Chicago most corrupt city in US, University of Illinois report, Illinois third most corrupt state, Obama most corrupt politician in Washington DC

Chicago most corrupt city in US, University of Illinois report, Illinois third most corrupt state, Obama most corrupt politician in Washington DC

“Why did the Illinois Senate Health & Human Services Committee, with Obama as chairman, create and push Bill 1332, “Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act,” early in 2003, which reduced the number of members on the Board from 15 to 9, just prior to rigging by Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department wait until December 2008 to arrest Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

“There is enough corruption in Illinois so that all it takes is someone who is serious about finding it to uncover it. If a U.S. attorney is not finding corruption in Illinois, they’re not seriously looking for it.”…Northwestern Law Professor James Lindgren

From a report published by the University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Political Science and the Illinois Integrity Initiative of the University of Illinois’ Institute for Government and Public Affairs on February 15, 2012.

“Chicago and Illinois,
Leading the Pack in Corruption”

“For a century and a half, public corruption has been a shameful aspect of both
Illinois and Chicago politics. The Governor’s mansion and Chicago City Council
Chambers have long been the epicenters of public corruption. The extent and
pervasiveness of bribery, fraud, stealing from the taxpayers, and illegal patronage have made the city and state national leaders of corruption. Our notorious reputations have provided fodder for scores of comedians and late night talk show hosts. But corruption is a serious problem that hurts all citizens who put their trust – and tax dollars – in the hands of politicians who abuse the power they are given.

New public corruption conviction data from the U.S. Department of Justice shows the Chicago metropolitan region has been the most corrupt area in the country since 1976. In addition, the data reveal that Illinois is the third most corrupt state in the nation. The latest information, just released by the Justice Department, provides new evidence of the need for reforms to reduce rampant corruption in Chicago and Illinois.”

“Capital City of Corruption

Not to be outdone, the City of Chicago has seen its share of convicted officials.
The first conviction of Chicago aldermen and Cook County Commissioners for accepting bribes to rig a crooked contract occurred in1869. Since 1973, 31 more aldermen have been convicted of corruption. Approximately 100 aldermen have served since then, which is a conviction rate of about one-third.”

“In the case of Rod Blagojevich, an attempt was made to extract payment or campaign donations in exchange for appointment to a United States Senate seat. He also created a culture of corruption involving appointments to boards and commissions, campaign contributions and permits to expand hospitals. While Blagojevich represents the most egregious case, at the heart of most convictions is a payoff for something that is a sweetheart contract or a law or permit necessary to do business. This has been the main pattern of corruption in the city and the state for over 150 years.

Recent conviction data shows that the Chicago is the most corrupt area in the
United States, and the State of Illinois is the third most corrupt state.”


Corruption is not funny and it is not free. It costs the taxpayers of Illinois more
than $500 million per year. Governor Blagojevich’s well-publicized corruption antics led to a lowering of the state’s bond rating, which cost the state more than $20 million during its last bond issue. Corruption also takes time and resources away from police and prosecutors. Blagojevich’s first trial cost tens of millions of dollars to investigate and prosecute, and after a hung jury resulted in a retrial, the taxpayers footed the bill for Blagojevich’s new attorneys. And so it goes – in a time of deep budget deficits, we are wasting taxpayer money and raising taxes and fees on citizens who can ill afford to pay for corruption any longer.

What has come to be called “The Chicago Way” or “The Illinois Way” of public
corruption has undermined the in voters’ sense of political efficacy. Why apply for a city or state job if you know only patronage employees or politician’s relatives will be hired anyway? Why report corrupt officials, if you know they won’t be punished and they may turn the powers of the government on you? Voters may laugh at times at the antics of public officials, but in the end, they feel powerless, lose their faith in government and vote less often because they believe the “fix is in.””

And speaking of Chicago corruption and the most corrupt politician in Washington, DC, Barack Obama….

From Illinois Pay to Play March 1, 2012.

