Unemployment rate April 6, 2013, March jobs report, CNN Money report decent, Labor force participation rate hits historic lows, Half million less in labor force

Unemployment rate April 6, 2013, March jobs report, CNN Money report decent, Labor force participation rate hits historic lows, Half million less in labor force

“With a 63.7% labor force participation, “conditions in the labor market are considerably worse than indicated” in July’s report”…economist Joshua Shapiro, WSJ August 3, 2012

“Since the Democrats took control of both houses of congress in January 2007, the number of people who could only find part time work has gone up 215 percent”…Citizen Wells

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″


The US Labor Department, BLS, reported the “unemployment rate” for March, yesterday, April 5, 2013. The stated unemployment rate fell .1 percent.

However, the bigger story is why the unemployment rate fell. People dropping out of the work force in record numbers as well as workers who could only find or were subjected to part time work.

The Labor Force Participation Rate, which fell .2 percent in March, dropped to record lows .

CNN Money cane out with decent reporting of the employment situation. They painted a fairly accurate picture. They neither blamed this on the fuzzy “recession”, as so many in the media have done, i.e. George Bush, or tied it to Barack Obama, which they should have.

From CNN Money April 5, 2013.
“Unemployment rate falls for all the wrong reasons”

“What seemed like good news in Friday’s jobs report was a little less than that — the unemployment rate fell, but not because more people found work.

Instead, the rate was lower because the Labor Department estimated that there are nearly half a million fewer people in the labor force — the group that includes people with a job or looking for one.

In the department’s survey, 206,000 fewer people said they had a job than in the previous month, even though a separate survey of employers in the March jobs report showed 88,000 jobs were added.

In addition, 290,000 fewer people were counted as unemployed because they were not actively looking for work. That drop in those seeking jobs was the reason the unemployment rate fell to 7.6%, the lowest since December 2008.

The participation rate, which counts both those with jobs and those looking for work, fell to the lowest rate since 1979, when far fewer women were in the U.S. labor force. For men age 25 and older, March was the lowest participation on record.

Related: Workers over 50 are the “new unemployables”

Some of the downward trend in the participation rate in recent years is due to more baby boomers reaching retirement age, along with the longer life span of those who are retired. The greater the percentage of the population that is retired, the lower the participation rate.

Related: Am I too old to be hired?

The difficulty for younger workers finding jobs is also a factor, as more young adults unable to find work return to school to try to improve their prospects. The participation rate for those age 16 to 24 was near a 50-year low.

Related: Young adults drop out of the job market

But the downturn in March can’t be blamed on demographic factors, according to Heidi Shierholz, a labor economist with the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank. She points out that the participation rate of “prime-age” workers, age 25 to 54, also fell to match the lowest reading since 1984.”

“It’s the lack of job opportunities — the lack of demand for workers — that is keeping these workers from working or seeking work, not other factors,” she said.

Shierholz said estimates from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office show there are 3.9 million workers who should be in the labor force but are not because of the weakness in the job market. Counting them as unemployed would take the unemployment rate up to 9.8%.

“The unemployment rate is currently hugely underestimating the amount of slack in the labor market,” she said.”

Listen here:


This is a pretty good report except for a couple of important items.

First, blaming baby boomers retiring for part of the drop. The Washington Post tried to do this and were caught here.

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics January 2012.

Monthly Labor Review, Employment Outlook 2012 – 2012.

“In contrast to the factors exerting downward pressure on labor force participation rates, at least two factors have been responsible for strengthening the rates, although not enough to offset the factors pulling them down:

The labor force participation rate of the 55-years-and-older age group has increased considerably since 1996. In 2000, the rate was 32.4 percent; a decade later, in 2010, it had risen significantly, to 40.2 percent. (See table 3.) BLS projects that the labor force participation rate of those 55 years and older will reach 43.0 percent in 2020. The continued gradual increase in the labor force participation rate of this age group, multiplied by the sheer number of baby boomers in the group, is expected to partially compensate for the multiple other factors pushing the rate to lower levels and is expected to keep it from declining even further in the future.”


Second, let’s lay the blame where it belongs, ignoring for a moment what took place with the Democrats controlling congress in 2007 – 2010.

The Labor Force Participation Rate was 66.1 percent when Obama took office.

