Michelle Obama UNCG speech August 1, 2012, Obama lies, Job lies, Tax lies, College tuition lies, Health care lies, Student loans and records hidden

Michelle Obama UNCG speech August 1, 2012, Obama lies, Job lies, Tax lies, College tuition lies, Health care lies, Student loans and records hidden

“The United States economy has lost more jobs than it has added since the recovery began over a year ago.”…NY Times Sept. 20, 2010.

“Guilford (Large NC County) appears on it’s way to a third consecutive year with annual jobless rates in double digits. Economists say that likely hasn’t happened since the Great Depression.”…Greensboro News Record December 2, 2011

“Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, uh, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers.”…Barack Obama

I do not usually write about Michelle Obama. However, yesterday at UNCG, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, in Guilford County, Michelle Obama continued the tradition of Obama family lies in a political speech.

From the Greensboro News Record August 2, 2012.

“First lady talks up president’s successes in Greensboro”

“Michelle Obama on Wednesday ticked off President Barack Obama’s accomplishments during his nearly four years in office: passage of health care reform; more financial aid for needy college students; ending the Iraq War; and killing Osama bin Laden.

But Obama told the 2,400 spectators inside UNCG’s Fleming Gymnasium that the president needs their help to finish what he started, and she encouraged them to get other people involved when they campaign and go to the polls.

“We cannot turn back now,” she said. “We’ve got to keep moving forward.”

Obama’s visit comes just two weeks after Ann Romney, the wife of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, visited Greensboro.

This is the first lady’s second stop here in recent months. She gave the commencement address at N.C. A&T in May.

North Carolina is considered a battleground state for 2012; President Obama narrowly won the state in 2008.

Obama attended a fundraising event in Raleigh after her appearance in Greensboro. She will return to North Carolina in September for the Democratic National Convention, which will be held in Charlotte.

The first lady touted her husband’s values and drew on their own working-class roots to relate to the audience.

Neither of her parents had a college degree, she said, but they saved and sacrificed so that she and her brother could attend college.

“Education was everything in our family. It was everything,” she said. “It was our ticket to the middle class. It was our pathway to the American dream.”

Obama said her family is a testimony to the “basic American promise” of a better life, no matter who you are or how you started out in life.

“Your president, my husband, understands that promise because that’s the story of his life as well,” she said, noting the president was raised by a single mother who put herself through school.

“Barack knows the American dream because he’s lived it,” she said. “And he believes that when you work hard and you’ve done well and you’ve walked through the doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you,” the first lady said to thunderous applause.”

“Cam Choiniere of Winston-Salem said the first lady came across as dynamic, warm, genuine and personable. “I just truly believe her and think that their (the Obamas) values and motives are so spot on,” she said.”


If Michelle Obama had really spoken of Barack’s successes, it would have been the shortest speech ever.

From the transcript provided by the News Record.

“It means all of our kids should be able to go to college without a mountain of debt.”

“So, trust me, Barack Obama knows what it means when a family struggles.”

“This election is a choice about our economy. It’s about building a strong and growing middle class. So I want you to remind folks that Barack has cut taxes for working families by $3,600. Cut them. (Applause.) And also people need to understand he has cut taxes for small businesses 18 times. That’s what he’s done. (Applause.) Because Barack understands that rebuilding our economy starts with the restaurants and the stores and the startups that create two-thirds of all new jobs in this economy. ”

“This election is a choice about the health of our families. And listen to this — the fact is that over the past century — okay? — 100 years, so many of our Presidents have tried and failed to meet the challenge of health reform. But your President was determined. (Applause.) See, but Barack was driven by the stories of the people he met — the grandparents who couldn’t afford their medications; the families going broke because a child got sick; the woman dying of cancer whose insurance company wouldn’t cover her care. And that is what kept him going day after day. That’s why he fought so hard for this historic reform.”

“Because of this reform, our children can stay on our insurance until they’re 26 years old. (Applause.) So they don’t have to lose their health care when they graduate and they’re out there looking for a job, trying to build their lives.”

“This election, it’s a choice about whether our kids can attend college without a mountain of debt. Now, believe it or not, back when Barack and I were first starting out, and we were building our lives together, and we were so in love — (laughter) — we still are — (laughter and applause) — but our combined student loan bill each month was actually higher than our mortgage. Now, I know there are people out there who can relate to that. So, believe me, when it comes to student debt, Barack and I, we’ve been there. And that is why Barack doubled funding for Pell Grants and fought so hard to stop student loan interest rates from increasing. (Applause.) Because he knows how important it is for all of our young people to get the education they need for the jobs they deserve. ”

“I want you to tell them how many jobs he created. Tell them how much money he’s put back in the pockets of American people. You can tell them that more of our kids can afford college;”


If you listened to this horse crap, these political platitudes, or as we refer to them in NC, lies, I urge you to read and yes research what is presented here. The audacity of the Obamas has no bounds. To present those lies in Guilford County, with an unemployment rate over 10 percent!

First, the latest unemployment data from NC.

From Citizen Wells July 27, 2012.

“Unemployment Rates Increase in 84 Counties in June”

“North Carolina’s statewide unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted) was 9.9 percent in June. This was a 0.4 of a percentage-point increase from May’s revised rate of 9.5 percent, and a 1.0 percentage-point decrease over the year.

Over the month, the unemployment rate increased in 84 counties, decreased in 11 and remained the same in five. Thirty-nine counties had unemployment rates at or below the state’s 9.9 percent rate.”

“Guilford County, containing both Greensboro and High Point had an increase from 9.6 to 10.3 percent.”


Obama and the Democrats have been trying to do away with the Bush tax cuts. Also part of the deception from Obama, et al is taxing the “rich.” When companies are taxed more this is passed along to consumers. And perhaps the biggest impact comes from the “hidden taxes” in cost of goods as a result of high gas prices.

Gas prices have doubled under the Obama Administration and have impacted the price of nearly all consumer goods, especially food.

In 2009 when Obama took office, gasoline averaged around $ 1.85 a gallon. Here is a chart of gasoline prices for the last 3 years.

Michelle should have felt quite at home at UNCG. They have a similar mindset when it comes to spending other peoples money.

From Citizen Wells November 16, 2011.

“Tuition would rise 10 percent for UNCG students next year according to a proposal the university’s tuition and fee committee presented Tuesday night to the Student Government Association.”


From Citizen Wells February 12, 2012.

“Amid chants of protest from about 100 students, the UNC Board of Governors this morning approved President Tom Ross’ proposal for tuition and
fee hikes over the next two years.

Ross’ plan would raise tuition by an average of 8.8 percent across the system and keeps increases below 10 percent on every campus.”

“Today’s vote caps months of intense debate over tuition, which the system has used in recent years to help make up for legislative cuts to its budget. The
hikes have forced more students to take on extra jobs to pay for school, or drop out altogether.”

“The state mandates that at least 25 percent of the money from the tuition dollars go toward financial aid for needy students. Some board members recently have spoken out about that requirement, saying it essentially calls for students, who themselves may be struggling, to subsidize the education of other students.”


I have met and talked with many college students. Recently a UNCG student, who is struggling to support his family and attend school, confided in me that the recent tuition and health care increases (mandatory health care insurance almost doubled) could force him to leave school.

From Citizen Wells May 2, 2012.

“The UNC system began requiring students to be covered by health insurance in the fall of 2010. Students must either prove that they have their own insurance or buy a plan offered by the UNC system. Before that, 11 campuses required insurance; rates and coverage varied significantly among the schools.

On top of rising tuition and fees, those UNC system students who buy the university-sponsored health insurance plan will face steep premium increases in the next academic year.

The cost of health insurance will climb from a range of $61 to $77 monthly to a range of $118 to $133 monthly, according to a memo sent from UNC President Tom Ross to the UNC Board of Governors. On an annual basis, most students will pay about $500 to $700 more in 2012-13, depending on the campus.”

“Mallette said the insurance increases are due to the health care usage of UNC system students during the past couple of years, plus federal regulations on preventive care and pharmacy services issued in March. The process is complicated, he said, by the new provisions of the Affordable Care Act.”


Michelle and Barack Obama keep talking about their student loans. How do we know this is true? None have been reported on tax returns. And Obama has used many private and US Justice Dept. attorneys, at taxpayer expense, to keep all of his college records hidden.

