William Cellini motion, December 4, 2012, Cellini appeal, Obama corruption crony, Judge James B. Zagel, Teachers Retirement System kickbacks

William Cellini motion, December 4, 2012, Cellini appeal, Obama corruption crony, Judge James B. Zagel, Teachers Retirement System kickbacks

“In 2002, the year after Obama made the pitch, the Illinois Teacher Retirement System reported an 18% increase in assets managed by minority-owned firms. Ariel’s share grew to $442 million by 2005.

In 2006, after the federal investigation became public, the teacher pension board severed its relationship with Ariel, concluding that Ariel’s investment returns were insufficient.”…LA Times April 7, 2008

“Why was Obama promoting Capri Capital and other investment firms at the same time that Rezko, Levine and Cellini were shaking them down?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

William Cellini, who was convicted of 2 counts of conspiracy to commit extortion and aiding and abetting the solicitation of a bribe on November 1, 2011,  and was sentenced to one year and one day in prison, has a motion hearing today, December 4, 2012 in the courtroom of Judge James Zagel.

Daily Calendar

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 (As of 12/04/12 at 05:47:05 AM)

Honorable James B. Zagel                    Courtroom 2503 (JBZ)

1:08-cr-00888   USA v. Cellini                         10:15   Notice of Motion


From the Chicago Tribune October 19, 2012.

“William Cellini, the once-powerful Springfield fundraiser and lobbyist, asked a federal judge Thursday to allow him to remain free on bond pending his appeal on a public corruption conviction, claiming that a juror who withheld her felony background from the court raises “unprecedented” legal questions.

Cellini was among the last of more than a dozen political insiders to be convicted in the federal Operation Board Games probe that also snared former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

He is scheduled to report to federal prison in January to serve one year and one day for his role in a plot to extort campaign contributions for Blagojevich from a Hollywood producer seeking to retain his lucrative state business.

In a filing to U.S. District Judge James Zagel, Cellini’s lawyers argued that he has a strong case for appeal, highlighting the legal issues raised after the Tribune revealed following the verdict that juror Candy Chiles had withheld disclosure of felony convictions during jury selection.

The questions raised are so “substantial” that Zagel should release Cellini during the appeal, in part because he could complete his prison sentence before a higher court could act on the legal issues, the motion says.

Three weeks after Cellini was convicted, the Tribune reported that Chiles did not disclose a 2000 felony drug conviction and a 2008 felony DUI conviction on a jury form and when Zagel questioned her in the courtroom.

Cellini’s lawyers sought a new trial, arguing that Chiles lied and that if they had known of her felony background they could have tried to remove her from the jury. They also argued that her felony background should have barred her from jury service.

After a contentious hearing in which a defiant Chiles testified, Zagel denied a new trial, saying she had not deliberately lied and that her failure to disclose her criminal background did not taint Cellini’s 2011 trial. Zagel also dismissed the defense argument that she was not eligible to serve as a convicted felon.

But in his filing Thursday, Cellini argued that the legal questions could earn a reversal from the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

“The Court’s decision turned on numerous difficult, hotly contested legal and factual questions that were very close and could be decided the other way — and there is no doubt that if Cellini prevails on that issue on appeal, he will be entitled to a new trial,” Cellini’s lawyers wrote.

Federal prosecutors had no comment Thursday on the request.”


From Citizen Wells January 5, 2012.

“Following Obama’s efforts, the Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System gave Ariel Capital $112.5 million to manage, and added hundreds of millions more over the next few years.”

“Three other minority-run firms — Holland Capital, Loop Capital and Capri Capital Partners — also saw hundreds of millions of assets turned over to them to manage after meeting with Obama and the state pension boards.”

“Capri Capital is a little more interesting.

From the William Cellini Indictment Press Release:”
“Cellini’s alleged crimes – essentially conspiring with others to force Capri Capital, also a real estate investment firm, and Thomas Rosenberg, a principal and part owner of Capri, to raise or donate substantial political contributions for Public Official A – were the subject of testimony earlier this year at the trial of alleged co-conspirator Antoin “Tony” Rezko. Cellini was charged with conspiring with Rezko, former TRS trustee Stuart Levine, the pension fund’s outside lawyer Steven Loren and others between the spring of 2003 and the summer of 2005 to defraud TRS beneficiaries and the people of Illinois of Levine’s honest services as a TRS trustee. TRS, a public pension plan for teachers and administrators in public schools statewide except in Chicago, serves hundreds of thousands of members and beneficiaries and has assets in excess of $30 billion.”