It dropped to 63.6 percent in March.

That is a 2.5 percent drop since Obama took the White House in January 2009!

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  1. Tragic: Pastor Rick Warren announces son’s suicide to congregation

  2. citizenwells

    God bless.

  3. OT

    The 2nd amendment is the ONLY one that assures the protection of all the other ones against a tyrannical gvmt., so I’m standing with Rand on this one. It’s time for another 2-3 million or more marching on Wash. DC, don’t you think? NRA, GOA, Oath Keepers, our beloved Vets., Sheriffs, Police officers, etc……….are you listening? Sound the call, set the date, & we will be there. God Bless America!

  4. This relates to the previous thread re Obama and his eligibility issues. I have never heard some of this and cannot verify the truth of it, but it is interesting anyway.


  5. Good morning CW et al.,


    The last 10 min. of the Zullo interview sums it up with the new information. As stated, it was from a legal credible source that came across something that is now apparently in the possession of Zullo . It appears to be very powerful as he [Zullo] stated (paraphrasing here) that it confirms and verifies everything they have been working on in the investigation. Of course, he couldn’t give out the person’s name and exactly what it was since it is still an ongoing criminal investigation. Also the announcement of several more persons (I’m assuming politicians) reviewing the evidence and getting onboard.

    That’s pretty exciting to me, but like many others, I wish I knew what it was today instead of 3-6 months from now. We’ll know soon. I’ve waited 6 years, I can wait several months.

  6. Cjzak,

    I can confirm that the passport issue and information is factual.

  7. “Destroyed: Obama Mama Passport Records Come Back To Haunt Him; Mystery Solved?”

    “FLASHBACK: Department of State destroyed Obama’s mama’s pre-1965 passport records.”

    “Chris Strunk and Ken Allen were the first to obtain the Stanley Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro passport records received under the Freedom of Information Act. It was those records that showed Obama’s Indonesian surname “Soebarkah” and led to the discovery that the Department of State destroyed Obama’s mama’s pre-1965 passport records.”
    “Strunk v Dept of State FOIA Release – Stanley Ann Dunham,Obama,Soetoro Passport Application File”

    “Allen v USCIS/DHS FOIA Release – Lolo Soetoro(Obama’s step-Father) U.S. Records”


  8. Gordo,

    That’s true, and initially they tried to say that the GSA destroyed the earlier records under a guised made up project. That was proven to be a lie in the D.C. Federal Court and they later came back and blamed another Government Agency.


  10. William thanks for the reply. I just cannot understand why Zullo would keep saying they have something and thereby alerting everyone in the world that they do have something significant and then not release it. I get the point about the criminal investigation. Fine, but then don’t say anything until you can bring the hammer down.

    It just seems so ego driven and it bothers me because so many expectations have been crushed over the last 6 years with ego driven people saying the same sort of thing and then having nothing really except speculation. The facts are there as we know, just haven’t been proven to the extent the public will see the reality of Obama being a total fake. How many have we seen try to make the case now and fail?

    Just bring it out when they least expect it and when you have all your ducks in a row without all the preliminary hype. Stay off the radio, tv shows until you are ready to put it all out there and have a boatload of significant, proveable evidence that is irrefutable so the msm cannot hit it with ridicule and Alinsky 101 tactics without looking stupid.

    I guess I am a huge cycnic at this point and I will try to be patient and I do hope he has something big. Something just bothers me about his whole m.o. though. Seems too ‘looking for fame’ to be only focused on the truth of Obama’s fraudulent background. Kudos to him for trying to bring the truth out if he really is. His fame would be legendary if he can really prove it all without a shadow of a doubt.

  11. Cjzak,
    Consider the mountain that must be climbed. Small information leaks will be ridiculed by the media and the ‘spin’ doctors will have time to work the issue. That would be ineffective. If you want end this nightmare of jihad against america, we call Obama and democrats, you need overwhelming evidence displayed at a single moment in history. When you got the goods, and it’s their can be no dispute, put the cards on the table and destroy them.


  12. cjzak | April 7, 2013 at 10:34 am |

    William thanks for the reply. I just cannot understand why Zullo would keep saying they have something and thereby alerting everyone in the world that they do have something significant and then not release it. I get the point about the criminal investigation. Fine, but then don’t say anything until you can bring the hammer down.
    I’m not an expert, but isn’t this how law enforcement does things occasionally to draw certian players out and force them to show their hand?

