Obama Romney debate moderator Candy Crowley liberal bias, Crowley selects audience questions , Crowley will not follow rules, Biased history

Obama Romney debate moderator Candy Crowley liberal bias, Crowley selects audience questions , Crowley will not follow rules, Biased history

“I recall standing out in very chilly Springfield, Illinois, when Barack Obama announced. And a lot of people I talked to there said, ‘Oh, you’re an Obama supporter?’ I said no, but you know, this might be history. I wanted to bring my kid. Same with Hillary Clinton. I brought my daughter, you know, because I think this might be history.”…CNN’s Candy Crowley on American Morning, February 1, 2008

“Not every item of news should be published: rather must
those who control news policies endeavor to make every item
of news serve a certain purpose.”… Joseph Goebbels

“Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God.”…George Washington

***  Update Oct. 17, 2012, 8:35 AM  ***

Candy Crowley did not disappoint us. She performed as her history and associations predicted. More on this later today.

From Media Research Center October 16, 2012.

“MRC Study: By 2-to-1 Margin, Journalists Favor Liberal Questions at Town Hall Debates”

“Tonight’s town hall-style presidential debate will ostensibly feature questions from undecided voters, but the evening’s agenda will really be decided by the moderator, as CNN’s Candy Crowley will select which of the more than roughly 80 voters in the room will actually get a chance to talk to the candidates.

Reviewing the five previous town hall debates, the journalist-moderators have tended to skew the agenda of these so-called citizen forums to the liberal side of the spectrum, but not always. In 2004, ABC’s Charles Gibson selected a balanced menu of questions, with questions from the left matching those from the right.

But Gibson is the lone exception. The other journalists who have moderated these forums — ABC’s Carole Simpson in 1992, PBS’s Jim Lehrer in 1996 and 2000, and NBC’s Tom Brokaw in 2008 — all favored liberal agenda questions as they chose which of the undecided voters would actually participate in the debate.

The bottom line: if history is a reliable guide, Mitt Romney has twice the chance of facing a hostile liberal question Tuesday night as Barack Obama has of facing a question based on a conservative agenda, as the record shows a 2-to-1 tilt to the left in past town hall debates.

The Media Research Center has examined the agenda of every town hall debate since the format debuted 20 years ago. In the 1992 Bush-Clinton-Perot debate in Richmond, we scored eight audience questions as straightforward requests for information, four liberal questions, and no conservative questions. One participant that year described the election as about choosing a father who would take care of citizens, whom he referred to as “children.”

The focus of my work as a domestic mediator is meeting the needs of the children that I work with, by way of their parents, and not the wants of their parents. And I ask the three of you, how can we, as symbolically the children of the future president, expect the two of you, the three of you to meet our needs, the needs in housing and in crime and you name it, as opposed to the wants of your political spin doctors and your political parties?

Four years later, we tallied ten questions as straightforward, five as conveying a liberal agenda, and three as conservative. That year, one voter asked Bill Clinton whether he had “plans to expand the Family Leave Act,” while another insisted during a discussion of health care that “the private sector is a problem.”

In 2000, moderator Jim Lehrer favored liberal questions by an 8-to-2 margin over conservative questions. Examples from that debate: One voter asked George W. Bush and Al Gore: “Would you be open to the ideal of a national health care plan for everybody?” while another targeted Bush:

We’d like to know why you object to the Brady handgun bill, if you do object to it. Because in a recent TV ad, it showed that the [NRA] says if you are elected that they will be working out of your office…actually, that kind of bothers me.

In 2004, anchor Charles Gibson picked an ideologically balanced set of questions: eight from the left/pro-Kerry, eight from the right/pro-Bush and two ambiguous/neutral. From the left, one voter lectured then-President Bush about the “intensity of aggravation that other countries had with how we handled the Iraq situation,” while another complained about the Patriot Act “which takes away checks on law enforcement and weakens American citizens’ rights and freedoms….Why are my rights being watered down?”

But balancing the night, Gibson also showcased a voter who posed this tough question to John Kerry: “You’ve stated your concern for the rising cost of health care, yet you chose a vice presidential candidate who has made millions of dollars successfully suing medical professionals. How do you reconcile this with the voters?”

Another voter aimed at Kerry’s cynical use of stem cell research to paint Republicans as anti-science. “Senator Kerry, thousands of people have already been cured or treated by the use of adult stem cells or umbilical cord stem cells. However, no one has been cured by using embryonic stem cells. Wouldn’t it be wise to use stem cells obtained without the destruction of an embryo?”

