California mystery missile UFO captured in raw footage?, Catalina Island UFO sightings, UFO hunters

California mystery missile UFO captured in raw footage?, Catalina Island UFO sightings, UFO hunters

I have been listening to all of the government denials, theories and ridiculous
comments about the California Mystery Missile being an airplane. It is obvious,
after a brief perusal that this is not an airplane. I finally found a few minutes
and examined the raw footage. What I found amazed me. I do not have any special video analyzing tools or experience, however I can see well and think. I put up a simple video of the just over 5 second segment.
Reported here on November 10, 2010.

“Is our government lying to us again?

I am not saying or implying that a UFO was involved. However, after listening to all the denials, I was reminded of an incident from 1966 off the coast of Catalina Island.”

UFO Hunters has covered this story and other strange occurences happening around Catalina Island.

Read more:

I placed the following comment under that article.

“Interesting hypothesis:
Suppose our sub fired a missle at a UFO.
Thought provoking, eh?”

Here is what I found when I examine the video clip.

The raw video can be viewed here:

A clearer view of the object:

This is starting to look a lot like Roswell.

33 responses to “California mystery missile UFO captured in raw footage?, Catalina Island UFO sightings, UFO hunters

  1. The UFOLooks like a US military helicopter or a military plane when I looked at footage from orginal news sources . It was an ICBM that was shot off, this I got confirmation from a US Congressman and a former US military serviceman who has expertise with weapons of this nature. The hope was that it was our ICBM!!

  2. Susanne.
    I have looked at the clip & stills over and over again. I see no indication of a helicopter.
    There is a flash of light, perhaps a reflection but no light coming from the object in dimished sunlight.
    Especially at the end where there is a little less light, no glow from the object .
    This is definitely no plane.

  3. I honestly don’t believe in UFO’s as alliens from other planets. I do believe in demonic( bad angels) beings that perhaps are disguise as UFO’s. With that being said, I believe the UFO you witnessed in the sky was some sort of US military plane or helicopter. The ICBM was not a plane or an illusion. That is what I know.

  4. The Channel Islands off the southern California coast some are Military opperated.


    Looks like a hypersonic lifting body aircraft, complete with vapor trails from the nose and propulsion system in the rear.

    Is this aurora?


  6. it has security lights flashing. pretty obvious

  7. Lots of mysteries in the skies these days. This was linked at Drudge today, and it’s interesting to note that both stories initially show up on CBS affiliates.

  8. Pete…………………………………………
    Who can accurately say if anti matter propulsion hasn’t been perfected by government scientists long ago, but they are afraid to release the technology to society. Perhaps the government is saving this for a rainy day when NOTHING else will repel an enemy. I guess this would be called a secret weapon. As they make changes they must test it in flight. So we end up seeing what we recognise as UFOs from time to time. They have never demonstrated an outward hostility. So I would thusly conclude that they offer no immediate danger to our world. The phenonema does offer really interesting technological possibilities for exploration. If it would be anti matter propulsion then speeds infinitely in excess of the speed of light is possible. The speed of light is 486,000 miles per second. So if it is possible to move through space in excess of 486,000 miles per second then it puts meaningful space travel much more in reach of scientists.

  9. At present our technological capabilities for aircraft are thought to be at somewhere around MACH 7 or MACH 8. But in rocketry it is somewhere in the area of MACH 25, (via staging.) Beyond that point it is anybody’s guess. We have to recognise that the Russians,and some Arabic states are also working on technologies of their own. I keep wondering if the world will survive long enough for society to learn about Hyper Light Speed.

  10. I have to agree with Susanne on “what” these things are. I have studied them for fifty years and understand how they “appear” at will.

    This was nothing more than an UNIDENTIFIED flying object… not an a”alien craft”.

  11. CW……………………………….
    It woulds seem that as the craft moved there would occasionally be a reflection of the setting sunlight off of the craft. The lack of reflection makes me wonder if whatever it was if it was coated with a light reflecting inhibitor of some sort.

  12. “I honestly don’t believe in UFO’s as alliens from other planets. I do believe in demonic( bad angels) beings that perhaps are disguise as UFO’s.”

    So do I, Susanne. However, I think that some might be watcher angels that have a duty to perform here. But some may be the bad fallen ones, yes.

  13. I see the possibility of the contrail as being from a new prototype propulsion system that needed to be tested in the laboratory of reality where mother nature makes the rules, which extend to literally ALL forms of energy, and especially anything in, or near the realm of ANTI MATTER.