“March 6, 2008″

“Prosecutor Carrie Hamilton talks about how Highland Park businessman
Stuart Levine is central to the government case “

“She also explains how William Cellini, a powerful Republican power
broker, was also allegedly central to many of the alleged kickback
schemes at the Teacher’s Retirement System.
Hamilton finished remarks after an hour. She did not mention the name
of Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama, whose U.S. Senate
campaign in 2004 allegedly was the beneficiary of $20,000 in campaign
cash from intermediaries in the kickback schemes the government says
were orchestrated by Rezko.”



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  1. This is all about timing with these guys, they have it down to an art….Watch for Christmas pardons when all are asleep in their beds…

  2. Conservatives yanked from finance committee
    Time to call and tell them we have had it.
    http://www.commieblaster.com pass on

  3. Now it’s all one BIG “party”:

    Boehner, GOP Leaders Purge Conservatives from Powerful Committees UPDATE: Boehner Scoffs

    UPDATE: Boehner Spokesman Kevin Smith responds- “The Steering Committee makes decisions based on a range of factors.”

    House Speaker John Boehner and GOP leadership have removed several conservative House members from their respective powerful committee positions, Breitbart News has learned.

    Effective next Congress, leadership pulled Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash and Arizona Republican Rep. David Schweikert off committees from which they could exert conservative pressure on fiscal matters. Amash and Huelskamp were pulled from the Budget Committee and Schweikert from the Financial Services Committee.

    Huelskamp, a freshman elected during the 2010 tea party wave, thinks the leadership move to pull him from the powerful committee is revenge for him standing up for conservatism. “It is little wonder why Congress has a 16 percent approval rating: Americans send principled representatives to change Washington and get punished in return,” Huelskamp said in a Monday night statement. “The GOP leadership might think they have silenced conservatives, but removing me and others from key committees only confirms our conservative convictions. This is clearly a vindictive move, and a sure sign that the GOP Establishment cannot handle disagreement.”

    Earlier on Monday in an interview with Breitbart News, Huelskamp again reaffirmed his support for the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) anti-tax pledge. He’s encouraging his colleagues in the House to come out publicly against potential tax increases and asking citizens across the country to help.

    Huelskamp thinks his most recent challenge to his GOP colleagues – asking them to reaffirm their pledges – is hardly the only conservative thing he’s done to spark leadership retaliation. In his Monday night statement, he listed out a number of other conservative things he’s done that he thinks caused leadership to turn their fire on him.

    Schweikert spokeswoman Rachel Semmel told Breitbart News that her boss also thinks Boehner’s move was because he fights for fiscal conservatism.

    read more:

  4. Subpoena Issued For Obama’s Occidental College
    Records In Sibley v. Alexander Electoral Challenge?

    There is a subpoena issued to Occidental College posted over at Taitz’s blog, among other places, that commands Occidental to provide all records related to Barack Hussein Obama and Barry Soetoro. The subpoena purports to be from Montgomery Sibley’s electoral college challenge in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. The subpoena is dated November 16, 2012. I’ve reached out to Mr. Sibley for comment and will update this post if he provides one. The pertinent part of the subpoena:

    Montgomery Blair Sibley vs. Yvette Alexander, et al.
    D.C. Superior Court Case. No.: 2012-CA-008644 B
    Subpoena Addendum

    YOU ARE COMMANDED to produce and permit inspection and copying of the following documents or objects at the place, date, and time specified below:


    1. All records related to Barack Hussein Obama, II, also known as Barack Hussein Obama, including, without limitation, application for admission and transcripts;
    2. All records related to Barry Soetoro, including, without limitation, application for admission and transcripts.

    PLACE OF PRODUCTION- Law Offices ofOrly Taitz, Esq., 29839 Santa Margarita, Suite 100 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

    DATE/TIME – December 14,2012 at 11:00 a.m.