“Since at least last January 22nd, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has known of Daniel Frawley’s claim that he gave Tony Rezko $400,000 in cash that Rezko then passed on to U.S. Senator Barack Obama. We believe, though, that that knowledge goes back much earlier.

In a December 11, 2011 Illinois Pay To Play (IP2P) article entitled “The Fitz Solution to Corruption: The Citizens Report It,” we noted that “While commenting on Blago’s prison sentence, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald repeated what has become for him a common theme: Illinois citizens are responsible for stopping corruption by reporting it to the authorities.”

Along with that article, IP2P posted a video clip wherein Fitzgerald stated that there needed to “be a change in the public’s attitude. People seem resigned to corruption at times and…they’re afraid to say ‘no’ when someone in power asks them for something they shouldn’t. The people in power should be afraid to ask.”

So it’s a fact that the U.S. Attorney has, on several occasions, encouraged average citizens to get involved in fighting corruption.

Well, we found one citizen who did just that, back on January 22nd – six weeks ago. Here’s the email thread the citizen sent.

From: Address Deleted
To: “Randall Samborn” <Address>, “Kimberly Nerheim” <Adress>
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 9:15:44 PM
Subject: Public outreach/safety.

Mr Randall Samborn and Ms. Kimberly Nerheim

I am more than a little concerned by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s complete lack of response to the serious matter that has been brought to his attention below. Mr. Fitzgerald made a very public outreach encouraging people to report corruption to his office. Hopefully he will not disappoint those he urged to risk so much ?

Concerned Citizen


“Mr. Randall Samborn

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has repeatedly challenged the public to do something about corruption in Illinois by bringing information of illegal acts directly to him. Mr. Samborn, while I agree the premise of reporting crime to the U.S. Attorney is a logical step in fighting corruption, I do not underestimate the serious danger those who do are put in.

Need I remind you, it was also Patrick Fitzgerald who acknowledged that his office may be the source for information being leaked to the very criminals he urges the public to inform on. With this in mind, please personally hand a copy of this email to U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and ask him to personally send me a response addressing concerns I have about his office and my personal safety. At the very least Mr Fitzgerald can acknowledge the risk I am taking exposing corruption at the highest levels.


> ———- Forwarded message ———-
> From: Dan Frawley <Address>
> Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 08:08:15 -0500
> Subject: Frawely vs Weaver
> I think the best way to bring this to the public and media is to fact
> plead
> the malpractice case against Weaver.
> I have discussed this with my attorney’s and they are willing to do it at
> the right time and way.
> Instead of a news conference being called like the gay guy did with Obama.
> I would bring this out in the for of a legal action not a personal
> vendetta.
> The media with the right reporters would make sure that was national news.
> When the usual denials are made or the old I don’t remember I hit him with
> the second naming names dates and places.
> Punches are always more effective when thrown in combination.
> know we figure out the best timing.

And in response, what did the citizen hear back from the U.S. Attorney’s office?

Absolute silence.”

Read more:

It is time for Barack Hussein Obama to be arrested.


45 responses to “Chicago most corrupt city in US, University of Illinois report, Illinois third most corrupt state, Obama most corrupt politician in Washington DC

  1. It will be interesting to see what news outlets show up for Frawley’s sentencing…

  2. Obama Administration Promotes “Al-Qaeda 7″ Lawyer to #3 Position at DOJ
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, March 5, 2012, 5:05 AM

    The Liz Cheney-backed group Keep America Safe released this ad in March 2010 on the the 7 far left Holder Justice Department attorneys who formerly represented Al-Qaeda terrorists.

  3. #Occupiers, Anti-Semites & Code Pinkos Protest & Interrupt AIPAC Conference (Video)

    The Obama-endorsed anti-Semitic #Occupy AIPAC protesters were out in force today at the opening day of pro-Israel conference.

    The pure hatred spewing forth from the minions of Satan just demonstrates that his time is getting short and he’s unleashing all the venom for the kill.