From ABC News April 25, 2012.

“President Obama told students at the University of North Carolina Tuesday that he knows what it is like to struggle with student loan debt because he and his wife didn’t pay off their student loans until eight years ago.

That may be true, but a quick look at the Obamas’ tax returns shows they were making enough to be considered “wealthy” by the president’s own definition in
the years before his loans were paid off.”


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  1. CW……….
    I can’t help but wonder what exactly MOOO-CHEL would have to say about the Chick-Fil-A BS. wE ARE GOING TO BUY A COUPLE MORE OF THE SANDWICHES TODAY FOR LUNCH. I HOPE THAT 330,000,000 OTHERS DO LIKEWISE.

  2. Live interview at 10 Pacific time with Richard Gilbert….lead Lawyer for Ron Paul lawsuit….

    RonPaulGirl Interviews Richard Gilbert at 12 PM CST http://ow.ly/cGsab #freedomteam


  3. This speech makes me -GAG-….

    Full of lies. Whats worse, is the “cheering” audience…

    I hate to think that the American People are that stupid, but its a fact that I have come to terms with over the many years. I also hate to admit it, but as Ron White says: “You Can’t fix Stupid”..

  4. citizenwells

    eat mor chiken.

  5. OT, but important –
    Sorry, but Fred Thompson is way off base when it comes to Marco Rubio.
    JB Williams has written a very good article debunking Thompson’s belief that anchor babies (like Rubio) ARE natural born citizens.

    This willful disregard for the truth never ceases to appall, because people like Thompson can’t be that stupid.

    Legal Eagles Say Anchor Babies are Natural Born Citizens, Too

    Now, either legal eagles like Fred Thompson know this and choose to lie, or they don’t know it, in which case they are legal beagles rather than legal eagles. You decide…. But know this…. Ignorance is quickly solved with information. Ignorance in the face of information is something quite different.
    Time will soon tell. If Rubio appears on the ticket with Romney, it will signal that there is nobody left in politics that cares at all about the Constitution. Voters will face a choice between two unconstitutional tickets from the RNC and DNC in November, or a 3rd party protest vote that will re-elect Barack Obama for certain.
    Where is Ron “Mr. Constitution” Paul or his son Rand, both of whom have been entirely MIA on this matter? People willing to let Article II fall, will let all of it fall as long as it doesn’t interfere with their personal agenda.
    Read more:


  6. I am bring a portion of I.B.’s comment from the last thread forward to address:

    I.B. said (in part): “More and more PATRIOTS, like oldsalt, cabby, William and coldwarvet are passing to the afterlife. You see fewer and fewer young folks who can think for themselves.

    Seniors are not RESPECTED and the knowledge they have is ignored because they are “senile”.”



    I love ya big guy! 🙂

    However I need to tell you something. I certainly consider it an Honor for you to place me into the say category with OldSalt, Cabby, RMinNC, ColdwarVet, ect…

    But I’m only approaching the big 50 this year and hope that I am not soon passing into the afterlife….If that’s God’s plan, so be it. I hope that’s quite a way’s from now though, or at least a far stone throw away .. 🙂

    Although it’s true those Great Wealth of information Patriots such as OldSalt, Cabby, RMinNC and ColdwarVet are about 5 years my senior, 🙂 I appreciate and consider it an Honor that you would even include me in such light. They are my hero’s and it is my honor to know them as well.

    Obama promised and lied about:

    No lobbyists in his cabinet…lie

    Unemployment under 8%…lie

    Open health care debate…lie

    get us out of Guantanamo…lie

    Get us out of Iraq…Lie

    Get us out of Afghanistan…lie

    Balance the budget…BIG lie

    squeaky clean government…lie

    Recovery Summer…Lie


    Obama has lied about the who should have gotten credit for UBL death

    Lied about Libya.

    Is Obama lying about Fast and Furious and solyndra ?

    Lied to the Catholic Church.

    Want to drive the Obama campaign crazy .
    We need someone at all Obama campaign speeches to yell this out just as Congressman Wilson did.

  8. CabbyAZ………
    I too have been wodering if the Rubio truth is the real reason why we havn’t yet heard who will be the VP candidate. I personally think that they are trying to rig a legal fix on Rubio. I have to admit I too like the way Rubio verbally asserts himself. I tend to think that he says exactly what he sees in his MIND’S EYE. But look what a prior SLICK TALKER has done to us. I don’t think that America can afford another Soetoro,or Joe Biden. I also think that if Rubio was on the ticket it would enhance Romney’s chances……….but the LAW IS THE LAW, and the SIMPLE MATH SAYS that RUBIO is NOT a NBC. This is exactly the same sort of UP IS DOWN SORT of manure that Soetor would have everybody believe when he posted the PHONEY BC on the WH web site. All you need to do is LOOK AT THE PHONEY BC AND READ ….FATHER’S NAME,AND NATIONALITY. SOETORO HAS affirmed THE FACT THAT HE IS NOT ELIGIBLE SIMPLY BY POSTING THE PHONEY BC. IN EFFECT HE HAS SWORN TO THE FACT THAT HE IS NOT ELIGIBLE. YET ONLY A HANDFUL OF PEOPLE EITHER BELIEVE IT, OR FOR THAT MATTER EVEN GIVE A DAMN.

  9. Mr.Clean………..
    I personally believe that the Catholic church will finish Soetoro off. He has finally tread upon an entity which has a hell of a lot of power in America,and the people of the Catholic church will assert their power in less than 100 days. I also have reason to believe that Jewish business people across the US are going to finally vote against him,simply because he has finally double crossed them. But if he is voted out of office the pursuit of the truth about him should never end. If he is PROVEN to be what all of us believe he is then there are at least a thousand people who also knew the truth yet willingly supported him,and should all be brought to justice. It could be done with a Congressional Grand Jury, just like the one to whom Slick Willy LIED WHILE UNDER OATH.

  10. oldsalt79 | August 2, 2012 at 12:30 pm |
    That is the part that is SO frustrating and maddening! What is the matter with people? I’m not talking about the “fools” who support Obama but the dopey thinkers that should know better. They are far more educated than I am and yet cannot SEE what is so apparent.

    I said “ouch” when IB included you with us oldsters, and I planned to correct that but it slipped my mind. (senior moment? 😉 Glad you set the record straight as to your age. We all are proud to be associated with you, but folks should know the truth!

  11. Mr.Clean……….
    I have hoped for a long time that about 1000 people who know the truth would follow Soetoro to every one of his fundraiser speeches, and when he spews a lie, begin chanting YOU LIE,YOULIE, YOU LIE. Hell if it is ok for him to bus in people to cheer,then the Conservatives can also bus in people to chant, and wave their fists.

  12. Hi ya Cabby!!!

    Per you above post, I thought you may find this a wee bit interesting. At the bottom is the link that Cmd. Charles sent me. But I need to briefly explain a little history of this.

    When I first got involved with Obama issues in 2009 (legally), as you know it was pertaining to the Chris Strunk FOIA and I was able to prove that the D.C. case was full of false information with the GSA of which I filed a sworn affidavit in that D.C. case and the Federal Judge allowed it. It was Cmd. Charles that I contacted with this information, which in turn connected Chris and myself together with such information to assist Chris with what little I could do with his great ongoing efforts. Shortly thereafter (still 2009) Fmr. Senator Fred Thompson started his own radio show and blog along with his wife.

    I contacted Fred Thompson Radio show (2009) in order to set up a schedule to have Attorney Mario Apuzzo & Cmd. Charles on their show. At the time, Cmd Charles and Mario were still in court and not yet at the U.S. Supreme Court pertaining to the Eligibility issue. They [Thompson show] were to get back with me. I spoke on the phone with Mario and of course he accepted if I could work out for a time of appearance. Unfortunately, after repeated attempts, I was dropped like a hot-cake and coordinated of the show never again responded to me.

    The reason I initially attempted to set this up via Fred Thompson radio show and Mario Apuzzo/Cmd Charles was due to the comments that Fred Thompson himself made during (I think it was the GOP Convention) conversations as the “guest host of Fox News” with Allen Combs and Sean Hannity, pertained to Illegal Immigration of Anchor babies. Fred stated to Allen, that “The Citizenship of the child follows the Father.” Allen disagreed, and Fred said: Look it up Allen, it does.

