Obama Obamacare taxes facts, Negative impact on jobs economy, Huge Obama lie about not taxing lower incomes, Unemployment labor force participation affected

Obama Obamacare taxes facts, Negative impact on jobs economy, Huge Obama lie about not taxing lower incomes, Unemployment labor force participation affected

“Nobody who makes under $200,000 a year will see their taxes go up as long as I’m president.”…Barack Obama

“I absolutely reject that notion [mandate is a tax].”…Barack Obama

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. His heart sank as he thought of the enormous power arrayed against him, the ease with which any Party intellectual would overthrow him in debate, the subtle arguments which he would not be able to understand, much less answer. And yet he was in the right! They were wrong and he was right. The obvious, the silly, and the true had got to be defended. Truisms are true, hold on to that! The solid world exists, its laws do not change. Stones are hard, water is wet, objects unsupported fall towards the earth’s centre. With the feeling that he was speaking to O’Brien, and also that he was setting forth an important axiom, he wrote:

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984”

Much has been said about the recent Supreme Court ruling which stated that Obamacare is a tax, a very big tax. However, most commentary has focused on the individual mandate as being the primary taxation, much too simplistically.

Yesterday the Citizen Wells article indicated that future taxes to pay for Obamacare and out of control Obama deficit spending will be the spectre dreaded most. This will be explained below. Perhaps the biggest impact of Obamacare so far has been the influence on business decisions in regard to hiring and expansion. This is the hidden story, not being reported in the monthly unemployment and labor force participation numbers. Businesses have delayed making decisions and will continue to do so for some time. Even with the recent Supreme Court ruling it is anticipated that most or all of Obamacare will be repealed.

From Townhall June 29, 2012.

“The Coming ObamaTax Bomb”

“By now you know what the Supreme Court verdict is: ObamaCare is a tax. So what does that mean in terms of actual dollar amounts for Americans and businesses who will pay this new tax? The Heritage Foundation and Americans for Tax Reform have released a series of summaries, tables and charts to help families understand what this means for their wallet.


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)[1] imposes numerous tax hikes that transfer more than $500 billion over 10 years—and more in the future—from hardworking American families and businesses to Congress for spending on new entitlements and subsidies. In addition, higher tax rates on working and investing will discourage economic growth both now and in the future, further lowering the standard of living.”

1. Excise Tax on Charitable Hospitals (Min$/immediate): $50,000 per hospital if they fail to meet new “community health assessment needs,” “financial assistance,” and “billing and collection” rules set by HHS. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,961-1,971

2. Codification of the “economic substance doctrine” (Tax hike of $4.5 billion).  This provision allows the IRS to disallow completely-legal tax deductions and other legal tax-minimizing plans just because the IRS deems that the action lacks “substance” and is merely intended to reduce taxes owed. Bill: Reconciliation Act; Page: 108-113

3. “Black liquor” tax hike (Tax hike of $23.6 billion).  This is a tax increase on a type of bio-fuel. Bill: Reconciliation Act; Page: 105

4. Tax on Innovator Drug Companies ($22.2 bil/Jan 2010): $2.3 billion annual tax on the industry imposed relative to share of sales made that year. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,971-1,980

5. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Tax Hike ($0.4 bil/Jan 2010): The special tax deduction in current law for Blue Cross/Blue Shield companies would only be allowed if 85 percent or more of premium revenues are spent on clinical services. Bill: PPACA; Page: 2,004

6. Tax on Indoor Tanning Services ($2.7 billion/July 1, 2010): New 10 percent excise tax on Americans using indoor tanning salons. Bill: PPACA; Page: 2,397-2,399

Taxes that took effect in 2011

7. Medicine Cabinet Tax ($5 bil/Jan 2011): Americans no longer able to use health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA), or health reimbursement (HRA) pre-tax dollars to purchase non-prescription, over-the-counter medicines (except insulin). Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,957-1,959

8. HSA Withdrawal Tax Hike ($1.4 bil/Jan 2011): Increases additional tax on non-medical early withdrawals from an HSA from 10 to 20 percent, disadvantaging them relative to IRAs and other tax-advantaged accounts, which remain at 10 percent. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,959

Tax that took effect in 2012

9. Employer Reporting of Insurance on W-2 (Min$/Jan 2012): Preamble to taxing health benefits on individual tax returns. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,957

Taxes that take effect in 2013

10. Surtax on Investment Income ($123 billion/Jan. 2013):  Creation of a new, 3.8 percent surtax on investment income earned in households making at least $250,000 ($200,000 single).  This would result in the following top tax rates on investment income: Bill: Reconciliation Act; Page: 87-93

*Other unearned income includes (for surtax purposes) gross income from interest, annuities, royalties, net rents, and passive income in partnerships and Subchapter-S corporations.  It does not include municipal bond interest or life insurance proceeds, since those do not add to gross income.  It does not include active trade or business income, fair market value sales of ownership in pass-through entities, or distributions from retirement plans.  The 3.8% surtax does not apply to non-resident aliens.
11. Hike in Medicare Payroll Tax ($86.8 bil/Jan 2013): Current law and changes:

12. Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers ($20 bil/Jan 2013): Medical device manufacturers employ 360,000 people in 6000 plants across the country. This law imposes a new 2.3% excise tax.  Exempts items retailing for <$100. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,980-1,986

13. Raise “Haircut” for Medical Itemized Deduction from 7.5% to 10% of AGI ($15.2 bil/Jan 2013): Currently, those facing high medical expenses are allowed a deduction for medical expenses to the extent that those expenses exceed 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income (AGI).  The new provision imposes a threshold of 10 percent of AGI. Waived for 65+ taxpayers in 2013-2016 only. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,994-1,995

14. Flexible Spending Account Cap – aka “Special Needs Kids Tax” ($13 bil/Jan 2013): Imposes cap on FSAs of $2500 (now unlimited).  Indexed to inflation after 2013. There is one group of FSA owners for whom this new cap will be particularly cruel and onerous: parents of special needs children.  There are thousands of families with special needs children in the United States, and many of them use FSAs to pay for special needs education.  Tuition rates at one leading school that teaches special needs children in Washington, D.C. (National Child Research Center) can easily exceed $14,000 per year. Under tax rules, FSA dollars can be used to pay for this type of special needs education. Bill: PPACA; Page: 2,388-2,389

15. Elimination of tax deduction for employer-provided retirement Rx drug coverage in coordination with Medicare Part D ($4.5 bil/Jan 2013) Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,994

16. $500,000 Annual Executive Compensation Limit for Health Insurance Executives($0.6 bil/Jan 2013). Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,995-2,000

Taxes that take effect in 2014

17. Individual Mandate Excise Tax (Jan 2014): Starting in 2014, anyone not buying “qualifying” health insurance must pay an income surtax according to the higher of the following


Exemptions for religious objectors, undocumented immigrants, prisoners, those earning less than the poverty line, members of Indian tribes, and hardship cases (determined by HHS). Bill: PPACA; Page: 317-337

18. Employer Mandate Tax (Jan 2014):  If an employer does not offer health coverage, and at least one employee qualifies for a health tax credit, the employer must pay an additional non-deductible tax of $2000 for all full-time employees.  Applies to all employers with 50 or more employees. If any employee actually receives coverage through the exchange, the penalty on the employer for that employee rises to $3000. If the employer requires a waiting period to enroll in coverage of 30-60 days, there is a $400 tax per employee ($600 if the period is 60 days or longer). Bill: PPACA; Page: 345-346

Combined score of individual and employer mandate tax penalty: $65 billion/10 years

19. Tax on Health Insurers ($60.1 bil/Jan 2014): Annual tax on the industry imposed relative to health insurance premiums collected that year.  Phases in gradually until 2018.  Fully-imposed on firms with $50 million in profits. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,986-1,993

Taxes that take effect in 2018

20. Excise Tax on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans ($32 bil/Jan 2018): Starting in 2018, new 40 percent excise tax on “Cadillac” health insurance plans ($10,200 single/$27,500 family).  Higher threshold ($11,500 single/$29,450 family) for early retirees and high-risk professions.  CPI +1 percentage point indexed. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,941-1,956

Also, ATR is warning Americans of Taxmageddon, which will happen on January 1, 2013. This will be the largest tax hike in American history and will come in three waves.

First Wave: Expiration of 2001 and 2003 Tax Relief

In 2001 and 2003, the GOP Congress enacted several tax cuts for small business owners, families, and investors (later re-upped by President Obama and Democrat Congress in 2010).  The following tax hikes will occur on January 1, 2013:

Personal income tax rates will rise on January 1, 2013.  The top income tax rate will rise from 35 to 39.6 percent (this is also the rate at which the majority of small business profits are taxed).  The lowest rate will rise from 10 to 15 percent.  All the rates in between will also rise.  Itemized deductions and personal exemptions will again phase out, which has the same mathematical effect as higher marginal tax rates.  The full list of marginal rate hikes is below:

– The 10% bracket rises to a new and expanded 15%

– The 25% bracket rises to 28%

– The 28% bracket rises to 31%

– The 33% bracket rises to 36%

– The 35% bracket rises to 39.6%

Higher taxes on marriage and family coming on January 1, 2013.  The “marriage penalty” (narrower tax brackets for married couples) will return from the first dollar of taxable income.  The child tax credit will be cut in half from $1000 to $500 per child.  The standard deduction will no longer be doubled for married couples relative to the single level.

Middle Class Death Tax returns on January 1, 2013.  The death tax is currently 35% with an exemption of $5 million ($10 million for married couples).  For those dying on or after January 1 2013, there is a 55 percent top death tax rate on estates over $1 million.  A person leaving behind two homes and a retirement account could easily pass along a death tax bill to their loved ones.

Higher tax rates on savers and investors on January 1, 2013.  The capital gains tax will rise from 15 percent this year to 23.8 percent in 2013.  The top dividends tax will rise from 15 percent this year to 43.4 percent in 2013.  This is because of scheduled rate hikes plus Obamacare’s investment surtax.

Second Wave: Obamacare Tax Hikes

There are twenty new or higher taxes in Obamacare.  Some have already gone into effect (the tanning tax, the medicine cabinet tax, the HSA withdrawal tax, W-2 health insurance reporting, and the “economic substance doctrine”).  Several more will go into effect on January 1, 2013.  They include:

Medicare Payroll Tax Hike takes effect on January 1, 2013.  The Medicare payroll tax is currently 2.9 percent on all wages and self-employment profits.  Starting in 2013, wages and profits exceeding $200,000 ($250,000 in the case of married couples) will face a 3.8 percent rate.

“Special Needs Kids Tax” comes online on January 1, 2013  Imposes a cap on FSAs of $2500 (now unlimited).  Indexed to inflation after 2013. There is one group of FSA owners for whom this new cap will be particularly cruel and onerous: parents of special needs children.  There are thousands of families with special needs children in the United States, and many of them use FSAs to pay for special needs education.  Tuition rates at one leading school that teaches special needs children in Washington, D.C. (National Child Research Center) can easily exceed $14,000 per year. Under tax rules, FSA dollars can be used to pay for this type of special needs education.  This Obamacare cap harms these families.

