Schools need guns and better security, Sandy Hook fathers speak out, Gun laws not needed, Security existing law enforcement civility, Chicago gun laws failed

Schools need guns and better security, Sandy Hook fathers speak out, Gun laws not needed, Security existing law enforcement civility, Chicago gun laws failed

“Weaker people, whether at school, at home or elsewhere are best protected from stronger people, with ill intent, by guns and proper security measures.”…Citizen Wells

“Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA – ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.”…Heinrich Himmler

“The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good”…George Washington

Guns are not the problem, they are part of the solution.

The problem is a lack of prioritizing, in many cases by educators as well as society, who have failed in their duties to protect our children. Security has not been a high enough priority in our schools.

From Citizen Wells January 16, 2013.

“Gun control has never worked and never will work. It is the solution of dictators and those lacking reason and accountability.

We secure our businesses with armed guards and security cameras. Rational and responsible members of society protect their families with security systems and weapons. Why have we not protected our schools?

Focusing on gun control is a knee jerk reaction that does not work and does not address the real issues of protecting our children.”

“Elementary and Kindergarten aged children are the most vulnerable and should receive the most protection. Here are some common sense based remedies that will greatly improve the security for these children.

1. Monitor the areas outside the buildings. This would include monitored security cameras and some combination of walk arounds by staff and or security personnel.

2. Security alarms for illegal entry.

3. Buffered entry ways. i.e. double entry ways. The first door should set off the alarm and the second would slow down intrusion.

4. Stronger doorways.

5. Regular drills for emergency preparedness. We had those when I was in grade school.

6. As many armed school personnel as possible. “Good guys with guns to stop the bad guys with guns.” Each armed person should be psychologically evaluated.”

Two of the father’s of Sandy Hook children have spoken out . One lost his child. The other knows that he could have as well.

I have the utmost respect for these two fathers. They have spoken the truth.

From The Blaze January 28, 2013.


“Mark Mattioli, whose six-year-old son James perished inside of the school, testified that a plethora of new gun laws isn’t the answer and that, instead, personal responsibility, accountability and civility are the best path forward. He made his comments as intense debate surrounding gun control and the causal factors behind the shooting continue to be at the forefront of public discussion.

The grieving father, who ended up receiving a standing ovation, said that he believes in “simple, few gun laws” and that there are already “more than enough on the books.” Mattioli contends that “the problem is not gun laws” and that these regulations simply need to be enforced.

“How do we expect to have any impact on a society and say, ‘We’re going to pass a law. Hey this is inexcusable. We can’t allow any more of this. Let’s pass a law that will change the course of the future’  when we don’t enforce the laws that we have on the books — the most important laws?”

Read more and watch his speech:

From Freedom Outpost February 3, 2012.

“Sandy Hook Student’s Father: You’ll Have To Take My Gun From My Cold Dead Hands!”

“A father of a Sandy Hook Elementary School student testified on January 28, 2013 in a Working Group Public Hearing at the Connecticut State Capitol on gun violence prevention. While Bill Stevens’ fifth grade daughter was not harmed in the incident, she was a part of the children that were in “lock down” during the shooting and following it. However, Mr. Stevens said that his daughter’s friend’s little sister was once of the children that was murdered, “when 911 and ‘lock down’ were not enough to protect her from an evil person, not protect her from an ‘assault rifle’ or some type of an inanimate object, but from an evil person.”

In speaking to those listening, Stevens said that the security at the school was “quite different from the elaborate security you all enjoy here at the Capitol.””

“He also pointed out that gun ownership is a right and should not make gun owners suspect simply because of the numbers or kinds of guns they own or even how much ammunition they have.

“My guns are not dangerous,” Stevens said. “They are at home, locked up, collecting dust and cat hair.”

“But criminals and tyrants,” he continued, “tyrants especially, beware, ‘lock down’ is not an option at the Stevens’ residence and 911 will be dialed after the security of my home has been established!”

Stevens asked, “Why is that same security that my daughter enjoys at home with her dad not available at school in Newtown? That is what you should be considering, not making her dad a criminal.”

“Charleton Heston mad the phrase, ‘From my cold dead hands’ famous,” Stevens thundered. “And I will tell you here today, you will take my ability to protect my Victoria from my cold dead hands!””