    I hope this helps clarify of reasons for this:

    Attorney Mario Apuzzo Responds To Fred Thompson’s Article Defending Marco Rubio’s Constitutional Eligibility | by Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

    Read Attorney Apuzzo’s attempts to engage Fred Thompson and Fred’s recent article and Fred’s censorship and deletion of Attorney Apuzzo’s legal rebuttal of statement Fred made about Marco Rubio’s eligibility to be VP at this link. What political cowards people like Fred Thompson have become: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2012/08/atty-mario-apuzzo-responds-to-fred.html

  13. Old Salt,
    Like you said, I believe that many of the Catholic voters will oust him. This administration is absolutely not backing down one iota from its position.
    All I can think of is that even the devil oversteps himself sometimes.

    BTW, have you seen an ad that is airing in AZ and sponsored by Obama campaign, which has Romney “singing” “America the Beautiful” with flashes of all the alleged “bad” things he has done, like outsourcing jobs, Swiss bank account, money in Cayman Islands, etc.? Romney was not my choice and I have had problems with him, BUT this ad is downright the nastiest of the nasties. Of course, at the beginning Obama says, “I approve of this ad.” I want to grab the Obama barf bag every time it appears.

  14. Have ya’ll noticed they have not been panning out to show crowd size at O’s campaign stops. In 2008 the slobbering press made it a point to show the stadiums filled to capacity. Now, all you can see are those planted behind his podium and a few bodies directly in front.

    I will bet he is NOT drawing 1/4 of the crowds he did then. They are in core meltdown and over “d” sampling in the polling.

  15. William………..
    In reality I am more like 30 years your senior. I have a son who is your age, but this is not an issue where I am concerned. That is why I advised you when there was some openings which I thought might interest you. Whether a person is 30,50, or 80 only tells physical age. What tells the real story is where his/her heart is,and a his/her behavior towards friends.

  16. Honor First……….
    I too noticed that! Could he be SHOVELLING MANURE AGAINST THE TIDE? Entirely possible…….maybe more like PROBABLE!

  17. Cabby,

    It was never an “Ouch” moment for me. I am actually proud to be considered in the same “Class” of yourself, OldSalt, RMinNC, ColdwarVet, ect.

    Actually quite the Honor…. Reminds me of when I once referred to you as “Big Guy” and it upset “he who’s name we don’t speak of”… LOL

  18. William……….
    I take it that when you say Cmd. Charles, that you are actually referring to Commander Charles Kerchner USN Ret.

  19. Honor First,
    Also I noticed that, and you can be sure that those you see behind him are specially chosen for that purpose !

    Thanks so much for that extra news and the link! As always, Mario Apuzzo is so articulate. I love to read him. Isn’t that atrocious that Fred Thompson is so bigoted that he cannot even allow to be printed an opposing viewpoint? That right there says a lot about the man. He is always trying to walk taller than he is. As far as I am concerned, he is a “has-been” who is trying to bring influence to bear, perhaps, for self aggrandizement? Sad.

  20. OldSalt,

    My dear fried,

    It is my honor to have such wonderful interactions with you. I certainly wish you were my neighbor. After work, BBQ and Grill, sit out by the pool and simply talk. That is the way I feel inside personally about you, Cabby, RMinNC and ColdwarVet, I.B., and many more.

    We all have become a family in many ways.

  21. Honor First………..
    I would think that EVEN NITWITS have a threshold where UP BECOMES UP,rather than DOWN. Hopefully we will see a few EDUCATED NITWITS at voting time. If they do the right thing I will never again refer to any of them as NITWITS.

  22. OldSalt,

    Yes, its Commander Charles Kerchner USN Ret.

  23. In a sense this is too funny:

    Romney’s Revenge: London Mayor Boris ‘Are We Ready’ Johnson Stuck in Midair on Olympic Zipline


  24. William………..
    Friendship is indeed a precious commodity. There is far too much hatred literally in all directions, and much of the time for no reason whatsoever. In my lifetime I have watched many people in our country become polarised against a person just because that person drives a vehicle made by a company that the onlooker dislikes. Really sad!

  25. Cabby,

    What is worse is that Fred Thompson (after dropping out of the race) and the host, publicly argued with Allen Combs with U.S. Constitutional Law on Citizenship. Of Course Fred was referring to Anchor babies and not Obama. But that came back to bite him. Now he has changed his legal stance?

    Don’t think so. Fred cannot declare citizenship issues against illegal immigrants, but then claim Obama, Rubio, and other are “Exempt” from the same.

    I would like to have that video of the GOp conference whereby Fred, Combs and Hannity were the hosts. But I cannot find it. Maybe there are some researchers in here that use the Way Back Machine that can. I have even contacted fox news on multiple occasions for it, to no avail and zero response from them for the full video coverage in 2008.

  26. Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel

  27. CabbyAZ……….
    There was a time when I held a great deal of respect for Fred Thompson, but over a period of a few years I found out a lot of things about him that slowly erroded the respect which I had held. One of these things is the LOAN SHARKS that he is PAID to talk about on TV. He has to be aware that reverse mortgages are not exactly what everybody thinks they are, yet he has provided no disclaimer. While the idea of reverse mortages is NOT A NEW IDEA,there are dangers involved which nobody seems willing to tell about on TV. Far too many seniors get caught in these mortgages, and don’t discover the short comings until it is too late. Anybody who is thinking about a REVERSE MORTGAGE needs to do a lot of research before they commit. There are some rules that can BITE BIG TIME. I will say no more!

  28. Per Orly Taitz this ad running on Fox channel…

    Conservative Majority Fund “Shady Past”

    Demand Congress Investigate Barack Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate
    Sign the Petition at http://WhoIsBarack.com

  29. William
    While I am not sure I’m deserving of the honor you have bestowed upon me with the other seniors here, it does prove that, even if you didn’t respect the persons here, you do respect the wealth of experience we bring to the table.
    To tie this in with what I have to say, I told my wife,(who is the same age as myself) that I felt compelled to engage in this blog, and the reason why.
    My daughter (who is only 5yrs your junior buy the way) approached me, in a near panic with concerns about what this administration is up to. My answer to her began this way…”while I don’t approve of it either, and if this administration gets another term it will have an affect on my life, but only to the extent that I will most likely not live long enough to see it rectified. You, however, and your children (my grandchildren) will be relegated to living in a world so awful that you cannot yet conceive of it. This, my daughter, is your fight. Not that I won’t willingly participate, but what waits just a short distance down the road will be your world. Either your world of the freedoms and security we have become accustomed to, or a world of misery, brought on by financial ruin and economic slavery, which we are already beginning to see”.
    You choose… along with everyone in your generation. Whether you like it or not, you must now become part of the political process.
    She is now feverishly involved on facebook…
    So William… although I will willingly participate…this is your fight, wherever it takes you, and to whatever levels you must go…

  30. coldwarvet2 | August 2, 2012 at 2:19 pm |
    coldwarvet, never underestimate the influence you have in the blogosphere. I, for one, really appreciate that you recognize the threat of Communism and that it is alive and well. Many patriots today do not see that, although there is beginning to be an awakening. You also have a background of history with respect to this disease.

  31. William | August 2, 2012 at 1:36 pm |
    What is worse is that Fred Thompson (after dropping out of the race) and
    the host, publicly argued with Allen Combs with U.S. Constitutional Law on Citizenship. Of Course Fred was referring to Anchor babies and not Obama. But that came back to bite him. Now he has changed his legal stance?
    Perhaps any video has been scrubbed? I have understood today that this most recent information is being removed quickly according to Twana Blevins’ email (Constitutional Emergency).

    High Level Insider DHS Preparing To Start A Civil War!!

    Published on May 10, 2012

    Doug Hagmann: ===> “The USA Dept. Of Homeland Security has turned inward on the USA American citizen’s & has DECLARED WAR ON THE USA AMERICAN PEOPLE.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    Martial Law 2012 DHS Informant: "We are Preparing for a Massive Civil War"

    "In a riveting interview on TruNews Radio, private investigator Doug Hagmann said high-level, reliable sources told him the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing for "massive civil war" in America.