Medical Device Tax begins to be assessed on January 1, 2013.  Medical device manufacturers employ 360,000 people in 6000 plants across the country. This law imposes a new 2.3% excise tax.  Exempts items retailing for <$100.

“Haircut” for Medical Itemized Deductions goes into force on January 1, 2013.  Currently, those facing high medical expenses are allowed a deduction for medical expenses to the extent that those expenses exceed 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income (AGI).  The new provision imposes a threshold of 10 percent of AGI. Waived for 65+ taxpayers in 2013-2016 only.

Third Wave: The Alternative Minimum Tax and Employer Tax Hikes

When Americans prepare to file their tax returns in January of 2013, they’ll be in for a nasty surprise—the AMT won’t be held harmless, and many tax relief provisions will have expired.  These tax increases will be in force for BOTH 2012 and 2013.  The major items include:

The AMT will ensnare over 31 million families, up from 4 million last year.  According to the left-leaning Tax Policy Center, Congress’ failure to index the AMT will lead to an explosion of AMT taxpaying families—rising from 4 million last year to 31 million.  These families will have to calculate their tax burdens twice, and pay taxes at the higher level.  The AMT was created in 1969 to ensnare a handful of taxpayers.

Full business expensing will disappear.  In 2011, businesses can expense half of their purchases of equipment.  Starting on 2013 tax returns, all of it will have to be “depreciated” (slowly deducted over many years).

Taxes will be raised on all types of businesses.  There are literally scores of tax hikes on business that will take place.  The biggest is the loss of the “research and experimentation tax credit,” but there are many, many others.  Combining high marginal tax rates with the loss of this tax relief will cost jobs.

Tax Benefits for Education and Teaching Reduced.  The deduction for tuition and fees will not be available.  Tax credits for education will be limited.  Teachers will no longer be able to deduct classroom expenses.  Coverdell Education Savings Accounts will be cut.  Employer-provided educational assistance is curtailed.  The student loan interest deduction will be disallowed for hundreds of thousands of families.

Charitable Contributions from IRAs no longer allowed.  Under current law, a retired person with an IRA can contribute up to $100,000 per year directly to a charity from their IRA.  This contribution also counts toward an annual “required minimum distribution.”  This ability will no longer be there.

Read more:

Remember, and this is important:

Businesses do not pay taxes.

Consumers do!

Make certain that those in your sphere of influence understand this. That includes your congressmen.

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  1. ‘Fundraiser-in-Chief’: Obama Reportedly Begs Donors for More Money Aboard Air Force One


  2. A better understanding of the real John Roberts:

    To try to justify its “constitutionality,” Roberts recast the illegal health-care mandate – where Americans are forced to buy health insurance or be financially penalized with a stiff fine – as the equivalent of a new tax. King George III would have been proud!

    I have said since his appointment by “W.” that Roberts was not a true conservative but instead a D.C. establishment figure. Indeed, while at his former law and lobbying firm, the Washington D.C. mega-enterprise named Hogan and Hartson, Roberts was active in supporting so-called homosexual rights. Given Obama’s recent endorsement of “gay marriage,” one can only wonder whether Roberts may have been influenced by the president’s political “gaydom.”

    But there were other even more serious factors at play with this establishment hack. When earlier this year I moved and then filed an amicus brief to have Obama-appointed Democratic Justice Elena Kagan either recuse herself or be disqualified by Roberts for having a conflict of interest in sitting and ruling on the Obamacare case – as she had advised President Obama on Obamacare as his Justice Department solicitor general – the chief justice effectively threw our pleadings in the trash and instead issued an annual report that unabashedly declared that Supreme Court justices, in effect, are above the law and accountable only to themselves and not We the People. He wrote that he and his fellow justices like Kagan are unquestionably of stellar ethical character, incredibly claiming without any legal basis that the Canons of Judicial Ethics may be unconstitutional in any event – and that basically they may do as they please. Sure enough, Justice Kagan voted with Roberts and the other leftist justices in upholding Obamacare. Had Kagan properly been recused or disqualified, even with Robert’s defection Obamacare would have likely been shot down and relegated to the ash heap of legal history.


  3. Debt Based Banking: It’s All About to End

    This is from a new blog by Andrew Kemp. He come’s out of the gate swinging with this article! Welome to fray Andrew!


    Business Insider: It’s All About to End
    Posted on July 1, 2012

    Continues here…….


  4. Liberty Re-defined by John Roberts

    According to Roberts’ ruling, “liberty” is maintained as long as there is a choice between complying or paying a tax. Roberts claims as long as that choice exists, the government is not compelling persons to buy a product or service. What he overlooks is that by defining the choices, the liberty to seek other choices is eviscerated, and the Constitution no longer seeks to Secure the Blessings of Liberty.

    Liberty per Roberts: Do as I say, or pay a tax. You are free to choose.

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Roberts, and all signers of the majority opinion, are due impeachment for failure to safeguard constitutional intent as stated in the Preamble.


  5. bob strauss

    Know it all s say George Bush Sr lost his election because of the “read my lips” comment he made, about no new taxes. Obama’s flat out lies, now exposed, should cost him a lot more than his next election. It will cost him whatever credibility he had left, if he had any at all.

  6. White House says Holder won’t be prosecuted


    The White House is arguing that Attorney General Eric Holder won’t be prosecuted for being held in contempt of Congress because he is protected by President Obama’s use of executive privilege.

    The House on Thursday voted 255-67 to hold Mr. Holder in contempt of Congress for failing to provide certain documents related to the Justice Department’s Fast and Furious illegal gun-running operation.

    White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters Friday that Mr. Holder is safe and won’t be tried on criminal contempt charges because the Justice Department, which is part of the executive branch, would never take up a contempt case against a sitting attorney general.

  7. Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk 7/2/12: Big Opportunity to Audit the Fed: Support H.R.459

  8. Freeze, Tubby! The Fat Police Are Here

  9. “Sheriff Joe set to release more Obama ‘shockers'”

    “Arpaio told WND a press conference will be held July 17 at 2:30 p.m. local time at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Phoenix, Ariz.

    WND will once again provide live Web streaming of the event.”


  10. Black Conservative Congressman Allen West Calls For Eric Holder To Resign

    COL ALLEN WEST TO OBAMA: Tell Holder to resign or you are complicit in the tragic “Fast and Furious” MASS MURDERS of Hundreds of innocent people & gun smuggling & high crimes & high treasons that were committed!!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Allen West: Resurrecting THE AMERICAN SPIRIT ~ CBN

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    Tea Partys Tim Scott: Im Not “The Black Republican” ~ CBN

  11. Live Stream: Sheriff Joe Sets 2nd Obama Investigation Press Conference For July 17th


  12. Trying to catch up on all the comments posted. My electricity has been out since Fri. due to this horrific storm. Many trees down. Two million in my area w/o electricity. Just came on about an hour ago.

    There is an art to living w/o. I have much to learn. This was definitely a teachable moment for me. WATER is more precious than gold.

    Aside: Jonah, I’m so proud of you. You go girl.

  13. Ray | July 1, 2012 at 8:46 pm |

    Thank you for posting that article. I appreciated reading it and don’t believe that it was posted before. It was well worth the read.

  14. Happy 4th of July everyone.

    I just walked over and watched the fireworks at the country club. It was great to see all the kids running around and having fun. No worries.

    I ran into neighbors from across the lake, and waked with them and their two dogs. He is an immigration attorney and she works for a national oil and gas magazine. We haven’t seen much of them in the last three years, since we started raising our two great-nephews.

    It was nice to catch up and to see that some people that actually have jobs are still able to keep up with politics and all that is going on in the world today. They are both good strong conservatives, as are most of our neighbors, thank God.

    I asked Jon how the immigration business was going. He says things are booming. Who would have thought it? He then starts telling me how conservative most of his hispanic clients are.

    My response was more than an ear full for him, I guess. I told him that it didn’t matter how bad the Dims ticked them off, with regard to abortion and other conservative issues, that they, along with the majority of the Jewish vote would still be pro Obama.

    Just like the scorpion catching a ride across the pond on the frogs back, half way across the pond the scorpion stings the frog. It is just in the scorpion’s nature.

    Ye shall reap all what thou has sown.

    I don’t know what to make of the “Roberts” opinion? I guess after reading a few of the articles like the one I posted, that maybe, this was the wisest thing for him to do. After all, “We the People” elected these chumps.

    Just one final thing to end my ramblings. And that is to say, for the most part, we, and particularly the newer generation, do not really understand how evil the “Evil Party” really is.

    Obama laughs when he is accused of being a socialist, like that sort of thing doesn’t exist in the good old “US of A”.

    Norman Thomas ran for president five times under the socialist banner. He finally gave up, saying that the communist and socialist parties would meld into the democratic party, never to be seen again.

    Nuff Said.

  15. bankroller

    Bob Strauss @ 7:05: The real reason G. Bush Sr. lost the ’92 election is because H. Ross Perot split the conservative vote and gave us 8 years of Billary, and we still can’t get rid of them.

  16. Bishops take on Soros
    Advisory memo to journalists
    The following is part of a memo sent by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on June 27.

    Separating fact from fiction re: administration attacks on the Church and Faith:


  17. Christians to Rededicate the USA to God July 1st and July 4th

    Pastor Steven Andrew : Jun 29, 2012 : USAChristianMinistries.com

    “Individuals and other patriotic groups like the Tea Party, homeschool groups and pro-life Americans are praying the covenant on July 4th.”


  18. bob strauss

    bankroller | July 2, 2012 at 7:23 am |

    Bob Strauss @ 7:05: The real reason G. Bush Sr. lost the ’92 election is because H. Ross Perot split the conservative vote and gave us 8 years of Billary, and we still can’t get rid of them.
    bankroller, Yes Perot cost Sr the election, but the media plays that clip of Sr saying “read my lips” over and over to remind us. Truth is the dems set up Sr, and passed tax increases they convinced Sr he had to sign.

    My comment after Billary was elected was, “here come the Beverly Hillbillies”, and I was right. They are just “low lifes”.

  19. Immoralities and the New Health Care Law

    By Bill Sullivan

    Part 1:

    http://www.examiner.com/article/immoralities-and-the-new-health-care-law (part 1)

    Part 2:

    http://www.examiner.com/article/immoralities-and-the-new-health-care-law-pt-2 (part 2)

    Part 3:


    “Much academic literature has examined the impact of waiting lists on health. A study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that 50 people died while on a wait list for cardiac catheterization in Ontario.

    A study of Swedish patients on a wait list for heart surgery found that the “risk of death increases significantly with waiting time.” In a 2000 article in the journal Clinical Oncology, British researchers studying 29 lung cancer patients waiting for treatment further found that about 20 percent “of potentially curable patients became incurable on the waiting list.”

    In fact a friend of mine in Canada, whose wife has been suffering from severe cancer called me from Zurich. He had to leave a serious business adventure to go back to Canada faster than he had expected. What he said was unforgettable, “I have to get her to a private doctor. Here the wait in the health system in Canada will take another 9 months and she will be dead then!” In the US, she would have been treated almost immediately.

