Unemployment claims rise 10000, Private sector job adds fewer than expected, First quarter economy growth revised downward, Change and no hope

Unemployment claims rise 10000, Private sector job adds fewer than expected, First quarter economy growth revised downward, Change and no hope

“And we can see the positive impacts right here at Solyndra. Less than a year ago, we were standing on what was an empty lot.But through the Recovery Act, this company received a loan to expand its operations. This new factory is the result of those loans.”…Barack Obama

“One could make the argument that Pritzker was the most important person in Barack Obama’s presidential bid – except, perhaps, for Obama himself. A longtime Obama friend, Pritzker was national finance chairwoman for the Obama campaign throughout his 2008 presidential effort. She helped him raise a record $750 million from a dizzying array of donors.
Obama’s huge fundraising advantage not only gave him clout during the primaries against Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), but also provided the means to bypass federal funding for the general election and dramatically outspend Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)…Washington Post 

“Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama says he’ll crack down on fraudulent sub-prime lenders. If he really means it he can start by firing his campaign finance chair, Penny Pritzker. Before taking over Obama’s campaign finances, she headed up the borderline shady and failed Superior Bank. It collapsed in 2002. The bank’s sordid story and its abominable role in fueling the sub-prime crisis are well known and documented. It engaged in deceptive and faulty lending, questionable accounting practices, and charged hidden fees. It did it with the sleepy-eyed see-no-evil oversight of federal. It made thousands of dubious loans to mostly poor, strapped homeowners. A disproportionate number of them were minority.

Obama’s home state, Illinois, ranked near the top of thee states in the percentage of sub-prime mortgages. Nearly 15 percent of home loans were sub-prime according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. But that only tells part of the tale. According to the Woodstock Institute, a Chicago non-profit that studies housing issues, the sub-prime fall-out was far higher in the predominantly black and Latino neighborhoods of South and Southwest Chicago.

The predictable happened when many of those lost their homes. When the bank collapsed Pritzker and bank officials skipped away with their profits and reputations intact. Aside from the financial and personal misery sub prime lenders caused the thousands of distressed homeowners, sub-prime lending has been a major cause of the housing crisis in many areas, and has dealt a sledgehammer blow to the economy. Obama has said nothing about Pritzker, Superior Bank, or their dubious practices.”…Huffington Post, February 29, 2008

We got the change Obama promised and no hope as long as he stays in office.

From the US Labor Dept. May 31, 2012.

“In the week ending May 26, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 383,000, an increase of 10,000 from the previous week’s revised figure of 373,000. The 4-week moving average was 374,500, an increase of 3,750 from the previous week’s revised average of 370,750.”


From Zachs Investment Research May 31, 2012.

“For the second month in a row, the monthly jobs report from Automatic Data Processing (ADP – Snapshot Report) missed expectations. Since the ADP report tries to preview the monthly labor market report from the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), this morning’s disappointing read does not bode well for tomorrow’s BLS report. For May, the ADP report is showing private-sector jobs of 133K, below expectations of 154K (according to Bloomberg). The tally for April was modestly revised downwards to 113K (from 119K). The expectation for private sector jobs in Friday’s BLS report is for 164K.”


From Bloomberg Business Week May 31, 2012.

“U.S. Economy Q1 Growth Revised Downward”

“The U.S. economy grew more slowly in the first quarter than previously estimated, reflecting smaller gains in inventories and bigger government cutbacks.

Gross domestic product climbed at a 1.9 percent annual rate from January through March, down from a 2.2 percent prior estimate, revised Commerce Department figures showed today in Washington. The report also showed corporate profits rose at the slowest pace in more than three years and smaller wage gains at the end of 2011.”


44 responses to “Unemployment claims rise 10000, Private sector job adds fewer than expected, First quarter economy growth revised downward, Change and no hope

  1. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    SueQ | May 31, 2012 at 5:13 am |
    Gov. Paterson to interview Corsi on air
    ‘Threshold question is whether or not you’re eligible’

    GovPaterson710 The @BarackObama “birther” controversy: what’s the Gov’s REAL stance? Listen today 4PM ET wor.co/yQLSDH and weigh in at 800-321-0710 !

