    Sorry to hear that you received some water. I had wondered if it EVER rained in Arizona. Now I know for sure. Hang tough YOUNG LADY!

  113. oldsailor80

    BYE BYE ALL Godbless each and everyone of you.

  114. Thanks for the thoughts on the birthday to everyone. I have to go with Oldsailor80, if he was legally adopted (and the evidence points that way) he had to petition to reinstate his citizenship and name, and it’s not on file.


  115. God bless you too, oldsailor!

  116. just wondering…………if you post in all lower caps, is that the latest attention getter? 🙂

  117. oldsailor80

    If Barry Soetoro wanted to use the name Barack H,Obama he would have been required to legally petition for the name change in a SUPERIOR COURT somewhere in the US. But Barry Soetoro would have first found it necessary to petition for citizenship via naturalisation,before he could legally file for a name change. It is doubtful that two separate legal actions would be carried out by the court simultaneously.

  118. oldsailor80

    BYE BYE again……………this time for sure!

  119. Interested Bystander

    Happy Birthday oldsailor and a belated Happy Birthday to Pete.

    Thanks for BOTH of you.

  120. CW…
    Globe has it right once again!!!!!
    “Obama branded worse than Nixon…FEARS IMPEACHMENT”


  121. What good will it do for Arpaio and Zullo to go to Congress? Every member of the US House and Senate have been made aware of Obama’s eligibility and identity problems and they have been provided all of the evidence. They’ve know since 2008. They know the facts. I don’t believe Arpaio and Zullo have any significant new facts that will persuade them. I’m sorry if folks here still think this is going to bear fruit. It will not.

    A county sheriff should be able to do more than a private attorney. What’s holding Sheriff Apraio back? Indictment of the crime of forgery and identity theft by a prosecutor with evidence from a Sheriff’s office is the only action that will bear fruit.

  122. Barack Obama is not the President of the United States. He can’t be impeached. One must be constitutionally eligible to be President. He is not.

  123. Happy belated Birthday PETE…sorry I forgot …..wishes for many more

  124. A belated Happy Birthday from here too, Pete! Hope the day has been great and wishing you many more to come.

  125. June 2, 2013

    “Matt Drudge Touts HIMSELF: Refuses to cover Obama Fraud – another media stooge”

    “Matt Drudge thinks enough of himself to feature – HIMSELF in the headlines of today’s news page. He touts himself as “the people’s media,” and then ignores the biggest story in America’s history – The Obama Fraud Case.”


  126. Danny,

    You have the “Evidence” of the SS fraud. Go to your local District AG and File the Charges! End of that story…

  127. Birdy | June 2, 2013 at 6:48 pm |

    Barack Obama is not the President of the United States. He can’t be impeached. One must be constitutionally eligible to be President. He is not.


    Now that is the first thing you said factually that I agree with… But failed to answer anything else.

  128. Perhaps just me,

    But it appears an Orly and (He-Who-Shall-not-be-named) fans are posting… But then again, It just may be Tennessee Jack… 🙂

  129. Cabby,

    I am so sorry to hear about the water situation hun. You can always come up here and camp. We will take you fishing, camping, boating and site seeing… 🙂

    I’m trying to talk OldSailor to come live with me, but you know how those stubborn Sailors are.. LOL… 🙂

    Love ya OldSailor and again, happy birthday..

  130. William | June 2, 2013 at 8:02 pm |
    Perhaps just me,

    But it appears an Orly and (He-Who-Shall-not-be-named) fans are posting… But then again, It just may be Tennessee Jack…
    Something definitely fishy is going on! It would appear that the waters are being stirred.

    William, thanks for the kind words and invite, (gave me a much needed chuckle), but “I’m too tired to roam, so will stay in AZ and make it my home.” 😆

  131. sueq ,
    i already explained all that . jeffrey only stated what he wanted you to believe . he failed to tell you that a person does not have to pass themselves off as somebody else to be found guilty of ss . fraud . just using their number is enough . we have seen it here many times . several people have been convicted and sent to jail . i disagree , the ssn. is a very explosive issue and i still say zullo and arpaio are covering up something here . they are giving obama a free pass from jail . they will never send him to jail on the birth certificate . they are acting like frauds . that is why i am stressing the ssn . ss fraud is also very easy for most people to understand .

  132. william ,
    i never said i had any evidence of ss . fraud . plus i am not in law enforcement and could not file charges . i only said arpaio , zullo law enforcement need to totally investigate this completely to arrive at the real truth and stop lying and deceiving people i suspect to keep obama out of jail . we may not all be as dumb as they think we are . they know the truth is that the ssn . is very explosive for obama even more than the birth certificate . the public understands it very well . it is something that people get prosecuted for regular . i would like to see the ccp get the original ss – 5 application . that should show the truth once and for all if there is one in existence . i hate to see the matter dropped with a maybe when arpaio and zullo have the resources to find out the truth .

  133. Danny, SS fraud is peanuts compared to what else the idiots have been up to. There are only so many resources and the biggest issue is the BC and the fraud that goes with it. All the investigator said was that he didn’t find evidence that Obama didn’t use the name Harrison Blondel when he used the SSN. When there are more resources, ie Congress gets involved, there will be more than enough people to look into where Obama used the SSN. They have only done a “surface check” from what they said in the interview. Until we know what other evidence they are keeping close to the vest, we shouldn’t judge them, they have many years of experience in criminal cases. One false move and this could get majorly screwed up. I would rather them keep things from going public so there is less time for them to make more files disappear.