    2. Is it moral if 80% of healthcare cost is from the 20% who need catastrophic care? These include the elderly and those with very serious conditions like cancer. These are the first to die because of the delays cause by an unnecessary system? There is no reason that this must be other than giving more power to bureaucrats and making some feel that there is an equality of treatment. To choose to inadvertently kill off the 20 percent of the very sick to make the 70% happy and save money is immoral.

    The Five year survival rate for American women with breast cancer is 83.9%. The rate in Great Britain is 69.7. The five year survival rate in American men for prostate cancer is 91.9. It is 73.7% in France and 51.1% in Great Britain. Men and women with colon cancer is 35% more likely to survive in the United States.”


    Continue to Part 4:

    “If you take time to look at the early history of this country, you may be surprised by the number of experiments into socialism. There were many dozens of societies of about 1600 to 2500 people or more trying varying degrees of socialism. Some went so far as to have all things in common, even the husbands and wives. That is every man was the husband of all women and every woman was the wife of all men. Most of this happened before 1850. Some of the leaders were extremely popular on both sides of the ocean BUT THEY ALL FAILED.

    Most of those people, like the well meaning people today who want single Payer, including the pResident, suffered from an inability to see straight. What is disconcerting is that no amount of evidence shown [to them] turns many of them from this delusion. This begs the question, is helping people the real reason that they want to do this?

    For the first time in the history of this country the Federal Government demands that you buy a commodity. This is a violation of the fundamental concept of the freedom passed on to us from the founding fathers.

    Yet there are those who seek to be exempted from various sections of the mandates. These exemptions go to those who are supporters of the democrat party. The US Supreme Court decisions about this will affect us all continually.
    Therefore, not only are the concepts involved fraught with immoral judgments but the result of its provisions promotes immoral dealings and effects immoral outcomes.
    So, if I see another person sitting still as the supporters of this legal error, spout its propaganda of being moral, I will have reason to mark that person sitting still as someone just trying to benefit from public backlash. That person certainly will not have understood this matter nor perceived the foundations of true morality.”


  20. bob strauss

    The Hatch Act of 1939 was Designed to Stop Communists …Obama Violates this Law Every Day


  21. bob strauss | July 2, 2012 at 10:04 am |
    bankroller | July 2, 2012 at 7:23 am |

    Bob Strauss @ 7:05: The real reason G. Bush Sr. lost the ’92 election is because H. Ross Perot split the conservative vote and gave us 8 years of Billary, and we still can’t get rid of them.
    bankroller, Yes Perot cost Sr the election, but the media plays that clip of Sr saying “read my lips” over and over to remind us. Truth is the dems set up Sr, and passed tax increases they convinced Sr he had to sign.

    My comment after Billary was elected was, “here come the Beverly Hillbillies”, and I was right. They are just “low lifes”.
    You are both right in every respect. When the Republican-controlled Senate refused to remove Bill after the House impeached him, I said then that Repubs would rue the day they let him stay in office. You can’t sow to the wind and not reap the whirlwind.

    “Hill and Billary” set the standards for LYING during “their” administration. We must never forget that it was Hill who designed the first attempted massive healthcare plan.

    Anyone who thinks she would be better than Obama should go back and read history. She is as dedicated to the overthrow of the Republic as Obama. They both had the same mentor – Saul Alinsky, as well as other similar Marxist tutors and idols.

  22. Since the final judgements re: treatments allowed being ordered from a distant panel to physicians disregarding their own, close observations and recommendations, I’m assuming that the patient cannot sue the gov. when he suffers harm from NOT receiving the physician’s recommended treatment and FROM following the gov. panel’s forced treatment. But I haven’t heard of any change that disallows suing the doctor. How will any respectable and competent doctors remain in such a set up?

    It will be the great New Order of nurse practitioners believing (as do the affirmative action graduates who try to do the work of truly gifted intellects and believe they can actually be on the same plane) that they are just as good as MD specialists. Instead it will be the era of “euthanasia and abortion solving all nasty health problems”….survival of the fittest over truth and compassion.

  23. SueQ | July 1, 2012 at 8:52 pm |
    Trying to catch up on all the comments posted. My electricity has been out since Fri. due to this horrific storm. Many trees down. Two million in my area w/o electricity. Just came on about an hour ago.
    There is an art to living w/o. I have much to learn. This was definitely a teachable moment for me. WATER is more precious than gold.
    We’ve been without electricity in both the hottest days of summer and the dead of winter. It taught me to be prepared next time. Batteries, water, canned goods, fire wood etc. One reason why we switched to a gas stove. Provides some heat and of course you can still make a pot of coffee and cook.

    RE: aside. is this in response of my email to SueK???

  24. Hi, Jonah,
    I think SueQ’s aside was in response to SueK’s email, and I concur heartily with SueQ!

  25. observer | July 2, 2012 at 9:42 am |
    Christians to Rededicate the USA to God July 1st and July 4th
    Observer, thank you for that link! We can each individually pray that prayer, too, if we are unable to be with a group.

  26. Voeltz v Obama Florida Obama Ballot Access Challenge Dismissed With Prejudice


  27. FL decision says that plaintiffs would be correct if they were applying their argument to any other office but the Presidency! That other offices are required to submit forms, etc. and paying qualifying fee. And the judge went with the defendants’ latest argument that for President the person isn’t chosen as nominee until the party’s national convention. So the primary doesn’t really mean a thing!!

  28. My comment after Billary was elected was, “here come the Beverly Hillbillies”, and I was right. They are just “low lifes”.
    If so, then their cousins set up housekeeping 2008!!!

  29. Wow! As this judge interprets FL law there is nothing that really means anything that can protect the citizen’s vote. SOS has no responsibility and it looks like Supreme Court precedent means nothing re: NBC to the doubter judges. Still says the ineligibility must be proven whatever that means in this court of the myth of Sisyphus:

    The Myth of Sisyphus is a philosophical essay by Albert Camus. It comprises about 120 pages and was published originally in 1942 in French as Le Mythe de Sisyphe; the English translation by Justin O’Brien followed in 1955.

    In the essay, Camus introduces his philosophy of the absurd: man’s futile search for meaning, unity, and clarity in the face of an unintelligible world devoid of God and eternal truths or values. Does the realization of the absurd require suicide? Camus answers: “No. It requires revolt.” He then outlines several approaches to the absurd life. The final chapter compares the absurdity of man’s life with the situation of Sisyphus, a figure of Greek mythology who was condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down again. The essay concludes, “The struggle itself […] is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”

  30. ***BREAKING*** ***NEWS***

    Larry Klayman’s Florida Obama Ballot Challenge Dismissed With Prejudice


  31. Inside Sources Say Chief Justice Roberts Compromised

    According to a stunning report by CBS News, two sources with inside information concerning the ObamaCareTax deliberations confirmed that Chief Justice Roberts was, at first, firmly in agreement with Conservative Justices Alito, Kennedy, Scalia, and Thomas in their conclusion that the individual mandate is unConstitutional. But, over time and, possibly from external pressure, Roberts deserted his position and switched sides to join the Liberals.

  32. FL judge overrules the real definition for NBC for cases that simply state “citizen”. What a dope! Another position of pride to be protected at all costs….even to the point of dooming the country to foreign control.

  33. It seems that absolutely no court case is going to be successful against the Usurper. Also, other methods being used in states like Texas will not go anywhere either, notwithstanding the efforts of good, sincere patriots.

    He got in office through deception and trickery, and he intends to stay there by those means. Furthermore, he has the cooperation of the media and the Repubs, when it comes to concealing his roots and ineligibility.

  34. The “order”:

    The frogs are no longer boiling slowly…..they’re now dead and don’t even realize how they got there!!

  35. You know….this FL judge acted as others have….like Roberts of SCOTUS….he asked the defendants to present an opposing precedent evidence/definition for NBC to refute what Klayman provided. They had none and they then introduced the “not nominated yet” excuse. Soooo, the judge, again as others have, simply provided their defense for them. He acted as a defendant lawyer and directed everything against the plaintiffs’ actually well evidenced argument. The libs always talk about “too big to fail” while they create an imperial presidency. They hamstring themselves….no one has to do it for them. Moral sickness envelops the world. Well, check out the western fires and the “land hurricanes” now occuring!

  36. The Florida judge makes a ridiculous error in citing Minor to say that the constitution doesn’t say who shall be natural-born citizens by following with a statement that is based on an unspecified Supreme Court statement that relies on verbiage from the Constitution to declare that every person born in the United States, subject to the jurisdiction, becomes at once a citizen of the United States. He leaves out that the Wong Kim Ark court said that when construing the clause that makes every person “at once a citizen” that the Constitution STILL does not say who shall be natural-born citzens. And he ignores that the Minor decision he quoted gives an exclusive definition of natural-born citizen that requires having citizen parents. The rest of the decision is embarrassing because it’s basically arguing that somehow Obama is not the official nominee for office and that the plaintiff has no way to ever legally challenge Obama in that capacity.

  37. And the judge states that the plaintiff can amend the compliant AFTER the election if the candidate is successful….he “certainly” could not amend the complaint BEFORE the election! Back to the Catch 22….it all solely depends on which protection excuse any judge uses to protect himself….be it BEFORE an election or AFTER….it doesn’t matter as long as no one cares about oaths/protection of American citizens against treason or whatever. There is no courage left in any of our statesmen or judges today.

  38. And people still wonder why Arpaio hasn’t done anything yet….where are the indictments, etc…..while he is fighting the feds for his very existence/reputation/career/safety and wondering just where he can go with his evidence with the systematic corruption everywhere….where it will get an honest hearing and NOT dismissed with prejudice so he can go nowhere after all of his time and trouble….just because he’s one of the last honest law enforcers. Prayers all around for “men of good will”. It was NEVER “and good will to men”!

  39. Starla………………..
    It is NOT a case that HOLDER will be complicit, he ias ALREADY AN ACCESSORY TO MURDER. …..At least 300 counts in Mexico, and at least 1 count of an American, ……..So Allen West you need to take a more detailed look at FELONY LAW, HOLDER IS ALREADY COMPLICIT. HE IS AN ACCESSORY TO MURDER.

  40. Observer……………..
    Unfortunately our laws are not founded upon MORALITY. But somehow I get the feeling that perhaps there should be a moral framework within our legal system which would help balance our laws better with regard to the application of them. I could be wrong……this is just my thought.

  41. Cabby - AZ

    Observer, I’ve come to the conclusion that NO ONE in the court system or in Congress wants to cross the Usurper. Period.

    This is O/T, but regardless of the real truth behind Roberts’ ruling, of which we will probably never know his motivation, there are some important factors which I’ve been considering.

    If I give Roberts the benefit of the doubt that he was surreptitiously working to benefit the country by using his definition of “judicial restraint” and at the same time sending a Trojan horse into the Dems camp, then it is necessary for me to also seriously consider the times in which we are now living.

    Laying aside the yearning that we wanted this monstrous bill KILLED and expected all the conservatives on the Court to do that, our desire is far deeper. We outside the beltway recognize the grave peril this nation is in.

    Roberts’ maneuver may have been acceptable in normal times (i.e., preservation of the Court and the use of judicial restraint), but these times are crucial. They are exceedingly dangerous. They are NOT normal.

