Breitbart coroner poisoned?, Micheal Cormier may have died from Arsenic Poisoning, Los Angeles County coroner office official, Possible foul play

Breitbart coroner poisoned?, Micheal Cormier may have died from Arsenic Poisoning, Los Angeles County coroner office official, Possible foul play

“Why was Christopher Kelly transported past 2 trauma facilities on the way to Stroger Hospital?”…Thomas R. Bennett

“Why did Donald Young, Bill Gwatney, Christopher Kelly, Andrew Breitbart and others with information about Obama all die under mysterious circumstances?”…Citizen Wells

From CBS Los Angeles April 27, 2012.

“LAPD: Coroner’s Official May Have Died From Arsenic Poisoning”

“An official with the Los Angeles County coroner’s office may have been poisoned with arsenic, police said Friday.

KNX 1070′s John Brooks reports investigators are taking a closer look at the death of 61-year-old Micheal Cormier.

Cormier, a respected autopsy and forensic technician who also was a photographer with the special operations response team, was rushed to St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Burbank from his North Hollywood home one week ago.
Hospital staff eventually advised police that there may be “suspicious circumstances” surrounding Cormier’s death, said LAPD Lt. Alan Hamilton.

“We have information that could potentially include foul play,” Hamilton said.

After Cormier’s body was back at the county morgue where he worked until last week, toxicology tests are being run to determine the cause of his death.

Police along with a hazardous materials team have also reportedly searched his home on Auckland Avenue.”


38 responses to “Breitbart coroner poisoned?, Micheal Cormier may have died from Arsenic Poisoning, Los Angeles County coroner office official, Possible foul play

  1. Here we go again! Just like when Slick Willy was in the WH. With Slick Willy the DEATH list grew to 23 people all of whom allegedly died under mysterious circumstances. Isn’t it strange that it all stopped after he was out of office? This is a LIBERAL CURE ALL,right out of their PLAYBOOK on PAGE 1.

  2. Now you all know exactly why those of us who know better keep some very special little toys within easy reach 24/7, and a few of these toys make Rambo stuff look like childs play?

  3. Wanna know what happens when a senator endorses Romney at the Alaska State Convention?


  4. I am sure everybody remembers that Vince Foster allegedly killed himself,and after doing so,attempted to hide the side arm in nearby bushes about twenty feet away.Yeah sure,shot himself dead then got up and threw the weapon over 20′. Everybody who thinks this Vince Foster SHOT HIMSELF should STAND ON THEIR HEADS for awhile.
    Could Jim McDougal have experienced a MASSIVE HEART ATTACK? …..even though he had NO history of heart trouble.
    Could Ron Brown’s airplane have had a little “TINKERITIS”carried out just before takeoff? If you want somebody dead, let the Clintons put out a contract on him/her.

  5. OldSalt,
    It’s a small wonder we have no faith in government, they can’t even fake a good suiside.

  6. Should be suicide.

  7. If All the wars are officially over then how come all the stuff that is being put in place at present,and how come the size of our most important military service is being reduced by 40%. This is complete INSANITY. It sure reflects the CALIFORNIA DO GOODERS notions about the defense of our country. These screwball notions come from people like MMMMSSSS. Feinstein, MMMMMMSSSSS. Boxer, and lastly MMMMMMMSSSSSS. IMPORTANT HERSELF. It should be remembered that they all were friends of JANE FONDA,and a few NINE DOLLAR BILLS.

  8. “Obama: ‘I was born in Hawaii,’ wink, wink
    Invites reporters to join with him in joke on American people”
    [video at link]
    These ‘reporters’ are like the collaborators/traitors in “They Live”. Watch the movie – observe how the human population is manipulated.
    “They Live 1988 ~ Full Movie”

  9. Bob Strauss…………..
    A BIG 10-4 on that.

  10. Doesn’t all of this liberal HORSHI# make everybody remember the days of Hubert Humphrey? His infamous last words “Murial we have finally hit the END OF THE LINE” as he and she climbed aboard a train bound for MInnesota.