  134. Gordo, did you see the message I posted to you?

  135. Air Force Brat!

    Happy birthday, OldSailor. My power just came back on about an hour ago, so this birthday wish is belated. Best of everything to you, and may you have many more. AFB

  136. OldSailor, greetings from Australia and Happy Birthday. Is it possible that you share your birthdate with my grandson? Nathan turned 2 yesterday, Australian time on 2nd June 🙂

  137. Good Morning

    Just a quick note to say I see the point danny is trying to make. I don’t think he is saying the SSN is the end all; be all. I think he is making commentary with respect to it and that they’re blowing off the use of someone else’s SSN because he didn’t use the owner’s name whilst employing it. That’s the way i took it, too.

    Maybe I misunderstood them myself, but it comes across to me that they are dismissing the SSN fraud.

    a POTUS using someone else’s SSN is a Big Deal, in my humble opinion and should be addressed and not swept under carpet along with all the hidden bona fides. I sense frustration in danny’s comments and i think i know where he’s coming from as I tend to agree with him.

    just saying

  138. oldsailor80

    I have read ,and heard that Gemenis are great lovers, so it would appear that your grandson has a lot going for him…………….har har!

  139. oldsailor80

    ……For what ever it is worth the use of an ill gotten SS number is in fact a Federal crime. The use of the number by itself is exactly the same as using the actual owners name along with it…………a FEDERAL CRIME which can be rewarded with a severe fine and imprisonment. Don’t take my word LOOK UP THE LAWS for yourself.

  140. oldsailor80

    ………….Once again the WORDSMITHS ARE AT WORK, twisting and reshaping Federal laws that are ALREADY ON THE BOOKS. here we go again…………..UP IS DOWN …..do you believe it? Do the research,and learn the truth for yourselves.

  141. oldsailor80

    ………Right,wrong or indifferent,the law is the law,and those who try to twist the laws,add words to the laws, or take words away from the laws,are in actuality shoveling SHI# against the tide, because what the WORDSMITHS HAVE TO SAY DOESN’T SUPERCEDE the laws as they are written. But the WORDSMITHS think they are SO MENTALLY SUPERIOR TO EVERYONE else on earth, and only they can verbally twist the laws. Some time back there was evidence found that there was even attempts to change reference laws used by attorneys. I believe that the REFERENCE laws have been corrected once again.

  142. oldsailor80

    BYE BYE, time for other stuff.

  143. As I see it, only the Social Security administration can investigate the authenticity of a social security number. Law enforcement has no jurisdiction there. The SSA is independent agency in the executive branch of government. It might require Congressional action to get identification and verification of Obama’s SS# out of the SSA.

    And keep in mind, according to the Constitution, only Congress has the power to remove a sitting President from office. No law enforcement has authority over the President. That’s why the CCP’s hands are tied and needs members of Congress in their corner in order to proceed.

  144. Obama is not a sitting President.

    * A person who is ineligible to be President can not be President.

    * An election can not make an ineligible person eligible.

    Obama is ineligible to be President. He has no birth certificate. He has no social security number. He has no way to prove that he is even a citizen, let alone a natural born citizen. He is a private person, most likely a foreigner, perpetrating a fraud and violating the law. Any law enforcement agency along with prosecutors should be able to follow the normal, appropriate and authorized protocols to investigate, indict, prosecute, and convict this person through our existing judicial system. This is a criminal case, not a political case. Barack Hussein Obama II is not the President. If you approach this issue with the starting assumption that he is the President, then you have already lost.

    I believe some Obama supporters pretend to be with those who know Obama is ineligible and are trying to steer things toward accepting that he is President and that only Congress can deal with him. That is a very subtle kind of subterfuge. Don’t be misled. Don’t fall for it.

  145. i agree, birdy.

    apparently, its okay to run if you’re not eligible. therein, lies the problem and the net of complicit perpetrators. this should have been nipped in the bud.

    the bogus narrative doesn’t even add up. and never did. and they all know.

    ~ the World Tour by an American Presidential Candidate was so absurd and so very telling that even a dupe’s ears should’ve perked up.

  146. Jonah ar 1:21 wrote

    And keep in mind, according to the Constitution, only Congress has the power to remove a sitting President from office. No law enforcement has authority over the President. That’s why the CCP’s hands are tied and needs members of Congress in their corner in order to proceed.

    Yes, but Congress must respond to the citizens and the press. It is we who removed Nixon, Congress merely did our bidding, out of fear of their own survival. We the People have the power to remove the President. For more on this read the language toward the end of the Declaration of Independence. We need to always keep in mind that the Constitution is not the ultimate authority in our Republic, We the People are, because of our God given rights; the Declaration is our Mission statement, from which the Constitution derives. The Declaration is outside of and above the laws of the Nation. It has overriding control over everything in America. If you read it closely you will note that our Founders said it is the obligation of We the People to overturn Tyranny.

  147. oldsailor80

    Therein lies the truth of the matter…and you are exactly right. I wish more people would read the Declaration of Independence,and digest what it says.

  148. truth seeker

    Time to file a criminal complaint if the evidence and the jurisdiction is valid. If this truly is a legitimate investigation, tax dollars would have been used for sworn law enforcement investigators, not volunteers. This is not looking good.

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