Patrick Fitzgerald Chicago US attorney replacement list sent to Obama administration, Lori Lightfoot, Zachary Fardon, Jonathan Bunge, Gil Soffer, Chicago big name law offices

Patrick Fitzgerald Chicago US attorney replacement list sent to Obama administration, Lori Lightfoot, Zachary Fardon, Jonathan Bunge, Gil Soffer, Chicago big name law offices

“Why wasn’t Rod Blagojevich, Governor of IL, prosecuted before Tony Rezko, a businessman?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department wait until December 2008 to arrest Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“Why was Patrick Fitzgerald pulled away from Chicago just as the Blagojevich Administration was being investigated and who orchestrated the diversion?”…Citizen Wells

From WBEZ January 2, 2013.

“Chicago’s next prosecutor to be more of an insider”

“The lanky, soft-spoken lawman from New York arrived in Chicago with a mandate to clean up corruption-plagued Illinois. And after a decade on the job, Patrick Fitzgerald had helped put two successive governors and a long procession of other public officials behind bars.

Months after the consummate outsider resigned as head of the U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago to enter private practice, the White House is expected to name Fitzgerald’s replacement soon from among four finalists — all of whom are comparative Chicago insiders.

Whoever is picked, the next U.S. attorney will step in to what is widely regarded as Chicago’s second-most powerful job, next only to the mayor. The chief prosecutor and around 170 assistant attorneys also have an impact beyond Chicago and Illinois, including by handling major terrorism cases.
“The fantastic thing about Fitzgerald was that he maintained his independence,” said Kathleen Zellner, a Chicago-based defense attorney. “I’m not saying these candidates won’t be independent, but it’s hard to decide to prosecute when you have (such close) connections to a town.”

The list of four finalists — Lori Lightfoot, Zachary Fardon, Jonathan Bunge and Gil Soffer — was recently forwarded to the Obama administration by Illinois’ two U.S. senators, who set-up a screening committee to vet a longer list of prospective candidates over several months.

All four know their way around the federal prosecutor’s office in Chicago — one of the nation’s busiest — each having worked there as assistant attorneys at some point. Fardon, for instance, was a member of Fitzgerald’s trial team that convicted former Illinois Gov. George Ryan on corruption charges in 2006.

If Lightfoot is named, she would make history as the first African-American and first woman to head the office.

But what stands out about the four, as a group, is that none could be described as an outsider. All four, who are little known outside legal circles, are currently partners in big-name law offices in Chicago. All have spent at least several years of their legal careers in the city.

At the time of his surprise pick in 2001, Fitzgerald was co-chief of the organized crime and terrorism unit for the U.S. attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York. The thinking was that he’d be more willing to go after Illinois politicians because he had no ties to them.

It seemed to work, Zellner said. Ryan, a Republican, and former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, a Democrat, are both in prison on corruption convictions after investigations spearheaded by Fitzgerald. He helped send dozens of other city and state officials to prison.

Appointing someone with Chicago ties may convey confidence that Chicago is no longer as corrupt as it was, said Gal Pissetzky, another Chicago attorney. He said it could signal a desire to shift focus away from corruption and on to other persistent Chicago crime, such as drug trafficking or gang-related murders.

“If you want to tackle these issues, it might make sense to have someone from Chicago,” he said. “They know the inner workings of Chicago. And law enforcement will be more cooperative when you bring someone from the inside, from Chicago.”

The finalists haven’t spoken publicly about their candidacy, or about whether they would change in office priorities.

In a letter to the U.S. senators describing interviews with the four, however, the co-chairs of the screen committee wrote that, “All share the belief — though with slightly differing ordering — that the primary subject matter concerns of the office should be: 1. Violence and drugs; 2. Public corruption; 3. Financial crimes, and 4. Terrorism.”

Lightfoot seems to have especially strong connections to city government, heading the Chicago police Office of Professional Standards between 2002 and 2005. Other candidates have also held administrative posts, including Fardon when he served as the No. 2 in the U.S. attorney’s office in Nashville.

“What you see is that this seems to be a selection of people who are more administrators,” said Zellner. “It is almost a retreat from a Pat Fitzgerald-type of prosecutor.”

That, she added, didn’t mean any one of the candidates wouldn’t excel.

“You don’t get nominated without having really good credentials,” she said. “But it is difficult to know what philosophy someone will have until after a year or so. That transition will take time.”