  11. BYE BYE………Gotta prepare some SOUL food.

  12. Gordo,@ 11:01am,
    Clicked on They Live Link and ended up on the Spanish version of the movie.

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  14. oldsalt,
    I feel sick. Without saying, we all know the implications. Maybe now the whole truth will come out now that LA coroners are forced to investigate the death one of the own.

    Autopsy Report: Conservative Blogger Breitbart Died of Heart Attack,0,6214813.story

    I’m emailing you, SueK and Cabby a page of labels containing the “Breitbart is Here” image. It can be used with avery 8164 labels. You may pass it on. Labels are 3 1/2 x 4 inches and can be placed wherever you please.

    This is my way of honoring a courageous hero.

  15. bob strauss | April 29, 2012 at 11:37 am —

    “Gordo,@ 11:01am,
    Clicked on They Live Link and ended up on the Spanish version of the movie.”
    I get the movie in English at that link.

  16. “Sheriff Joe’s Next Press Conference to be Held in Late May or June


  17. Was Cormier investigating Brietbart’s death? Who had a motive to kill him? As I recall, Cormier is a prominent family in LA.

  18. Watched reports and read the news reports and there is no mention of Cormier’s involvement in the Brietbart investigation.

  19. If you have the time to read this lengthy freerepublic thread, you’ll learn insights into the inspiring character of Andrew Breitbart. I wept for days after reading this……….

    On March 9, 2002, Andrew wrote about his conversion from liberal to conservative–a story he has told many times since becoming ‘Breitbart.’
    To: f.Christian

    i was one too. i still pretty much have my same small ‘L’ libertarian ideals, but in college the left tapped into that and basically implored me to be paranoid that the religious right was working overtime to take away my rights. all the while campus speeh codes and political correctness were being instituted around me in the name of diversity and multiculturalism. when i graduated in 1991, i had an epiphany, a conversion of sorts, as i watched in horror the clarence thomas hearings. ‘those guys are on my side?’ i thought as i watched the dems attempt to assassinate a good man. since then my libertarian instincts have been buffered by an attraction to the moral clarity of the conservative movement. happily just voted for bill simon last tuesday here in california.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Andrew Breitbart, One of the Original FReepers

  20. jacqlynsmith

    Such great news…..

    Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Caucus: Sends 74% of Delegates to State Convetion
    Submitted by pmpowell001 on Sun, 04/29/2012 – 08:48


    Wins four and a half of six congressional district caucuses, securing 111 of 150 or 74 percent of delegates elected yesterday to the state convention

  21. It is odd that Cormier died on the same day that the LA Coroner’s report on Brietbart was released but I have found no confirmation that Cormier was working on the Brietbart case.

  22. It is also very suspicious that Brietbart died the night before he was to interview Sheriff Joe about bo’s BC & Selective Service and Social Security Fraud.

  23. I’m off topic again & I apologize for the length of this, but I wanted to share. My sister lives in Arizona & mailed this newspaper clipping to me. I typed it so I could share (couldn’t copy & paste this time-LOL). I am not sure if it is too long to post in one comment. I found this to be informative.

    The following was published in a small monthly newspaper in Arizona in April, ‘The Voice in the Desert’………..