    In lieu of a personal appearance, the requirements of this subpoena may be met by delivery of the material by mail or overnight delivery service to: Montgomery Blair Sibley, 4000 Massachusetts Ave, N.W., 1518, Washington, D.C. 20016, provided that the material is received on or before the return date set forth herein. …

    …FULL: http://www.scribd.com/doc/115423170/Sibley-v-Alexander-Subpoena-For-Obama-s-Occidental-College-Records

    Any bets??

  5. C.W.: Now that the Blagojevich trial is over and JJJ will not be prosecuted on charges related to the selling of the Senate seat, will the 302’s to the Obama/federal agents interview be accessible thru FOIA?

  6. “… a juror who withheld her felony background from the court raises “unprecedented” legal questions.”
    Not so fast there, sharpshooter. There seems to be a little tiny problem with voir dire. It conflicts with 5 USC 552 (e) (3) (A) http://www.justice.gov/opcl/privstat.htm If Zagel wants to ask questions of potential jurors he is required to:

    (3) inform each individual whom it asks to supply information, on the form which it uses to collect the information or on a separate form that can be retained by the individual–

    (A) the authority (whether granted by statute, or by Executive order of the President) which authorizes the solicitation of the information and whether disclosure of such information is mandatory or voluntary;

    (B) the principal purpose or purposes for which the information is intended to be used;

    (C) the routine uses which may be made of the information, as published pursuant to paragraph (4)(D) of this subsection; and

    (D) the effects on him, if any, of not providing all or any part of the requested information;

    Not only did Zagel fail to inform, but if the prosecutors, and even the defense attorneys are required to inform as well. Not answering the questions is not illegal. Inherent in the Right to free speech is the Right to shut up. (see Miranda).

    I suspect Zagel will tell this moron to take his sentence and like it or he’ll issue forth a new one after the appeal. Zagel doesn’t take kindly to being made out to be the hack that he is.

  7. Check this out:


    A Criminal Complaint re. voter fraud is poised to be filed by The North American Law Center. What’s particularly interesting about this document is that only a grand jury can make disposition. No judge or anyone else can affect its outcome. Also, it seems to have teeth if ignored.

    Go to this PDF file to read the Complaint:


  8. A couple of links to make your holidays “jolly and peaceful”…not!

    An article to back up the interview with a NASA employee (who’s pretty down to earth to say the least!)….not the end, but as before in the history of earth, a great change for a new time period; re: “two suns” or arriving visibility of the various named new planet being watched by NASA and govt….why all the planning and why govt covers what is well known by science!:


    which backs up this interview which is pretty conclusive of at least strong effects upon earth even while being worst possible scenario cases:


    both of above seem to offer some explanation of a “prophecy” given a few years back which has been blocked from going viral because messages/warnings were declared to be too negative : from the alleged messages of Our Lady of Emmitsburg; this one given on June 1, 2008:

    “Children, for the last 20 years I have oftentimes spoken of “change.” I have told you that there is no time for fear; there is only time for change. You must know by now that I have recently spoken of an arising of “two suns.” When you see the two suns on the horizon, you must know that this is a time of change, a time of this new beginning about which I have spoken to you before. After you see the two suns, there is only a short time before you will see a tremendous change in weather. After this, as you know, there are more changes to come.

    Children, God did not create only the Earth. God is the Creator of the cosmos, with its many galaxies, many orbits, different stars and different planets. God is the Creator! There are other planets like earth, far beyond your understanding.

    I can tell you this: Even your governments and the Church authorities already have knowledge of the stars aligning and its implications upon you. You must not fear but must be prepared, primarily spiritually.

    After awhile, you will see a time when there is another body in orbit around your solar system, coming between Earth and the Sun and leading to tremendous devastation. Approximately 60-70% of the world’s population, as you know it, will cease. Of those who survive, 60% of them could die of disease and starvation.”

    “Prepare mostly spiritually”….the rest may be beyond human control….a correction like the time of Noah??

  9. Thank God for this, albeit only by five votes. Voting with the Dems were Repubs, McCain, Ayotte, Barrasso, Brown, Collins, Lugar and Murkowski. I’ve just given McCain’s office a piece of my mind.