In 2008, NBC’s Tom Brokaw selected a dozen questions from citizens — three from the left, none from the right, and nine that were neutral/informational. The Obama-McCain town hall debate took place at the height of the financial panic that year, and one voter demanded to know “What’s the fastest, most positive solution to bail these people [retirees and workers] out of the economic ruin?”

Another voter wanted to see a flurry of legislation to create “green jobs,” telling John McCain: “We saw that Congress moved pretty fast in the face of an economic crisis. I want to know, what you would do within the first two years to make sure that Congress moves fast as far as environmental issues, like climate change and green jobs?”

As the Gibson example shows, a moderator has it within their power to ensure an ideologically balanced discussion of the issues — to serve all of the potential voters who might be watching. It’s up to Crowley to determine whether the candidates will face equally tough questioning, or whether the liberal Barack Obama will face a friendlier agenda than Mitt Romney.”


Candy Crowley has stated she will not abide by the rules.

From Politico October 16, 2012.

“In an interview with CNN this afternoon, Candy Crowley reiterated that, like past town-hall debate moderators, she intends to do more than just hold the microphone at tonight’s debate in Hempstead, N.Y. — an intention that has caused concern for both campaigns.

“They will call on ‘Alice,’ and ‘Alice’ will stand up and ask a question. Both candidates will answer. Then there’s time for a follow-up question, facilitating a discussion, whatever you want to call it,” Crowley said. “So if Alice asks oranges, and someone answers apples, there’s the time to go, ‘But Alice asked oranges? What’s the answer to that?” Or, ‘Well, you say this, but what about that?'”

(Also on POLITICO: 5 things to watch at the debate)

Crowley’s vision of her role at tonight’s debate is in keeping with past town hall debates, but it would defy the expectations agreed to by both campaigns in the co-signed memorandum of understanding, obtained and released yesterday by Time’s Mark Halperin. From section 7, part (c), sub-part (iv) (italics mine):

7. Additional Rules Apllicable to the October 16 Debate…

(c) With respect to all questions…

(iv) The moderator will not ask follow-up questions or comment on either the questions asked by the audience or the answers of the candidates during the debate or otherwise intervene in the debate except to acknowledge the questioners from the audience or enforce the time limits, and invite candidate comments during the 2 minute response period.

There is hardly any gray area here. Crowley is expected to do nothing except to acknowledge questioners, enforce the time limits, and invite candidate comments. Many people — especially journalists — would and have objected to that, but that’s the agreement. ”

Read more:


Candy Crowley’s history.

From News Busters August 15, 2012.

“Affirmative-action lovers were thrilled that CNN’s Candy Crowley would be the first female to moderate a presidential debate since Carole Simpson’s sneering turn in 1992. Crowley deserves the opportunity after being in the field of political news for decades, and is the closest thing the current crop of moderators has to a Tim Russert type in being able to question firmly both sides of the aisle.

However, Crowley still fits within the CNN media-elite mold of liberalism, and not just with her unfortunate channeling of “some Republicans” on Saturday who anonymously felt the Paul Ryan pick “looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish.” Below are a list of some of Crowley’s more liberal moments on the CNN airwaves:

Story Continues Below Ad ↓
“Usually you kind of give the President a pass on leaking confidential stuff.” – CNN’s Candy Crowley on Obama’s self-promoting national security leaks, June 10, 2012 State of the Union.

“Let me talk to you a little about the swing state of Virginia, and I want to show our viewers your unemployment rate which has basically stayed two to three points below the national unemployment rate. It’s a success story really. Okay? You like this. I understand that. But, but, even as you embrace it as a Republican governor, does it not make it difficult for Mitt Romney, who has the same problem in other swing states, to come in and say, ‘The economy is terrible and, you know, you need to elect a new president?’ Because Virginia is doing very well under President Obama. – CNN’s Candy Crowley to Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, June 3, 2012 State of the Union.

“Do you have a problem with being inclusive, because most people do look at Republicans going ‘They’re a conservative bunch of white guys who want to protect Big Oil.’ And now you’re even hearing Republicans saying, ‘It’s not big enough. We haven’t opened up the tent door.’” – CNN’s Candy Crowley touting an Arnold Schwarzenegger op-ed to Newt Gingrich, May 6, 2012 State of the Union.