    "We have problems . . . The federal government is preparing for civil uprising," he added, "so every time you hear about troop movements, every time you hear about movements of military equipment, the militarization of the police, the buying of the ammunition, all of this is . . . they (DHS) are preparing for a massive uprising."

    Hagmann goes on to say that his sources tell him the concerns of the DHS stem from a collapse of the U.S. dollar and the hyperinflation a collapse in the value of the world's primary reserve currency implies to a nation of 311 million Americans, who, for the significant portion of the population, is armed.

    Hagmann, and Host Rick Wiles share their concerns that even our Congressmen, and Senators are afraid to stand up to Barack Obama, and the emerging Police State out of fear "for the safety of their own familes, and Grandchildren as Chicago Style Mob Rule has overtaken the Executive Branch."

    Comments Under This Article:

    "Better get hooked up with Jesus Christ, He is our only hope."

    "They threw David to the lions but found him sleeping with them the next day unharmed. They threw his accusers to the same lions who ripped them apart before they hit the ground. Fear not. JESUS RULES FOREVER."



  33. Please help! Am I crazy or what? Since when do we have 52 states in the Union? Take a look at the maps that can be downloaded. They repeatedly refer to “52 states”.


  34. Shep Smith of Fox News gave a backhanded slap at Chick-fil-A day:


  35. Cabby
    As you say, I do have some first hand knowledge concerning communism and, as the proverbial rattlesnake, “it will not die till sundown “….What I hope people begin to grasp is how subtle communism is and how many faces it has. Under the guise of a modern-day Robin Hood for instance , bo, in the most subtle of ways, uses this ruse to further his communist agenda. It really has an appeal to those “less fortunates” as he refers to them. But what people need to realize is that this is only “one” of a myriad number of ways that communism has of permeating a society.
    Because America is/was such a stable and enlightened society, it is really an ambitious undertaking to atttempt to take it down. That is why they needed to dumb it down a bit in order for their agenda to be able to proceed. My goal is to educate it up a bit, if possible, that those who are in this fight might be able to make more informed assessments with regard to what it is they are seeing. People also need to learn that communism is not a “thing” in the tangible sense, but rather an economic philosophy which was rendered to a severely subjugated populace, at the time of it’s inception, which gave them (are you ready for this?)…”hope”….and possibly…”change”…sound familiar? Oh…Oh…I for got to mention their Robin Hood…”Vladimir Lenin”….

  36. I’ll try to sent it again. The first link didn’t post in full.



    Monday, May 7, 2012

    “We are Preparing for a Massive Civil War in This Country” Admits DHS Informant”

    “We’re going to CHANGE the World…and don’t get in our way!”

    Suggestion allegedly made to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu by a High Level Obama Official during the course of his first meeting with Barack Obama: “Homeland Security is planning on slaughtering the American People!”

    Rick Wiles of TRUNEWS

    “We are afraid for the lives of our children, and grandchildren!”
    an unidentified U.S. Congressman as quoted in reference to Barack Obama

    May 6, 2012
    Coastal Area of FEMA Region 6

    “Rick Wiles the Host of TRUNEWS revealed as documented in the video interview below that one of his reliable sources recently had dinner with an unidentified member of the U.S. Congress. Wiles confidant bluntly asked his Congressman friend during the course of the dinner:

    “Why will not anybody in the U.S. Congress Stand Up to Barack Obama? to which the Congressman candidly replied:

    “Because of the intimidation!”

    to which Wiles source inquired:

    “You’re telling me that you are intimidated by the President of the United States?”

    the Congressman’s timid, and lame response was:

    “We are afraid for the lives of our children, and grandchildren!”

    In a startling candid interview with Rick Wiles on TruNews Radio, private investigator and Long Time Radio personality Doug Hagmann revealed that trusted high-level, reliable sources admitted to him that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is hastily preparing for “massive civil war in this country” (America)…

    “We have problems…The federal government is preparing for civil uprising,” he added, “so every time you hear about troop movements, every time you hear about movements of military equipment, the militarization of the police, the buying of the ammunition, all of this is …they (DHS) are preparing for a massive uprising.”



    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Martial Law 2012 DHS Informant: “We Are Preparing For A Massive Civil War” – Video

    Sunday, July 8, 2012 5:09


  37. Interested Bystander


    It was not my intention to insult your “age”, we are about the same age.

    I know you didn’t take it that way, and like you, I look at our “group” as family and think that sitting around a fire chatting would be interesting and take a whole week.

    I was simply showing respect to those who I feel bring something to the debate, and pointing out that less and less people actually think for themselves.

    I would also throw Paxson in on “our” side. I believe that we could learn so much from cabby, oldsalt, coldwarvet, RMinNC, SueK, SueQ and the like and would listen intently to the lessons they would bestow upon us.

    May you live another 100 years, but NOT under Obamacare.


    The problem is that “communism” is no longer vilified for what it is, but is touted as “progressive”.

    The indoctrination continues.

    I remember back in the 70’s when the Soviet Union was vilified for doing exactly what our Government is doing to us now.

    It was wrong then, and it’s just as wrong now.


    How’s the wife doing after her initial shock of finding out she was being laid off? Was this unexpected, or was the “writting on the wall”?

    Keep your head up my friend

  38. Philo-Publius

    Romney Campaign Unveils @RomneyResponse to Fight Media Memes
    …the new Romney tools are not aimed at opposition in general but focused on the mainstream media

  39. Starla
    There is a difference between a massive civil war and massive civil unrest.
    DHS has been instrumental in “leaking” massive misinformation in their ongoing effort to intimidate what they refer to as the “armed segment” of our society….they know only too well that an armed society is a polite society…
    DHS is not the military, even though they would like us to believe that they would have authority with regard to that element of our security. DHS knows that they will need to get around that if they want to force an armed aggression on the citizens of this country. If DHS thinks that they are going to prevail, under those circumstances, against the armed segment of this population, they are sadly mistaken. That segment, should it become activated, will, with swift and certain efficiency, end the reign of social terror that this over-reaching segment of our illegal government has foisted upon us.

  40. “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light”.

    We KNOW This System Is Going Down. We Need To Refound the Republic: Mike Krieger

  41. Published on Aug 1, 2012 by SGTbull07

    Part 2 – Mike Krieger of LibertyBlitzkrieg.com joins me for an in-depth conversation about our faltering Republic, and the uplifting reality that the NWO traitors are losing their grasp on power because the world is fully awake to their crimes. We also talk about the looming attempts to disarm the people of the United States and Mike remind us that only slaves are disarmed, and we are NOT slaves. Mike says we will need to refound the Republic, because this one’s gone.

    Mike’s Website:

    My website:


    Only SLAVES Are Disarmed. And WE Are NOT Slaves: Mike Kreiger


    High Level Insider DHS Preparing To Start A Civil War!!

    Published on May 10, 2012

    Doug Hagmann: ===> “The USA Dept. Of Homeland Security has turned inward on the USA American citizen’s & has DECLARED WAR ON THE USA AMERICAN PEOPLE.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Obama, Putin Talk Syria, Want Tensions Eased

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Gabby Douglas Wins Gold In Women's Gymnastics Individual All-Around (PHOTOS)

    AP/The Huffington Post | Posted: 08/02/2012 1:30 pm Updated: 08/02/2012 3:30 pm


  43. cabbyaz | August 2, 2012 at 3:05 pm–

    Please help! Am I crazy or what? Since when do we have 52 states in the Union? Take a look at the maps that can be downloaded. They repeatedly refer to “52 states”
    “Friday, October 30, 2009

    Map of 52 States in USA

    I was a little bit surprised to discover that many people on the internet are searching for the phrase “map of 52 states in USA”. That’s really interesting, because there are only 50 states in the USA, not 52. I think that maybe some non-Americans mistakenly believe that there are 50 continental states and that Alaska and Hawaii are an additional 2. But that is not correct. Actually there are 48 continental states, and Hawaii and Alaska make 50.


    Here you can find a map of 52 states in USA (well 50 plus territories!)”



    “Exclusive: Jerry Robinson Reveals Strategies For Restoring Liberty”

    Published: 02/27/2012 at 8:53 PM


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



    by Jerry Robinson | FTMDaily Editor-in-Chief

    HOUSTON, February 25, 2012

    “It is no secret that the American economy is an absolute wreck.

