Pope elected March 13, 2013, Fourth ballot, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis first

Pope elected March 13, 2013, Fourth ballot, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis first

“In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations, after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End.”…Saint Malachy

“…and there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.”  … Luke 21:25

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”…Jesus, John 8:32

Pope elected March 13, 2013, Fourth ballot

White smoke.

Bells ringing

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires is the new pope.

Pope Francis first.

50 responses to “Pope elected March 13, 2013, Fourth ballot, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis first

  1. Philo-Publius

    Catholic church has new pope; white smoke rises

    The pope, whose identity isn’t yet known, is due to emerge from the loggia overlooking St. Peter’s Square to deliver his first words as the Bishop of Rome.

  2. Philo-Publius

    Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio takes name Pope Frances

    link from Drudge

  3. Air Force Brat!

    Posted this at the end of the last thread, so am pasting it here also.

    Re “Peter the Roman” as listed by St. Malachy, it is not necessary to have the birth name of Peter, nor would he have to take the papal name Peter II. “Peter the Roman” is descriptive, as are all Malachy’s names for the 112 Popes from his time to the time of the End.

    Alternatively, it’s not impossible that something would happen to the newly-elected Pope within a very short period of time, in which case another papal election would immediately have to be held.

    Another alternative is that if the newly-elected Pope were to turn out to be the False Prophet spoken of in the Bible, it’s not impossible that there would be a schism within the Church, with the “true” Catholics led by someone either named Peter at birth, or who led the split-off faction under the name of Peter.

    Point is, we just don’t know. All we can do is wait and see how events pan out.

  4. citizenwells

    Pope Francis is apparently a natural born citizen of Argentina:

    “Article 89 of the Argentine Constitution provides that “To be elected President or Vice-President of the Nation it is necessary to have been born in the Argentine territory, or to be the son of a native born citizen if born in a foreign country; and to have the other qualifications required to be elected senator. Section 55 requires that to be elected Senator, one must “have attained to the age of 30 years”; “been six years a citizen of the Nation” and “have an annual income of two thousand strong pesos or similar revenues”.”

    His father was Italian.

  5. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I know I’m going to catch a whole bunch of flack for this but here goes anyway:

    I really don’t care what helps you get through the day, week, month, year or life, and I’ll not judge you FOR electing to “believe” or “not believe”, but to me this whole Pope thing just brings it home to me.

    What’s the big deal about someone being named Pope? If you’re not Catholic, what’s it any matter to the rest of us? I just don’t get the big hulla balloo about a new Pope. Has anyone noticed the crimes committed against young boys and who knows who else by those who were SUPPOSED to be chaste and be their congregation’s role model?

    And not just Catholics either, it seems ALL religions can’t get it right. WHO is right? How do we know? I had a Supervisor who I argued with respectfully who swore up and down that having a moniker behind (or in front of) “Christian” meant you were going to hell.

    I mean really, what denomination or what sect or what break off group is right?

    And how do we know?

    To me, and I know this will get me in BIG trouble, I put God and Jesus in the same catagory as Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. There is just no proof that God or Jesus even exsisted, I mean REAL proof. That’s why I consider myself Agnostic.

    I believe that religion, and God and Jesus (my Supervisor argued that God and Jesus AND the Holy Ghost were all the same entity), was put in our heads so as to make it easier to pass on, because you don’t really pass on, you go to a “better place” (or in MY case a HOTTER place) (my Supervisor told me that in hell it felt like there were snakes crawling on you all of the time).

    I would add though, that there are MANY leasons to be learned from the Bible. I believe that morals are something that should be taught, and truthfulness is the way to honor and integrity.

    I try to live my life in a moral way (except in Tina’s eyes), and I hold my head UP when I’m walking because I AM proud of myself. Not cocky, or arrogant, but PROUD that I live the life I do. I am respectful to people and I respect people’s property.

    And for the record I am FOR prayer in school (or to be politically correct, a moment of silence), and I have no problem with God being in the Courtroom, or the Ten Commandments being in every hallway in schools. Kids SHOULD be taught about religion, and NOT that it is bogus, but just put the evidence out there and let it be judged on it’s merits. Just like evolution and creationism BOTH should be taught, the more knowledge the better off you are.

    I have no problem with people for believing, and I respect their ability to do it with conviction.

    I wonder why people who believe as I do, don’t get the same courtesy.