“We have a poll where the majority of Americans said you all need to compromise on this debt ceiling, you all need to raise the debt ceiling, and it out to be — the deal ought to include a combination of tax increases and spending cuts. You are opposed to both raising the debt ceiling and that kind of compromise. So doesn’t that put you outside the mainstream?” – CNN’s Candy Crowley to Rep. Michele Bachmann, August 14, 2011 State of the Union.

“There’s that term, ‘penny wise and pound foolish.’ Would you worry that, by cutting off those services, people…would have sicker babies, or certain people…wouldn’t have HIV testing…and that would just cost us more?” – CNN’s Candy Crowley questioning Rep. Steve King on Planned Parenthood subsidies while guest-hosting The Situation Room on February 18, 2011.

“So let’s get down to the basic question, who’s going to get hurt in this budget?…So you have said in an editorial you wrote that the budget is an expression of our values and aspirations. So if I look at this what we call discretionary spending, things we don’t have to spend on, you want to cut back community development block programs. That creates jobs in communities; it helps them with infrastructure, that kind of thing. Home heating assistance; education, as you just mentioned. You’re also going to do — the Great Lakes Restoration Fund Initiative is getting a pretty healthy cut in what they get from the feds, eight states involved, in trying to keep the Great Lakes economically viable. What does that say about our values and aspirations?: – CNN’s Candy Crowley pressing Obama budget director Jack Lew from the left on State of the Union, February 13, 2011.

“It’s probably less of a phony issue than a passe issue. This might have had some resonance had he done it early on, and he had a whole, you know, springtime to begin to, you know, chip away. The problem is, that the economy just came down on him.” – CNN’s Candy Crowley after the third presidential debate raised the issue of Obama’s friendship with radical Sixties bomber Bill Ayers, October 15, 2008.

“If you raised more than a quarter billion dollars in the primary season, would you limit yourself to $85 million in the fall campaign? Duh!” – CNN’s Candy Crowley’s spin when Obama decided to break his promise to abide by campaign spending limits to accept public financing, June 19, 2008.

“I recall standing out in very chilly Springfield, Illinois, when Barack Obama announced. And a lot of people I talked to there said, ‘Oh, you’re an Obama supporter?’ I said no, but you know, this might be history. I wanted to bring my kid. Same with Hillary Clinton. I brought my daughter, you know, because I think this might be history.” – CNN’s Candy Crowley on American Morning, February 1, 2008.”

Read more:


I will be commenting live on Twitter.


47 responses to “Obama Romney debate moderator Candy Crowley liberal bias, Crowley selects audience questions , Crowley will not follow rules, Biased history

  1. I am waiting for the all important question of the universe to Romney….why do you want to keep contraceptives from women?

    And the silence instead of the question to Obama of “why for the first time in our history are you denying Catholics their rights under our Constitution of freedom of religion and freedom of speech”? Why do you hate Catholics and all Christians of conscience while you promote the rights of Muslims who can opt out of same mandated health care system as well as the Amish while you claim to be Christian?

  2. O.T. Sue K. Did you feel the earthquake up there? http://www.wmur.com

  3. Finally??

    Catholic Bishop: Joe Biden Should Be Denied Communion Over His Pro-Abortion Views…


    Daniel Cole: In 2004, you made national headlines when you spoke out against Catholic politicians on the wrong side of four non-negotiables: abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, euthanasia and same-sex marriage. You said that these politicians, and Catholics who vote for them, may not receive Communion until they have recanted and confessed. Is that still your position?

    Bishop Sheridan: It’s clear to me that the Code of Canon Law, Canon 915, says that a Catholic politician who publicly espouses positions that are contrary, not just to any teachings of the Church, but to serious moral teachings, should not receive Holy Communion until they recant those positions publicly. Voters needs a little bit more nuance, because there the question is, are we voting for those politicians precisely because of their positions on those non-negotiable issues? Here is what I would say: It would be very difficult for me to understand how, if there are two candidates quite far apart in their positions on these matters, I could vote for the one who consistently opposes these Church teachings, simply because he might be in favor of a few good things.

    DC: Would support for the contraceptives mandate also disqualify Catholic politicians from receiving Communion? Is that a new non-negotiable?