  4. “Obama’s Selective Service Card Fraud: Bombshell!”
    © Bridgette@ WTPOTUS

  5. Secretive nationwide network gives SEIU new organizing muscle

    (and they know they’ll have the DOJ on their side if there is any “casual” roughing up)

    Read more:

    This is the first in a Daily Caller investigative series.

    The politically aggressive Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has quietly created a national network of at least eight community-organizing groups, some of which function alongside the Occupy Wall Street movement, a Daily Caller investigation shows.

    Incorporated by the SEIU as local non-profits, the groups are waging concerted local political campaigns to publicly attack conservative political figures, banks, energy companies and other corporations.

    Each local group has portrayed itself as an independent community organization not tied to any special interest. But they were founded, incorporated, and led by SEIU personnel.

    The individual activist groups use benign-sounding names including This Is Our DC; Good Jobs, Great Houston; Good Jobs, Better Baltimore; Good Jobs Now in Detroit; Fight for Philly; One Pittsburgh; Good Jobs LA; and Minnesotans for a Fair Economy.

    In reality, they are creations of the wealthy and influential labor union, amounting to a secret network of new SEIU front groups.

    Read more:

  6. Broadcasting reality depends on the monied backers: why the Limbaugh “apology”….

    A 7th advertiser pulls out of Limbaugh’s show

    Well, hopefully they’ll also learn that their own profits depend more on the payers than the whining moochers.

    Maybe they’ll get it when the real boycott turns on them.

  7. Explosive NEW EVIDENCE on Obama’s Birth Place ~ Could this be Obama’s REAL Birth Certificate?

  8. This will go into moderation but I’ll give it a try anyway.

    rminnc | March 5, 2012 at 9:39 am |

    The night Andrew Breitbart died, he spent a lot of time in a local bar discussing politics with a stranger…..then he went home and took a
    midnight walk and died……of “natural causes”

    I said when I first heard this story it wasn’t “natural causes”……I say again, it wasn’t “natural causes”.
    Sheriff Joe agrees with you.

  9. CW, can you get me out of moderation (10:08)? Thanks.

  10. Time for New Look at 2008 Obama Passport Breach
    By Jack Cashill

    Among the unexpected findings of the Sheriff Arpaio cold case was this one:

    Records of Immigration and Naturalization Service cards filled out by airplane passengers arriving on international flights originating outside the United States in the month of August 1961, examined at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. are missing records for the week of President Obama’s birth, including the dates Aug. 1, 1961 through Aug. 7, 1961

    Read more:

  11. Irony: Bar boots Denver bishop giving private talk on threats to religious liberty

  12. Anyone who thinks that a Socialist form of government is so wonderful,and all good had better take a good look at Havana Cuba. It is as if the whole city has been in a DEEP FREEZE for the past 57 years. Look closely and you will see the slow crumbling of structures,many of which were only a few years old when Castro took over. In adition about 1/4 of the population fled to Florida. Thousands of people with SKILLS left Cuba, end the residue left behind are the MORONS who think Castro is GOD. They all deserve each other. BTW take a good look at Castro today!. Almost completely immobilised IMBECILE. Quite a culture. HAR DE HAR HAR

  13. Today’s Food For Thought:

    Bishop James Conley of Denver recently said;
    “Without God, there is no basis for morality and no necessary protections for man,” the bishop said. “The strong decide what is right or wrong—even who lives and who dies. … That is where we seem to be heading in America today. A lot of people would argue that we are already there.”

    Powerful words with deep insight.

  14. RMINNC…………….
    Definitely a very powerful statement. Can anyone offer a REASON WHY our culture is going to hell in a handbasket. The exact answer lies in Bishop Conley’s statement.