    Senate rejects United Nations treaty for disabled rights

    A United Nations treaty to ban discrimination against people with disabilities went down to defeat in the Senate on Tuesday in a 61-38 vote.

    The treaty backed by President Obama and former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-Kansas) fell 5 votes short of the two-thirds needed for confirmation as dozens of Senate Republicans objected that it would create new abortion rights and impede the ability of people to home-school disabled children.

    For those who may not know, the above treaty is far more about loss of U.S. sovereignty than equal rights for the disabled in other countries. Furthermore, under the treaty the term “disabled” has much broader interpretation than physical disabilities, and therein lies the danger.

  10. Cabbyaz: Glenn Beck spoke about this today and this from Western Center for Jouralism:

    The Senate Is About To Vote On A United Nations Treaty That Will Eradicate Your Parental Rights, Mandate Worldwide Abortion, Sexualize Your Children And Institute Population-Control… Not In Some Far-Off Land, But Right Here At Home.

    It’s no joke… no exaggeration and your sovereignty is in imminent jeopardy because this vote is days… or perhaps even hours… away.

    But to make matters worse, nine RINO Senators (Ayotte, Barrasso, Brown, Collins, Hatch, Lugar, McCain, Murkowski and Snowe) voted in lock-step with Barack Obama and Harry Reid, on Tuesday, to bring the deceptively titled United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) Treaty to the floor of the Senate for consideration.

    And a vote on ratification can happen at any moment… and we must not allow this sovereignty-stealing treaty to be ratified.

    Don’t let the name of this treaty deceive you. CRPD has NOTHING to do with protecting the rights of those with disabilities and EVERYTHING to do with putting your very life under the control of UN thugs and bureaucrats.

    The Heritage Foundation tells us, CRPD “would subject the U.S. to untold threats against its sovereignty and invite further intrusion by UN officials into sensitive social and domestic policies.”

    But you can stop CRPD. A sufficient number of Republican Senators are already inclined to oppose the ratification of this sovereignty-stealing treaty and these Senators need to hear from you right now.

  11. Egypt: Morsi Forced To Flee Presidential Palace After Thousands Of Protesters Battle Police Outside, Try To Storm Compound…


  12. No wonder Obama wants Islamic terrorists brought to trial in U.S. courts and our fighting men/women to go under some World Court:

    Military Appeals Court Removes Judge From Ft. Hood Terror Trial Because He Ordered Nidal Hasan To Shave His Beard…

    FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — The military judge who ordered the Fort Hood shooting suspect’s beard to be forcibly shaved has been thrown off the case, but the ruling ends lengthy delays in the trial of the Army officer charged with the 2009 rampage that killed 13 people.

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces ruled Monday that Col. Gregory Gross did not appear impartial while presiding over the case of Maj. Nidal Hasan. Hasan faces the death penalty if convicted in the 2009 shootings on the Texas Army post that killed 13 people and wounded more than two dozen others.

    The court said it was not ruling on whether the judge’s order violated Hasan’s religious rights. Hasan has argued that his beard is a requirement of his Muslim faith, although facial hair violates Army regulations.

    “Should the next military judge find it necessary to address (Hasan’s) beard, such issues should be addressed and litigated anew,” judges wrote in the ruling.

    Fort Hood officials said late Monday that proceedings in the case will resume after a new judge is appointed by the Army’s highest legal branch. That indicates Army prosecutors will not appeal Monday’s ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    read more: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/judge-who-ordered-fort-hood-shooters-beard-be-forcibly-shaved-is-thrown-off-the-case/

  13. Observer………………….RE:2:27PM
    There is another place where this needs to happen as well. I’LL give you 3 guesses where.

  14. I just tried to e-mail the petition at World Net Daily for Congress to investigate voter fraud, and at my Yahoo email address it cut off the last part of the address to prevent sending it and redirected it to WND’s petition against Obamacare instead. So, I’m going to see what the Net allows here:


  15. Okay, the whole thing came out here, but my Yahoo e-mail will not allow it.

  16. Old Sailor (2:36 pm),
    I share your sentiments. In fact, while reading about the egregious takeover by Morsi in Egypt, I tried substituting “you-know-who” wherever Morsi was referred to. It fit amazingly well. We are seeing unbelievable arrogance these days from our present pResident.