    It is on RIGHT NOW

  2. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    PS – Remember it is “RATINGS”!!

  3. Hope is fading…good riddance.

  4. John Edwards trial ends in…..MISTRIAL
    Millions of taxpayer dollars down the drain and Edwards walks….

  5. Wonderful if true….use discernment…..also there is an update…..

    Thursday, May 31, 2012
    Deep Intel Down The Rabbit Hole 5-31-12
    Time for a special update one good one.

    Tim Geithner – FORMER Secretary Of The Treasury
    Timmie boy of the treasury lost his job and has been formally arrested. He has been replaced by a “Beverly” of the Treasury. He is outing out all his former buddies of the Nazis NWO, Banking Buddies and Obama. He is singing like a canary trying to get immunity.

    The Chinese were instrumental in getting this done.

    Wonder how safe O is feeling now?

    A Patriot Of The Republic
    John MacHaffie


    AnonymousMay 31, 2012 2:36 PM

    John- Have you confirmed this statement? As you know you have millions of visitors to this site and I hope that you verify your Intel. Blessings to you.

    John MacHaffieMay 31, 2012 2:51 PM

    verified — with an update

    Beverly may be replacing Bernake as head of the defunct Federal Reserve. To be clarified with an Announcement Friday.

    Both Bernake and Geithner are under arrest in Wash DC
    AnonymousMay 31, 2012 3:30 PM

    OMG!! Thank you John, thank you Jesus, thank you China, and anyone else involved, we are all blessed by having you. There is hope for America after all.

  6. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    RMinNC | May 31, 2012 at 4:35 pm |

    John Edwards trial ends in…..MISTRIAL


    I am steaming.

    PS – Corsi will be on a 5 PM

  7. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)
  8. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Next – He will be running for attorney general.

  9. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Edwards hasn’t talked yet because he is waiting for all the bids to come in from the MSM. “Ratings”

  10. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Here is the famous “Combing Hair” taken by his mistress Rielle.

  11. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Here is John Edwards selling awnings –

  12. Comments at wtpotus:


    “Dr. Ron Polland (@TheDrRJP) | May 31, 2012 at 2:19 pm | Reply

    The birth date is missing from the Letter of Verification because it is not August 4, 1961 on record. Bennett filled out the same form that you have to fill out to get a birth certificate. Every field has to be filled in verbatim.

    If what you entered does not exactly match what they have on file, they leave the space blank. I have verified that this is what happens.

    Bridgette | May 31, 2012 at 2:36 pm | Reply

    I don’t know who wrote in a comment the information that was requested to compare it to what was sent. But the parents names were missing and I even think the age was incorrect for Ann. She was 17 when she allegedly gave birth, but I believe they had 18. ( I am going from memory, so I can be wrong). They just gave a statement that the rest of the information was the same as the copy of the BC that was sent. That isn’t verifying, because they left out information that is pertinent. If it wasn’t on that form, then it isn’t verified.

    So the parent’s names don’t match nor does the birth date (Zullo said the birth date was in question.) They gave the place of birth of the parents, but not their names.”

  13. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    jacqlynsmith | May 31, 2012 at 4:35 pm –


    If that story is true this day will go down as one of the Best-Worst days in America’s history!!

  14. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    For those listening to Former Governor Patterson of NY and is black, his interview with Mr. Corsi and callers is most cordial and fair. I ‘ve tried to call in and ask why Obama’s sister who was born in Indonesia has a Hawaian birth certificate???

  15. Bill you say you are steaming…..

    I’m BOILING mad

  16. This is what I’ve been afraid of with all the time that’s been allowed by the courts and those who haven’t backed the demands to see things NOW:


    Corsi also told WND an intelligence source in Hawaii who warned early last year that a forged Obama birth record would be released also is reporting a forged “original” birth certificate intended to pass forensic inspection by using 1961 materials is being prepared and could be released as an “October surprise.”