  15. I recently read a newsweek magazine while at the doctor’s office. In that magazine was a chart which presented the Christian level among the YOUNG PROFESSIONALS in the US. There was 5 sectors presented in the article as I remember,and the sector that had the lowest participation in a Christian lifestyle was the YUPPIE community. Of all of the YOUNG PROFESSIONALS listed in the US only 11% genuinely followed a Christian lifestyle. Interestingly,about 3% were Atheists. This only accounts for 14%. What are the remaining 86%.????????????? It would seem that Conley GOT THAT RIGHT ALSO.

  16. *I.B.,

    Thank you for your comment yesterday. I truly apologize for such delayed responses. I fully understand and respect your night shift works and limited ability to review discussions and post responses. It is for this reason I limited my personal questions in return – to your response. Given that you will review, (when your time allows) I will respond to your questions and statements. With of course the understanding that our schedules are not in sequence.

    To answer your last question I.B., I certainly don’t believe you are attempting to pick a fight with me pertaining to Ron Paul. I do and did simply wish to understand your paradigm whereby you disagreed with my Constitutional analogy by a Presidential candidate.

    I stated two parts in my comments I.B. First if a Presidential Candidate (Ron Paul in my example) refuses to address, and “Publicly responds” such a lack of appropriate antecedent control as a U.S. Congressman with “fear” of addressing Obama’s eligibility, then that is a very serious problem by any Presidential Candidate, wouldn’t you agree?

    Yes, I used Ron Paul’s example pertaining to Obama’s eligibility for the reason that only Ron Paul has addressed such question. No other Presidential Candidate has, that I am aware of.

    Second, pertaining to my statement(s) whereby Ron Paul is attacking all other candidates with the exception of the Front Runner Mitt Romney, you gave your personal example of a “marathon”, i.e., attack the 4th place runner, then pass 3rd, then attack the 2nd place runner, then in the last and final stage, address the 1st place runner within the last week(s), This was in response to my questioning of rumors that Mitt Romney “may” consider Ron Paul as a V.P., if it benefits Mitt.

    Your comparison of a High School or City Marathon race analogy makes no logical sense applied to political races. Step in to the final 2 with only weeks to go, with an attempt to overcome some 400 percent gap of voter delta deviations? How does that work in favor of Ron Paul with less than 2 months to go with addressing all else but the front runner, until the “end”? Then and only then, address this issues with Mitt? As you are aware, there are many historical examples that do not correlate to your marathon example with a winning outcome.

    Lastly, I questioned whether you were speaking to me directly for dialog in a Q/A response, or rather you were benefiting yourself or others. What I mean by that, is you certainly have always maintained direct questions, clarifications, reasoning, ect., directly with a response to postings. However, you cascaded my many responses and in the end accused me of listening to too much media for my analysis. In other words, William responded too-, then William said to X, then William said to XX, then William said this to so and so,.. and it is “YOU WILLIAM” that is listening to the media against Ron Paul.

    Therefore my question to you I.B., are you talking to “ME”, are just an “audience” in general? As always, you are certainly more than welcome to talk to me and discuss anything and any topic. No need for that display.

    I will conclude the same I.B., My point of Ron Paul publicly declaring that he fears being laughed at addressing the most critical U.S. Constitutional Crisis is of concern. I have also expressed then same for all others…..

  17. Observer,
    Let the boycott begin!

  18. ……….the alleged YUPPIE community are the PRIMARY supporters of Soetoro. These are the OVEREDUCATED SNOT NOSED Mr. and MMMSSS. IMPORTANTS, who keep a GM Denahli parked in their driveway because it, like a driveway gate, is a STATUS SYMBOL. Alongside the Denahli you will very often see a 1000 HP Lambourghini, and next to that a 70′ motor home. BUT SADLY……..NONE OF IT IS PAID FOR……..which includes the 20,0000sq,foot home. I hasten to add that there are some of the YUPPIE crowd who do use excellent judgement, live a much more modest life style,and do try to give something to the community in return. I take off my hat to them. They are getting to be a very rare breed.