    We have a press that is overwhelmingly biased towards socialism and moves to suppress the truth wherever and whenever it can. That is NOT considered normal, or, at least, it shouldn’t be.

    Then we have a man who has usurped the Presidency ultimately because of his lies, coverups, deceit, and other conniving means. He probably won the vote because most people knew nothing of his Marxist motivation, i.e., to bring down the U.S. This is NOT normal.

    Since he has been in the W.H. he has from day one packed all of the agencies and his Cabinet, and appointed Czars who espouse his vicious Marxist goals. That is NOT normal.

    One could go on and on. The point is do any of the conservative justices recognize the threat which the very existence of the Republic is facing?
    They are safe and secure in their fortress most of the time, and I doubt very much that any of them actually sense truth and reality the way we do.

    We are seeing over and over again, it is being left up to We the People.

  42. Cabby - AZ

    grammar correction – ” should be any of them actually senses” (not “sense”)

  43. Trump: Roberts “Wanted To Be Loved By The Washington Establishment”

    And THIS is the motivation for Roberts….to be accepted within the current societal milieu of the establishment…..to protect images, etc. If you must get on the enemy’s side in order to avoid another Obama public disparagement, so that this supposedly equal branch of gov. is not embarrassed again, you’re already willing to commit treason or to permit it to be enacted by others.

  44. oldsalt79 | July 2, 2012 at 1:38 pm | Observer……………..
    Unfortunately our laws are not founded upon MORALITY.
    Well actually they are or at least originally were….we just don’t believe it any longer. All law is derived from the natural law which is the arbiter of morality.

  45. Sueq……………
    While I don’t know where you live, but I can say with authority that the level of wind that struck Ft.Wayne and the surrounding area was measured at the airport at 95MPH. This was NOT tornadic action .Such a storm is sometimes called a a GALE,and often such storms can pack HURRICANE strength winds.This sort of weather doesn’t happen very often over land,but we used to see LINE SQUALLS at sea very often. They can get pretty damaging. At sea Ship masters sometimes mistake a potential line squall with just a simple rain cloud. Such a squall can pack very high wind velocities, and subsequently do substantial damage to anything in it’s path. About 90 % of the damage in Fort Wayne and the surrounding countryside was resultant of airborne debris, broken tree limbs, and whole uprooted trees. This gale struck us about 2:30 PM Friday, and after it passed there was over 100,000 people in the Northern half of Indiana who were without power,….including ME. Our power was restored about 3:00PM yesterday afternoon. The gale also struck a large number of small towns as well. The storm seemed to exert most of it’s force over about a 40 mile wide corridor. I believe this is the same system which also struck heavily in the MID ATLANTIC coast states.

  46. Observer……………..
    After hearing the news regarding the SCOTUS decision regarding Obamacare, I felt sick inside of me….yet it is nearly exactly what I expected. I have the feeling that millions of people have yet to realise just exactly what has happened to our country, and WHY. I think that I can safely say that when the COMPLETE REALISATION of the sort of beast that they are up against soaks in to their minds, they will be raising PURE AND SIMPLE HELL. Unfortunately the REASON WHY it happened is the result of the very same people who simply didn’t give a damn about who or what is running the country. Again…..unfortunately raising hell AFTER THE FACT will not help much. These people should have RAISED HELL BEFOREHAND!

  47. oldsalt79 | July 2, 2012 at 2:22 pm |
    AMEN! It’s only when they’ll be “pinched” that they’ll scream. But at that point their screams will only alert the enforcers to get even nastier. The other use of the times we’re in….jobs gone….is to hold the various services (Secret Service, FBI, CIA, etc.) under the threat of job loss of they step out of line to protect the Constitution rather than “he who must be obeyed”….playing on Rumpole’s “she who must be obeyed”! They are now married to the fraud!

  48. Observer………….
    …………but ehere is some potential great news WITHIN the SCOTUS action. Making the decision they did, and the manner in which it was done has finally shown Soetoro to be the LIAR that many of us saw him as LONG AGO. So now Obamacare is in fact A TAX. Here we go again………….UP is DOWN. Soetoro had MANY MANY times publically stated that it was NOT A TAX. Even Stephanopolous saw it as a tax, and tried to argue it with Soetoro. But the GOOD NEWS in this story is that Roberts has literally ended any chance of Soetoro being re elected. Remember what another POTUS said…….”read my lips”……well nobody needs to read Soetoro’s lips. HE LIED……pure and simple! Now the election has been HANDED to Romney (gift wrapped). HAR DE HAR HAR.

  49. Cabby - AZ

    Secret Service shuts down ‘fire Eric Holder’ protest


    Just after the protest began to gain traction, a “suspicious package” was found.
    Hmmm……seems to me that the timing of the discovery of the package could be suspicious.

  50. LTC Dr. Terry Lakin To Appear On Mike Huckabee Show: Another Lakin Interview Airs Today


  51. Cabby - AZ

    Old Salt,
    It wasn’t until Saturday that I heard about the terrible storms crossing Indiana, Ohio, etc. That was a long time for you to be without power, but it sounds as though you made it through without any substantial damage?
    The extreme danger, they say, came from the fact that there was no warning, as in tornadoes, etc.

  52. oldsalt79 | July 2, 2012 at 2:39 pm |

    The Repubs better have a monitor at every voting machine from the time it is originally checked out; tested again and again during voting time; and look again at the end. Such tampering must already be in the usurper plan for re-election….after which of course all those courts that invited complaints to be filed AFTER the elections will be most willing to count him out – NOT!!

  53. Observer…………Re; 2:00 PM..
    Do you suppose that this is the difference between “case law”, and Constitutional Law? Case law is MANUFACTURED, and Constitutional Law NEEDS NO INTERPRETATION. Just my personal viewpoint.

  54. CabbyAZ…………..
    As I said earlier, a gale is seeable on radar if the operator knows what he/she is looking at on the radar screen. It is a SAFE bet when you look for such weather during cycles of very hot conditions. This creates HUGE MOVING AIR masses, both horizontally, and vertically. As long as the daytime temps are 90 degrees or better there is an excellent chance for such a storm to develop. If the officers on the bridge of a ship fail to recognise a sudden GALE, such a storm has the potential of WRECKING the entire weather decks of ships. Water spouts are fairly common at sea as well. They are nothing more than tornados.

  55. Since Obama and regime have a penchant for killing babies, seeing them as “punishments”, even for infanticide, I wonder how much preemie healthcare will be denied in Obamacare.

    and more Brave New World evidence:

    Drone industry releases ethics code


    “Acceptance and adherence to this code will contribute to safety and professionalism and will accelerate public confidence in these systems,” the association said in a statement.

  56. Observer……………..
    We can file civil,or criminal court actions until we are BLUE in the face, but until a measure of truth,and honesty are returned to our courts there is DAMNED FEW,IF ANY lawsuits against anything relavent to Soetoro, or Soetoro himself, which will ever be allowed to move forward in ANY of the COURTS in America. This is why I state that we must now return to the days of the vigilantes,and EMOTIONLESS hanging judges. There is only one way to restore our system. You and I both know what the only remaining OPTION IS. The Declaration of Independence tells us what we need to do. My only question then is ……ARE there any patriots left in America who have the gonads for a fight? I have a gut feeling that the necessity for such action is compounding itself exponentially,as each day passes.

  57. Mark Levin on Cavuto now….good stuff. Suggests again term limits for Supreme Court justices…..if they’re gonna be political at least their term will be shorter!

  58. This is on Big Sis’ watch….she has no one else to blame but her advertising policies of open and non-protected borders:


  59. Observer…………..Re 2:55 PM.
    That is the PRIMARY reason why we need MASSIVE turnout on Nov.6………..so that even with the rigged machines the voter mass simply overrides the PHONEY STUFF. This is why a few weeks ago I recommended that a continuity code be printed on every vote cast. This way if blocks of votes turn up missing,there will be immediate indication of which votes were effected,and HOW MANY were effected. It will also give away the attempted electronic blockage of a vote. If somebody casts a straight ticket vote for Repubs,and it magically turns into a Democratic vote the machine will see it and reject the entire vote. That person should then ask for an absentee ballot,and file it. Also the votes need to be color coded. If a person is voting Republican he must press the button for printed record of his vote in BLUE ink. He must ID his PARTY OF CHOICE BEFORE HE ACTUALLY CASTS THE VOTE…….this prints his identy number in blue in separately from the vote. If a voter intends to vote Democrat then he presses the button for RED ink, and so on. As long as the voter number is printed on both the actual vote and the ID color code, if there is any attempt to change the vote the color codes on BOTH the ID CODE and the vote will not match. Such coding can be checked for accuracy by specially certified and BONDED readers at very high speed rates. Using a multiple pathway,color coded print system would lessen the chance that any vote cheating would occur, because the VOTER himself uses either blue or red print, and nobody knows which he will use until he presses the color button. He does this twice.This confirms his party choice. Again he selects his vote color, and presses the button. Multiple pathway voting may take a minute or two longer to accomplish but it is simple and cannot be subverted. TRUTH IS TRUTH, COLOR MATCHES=OK BUT IF COLOR MISMATCHES THERE IS A VOTER PROBLEM,or attempted VOTE THEFT.

  60. Had a conversation the other night with an obot ( relative ) . We got into ObungoCare. After he was finished spiking the football and declaring victory over the TEA party etc… I asked him whether it mattered to him that he was lied to about the OC penalty actually being a middle class tax increase. Interesting response.

    He could have cared less, and all he wanted was free health care and free college money for his kids. He was also exploring ways to get on disability.

    I just shook my head.

  61. Observer……………
    Everytime I see MMMMMSSSSS. Napolitano’s name, or hear it I think of another DIZZY DIP STICK wqhose name was KATHLEEN. She was the then Governor of Louisiana when Katrina struck. This dizzy was so damned stoned,drunk or both could not even talk intelligently, and required the services of a spokesperson even though she was within three feet of a microphone. She was a KNOWN alcoholic, before she was even elected, yet a lot of Louisiana DUMMIES voted for her. They got exactly what they ASKED FOR………A NUMBSKULL GOVERNOR! Everytime I see Napolitan’s face I see the SAME KATHLEEN STYLE, STONED and otherwise BLANK expression. Expressionless faces are usually confirmation of diminished mental activity.

  62. The law that Roberts created has not been voted on by Congress. His wasn’t a legislative role….making law. He should have sent it back to Congress to be voted on as presented as a tax. Until they vote on it it simply doesn’t exist. It was written as a penalty not a tax. Even if he says that Congress has the right to tax, they simply had not created the bill as a tax. He anointed a bill that simply did not exist. Obama’s defenders may have presented it as a tax but they were lying about it in its reality and how it was written.