    If the “bad guys” understand that Zullo has the evidence he needs….then won’t they be more willing to sing? If the cowardly “good guys”, who have been intimidated by Alinsky tactics all this time, realize the jig is up, then they certianly don’t want to look stupid! So possibly they’ll be more likely to change their rhetoric about the so called “birthers”.

    Just my guess. And I suppose that is as good as any. One big chess game.

  13. Cjzak,
    I too share your pessimism.
    After all these years and all these little tidbits of info,( some true, some put out there by the Bots to deflect) we do tend to get weary.

    We all know there is definitely something wrong with the pResident’s history.
    But we have also seen those who seek celebrity fail time after time trying to prove it. Whether or not they have been stifled by threats is yet to be seen.

    I can and will believe in a coincidence or two, but in this case, there are too many to ignore. When we have the facts, there will be NO coincidences.

    I guess we will have to trust those like Mr. Zullo (an experienced law enforcer) and allow him to proceed considering this is a criminal investigation. But, I will not hold my breath. 2014 and 2016 cannot come soon enough. I just pray whatever more damage these people in the administration can wreak on this nation will be reversible and that our economy can survive until then

  14. Good comments everyone. SueQ don’t you think that giving the bad guys the head’s up all the time–even a tease– allows them more time and opportunity to implement their ‘ridicule, disinformation and Alinsky’ methods with all the force they can muster? Won’t it give them more time to prepare for the attack? I’m all for the tactic of keeping the big bang until you know it will take the enemy by surprise and after they think they have the upperhand. They paint all of us ‘birthers’ and eligibility doubters as radical kooks now. The false reputation has been successfully planted in the public’s mind. It will be difficult to get by that unless the credibility of the evidence and the person delivering it are without question.

    I want to see someone bring the goods when the other side is in a ‘false sense of security’ mode. They are pretty cocky about this issue thinking they have won it. They may keep an eye on it and worry a bit, but I don’t think they feel it’s going to be successfully overturned at this point because they have their drill down pat and have been successful in stopping this issue from ever really being brought out as credible for the public.

    We’ve tried the other way of straight up bringing clues, facts and pretty good case law out in the open and what happened? We were trashed and bashed and mocked. We had no defense partly because of the spokes- people, who granted, were brave enough to try, but who had many weaknesses that could be easily exploited by the other side including raving egos. The other crack in our case was a total lack of irrefutable evidence. You also have to admit there were alot of kooks jumping on this bandwagon from all over the place which blurred the real truth and made it easier for the other side to make their case against us. Add in no support from the people on our side who should have been out there doing the job–Rush, Hannity, repub Congressman and Senators, news media etc–and we were knocked out of the picture as a viable issue in the public eye.

    The good thing is the issue hasn’t died. People like CW, Butteredzillion, the Sheriff and a few others have kept at it.( I really thought ABreitbart was going to be the one who got this out there and he had the guts and credibility to make the media pay attention.) We all know what happened there. The bad thing is we haven’t been able to prove it to the masses with a credible spokeperson doing the talking and showing the proof and getting it publicized by getting around the msm and the courts.

    Just my opinions and I would sooo love to be proven wrong with Zullo and the Sheriff whom I greatly admire. I am always praying that God will allow the truth to come out and help heal this country. That is all I can do right now.

  15. Zullo must be as frustrated as anyone else…esp. with all the experience of pure corruption he’s run into in all of his pursuits for verifiable info. It’s really a miracle that he and Arpaio HAVEN’T given up. Where is there any opening in the halls of power these days in this country where all of that work and sacrifice would not be thrown back in their faces? We have evidence of most all of those sources conservative people placed at least some hope in being complicit, i.e., FOX, so called conservative bloggers/talk show hosts, West, et al….all selling their souls for what won’t be there in the end as long as they too, even if somewhat unwillingly, drink the Kool-Aid.

    And does this idiot ever listen to himself….as mentally deficient as Zero:

  16. I say to Biden….okay, buddy, you go first….put YOUR money (instead of everyone else’s) where your big mouth is.

  17. GORDO – Did you notice there are two different dates on the passport applications for S. Dunham’s marriage to Soetoro? The earlier one says they were married March 15, 1965 and the later one says March 5, 1964. I wonder why that discrepancy?