Federal investigations can take years before they result in indictments or go to trial, so any shift in direction under new leadership is likely to be incremental and happen over years.

A change in style is more likely, said Pissetzky.

As he racked up flashy convictions — including of reputed mobsters and terrorists — Fitzgerald gained a reputation as a no-nonsense prosecutor who erred on the side of secrecy and typically eschewed banter with reporters. He could be tenacious to a fault, defense attorneys said. Over the years, many complained that Fitzgerald pursued their clients with too much fervor, loading indictments up with as many charges as he could muster.

It’s a style that his successor won’t necessarily emulate.

Said Pissetzky, “I think they will try to make their own mark rather than trying to follow in his footsteps.””

How much of Patrick Fitzgerald’s actions are due to being a pawn or being politically driven?

From Illinois Pay to Play January 1, 2013.

“The truth about the Valerie Plame case. (10 years later)”

“We’re going into the final year of a decade since the Valerie Plame case burst into the national news, and still the truth remains untold by key persons involved. Why is that?

Is Richard Armitage telling the truth when he says he didn’t tell President Bush that he was the leaker in the Valerie Plame case because of U.S Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald?

In an interview with CBS News national security correspondent David Martin, former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said he didn’t come forward as the source of the leak because “the special counsel, once he was appointed, asked me not to discuss this and I honored his request”.

Patrick Fitzgerald was appointed special counsel on December 30, 2003.

Let’s examine Armitage’s claims.

Armitage has stated that reporter Bob Novak’s column, published October 1,2003, caused him to (1) immediately meet with the FBI and confess to being the leaker, and (2) then call Secretary of State Colin Powell and tell him he was Novak’s source and, therefore, responsible for leaking the identity of Valerie Plame as a CIA employee.

According to court records Richard Armitage went to Marc Grossman, the Undersecretary of State, on the evening of October 16, 2003 and told Grossman that he, Armitage, was the leaker.  Armitage did this knowing that Grossman was scheduled to be questioned by the FBI the next day.

Undersecretary Marc Grossman is the author of the memo that started it all by identifying who Valerie Plame was to his superiors at the State Department – Armitage and Powell.

So, what do we know?

(1) We know that as of Oct. 16, 2003 the top three officials at the State Department and the FBI knew that Richard Armitage was the person who divulged Valerie Plame’s identity to the press.

(2) We know that, between Oct. 16 – Dec. 30, it was not Patrick Fitzgerald who was keeping the three top officials in the U.S. State Department from divulging that Armitage was the leaker.

And (3) we know, that, if in the time between Oct. 16 – Dec 30, any one of the State Departments top three officials (Powell, Armitage or Grossman) or the FBI would have gone public with what they knew, Patrick Fitzgerald would have never been appointed Special Counsel.

Consequently, New York Times reporter Judith Miller would not have spent nearly three months in jail, and Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby, would not have been prosecuted.

As this unfolds, ponder this:

Did our current FBI director Robert Mueller keep the identity of the “leaker” Richard Armitage from his boss, Attorney General John Ashcroft?

And, if not, did John Ashcroft neglect to tell President George W. Bush?

To be continued….”

Rod Blagojevich’s office had just come under investigation when Fitzgerald was pulled into the Plame case. Who orchestrated this diversion?

I am looking forward to the next Illinois Pay to Play article.

32 responses to “Patrick Fitzgerald Chicago US attorney replacement list sent to Obama administration, Lori Lightfoot, Zachary Fardon, Jonathan Bunge, Gil Soffer, Chicago big name law offices

  1. citizenwells

    From Zach on prior thread.

    Two things.

    First – just saw this tweet

    SeanHannity: Sources Say Boehner May Resign 5:00pm – Yea! Cantor? #GOP #ocra #tcot #tlot #Ccot #Jcot #media

    Followed by Ξ BLACK REPUBLICAN Ξ

    Second – Saw a tweet of President Jefferson’s quote:

    “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.”

  2. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    And now that Obama has signed the bill, he can get back on AF1 and head back to Hawaii to that 4 million dollar vacation.

    Must be nice…………………

  3. Interested Bystander:

    I haven’t read it either. I too am as skeptical as they come.

  4. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    My money is on Cantor for Speaker. I am tired of that crying Humphrey Bogart act. and dirty language act(“GFY” to Reid) even though he deserved it.