  63. BREAKING! Sheriff Joe Promises a JULY 17th SCORCHER ON Obama’s Eligibility

  64. Pat1789…………….
    I would imagine that the choices of your relative will change considerably after November 6, 2012.

  65. Observer……………
    You are dead on the money, since when does the judicial branch legislate law?

  66. It’s a Tax….It’s a Tax…It’s a Tax…..It’s a Tax….It’s a Tax!!!!

  67. Everyone now can see that the SCOTUS has been transformed into a tool of the liberal left. For anybody in the scotus to literally change a law,into a tax is to subvert the original definition of the law. Only legislators have that power. The SCOTUS either DEFINES, or ENFORCES the Constitutional relavence of law. At least one of the so called Justices has a severe CONFLICT OF INTEREST, yet she failed to recuse herself. This tells me volumes about the weave of her MORAL FABRIC.


    Lurita Doan

    July 2, 2012

    “Americans have watched this recent Team Obama drama unfold over the past two years as the Attorney General initially claimed no knowledge of the Fast & Furious operation, then admitted limited knowledge but no direct involvement, to his recent assertion of Executive Privilege, implying that not only is Holder involved, but that the President is also.

    Holder’s Fast & Furious story has changed so often, and usually after additional scrutiny is applied, that the Justice Department’s credibility and Holder’s has been shredded.

    Now, right on cue, the Democrat leadership wildebeests stampede to the next waterhole by crying GOP anti-Holder “racism”, when explaining congress’ motive in finding Eric Holder guilty of contempt of congress. Haven’t Americans had enough of that old saw? And doesn’t a 258 vote for with only 95 against disprove the “racism” claims?

    Let’s look at some facts.

    AG Holder has testified that he cannot provide the documents requested by Congress regarding Fast & Furious and the death of Border Agent, Brian Terry, because they are considered too “sensitive” to share with Congress.”

    See The Article Here: http://townhall.com/columnists/luritadoan/2012/07/02/eric_holders_tangled_web_of_deception/page/full/

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *




    Elisabeth Meinecke
    Townhall Magazine Managing Editor

    July 2, 2012

    “But I ended up the lead agent in a case with huge vendetta overtones by my state and local counterparts, where members of an ad hoc task force insisted on fast-tracking wiretap attempts against the suspects. I refused. When I reported this officially, senior management retroactively fabricated justifications for the actions they were preparing to take against me. This led to a network of frustrated agents and inspectors, which ultimately resulted in my being contacted regarding the gun-walking practices and cover-ups related to Fast and Furious. I took this information to Congress and advocated others to do the same.

    In the 18 months leading up to Fast and Furious, Special Agent in Charge Bill Newell’s actions required that the agency had to pay out over a million dollars in settlements which should have led to his removal for the related conduct, had it ever been investigated and documented. Special Agent in Charge George Gillette had been disciplined multiple times, and his subordinates had logged dozens of complaints related to his incompetence and mismanagement. Had ATF dealt with them at the time, the Fast and Furious program would never have been undertaken.”

    See The Article Here:


  69. oldsalt79 | July 2, 2012 at 4:55 pm | Observer……………
    You are dead on the money, since when does the judicial branch legislate law?
    Now, after the ruling, no spokesperson for the pRes, nor anyone in Congress who cranked out the bill, will call the bill as Roberts defined it. They ought to be the ones to appeal the ruling as a tax and direct the Soliciter General to argue their case in its reality. Ha!! It’s as if it’s the “Roberts bill” because whenever any media conducts an interview with those who wrote the bill they simply do not recognize it with Roberts’ added definition, as what they legislated and approved. Again, “Roberts’ bill” simply does not as yet exist in law. Where in the bill and in the intent of Congress is it WRITTEN to be a tax??? That’s what counts.

    Now, though, based on this illegal invented bill, other forced gov. activities upon the citizens will be argued as permissible with the “Roberts bill” as precedent….when it never existed as law.

  70. We have a communist in the White House, and have had for the past 3 and one/half years. Every move Obama has made has been to “Fundamentally Transform America” from a Constitutional Republic into a socialist state leading into a total communist form of government.

    Every bill he has sponsored, every appointment he has made, every act he has preformed confirms this to even the lowest level of thinking individuals. Even a moron would have no problem knowing this.

    The question on every American’s mind is , WHY? The answer lies in Obama’s hidden background.

    I, along with many other thinking American’s do not think Obama is really Obama. A semi-blind person can see that Barack Hussain Obama II bears NO RESEMBLANCE to Barack Hussain Obama, the “goat herder” from Kenya.

    But he and another “red diaper” baby, David Axlerod, sold the American people on the “lie of the century”. That Obama II was the offspring of a Kansas farm girl and a Kenyan goat herder. The democrats even sent Obama to Kenya to cement this approach.

    I have just watched Joel Gilbert’s “Dreams From My Real Father”. This video is loaded with facts unknown to the general public until now. It proclaims FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS as the real father.

    Of course everyone knows that Davis was married, was a radical communist, and that he lived in Hawaii. By now, they should also know that Davis had sex with the Kansas farm girl and took numerous nasty pictures of this “innocent” young thing.

    Gilbert also claims Ann Dunham became pregnant from Davis, but there was a problem. Davis was already married to another white woman named Helen Canfield, so marriage to him was out of the question.

    Grandfather Dunham had the answer. Whgile working with the CIA, he knew this young man named Barack H Obama from Kenya who he could get to fake a marriage to “sweet Anne” and provide cover, so long as the father would be listed as “unknown” on the REAL birth certificate.

    In exchange, the Dunham’s would help the Kenyan goat herder obtain a visa to remain in the USA, and go to Harvard to “learn how to better herd his goats in Kenya.(I know that sounds silly, but it’s as good a reason as any. After all his “son” did publicly say his Dad was a goat herded by trade)

    Gilbert goes into detail about Davis’s sexual life, and claims he was bi-sexual and perhaps taught young Barry all he knows about the trade.

    I highly recommend the video to all. While watching it, my mind drifted back to a story that broke shortly after Obama obtained the democrat nomination in 2008.The story was presented by a Mr. Tom Fife, a businessman who had traveled to Russia in 1992

    During his time in Russia, he attended a social event where a female had too much vodka to drink and boosted to Mr. fife that “soon America will have a black president. He will be a hidden communist, and his name will be Barack”.

    Mr. Fife forgot this story until Obama presented the 2004 keynote address to the DNC.

    Joel Gilbert’s video and Mr. Fife’s story dovetail and apparently there are truths to both. We do have a communist in the White House. His actions since being sworn in have proven he is a socalist/communist leaning radical intent on “fundamentally changing America”.

    America must awake from this nightmare he has brought upon this land. He must be exposed for exactly what he is. America must be restored to her status as a Constitutional Republic.

    Instead of trying to determine WHERE Obama was born, we should be looking at WHO is his real father. When that is determined, real American’s will not tolerate a communist form of government.

  71. HonorFirst

    Starla | July 2, 2012 at 5:37 pm | Thanks, Starla…good articles.

    Its just unbelievable how these so-called public servants go before Congress and lie and stonewall. This is the MOST in-your-face corrupt administration ever. They behave as if they KNOW they can get away with all the lies……From the DOE, EPA, JUSTICE right down to the WH staff.

    Congressman Issa will be a very busy man in the coming months…there are just too many scandals going on at once.

  72. Cabby – AZ | July 2, 2012 at 11:48 am |

    Hi, Jonah,
    I think SueQ’s aside was in response to SueK’s email, and I concur heartily with SueQ!

    Cabby is correct. Thank you Cabby.

  73. Rob | July 2, 2012 at 7:53 pm |
    Yes, I had read the other day that the proviso for micro chipping was contained in this bill…..and that’s why it had to pass. Let’s face it….because of all of our turning against God in this country the walls against the evil one have been lifted….by our own free wills. And I was just listening to someone who made the same reasoning about this bill and the venue it gives for controlling the coming chaos through the “necessity” for forcing such identity control.

  74. Good video Rob and ……RIGHT ON TARGET.


  75. oldsalt79 | July 2, 2012 at 2:09 pm |

    While I don’t know where you live, but I can say with authority that the level of wind that struck Ft.Wayne and the surrounding area was measured at the airport at 95MPH. This was NOT tornadic action .Such a storm is sometimes called a a GALE,and often such storms can pack HURRICANE strength winds.This sort of weather doesn’t happen very often over land…

    Hi oldsalt,
    I live in the most northern part of VA (very close to WV). This storm came on so suddenly (Fri)… just as one of my daughters was leaving to go home, and she described her difficulty trying to keep the car on the road. Winds were clocked at 70MPG. Trees were downed everywhere (including my yard… oh well… fire wood). I am grateful to have my power back on, as many in my area are not expected to receive power back till this Fri.

    Oldsalt, I learned by this how vulnerable I am. If something more major happens, I need to be better prepared. I am not what you would call a prepper, but I do understand that WATER is precious. And secondly food should be stored up for a couple of months. Some say more, yet some say I’m being silly for even doing that much. But that is my goal.

  76. I meant MPH, not MPG. Golly. Just call me stupid.

  77. bob strauss

    SueQ | July 2, 2012 at 8:46 pm |

    I meant MPH, not MPG. Golly. Just call me stupid.
    SueQ | July 2, 2012 at 8:46 pm |
    SueQ, we had a similar weather event when I lived in N TX, there they called it the big Blowdown.

  78. I can’t believe that after all the evils things the usurper has done to our country he has his nerve to say Romney is rotten to the core. Bo is the one who is a lying fraud who is all evil and has darkness inside. He is the most rotten to the core monster. How can people be so blind to think he is likeable? He is taking away our liberties and dividing everyone and destroying our constitution, yet people say he is likeable? That is what I heard on Fox by someone. People say bo is a family man who is likeable. Romney should really tell people about bo’s radical associations who are mostly in jail. How can a fraud be likeable?

  79. bob strauss

    speedy, Obama got where he is because he can lie better than any other democrat, better than Bill, and Billary. He is a Taqiyya master liar.

  80. Supreme Court Helps Obama Fulfill Dreams from His Communist Mentor
    By Paul Kengor

    …..Among those columns, Frank Marshall Davis wrote a piece on July 21, 1955 calling for taxpayer funding of universal health care. That column was published in the Honolulu Record, which was the Communist Party publication for Hawaii. As Davis put it, he wanted to “see my tax dollars go to insure health care for everybody.”…..
    …..Thanks to the current actions of the Supreme Court, which declared Obama’s health care bid “constitutional,” Frank Marshall Davis is no doubt smiling from his grave. Alas, the old Communist Party crony’s pupil, Barack Obama, has at long last fulfilled the dreams of Frank Marshall Davis: government-controlled “universal health care,” sanctified by the Supreme Court as “constitutional,” and declared a “tax.”…..

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/07/supreme_court_helps_obama_fulfill_dreams_from_his_communist_mentor.html#ixzz1zWQq8akI

  81. Do you know what I expect to happen? Just watch and see what Obama does with the 7 to 2 vote of SCOTUS re the federal control over the states’ medicaid programs being ruled unconstitutional.

    He is completely lawless and will do exactly what he did with the Arizona ruling – thumb his nose and penalize the state. He is hellbent on implementing Obamacare as soon as possible, so I won’t be surprised if he acts to penalize the states who are opting out of the Medicaid provision.

    The SCOTUS ruling be hanged, in his evil, willful mind. THEN what will Congress do? Continue to ignore his egregious acts and look the other way? This is where the rubber will meet the road. This will be the moment of decision for Congress, unless they continue to wear blinders.