Read more and watch his speech:

32 responses to “Schools need guns and better security, Sandy Hook fathers speak out, Gun laws not needed, Security existing law enforcement civility, Chicago gun laws failed

  1. Just a reminder, because I know many here, are already. Pray for little Ethan in Alabama.

  2. Just heard the little boy is free. Thank you Jesus.

  3. this just published at the DC, supports your position CW…………
    Police forensic scientist at Newtown hearing: ‘Assault weapons’ ban won’t work:

    The forensic scientist for the Bridgeport, Conn. Police Department sharply criticized proposed assault weapon and high-capacity magazine bans and pointed out the small number of crimes committed by high-capacity weapons in public hearing testimony last week.

    Marshall K. Robinson, who said his area of expertise is “firearm and tool mark identification,” testified at the Gun Violence Prevention Working Group, which was convened at the Connecticut State Capitol in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. There he opposed statements from many of the other 1,300 speakers in attendance advocating for banning high-capacity AR-15 and AK-47 firearms.

    Robinson pointed out that less than two percent of the firearms he has examined since 1996 that have been linked to violent crime in Bridgeport have been the caliber of AR-15 or AK-47 weapons.

    “Since November 1996, I have examined approximately 2,370 firearms. Of that number 36 of them were either .223/5.56 mm or 7.62×39 mm,” Robinson said. “The percentage of those guns was about [1.5 percent].”

    “I did further research on homicides and assaults in the years 2006 to 2012 inclusive. Of the 217 such cases, there were 912 bullets and 466 cartridge cases recovered. One assault involved .223 caliber and none involved 7.63×39 mm caliber. The largest number cartridge cases recovered in one case was 37 and that involved two guns. The investigations that involved the recovery of eleven or more cartridge cases was 22. Of the 22 cases, 21 involved 2 or more guns,” Robinson added.

    Robinson went on to criticize past gun control measures and argued that new proposals will not work to reduce violent crime in any meaningful way.

    “These are real numbers from real cases in a real city police department. This is not something made up or fabricated. High capacity magazines have been ‘banned’ before. It proved nothing and the ban was lifted a few years ago,” he said. “There are many guns in existence, since the 1860s, which hold more than 10 cartridges, the early Winchester lever action rifles, for example, and many tubefeed 22 caliber rifles. There are some modern firearms for which no other magazine exist. What do you propose we do with them?”

    “In your infinite wisdom, you outlawed bayonet lugs, flash hiders, and collapsible stocks,” he testified. “In over forty years of being a firearm and tool mark examiner, I have never seen these components inflict any injury whatsoever on any person. In your infinite wisdom, you outlawed fully automatic firearms that have the capability of firing a single shot. Ladies and gentlemen, I really need help with that one.”


    At least ONE expert has the balls to step forward with the truth. Thank you Mr. Robinson.

  4. Thanks RMinNC

  5. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Just heard Carl Rove state on Fox’s 6:00 report that Senator Rubio “is the most Conservative Republican since Ronald Reagan”!?!?
    After all we have gone through to prove that Obama is not eligible because of the NBC factor this character comes on the scene with this garbage.
    What is his reason for this? Is he daring the Dems to challenge this for obvious reasons or does he think Rubio could bring in the Spanish vote, regardless of his eligibility and that the Dems won’t be able to counteract?
    Yes ,SueQ – Thank God for Ethan’s release.

  6. “Marco Rubio was born a Cuban Citizen via his parents.”

    “… See PDF copy of the Sep 1975 Petition for Naturalization for Mario Rubio, father of Senator Marco Rubio. Marco was born in May 1971, more than 4 years before his father Mario elected to become a U.S. Citizen and renounced his Cuban citizenship in Nov 1975”
    “Sen. John McCain is a “bozo” for supporting amnesty for illegal aliens, and rising GOP star Sen. Marco Rubio is doing it because he’s maneuvering for a possible presidential candidacy, charges a former Republican Colorado congressman who for years was the chief advocate in Congress for border security.”