  18. Possible answer to the above: The biography for S. Dunham at Wiki says she filed for divorce from Obama Sr in January 1964. So, when was the divorce finalized? If it was not finalized until after March 5, 1964, she would still have been married to Obama Sr. when she married Soetoro. That is, if March 5, 1964 is the true date of their marriage. So, a year later date was put on her initial passpart application. Time passed. When enough time passed and no one would be wary of this, she could put the earlier true date? Just a thought, but again, no real answers. The whole thing is really sticky.

  19. Wiki, by the way, puts 1965 as the year she married Soetoro, which contradicts her latest passport application, which says, 1964.

  20. cjzak | April 7, 2013 at 2:10 pm |

    Good comments everyone. SueQ don’t you think that giving the bad guys the head’s up all the time–even a tease– allows them more time and opportunity to implement their ‘ridicule, disinformation and Alinsky’ methods with all the force they can muster? Won’t it give them more time to prepare for the attack? I’m all for the tactic of keeping the big bang until you know it will take the enemy by surprise and after they think they have the upperhand. They paint all of us ‘birthers’ and eligibility doubters as radical kooks now. The false reputation has been successfully planted in the public’s mind. It will be difficult to get by that unless the credibility of the evidence and the person delivering it are without question.
    Good points, cjzak! I am hoping and praying the credibility of the evidence is STARK! And even if Zullo has skeletons stashed somewhere (as all humans do), the evidence will be overwhelming! It is my last hope for my country. If we fail, we might as well hunker down and wait for Jesus. It’s over.

  21. Dean M. | April 7, 2013 at 5:23 pm |
    So, when was the divorce finalized?
    March 20,1964

    Scroll down to The Divorce

  22. cjzak | April 7, 2013 at 2:10 pm |
    They paint all of us ‘birthers’ and eligibility doubters as radical kooks now. The false reputation has been successfully planted in the public’s mind. It will be difficult to get by that unless the credibility of the evidence and the person delivering it are without question.

    Saul Alinsky Rule #5:
    Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule…

    Obama has used this Alinsky tactic, with great success, to silence anybody who questions the validity of Obama’s birth certificate. The rationale is to ridicule them so that they will withdraw from further speculation. The time has come for us to confront those who ridicule us……..

    Tell them that you’re aware of their Alinsky tactics and you know what they’re attempting to do. Tell them that it ain’t gonna work no more. It is a fact that there is irrefutable proof that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake.

    FULL VIDEO: Arpaio: Obama Birth Record Definitely Fraudulent: National Security Threat

    I don’t know with all certainty where Obama was born, but criminal investigator, Lt. Mike Zullo has provided overwhelming evidence that Obama has knowingly presented falsified documents. This is a serious matter that could that be considered a “high crime or misdemeanor”.

    It wasn’t the Watergate break-in that brought down Nixon. It was the cover-up. It was the deception. And deception is Obama’s middle name. We deserve to know the truth. What is Obama hiding?

  23. My grandaughter is visiting………….

    She said she would never tell someone to go to hell, but she has suggested that they go on a Carnival cruise. 🙂

  24. Part of Ron Polland’s (aka Polarik) comment at ORYR:


    “Nobody ever thought about requesting Gannet Corp. – the owner of both the Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin since 1999 – to turn over the microfilm masters of both 1961 editions and any copies made from them covering the period from August 07 through August 21.

    We would discover that the film was spliced and new master copies were reshot that do not match the original masters.

    Knocking the birth announcements out of the box would have been a hell of a lot easier than pursuing his long-form, or any other information protected by privacy laws. There are NO PRIVACY LAWS connected with a piece of microfilm of a publically distributed newspaper that contained nothing more than what had been seen in print. Of course, Gannet would try to protect it via copyright law, but that would not hold up in court since it meets the Fair Use clause. They’d have to turn them over, and we would find out the original was forged and reshot, but we may never learn who within the organization took care of the approved restoration process.

    The stupid Lamestreet Media gave more weight to the birth announcments than the COLB, and more than the long-form.

    Destroying the validity of those announcements would have destroyed Obama’s validity and identity.