    The American Dream…….
    Introducing Our Guest Writer,
    Dr. Quenten E. Duden

    I have known Dr. Duden his whole life (from this point on I will refer to him as Quent). He is not known to be a writer outside the scientific arena. Since our country’s economic decline the last five years and the acceleration of that decline the last year, Quent has been sharing his first hand knowledge and concerns with family, friends and colleagues.
    A little background on Quent
    Quent came from a modest, hard working middle class family. The family owned a farm, his Dad worked at a power plant, while his Mom worked at the small private school he and his siblings attended. Everyone worked hard and Quent has attributed his work ethics to his upbringing. His school was staffed by concerned parents and volunteers who were committed to a school focused on academics, morals and Christian standards. The school was long on self discipline, academics and committing to memory things of value.
    Quent graduated from high school and immediately got a job to pay for his further education at the University of Arizona. He continued to work hard at everything he did, “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might” his motto. Quent is the “go to guy”, the mover and shaker, who gets things done under budget and earlier than scheduled. He is a problem solver, the one to go to, to get it done. Quent would not present a problem without a proposal to correct it.
    So, along with his academic credentials and accomplishments in his field, he also fully understands America and her roots: you, the reader, the heart of America. Several of my friends have read the following article and found it to be rather “doom and gloom”. I ask our readers to bear with us and wait for part two in May. Quent would not present a problem without a proposal to correct it. So please take a deep breath and read the following article.
    Burger joint, Starbucks, tattoo parlors, check cashing windows, pawn stores, and smoke shops…What we’ve done and where we’re heading.
    My name is Quenten E. Duden. My colleagues call me Dr. “Q” or Dr. KaBOOM. I hold multiple degrees in science from America’s finest institutions. Outside of my silly pseudonyms, I am considered a pretty serious fella with an academic set of “acquired skills”. I am on the National Advisory Board for the American Institute in Physics; I am paid to advise congress on energy policy and am given too much credit for my work on space and earth space energy systems. I hold what is considered one of the most well rounded bodies of intellectual property to date and been fortunate to use my irregular skills for the betterment of my beloved country and her allies. I have been so fortunate. I won the lottery when I was born here. So did you.
    I did not sit down to write this to discuss my adventures in being an empiricist. Your eyes would roll. I do not list credentials for any other reason but to give some credibility to a particular statement…..I have met the last three presidents on multiple occasions. I have spoken with them one on one. There isn’t a week that goes by wherein I am NOT exposed to our congress in forum, and many of its’ members in person. I talk to them weekly. There isn’t a corner in DC or Virginia I haven’t delved into.
    I am terrified.
    …..this is the statement I thought needed some credibility.
    …and I don’t scare easily because I have always gotten on the inside and have always been able to outthink my government.
    There is no outthinking what is coming. I am writing to hit shortly on a topic that has a thread running through it. It won’t be obvious until the end. It is important that you stick with me. Everything you do, from the way you eat to the way you educate your children is about to change in dramatic fashion. I do not believe it is too late, but we have only one pinky toe left on the ledge.
    Reserve Currency Status: America will lose its’ currency reserve status, probably right after the ele4ction, but quite possibly before if China and OPEC have their way. For those who are unfamiliar with Reserve Currency, I will explain. Currently, to buy a unit of energy in the world you need a US dollar. Even if you are an Iraqi citizen who owns an oil rig, to buy and trade oil in the world, you need
    US dollars. You want to supply China with oil, you have to turn in your Yuan for Dollars. Want real world examples that this is, in fact, the case? Please do some UTUBE research and look at video footage of multiple Arab nations handing out US dollars to their citizens as payment for all the “atrocities” committed against them. You might ask yourself, “Why do our enemies have a countless supply of one hundred dollar bills to hand to their children?” I did, and it’s all of them. Palestinians in the West Bank to Shiite muslims in Iran. Why does this happen? It happens because their countries are loaded with the reserve currency, which right now is the US Dollar. As a matter of fact, all countries are loaded with our dollars because everyone uses them to trade in the energy markets.
    There is another reason the world has more of our money than we do….WE HAVE BEEN PRINTING IT TO PAY OUR BILLS FOR OVER 20 YEARS NOW. Think about it. When the US wants to buy oil, it doesn’t have to buy US dollars to buy oil, it simply prints them. We don’t pay our bills by earning value, we print. AND the last three presidents have been printing in an irresponsible manner. As testified by the US credit rating drop, our current president has been printing them like there is no tomorrow. So much for hope. If you are over 25 you have witnessed (whether you noticed or not) the greatest hemorrhage of wealth from a country in the recorded history of the world. It’s unprecedented by several orders of magnitude. It is not sustainable. China knows that. Even North Korea know that.
    Why is this important to you? It’s important because it is all about to end. China, Russia, India, South Korea, North Korea, France, Germany, and Spain are conducting quarterly country to country meetings WITHOUT the United States. What about? About moving away from the US dollar as the energy reserve currency. By and large, the world is done with us and WE CAN NOT BLAME THEM. WE MUST TAKE CULPABILITY HERE. I want my readers to take a moment and re-read the list. It is simply astonishing to me considering North and South Korea haven’t gotten together on ANYTHING, yet they are shoulder to shoulder on this move. We are in DEEP trouble. Even our friends will be forced to turn their backs on us to survive.