  14. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Oh, look- some bogus mysterious “missile launches” to try and fool gullible “folk”. How low can they stoop? They must really think we’re all morons.

  15. Rosemary Woodhouse
  16. CW, Fellow Patriots!

    Stop. Look. Listen.

    we are in dire straits. where are we? who is next?

  17. |

    I would say that it is unbelievable that Darren Huff was charged when he clearly committed no crime, but having been arrested on false charges myself nothing that happens to Patriots in Tennessee surprises me anymore.

    Even if you believe the bank teller who said that he said he was “going to take over the town,” I see no commission here, i.e., he clearly made no attempt to take over the town.

    After reading this interview it becomes clear that BHO’s DHS attempted to manufacture a Waco-type attack on the citizens of Tennessee. All of the Tennessee officials who participated in this outlawry should be ashamed of themselves.

    This interview should be sent to all of the National Press so that American Citizens know what happens to Patriots who travel to Tennessee.

    BTW, Monroe County is on I-75 on the way to the Smokey Mountains. I have never traveled through that area of Tennessee and after reading about what happened to Darren Huff, I will not go near Monroe County and I advise all others to stay away as well.

    “Is it possible that some of the most powerful Dem Senators in the country are privately bitching to Joe Scarborough, of all people, about President Obama?,” asks Greg Sargent, quite sincerely, at his WaPo blog (h/t Ani).
    Scarborough, much to Republicans’ delight, claimed that Dems in Washington have been “horrified by this president’s handling of things for a year and a half now,” adding that the “top Democrats in the United States Senate have all told me individually this guy has no idea what he’s doing.”
    Scarborough specifically claimed that “Democratic chairman in the Senate” — among the most powerful Dems in Congress — had complained privately to him that Obama had failed to adequately include Reublicans in the governing process:
    Then Sargent speculates, and he actually admits to wondering if Scarborough is making this all up. Huh? Next he says, “Having watched Congress up close for the past two years — the backbiting, the shortsightedness, the scheming, the elevation of individual careers over party, and the bizarre addiction some Dems have to currying favor with journalists and outlets who are openly hostile to them — It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there’s some truth to it.” Uh yeah, Greg. There’s not just “some” truth. It is very likely ALL true. Geesh.
    Anyone with a brain between their ears could easily come to that realization. Greg, dear Greg, it’s time to lose that Obama mania that blinds you to such obvious truths. Really. It’s way overdue, Greg. That you can’t buy into the fact that powerful Democratic senators are complaining to Scarborough says a lot about your thick head.
    Q for all of you: Do you think that Greg has been irrevocably brain-damaged by working in the offices of the Washington Post? I can’t imagine what would happen to any brain if one sat near nodding-head Eugene Robinson, pencil-head David Broder, or typewriter-transcriber Bob Woodward. Well, Greg was already damaged goods when he arrived at the WaPo. He’d been under the tutelage of the one-eyed pseudo-reporter Josh Marshall for a long time. (Marshall, the head of Talking Points Memo, has just one eye because it’s all he needs. He sees all political events through a single lens. His. And it espies solely what’s good for Democrats.)

  19. Obvious missile Launch ,my question is why does the video end right after the first stage separation . Where is the rest of the video ?.

    UFO …….. Could be Lockheed Martin F-35 , notice the flashing light and then a flash near the cockpit as it rolls , hover mode , now picture this aircraft from 35 miles away .

  20. Someone went overboard with threats against Lt. Col. Allen West/Joyce Kaufman resulting in code red for 300 schools in Broward County.
    School Lockdown, Radio Talk Show Host, Elected Officials
    November 11, 2010 in Campaign 2008, Campaign 2010, Campaign 2012, Capitalism, Economy, Family values, Health care reform, Politics, socialism | Tags: Broward County School Board, Joyce Kaufman, Lt. Col. Allen West, WFTL 850
    At the same time that Lt. Col. Allen West and radio talk show host Joyce Kaufman were in the crosshairs of the liberal left media on Wednesday, the entire Broward County School system (the 6th largest in the nation) was put on lockdown due to an email and telephone threat made to the radio station Joyce Kaufman works for, WFTL850:
    Federal investigators have interviewed a person of interest about the cell phone and website threats about a shooter that prompted a code red lockdown of the nation’s sixth largest school district Wednesday.
    “No one has been arrested,” Pembroke Pines Police Capt. Dan Rakofsky said Thursday. “That person has been talked with, is uncooperative and is a person of interest.”
    Rakofsky said someone in Florida who is located outside of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade counties was interviewed.
    He would not reveal that person’s gender or any other details.
    “Pembroke Pines police investigators had help from the U.S. Marshals, FDLE and the FBI, and the Secret Service,” the police captain said.