  17. Change on veterans’ gun rights lights fire
    Coburn wants decisions by judge rather than VA for impaired troops

    A major defense-spending bill hit an unexpected bump on its journey through the U.S. Senate over an amendment on veterans’ gun rights, which devolved into a heated floor debate and foreshadows a potential battle over Democrats’ vows to tweak the filibuster rules in the clubby, traditionally collegial body.

    Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, wants veterans who have been deemed “mentally incompetent” to have their cases adjudicated by a judge — rather than the Department of Veterans Affairs, as happens currently — and argued that veterans who simply cannot support themselves financially are needlessly given the label and, as such, cannot buy or possess firearms.

    “We’re not asking for anything big,” Mr. Coburn said Thursday evening on the Senate floor. “We’re just saying that if you’re going to take away the Second Amendment rights … they ought to have it adjudicated, rather than mandated by someone who’s unqualified to state that they should lose their rights.”

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/dec/3/change-on-veterans-gun-rights-lights-fire/#ixzz2E7DphqYX
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

  18. Mona Charen, the realist!:


    Mona Charen Warns Of “Mad Max And Unraveling of Civilization”

    We are headed towards an “unraveling of civilization”.

    That’s a sobering statement. And timely, since the terms “fiscal cliff”, “looming disaster”, and “Greece” have become castrated terms no longer synonymous with catastrophe and suffering. In today’s Townhall article, Mona Charen gives us a fresh descriptor to inspire fear and awareness for where Obama and congress are leading our country. And it’s chilling.

    Via Free Republic, Townhall’s Republicans and Mad Max,

    The incomparable Walter Russell Mead, writing in the American Interest, offered a glimpse into the coming dystopia:

    “Things are getting worse in San Bernardino. The city filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, but its financial situation has continued to deteriorate. And now with what promises to be a heated court battle over payments to the state pension fund in the offing, further cuts are likely.

    “Things are getting so bad that at a recent city council meeting, the city attorney advised residents to ‘lock their doors and load their guns’ because the city could no longer afford to keep up a strong enough police force.”

    Consider also this Reuters story from Greece:

    “For hours the leader of the Greek journalists’ social security fund had been chairing a meeting about disastrous losses on retirement savings caused by the country’s economic collapse. ‘She tried to present herself as the fund’s savior and asked (members) to double contributions to 6 percent of salaries,’ said one of those present that night at the Titania hotel. Spanopoulou, 58, did not succeed.

    “When she rose to leave around midnight, enraged fund members first swore, then waded in punching, kicking and tearing at her clothes, according to witnesses. A bodyguard managed to bustle her out of the room, but another group caught her just outside the hotel and gave her a second beating. She spent the night in hospital.

    “It was a brutal sign of the fury many Greeks feel at the way the country’s debt crisis has dashed hopes of a comfortable old age. Greece’s pension funds – patchily run in the first place, say unionists and some politicians – have been savaged by austerity and the terms of the international bailout keeping the country afloat.”

    When governments cannot pay their current employees because they’ve gone broke paying pensions to previous employees (among other obligations), you don’t get a “fiscal cliff,” or even a bad recession. You get the unraveling of civilization.

    The Republicans are attempting to divert the nation — not from the “fiscal cliff” but from something much worse. If government debt is not controlled by spending cuts (tax increases on the rich make scarcely a dent), the U.S. is headed for drastic economic decline. Interest rates will rise to attract wary international investors. Rising interest rates will in turn increase our debt service burden, while a diminished private sector will provide less and less tax revenue. The combination of spiraling debt service and entitlement spending will quickly leave no funds for any other purpose.

    That’s when it becomes Mad Max. That’s what the negotiations are about.

    On some level the nation knows this. Further down Free Republic is an article, “The Post Election Public Mood: It’s About To Hit The Fan”. In it, the writer points out the new wave of best sellers on Amazon and its implications for how the public mood has shifted.

    Well, before the November election, books about President Obama and about political theory in general were flying off the shelves. But now, checking the same bestseller lists that used to show those books doing well, it is plain that the mood has shifted. Those sorts of books have been supplanted and upstaged to a large degree. And the genre or theme that has replaced them is [insert drumroll here] Disaster Preparedness.