    Imagine an America where we have to produce a one to one ratio of national product to trade for goods to buy…such as oil. We haven’t done that since WWII. We cannot trade competitively. Have you driven down a major US city main street lately? We are full of burger joints, tattoo parlors, check cashing windows, pawn, and smoke shops. Tertiary retail galore…we do not produce for self reliance, let alone export. We have no idea how to earn money as a country.
    I know how. I will get back to this.
    So, what does the loss of reserve currency mean to you? It means a one to one trade value with other countries because we no longer have the insanely irresponsible advantage of printing to cover our backside. Gas will double overnight. Forget high interest rates, lending markets will freeze solid. Root level industry, such as farming and mining, will shut down within a month. To trade evenly, we will see a massive downturn in wages across the board. Not that you will get paid less, your pay will just be worth less. We will suffer stagflation in a manner that we as US citizens cannot comprehend. You will be able to have all the dollars you want, but won’t be able to buy toilet paper with it (read between the lines here). No more steak in the freezer. Why do you think the State Department is spending $250 million a year building razor wire compounds at half the shut down Air Force bases in the country? Why is the US stockpiling massive amounts of grains and rice and canned goods? Could it be they are expecting a lot of hungry people? Do you know who runs the State Department? Are you getting this? You are in trouble. Even if you are a multimillionaire, it means nothing. You are very likely to get very hungry in a very short period of time. All the leading brokerage and investment firms have company private memos to its’ executives discussing contingency planning for this event. Jeff Immelt (the chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the US-based conglomerate General Electric) committed millions to a management contingency plan for this event. It’s not a matter of if, simply when.
    I know what to do. I will get back to this.
    By printing all this money, we have devalued our currency, and thereby our worth. I will give you a few examples of countries who devalued their currency. In the late 80s through 90s, Mexico did. They still haven’t recovered. You still cannot buy anything with Mexican money in Mexico. Do you see where we are heading? There is no business credit, you can’t buy a car on a loan. What is a Peso worth? For the most recent example, consider Greece. Have you watched what happened to the Euro lately? His impact from a country whose GNP that is about the size of Oregon’s. Wow.
    I will give you a personal example. Three years ago, some mentors of mine bound up 30 million dollars worth of US bearer bonds into a book. The thing looked like one of those giant family Bibles. They did this to smuggle their investment winnings OUT of China. China refused to let any US dollars out of their mainland because they were sucking them up to keep our purchasing power high. This allowed them to trade relatively cheap goods to us. China has hoarded US dollars to keep their trade advantage. They no longer need to do this. Why? They have more responsible trading partners now; themselves. Their economy has grown past the point of sustaining mass. I can expose the smuggling operation because today China is massively selling off all of its’ US dollars at a discount – on the internet! How? By buying all the gold in the world. China is on a massive gold buy. Not just gold, but everything that is gold including mines, refineries, existing American mining companies – everything. China is buying our resources with our cheap money. If you find this unbelievable, take this mental note…within one year, China will open an international gold store where any person in the world can buy Chinese gold with devaluated US dollars. Watch, you will see. China is beginning to debase our dollar. So is India and so are all the counties sitting on the OPEC council. The world is moving against us because ou8r leaders are RECKLESS.
    I know what to do about this, too.
    Yes, I will get back to it.
    So I have spent a couple of moments to explain how reserve currency status and the US losing it, and why the US is losing it as the instigator for an economic collapse that will make any previous downturn before it (including the recent securities swap mortgage scandal and the ‘29 market crash) look like a walk in the park. I have made bold and confirmable statements that should lead you to believe that we are all in for a terrible ride, and that hunger on a massive scale is very likely. A real doomsday scenario is before us. So much so, in fac5t, many of you will find the problem so insurmountable that you will tend to ignore it and hope I am wrong. I am not wrong. Jeffrey Immelt and every big time CEO of any meaningful corporation in America agrees with me and is making plans. Mrs. Clinton at the State Department agrees with me and is building “facilities”. I do not want the government feeding me 5 year old rice in a concentration camp. Do you?
    I laid down three catastrophic problems:
    1. We can’t trade competitively. We have no idea how to earn money as a country.
    2. You are very likely to get very hungry in a very short period of time.
    3. The world is moving against us because our leaders are RECKLESS.
    I told you I had ideas on what to do about it. Before we go into those, I need to teach you to think in an emergence, because we are in one. WE ARE IN AM EMERGENCY. I’m going to use words like primary, secondary, and tertiary objectives. You need to focus on the primary objectives. This means you will quite possibly have to hold your political and social objectives (and trust me, I have mine) as secondary and tertiary object5ives. I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO ABANDON YOUR BELIEFS. I am asking you to think in a manner that will allow you to prioritize to protect them. Without America the way we once knew her, your political and social objectives are meaningless, anyway. This is the most universally irrefutable description of the wealth of our country. If you understand this truth and apply it, we will heal. Read it over and over, it’s meaning runs deep, for it is the very essence of independence.
    This country was built on a foundation of brilliant men and women who made fortunes in capitalism and shared it with the people who helped them get there. So FOCUS, and let’s heal this country. Next month I’ll suggest how to protect your family against the hunger problem, in trade for your commitment to change how you think, plan, vote, and ACT.
    To be continued in May……………………….