    Maybe we don’t deserve it I guess.

  6. The Catholic church now has a new pope. Benedict in effect threw up his hands, and called it quits. I have ben around to witness four different popes. Each has done his thing,but it seems that each has done very little to forward the wellbeing of the church itself. It seems that ALL have formed their own little GOOD OLE BOYS CLUB WITHIN THE CHURCH,and that is where their fervor seemed to end. It is sort of like the SENIOR officers separate themselves from associating with their JUNIOR officers, from which there is a lack of communication,and the ship sinks because the warning of the danger to the ship did NOT GET THROUGH.
    When I see a RESPECTED University in the Northwest of the State of Indiana, COVER UP their OWN RELIGOUS ICONS to accomodate a CRIMINAL TO CHRISTIANITY, I find myself in total disbelief. My respect for the University will NEVER again exist,and since I forwarded a letter to Benedict about the incident,and neither he nor anybody on his staff didn’t even have the decency to acknowledgement of
    their receipt of the letter. I know it was recieved at the Vatican,and this tells me that there was absolutely no concern whatsoever, by the Vatican regarding the conduct of the ALLEGED leadership f the University. I cannot forgive such a careless attitude.I am praying that Francis 1 will do a
    better job of communicating with the people who pray to God,and the various icons of Catholicism. If he doesn’t do this then it is probable that
    eventually the Catholic church in the US and perhaps Europe will cease to exist.

  7. IB…………
    I believe that you hit that one right out of the park………Religion is NOT BEING TAUGHT anymore, and sadly that IS, and always HAS BEEN the MAJOR UNDERPINNING of ALL religion. The other so called religion which now permeates suburban Detroit has clearly demonstrated what is already happening to Detroit,and, which will get much worse in the forseeable future, unless some form of religious faith is once again TAUGHT………..BY PARENTS.

  8. typo……..insert “Christian” in place of religous.

  9. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Oldsalt – I just figured out that for the first time in my life(and yours too) we ARE OLDER than the present Pope. I am 79. I am not Catholic ,but I loved the stories about St. Francis of Assisi who loved animals too,

  10. It appears that the Catholic Church might be looking for a NEW direction by choosing an Argentinian as new pope. It is interesting for another reason which is the fact that Argentina has a population which is permeated with about 39% Italian. Maybe the Catholics of Italy will accept this because he was born to an Italian parent.

  11. citizenwells

    One of my friends is from Argentina of Italian descent.

  12. CW…………..
    Until earlier today I had no idea that there was such a high percentage of Italian people in Argentina. I guess if we are willing to read,or listen there is always something to be learned.

  13. According to Foxnews Francis 1 has never lived a privileged life style. Allegedly he lived in a ONE ROOM apartment in Buenos Aires. He procurred his own food ,and cooked his own meals. Hell I am older than the Pope,but I preferr good ole JAM sandwiches. That is two pieces of bread jammed together with some jelly on them,or maybe a little peanut butter.

  14. citizenwells

    Every day is a learning experience.

  15. Thornton Parsons

    IB, I understand where you’re coming from. Who is to say which religion is the correct one to follow? In faith, I believe in something larger, grander, and stronger than myself. I think that getting to heaven is like in the old days, traveling down a road to take the cotton to a cotton gin. You can go over the mountain, around the mountain, through the mountain, under the mountain, cross the creek, float down the river, or take an entirely different route altogether. However, I think that once you get there, God doesn’t want to know how you got there. I think he’ll just want to know how good’s your cotton.

  16. Sadly the Catholic church in the US has been infiltrated by some whose intentions toward young males, has been seriously destructive towards the church. I am hopeful that they are able to turn this very ugly painting into something which will once again bring respect to the Catholic church. I further believe that if ALL Catholic Universities, have the same sort of leadersip as NotreDame, it is time for Francis 1 to have a little conference with the HEAD HONCHOS. I personally feel that a leader of a school like Notre Dame, as a person who would NEVER under any circumstance cover up his OWN ICONS, to ACCOMODATE MUSLIM BASTARD visitor,whether he is POTUS,or a peon. HELL would freeze over first!

  17. citizenwells

    “Bergoglio’s legacy as cardinal includes his efforts to repair the reputation of a church that lost many followers by failing to openly challenge Argentina’s murderous 1976-83 dictatorship. He also worked to recover the church’s traditional political influence in society, but his outspoken criticism of President Cristina Kirchner couldn’t stop her from imposing socially liberal measures that are anathema to the church, from gay marriage and adoption to free contraceptives for all.”