  19. Andrea Shea King:

    “Glenn Beck staffer responds to “Birther” issue”

    “I received a copy of this email in response to one sent by a friend of mine to some folks at Glenn Beck’s THE BLAZE. One of them, Mike Opelka, chose to respond to my friend’s email, in which she had included both my posts about Glenn Beck’s Alynskyite mockery of the Sheriff Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse report.

    If the following response from a Glenn Beck staffer is the example of what passes for researched journalistic reportage — not to mention honesty and integrity — then maybe it’s time for me to drop my GBTV subscription. Because to question with boldness is just talk.”

    [email at link]

  20. Old Salt…..

    Don’t you think we, as a society, spawned all our current problems back in the violent 1960’s?

    All of our current “leaders” (with a small l) came from that era. Hillery Rodham Clinton, William Jefferson Clinton, John F. Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, (Bill Ayers) (Bernie Dorn), etc, etc, etc

    All of the above were hippies, yeppies, hell raisers, flag burners, and pot smokers of the 1960’s……..

    The Holy Bible is correct…….You reap exactly what you sow.

    If you sow bad seeds, you reap a bad harvest. We are in the mist of that bad harvest.

  21. Again,
    If Beck and his staffers think its an issue not worth chasing – IGNORE it. There is no explanation given as to the ridicule hurled at Arpaio (and the rest of us) in this woeful response. Ignore it or STFU.

  22. Amen Katie…Amen…especially STFU part !

  23. Hey all,
    A station I have previously heard Rush on, suddenly dropped him and began a rerun of their morning show. Has this occurred to anyone else? I also tried to pick him up on itune and they were playing Laura Ingraham.

  24. rminnc,
    Your response to Old Salt couldn’t be more accurate!! We remember those 60’s and know something about the radical leftist thrust that was spawned in full force on this country. Oh, the seeds were planted long before in various governmental agencies, but a quantum leap took place in that decade and since. We’ve “sown to the wind and we are reaping the whirlwind.”

    After reading Gordo’s 11:52 am post referencing to an e-mail sent by one of Beck’s staff, I can see the events of the past several days evolving in a twisted (for lack of a better word) way.

    For several years we have rightly focused on O’s eligibility as evidenced by the multitude of legal efforts re. the NBC aspect, as well as other closely related matters. Those efforts have remained unsuccessful, as we know, and those taking Beck’s position have felt it was all a waste of time. They think that this is all contrived by O to throw us off the track, and that we need to concentrate on O’s errors in governing. Most of us do not agree.

    Now along comes Sheriff Joe with his findings of probable cause that crimes have been committed – fraud and forgery, at least – especially with respect to the 4/11 release of the alleged long-form birth certificate touted by O as the real deal. NOW we are raising ineligibility to an entirely new level, and it doesn’t have to do with NBC really. It has to do with possible, and probable CRIMINAL activity committed by the holder of the highest office in our country. He certainly sanctioned it, if nothing else.

    ( to be continued)

  25. He is alive and well, acording to FB friends in Texas. He is knocking it out of th park, they said. His listeners are boycotting the sponsors that pulled in a very furious fashion. I can’t get him in Colorado until noon (it’s 10:45 here now).

  26. (continued from above post)

    Therefore, this investigation needs to continue on the criminal level and we need to push for congressional inquiries on that basis alone. We may not have time to solve the NBC matter (probably will require SCOTUS), but we certainly have every right to press for investigations into these alleged criminal charges. No president is above the LAW. If he is, then we are LOST……GONE…….

    So here is what Beck and others seem to be doing. They are concentrating on the “birth certificate” and the connotations that he may not have been born in the U.S. They want no part of that, as we have seen.

    BUT now the “birth certificate” issue has taken a ninety-degree turn into alleged criminality. Mr. Beck, you and others can no longer hide behind your old cliches. If you have any sense of morality at all, you cannot close your eyes to the very possible reality that O has committed crimes, and if he has, we have every right to see that he is removed. Period.