    It still can be done and exactly as I said it could be done. BHO II cannot keep that identity forever. I predict he will be outed this year, and he knows it. That is why he is moving at light speed to turn the USA into a Marxist dictatorship.

    There are too many people in this conspiracy for all of them to keep quiet. The only reason they have is because they have not been exposed.

    They will be very soon.”

  25. “FR Blogger: Obama Naturalized As A U.S. Citizen In 1983; Court-Ordered Sealed Records?”

    Charles Kerchner’s comments at ORYR:


    “IMO, this narrative is another disinformation, gas lighting, perception management piece to try and justify how Obama got a Connecticut SSN. The other side is throwing into the air tons and tons of disinformation so that the wheat of the truth is lost in a mass of disinformation chaff. This has been the m.o. of the Obama operatives and Obots for years. Couching the piece with an ending line that this narrative makes Obama ineligible is put in there to make the narrative palatable for our side. The narrative author needs to produce the paper to back up his claims. I doubt he can. Again, I believe this piece was written as disinformation and to further confuse the issues surrounding Obama using a stolen SSN originally issued to a person who lived in CT.”

    “Yes, I do believe that Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro. A key hallmark of good disinformation is mixing in things that are true or probably true with things that are false. I think this person has written a disinformation narrative piece. Sort of like the book that Woodman wrote all the while foisting to the unknowing public that he was a conservative Republican, instead being a closet Obot paid in one way or the other to write that disinformation book about Obama’s forged long form BC. JMHO, but I smell a skunk in the wood pile in regards to this new narrative with its convenient CT social services statements. That is just too much of a coincidence given Obama has an unexplainable CT SSN. But besides, back when that CT SSN was issued all children over age 12 had to appear in person to apply for a SSN. But the person linking an agency in CT in that narrative was all too convenient, given the problems Obama has in explaining him using a SSN only available at that time to CT residents, if you ask me.”

  26. OT but IMPORTANT………….
    The insane BANTY ROOSTER in NKorea has stated that he intends to attack the US with NUCLEAR WEAPONS, but we aren’t hearing anything from our alleged CINC. Should the North Korean CRAZY actually fire a nuclear weapon at us is a deliberate act of war, and if for some reason it should detonate even above the US there would be MORE than sufficient justification to RETURN THE FIRE …….IN KIND, and in sufficient quantity to ERASE NORTH KOREA FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH. If China or Russia try anything to retaliate then we do the same to those BASTARDS. I am betting that if a nuclear detonation was to occur above the US that NOTHING would be done about it………even if it killed thousands of innocent people. We have a COWARDLY,SEXUAL DEVIATE as the SO CALLED CINC, and he does NOT HAVE the FORTITUDE to act against either North Korea,China,or Russia. He can only think about his next bend over encounter, and/or his still very obvious drug use.

  27. In ALL of the close up photographs we see of Soetoro there has NEVER been any expression on his face,not even an expression of PERSONAL CHARACTER. He is DEVOID of CHARACTER,which is indicative of either being EMOTIONALLY IMMATURE, having MENTAL ILLNESS,or possibly BOTH. The fact that everything must be to his drum beat, tells only a facet of his problem. The rest is obvious just by watching his body language,and listening closely to his responses to questions put to him which he had no forewarning were forthcoming. He cannot think on his feet. He can only read what is written for him by …..SOMEBODY ELSE. That tells me that it will have to be SOMEBODY ELSE who decides whether we should defend ourselves against a nuclear attack as well. If you think it would be Joe Biden you are out of your mind. If somebody sneaked up behind him and yelled BOO in his ear he would spew a huge pile of manure then climb the wall, crying MOMMA,MOMMA save me.

  28. I know many of us don’t ascribe to every word or prediction of lamecherry, but this one is interesting reading… http://lamecherry.blogspot.com/2013_04_06_archive.html

    Speed LImit

    Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter………

    Birther Hussein Obama has an inoperable brain aneurism.

    This was found in 2008 when he had that twitching and he went in for testing. It was also behind his weight loss that Matt Drudge featured as a type of cancer scare that was postulated here.
    He has been on medications to reduce the pressure on this bulge.

    This condition is one which the vessel could blow at any time. It is though a condition that what he does really makes no difference in the least from exercise to smoking. It is a ticking bomb which one day will erupt.