    It is odd that Cormier died on the same day that the LA Coroner’s report on Brietbart was released but I have found no confirmation that Cormier was working on the Brietbart case.

    It is also very suspicious that Brietbart died the night before he was to interview Sheriff Joe about bo’s BC & Selective Service and Social Security Fraud.


    Now, authorities are saying that Los Angeles County coroner’s official, Michael Cormier, appears to have died from poisoning, possibly arsenic poisoning.

    It isn’t clear if Cormier personally worked on the Breitbart case although he died on the same day when news broke of what caused the death of Breitbart.

    A point of interest was observed by WND, is that Sheriff Joe Arpaio had announced a probable cause for forgery in President Obama’s birth certificate on the same day that Breitbart died.

  26. Breitbart Fans Protest Outside White House Correspondents Dinner
    7:15 PM PDT 4/28/2012 by Paul Bond

    A dozen conservative activists interacted with dinner attendees including Woody Harrelson and Chris Matthews.

    As the nation’s elite journalists arrived at the Washington Hilton to hobnob with President Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, many were met by a small group of protesters shouting “don’t believe the liberal press” and holding signs adorned with photos of deceased conservative activist Andrew Breitbart.

  27. Remember……Soetoro has a way of making really dumb statements. Like “I have been in 57states.” It is only a matterof time until he makes the supreme mistake, and even the nincompoops who support him will not be able to cleanup his mess. They will go down with him. We only need tro provide him with the ROPE with which he will hang himself.

  28. Jonah…………….
    When did Miss Mathews change her political affiliation?

  29. G’NITE ALL………….Godbless!

  30. Right Winger

    @NancyDrew, do you, by chance, happen to know, what Newspaper in Arizona this came from? I live outside Tucson, and would like to read his article in May! Thanks!! RW

  31. anyone remember last nite when they asked obama who next to get killed last time they had the dinner binladin was being killed or already was killed we found out the next day , did anyone else here that last nite as a joke or maybe a code to somone

  32. RW….it says at the top, “The Voice in the Desert,” under “The American Dream” by Dr. Quenten E. Duden.

  33. This is incredibly scary what is happening to all these folks.

  34. Right Winger

    I know what it says at the top, but I tried to find it in a Google Search, and I couldn’t locate it. I was wondering if she could tell me what paper it was in! Arizona Republic, Tucson Star???

  35. Bill Maddox

    Frankly you’re an idiot if you don\t think it’s suspicious that Breitbart dies after threatening Obama and now the coroner dies. It’s not that easy for an educated scientist to poison themselves with arsenic.They know what kind of precautions are necessary to take to be safe. New novel based on 2008 election documents lots of suspicious deaths linked to Obama: Congressman (Gillmore) investigating ACORN, Hawaii Records worker, Dem Party Chair from AR( Bill Gwatney). Get the book and see for yourself. “ADMIT THE HORSE” on Amazon. It will freak you out.

  36. Right Winger

    Bill, there’s a youtube video called, Dial “O” for Murder
    It talks about the same things you’re talking about in the book! Yes, anything that has to do with this administration is very dangerous!

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