  82. Doesn’t it feel lately that every perverted idea and image and lie out of hell is surrounding us?? We’ve forced our Protector out of our country, our minds and our hearts, so this is what we get. And the duped will be herded with the rest. They’ve (marxstream media) steered the ship of state into the iceberg and will go down with it. This “healthcare bill” is the vehicle imagined all along to be used for forcing all of that evil via control.

  83. Observer,
    I do agree completely. We cannot continue to deny God in our national life (as well as individual) and expect His mantel of protection to continue. Didn’t I hear that this rotten bill was hatched by someone (a Marxist) while he was in prison? Of course, the Dems tweaked it to “pass” by hook or crook.

  84. The Top Ten Worst Things in Obamacare

    If the Repubs want to win in November, they had better start educating the public, via TV ads, etc., of the perils that await us if Obama is re-elected.
    I would hope that Romney and company would have the smarts and fortitude to do this job of informing the folks.

  85. This is a sample of what we are dealing with.
    Yesterday on Fox News Sunday I heard Senator Mitch McConnell speak very strongly about repealing Obamacare and he pledged to use all of his power to do so. It sounded positive.

    Then tonight I read this, which has an entirely different tone. What happened since yesterday?
    ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (AP) — It’s on his to-do list, but U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says the odds are against repealing the health care law championed by President Barack Obama.
    The Kentucky Republican said Monday it’s hard to unravel something of the magnitude of the 2,700-page health care law, WHAS-TV


  86. August 23, 2010:

    “GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell Grilled on Obama’s Religion; Says “I Take the President at His Word””

  87. April 21, 2011:

    “George Stephanopoulos And Michele Bachmann ‘Settle’ The Obama Birth Certificate Issue”

    Bachmann: “… I take the president at his word …”

  88. Globe reporting that Obama’s forger has been caught? LInk above.

  89. oldsalt79 | July 2, 2012 at 2:39 pm |
    Not so fast..the machines ARE rigged; so whoever TPTB choose will win; your vote won’t matter.
    It’s like the fraud, in his behavior, already knows he will win. However, all I’ve read suggests the PTB are ready to get rid of the arrogant village idiot.
    And one will never know till November.
    However, I just feel we won’t get there. Just a feeling.

  90. Gordo @ 12:56…I remember watching that segment on GMA last spring with Michelle Bachman and George Steph. I only left the tv on so I could see her. Everyone spoke highly of her at the time and I did watch a video or 2. Anyway, after that interview, I never gave her a second thought nor did I spend a precious second viewing or reading anything about her. Coward! And remember just awhile back it was reported that she is a dual citizen of some European country and the U.S.

    Observer @ 11:44…A very powerful statement. This administration is hell. No love or light or promise or hope. Just total darkness. All we can do is keep shining our light on all this darkness. It’s just very hard to do right now. Good night all.

  91. RMinNC | July 2, 2012 at 5:39 pm |

    I’m not being rude, but if posters on this blog would break away from …say this blog, and research a little of the fraud’s fabricated and ‘created by photoshop’ history, you would have known these things 3 years ago..this information was out there.
    Maybe reading comments/suggested links, and suggested articles from posters, other than the select ‘subdeb’ group here, would keep you in the know?
    Now, wanta know anything??? Just ask.

    Oh, for starters—I do not believe FMD is the father—In fact, I don’t believe SAD is the mother…something very sinsiter is involved here..and it’s more than a ‘boy’ trying to hide something ’embarassing’ in his past/childhood.
    It’s contrived, calculated; and this dude sprang from fricking nowhere.

  92. Added note: there has been a ‘coup’ and 99.9 % of the nation are still in the dark..has one thing since 2007 seemed normal, run of the mill, or for the better or benefit of the nation? Totally opposite.
    FBI, CIA, SC, SOS, CONgress, military..all turning their heads as Rome burns.
    You all know the incompetence and complacency displayed is quite impossible to be real.

  93. Pat 1789 | July 2, 2012 at 7:55 pm |
    He has been informed I will campaign against him if even a dog tick runs in 2014 against him…but that won’t happen; this POS voted for the bail out in 2008.
    Nuff said.

  94. SueQ…with all he anomalies happening in our states–fires, droughts, floods..how could anyone with a better than 50 IQ..think to NOT prepare.
    Hell, I have 6 years of food; been prepping for 3 years..supplies, generator, gasoline, clothes, oil lanterns, even a military wood burning stove, sheets, towels/washcloths, hygiene up the ying yang, black paper to cover windows, car oil, cleaning supplies, Coleman camper cooker, 6 years of TP, potassium iodide pills, a Berkey and extra filters, calcium hypochlorite (for if the Berkey broke for some odd reason, 20 drums of water.
    If the SHTF tonight, there is not ONE reason for me to leave this house.
    The farmer across the highway I will try to barter my supplies for he has a huge lake.
    I sleep with confidence that I will not die because I am unprepared.

  95. Correction: I sleep with confidence that I will not die because I AM ‘prepared’.
    Laugh all you want–it’s coming.

  96. hGetting Started in Food Storage……a Virtual Tour of a Grocery Storettp://seasonedcitizenprepper.com/getting-started-in-food-storage/

    Yes, I have all 12 areas covered but much more than the suggestion here.
    I calculated the costs for these items–a mere $250 and with an added 15% increase for prices, a mere $285 and this is a lot of food.
    Water is free..from the faucet, using 2 liter bottles, juice bottles(never milk jugs). Start prepping now.The govt, FEMA, Homeland Security doesn’t give a s**t about you. This nation has not one grain in its silos–research that!!

  97. Getting Started in Food Storage……a Virtual Tour of a Grocery Store http://seasonedcitizenprepper.com/getting-started-in-food-storage/
    OOPS..letters misplaced

  98. JayJay….Everyone has their own take on things..for your information, most people on this blog HAVE known we have an unknown in the WH for over three years.

    Those who blogs on here knows HE spring from no where, but the question is; where is no where. In your valued opinion, was he hatched?

    You easily put down others who have opinions, but seldom offer your take in rebuttal . I and other here will agree with one thing you said. Something very sinister is going on here.

    Something very sinister has been going on in America for some time now, it didn’t just start with Mr. Obama.

    Those who blog here do not profess to know the answers, but we are searching for them without being rude to others in the process.

    Now I would like to know your expert and valued opinion on on who Mr. Obama’s father and mother is, and exactly what is this sinister thing we face.

    If you say Planet X, I might agree with you.

  99. bob strauss

    JayJay, @ 3:33am
    Have you planned for the eruption of of the Yellowstone super volcano? When it erupts all bets are off.

  100. bob strauss

    Rep. Allen West: Obama Wants Americans To “Be His Slave”

  101. Attorney Apuzzo Files Petition With NJ Supreme Court in NJ Obama Ballot Challenge


    I applaud those who keep fighting….their joy should come from fighting the good fight (as St. Paul says….and of course look how his great converted life ended and are the good any different today?!!), but from our experience the court system looks like one that now sees everything through the prism of politics and not evidence.

    And I’m afraid Mitch McConnell is like the rest….now too lazy, fat and happy in their positions with no fire in the belly to fight for the people. They have reached the self image of just being in a position they think they deserve; giving media interviews, “donating” their opinions, revealing their state of mind of sluggishness to the audience, and demonstrating to the opposition that there is nothing to be afraid of coming from them….status quo is fine with them….without any vision as to the horror coming due to their weakened underbellies.

    And, btw, just where is Romney? Obama is media covered endlessly, even when he does nothing. If nothing else the no nothing voters normally go for the face and noise that’s out there the most. All we see and hear are Romney’s “spokespersons” and rebuttal ads to the aggressive lies from the other side. I’m afraid that Romney is another like George H. W. Bush….emotional, bendable, shy in a certain sense, and protective while his wife is the stronger of the two. They have too much to protect personally to go out on a limb and risk much for the sake of the country. They might fight in an organized military where they follow orders and are a part of an already cohesive group. But singularly they don’t know how to take up the fight in their own vision….as did Reagan. Of course Reagan was blessed with fellow thinkers towards the same goal like Thatcher and John Paul II….with a different type of Soviet leader (desiring to be more cosmopolitan) in Gorbachev. But as we’ve seen with McConnell, the “leadership” cry today is “it’s bigger than both of us”…..nothing left to do…..it’s a foregone conclusion to be swallowed by the evil that DOES have fire in its belly, literally!

  102. bob strauss

    What the Media Won’t Tell You About Jared Loughner

    Click to access death-cult.pdf


  103. There’s an interesting article at American Thinker today by Pamela Geller on why some Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. The Gallup poll shows only 11%. I’m sure it is much higher.

    I’ve mentioned the Bible Code here before. In one place it seems to show Biden as the 45th US President. (Sometimes I wonder what I’m supposed to do with these apparent Bible Code “finds” and whether they mean anything?) Out of curiosity I go searching for encrypted things in the Torah with the computer program I obtained from a bookstore in Israel. I stumbled across these “finds” indicating Biden’s ascendancy and Obama’s removal in Genesis 3 thru 5, with the date July 20, 2012 very prominent. The modified Julian day even shows at a multiple of the matrix.

    In the Book of Numbers the encryptions indicate to me that Obama’s true father is Malcolm Little, otherwise known as Malcolm X. This seems to be affirmed in a “find” in the Five Books of Moses together. Stanley Ann Dunham is indicated as his mother.

    Anyway, in Numbers there is an encryption, “Obama (a)Ish Ra,” Obama is an evil man. This is right next to NSEE-44 (44th President). If you turn “evil man,” and read it backwards, in Hebrew it is “Ar ShIa,” which means, “enemy Shiite.”

    Most Orthodox rabbis would probably disapprove of my Torah Code explorations as an attempt at divination. I am not trying predict anything, but these “finds” of encrypted information relative to a common matrix are curious indeed. Since CW offers this forum, of which I’ve been a very small part since the election of the Imposter in Chief, I feel inclined to share some of this strange phenomena at times.

  104. I might mention two Bible Code students, a Dr. Robert Wolf and Joel Gallis, who predicted Obama’s election from encryptions in the Bible Code way back in May of 2007. Dr. Wolf said Obama was a prophetic prototype of a figure in Daniel and Gog who is mentioned in Ezekiel. He said Obama would be removed from office after 3 1/2 years based on the Daniel prophecy. July 20, 2012, is exactly 3 1/3 years to the day from which Obama took office (Januarry 20, 2009).

    Joel Gallis died. I’m not sure how. The Dr. Wolf seems to have disappeared. I’ve tried to locate him via the internet. His blog sites have not been attended to at all. The two wrote a 2-vol book together called Between the Lines, which I have not seen. Anyway, I wanted to locate Dr.Wolf to discuss these “finds” I stumbled across.

    There is a scripture in Isaiah where the Lord says He declares the end from the beginning. He knows what will happen as He is omniscient. I hope the prayers and turn towards God of those who truly want to follow “In God We Trust” will help bring this dark hour, symbolized by what is happening in Washington DC right now–the storms and blackouts and hellish heat–to an end.