    This is what was behind his 2 for 22 shots in basketball as it is now affecting his neurological motor functions, specifically coordination in sight and hand.

    As stated, they have known about this impaired condition before Birther Hussein had taken office and this has all been kept from the public for election results.

    It is why this odd platoon of doctors has been following Barry Chin around. While nothing can be done for this condition, psychologically this has a placebo affect on Barack Obama.

    This is what was behind his “brain mapping” request in attempting to do “something”.

  29. Margaret Thatcher Dies After Stroke

    If you haven’t seen the movie Iron Lady, do so. It’s excellent! I don’t care much for Merl Streep’s politics but her acting talent is superb. Thatcher was a remarkable champion against the evils of socialism. We desperately need a Margaret Thatcher right here in the U S of A. Maybe her life and death will be an inspiration to someone to step out in faith, someone who will take our country back.

  30. The Iron Lady and Anette Funicello? In one short day? Margaret Thatcher is by far the most influential, but Funicello’s passing reminds me of more innocent times.

  31. I read the Republican Insider today and John McCain is working with the WH about gun control. Even if that information isn’t dead on accurate, he is definitely working to get some kind of gun control. I couldn’t take it anymore and wrote on his website the following letter. I’m posting it in case anyone wants to use part of it to write to him also…

    I know I am not in your state, but unfortunately you are rallying Senators to do something I am very much against and felt compelled to contact you.

    Why do you not like the 2nd Amendment? If you want to go back to “original intent”, then you would want citizens to have whatever guns are necessary to protect their families from a tyrannical government. I’m not saying that that is what we have now, but if necessary, we are given that right by our founders. The 1st amendment gave us rights of free speech which at the time didn’t include the internet, but it was broad enough to cover the right, not the specifics. So why doesn’t the 2nd amendment cover new guns that have been invented?

    You seem to not understand what a big deal this is to many citizens in this country, Republican and Democrat. You are working closely with the White House on this and you probably don’t realize the backlash you will be getting from citizens for doing so. Those that sided with taking away our rights, will be politically done. You may not like the Tea Party (I’m not in the Tea Party), but there are many many people that are siding with them and you are pushing people to take their side over yours.

    You are waking a sleeping giant. Please rethink taking away our basic rights. I voted for you in 2008, please don’t make me regret that decision

  32. Good post, Julie T.

  33. KAKS…….

    It is quite apparent Obama’s skull has been opened, perhaps many times, by something…..in almost every photo op he is in, the cut lines are very well defined…..

    I was under the impression this may have been from an auto accident he had in Hawaii as a teenager……but maybe not according to your post.

    Then I recall in 2008 when he first declared a run for POTUS where he was at some hotel and had some kind of a fit that was witnessed by a reporter….I read of that only incident one time…then never more.

    It sure would be interesting reading if his medical records were opened….but personally, I already know all I need to know about his health…and don’t really care…..

    I want to see his original birth record and Selective Service record, and his real social security number…(which he doesn’t have either of the above)

  34. RMinNC and Kaks,
    If this info should be true, then those who have kept it from the American public (Dem. Party, complicit Repubs, media) should be prosecuted for something. Conspiracy to deceive?

    Anything is possible with this impostor. Can you imagine what the media would have done with ” those scars” if they had been on GWB’s head?

  35. Brain aneurism is extremely serious but it can be treated. A friend of mine has two small ones and she had a stent put in one of them. They are watching the other to see if it changes at which time they will try and stent it too. Maybe Barry’s is in an inoperable area. I could care less. He is a fraud from top to bottom. I have always wondered about his scars too. No one even mentions them anywhere except for the few of us who have been investigating him since day one. Not one interviewer or news media has ever brought this up. Why? Another mystery re our faux Pres.

    If he has such a dangerous condition it should be public info as the President’s medical condition is for all to know. But when has anything been brought out about this him anywhere along the line that is truthful? Never and never will be. Maybe that is why he is livin’ it up on the taxpayer’s dime and not doing the work he was hired for. His life is at risk at any moment perhaps from this medical problem. Maybe it’s one of his payoffs from his shadow people for doing their bidding.