    Sheridan: I think we do need to add to that list (of non-negotiables) religious liberty. Absolutely, yes. I think a Catholic politician who publicly and consistently defends the mandate, which causes people to violate their conscience — yes, I think that’s right up there with the rest of them.

    DC: If Vice President Joe Biden, who is Catholic, were to swing through Colorado Springs on a campaign tour and attend your Mass, would you deny him Communion?

    Sheridan: He should know, and I would do everything I could do to make sure that he knows, he ought not to be receiving Communion.

  4. observer.
    2 non Christians, Obama & Biden.

  5. i george | October 16, 2012 at 8:22 pm |

    Hi i george,

    Yes, I sure did! It hit at ~ 7:10 PM, EDT, and my feet (which were on the floor) felt it; my dishes and glassware rattled! I’m located about 67 miles to the southwest of the epicenter, but folks all around the region are smoking the local blogs with their reports.

    My two rabbits didn’t panic, but were ‘at attention;’ my other small critters seemed unaffected.

    Quakes are not unusual for New England (we’re actually in a moderate earthquake zone) however, the ones we get are usually of low magnitude; this one was reported originally as a 4.6, but was reviewed by a Seismologist and downgraded to a 4.0. Still a pretty good shake for this area!

    Thanks for checking :).

  6. SueK, et al.
    Keep an eye on Yellowstone.

  7. Romney told the Usurper to sit down and shut up, it’s my turn. Romney will not be silenced.

  8. citizenwells | October 16, 2012 at 8:59 pm |

    SueK, et al.
    Keep an eye on Yellowstone.
    I live west of Yellowstone, so hopefully less ash fallout.

  9. citizenwells | October 16, 2012 at 8:47 pm |
    2 non Christians, Obama & Biden.
    By their actions and their fruits….no longer a conscience in either, if ever.

  10. mr. soetero is lying about everything as usual. PRAY!!!!!!

  11. Yes, pray.
    I have.

  12. Candy Crowley clearly biased.

  13. CW, I read your tweet over at Dick Morris (and agreed) and participated frequently myself but not under this moniker. Tweeting helps me to endure the Usurper.

  14. Romney was exceptional tonight, imho. His answers were calm but forceful and well-communicated. Having to deal with Candy Crowley was an added burden. She certainly was biased, cutting off Romney and giving Obama more time. Obama was his usual lying self. If I hear him say one more time that he created 5M jobs these past four years, I’m going to need a barf bag. Obama, what about the over 5M jobs lost? Hardly anyone effectively challenges that, but if they did, he would just lie again and deny it.

  15. Yes, CW and Bob; watching Yellowstone. I have the ‘shake map’ from the USGS which is updated with every event. Will monitor it a bit more closely for the next few days.

    Regarding th debate: Again, Mitt was the adult in the room. I’ve never heard so many lies coming out of those narcissistic purple lips in 90 minutes time. Unbelievable!

    Crowley was an embarrassment and as predicted, was solidly in barky’s court, interrupting Mitt’s answers on a regular basis.

    Did anyone notice that stupid smirk on barky’s face? He must’ve been coached by Plugs Biden; it was the same smarmy smirk.

    I don’t, however, think this childish performance on barky’s part takes away Mitt’s momentum; the American people see right through him and his lies.

    Again, Mitt cleaned barky’s clock; you can’t defend a record you don’t have.

  16. Candy Crowley would have no job if she hadn’t marched lock step to her marxstream media orders. I’m thinking the next and last debate will be the one people remember and it will be a true debate form…right? But with Schieffer as moderator, another clueless stiff ….another thrown points to Obama before it even begins.

    Cavuto just said a lot of those questions were loaded to go after Romney!! And he thought Obama didn’t seem to start doing much ’til later in the debate and “a lot of people, you know, go nighty night” by then!

  17. I was disgusted with Crowley’s obvious and unashamed support of President Obama. As an undecided voter, I wanted to hear both candidates, not Crowley’s interjections on the President’s behalf. She should be ashamed to call herself a journalist.

    She was incorrect when she supported the President regarding the attack in Libya on Americans. The President spoke about “acts of terror” as a general comment, and never called the attack on the consulate a terrorist attack. Please read the whole transcript before taking a statement out of context, Ms. Crowley. How can CNN continue to employ her?

  18. Hey, folks,
    Remember Obama did not have to “endure” the high elevation as at Denver! (sarc)

    Just watching a focus group on Hannity. Many of them voted for O in 2008, but now a good portion of those people will not vote for him in 2012. They do not like O’s behavior or his policies. They have gotten a favorable opinion of Romney. This is encouraging.