    But our broken economy is just one symptom of a much larger malignant disease that has been growing within our nation for decades.”


    “Unfortunately, the mainstream media sold its soul to the highest bidder long ago. 90% of all of the media that enters the average American’s eyes and ears on a daily basis is concocted and spewed out from one of only five multinational corporations.


    Tyranny is Not Coming… It’s Here

    “In addition to our economy being in shambles, and our derelict media having been sold to the highest corporate bidders, our current monetary system is unconstitutional, immoral, and entirely unsustainable.

    Not to mention the fact that our citizens have become enslaved by consumer debt and have unwittingly become wage slaves of the corporate elite, willingly trading their hours for “a handful of dimes.”

    Tyranny has entered our nation wearing no disguise. Forget the disguise, the tyranny that has breached America’s shores is naked.

    Tyranny, under any name, should be considered unacceptable among those who have tasted freedom.

    Sadly, a once free people appear completely unable to recognize what is happening.

    For those of us who love liberty, the whole situation can seem utterly hopeless. But giving up is not an option. There is hope.

    America’s origins are uniquely tinged with the sweet fragrance of liberty and freedom. Winning the the hearts and minds of the American people, who once understood the value of personal, financial, and spiritual liberty, is a worthy goal.

    Below, you will find my contribution to the discussion on restoring liberty. This brief list is just the beginning. I will be adding more over time. I encourage you to contribute your own ideas to the list by leaving them in the comment box below this post.”

    Con’t. 1 of 2

    Continue Reading The Article Here:


  45. Texas Congressman Ron Paul has qualified to have his name on the ballot at the Republican National Convention in August, “FOX NEWS CONFIRMED”. He will be Mitt Romney’s SOLE RIVAL in Tampa. This article presents yet another variant to the explanation of Ron Paul’s victories.

    Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/324280#ixzz22QOt35if

  46. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I’d like to state that I do NOT agree with the United States getting involved in Syria.

    We don’t even know WHO these “insurgents” are, why are we arming or even supporting them?

    We have just GOT to stick our nose in EVERY conflict.

    It’s just plain stupid in my opinion.

    Let the people of Syria decide their own fate.

  47. William, I’m mostl

  48. William. Sorry my computer is messing up again. Per your previous post. I am mostly just a reader these days, although I’m always here, I look forward to your posts and I feel like I know you and all of the people that you mentioned ans a few more. I too would like to bbq with Old Salt, drink a few brews and listen to him spin yarn about the “old days”….. cheers.


    by Jerry Robinson | FTMDaily Editor-in-Chief

    HOUSTON, February 25, 2012

    Con’t. 2 of 2

    10 Ways to Restore Liberty and End Tyranny in America

    1. The Federal Reserve Act, which created the Federal Reserve System, should be abolished.

    The Federal Reserve is a fraud. It is a leach upon the American economy. The money creation process should be rightfully restored to the Congress per Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. Never again should our nation be held hostage by globalist bankers to whom interest must be paid on our own currency.

    2. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) should be shut down permanently.

    The Transportation Security Administration should immediately be shut down. The Federal government has overreached in its attempts to keep Americans “secure.” The invasive nature of the TSA Airport Security represents a clear violation of every American’s Fourth Amendment rights, which guarantees the freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures without probable cause. Forcing Americans to fund the operations of the unconstitutional TSA only adds insult to injury. If airport security is desired by the masses, it should be privatized and paid for by the airlines themselves. These costs can then be passed on to the consumer. This would allow the free market to place checks and balances on the system. Under current government control, free market signals are stifled. End the TSA now.

    3. The Patriot Act should be immediately abolished.

    This law was hurriedly pushed through Congress in the wake of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Few Congressmen had adequate time to read the bill. The attack on civil liberties that has occurred under this Act are in direct violation of the spirit of our Constitution. Put simply, the Patriot Act is unpatriotic.


    8. Term limits should be immediately imposed upon all Senators and Congressmen.

    Under the current system, politicians are unduly motivated and incentivized to place an inordinate amount of time and effort into their re-election efforts. This distortion of incentives can be ended by limiting the amount of time a politician can remain in office. We need term limits now.

    9. A plan to allow younger American citizens to opt-out of the fraudulent Social Security system should be introduced immediately.
    All current beneficiaries should continue receiving their Social Security benefits. However, instead of continuing the ponzi scheme of funding current retiree benefits with current payroll taxes, current benefits can be funded through draconian spending cuts to the many bloated Federal programs that are ripe for the knife.

    If the Senate and House of Representatives fail to act upon a plan to salvage the ailing Social Security system immediately, they should be forced to forgo their current luxurious Congressional pension plans and instead be integrated into the failing Social Security system. The best way to solve the Social Security crisis is to make the lawmakers dependent upon it themselves, just as average Americans have been forced to be. (Remember, it’s all about incentives.)

    10. The Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision should be immediately overturned by the United States Congress.
    Laws regarding abortion should not be mandated by the Federal government but instead, should originate at the state level. Each state is capable of determining its own criminal laws regarding murder, rape, etc.

    Why should the state be forced to take its marching orders regarding abortion from the federal government? While I am strongly pro-life, I am also a realist. You may be familiar with the saying “when you outlaw guns, only outlaws have guns.” The same applies to abortion. America cannot stop abortions. Only a truly moral people can do that.”

    Continue Reading The Article Here:


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    In 1913 the United States of America’s government was usurped by foreign & domestic despot totalitarian dictator tyrants through foreign banks.

    Hal Lindsey – Corrupted Riches (11.25.11)

    “Rep. Louis McFadden from Pennsylvania told Congress in 1934 that the USA government was usurped in 1913 by the despotic Federal Reserve Board totalitarian dictator tyrants who are foreign and domestic enemies to the USA and to all people.

    The Federal Reserve Board devised a plan to achieve their terrible, evil, amoral, and satanic goals that would allow them to overthrow all nations on earth; rule over and have totalitarian dictatorship control over all people; rob, steal, loot and capture all monetary currency and wealth on earth; and usurp, overthrow, own and control all people, lands, governments and all nations on earth.

    The Federal Reserve Board creator’s devised this plan to achieve their evil and satanic goals for humanity: To issue the currency to nations, and to control the currency/money and its issuance to all nations.

  50. Now. Off to Chick Fil A to pick to pick up a Peach Milkshake. Their milkshakes are fantastic.

  51. Re: coldwarvet2 | August 2, 2012 at 3:49 pm |

    I have read that the USA Dept. of Homeland Security is illegally committing high crimes against We The American People as they work to destroy the civil rights, freedoms, and liberties of We The People.

    In reality the USA Dept. of Homeland Security is really acting exactly like a lawless “Nazi S.S.” civilian army of Maniac Daily Serial Criminal Soebarkah – Soetoro aka Obama. The USA Homeland Security is illegally obeying everything Soebarkah is ordering and telling them to do, and the USA Dept. of Homeland Security is not working to protect We The People, but working to obey a Soebarkah – Soetoro aka Obama who is despotic Serial Criminal Totalitarian Dictator Tyrant who is waging war against We The People.

    The USA Homeland Security is working to protect the Maniac Serial Criminal Soebarkah – Soetoro aka Obama and to uphold and spread Soebarkah’s Serial High Crimes and evil overthrow of the USA government in his illegal seizure and usurpation of the USA presidency.

  52. CabbyAZ……
    I don’t know if you are aware of this or not but you need to know that Sheppard Smith is a PRACTICING sexual deviate. Further I believe that he may be ill. He misses a lot of work. Perhaps my thoughts in this regard are wrong. I have a great deal of problem understanding exactly why he would be involved in such a sick practice. Here is my path of reasoning with regard to such people. Our creator gave us either male or female genitals. So that said we are either male or female. So this accounts for the physical aspects of our physical gender. So it becomes reasonable to think that such a practice must be a product of a twisted mental state. I have always said that I do NOT UPHOLD the notion that these people are BORN as DEVIATES. Rather they are turned into sexual deviates by the acts of other deviates around them. I have as I stated in other comments encountered such people while stationed at Long Beach. I simply told them to get the hell away from me. None of them ever persisted. I believe that my tone of voice was enough to convince all of them that I meant what I said. I still beleive that these people enjoy what they do,which lends solidification to my beliefs. I further believe that most of these people could walk away from such a life style. I would agree that they might need the help of psychologist, but I remain convinced that they remain as practicing deviates because they WANT TO, not because they HAVE TO. That is why I DO NOT RESPECT them.