    Read more: http://patriotupdate.com/2013/03/new-pope-clashed-with-president-over-liberal-policies/#ixzz2NSfrp4eC

  18. I love this choice of Francis I. Cardinal Bergoglio (now Pope), it has been reported, was the runner up in 2005 while Benedict was expected. I liked him back then. He had/has a reputation for great holiness, humility, intellect, came up from the “common folk” and has remained simple, lover of people/poor and being his own person. He is an older and obviously more experienced version of my personal heart choice of Tagle from Philippines, but has the same humble touch….taking the bus, living simply, etc.

    Forget the bunk about some kind of false Pope, etc. in this obvious choice via the Holy Spirit. There will, as prophesied, be at some time relatively soon, a period when the Church is so persecuted that it is forced underground at which time the anti-Church/apostates, the formal great schism, will take advantage and put forth their own false pope/mouthpiece for NWO/anti-Christ, but the remnant Church will not follow such a one while the same lemmings that are so easily bought out by Obama will go along with such falsity to get along. But as Christ promised “thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build My Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”! “Prevail” but they will certainly try.

    “Peter the Roman” could also be the Pope at the very end of the world for that matter….the final end rather than this end of an era before the time when Satan is chained…that Seventh Day of rest for the faithful.

    At first when the decision came in relatively early I was worried that one of the obvious but still too connected to the status quo/curia had been chosen. What a blessing for this man instead!

  19. Thornton Parsons……………
    I think you have it figured out quite well. SOUNDS AS though where you are concerned UP IS UP and DOWN IS DOWN. Great to see somebody who THINKS FOR themselves.

  20. Everyone who believes in God and Jesus Christ can choose whatever way they want to express their belief. No one religion is ‘better’ or more worthy than another. Christians were given their faith by Christ through St. Peter and choose to accept or deny the gift. But sometime soon, all Christians no matter what Church they belong to, will have to unite under Christ and become soldiers of The Lord. The persecution will be strong and the testing will be very difficult. Christians will need to stand together to fight this darkness that will come. I firmly believe this.

    The symbolism and ceremony of the Catholic Church was a beautiful thing to watch and the faces of the people in the crowd celebrating were full of joy and faith. God bless the new Pope, Francis I.

  21. Observer………..
    Actually her name is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. It sort of sounds like she is a extreme liberal left, whose brain sees to be about a foot South of her navel. This is the same exact problem that some of our young female recent college grads have. All the sex they can get,and they don’t seem to care from who. Even people who are KNOWN HIV POSITIVE. I say to them LOTS OF LUCK!

  22. CJZAK………………
    You have read my mind. My thoughts exactly!

  23. Thornton Parsons

    OldSailor80, I have learned a lot from you.

  24. Tweet Of The Day…
    Pope Francis’ first tweet at 3:33 PM 3/13/13.


  25. As a formerly practicing Roman Catholic, I’m happy with the choice for Pope, although I admit I didn’t know much about him.

    Like Observer, I also liked Tagle and am hoping that perhaps he may be the next Pope.

    Bostonians were hoping for Sean O’Malley (‘Friar Tuck’ in these parts) however, Cardinal Bergoglio seems to really have what it takes to be Pope.

    God bless him and I sincerely hope that he can pull this troubled Church together.

  26. Observer,

    I love a Pope who tweets :).

  27. On the ‘other side’ of the spectrum……well, I am totally embarrassed for our country if this is true. Flotus doing her Pole Dancing routine:


    Maybe if the ineligible Potus spent less time golfing and with body man, Reggie Love, there would be less of a reason for what’s revealed in the link.

    It’s just a thought, but then again, embarrassing the USA is probably the whole point and I, for one, am truly embarrassed. I didn’t think anyone could top Bill Clinton in the area of embarrassing our country in front of the world, but……

  28. Factoids: The name is very striking.

    It was the Franciscan Pope Clement XIV who suppressed the Jesuits in 1772.

    The first Jesuit pope taking the name “Francis?”

    A symbol, perhaps, not only of his personal charism of poverty, but also..of reconciliation?

  29. Interested Bystander

    Thornton Parsons,

    I think you made my point much better than I did.