  36. There is a conversation going on now……in which our kids are not our own…but they belong to the “Village”. BS! If anyone comes after my grandchildren, they will have a very special present. I kid not!

  37. December 23, 2009
    “Obama’s NASTY Scar”
    January 27, 2011
    “Obama’s Movable Features …His Newest Scar!”

  38. It always looked to me like a scar from sewing back a separated scalp flap:

    Is Putative President Barack Hussein Obama II Really Bari Shabazz, Fugitive from Justice For 21 Years Following An Auto Accident in Honolulu County, Hawaii on March 12, 1982?


  39. Thanks SueQ! 🙂

  40. What a testimony for real freedom….and, in the end, the stupid “committee/panel” appears to remain without heart or mind. If people want to voluntarily give up their personal freedom then let them….leave the freedom lovers alone. How many people today truly walk in darkness.



    Dateline Salem Oregon – April 5, 2013: ”You don’t know what freedom is because you never lost it!” With a pointed finger Manuel Martinez called out Anti-Gun Committee Leader Floyd Prozansky during heated testimony on Friday. You can bet Prozansky got the message.

    To quote Mr. Martinez:

    “malicious individuals, masquerading as Democrats,.. established … a dictatorial regime … in my nation called Communism, Socialism, Stalinism, Marxism, and whatever other named -ism you want to put on it. The reason why it was done was to take away the guns from the People.”

    Mr. Martinez escaped the brutal Communist regime in Cuba in 1954. His testimony included how citizens under Castro were first disarmed by legislation similar to that being shepherded along by Gun-Grabber in Chief Floyd Prozanski. Defenseless, many Cuban Citizens were later summarily slaughtered.

    Having been present at the testimony, I can assure you even the Liberal hacks in the press pool were visibly shaken. The expressions on the Senators faces … well they spoke for themselves (I’ve included a few stll shots here). I’d wager no one in room did not feel a chill up their spine, or a tear in the corner of their eye, as Martinez described scenes of sons being torn from their mothers arms, and shot dead in the street, because they lacked the means to protect themselves. He spoke from the heart: no notes or teleprompter required.

    Enjoy Mr. Martinez’s testimony which is provided unedited and in full HD. Near as I can tell you won’t find it anywhere else in the Portland mainstream media.

  41. April 8, 2013

    “Part Five – Fuddy Illegally Executes the Plan”

    “For some reason when I saved this as a PDF it wouldn’t allow the clickable hyperlinks. This is in Word format; it will download onto your computer and then you have to click on it to look at it. Once you’re in the document hit Control at the same time as you click on the blue hyperlink and it will take you to the page linked.

    Below I’ll upload the PDF version, but the hyperlinks won’t work when you click on them.

    Part Five – Fuddy Illegally Executes the Plan

    This is a lot of factual information and though I cannot prove the connecting story, I think the pattern is clear and the underlying story that I’ve suggested is well-supported by the evidence we do have.”


  42. In case you missed it…..YES!

    THEY DID IT!!!
    My “born and raised” home team:

    BREAKING NEWS: Louisville holds off Michigan, 82-76, for the NCAA men’s basketball national title. More …

  43. From “Part Five – Fuddy Illegally Executes the Plan”:
    “… Open records requests effectively confirmed that affidavits and/or other evidence had been submitted in support of the claims in the birth record (which is only necessary for late and/or amended BC’s and would not be necessary for a hospital BC) and that his BC was amended in late 2006.

    Taken together, Abercrombie, Fukino, Office of Information Practices Director Paul Tsukiyama, and DOH Communications Director Janice Okubo all seemed to agree that Obama had a birth record based on affidavits rather than on a hospital birth certificate, and he had amended that birth record in late 2006. Late and altered BC’s are legally non-valid (they are not legally presumed to be accurate and have no legal evidentiary value unless a judicial or administrative official or body examines them under the rules of evidence and finds them to be probative). Around March of 2010 someone under the direction of Fukino had altered the 1960-64 birth index so it would include some (but not all) non-valid records – including Obama. So Obama had a non-hospital BC (a reported home birth) that had to be amended with an affidavit in late 2006. It was legally non-valid and Fukino had covered for him by adding his name to the 1960-64 birth index.