  21. Have you ever thought of the fact that these things are never caught on video sitting on the ground?

    “principalities and powers of the air”

  22. >>>oldsalt,
    At present our technological capabilities for aircraft are thought to be at somewhere around MACH 7 or MACH 8. But in rocketry it is somewhere in the area of MACH 25, (via staging.) Beyond that point it is anybody’s guess.<<

    I've heard 'rumors' or well…..accounts….of aircraft in the mach 7-10 range. I wonder if we just witnessed one returning on this video.


  23. “How Congress was prepped to dismiss ‘birthers'”

    “The Congressional Research Service issued a memo to prepare members of Congress to rebut and defuse questions constituents were asking regarding Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility under the “natural born citizen” requirement of the Constitution.

    CRS staff member Jerry W. Mansfield, an information research specialist in the Knowledge Services Group, confirmed to WND that he authored the June 5, 2009, CRS memo entitled “Qualifications of Barack Obama to Be President of the United States.”

    Attached to the memo was an attack piece published by to dismiss claims that Obama’s short-form Certification of Live Birth, or COLB, originally published during the 2008 presidential campaign by, was a forgery.

    Attached to the memo were copies of four articles from the Internet aimed at debunking and dismissing arguments questioning Obama’s eligibility.

    Mansfield told WND that he had written the memo to provide responses Bilbray could give to constituents who were peppering his congressional office for a response to eligibility challenges.

    WND has reported that Bilbray is on the record saying there is no need for the president to have been born in the United States – or to have two parents who are U.S. citizens – to be a “natural born citizen” and be eligible for the Oval Office.”

  24. yo | November 11, 2010 at 10:42 pm |

    Hi yo,

    Maybe no video evidence, but a ton of evidence reported from eyewitnesses.

    There was the famous Rendlesham Forest sighting in England in 1980; the Travis Walton incident in Arizona in 1975 (I have met Travis and his future brother in law, Mike Rogers; both were tough to disbelieve), Betty and Barney Hill in NH, 1961 (also met Betty, who’s since passed on) and of course, Roswell in 1947.

    It’d be great to have something on film and I’m sure that someone on the planet has some video evidence somewhere. Many don’t come forward for fear of being labeled ‘fruitcakes’ but how arrogant would we be on Planet Earth to think that we’re the only life forms in the universe?

    Not sure what was seen in CA, but it sure doesn’t look like a plane, helicopter, or anything ‘earthly’ to me. I’m guessing we’ll never find out exactly what it was, nor will we find out what the ‘missile’ was.

    There is now and always has been chatter from ‘inside’ Area 51 in the NV desert regarding reverse engineering of ‘captured craft.’ Perhaps the technology, if true, is being used by the military today. Anyone’s guess.

    Take it for what it’s worth!


  25. I was stationed in san D years ago,there is an area off shore that we kept all people and boats away from,I have seen the orginal video,look’s like a missel from a sub,and if you look close it’s a army/navy double bladed copter near bye.They do this from time to time,I would not panick,it looks like somebody jumped the gun and fired before the fog set in,trust me they used to wait for heavy smog or fog day’s for 2 cents

  26. spelling sorry

  27. Either way, ours or the enemies ICBM we will never know the details, because it is Top Secret. I am going to hope for the best that it was ours.

  28. yo | November 11, 2010 at 10:42 pm |
    Have you ever thought of the fact that these things are never caught on video sitting on the ground?

    But if “these things’ ever were caught videod “sitting on the ground”, they wouldn’t be UFO’s they would Unidentified ground objects (UGO’s)
    Ha Ha Ha

  29. usapatriots-shout 1:07AM
    But if “these things’ ever were caught videod “sitting on the ground”, they wouldn’t be UFO’s they would Unidentified ground objects (UGO’s)
    Ha Ha Ha
    You’re just too bloomin’ smart! LOL (just laughing with you)

  30. Once on a television program, the subject was “USO”s (I believe I am remembering correctly…) They are Unidentified Submerged Objects…..and there was actually a clip of one (USO) coming up out of the water and flying….

  31. US Patriots Shout…………………………………
    Perhaps it was a ‘YUGO’. There is also a four door version which is referred to as a” WE- GO.”

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