  5. April 13, 2011

    “House majority leader slams Donald’s push on Obama’s eligibility”

    “During an interview on CNN’s “American Morning” today, Cantor was asked, “Would you support a Donald Trump candidacy, especially with all this birther talk?”

    The Republican from Virginia said, “No, I don’t think he is really serious when we launch a – see a campaign launched on the birther issue.””

    [video at link]
    January 23, 2011

    “Trust, but Don’t Verify: Republican Eric Cantor; Obama’s a Citizen; Obama’s citizenship should not play a role in discussion of policy matters…”

    “Cantor: I believe Obama is a US citizen”

    “WASHINGTON – The new Republican House majority leader says he doesn’t think questions about President Barack Obama’s citizenship should play a role in the discussion of policy matters.

    Two years into the Obama administration, so-called birthers continue to argue that Obama isn’t a natural-born citizen and that he hasn’t proved he’s constitutionally qualified to be president. Birth records in Hawaii haven’t dissuaded them.

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says he believes Obama is a citizen and that most Americans are beyond that question.

    Cantor says he believes that Obama wants what’s best for the country and that there are honest disagreements over how to achieve that.”

  6. Cantor supports Israel and is from the South. I like him, but would like to see him challenge the eligibility issue or any of the issues that BO is sketchy on like his SSN or Fast and Furious or Benghazi. For some reason, no one in Congress is doing that. Barry is still an a– as far as I am concerned. He can’t pass anything without being very nasty.

  7. citizenwells

    Thanks GORDO.
    Cantor would be a fitting speaker based on the misinterpretation of Constitutional requirements for the presidency
    established by Boehner. Remember Boehner misquoted the Constitution.
    Time to let these jackasses have it.

  8. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    I am not 100% positive on Cantor , but more impressed with him than anyone else that has been suggested. He said yes he believed he(Obama) was a citizen. He did not say a “natural born citizen”. Let’s see who else will be mentioned as Speaker.
    The Dow Jones Industrials going up 309 points today will not help our cause. today!

  9. Gordo,

    I watched the video 3 times because Cantor is from my state, The interviewer totally denutted him (sorry for that term but it’s the only one that fits).

    “Are those who question his citizenship engaged in crazy talk?” Will you denounce these people Eric? They’re crazy, right? His citizenship should never be questioned, right? FINALLY he stares up into space and says “I think the president of the US is a citizen.”


    Now tell me………… how will he be any different than Bonehead?

  10. No on Cantor.

    Where the hell are the leaders within the GOP? Are there any? Anyone? Are they all so lacking in knowledge of the Constitution that they’ll sell the entire American population down the river in favor of a Socialist usurper and fraud because they either don’t understand the issue or are burying their heads in the sand?

    Anyone who has that babalones to try to make this country right again, please step forward. NOW!

  11. HEAR! HEAR!

  12. SueK | January 2, 2013 at 7:44 pm —

    “Are they all so lacking in knowledge of the Constitution …”
    I don’t ‘buy’ their ignorance on this issue. NBC is a complication for the GOP.

    The latest insult to us and The US:

    “Ted Cruz speech stokes 2016 speculation”

    “While some critics contend that Cruz is not eligible to run for president since he was born in Canada, he has asserted that doesn’t preclude him from the office.

    “The Constitution requires that one be a natural-born citizen, and my mother was a U.S. citizen when I was born,” he told The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza.”
    “Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz (born December 22, 1970) is a Cuban American politician and the United States Senator-elect for the state of Texas. A Republican, Cruz defeated the Democrat Paul Sadler in the November 6, 2012 United States Senate election. Cruz is also endorsed by the Tea Party Movement.

    Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where his parents, Eleanor Darragh and Rafael Cruz, were working in the petroleum business. His father was a Cuban immigrant during the Cuban Revolution to the United States. His mother, an American, was reared in Delaware, in a family of Irish and Italian descent.”

  13. I just read on Newsmax that there is brewing an effort to unseat the “weepy one”, but the problem is getting anyone to come forward to challenge him. In the good ole’ boys’ club there is a pecking order, of sorts, as we all know.

    None of the relative newcomers will apply, and the older ones are apparently afraid to stand up to him.

  14. N.C. Police Lieutenant warns of Martial Law in Early 2013 .

  15. SueK,

    I don’t think there are any babalones left among the opposition. Maybe too much fluoride and GMO. Only half kidding… hardy har…. sorry. Too much Alex Jones.