    To give Obama a new BC that appeared to show a routine Kapiolani Hospital birth and claimed all the right things, they had to give him a new BC# as well, according to the statute (HRS 138-17.7). Normally this would mean the next number after the last one used for 1961. But in order to protect Obama (by convincing “birthers” that Obama was born in Hawaii), as law enforcement claimed was necessary, they had to give Obama the BC# that was on the COLB he already presented to the public . That BC# already belonged to the 3rd child born in Honolulu after Gretchen Nordyke – almost certainly Stig Waidelich.”

  44. Gordo………….
    I have been under the impression that the BC number would have been that which belonged to a little girl who lived only a few hours after her birth. Has that source been also “DEBUNKED”? You mention a what appears to be a name “Stig Waidelich, where did that name come from?

  45. Gordo…….
    While I don’t remember the name of the little girl who died shortly after her birth,but I do not believe it was Stig Waidelich. I believe that someone tried to research the Sunahara infant,but it ended up being inconclusive.

  46. oldsailor80 —

    Go to this:

    April 2, 2013

    “Evidence Drop: Hawaii DOH Apparently Gave Obama Stig Waidelich’s Birth Certificate Number”


    SUMMARY: Stig Waidelich’s computer-generated COLB has a BC# that requires a 12,400% variance from the average birth rate within a 2.5-hour period. It is obviously falsified. So not only do we have paper records (1960-64 birth index, the Ah Nee and Obama BC’s, and the Sunahara death certificate) being falsified by the HDOH, but we have the BC# in the computer system itself being falsified. And all these falsified certificates claimed BC#’s that could not have been on those BC’s in 1961. Stig Waidelich is almost certainly the original owner of the BC# that the HDOH has verified as currently belonging to Obama.”

    “Indict: Hawaii DOH’s Loretta Fuddy Fingered In Obama Identity Document Fraud Scandal”


  47. oldsailor80

    It would seem to me that if there was a potentially fatal,and otherwise inoperable aneurism in his (ALLEGED) brain he should have been disqualified as a candidate. If such a medical condition does exist (WHICH I DOUBT) there might have been exploratory surgery done. But I believe that there would not have been such long incisions made.I believe that the scarring on his head probably was inflicted by somebody who was really POd at him, and he was the victim of a nasty knife fight. Punks, especially New York punks love to carve a victim’s head. The same applies to LA punks, and Chicago punks.They know it ends up with permanent scarring. They then later use the line “See what we done to him” to their punk, slimey,and odorous little friends.


  49. Great video on gun control

  50. Breaking News: Reports of multiple stabbing victims at Lone Star College Cy-Fair Campus

    Read more: http://www.myfoxhouston.com/story/21920619/breaking-news-reports-of-multiple-stabbing-victims-at-lone-star-college-cy-fair-campus#ixzz2PzM1TL3v

  51. Taxes………………………….UGH!

  52. Weird behavior for a president, don’t ya think?………………..big concert at the WH while Kim the youngun is threatening World War III. Our country is in a stupor.

  53. So the news media and Obama are going bonkers because North Korea may possibly fire off one missile, maybe. Israel has had 14,000 actual missiles fired at it from Gaza in the last several years and the media and the world could care less. Churches are being bombed in Egypt and elsewhere and the world could care less, but the weenies in the media are getting all worked up about North Korea and their one missile. Boo hoo. Reporters these days really are idiots, but we knew that.

  54. citizenwells


  55. Good morning too!

    Does anyone understand Bitcoins? If so, please explain.


  56. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  57. Sueq……………..
    A bitcoin is that which is OTHER than our FIAT currency which will pay the dept immediately. A good example of a BITCOIN is GOLD or SILVER. The actual metal.

  58. Sueq………..
    In another sense,a bitcoin could also take in the realm of BARTER. That is to say if it pays a debt immediately.

  59. Tina……….
    While it is a MISTAKE to not take a CHILD PSYCHOPATH SERIOUSLY, most of us VETERANS OF THE KOREAN WAR, know that there is still an element of question regarding the intentions of the North Korean BANTY ROOSTER. He CROWS A LOT!, but at what point will he order his troops to invade South Korea. To IGNORE this POSSIBILITY,or laugh it away,could carry DISASTEROUS RESULTS. That is what General Mac Arthur knew also. Yet Harry Truman saw fit to fire the ONLY RATIONAL field commander left.

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