  105. JayJay,
    From reading your posts on other blogs as well as here, I know that you are a very serious prepper. Here again, as RNinNC pointed out, we each have our own take on things. And, yes, some of us have known much information for at least a couple of years before O took office. Whatever you have to share, please continue to do so.

    As far as your six years’ worth of food, supplies, etc., I have often wondered what folks who think they are all set will do if their homes and belongings are all destroyed by a tornado, wildfire, or other act of God – or, God forbid, a huge nuclear disaster. I wonder how Colorado preppers feel who had to abandon everything, flee their properties, and return to find everything gone?

    Also, your life won’t be worth a nickel if others besiege your property and steal what you have. Already in place are HLS provisions to take away excess food and share it with the needy. Oh, I know – you are also well armed! Frankly, you scare me. It is not the provisions you have that do that but your over self-confidence and trust in yourself.

    Here again, JayJay, prepping is an individual matter and certainly not one that I would want to broadcast on the internet. To each his own re. this matter, and to insinuate that others who don’t see things the way you do are ignorant, foolhardy, or uninformed is insulting. Sorry, but that is the truth.

  106. Memories of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin during Katrina:

    DC Area Out of Power, Obama on Vacation


    With much of the East Coast still struggling to recover from recent storms that cut power to millions of residents during a heat wave, President Barack Obama is wrapping up a comfortable vacation in Camp David. He was not too busy to visit the scene of wildfires in swing-state Colorado–and make some fundraising calls from Air Force One en route–but he somehow could not muster the strength to address the state of emergency closer to home.
    Dean M. | July 3, 2012 at 10:26 am |
    I tend toward the Dunham mother (too many facial similarities to that family, lazy eye, similar shape of lower faces) and the X father (again, startling genetic similarity between Obama’s eldest and X’s daughter, and with more of the slim, not pudgy body characteristics, leaning also towards X), BUT saying that…..Obama is a fish for whomever has him in his/her influential grip. X wasn’t around to personally effect him with such bonding of ideas as was FMD. FMD was there in the psycho formative years and anointed to be the black side mentor by Zero’s gramps. I think it was FMD’s “dreams” he was set to fulfill….and such ideas must have appealed to a younger, confused and restless Obama in such formation. And all of the other perverted ideas went along with the political. Where else was he to turn? And….FMD had connections (Chicago and elsewhere) into the future to continue that “education” toward the dream of final world Communism…simply introduce Zero to the other thugs and let them spread out the path. The more elitist One World influence was there too via O’s mother’s work connections sponsored by the larger philanthropic funders to which persons such as Timmy Geithner was familially connected. And the knowledge of Zero being formed by all such Commies with further Soviet connections, and via Commie news media, etc., dove tails with the report of Tom Fife, the businessman back in 1992 attempting to form some Russian business liaisons after the fall of Soviet Union. His report includes the still rabid Commie female apparatchik at his going home dinner….who spoke of the already established formation in Communism of this “chocolate baby”, sent to the “Ivy League” schools with the name of Barack…who would “renew world Communism”. What an earlier type of “world wide web” indeed!!

  107. Cabby – AZ | July 3, 2012 at 10:42 am |
    Very wise and realistic advice re: prepping. Of course if there is an opportunity for some readiness, following common sense without paralyzing fear, such preparedness must also realize that we would probably also be called to be generous with other like minded neighbors who also wish to live in a better world. With the grace of God falling upon the evil ones as the good (whether rejected or not, decided by our free will), the good have always had to suffer along with the bad. And yes, those who store up ought not to advertise for their own good. The best protection is to now unite our hearts with God’s Will and call upon His protection, and calling upon His legions of angels and saints as well. The battle of course is one between principalities and powers….the real spiritual battle. And we know what the outcome is with the eventual chaining. So, even with death, that is the best preparedness. There will be big changes for the remnant that will continue to the renewed time/period after that chaining of evil. Those changes, as we are witnessing more and more lately, coming closer and closer together, involve not only the political, but nature itself rebelling against the un-natural and evil. And they all said……!!!

  108. Observer,
    You have just perfectly added to my post and said what is in the depths of my heart. I wanted to say more, but the post was getting too long. The “sharing” aspects that we will face, plus the ever-important, overriding principle of uniting “our hearts with God’s Will and call upon His protection…..” are SO important.
    “And they all said…..AMEN !

    How about these verses from the book of Jeremiah 9-23-24? (two favorites)

    Thus saith the LORD, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches:

    But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth Me, that I am the LORD which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the LORD.

  109. Regarding prepping, I couldn’t agree more with Cabby and Observer.

    Cabby – AZ | July 3, 2012 at 10:42 am |
    “Frankly, you scare me. It is not the provisions you have that do that but your over self-confidence and trust in yourself.”

    observer | July 3, 2012 at 11:21 am |
    “The best protection is to now unite our hearts with God’s Will and call upon His protection… . So, even with death, that is the best preparedness.”


  110. Cabby….good posts you are making today.

    Another subject;

    Stand tall, be proud, think positive.
    Tomorrow America will be 236 years old…1776 to 2012

    .I wanted to have a blow-out parade on my circle tomorrow, but the wife nixed that saying I would most likely be the only one in the parade and the men in the little white padded van would take me away for evaluation.

    I told her that’s Ok with me, I have never been ashamed of my patriotism. In fact, I’m damn proud to be an American. I told her revolutions have been started by only one man, but ended by many.

    Happy Birthday America…may there be many many more
    and may God help us heal from this cancer we now have in our White House.

    p.s. i may even try on my old uniform and see how many inches I have put on the waist line.My body struggles with age, but my mind is still sharp as a tack, or at least I think so.

    Have a good day Cabby, and God Bless America.

  111. Cabby and Observer,
    The verses from Jeremiah are perfect and calling upon our Lord, his angels and saints are choices we can make within the chaos. Thank you. May our Lord bless this nation and take pity upon his believers.

  112. You easily put down others who have opinions, but seldom offer your take in rebuttal
    Opinions are a dime a dozen.
    Focus on facts.
    I don’t view sites to rebut..but to learn.
    I feel I am here for one reason; I am on a mission.
    I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
    “His part we can not do; our part He will not do”


  113. bob strauss | July 3, 2012 at 9:59 am |
    JayJay, @ 3:33am
    Have you planned for the eruption of of the Yellowstone super volcano? When it erupts all bets are off.
    Ahh. that attitude.
    Odds are against my home burning; I have homeowners.
    Odds are against me having an auto accident; I have auto insurance.
    Odds are against me falling in the newly created river in the New Madrid fault line earthquake; I have food, survival insurance any how.
    Your argument is sophomoric at best.

  114. JayJay | July 3, 2012 at 1:09 pm |

    You easily put down others who have opinions, but seldom offer your take in rebuttal
    Opinions are a dime a dozen.
    Focus on facts.
    I don’t view sites to rebut..but to learn.
    I feel I am here for one reason; I am on a mission.
    I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
    “His part we can not do; our part He will not do”


    Most here can’t handle the TRUTH JayJay….that is why they put you down….BRAVO on your preparedness…..I wish I was half as prepared! 🙂

  115. Cabby – AZ | July 3, 2012 at 10:42 am |
    Your post sounds desperate and as if you are apologizing for not preparing for a disaster like….uh, economic collapse.
    People as prepared as I do have weapons…so, in your way of thinking, just crawl up and die; not gonna happen.

  116. In response to all MY lack of faith for prepping and MY arrogance in doing so…..Noah was the first prepper; Joseph saved millions using the dreams God sent him.
    If I reached just one person reading these comments, my mission is complete.
    With all the weather anomalies, I lavish in the knowledge that one family has listened and have supplies for their children.
    When God gets ready to call His children home, so be it. You and I know not the time…I am ready for what comesBEFORE that time.

  117. JayJay | July 3, 2012 at 1:21 pm |

    Cabby – AZ | July 3, 2012 at 10:42 am |
    Your post sounds desperate and as if you are apologizing for not preparing for a disaster like….uh, economic collapse.

    No, you are the desperate one. And foolish, I might add. You have filled up your store house and taken your ease. Just like the person Jesus described. And that very night, his life was required of him. Read it for yourself JayJay.

    Unless you have the Spirit of God living in you, you can KYAGB. Sorry for the profanity.

    I agree with you that we cannot depend on Government to save us! But we CAN depend on our Lord Jesus to guide us. That is why it is such a personal decision.

    It would do you well to invest a few bucks in a Bible.

  118. JayJay you said…

    I feel I am here for one reason; I am on a mission.

    Exactly what is that mission? is it having everyone prepare for a doomsday senerio?

    I think you would be surprised at how many people are prepared for an emergency in America, but don’t openly talk about it.

    After 77 years, I think I am ready for almost anything that comes down the pike, but the details of my plan are not for publication.

  119. jacqlynsmith | July 3, 2012 at 1:19 pm |
    As I stated before Jaclyn; sitting back waiting for God to intervene with all these weather anomalies and man-made events is NOT my style.
    By the way, all here paying 25% higher prices for EVERYTHING since 2008…how’s that working for ya??
    LOL…yes, Jaclyn…it’s raining in every state for our farmers. The acquifers are over-flowing.
    Colorado isn’t burning.
    The farmers will not pay twice average prices for hay rotting and drying up in the fields.
    Corn is not laying in fields burning; therefore, your price for corn and all corn products will be cheaper the longer you wait to buy.
    There are plentiful shrimp, tuna, seafood in general; not contaminated by the Gulf spill or the Japan disaster.
    Canned goods and beef will be cheaper next year because of the rampant droughts.
    Gardens will have abundant yields thanks to the droughts and intervention of Monsanto and their toxin producing plants.
    The 70 fires right now in the U.S. will have no effect on food prices; in fact, it will decrease food prices.

  120. SueQ,….you are a silver-tongued lady

    You certainly don’t mince words, and have such an eloquent way of expressing yourself….I love it !
    Especially the KYAGB….that pretty well said it all.

  121. One more time…
    I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
    Maybe you preaching to me need to look further in YOUR Bibles.
    Mine reads differently, perhaps.

  122. coldwarvet2

    …might be well to note that, as I have said before, in the event of the country falling to a “soft socialism’, as happened in Argentina and could well happen here, the first things that would be noticable would be the relative absence of eessential goods (food) and services (police/fire)…
    Huge black markets will be created and that is where all the trading will be taking place (money)….for things like fuel, weapons, T/P…use your imagination…
    No one likes hearing this stuff, especially me, but it is well to know that it can, and has, happened before…

  123. And in a disaster, if my life is taken…my preps will feed many children; a note is attached on a Bible in all the rooms with my stores…..AMEN!!
    God, use our hands; guide our feet; help us to be more like your Son each day in preaching your will and sharing your blessings….Amen.

  124. Perhaps you could compare this with parents asking their bratty kid who’s screaming at them for permission to sit at the dinner table and share the kid’s favorite food that the parents worked for, paid for and prepared themselves. Once you establish this type of relationship you’ll never be right and nothing can satisfy….only more demands and humiliations.