  19. When Crowley cut Mitt off and when she filled in for Zero, Mitt should have said “I didn’t come here to debate two people, Candy”!

  20. Obviously Candy Crowley bailed out Obama on the terrorist attack by confusing the facts. If someone can review the video you will see that it is Michelle Obama providing the sole and most disruptive clapping when the audience was asked to refrain from doing so.

  21. Can someone help me with this – Obama said his mom raised two kids?? What am I missing?

  22. Obama & his sister.

  23. Threw grandma under the bus again!

  24. From the Washington Times:

    Obama and Crowley just LIED. The word ‘terror’ was not mentioned ONCE in the rose garden on 9/12 Here is the transcript from the WHITE HOUSE http://www.whitehouse.gov

    by Henry D’Andrea 9:33 PM

    Story is developing.

  25. Apparently the Washington Times doesn’t know how to read. Another dead end for faulty media sources.

  26. It looks like someone may be doctoring the transcripts on whitehouse.gov (surprise, surprise).


  27. Oops!… Luntz Focus Group Member Says Obama’s “Been Bullsh*tting the Public” (Video)

    Oops! On FOX News a former Obama voter told Frank Luntz that Obama’s been “bullsh*tting the public” for years.

    “He’s lied about everything. He lied to get elected in 2008 that’s why I voted for him. I bought it. Bull. And, he’s lied about everything. He hasn’t come through on anything. And he’s been bullsh*tting the public.“


  28. Sandy was not suppose to ask questions or follow up??? What the heck was that?? Why was that allowed….this was the most biased debate I have ever seen…WHY cant we have a debate host and an audience that is not in the bag for Obama???

  29. Here we go:


    Crowley obviously in the tank. And Romney was right. Bumbling idiot boy and his goons can’t keep their facts straight even with a transcript in their faces.

  30. CURL: Crowley skews hard for Obama in disastrous debate

    HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — Another debate, another debacle for America’s media.

    In the runup to the second presidential debate, CNN’s Candy Crowley declared that she would not just be a “fly on the wall” as she played the tiny role of moderator, that she would step in whenever she chose to say, “Hey, wait a second, what about X, Y, Z?”

    And boy did she, cutting off Republican Mitt Romney repeatedly and often throwing the floor to President Obama with an open “let me give the president a chance here.”

    More, she alone decided the topics for the debate, picking questions from the 80 so-called “undecided” voters chosen by the Gallup polling organization. Her selections were tailor-made for Mr. Obama — Mitt Romney’s tax plan, women’s rights and contraception, outsourcing, immigration, the Libya debacle (which gave Mr. Obama to finally say that the buck stops with him, not, as Hillary Clinton said, with her).

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/oct/17/curl-crowley-skews-hard-obama-disastrous-debate/#ixzz29WltnBLi
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

  31. Hi folks ……stayed over tonight! Watched the FIASCO………and concluded that the only expressions that MMMMMMSSSSSS. CROWLEY seems capable of is “OINK OINK”. You didn’t have to be Albert Einstein to se that MMMMMSSSSS Crowley is like so many other of the same crowd (OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS),but to compound this impediment she is also very obviously sexually hung up on Soetoro. You only needed to watch her facial expressions. I believe that she would lie down in the middle of main street USA without command if she thought that Soetoro would patronise her. Can you imagine a person wanting to have sex with somebody who had just 20 minutes prior had anal sex with a homosexual. Such a person would have to be one of the SICKEST PEOPLE on our planet. But who am I to judge………when we have the deviate diseases which make the final judgements. But one thing was very clear tonight……..MMMMSSSSSS. CROWLEY is DEFINITELY HUNG UP on the FAGGOT. She was also a PISS POOR MODERATOR! Of course liberals don’t care about morality anyway. Wonder if she had a Chick Fil A tonight!

  32. observer………re 8:24 PM
    I would HOPE that it would be more like EXCOMMUNICATION!

  33. Observer……….
    I personally believe,and pray that the people in the Catholic church will tell exactly how they feel on NOV 6. I believe that ZUESS IS ABOUT TO BURN SOETORO’S BACKSIDE with a 20 BILLION volt lightning bolt. Who knows we might not even find Soetoro’s sneakers afterward.

