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The following was just sent to me:

Rep. Dina Titus to Host Health Care Forum

“When: October 19th, 2009 at 7:00 PM
Where: Temple Ner Tamid, 55 North Valle Verde Drive, Henderson, Nevada 98074
Congresswoman Dina Titus is hosting a health care forum Monday October 19th to hear your concerns about government run health care. It is critical that we show up in force to take a stand against a government take over of our health care. Please bring your friends, family, and neighbors to this important event. Make sure your voice is heard but remember to be respectful and polite.”


From the website of Congresswoman Dina Titus:

“Health Care
Congresswoman Titus understands that Americans across the country are struggling to afford the high price of health care or lack access to the care they need. In Nevada nearly a quarter of 18- to 64-year-olds go without health care coverage. Nevada’s small businesses are also feeling the strain, as the high cost of health care is making them less competitive and dragging them down at a time when they are struggling to stay afloat.  The average American family pays an extra $1,100 a year in premiums to support the uninsured. And with premiums having doubled in nine years and growing three times as fast as wages, now is the time to act.

Reforming our health care system must not unfairly burden small businesses. Small businesses are the engines of growth in our economy, and their recovery will be critical to our efforts to pull Nevada out of this recession and create jobs that put people back to work.

Congresswoman Titus believes that to make health insurance reform a success, we must do it right and ensure that people who like their doctor or current plan can keep both.  She supports ending the practice of denial based on preexisting conditions, preventing insurance companies from placing a cap or limit on the benefits they will cover, and eliminating co-pays for preventive care. She supports cutting back on waste, fraud and abuse in the system and investing in health information technology, which will make health care more efficient and affordable by reducing administrative costs and duplicative tests.  Congresswoman Titus also believes in the need to control skyrocketing drug prices and keep seniors out of the donut hole.”

September 24, 2009
“The Medicare Premium Fairness Act before you today will eliminate this inequity and protect all Medicare enrollees so that no senior will see his or her premium increase or experience a Social Security check decrease.  Because this bill is fully paid for by using existing funds including the Medicare Improvement Fund and it meets the PAYGO requirements, it is a responsible way to stand up and provide for our seniors during these tough economic times.”


October 8, 2009
“Today is a sad day for Nevada’s seniors as Senate Republicans stood against them in order to block legislation that would prevent an increase in Medicare premiums.  With nearly 134,000 Social Security beneficiaries in my district, it is critical that Congress act to protect seniors from higher Medicare premiums at a time when every dollar counts and family budgets are stretched thin.”

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12 responses to “Nevada Health Care Forum, Representative Dina Titus, October 19th, 2009, Henderson, NV, Town Hall, Congresswoman Titus, Government Health Care, Health care premiums, Medicare, Small businesses

  1. I will be there with Bells on…..I doubt I will get to ask a question though….mine is…..why are we proceeding with all of these bills…unread at that…. when we have a FRAUD in our white house who won’t tell America who he really is….don’t you think we should take care of that problem first???

  2. I hope this works. The pertinent part starts at the 4:17 mark…Bo Dietl brings up the birth certificate issue on Imus

    Watch the latest business video at

  3. That link didn’t work. Try this one Bo on Imus

  4. I heard it this morning on my commute and then just decided to see if it was online and there it was….

  5. Patriot Dreamer

    Greg Goss // October 19, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    Thanks, Greg. They actually start talking about it at about 4:30.

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  7. article


    Some may find this offensive or distasteful… and I agree.

    WHY does our government believe it is so easy for us to give up our precious PRIVACY?

    Why do so many American’s feel comfortable, giving the government, deeply personal information about our bodies, our thoughts, our habits, and our health?

    When did every conceivable event that could take place “down there” become PUBLIC INFORMATION?

    Did “they” take that part of our body and decide to make it a target for “easy access”? Did “they” conclude that if we can get the American People to stop being prudish, they could reach their “control” goals FASTER?

    How old were you when you stopped caring about “what Mom and Dad think” ?? Really? And do we not still spare our parents, by reserving a portion of personal issues, for ourselves?

    Is there nothing out there that embarrasses us any more? With the popularity of REALITY shows, cell camera’s and youtube video’s, have we lost the ability to be ASHAMED?

    Don’t young people feel UNCOMFORTABLE when they have friends over to watch tv, and Fruit of the Loom is dancing ballet?

    WHEN did our “conditioning” start ? And more importantly.. WHY does this Democratic government believe it is “okay” to intervene or make decisions, regarding the most PERSONAL discussions and issues, regarding OUR lives ???????????

    Aren’t WE the ones who are supposed to decide, WHO, WHAT, WHEN AND WHERE, regarding events that surround our own bodies?

    Just today, I had one of those “ah HAH” moments. I realized that we have been groomed to accept discussion, PUBLICLY, about circumstances that are very, VERY personal… really!…. VERY private and personal.

    I have been irritated seeing those “Vagisil, Valtrex and Viagra” commercials for some time… especially when they are aired during moments with my family. Hey, “they” rate movies and books… why not commercials?

    Think about it: YEAST in the vagina, herpes sores, and Erectile Dysfunction…during dinner…

    OH JOY.

    It seems like everything we ever wanted to cure is “down there”.

    And, how about those commercials for the Gardasil vaccination? No one is appalled by doctors STRONGLY recommending that our 12 year old daughters get a shot to ward of a Sexually Transmitted Disease that is MOSTLY CURABLE ON IT’S OWN? While STRETCHING THE TRUTH about causing/detecting/preventing cervical cancer???? “I didn’t know!”

    What about those commercials for those KY Gel… “intimate” lubricants… OH yea, his and hers… combine them and, well, hmmm, I’m sure they will show us soon, exactly what can happen.