    When our mainstream journalists are portending the “unraveling of civilization” with an outcome of “Mad Max”, and the national pastime has become learning how to store and sanitize water, something is wrong. Very wrong.

    Coalition says Republicans need to ‘negotiate from a position of strength’

    Very impressive! More than 100 conservative leaders have laid down the law to Congress.


  20. Interested Bystander


    It didn’t take me long to find the site for the superior court of dc (all in small letters because I lost respect for our judiciary as a whole about 4 years ago), and lo and behold, on that site I found this:

    Click to access CV-433_June_2012.pdf

    Been down this road before, the subpoena means nothing it’s simply a form signed by a CLERK.

  21. Interested Bystander

    As far as the GOP kicking people off of the Budget Committee:

    It wouldn’t matter, BOTH sides are playing games with us.

    Oh there will be a “compromise”, and it will consist of Boehner bending at the waist, grabbing his ankles and the Democrats shoving anything they want “up there”.

    We are sooooooooooooo screwed.

    Sorry if I offended anyone, but the truth needs to be out there.

    And I will further predict that there will be “some” promise from the Democrats that spending will be cut, it just won’t spell out when the cuts will happen, where the cuts will be made, or how the savings would be delt with, but the tax increases for the “rich” will be retroactive from the election or something like that.

    I’ve read this script many times before and it’s getting mighty old.

  22. IB,

    I doubt if Occidental even has any incriminating evidence left. More than likely all the info is in the hands of O’s attys. When a legal subpoena was issued some years ago by Atty Kreep, Occidental admitted it was legal and ran right away to their attys who ran to Obama’s attys who knew it was legal so their method of action was to threaten with huge monetary penalties if Kreep didn’t cease and desist…and of course Kreep wasn’t any kind of huge law firm that could afford such ruin. So O’s attys are probably holding on to anything from Occidental in case this could happen again. Occidental could also get the order to simply react like officials in HI and obfuscate (lie) or change rules, etc. Any judge would get the word from DOJ that to pursue such evidence would be a matter of national security, etc. as well. The fix is in against any possible “Davids” who are even still left to fight the “Goliaths” of this regime.

  23. Interested Bystander

    observer @4:36

    I couldn’t agree more.

    I just wish we would go ahead and hit rock bottom so we can get a “start over” with this CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC that everyone thinks is a Democracy.

    We haven’t hit bottom yet, but it will happen, history shows that Democracy does NOT work, which is why the Founders set up a REPUBLIC.

    But the indoctrination of the masses to believe that our Government is a Democracy, has been VERY successful. But……..they don’t teach bout the HISTORY of Democracies.

  24. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    IB – “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” – Benjamin Franklin

  25. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    PS – And don’t forget this one too – “The last act of any government is to loot the treasury!!” – George Washington

  26. “Beware of Pretended Patriotism.” George Washingtom

  27. I would be willing to bet that if one of the key senior staff members of Occidental was locked up for a little taste of the SLAMMER,he/she might just become a bit more cooperative,and tell the ROBERT BAUERS,and ALL OF the DOJ A$$HOLES to take a flying leap at a rolling donut. He/she could become a national celebrity overnight,but there would be a hitman waiting in a darkened car for the right moment……and BANG BANG!That is the traditional DEMOCRATIC way of solving a problem! I tend to think that this sort of puts ALL of the senior staff memebers of Occidental between a rock and a hard place.

  28. Observer……………..
    Any meaningful subpoena of Occidental’s records would have to come from a Nationally operating and highly respected law firm, who are in a political position to take on the power of the WH. But very often much of their power,and reputation is a result of the work of only ONE of their senior partners. This means that the fight would be between HIM/HER and the entirety of the DOJ. But I have to say that if such an attorney exists Eric Holder and all the others at the DOJ would quickly end up licking the boots of the attorney. He/she would have to possess enough nerve to tell a sitting potus to get his house in order because he is going DOWN, but not in the way that he probably thinks. I am CERTAIN that such a person exists. The only problem that I see is at what point would he/she decide that it is time for them to get involved. We need to find him/her very soon! We need to search diligently,in earnest,and leave “no stone unturned,” so to speak.