  7. “Karl Rove declares war on tea-party candidates”

    “Yesterday, the New York Times reported that the “biggest donors in the Republican Party” have joined forces with Karl Rove and Steven J. Law, president of American Crossroads, to create the Conservative Victory Project. The Times reports that this new group will dedicate itself to “recruit seasoned candidates and protect Senate incumbents from challenges by far-right conservatives and Tea Party enthusiasts who Republican leaders worry could complicate the party’s effort to win control of the Senate. …”
    “The Andrea Shea King Show”

    February 4 – 8 pm central

    “KARL ROVE’s Super PAC creating a new group calling itself “conservative”, to go after Conservatives!

    The news hit the NYT yesterday and has been exploding all over the conservative blogosphere ever since.”

  8. RMinNC…SueQ
    I answered you on the past thread…
    Mr Bill..
    My question has always been …Why can’t either of the parties find even one outstanding person that meets all the qualifications for bringing on board the Hispanic and Black votes that is at least a NBC? There must be millions to choose from.

  9. Because THEY do NOT want to?


    “Bankroller | April 29, 2010 at 9:12 pm |

    GORDO @ 8:43: I’m convinced that Karl Rove is fully aware of and complicit with dingle Barry’s Constitutional ineligibility, and I suspect that he negotiated a quid-pro-quo deal with Donna Brazille prior to the 2008 election cycle. Their relationship dates back to at least 2000. I’ve had this conversation with him via e-mail and he persisted with the “Native Born” argument until he blocked my address. You can forward your opinion directly to the shill himself:


  11. By allowing Obama to remain unchallenged over his nbc status–twice–the powers that be have created what is known in union circles as ‘past practice’ imo. They have given their blessing that this matters not since in their minds they can now ignore that particular part of the Constitution. They use the excuse that the SC has either never clearly defined nbc or they HAVE defined it as anyone born on American soil. We all know that is wrong and false, but most Americans do not know it nor do they care. So you watch and see what happens with Rubio. He will be passed through as a viable candidate for Pres. The Dems certainly will not bring the subject up and neither will the repubs since they did not challenge Obama on it. Done deal folks and it stinks.

  12. Gordo
    I’m inclined to agree with you. There couln’t be THAT many valid reasons for the actions of Rove and /or the RNC. It is just very hard to believe these people are THAT stupid with all the easily obtainable information found at almost any conservative website. Hell, these people have already been spoon fed this information for a number of years now. Another question…why SHOULDN’T we be focusing our attention on the RNC? It’s obvious, by now, that they are as complicit in this scam as their counterparts.

  13. From November 12, 2003

    “A foreign-born president?”

    “Mr. Hatch acknowledges what most scholars regard as the reason the Framers denied eligibility to naturalized citizens: concern that a foreign power might place someone inside the young and fragile nation and contrive to have that person elected president.

    But that concern, says Mr. Hatch, is hardly so compelling today. And so, he argues, the natural-born requirement shouldn’t be allowed to stand, especially not since it works in what the senator calls a “decidedly un-American” manner. By which he means that it’s unfair to naturalized citizens, because they are denied an “equal opportunity” to run for president; and unfair to us voters, because we are denied “every opportunity to choose” our leaders. Not surprisingly, Mr. Hatch calls his proposal the “Equal Opportunity to Govern” amendment.”
    “Sen. Hatch on Natural Born Citizenship 8/4/2009”

  14. IF…………….and I repeat IF I ever vote again, it will never be for a Republican! Who knows? We may never have the opportunity to vote again anyway.

  15. cjzak
    You’re right of course, but just because something is is ignored doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. There are too many people that know the truth and they are not going to go away or give up until the last dog is dead….just ask CW. These are votes that the RNC can just kiss goodbye…
    It’s simply the Alinsky tactic of marginalization….This is the very reason this country is so divided….and…the reason the RNC may be on it’s way out. Perhaps we should rename the “Tea Party” the “Tenacious Party”…let’s see we have had the ‘Bull Moose Party’…why not the ‘Bulldog Party’?…lol

  16. This is off subject, but it shows what your government is really capable of:
    Did Allies Kill GIs in D-Day Training Horror?

    Scores of US soldiers died in a mock invasion of a Devon beach in England and their corpses were secretly buried.

    Mark Townsend
    * The Observer,

    One of Britain’s grimmest wartime secrets, the harrowing tale of how scores of young soldiers were massacred by their own side on a Devon beach, can now be told.

    Corroborating eyewitness accounts have revealed how American troops were killed by their own side in a terrifying ‘friendly fire’ disaster during training exercises for D-Day, 60 years ago. Many of the witnesses have carried their stories to the grave, but their families insist that the truth must now be acknowledged.