    Goodnight friends.

  16. Interested Bystander

    To see the bill in its entirety, go here and click on “bill” first paragraph

  17. It should be very clear to anyone paying attention that every member of congress, every member of the court on the federal level, and likely every state Governor as well is either incompetent or corrupt. There’s no other alternative. The fraud and lawlessness is systemic and absolutely rotten to the core. Additionally, the GOP leaders are either spineless or complicit. Based on how they all vote one way then go crying to the TV cameras begging for more money in the next election, I’m going with complicit. It’s all become one big sick joke, and the joke is on us.

    That said, with an incumbent re-election rate of 90+%, if you want to see the elemental root of the problem, all you need to do is look in the mirror.

  18. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Thanks Zach and HonorFirst.

    I’d just like to comment that we all need to keep our heads up. There is really NO reason for us to be “down”. It is NOT our fault the “people” are ignorant.


    I also believe that the GOP is COMPLICIT in the corruption.

    As far as your 90+% re-election rate, just look at what happens when someone who does have a set wins the primary, like what happened in Indiana with Mourdoch.

    The media just raked him across the coals, they were running ads stating that Mourdoch thought Social Security and Medicaid was UNConstitutional (which they are), and then when he said whatever he said about pregnancy, whoa boy Katie bar the door and Mourdoch was toast.

    These idiots do NOT have the best interest of the Country at heart when they vote on these monstrosities they call bills.

    All they care about is getting on vacation.

    It really is sad.

  19. TC | January 2, 2013 at 8:45 pm —

    “… every member of the court on the federal level, and likely every state Governor as well is either incompetent or corrupt.

    … complicit.”
    July 13, 2012

    Lawrence Sellin:

    “Exposing Obama would reveal the depth of US Government corruption”

    “It is not now politically advantageous for either the Democrat or the Republican Party to tell the truth about Barack Obama; that he is an illegal President and very likely a felon, who has a forged birth certificate, a forged Selective Service registration and is using a Social Security Number not issued to him.
    Both parties are steadfastly protecting Obama to protect their investment in the corrupt political status quo.

    Both Democrats and Republican recognize that exposing Obama will lead to a bloodbath of revelations about their complicity to undermine the Constitution and flout the rule of law, which would jeopardize their comfortable lifestyles. The truth would generate genuine outrage among the American people.”
    July 19, 2012

    Charles Kerchner:

    “The Big Lie – Obama is the Living Example and Personification of The Big Lie Propaganda Technique. Obama is The Big Lie!”

    “People often ask if Obama’s life story is not true, why haven’t the Congress, major media, and Republican Party exposed it. My answer is that they are complicit in it. For the details on that complicity see my essay on The Perfect Storm for a Constitutional Crisis and the collusion between these three groups to abrogate Article II Section 1, the presidential eligibility clause in the 2008 election cycle. Also remember the old adage that once a lie has been told more lies need to be told to cover up for the first lie. That is what we are witnessing with Obama. Lie after lie has been told by him and for him. … Thus this has now all evolved into a classic case of The Big Lie and propaganda operation that the average American not following things closely can now hardly believe that such a whopper could be told and that no one would be exposing it. That is the whole basis of The Big Lie. And Obama is the beneficiary of it all and is a walking, talking product of The Big Lie technique. The lie is now so big that no one wants to believe it all could be a lie. …”

  20. Observer @ 8:14 PM

    I don’t like this at all….

    Is this guy legit? If so, we’ve got a *big* problem and it’s heading for us at warp speed.

  21. Newly Found Case Authority Filed In Florida Electoral Challenge:
    Florida Court Has Jurisdiction To Rule On Obama’s Eligibility & Fraud

  22. Obama to ‘Quickly’ Go for Immigration Reform and Gun Control
    W.H. pledges action this month.

    “An Obama administration official said the president plans to push for immigration reform this January. The official, who spoke about legislative plans only on condition of anonymity, said that coming standoffs over deficit reduction are unlikely to drain momentum from other priorities. The White House plans to push forward quickly, not just on immigration reform but gun control laws as well,” reports the Huffington Post.