  27. Thanks Katie,
    He’s back on now. Don’t know what happened.

  28. Cabby,

    Sent you a couple of emails.

  29. Cabby…..great write…I couldn’t agree with you more.

  30. Cabby – AZ | March 5, 2012 at 12:45 pm |

    …BUT now the “birth certificate” issue has taken a ninety-degree turn into alleged criminality. Mr. Beck, you and others can no longer hide behind your old cliches. If you have any sense of morality at all, you cannot close your eyes to the very possible reality that O has committed crimes, and if he has,
    we have every right to see that he is removed. Period.
    Excellent Cabby!

  31. Quickly I will say this,

    If any politician fears the ominous outcome of a career for reasons of an inauspicious self seeking political gain, all the while – ignore the United States – as its liberties are somehow a negotiable, dooms the citizens of a society at some point near.

    Fear, is not for officials elected; leadership is for those not in fear, neither are they elected.

    In other words, our elected officials are not our leaders, nor were they ever intended to be.

  32. Freshly minted Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Hold Trinity Diocesan HS in Hicksville, Long Island promised Obama on Sunday;

    There will be Hell-To-Pay for his intrusion into the Catholic religion. I hope the new Cardinal holds to his promise.

    I pray HHS Secretary Kathleen Siblus is at the top of his list.

    Even the dumbest of our presidents knew better than to mess with the religious doctrine and feeling of the American people.

    President Lyndon Johnson once said, “as an American, I look to the church — I look to religion as a beehive. If you leave them alone, they’re going to give you tons of their honey. But if you stick your head in there, you’re going to get stung real bad.”

    Touche Lyndon, touche.

    I hope every religion in America stings Obama, WHO IS THE SELF-APPOINTED DESTROYER OF ALL FAITHS, except that political/quasi religion called Islam.


    Some say re-election fear is driving gun sales in Fort Worth, elsewhere

    Posted Sunday, Mar. 04, 2012 Updated Monday, Mar. 05, 2012
    By Anna M. Tinsley

    FORT WORTH — Gun sales are booming.

    Enthusiasts are stocking up on guns and ammunition, and some in the industry are wondering whether sales are spiking as they did after Democrat Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008.

    That rush created a nationwide shortage.

    “We’re at the top of the roller coaster and we’re about to plummet down the side,” said DeWayne Irwin, owner of the Cheaper Than Dirt gun store in north Fort Worth, which set a sales record for the month of February. “It’s fixing to happen again. I don’t know if it will be to the same extent it was before, but I see it coming.

    “Look who the Republicans are trying to put against Obama,” he said. “It’s the Keystone Kops and people are getting scared. People are terrified he’s going to get re-elected and then he won’t care about getting votes next time. He’ll just pass whatever legislation he wants.”

  34. RMinNC,

    Apparently history in its various ways, proves your correct assertions. Kudos to you, OldSalt and Coldwarvet.

    All of your insightful and personal experiences are spot on and certainly appreciated.

  35. citizenwells

    I caught a few minutes of Beck this AM. He was making religious references. Sounded a bit hypocritical.
    I assume he has not apologized.


  37. observer | March 5, 2012 at 2:54 pm |

    Simply unbelievable!

  38. Philo-Publius

    Anyone want to take odds that the media will report this nut case is an Obama supporter?

    If it’s reported at all, I bet they leave that part out.



    “The reason that Obama’s Alinskyite past, and his many appearances in political photography and video from the 1990s, are conspicuously missing from the national dialogue is that State Senator Barack Obama’s reinvention as a reasonable and moderate Democratic politician could not withstand scrutiny of his political life.

    Because the mainstream media did not explore his roots, the American public remains largely ignorant of the degree to which Obama’s work with ACORN and his love of Alinsky were symbolic of his true political will.

    If any of the candidates can resist the media, and parlay Newt’s strategy into a nomination, we’ll have the choice between an imperfect but well-known Republican and the real “Baraka” Obama, not the manufactured one the media prefers.”