    Their accounts tell how the sea ran red with blood as bodies bobbed in the surf and corpses were piled on the sand. As the scale of the tragedy sank in, the dead were hidden in a secret mass grave.

    The authorities have never acknowledged what happened at Slapton Sands on 27 April, 1944. Now, a compelling dossier of evidence compiled by The Observer hints at a lengthy cover-up.

    Officially, all the deaths in the D-Day training exercises have been attributed to a surprise attack on an Allied convoy, codenamed T-4, by German E-boats the following day, when more than 700 men died off the Dorset coast.

    Now as commemorations to mark the 60th anniversary of the Normandy landings are finalised, the official version of events can be challenged by testimony about the earlier tragedy at Slapton Sands. Statements collected by The Observer over several years reveal a truth almost too awful to contemplate, perhaps explaining why the Pentagon suppressed the details.

    The accounts of those present that day indicate that, as thousands of GIs swarmed ashore from landing craft, they were cut down by bullets fired by comrades playing the role of German defenders, who had for some reason been given live ammunition.

    Letters reveal how Lieutenant-Colonel Edwin Wolf, from Baltimore, heard several shots ‘zinging’ past his ear as he observed the exercise from a vantage point nearby, and saw ‘infantrymen on the beach fall down and remain motionless’. Under a hail of fire, Wolf quickly retreated.

    Bullets also whizzed past Hank Aaron from West Virginia, driver to a general observing the exercises. Aaron scrambled from the line of fire, then looked up and saw five men dead.

    Royal Engineer Jim Cory watched dumbfounded from an observation post as soldiers streaming from landing craft were ‘mown down like ninepins’.

    ‘We later found out it was a mistake. They should have had dummy ammunition, but they just carried on shooting, said Cory, who counted 150 bodies before he fled.

    What he saw that day tormented him until his death last year. His widow, Mary, who recounted his story last week, said: ‘He always hoped that one day he would get an official answer.’

    His desire for confirmation of what happened was shared by London fireman Maurice Lund, who left a macabre taped confession on a cassette with his will, describing heaps of dead GIs left in the surf.

    Yet there is not a single official mention in Army records of any bodies being found on Slapton Sands. Nor has the Pentagon ever mentioned any friendly-fire disaster in Devon that spring.

    What happened to the bodies provides another twist to the secret of Slapton Sands. Witness statements suggest they were interred, at least temporarily, in a mass grave nearby. Detailed records kept by the station master at Kingsbridge, five miles away, reveal that three trains were secretly loaded with the bodies of GIs under military guard between July and August 1944. The trains, each able to carry at least 100 corpses, ‘were crammed with men dug from mass graves’, said local rail historian Ken Williams.

    ‘The bodies were extricated after D-Day. A friend knew a man involved in the removal but he died before I could contact him’, said Williams.

    The historian’s father, George, who served in the Royal Navy during the war, Williams soon realised the also saw the bodies of dozens of men killed by friendly fire washed ashore on the sands. ‘He told me how the sea turned red.’

    There was no shortage of potential burial sites in the remote fields behind the beach. Suspicion that US troops dumped bodies in hastily built graves around nearby Blackawton was first aroused 20 years ago, when Dorothy Seekings, a baker’s daughter who supplied bread to the troops during the exercises, said she had seen lorryloads of GIs’ bodies being buried near the village.

    Seekings was ridiculed at the time, yet her description and the location now seem to match closely that of farmer Francis Burden, who sold the Americans fresh milk. One morning in April 1944, Burden stopped short as he crossed a narrow lane leading out of Blackawton.

    A huge pit, up to two acres in size, had been dug by US troops, enough to take scores of coffins. Boxes big enough to hold a man were stacked nearby. Today, a discernible mound marks the location.

    After the war, the field belonged to farmer Nolan Tope. Just before he died, Tope was asked if US troops had ever been buried on his land. He replied that Seekings ‘knew only a small part of it’ but vowed to take his secret to the grave.

    His son Nigel discounts the mass grave theory, adding: ‘In all my time farming here, I’ve never found anything suspicious, no bones, nothing.’

    But another resident, who requested anonymity, is adamant that there was a large hidden grave.