  23. Obama’s goals since becoming President can be found in the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” and I recommend you get familiar with it as the nation hurtles toward financial collapse because that is exactly what the strategy is intended to bring about in order to impose a total socialist/communist system on the world’s greatest capitalistic economy.
    Among the strategy’s proposals was a “massive drive to recruit the poor onto the welfare rolls” and we have seen this in the expansion of the food stamp program and loosening of requirements for those on welfare to seek employment. The goal of the Cloward-Piven strategy is to ultimately “sabotage and destroy the welfare system in order to ignite a political and financial crisis that would rock the nation; poor people would rise in revolt; only then would ‘the rest of society’ accept their demands.”
    That is Obama’s definition of “fairness” and it exists today as half of society, those with jobs or self-employed, are having their income taxed to pay for government programs for those who do not work or cannot find work; an estimated 26 million are unemployed or stopped looking for work. Another 47 million are using food stamps, a program that has greatly expanded during Obama’s first term and which uses television commercials to encourage more people to sign on.
    A recent Rasmussen Reports poll noted that 73% of likely voters want government spending cut. They sense the danger of a government grown so large it threatens the economy and, indeed, enforcement of the Constitution’s limits on government.
    It has become a cliché to say the problem is government spending, but the problem is government spending.
    There are a variety of scenarios regarding the near future and among them is the collapse of the U.S. dollar. Should that occur there would be wide-spread panic and demands that the government “do something.” One massive form of control has already been imposed in the form of Obamacare. When the government can determine who lives or dies, or how much care they can receive, Americans have lost a precious freedom. Other freedoms would be lost.
    Obama has found ways to worsen the financial crisis and it has been deliberate. He is not merely “transforming” America, he is destroying it.

  24. OT, but applicable to the current congressional fiscal issues……….Hoping I don’t have too many links to send this to moderation. I thought the history buffs here would enjoy: Davy Crockett

    And a written version:

  25. SueK | January 2, 2013 at 9:26 pm |

    Observer @ 8:14 PM

    I don’t like this at all….

    Is this guy legit? If so, we’ve got a *big* problem and it’s heading for us at warp speed.
    Found this video which mentioned this NC Officer at 0:43 and I didn’t know what to make of it…

  26. Cyber,

    I saw that one, too; beyond scary. Tom Fife’s 1992 recollection of the Russian woman telling him that a black Communist named Barack would be POTUS, is in there, too.

    I’ve just e-mailed a friend in NC to ask if she’s heard or observed anything; I couldn’t give her the location or the county.

    Perhaps CW has some info.

    Don’t know about you, but I’m rattled to the bone.

  27. Any bets?

    This order was issued at 5:17pm by Judge England, confirming that each side gets 20 minutes at tomorrow’s hearing per local rules

  28. As much as I would like to see something positive come out of the hearing in Sac tomorrow, I think barry wins in any outcome. If judge dismisses, he gains more power, foundation, and credibility. If judge rules against the EC and issues TRO, the country erupts into chaos and barry declares martial law, and gains more power and advantage.

    This means WAR. Either way, we are going to be sucked into really terrible circumstances. Those who don’t believe this can possibly happen in our nation have been fooling themselves for the past 5-6 years. It’s here and we cannot stop it.

    Now is the time to prepare and create your local “tribe” alliances. You cannot survive long term by “going defensive” alone. Link up with your like-minded friends and neighbors, gather supplies, begin to plan for life ATE (after the event). There is not much time left.

  29. protectourcivilrightsfreedoms

    FROM: The Logistics Monster



    By DiamondTiger On December 18, 2012

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    By DiamondTiger On December 18, 2012

    ===> “What if the government is the reason we don’t have a Constitution anymore?” – Judge Andrew Napolitano

    “If you have not read my last post, I DO NOT CONSENT, take a few minutes before you watch Judge Napolitano go down the very same list of grievances that should have every American up in arms and marching on their state houses to nullify all the un-American/un-Constitutional laws passed in the last 120 years (starting with the Federal Reserve and the IRS).”

    Please Go To See The Above Article & Video Here:

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    First Posted October 19, 2008

    “Obama’s American Socialism: Decades In The Making”

    Please Go To Read The Research & The Information Here:

  30. protectourcivilrightsfreedoms


    From: The Logistics Monster


    By DiamondTiger On December 6, 2012

    ===> “Lindsey Williams interviewing with Alex Jones on 12.4.2012 outlining ten agenda points that the global elite have planned out for the world in the next four years. This is a very powerful interview and tracks with everything that we have been seeing with gold, the forced collapse of the dollar, the Federal Reserve buying mortgage backed securities, the District of Criminals’ usual Fourth Reich maneuvering, personal and commercial debt, student loan debt, and so on and so forth.