    Do you remember the first time you heard an adult say the word breasts, on television? How about uterus? vagina? And the biggie… abortion…??

    Now, this is interesting… we are told that women have complete control over their bodies if they decide to abort a pregnancy…. but if you are a healthcare worker, it is mandatory to be vaccinated for the swine flu ???? Oops, getting off topic here…

    Penis, Penis, Penis, Penis…. How fast can you say this word? How many times?

    Personally, I think it all started with those commercials for ExLax… uh huh, I remember being a child and chuckling at those… I’d rather talk about Carter’s Liver Pills… at the time, nobody knew what they were talking about, but we always expected to hear an advertisement sometime during the evening.

    OH and there are the famous Preparation H commercials… people grimacing and then smiling.

    And all of the males in the family ran to the tv to see those pictures of the Platex LIVING BRA… Of course, NOW they run to the tv to see the women NOT wearing a bra.

    How about those STAY FREE MINI PADS ??? yes, this stuff started creeping up on us, until TAMPAX became a household word. What were women using before these products were advertised on television?

    So we no longer need our physicians in order to discuss our forms of contraceptive…YAZ commercials use doctors to tell us how great this product is (that has just been taken off the market)…

    But PLEASE remember that CONDOMS DO NOT PREVENT PREGNANCY!!! Oh no, they can only help prevent the SPREAD of HIV/AIDS or STD’s that may be contracted via sexual activity… gay or otherwise. Trojan seems to have the most advertisement.

    Gee, didn’t we know about “rubber’s” before these commercials?

    Hmmmm, it seems that since we have been bombarded with all these sex related ads, the number of STD’s, teen pregnancies AND out-of-wedlock births has SKYrocketed, out of control!

    From an historical perspective, we have made it all the way up to dedicated cable programming for EROTIC TOOLS… and these infomercials seem to be on “floating” channels, as you never know which station they will appear. I don’t know how to get that off my satellite programming. I am sure I did not ask for that OR the LOGO channel.

    Someone, some where, has decided that we would have never known about any of these issues/hazards OR REMEDIES, without television commercials.

    AND, WE (WE) Let It Happen… while we were sleeping….

    In our defense, who would we complain to?

    Strange, the “powers that be” stopped airing the commercials about alcohol and cigarettes… and you almost need the aid of those products in order to watch the others!!

    Have we been conditioned, so that we can accept this idea of socialized medicine???

    Have we become DE-sensitized, into believing that these issues “advertised”, are not private or sacred ????

    So, after decades of being indoctrinated through television commercials, the generations behind mine, are perfectly comfortable with these issues, open to the public for scrutiny.

    How can this SMUT that floods our airwaves be considered “education” ????

    If there was a plan to desensitize us, it is working.

    American’s will no longer believe that what occurs in our bodies is PRIVATE… and personal, NOT a government issue.

    Will the ability to blush become extinct?.

    By the number of commercials for ailments “down there”, these businesses must think we are all desensitized in more ways than one.

    The constant bombardment of advertising these PRIVATE ISSUES, appears to have removed all shame, guilt and embarrassment; and replaced them with permission, acceptance and TOLERANCE!!!

    So, now, you can see where this has gotten us.

    Soon, our bodies will belong to the government, on a chip, in a computer, for anyone to analyze, critique, explore or ignore.

  8. In a Republican Social gathering hoping to spring back in 2010 on the endurance of a newly energized and ideologically aroused conservative betray roots, Sarah Palin’s clout is right away unparalleled. She was the one who popularized the quirk that Democrats advocated “passing panels” as part of their healthcare foresee, a charge that helped ignite hidebound flak to reform. More recently, in a unusual congressional election in upstate Mod York, Palin’s endorsement of Doug Hoffman, an uncharted, far-right third-party seeker, helped dynamism a popular soothe Republican politician, Dede Scozzafava, from the race. And now, although her ghostwritten accounts, “Prosperous Rogue: An American Lifestyle,” won’t be officially released until Tuesday, deposit sales have kept it in the No. 1 opinion at for weeks.

  9. Why don’t you take a minute to read and understand a bill, before signing it? We have privacy rights, and I also think it is awful your health care for everyone would leave 25 million uninsured.
    We need to address, the fraud, over medicating/vaccinating, and promote wellness. Our country is pushing things on us, that are killing us, and we want to put them in control of health care. ??
    Thomas Jefferson knew health care should not be government run.
    Everyone needs medical access, but this bill will leave many dr.s overworked and underpaid, and affraid to administer aid before filling out proper paper work.
    Go back to the drawing board and write up a bill to protect, and promote wellness, meanwhile start some biomass energy sites, and give some Americans a job.
    Bill Gates does not run our country. Step outside the box, please, for the Americans. Fix our school lunch program, stop over medicating us, including our children, stop promoting the use of toxic vaccines.
    Bill Gates is quoted as saying vaccines, and health care will decrease population. Can you explain that? Can we say population control? How is that ethical?
    Please we need honest, representatives to support our rights, and health.
    Tell the FDA that fast food, cornsyrup, and MSG cannot be the American peoples diet. Help us rebuild an education system, promoting health, arts, and success. Please be a voice for the thousands of children suffering from over medicating, and vaccine side effects. Make the government listen to the science, behind the links with Autism. Listen to the sciencd about biomass.
    American women have the highest pregnacy death rates. We have the highest Autism rate. We are the unhealthiest country. Lets fix HEALTHCARE, but do IT RIGHT!

    I beg you to consider these issues.

  10. Hi I just lost my job in Henderson,Nevada. I have searched all the job boards more times than I’d care to recall and applied to 100s of positions. However, i have not been able to find a single good response to my applications. If anyone knows about any particular place where i can look for a good job, please revert me with the location details. I will be thankful to you for your early response.

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