  34. OldSalt. As you know I’m a Catholic and the Priests aren’t backing down on the intrusive nature of Obamacare on the church’s teachings.

  35. Soetoro LIED IN HIS TEETH tonight,and he did in fact get caught. Oil leases,and Benghazzi………..end of the line Soetoro……most of us knew better years ago……….but 14 days to tell the Benghazzi truth…………sure as hell wasn’t PRESIDENTIAL! YOUR’E FINNISHED SONNY! Better tell your old lady to start packing the STEAMER TRUNKS, because Governor Thompson’s son got it right, and I second it! You need to go where you can hear the prettiest sound of all 5 times a day. Perhaps somewhere within one of your 57 states!

  36. Paxson…………….
    After the Catholics in the US vote it is quite likely that there will be a huge mushroom cloud go up from the WH, where the Catholic LIGHTENING BOLT will have just struck.. The lightening bolt might even be heard,and seen AROUND THE WORLD! I pray that such will be the case! Any LIBERALS left alive will not even be able to win an election for DOG CATCHER for the next 100 years! NOT EVEN MMMMMMMSSSSSSSS. CROWLEY, she will be too busy EATING CROW, among other things.


  37. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Good to see your messages oldsailor80. Maybe that little shake in Maine was a signal like “Atlas Shrugged”!!


  38. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    PS – Senator John Kerry just said on Morning Joe that Romney “perpetrated a fraud on the American people”. He was the debate coach for Obama and talk about a pot calling calling the kettle black. In the history of this country there has never been a bigger fraud than the Obama story(Fable)!!

  39. I’m very bothered that not one media source has reshown the exact same live version of the Candy Crowley “terrorist” fiasco and have instead indicated that it was Romney’s weakest moment. Everyone knows the administration never characterized it as a terrorist attack. Romney never had a chance to counter it due to the audience applause diversion. The live Fox news version (which I DVRed) shows it is Michelle Obama who is making 95% of the crowd noise. The media (including Drudge and Fox) are protecting them/her. I was also disappointed in Britt Hume, Krauthammer, and Pat Buchanan declaring Obama the winner and they never picked up on her out of control cheerleading behavior,

  40. Over at Breitbart they list Obama’s Ten Worst Lies in the debate.

    There is something about that debate that really troubled me on such a deep level that I am at a loss for words at the moment. I am waiting for the dust to settle.

  41. Mr.Bill………..Re 7:39 AM
    What do you expect from the biggest FRAUD in US NAVAL history? Here is a person who was in the unique position to WRITE HIMSELF UP FOR DECORATIONS………..which he DIDN’T even EARN.
    Just arrived a few mibutes ago,and your comment was the first that I read. If he is coaching Soetoro,then it is clear that Soetoro will lose the election. Nothing like having some guarantees. Having a NITWIT like Kerry as a coach makes Soetoro………” WILEY COYOTE!”

  42. Dean_M.
    I understand.
    I was going to let the dust settle a little more but I was “loaded for bear.”

    Picking Obama’s 10 worst lies….so many to choose from.

  43. RJS, it is impossible for a usurper to win a presidential debate.

    The educated people in this country know the number of lies told by the usurper, about Benghazi, energy, employment, his name, citizenship, and loyalty, he’s finished, people literally hate him, and want him gone.

    I fear for our White House, and what this bunch of criminals will do to it, after they lose the election.

  44. As we watch I believe that Zeus is sitting upon his thrown at Mt.Olympus and laughing at last night’s fiasco. Hopefully he will launch a few POINTED, and ELECTRIFYING momentos of his mirth at the source of the insanity. Perhaps a 20 billion volt lightning bolt would help to CLEAN UP Soetoro’s lying mouth.

  45. The debate was between the Christians and the Muslims.

    Christians won.

  46. I offer a prayer that our Catholic brethren will go to the polls and vote down the LITTLE DEVIATE at the WH. I watched the smiles and smirks which appeared on Crowley’s face,and it was quite clear for ALL to see ,and hear that SHE was attempting to help Soetoro at every turn. She is just another of the OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS, but this one verbally stated for all the millions to hear that Soetoro DID call it a TERRORIST ATTACK from the ROSE GARDEN……….which was a COMPLETE BLATANT LIE. I think that most of us saw it and we ALL know her for the LIAR that she is. As I stated earlier she would do anything for her MASTER ……Soetoro,because she is HUNG UP on the slimey deviate.

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