    ===> Years ago I wrote that the global elite through their banker tools are in the process of acquiring all the wealth of America including all property because the land underneath your house is what has real value (NOT THE […] HOUSE on a postage stamp).

    Chaplain Williams covers this point extremely well. I urge my readers to listen to the entire interview as he outlines the 3 factions at war currently (the global elites, an out of control pResident thumbing his nose at the elites, and a new renegade group of elites that are not bowing and scraping to the New World Order), and how we, as regular ‘ol Americans are caught in the middle of a gunfight.

    ===> I personally say we take the fight to them without firing a single shot – move your money out of the big banks and financial markets, and change your tax status to exempt; take that money and pay off your debts.

    ===> Opt out of the NWO by only buying goods that you NEED and then only goods MADE IN AMERICA. Cut these bastards off where they live; namely, their wallets. Maybe readers can come up with more ways to financially choke the elite into submission to “We The People…’.

    – Elites are not ready for their forced financial collapse because they need to…

    * Force massive debt creation on all Americans
    * Tax the middle class into oblivion to the point where they lose their homes, businesses, and property
    * Debt limit will be suspended
    * Dollar is scheduled to be phased out
    * The death of legitimate, free, fair, and honest elections
    * The 38% of the American population receiving some form of government payout will be pushed to 70%
    * Gold prices will be pushed to $3000 an ounce
    * The ‘Devil’s Messiah Agenda’ will be put into full force as the last remnants of God is pushed out of our society as churches fall victim to debt and are bought up by the elites.
    * Millions of Muslim immigrants will be brought into America and be given citizenship to institute Sharia law to replace the Constitution.
    * Americans must become their own doctors as Obamacare is not a health care program and upwards of 40% of healthcare workers are going to resign.”

    Please Go To Read This Original Article & The Video Here:

    Gold/Dollar/Debt: The Next Four Years: Lindsey Williams

    Published on Dec 6, 2012

    “Pastor Lindsey Williams unveils the truth behind the elite plan for humanity and this planet… THE NEXT 4 YEARS… Released TUESDAY 4TH DECEMBER 2012!”

  31. protectourcivilrightsfreedoms

    From: The Logistics Monster



    “JUST SAY NO…To One World Government, One World Religion, One World Food, One World Electronic Cashless Currency, A DISARMED Population, And The On-going One World Brainwashing.” – Logistics Monster


    “The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “STOP Being A Corporate Owned Moo And Opt-Out Of Their System Every Possible Way You Can; Starting With Your Wallet And Where You Bank.” – LM


    “Those that hammer their guns into plows will plow for those that do not.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?” – Patrick Henry, 1775

  32. protectourcivilrightsfreedoms


    Posted on January 2, 2013


    When did you figure this out? I just finished pasting up the 13 exhibits on foam core. 15 minutes is not nearly enough … nor is it worth flying across the country and back for 15 minutes total time to testify. You probably have 2 hours and the attorneys are going to spent that time objecting to the hearing … simply because they don’t want the evidence presented. Why can’t you stop them? That’s what they did the last time.

    I spent over a week preparing for 15 minutes??? Sure … the less testimony the better … for the criminals avoiding conviction. I’m going to run everything that I can’t testify to on WND and say so. Judge did not want to hear it. Obama’s attorneys do not want to hear it. I was ready to prove the forgery about 15 different ways … but now we can say that the courts run us out before we can present the testimony … then the press censors it and the congress does nothing.

    I am getting out of this country where Mickey Mouse can run for president because there are no laws against it … and no one has “standing” to challenge treason.



    Two Comments Under This Post:

    * “American Fan of Orly – January 2nd, 2013 @ 1:29 pm

    Be proactive: a press conference presenting all the evidence submitted in the case, 4 hours before the hearing: invite all the media and bloggers possible: just to let everyone know the importance of what Judge England has to decide upon….

    If this is not appropriate, patriots can do it on their own initiative:

    that way, Paul, your time won’t have been wasted!”

    * “Scott – January 2nd, 2013 @ 3:55 pm

    Orly, call a national press conference after the trial, while you have the witnesses together, and present your entire case.”

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