    Local author Ken Small, whose book The Forgotten Dead broke the story of the E-boat attack, dismissed the rumours until just before he died last March. He told the historian Williams that Seekings had been right. ‘I was stunned,’ said Williams.

    Even so, many people still refuse to accept that hundreds of US soldiers may have been interred in the sleepy Devon countryside 60 years ago. Such scepticism fails to explain the account of former land girl Joyce Newby, who helped to make hundreds of coffin lids at a nearby timber yard in spring 1944. She said they were for victims of friendly fire at Slapton. Or that of former US serviceman Harold McAulley, who tells of dragging dead soldiers off the sands and later helping to bury corpses – the faces black with oil and burning – in a mass inland grave.

    Yet the fresh evidence of the witnesses and finds of skulls and bones at Slapton and on nearby beaches over decades have not changed America’s insistence that there was no friendly fire disaster. The Pentagon refuses to countenance that a second tragedy may have occurred during D-Day exercises.

    A spokesman for the US Army Centre of Military History said: ‘We don’t know of any official incident other than the German T-4 convoy.’

    Relatives draw hope from the fact it took 40 years for the truth behind the E-boat attack to be revealed. Three weeks ago, a remembrance service was held at Slapton Sands for the 749 US soldiers recognised as casualties of that catastrophe.

    How many died in an earlier, similarly bloody incident may never be known.

  17. SueQ
    The US is still a young and fragile nation….compared to other nations. We may not be fragile militarily but by all other measurements we are extremely fragile…just look at us now. Hatch, like all these other political turds, is saying exactly what he thinks will get him what he wants.

  18. You are right cwv2,

    We are not yet 250 years old. Pretty young as nations go. But early on, we were fertilized with a heavy dose of belief in God. Seems like we grew strong and steady. Now………….the soil is full of parasites. The tree needs a doctor.

  19. SueQ
    It’s a tree of liberty….probably just needs a little blood from tyrants…and probably a few patriots as well. I just can’t seem to get this image of Mr and Mrs Mussolini out of my head.

  20. Sandy Hook Dad: “you`ll Have To Take My Guns From My Cold Dead Hands”

    This Dad from Sandy Hook tells legislative hearing how corrupt and unconstitutional are proposed gun control laws. I especially like when he reads from the Connecticut Constitution for legislators “who flunked American History.” Share with your friends!…

  21. SueQ
    Says on Drudge today that hunters only account for 16% of gun owners. Maybe that’s why the DHS ordered so much ammo… ha ha ha ….

  22. Chris Wallace Grills NRA’s Wayne LaPierre on Gun Rights: ‘That’s Ridiculous And You Know It, Sir’

  23. Coldwarvet2,
    I know there are many who know the truth and have worked hard to get it out there including me. The reaction from those that I have tried to educate about this is much the same as Hatch’s. They either say it is a done deal so who cares or that it isn’t fair, doesn’t apply anymore. I end up asking them to take the time go read the Constitution again and appreciate what it means. Very few agree with me or know the real truth. I keep on trying though but my desire to vote has been diminished greatly by the last two Pres. elections.

    I would love to see a new party emerge that would pretty much finish the repubs off. If someone started now, maybe by 2016 the new party would have a great deal of power. I think conservatives would flock to it and maybe independents too. More people might vote and they may feel there would be a light at the end of this dark tunnel we have been running through for so long. The old excuse that a new party would take votes from the repubs doesn’t fly anymore because the party has lost so many votes anyway. We need something new and positive and American to get us moving again. We also need a leader to be in charge and give it credibility. Like a Sarah Palin or Jim DeMint. Just my 2cents.

  24. Or Rand Paul?

  25. Rand would be good too if people could separate him from his Dad. I appreciate Ron Paul but he constantly says things that make him unacceptable to a whole lot of people, like today with his remarks about the navy seal who was murdered. I hope Rand isn’t tarnished by his father’s reputation. It defintely would come up in any national election. Perfect smear from the Dems perspective. But Rand is a good one to lead a new party along with some others. Any new party needs credible leaders. I don’t think Rubio would ever defect from the repubs to a new party.

  26. Interesting video about someone who tried to fight the eligibility issue and what happened to her. This is a very tough fight to take on. Good for this lady for having the courage to try.