    “Any way, here’s an article from the great Andrew Breitbart. This was what he was working on prior to his death, and the folks over at are continuing his work.

    That’s a new site by the way. It combines all the “Big” sites, Hollywood, Government, Journalism and T.V.

    “The Vetting, Part I: Barack’s Love Song To Alinsky”

    Prior to his passing, Andrew Breitbart said that the mission of the Breitbart empire was to exemplify the free and fearless press that our Constitution protects–but which, increasingly, the mainstream media denies us.

    “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” – “Who guards the guardians?” Andrew saw himself in that role—as a guardian protecting Americans from the left’s “objective” loyal scribes.

    Andrew wanted to do what the mainstream media would not. First and foremost: Andrew pledged to vet President Barack H. Obama.

    Andrew did not want to re-litigate the 2008 election. Nor did he want to let Republicans off the hook. INSTEAD, HE WANTED TO SHOW THAT THE MEDIA HAD FAILED IN ITS MOST BASIC DUTY: TO UNCOVER THE TRUTH, AND HOLD THOSE IN POWER ACCOUNTABLE, REGARDLESS OF PARTY.

    From today through Election Day, November 6, 2012, we will vet this president–and his rivals.

    We begin with a column Andrew wrote last week in preparation for today’s Big relaunch–a story that should swing the first hammer against the glass wall the mainstream media has built around Barack Obama.

    “The Vetting, Part I: Barack’s Love Song To Alinsky.”

    From :


  41. It can’t be repeated enough. Watch your back Joe.

  42. Barack Obama – President Baby Killer
    “If the title to this column makes you uncomfortable – I apologize. That being said, even for those in the relative pro-choice mainstream, the extent of Barack Obama’s zeal to protect any and all abortion procedures marks him as the single most radical pro-abortion president in this nation’s history. Should a baby, having survived being pulled from the womb of its mother during a late-term abortion procedure, then be murdered in the name of abortion rights? Barack Obama says YES – and the media has refused to adequately share that fact with the American people. WARNING: GRAPHIC SUBJECT MATTER”

  43. I just want to point out, you did not once in the 2008 campaign, not once did anybody in the elite media ask why Barack Obama voted in favor of legalizing infanticide. -NEWT GINGRICH

  44. When turnabout NEVER happens……from the Blaze ( I know, GB – yet he still helps in other aspects)

    With all the talk of holding radio talk show hosts accountable lately, it’s probably worth bringing you what liberal firebrand Mike Malloy said last week as storms ravaged the South. According to a clip from his March 2 show, it seems the storms are God’s way of getting back at them for not believing in science. Or something.

    “Their God … keeps smashing them into little grease spots on the pavement in Alabama, and Mississippi, and Arkansas, and Georgia, and Oklahoma,” Malloy says in his broadcast from Friday. “You know, the Bible belt, where [in a mocking voice] they ain’t gonna let no goddamned science get in the way, it says in the Bible, blah blah blah blah blah. So, according to their way of thinking, God with his omnipotent thumb reaches down here and so far tonight has smashed about 20 people into a grease spot on highway 12, or whatever the hell highway they live next to.”

  45. Hi SueK,

    I’m replying to your comment at 7:42 am in the “Glenn Beck insults Sherrif Joe Arpaio” page.

    Thanks very much for your information. I was unaware that checking for poison was standard procedure in autopsies of young people. It’s good that is done; one never should trust assumptions.

    You ask will the tox study answer the question (about Breitbart’s death). I wouldn’t dare guess. A poster (‘cobra’) at Ulsterman’s site said “If this test is not done in the immediate hours after death, the cyanide is not detectable any more…” So that’s the preliminary question. Did the coroner do the autopsy in time?

    If you’re even remotely familiar with the fate of a certain choir director, you know it’s reasonable to doubt ‘natural cause’.

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