  53. Jacqlynsmith………..
    I heard your comment about “forgiving a child for being afraid of the dark…….” years ago, but you reminded me of it. I stand behind this belief 100%……….”.Adult men who are afraid of the light of day” reinforces everything which I have come to believe about the ALLEGED POTUS.

  54. Paxson…………..
    A peach milkshake sounds pretty damn good, I think we will ask for a couple of them again tomorrow when we go to pick up a couple more chicken sandwiches. They are the best that I have ever tasted. Unfortunately my wife has to drive about 4 miles to get them. They are worth it. I just had a thought could the recipe for the coating be a product of GOD. Makes sense!

  55. Old Salt. Their chicken is good, but their milkshakes are.fantastic. They are selling the peach one as a special seasonal flavor. I just finished it and it was amazing. Made it even that much more enjoyable in my symbolic gesture in telling the D rats where to stick it.

  56. Oldsalt79
    You mentioned that people become deviates because of the deviates around them….I am in total agreement, and to ratchet that up another notch, I submit to you that Hollyweird, via the TV, absolutely has the equivalent effect on both young and old. as they ply their trade, they become, in effect, social engineers and I believe, as such, contribute greatly to this problem. Their “trade,” as they like to refer to it (some obscure art form I believe), is approaching that of what we used to believe was porn in the not so distant past. I personally believe that this “trade’ of theirs could use a somewhat closer look considering the gross effect it has on society as a whole. Although not porn, I would reference the latest little problem in Aurora, Colorado. It IS violence, which at times is considered within the realm of porn and even when not, carries undesireable elements of it’s own.

  57. Old Salt,
    You speak for me, too, re. your disdain for the perverted lifestyle which is against nature and against nature’s God, Who has made it very clear that it is an abomination. It is detestable. Folks try to twist and turn the scriptures to suit their own desires, but if you take the Bible for what it is, God’s Word, and don’t try to read your own views into it, there is no question about what His commandments are in this respect.

    I have personally been acquainted with some deviates, but do not foster being in their company. However, when it comes to the person him(her)self, I like the attitude of “hate the sin but love the sinner.” After all, we all have sinned and come short of God’s glory. Having said that, this is particularly damning because it is an affront to God’s creative work. No nation that has embraced homosexuality in a national way has ever long survived. It is destructive to the human race and would eliminate all procreation if allowed to continue unlimited.

    If America continues pell-mell on this path, we will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah, which were destroyed by fire and brimstone for the vile, evil deeds the people committed. There is archeological evidence remaining that attests to that as a fact of history.

  58. CW
    In reference to the Michelle speech, and the outrage to common sense connected to it and why the bo campaign decided to have her speak there with unemployment in double digits, brings to mind, and here I quote Marx yet again,” when the stomach is empty, the mind will swallow anything”. Again,I maintain that it is essential to understand how a communist activist thinks to understand the significance of (lying) to crowds in depressed areas.
    As it is a foregone conclusion that these people only represent votes to bo, it follows that you wouldn’t go around telling lies to people who were too well off. This represents a strong premise to Marx and one which was to be quite useful in steering the masses when the takeover of the Russian people finally came to pass.

  59. citizenwells

    Well said.

  60. Tried posting a link 3 times and it just disappears.
    Please go to this blog and scroll down to a post at 5:42 PM, Aug. 2:


    Very important on the latest.

  61. Philo-Publius

    Mainstream Media Blacks Out Chick-fil-A Story

    Now why would the Obama media want to do a think like that?

  62. It seems that gremlins are at work again. I’ve never had that happen. There must be a filter re. certain names.

    President Barack Obama, along with many Democrats, likes to say that, while they may disagree with the GOP on many issues related to national security, they absolutely share their admiration and dedication to members of our armed forces. Obama, in particular, enjoys being seen visiting troops and having photos taken with members of our military. So, why is his campaign and the Democrat party suing to restrict their ability to vote in the upcoming election?
    On July 17th, the Obama for America Campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party filed suit in OH to strike down part of that state’s law governing voting by members of the military. Their suit said that part of the law is “arbitrary” with “no discernible rational basis.”


  64. Philo-Publius

    Hating Breitbart & Gateway Pundit to Make Major Announcement at AFP Event Saturday

    Asked for a hint of the announcement, Marcus said, “It’s time to hold the mainstream media to account and that’s what we’re going to do.” Hoft followed with, “Enough is enough. We will be silent no more.”

    As Andrew Breitbart said, “The media class is the wall we need to climb over in order for our voices to be heard. Once our voices our heard then democracy will happen.”

  65. oldsalt79 | August 2, 2012 at 8:27 pm |

    I heard your comment about “forgiving a child for being afraid of the dark…….” years ago, but you reminded me of it. I stand behind this belief 100%……….”.Adult men who are afraid of the light of day” reinforces everything which I have come to believe about the ALLEGED POTUS.

    You are right OS but it’s NOT just the alleged PREZ…it’s the whole damn system that is FRAUDULENT and operating in the interest of ONLY a few!

  66. Philo-Publius

    Awesome new scoop on Romney — his high school report card

    But they can’t seem to find any of O’s school records.

  67. Philo-Publius

    Pew Oversamples Democrats to Boost Obama

    BuzzFeed Politics Exposes Washington Post’s Coordination With Obama Campaign

  68. 2012 Democratic National Convention Schedule

    4:00 PM Opening Flag Burning Ceremony
    4:05 PM Singing of “God Damn America” led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright
    4:10 PM Pledge of Allegiance to Obama
    4:15 PM Ceremonial ‘I hate America’ led by Michelle Obama
    4:30 PM Tips on Dodging Sniper Fire Hillary Clinton
    4:45 PM Obama Receives Oscar for BEST ACTOR from George Clooney, Whoopi Goldberg, & Oprah
    5:00 PM UFO Abduction Survival Joe Biden
    5:30 PM Eliot Spitzer Speaks on “Family Values” via Satellite
    5:45 PM Tribute to All 57 States
    6:00 PM Joe Biden Delivers 100,000-Word Speech Featuring 23-Minute Question and 2-Hour Answer
    8:30 PM Airing of Grievances by the Clintons
    9:00 PM Bill Clinton Delivers Rousing Endorsement of Obama
    9:15 PM Tribute Film to Freedom Fighters at Gitmo Michael Moore
    9:45 PM Integrity and Personal Finance Seminar – Charlie Rangle
    10:00 PM Denunciation of Bitter Gun Owners
    10:30 PM Ceremonial Waving of White Flag for IRAQ, & Afghanistan
    11:00 PM Obama Energy Plan Symposium/Tire Gauge Demonstration
    11:15 PM Crucifixion of Sheriff Joseph M. “Joe” Arpaio
    11:30 PM Obama Accepts Tony and Latin Grammy Awards
    11:45 PM Feeding of the Delegates with 5 Loaves and 2 Fish Obama Presiding
    12:00 AM Official Nomination of Obama by Bill Mahr
    12:01 AM Obama Accepts Nomination as Lord and Savior
    12:05 AM Public Display of Forged Hawaii Birth Certificate
    3:00 AM Biden Delivers Acceptance Speech


  69. IB. Thanks for asking. It looks as though things are going to work out for us as another position has become available. Right now she has two.weeks off that are paid. The “writing on the wall” is that this major corporation laid off a third of their sales force and many managers. It is in the medical industry that is in the beginning stages of being destroyed.


    Survival Key Info
    Daniyel Key
    April 16, 2012

    “We’re Living in very dangerous times…we’re verging on a Society that’s a Police State at this point. People need to wake up and they need to get themselves prepared. If they’re going to move overseas they should take the gap soon. If they’re going to hunker down in the United States they need to get their Beans, Bullets, and Band-Aids squared away now, because those windows of opportunity are closing…The immediacy of it is almost overwhelming at this point..we’re entering into an age of deception and betrayal by our own Government, and people need to recognize that and if they’re not scared right now, they’re not paying attention…there’s a lot of anxiety both inside, and outside of the Government now. They’ve made it clear that the whole concept of National Sovereignty is out the window!”