    The source, who has contact with Hawaii government officials, was questioned by Mike Zullo, the head of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse team.


    Zullo told WND that regardless of whether the Hawaii source’s information pans out, he wants to see the original microfilm record of Obama’s birth.

    “If they decide to try to produce a document, we’re going to be skeptical,” he said. “We’ve been calling for the microfilm from the beginning.”

    The Hawaii source said ink and paper from 1961 have been secured to create an “original” document that would correspond with the digital copy posted on the White House website.

    As WND reported one year ago, radical supporters of Obama have openly admitted their role in the forging of a Kenyan Obama birth certificate.

  17. Well, at least for today it doesn’t look like Timmy G is sitting in any DC hoosegow since it’s being reported that a Spanish official is on his way to meet with Geithner over the now Spanish financial crisis!

    Rule for discernment…if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

  18. Edwards will replace Biden on the drat ticket!

  19. The Hawaii source said ink and paper from 1961 have been secured to create an “original” document that would correspond with the digital copy posted on the White House website.

    Even so aren’t there tests that would show just WHEN said “1961” ink was put to said “1961” paper?!

  20. I have to give the Libs credit. They actually got 19000 retards to send emails to AZ.
    I bet 18999 of them came from Kenya , North Korea or Iran.


  21. Truthbetold11

    Edwards knows waaaay to much dirt on everyone. Mistrials tell no tales

  22. The first 12 hours after the US dollar collapse.

  23. Mr. Bill(ms. helga) | May 31, 2012 at 4:18 pm |
    It is on RIGHT NOW

    Good morning,
    I just now finished listening to the Corsi interview. I thought during the first part, Paterson did his best to make Corsi look foolish, but his reputation was redeemed when he later took calls. Just my first impression. What did you think? I bet Paterson’s ratings have never been higher.

  24. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)


  25. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  26. What could be coming our way???……Heard about this film opening today???

    The timing of “For Greater Glory’s” release feels like the work of a whole lot of prayer.

    Just when Catholics across the nation are battling the Obama administration in court over religious liberties a film recalling a chapter in Mexican history in which Catholics were killed for practicing their faith in public gets a wide theatrical release.


  27. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Today’s biggest news will be the stock market. Dow Jones just hit DOWN 200 before opening. This might be the only way the Republicans can win the election! Cong.Eric Cantor to be on CNBC now.

  28. The unemployment numbers are pretty bad this week.

  29. http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2012/05/indiana-court-subpoenas-obama-to-appear.html

    Indiana Court Subpoenas Obama To Appear And
    Show His Papers At Ballot Challenge Hearing?

    Via Dr. Orly Taitz: Court signed subpoena with the raised seal for Obama to appear in court on June 12 and present all of his identification records. (Forgery that he posted on line does not constitute a valid record, not admissible in court).

  30. Eligibility Activist LoneStar1776(Rudy Davis) Visited By Secret Service Agents:
    Agent Asks If He Will Be On Youtube; Agent Now On Youtube!


  31. Disgusting… New Obama Ad “Dreams of My Daughter” Promotes Taxpayer-Funded Abortions and Free Birth Control

    It’s every little girl’s dream.
    Free birth control and taxpayer-funded abortions.
    After all, you certainly don’t want your daughter to be punished with a baby.
    Here’s the latest disgusting ad from the Obama Campaign.


  32. jacqlynsmith | May 31, 2012 at 4:35 pm |

    …Wonderful if true….use discernment…..also there is an update…..

    …Tim Geithner – FORMER Secretary Of The Treasury
    Timmie boy of the treasury lost his job and has been formally arrested.