    It really shouldn’t matter whether there is a “Higher Being” or not, you should live your life respecting and helping others.

    IF there is an afterlife, then I believe that’s your ticket there.

  30. Here is what I don’t understand with the selection of a Pope. Like I.B., I probably need educated on this subject matter as I am not a Catholic, although my maternal grandfather was a Roman Catholic, I know little to nothing.

    Question: How is selecting a Pope not a “Political” ideology rather than a religious one? In other words, all I have heard through this process was; we haven’t had a Pope from Africa yet, haven’t had a Black Pope-yet, haven’t had a Pope from South America-yet, and we need a Pope that has Banking experience in order to deal with the financial scandals, we need a Pope with experience in today’s technology such as I.T. in order to connect with the youth, we need a Pope that is strong against the church scandals of sexual issues, and of course we need a Pope that can connect in a growing region for new comers.

    Why not take this selection process backwards. Put all 117 Cardinals in a line and ask the same questions one by one and each take a step back that do not qualify per question and ta-da, you have a new Pope. Of course, after they pray on the last remaining 2 that qualify.

    Somehow, I don’t find this a “divine” intervention only and not politics.

    p.s. we haven’t had a midget or female Pope either – yet

  31. See what I mean, The Pope already “Tweeting”? ROFL

  32. Did I hear the news correct?

    Joe Biden is headed out to meet the new Pope, but Obama is not?

  33. William | March 13, 2013 at 9:06 pm |

    Yes, William, Plugs Biden will be going to Rome. God help Italy!

    I didn’t know this, but I heard today that old Foot-in-Mouth is the first Catholic VPOTUS. Maybe he should practice his religion a little better…

  34. Here is the case we have been waiting for. Remember Judge Roy Moore?
    Alabama Obama Identity Document Fraud Case Being Appealed To Alabama Supreme Court

    I am one of the plaintiffs in the case of McInnish v. Chapman, the latter being Alabama’s Secretary of State Beth Chapman, who is responsible for election. The case is now making its way into the Alabama Supreme Court, and I want you to know about it.

    Briefly, we are claiming that the Secretary of State has failed in her duty to verify the eligibility of the presidential candidates, especially in the case of one Barack Obama, and we are asking for a writ of mandamus directing her to demand from Obama a bona fide birth certificate.

    Yes, I know the election is over, but the question is not moot. Compare Roe v. Wade in which the baby had long since been born, but the case was not moot because it was a matter of great public importance. Whether a man sitting in the Oval Office is an impostor is by any measure a question of great public importance.

    We draw encouragement from a couple of things: First, in an earlier abortive thrust into the state Supreme Court, Justice Parker, in dismissing our case published this dicta:

    McInnish has attached certain documentation to his mandamus petition, which, if presented to the appropriate forum as part of a proper evidentiary presentation, would raise serious questions about the authenticity of both the “short form” and the “long form” birth certificates of President Barack Hussein Obama that have been made public.

    Second, Roy Moore is now the new Chief Justice, having been reelected in November.

    This story is so far smothered by the MSM (no surprise here). But why the silence by the GOP who with a little courage could make it the most explosive issue of the century?


  35. Attorney Larry Klayman Appeals Obama Identity Fraud Challenge To Florida Supreme Court

    Attorney Larry Klayman Appeals Florida Obama Identity Fraud And Ineligibility Challenge To Florida Supreme Court This is regarding the Voeltz v Obama case at Florida’s First District Court…


  36. As soon as the new Pope was announced and I listened to his words and especially the words where he said ‘Pray for Me.’ the song………………….
    “When the Saints go marching in …oh when the Saints go marching in …Oh, I want to be in that number…when the Saints go marching in. Call me crazy but I have felt an over whelming feeling of of content today that I have not felt since the first day I heard the name Barack Hussain Obama. I knew then he was EVIL!

  37. As expected, Obama, the great in-you-face attacker, by design, sends the pro-abortion fanatic, Biden, for Pope’s installation. Talk about “the smoke of Satan” entering the walls of the Vatican!