    James Wesley Rawles comments made during an interview with Alex Jones as documented in the video below:

    Living in The Age of Deception and Betrayal

    Published on Apr 16, 2012 by TheAlexJonesChannel
    “Well, we are living in very dangerous times. When I saw the news about the IRS threatening to take people’s passports, I thought of Jim Jones and Jonestown… We are verging on a society that is a police state at this point. People need to wake up…and they need to get themselves prepared. If they are going to hunker down here in the states, they better get their beans, bullets, and band-aids squared away now. Because those windows of opportunities are closing.”

    “The immediacy of it is overwhelming.”

    “We are entering into an age of deception and betrayal by our own government and people need to recognize that.”

    “The whole concept of national sovereignty is out the window. You no longer have the freedom to travel… You no longer have privacy in banking. If the globalist’s have it their way, they will take our rights to bear arms away.”

    “Unfortunately we are approaching the endgame. And at this point, while I do recommend that people remain politically active, at this point it’s time to hunker down. It’s time for individual families to team up with like minded friends, pick out a defendable piece of land with plentiful water and good top soil, and be ready to just ride out the storm because – it’s coming.”

    Continue to Read The Article And See The Videos Here:


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Alex Jones Complete Show – Monday (4-16-12) James Wesley Rawles, Mike Adams

  71. Living in The Age of Deception and Betrayal

  72. “Preparing for Civil War: Chart Shows DHS Has Bought Hundreds of Millions of Rounds of Ammo Since 2009”

    Alex Thomas
    The Intel Hub
    July 16, 2012

    “In the last six months many articles and reports have been written that detailed the hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased since Obama took office in 2009.

    This astonishing amount of purchased ammunition has lead many to speculate and believe that homeland security is actively preparing for what they believe will be a bloody and extremely violent American uprising and or civil war.

    When you couple this large scale buildup of ammo with bulletproof checkpoints, law enforcement bulletins labeling everyday Americans as possible terrorists, and a series of videos that painted middle class Americans as the new Al Qaeda you can clearly see that at least portions of DHS are planning for some sort of violent confrontation with the American people.

    The chart below (broken up into three screen shots), put together by James Smith of the Prepper Podcast Radio Network, displays all the types of ammunition, the frequency of the purchases, the quantity, and the company that the ammo was purchased from.”

    See The Chart Here: […]

    “Why is the Department of Homeland Security buying ammo as if they are about to go to war if that is not their exact plan?

    It is also important to consider the fact that Obama has given DHS extraordinary powers in the event of an emergency regardless whether or not they created it in the first place.

    Sadly, there is little to nothing standing in the way from rogue agents carrying out a false flag which in turn would give the entire agency dictator like powers, turning America into a full fledged Fascist police state.”

    Continue Reading Here:

  73. Jack Van Impe Presents #1232 (2012-08-04)

    J.V.I. Ministries – http://www.jvim.com/
    Jack Van Impe Presents #1232 (2012-08-04)


    We will wipe Christianity from the face of the earth…
    Iranian leader states “We must prepare for end of times”…
    Iran says “There will be war and we will win”…

  74. Interested Bystander


    Good for her (and you).

    Pretty stressful when you are “slapped in the face” with news like you got a few weeks ago.

    Glad things are working out for you.

  75. Interested Bystander

    Good morning all,

    Philo-Publius beat me to it, but they can find anything and everything on Romney, but Obama was editor of the Harvard Law Review which I would assume is a PUBLIC entity, and we can’t find anything on him.

    Me thinks something smells really fishy, almost like the media wants Obama to be re-relected.

    But they are UNbiased, dontchaknow.

  76. Comment by John Doe Sr. at ORYR:


    “Yep, I’ve got about 15 different news articles, (hard copies), which speak of “Kenyan Born Senator Barack Obama” and “Kenyan Born president Obama”. They include PBS, the BBC, the “Hawaii Advertiser”, and several sources from African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. I also have the complete minutes from two different Kenya Parliament meetings which I copied directly from the Kenyan Parliament website that discuss at length Kenya being Obama’s birth place. It’s not a secret and has been known since before the election in 2008, in spite of the decision in 2007 by Obama’s handlers to “convert” Obama’s birth place to Hawaii.

    Coulter knows, along with all the other talking heads, but they are too cowardly to openly and seriously discuss it…….just like Congress.”
    “Ann Coulter on Fox News: Unnamed Source In Kenya Says That Obama Was Born In Kenya”

    “Although Ann Coulter was cracking a joke the fact is Obama’s own literary agent, the old-school media, Kenyan government officials, and Michelle & Barack Obama themselves promoted Obama’s Kenyan birth. Who are we supposed to believe?”



    JPublished on Apr 12, 2012

    “The Bible reveals a treasure trove of information regarding heaven and the Lord has allowed Drs. Jack & Rexella Van Impe to explore these biblical truths and present them for you and your family in an exciting new video teaching. You will discover:

    – What age you will be in heaven
    – Whether your pets will be there
    – How to be absolutely certain you go to heaven
    – The nature of your eternal body in heaven
    – The people you will recognize in heaven
    – The activities heaven offers
    – The facts about sickness, sorrow and death in heaven
    – And much more

    The truth about heaven is one of the most compelling and relevant teachings Drs. Jack & Rexella Van Impe have ever produced and it’s perfect to share with the people you care about most – believers and non-believers alike.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    Published on Apr 21, 2012

    “Drs. Jack & Rexella Van Impe take only the Bible as their authority when they explain to you the “ABC’s” of God’s direction regarding the tough issues:

    – Abortion
    – AIDS
    – Animals in heaven?
    – Bible versions
    – Capital punishment
    – Cloning
    – Demon possession
    – Dinosaurs
    – Dirty jokes
    – Divorce & Remarriage
    – Drugs
    – Fornication (one night stands & live in couples)
    – God (Allah, Jesus, Yahweh?)
    – Heaven (also: hell, hades, gehenna & did Jesus go there?)
    – Judgment
    – Liquor
    – Prehistoric man
    – Profanity
    – Religious bigots
    – Scanty clothing
    – Suicide
    – UFO’s
    – and more”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  79. citizenwells

    Good morning IB, Zach, et al.

  80. GORDO | August 3, 2012 at 7:43 am
    Saw Hannity last night and just about fell out of my chair. Ann Coulter’s comment didn’t come over as much of a joke, it was more like a statement of fact, in a serious tone, questioning the regime, and the usurper.

  81. So,

    New unemployment numbers out. UP now to 8.3%. The conflicting number of jobs created ~160,000, but ~150,000 out of jobs during same time. Normally, the unemployment would have lowered – not raised.

    I suspect that the number of jobs created, will once again – be adjusted to a lower number. It must be lower than those that exited the workforce. It is impossible that more jobs were created than loss and unemployment goes up instead of down. Reason I fully expect jobs created numbers to be revised again – and as usual. Real Unemployment also rises.

  82. Ann Coulter on Fox News: Unnamed Source In Kenya Says That Obama Was Born In Kenya
    ObamaRelease YourRecords
    Ann Coulter on Fox News: Unnamed Source In Kenya Says That Obama Was Born In Kenya – VIDEO HERE. Although Ann Coulter was cracking a joke the fact is Obama’s own literary agent, the old-school media,…


  83. And,

    Good morning CW et al

  84. Black Pastor: “Obama Has No Honor!
    By George Spelvin

    Harlem pastor Rev. James David Manning delivered a stem-winder sermon to his flock with such passion he was overcome with so much emotion he had trouble catching his breath! He called out for his black flock to regain honor. “Fifteen people … [Read More…]


  85. William | August 3, 2012 at 9:37 am |


    New unemployment numbers out. UP now to 8.3%. The conflicting number of jobs created ~160,000, but ~150,000 out of jobs during same time. Normally, the unemployment would have lowered – not raised.

    I suspect that the number of jobs created, will once again – be adjusted to a lower number. It must be lower than those that exited the workforce. It is impossible that more jobs were created than loss and unemployment goes up instead of down. Reason I fully expect jobs created numbers to be revised again – and as usual. Real Unemployment also rises.
    You are seeing the results of their lies about the numbers of unemployed.