    Source confirms missiles in underground silos target Tel Aviv

    According to a source who served in Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and who recently defected, the Islamic regime has armed hundreds of its ballistic missiles with biological warheads and 170 of them are targeted on Tel Aviv from underground missile silos.

    The Islamic regime ruling Iran has prepared for the total destruction of Israel, he added.

    Read more:


    Friend Marinka Peschmann has a riveting new book out on the death of White House lawyer Vince Foster–

    Following Orders: the Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer

    Before Hillary Clinton and the Obama-Clinton regime blamed the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans on a YouTube video, the Clinton White House blamed the death of Vince Foster on the Wall Street Journal.

    On July 20, 1993, Vince Foster, President Bill Clinton’s childhood friend and Hillary Clinton’s closest White House confidante, was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in the head in Fort Marcy Park, McLean, Virginia. His shocking and untimely passing was the highest ranking government official’s death since President John Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

    Foster’s mysterious death sparked a firestorm of controversy that engulfed the nation. Was it murder or suicide? The charges leveled against Hillary and Bill Clinton were serious: Foster knew too much. They had killed him. Clinton staffers removed evidence from his office. Must be a cover-up. Investigators never found the fatal bullet. It’s a conspiracy. On and on it went. But who was right?

    The new book Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer (One Rock Ink Publishing), is a groundbreaking and stunning investigation into his shocking and untimely death. Using new information exclusively obtained from the last person who officially saw Foster alive in the White House, and supported by five official investigations that relied on the “available evidence,” investigative journalist Marinka Peschmann’s findings lead to a terrible conclusion and to a cover-up. Find out what really happened to Vince Foster in Following Orders. Stop the Washington cover-ups now.

    Watch Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer — the Book Trailer.

  31. CA Teachers Union Video: Rich” Peeing On “Poor” … Bold-Faced Communist Propaganda!

    SACRAMENTO – A new video produced by the California Federation of Teachers – which could be playing in your child’s classroom as we speak – drums up the typ
    ical class warfare images we’ve come to expect from Big Labor.

    “Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale,” written by CFT staffer Fred Glass (2011 compensation: $139,800) and narrated by proud leftist actor (and 1 percenter) Ed Asner, advocates for higher taxes on the “rich” as the cure for government’s insatiable thirst for spending.

  32. One scenario for the serious crisis of Syria where any real power is “leading from behind” is that Syria does use chemical weapons. This would force the U.S.’s involvement since we’ve stated that in regard to use of chemical weapons. Syria would then use them against Israel which would force Israel to use nuclear weapons against Syria…then the catastrophic fireworks the size of which no one can imagine in that area of the world into which we would get drawn. What happens when the U.S. does nothing. Even now, with the large protests against Morsi in Egypt, as the greens tried to do in Iran, why aren’t we backing that kind of “spring”, rather than the praising of Morsi who will crush this uprising???

  33. Diabolical news of the day:

    ACLU Sues To Stop Georgia From Enforcing New Pro-Life Law Banning Abortions After 20 Weeks…

    “Because babies still in the womb don’t have civil liberties.”


  34. Chicago Shootings Spike 49% In November Despite Country’s Strictest Gun Laws….

    “Bob Costas unavailable for comment.”


  35. Egyptians thank our dear leader for his support and financial aid that helped to install a dictator who is far worse than Hosni Murbarak ever was.

    View picture:

  36. Folks please rent the old classic sting. Robert redford an paul newman. They run a super con on a banker. After watching this. Im more convinced that we the people have been conned by our so called leaders that they have been running the biggest con for years on americans. The gig is 3 things. Crooked people. Bankers. And media. All are in on the scam. These hippies from the 60s have been taking and stealing from we the people. We must all rise up and take a stand march on washington.for starters

  37. I got banned from free republic last year and godlike prouductions. For mentioning. The word nazi in a few sentences. Boy the illiuminati is out in full gear. I just tell the truth.

  38. CitizenWells,
    Good morning. Just thought I would pass this article along. Reminding everyone that we may have freedom of speech for now, we are being monitored.


    I think that the government overreach here is obvious.


  39. Good morning Pete, et al.

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