  27. “Developing: Ret. Supreme Court Judge Fights $13,000 Sanction Against Obama Challenger”

    “Retired Washington State Supreme Court Justice Fights Linda Jordan’s $13,000 Sanctions For Challenging Obama’s Forged Identity Documents; The Government Is Hiding The Ball To Oppress A Patriotic Private Citizen; It’s Time To Fight”

    “- Birther Report Exclusive -”

    “As many know Linda Jordan was sanctioned $13,000 for challenging Obama’s identity document fraud and his placement on the state of Washington’s ballot. Linda reached out to many attorneys seeking advice on what she could do about the unjust fees levied against her. Only one was brave enough to step up to the plate and take on her case. His name is Richard B. Sanders from the Goodstein Law Group in Tacoma, Washington. Mr. Sanders was a justice on the Washington Supreme Court from 1995 to 2010.”

  28. “Affidavit: Debt Collector Al Hendershot; Obama Using Harry Bounel’s Social Security Number”

  29. Another Linda Jordan interview:

    Mark Gillar – January 22

    “WA State Supreme Court Makes It Clear Obama Is Above The Law”

    “Linda Jordan found out the hard way that liberal judges believe Obama is above the law. She was fined approximately $13,000 for daring to suggest that a man with a social security number that doesn’t pass E-Verify and an altered birth certificate should not be placed on the ballot of her state.”

  30. Affidavit: Debt Collector Al Hendershot; Obama Using
    Harry Bounel’s Connecticut Social Security Number

    Affidavit of Albert Hendershot:

    I, Albert Hendershot am a professional debt collector, I am over 18 years old, I have personal knowledge of the facts provided herein and I will be able to competently testify in court of the facts as listed in this affidavit:

    1. I personally performed a search with Merlin Information Systems and database which is routinely used by professional debt collectors.

    2. I found that both Barack Obama and Harry J. Bounel are listed as holders of the same Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425 and resided at the same address 5046 S. Greenwood Ave, Chicago, Illinois, Exhibit 1 attached herein is the true and correct copy of the printout from database. Exhibit 2 attached herein is the (FOIA) Freedom of Information Act request which was completed for numident 042-68-4425 with Harry Bounel as the name associated with said numident 042-68-4425. Exhibit 2 clearly states that the aforementioned numident belongs to Harry Bounel and not Barack H. Obama as detailed in the response from the Social Security Administration dated November 2012. […]


  31. Well it’s official now……

    NBC yesterday got it’s hands on some secret papers concerning the Drone strikes against Americans, and Holder just gave a speech somewhere in the Midwest stating it was legal to kill Americans in this manner…Of course anything coming from the inJustice Department is illegal.

    Without a trial…without a jury……only an executioner…..Barack Hussain Obama or one of his trusted aides, will also be authorized to order a strike.

    The policy states that drone strikes can “legally” be conducted against Americans although they are not ACTIVELY engaged in terrorism, or planning terrorism against the United States. The policy also says there is no JUDICIAL REVIEW of the matter……


    In other words, someone like JOHN BRENNER, or CHUCK NEGAL…or JOHN KERRY can recommend to Obama that you be killed, without any evidence, and without the legal rights afforded you by our Constitution, that you are committing a terrorist activity …. then you will be toasted. by a drone strike.


    Who will be the next targets for America?….that’s an easy one……
    YOU and ME…people who are offering resistance to this criminal government. According to this “secret kill policy” anyone who resist this government is an enemy of the government, and could become a target for a drone strike.

    Folks, this bunch of criminals had better be brought under control, and fast……..our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS are being destroyed daily….

    the sad thing is……..many so called Americans don’t really give a DAMN.

  32. Trump to Malzberg: I Was Vilified for Obama ‘Birther’ Challenge

    Billionaire businessman Donald Trump told veteran radio broadcaster Steve Malzberg on Monday that he was vilified by the mainstream media for offering to donate $5 million to charity if President Barack Obama released his college transcripts.

    “They all came to his defense: ‘How dare Trump do that?’” Trump said on the premiere of “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV in New York. “It was $5 million that can go to Sandy, but I would’ve been willing to pay much, much more than that.

    “It was incredible,” Trump added. “It’s absolutely incredible how he’s protected.”

    For more:
    Read Latest Breaking News from
    Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

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