    After a while the truth starts to emerge, uncontrolled by the liars.

    This regime is losing control, and most people are aware of the usurper.

  86. The Fed’s Gold Is Being Audited… By The US Treasury

  87. citizenwells

    Labor force participation rate also fell .1 percent.

  88. Bob,

    Agreed. Just like every time the last numbers came out, they were then “revised” to lower numbers each time. Last time, it was revised twice – lower of actual jobs created. I suspect with reason, the same will happen again next week, a revision. For now, it gives Obama talking points of how well the Jobs report is despite the increase. After its revised, no one in the media will ask him about it.

  89. Bob,

    To further add to my point. Not one (that I am aware of) media outlet, called-out Missss Obama on her outright lie that “Obama – her husband and President has lowered middle class taxes 18 times in his 3 years of office”…….


  90. William, The truth doesn’t matter to these people, in favor of this regime.

  91. Funny:

    Coulter calls John Kerry a ‘gigolo’: Where were 10 years of Teresa Heinz Kerry’s tax returns? [VIDEO]

    “Always supported by women!”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/08/02/coulter-calls-john-kerry-a-gigolo-where-were-10-years-of-teresa-heinz-kerrys-tax-returns-video/#ixzz22Ulw2CYN

  92. Good morning, All,
    Last night on Greta’s program Dick Morris was pushing Rubio for V.P. Of course, there wasn’t a word as to the question of eligibility, but Morris brought out a number of scandals that have been associated with Rubio and was assured that they were either dismissed or inconsequential.

    Later I tweeted Morris that Obama’s campaign would take those “scandals” and ruin Rubio with them. That is his modus operandi. Look at what he did to win in Illinois by digging up dirt on his opponents. He is a ruthless, dangerous liar. Naturally I threw in the NBC issue, also, to Morris.

    My mom said to me on occasion, “You can’t do business with a liar.” She was so right. This is what team Romney is up against. If he selects Rubio for V.P., we might as well accept that Obama will be in for another four years to fulfill his goal of complete dictatorship, barring an act of Divine Providence.

  93. Wonder if they’ll be saying the same thing following the Obama aftermath/wreckification:

    Fort Hood Lawmaker Grills FBI Official: At What Point Is It ‘Islamic Terrorism’?

    However, the FBI didn’t interview Hasan about the al-Awlaki connections, didn’t dig deeper to find any further contact between Hasan and al-Awlaki, and let too much time lapse before pursing leads on Hasan, the report concluded.


  94. This is not a unique thought to me, because it has been expressed by others at times, and I hate to second-guess people’s motives; BUT it is entirely possible and plausible that the Repub elitists would just as soon have the usurper to beat around another four years. Collectively, they certainly act like it. Their thinking would be that it would greatly enhance Repub chances of getting the W.H. in 2016. After all, “let the folks sweat some more until they get their snoot full, then we can come off smelling like a rose.”

    If the above is a hidden motive with some, SHAME, SHAME !! Given another four years, the usurper will have finished the final touches to a complete dictatorship. Every day he is in office he and his cohorts tighten the noose, and, of course, that only plays more and more into the hands of the NWO proponents.


    Police: Farmer unhappy about arrest drives tractor over 7 sheriff’s vehicles
    Burlington Free Press | Farmer busted on pot charges exacts his revenge.

  96. Congressman Ron Paul Speaks On The “Obsession With Iran Act 2012” – August 1, 2012

  97. Medicare cuts NOT $575 billion, but rather $716 billion
    (from an email)
    A new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report hikes the ten-year Medicare cuts contained in Obamacare from around $575 billion to $716 billion.

    The Medicare cuts take two main forms: reductions in the amount Medicare will pay to providers for Medicare services and a gutting of the popular Medicare Advantage (MA) program.

    Both cuts will lead to significantly reduced health care options for seniors on Medicare. The Medicare Trustees believe half of current MA enrollees will be forced out by 2017 and 40% of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies will be operating at a loss by 2040.

    In addition, a 31% payroll tax hike for Medicare will not be used to stave off Medicare insolvency (currently scheduled for 2024), but to further finance other Obamacare provisions.
    This is utter rot !

  98. Cabby,

    “My mom said to me on occasion, “You can’t do business with a liar.” She was so right.”

    Your Mother was exact and correct.

    The Problem becomes how to expose such corruption when such corruption is on all sides? That is the quagmire….

    The “lessor of 2 evils” is never an answer. But that is what we are offered. This certainly needs to change. No confidence is one way…..

  99. Is America being set-up for another 911? The stock market seems to think so….

    This happened on the NYSE on 1 August……a similar occurence happened on the stock market just prior to 911 on 2001.

    A put option is a bet that the stock of a certain company will fail. There are time limitations on a put option.

    In 2001, put options were placed on American and United airlines, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and several other well known US companies. On the day after 911, all these companies stock dropped greatly in value, Anyone holding a put option in any of these stocks made a fortune. It has been estimated that over 15 BILLION dollars was made in put options after 911. Now with this background, here is what happened on the NYSE on 1 August, 2012.

    Volume placement on put options denotes advance information of the falling of that stock.

    Today Stock Exchange trading (1 August 2012) went off the charts with 2000% increases instantly. This is EXACTLY what happened 2 days before 911. It’s happening again!

    The stock market was already on edge because of the financial crisis in Greece. Images of mobs demonstrating in Athens were fueling an underlying panic. There’s a growing fear that a financial collapse in Greece could trigger a wave of financial trouble across Europe (and possibly even the world).

    Early in the morning, some stocks swung wildly on unusually high trading volume, after what appeared to be technical miscues. The New York Stock Exchange said it was investigating unusual trades in 140 stocks.

    Ticker symbols
    Company- CO
    Put Volume-PV
    Average Put Volume-APV
    Daily Volume Percentage Ratio-DVPR


    DD 12,179 1,450 8.4
    HLF 11,726 1,819 6.4
    VZ 25,132 3,909 6.4
    HOG 7,076 1,192 5.9
    XOP 27,471 4,878 5.6
    DE 10,258 2,200 4.7
    JNPR 4,995 1,310 3.8
    FSLR 8,883 2,383 3.7
    GDX 29,379 7,902 3.7
    GM 7,088 1,920 3.7
    NOK 26,227 7,706 3.4
    MA 6,343 2,072 3.1
    F 21,175 7,672 2.8
    ZNGA 5,001 1,935 2.6
    FXI 29,145 11,438 2.5
    ABX 4,611 1,878 2.5
    WFC 16,778 6,949 2.4
    SBUX 10,965 4,657 2.4
    EFA 12,407 5,370 2.3
    GG 2,947 1,291 2.3

    Brace yourselves folks….we may be in for another FALSE FLAG take down.

  100. I will repost the latter part of my message:

    Ticker symbols
    Company- CO
    Put Volume-PV
    Average Put Volume-APV
    Daily Volume Percentage Ratio-DVPR

    CO…. PV…… AVP…… DVPR

    DD.. 12,179.. 1,450….. 8.4
    HLF. 11,726…1,819….. 6.4
    VZ ….25,132 ..3,909…. 6.4
    HOG… 7,076 ..1,192….5.9
    XOP.. 27,471.. 4,878… 5.6
    DE…. 10,258.. 2,200… 4.7
    JNPR… 4,995. 1,310… 3.8
    FSLR… 8,883.. 2,383 ..3.7
    GDX… 29,379 ..7,902.. 3.7
    GM……. 7,088 ..1,920.. 3.7
    NOK…. 26,227.. 7,706.. 3.4
    MA…….. 6,343… 2,072.. 3.1
    F ………21,175… 7,672.. 2.8
    ZNGA….. 5,001.. 1,935.. 2.6
    FXI…….. 29,145.. 11,438… 2.5
    ABX….. 4,611 ……1,878 …2.5
    WFC… 16,778….. 6,949… 2.4
    SBUX.. 10,965…. 4,657…. 2.4
    EFA…. 12,407…. 5,370…. 2.3
    GG……. 2,947….. 1,291…. 2.3

    I hope this prints clearer now

  101. Raising an Olympian – GABBY DOUGLAS

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    London Now: Gaga for Gabby

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