    Clinton apologizes to Pakistan for airstrike deaths, says supply lines to re-open

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/07/03/clinton-apologizes-to-pakistan-for-airstrike-deaths-says-supply-lines-to-re/#ixzz1zaJiUGPN

  125. coldwarvet2

    It would appear that we are being affected by a thing known as the “herd instinct”, which grows in proportion to the level of lies and misinformation the population can absorb. I can think of no other obvious reason why there appears to be this mid line political break we are observing.
    “That” is the reason we are here…at least for now anyway.

  126. I was waiting for this:

    Statement by Plaintiff’s Counsel Larry Klayman on Voeltz v Obama FL Ballot Challenge Dismissal


    Pretty much what we said here!!

  127. JayJay……………….
    You are welcome to your thoughts regarding voting and the ramifications of vote rigging. Here is one especially for you……Stand in the middle of your living room (IF YOU HAVE ONE) many people don’t, then without support of any kind LIFT BOTH FEET FROM THE FLOOR SIMULTANEOUSLY. If you can do this then you are the only person on earth who can. I have been on earth 80 years,operated a successful commercial printing company (which my son now operates). I graduated from a local high school, belonged to the Indiana National Guard, and also served in the US Navy. Through all of this I have learned emphatically that UP is NOT DOWN. There are certain mechanical devices which CANNOT be CORRUPTED, simply by virtue of HOW they are designed, and used. I KNOW this …..I learned it LONG AGO. If you drop an apple it falls until it is stopped at the floor or ground. This is referred to as a POSITIVE STOP. It is also looked upon as REALITY. When someone attempts to either circumvent, or PERVERT REALITY there is no longer a POSITIVE STOP, and UP can become down simplly by one’s IMAGINATION. That said the same applies to voting machine rigging. I seriously doubt that you have ever even looked at a 1930s,1940s,or 1950s voting machine. These were built in such a way that they could NOT BE CORRUPTED without completely rebuilding every one of them mechanically. Even their MECHANICAL VOTE COUNTERS were SEALED after they were ZEROED and observed as such by both parties. Such a venture would never have been allowed by the company that manufactured them in the first place, because they held the PATENT RIGHTS to the machines. Anyone who would attempt to alter a patented machine to do the opposite of what it was designed to do would have faced some very severe legal penalties simply because everyone knew exactly what the machines were supposed to do. This is primarily why I advocate the return to these machines. But these machines were SLOW and cumbersome to transport,along with being expensive to build. So there was a very slow evolution of voting machinery, into a electro-mechanical mode, which finally gave way to fully electronic computer control. NOW WE DO INDEED HAVE monster electronic voting hardware which can be CORRUPTED by a single entry from another computer. If you can produce CERTIFIABLE EVIDENCE of illegal programming variants having been installed in any of the voting machines, which would cause the equipment to operate incorrectly, you should make it known to the GENERAL PUBLIC VIA any and all newspapers who will print the story. I would suggest GLOBE as a starting point. Globe Publishing will PAY HANDSOMELY for such stories………..but ONLY if the story can be VERIFIED. Go get EM JAY JAY, more power to you! Then there is also National Enquirer!

  128. Observer…………
    Once again it becomes clear that the courts are NEVER going to allow ANYTHING relating to Soetoro to MOVE FORWARD…….as long as they remain in Soetoro’s hip pocket. They simply INVENT a reason and use that reason to throw out the action. In reality it is useless to keep trying via the courts. There IS ONLY two options left………..take him out at the ballot box……….The Declaration of Independence describes the FINAL ACT!.

  129. Y’all be careful out there ya hear?

    Heat buckles Highway 29, video captures airborne SUV


  130. You can PREP for your perception of whatever will happen until hell freezes over but there are NO REAL GUARANTEES that your endless prepping will provide even miniscule help to survive. Survival is in reality a knowledge which permits one to utilise literally ANYTHING in the course of staying alive. While I generally agree that prepping might be of some help there is NO guarantee that the prepping will help at all. This would depend largely upon the sort of natural disaster, or MAN MADE DISASTER that has occurred. Can you live off the land? Do you even know how to survive?

  131. Old Salt….

    In my younger days as a young officer, I was an instructor at the Ranger Training command….You are so right when you say survival is an individual thing.

    If a soldier could not handle stress and learn quickly how to live “‘off the land”, he quickly washed out of training.

    As a young soldier, when I first went through the rigors of Ranger training, I quickly learned exactly what my limitations were.They were mainly set by the frame of mind I was in at any given point in time.

    To survive, one must maintain a POSITIVE attitude or he/she will perish quickly.

    Survival in almost any situation depends on the frame of mind an individual is in and the training he has been given to survive. Regardless of how much that person may prep for an emergency, if he hasn’t the heart and training to survival…he will not make it.

    I learned quickly survival was “the positive will to live, and adapt quickly to your new environment” as best you can.

    In short, you can have a barn full of rations, and all the guns you can carry, and still not survive unless you have the will to live and be prepared to adapt to your new environment.


  132. Thanks RMin NC,

    God bless you. Going through some very difficult times. Appreciate your encouraging words.

    Listening to Handel’s Messiah “I know that my redeemer liveth and He shall stand at the latter days upon the earth.”

  133. Cabby - AZ

    I’m just getting ready to respond to one of JayJay’s analyis of me – a finale, if you will, and then I read your 4:22 pm post and as always, you never cease to bless me. Thank you for those words. I love Handel’s Messiah.
    “King of kings, Lord of lords, forever and ever….”

  134. Cabby - AZ

    JayJay | July 3, 2012 at 1:21 pm |
    Cabby – AZ | July 3, 2012 at 10:42 am |
    Your post sounds desperate and as if you are apologizing for not
    preparingfor a disaster like….uh, economic collapse.
    People as prepared as I do have weapons…so, in your way of thinking, just crawl up and die; not gonna happen.
    Jayjay, peace to you, too. I’m sorry that you misunderstood the post to which you refer to above. My point is that the extent and type of prepping is entirely an individual matter for each of us, because we each have different life circumstances – family, monetary concerns, health matters, age, and on and on. We also each have individual philosophies and convictions. None of us should try to impose on others what we ourselves feel is the right thing to do. In other words, it is a very personal matter and a private decision.

    You say that in my “way of thinking, just crawl up and die; not gonna happen.” That is so far from the truth. If you really knew me you would understand that I probably have a wider range of apprehensions than you do. Hence, for me, advance preparation beyond reasonable limits is to little avail. You mention having all types of insurance, etc. If things get as bad as they may, the insurance companies will be broke. What about a severe injury that needs medical care and there are no doctors available?

    Old Salt and RMinNC have lived through the perils of war when their very existence was on the line. I love the comments they have made, especially this one from RMinNC, “In short, you can have a barn full of rations, and all the guns you can carry, and still not survive unless you have the will to live and be prepared to adapt to your new environment.”

    Old Salt’s statement is excellent, too – “You can PREP for your perception of whatever will happen until hell freezes over but there are NO REAL GUARANTEES that your endless prepping will provide even miniscule help to survive. Survival is in reality a knowledge which permits one to utilise literally ANYTHING in the course of staying alive.”

    Two different warriors with essentially the same philosophy. Someday it is within the realm of possibility that I will be hauled off to a re-education camp, or probably they will spare themselves the trouble by extermination. Don’t mean to be morbid, but at a time like that I’m going to need all of the grace that God can give and the faith of a Corrie ten Boom, or a Martin Niemoller. No earthly goods will sustain me then.

    Jayjay, You are doing what you feel is right, so no one is criticizing you for it. You are just being gently admonished to think less narrowly.
    You can respond however you wish, but this will be the last word from me on the subject. Buh-bye.

  135. Blessing and honor, glory and power be on to him forever and ever! Hallelujah! King of Kings! Lord of Lords!
    Sorry… couldn’t resist.

  136. NBC_Vic_Hern

    Thanks to Billary, the libs have all the FBI records on the current
    DC players, including the Justices.
    A handful of newcomers may not be as “well known”.
    Does anyone know if all newbies to Congress are background
    checked by the FBI before committee appointments are made?
    We all here know the benefits of sending many new loyal conservatives
    to DC, but how do we determine what garbage they haul with them
    before the libs do their thing and exploit?
    We know the commie/lib community has their eyes on everything/
    everywhere in DC, as they obviously have been building on this
    for decades, waiting and watching to pounce.
    Methinks the only practical solution is to split the country in half
    and let them go their way.
    Then they won’t have to fly-over.

  137. Part of ladysforest’s comment:


    “The Honolulu newspapers USED to have a archive of the actual papers, as well as the microfilms. That was all quietly closed right about the same time that the obama newspaper birth announcements showed up. I’ve written to the consolidated Honolulu Star Advertiser to ask about the archives, and they have never even acknowledged my emails. Nothing back to me at all.”

  138. … unto us a child is born, and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God, The everlasting Father,The Prince of Peace…

    Handel’s Messiah is pure awesome!

  139. I for one am in no way critical of JayJay’s beliefs. In fact I believe that he/she does indeed know the difference between “no survival mentality”, and simply “BEING PREPARED.” It would seem that Jay Jay knows exactly what was taught to our Boy Scouts from day one. It stayed with me all of my years to this date. A Scout is…….. TRUSTWORTHY,LOYAL,HELPFUL,FRIENDLY,COURTEOUS,KIND ,OBEDIENT,CHEERFUL, THRIFTY, BRAVE ,CLEAN AND REVERENT….(in that order).These were once the attributes EXPECTED of the members of the BSA.

  140. Cabby……….
    Here is something for you……….I do not know if you have ever listened to any Bach Cantatas. There is one which I have always liked, particularly since it is used by Jacquie Lawson in one of her Ecard presentations. It is called “The Sheep may safely graze”. You can go to You Tube, and type the name into the search engine and listen to it.


    © 2012 jbjd

    “(The following narrative explaining the Texas Ballot Challenge is incorporated into a slide show presented by Texas citizen/activist Kelly Canon of Arlington, to civic groups throughout the state.)

    Texas, We Have a Problem

    We here in Texas have a problem with our 2012 general election ballot; and I’m going to tell you how we can fix it.”


  142. Comment at ORYR:


    “It has already been forgotten that Obama claimed he was “Kenyan born – raised in Indonesia and Hawaii” for at LEAST 16 years. (until 4 months after he announced candidacy for president)

    Now obots (and media) want to aliby for him that he was LYING ALL THAT TIME – in fact lying ALL HIS LIFE until the last 4 years he finally tells the truth. (so 16+ years vs 4 years)

    So they want to claim he LIED his way into college (and probably federal grants/loans).

    They don’t realize, (or don’t want to admit):

    1. That it is harder to prove entry into college than it is for president. So it is very unlikely that he could have gotten into 3 college’s with lies. (He would probably have to have PROVEN that he was “foreign born”.)

    2. IF he received federal grants/loans under FALSE PRETENSES, that is a FEDERAL CRIME in itself.

    Either way … “BOOK EM – DANNO” !!!”

  143. citizenwells

    Strong point GORDO.

  144. Hi there! This article couldn’t be written much better! Looking at this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I most certainly will forward this article to him. Fairly certain he’ll have a very good
    read. Thanks for sharing!


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