    …verified — with an update

    ….Both Bernake and Geithner are under arrest in Wash DC


    Who in the world comes up with this misinformation garbage??? Better yet, who in the world believes this hogwash and whatever conspiratorial site this junk comes from says a ton about any person that visits it…..

    nuff said,

  33. observer | May 31, 2012 at 9:21 pm |

    The Hawaii source said ink and paper from 1961 have been secured to create an “original” document that would correspond with the digital copy posted on the White House website.

    Even so aren’t there tests that would show just WHEN said “1961″ ink was put to said “1961″ paper?!



    I agree with you.

    However, I am thinking that if a “different” original BC was developed and presented to the world, how in the world are they going to explain the differences between the one released and the “new one” released?

    Ok, the last one really wasn’t the “real one”, but this one is?

    Just my opinion, but I think it would be much easier to make up the hospital documents than it would be to re-issue a different BC.

    but again, that’s just my opinion

  34. Observer,

    Just to clarify a bit more.

    It is impossible to create a document, then recreate another document to match it without significant anomalies recognizable by a trained professional.

    One of the biggest hoax ever played with aging documents that I remember well, was the Salamander Documents presented and sold to the Mormon church. look that one up, very interesting. But like all fraudulent documents, they eventually get caught.

  35. William have a look

    Last week Geithner was arrested and released!

  36. William,
    They may use old paper and old version ink but they won’t dare let any real experts examine the supposed “original” document….it will be the same old avoidance act that’s going on for so long. Only it will give the marxstream media just another phony “document” to take a picture of and flash on camera with lines like “they’re never satisfied”!! The trick still is to make the statement by the former DOH official “half written and half typed” ever match the so called exact “copy” of the “original” placed on their website. I guess they’ll drag out the well worn “she simply misspoke” cover.

    The question to them should be just how many “documents” do you have on file there….since you’ve alluded to about a half dozen different ones with varying different amounts of info. Show them all but first of all show the microfiche of what you call the original from which O claimed to copy (in that they would have to change every other document around it on the film….a little harder to do!!). Oh what a web we weave, etc. If they didn’t have the media coverup they’d have been left holding the rumpled bag long ago.

  37. seaque | June 1, 2012 at 10:07 am |
    William have a look

    I think that was back in Feb. This so called “latest” news had us holding our breaths for something today…like resignations, etc.!! It had to do with Geithner when he was head of fed reserve and deal made between AIG and Goldman Sachs. Since there hasn’t been more about it as of late then who knows what the Gov. knew about this fix of statement taken out of deal. Like everything else it would be covered up….it would seem that it would be something the Repub campaign could stir up again, but the operative word here would appear to be “released”…..in “arrested and released”. He knew then what he’d have to do and say to smooth things over for cover like everything else they’ve claimed to have done because we were in such “dire” emergency situation at the time!! We will never know if we could have gotten out of any of that on our own …. as did several banks (who were forced to take Gov. loans when they didn’t want or need them…via threats) and Ford Motors did on their own. “Gov. Motors” still owes big time to this day all the while the regime claims they saved them and they’re now productive. What shell games by the shake down artists in charge. Not only is he fascinated with drones, he’s fascinated with large sums of other people’s money!

  38. William @ June 1, 2012 at 9:40 am |
    I’ve pondered many minutes about the objective here.
    Why?? Do ‘they’ think the few hundred listening and reading will affect any revolution??

  39. William | June 1, 2012 at 9:40 am |
    Who in the world comes up with this misinformation garbage??? Better yet, who in the world believes this hogwash and whatever conspiratorial site this junk comes from says a ton about any person that visits it…..

    nuff said,
    William, that stuff is from an old rumor started in 2009. Geithner and Bernanke have “supposed” to have been arrested any number of times –
    Just google in “Geithner and Bernanke arrested”. This just gets regurgitated repeatedly. On second thought, don’t waste your valuable time.

    Seaque, that video does not say what you think it says. It is referring to the old AIG mess when Geithner was the head of the NY Federal Reserve Bank. It has nothing to do with his present Treasury position.

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