  38. So typical:

    CBS Goes Out of Its Way to Find the Radical Feminists in St. Peter’s Square
    By: Matthew Balan | March 13, 2013 | 19:26

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/#ixzz2NTkk8Mqq

    On Eve of Papal Election, NBC Hypes ‘Bad Time’ for Church ‘Out of Step’ With Liberal Catholics
    By: Kyle Drennen | March 13, 2013 | 17:59

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/#ixzz2NTlE9t9k

  39. OT

    Alleged Al-Qaeda Group Claims To Have Penetrated Some U.S. Government Websites


    A group going by the name of the “Tunisian Cyber Army”, claims that they, in coordination with the Al-Qaida Electronic Army (AQEA), have hacked four U.S. government sites within the last few days. The sites allegedly hit included the U.S. State Department, the Army National Guard, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (cbp.gov) and Office of Personnel Management (OPM.gov).

    The hackers says they identified and exploited vulnerabilities on two domains owned by the US Department of State and one for the Army National Guard. The attackers claim to have obtained sensitive information, and the IP addresses of government computers and servers and are holding onto the information to work on hacking more IPs.

    The group also says they had the assistance of “Chinese hackers”.

    The group claims that this is all in prepation for #OpBlackSummer, an effort to attack US targets between May 31 and September 11.

    They have contacted a few hacking media websites to present the evidence of their attacks, showing the links to the vulnerabilities that they claim to have exploited. Those sites, E Hacking News, Hack Red and Ill Secure believe the claims to be valid. Softpedia also believes that the hacks are legitimate.

    The group says their next targets will be gas, petrochemical and possibly nuclear companies, and that they will be scheduling a “conference” soon to explain #OpBlackSummer.

    At the end of #OpBlackSummer, they make the following threat:

    TunisianCyberArmy1 @TN_cyberarmy
    @AnonymousOpsIRC this is the beginer after the data we got pentagon will be destroyed on the next 11 of september

  40. Pope Francis In 2007: No Communion For Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians…

    New Pope Francis Called Abortion the “Death Penalty for the Unborn”


  41. Our dear leader.

    Obama Lied: ObamaCare Tax Increases Double Estimate
    Obama’s Sequestration Lies Exposed!
    Obama Lied and Lied and Lied About Sequester
    White House Obama Lied About White House Tours
    Ex-Secret Service: Obama Lying About WH Tours


  42. “Court Ordered DNA Test; Four Democratic Officials Plead Guilty To Election Fraud”
    “Officials Plead Guilty in New York Voter Fraud Case”
    Excerpts Via Eric Shawn @ Fox News

    “A total of four Democratic officials and political operatives have now pleaded guilty to voter fraud-related felony charges in an alleged scheme to steal a New York election.

    The latest guilty pleas expose the ease with which political insiders can apparently manipulate the electoral system and throw an election their way, by the forging of signatures of unsuspecting voters that are then cast as real votes.

    Former Troy Democratic City Clerk William McInerney, Democratic Councilman John Brown, and Democratic political operatives Anthony Renna and Anthony DeFiglio have entered guilty pleas in the case, in which numerous signatures were allegedly forged on absentee ballots in the 2009 Working Families Party primary, the political party that was associated with the now-defunct community group, ACORN.

    Smith, at one point during the two-year long investigation, even obtained court orders to take DNA samples from five of the seven Democratic members of the Troy City Council. The goal was to try and compare the samples to any DNA evidence found on the absentee ballot envelopes.”

  43. Good morning CW et al.


    That is the Alabama case I have bene asking about and searching for. It disappeared off the radar and I couldn’t find it. I hope this case is “the right venture” to follow through. I will be watching it closely.

    Have a great day everyone, I’m off to work, see ya this evening.

  44. citizenwells

    Good morning William, et al.

  45. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Banner headline on Drudge –


    I hope they are not too late!?!?

  46. Anyone?

    What does ‘Molon Labe’ mean?

  47. Philo-Publius

    The phrase molon labe means “Come and take”.

  48. John in Illinois

    I know its been awhile , but isn’t Mike Zullo supposed to be at CPAC meeting some congressional people ? Can anyone please check on any progress ? I have not seen a word on any site.

  49. I am not Catholic, so the election of the new pope shouldn’t concern me all that much, but I found the prophecy of the last pope interesting. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t say whether he is good or evil. Only that he will shepherd the church through very difficult times, and will be the last.

    An interesting quote from the new pope…………

    “As you know, it is the duty of the conclave to appoint a Bishop of Rome, and it seems to me that my brother Cardinals went to fetch him at the end of the world.”

    Maybe a better choice of words would have been “to the ends of the earth”, but even so, that is the way it stands.

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