New York Judge Halts Flu Vaccine Mandate For Health Workers, Breaking News, October 16, 2009, H1N1 Vaccine, NY health care workers not forced into vaccinations

Breaking News  from CBS News 2, October 16, 2009:

“Judge Halts Flu Vaccine Mandate For Health Workers
New York Health Care Employees Won’t Be Forced To Get H1N1 Vaccine…For Now”

“Health care workers in New York will no longer be forced to get the H1N1 swine flu vaccine, CBS 2 has learned.

A state Supreme Court judge issued a restraining order Friday against the state from enforcing the controversial mandatory vaccination.

The order came as the Public Employees Federation sued to reverse a policy requiring vaccination against the seasonal and swine flu viruses, arguing that state Health Commissioner Richard Daines overstepped his authority.

Three parties – the Public Employees Federaion, New York State United Teachers, and an attorney representing four Albany nurses – challenged the order and for now the vaccination for nurses, doctors, aides, and non-medical staff members who might be in a patient’s room will remain voluntary.

The health department had said the workers must be vaccinated by November 30 or face possible disciplinary action, including dismissal. PEF said it encourages members to get flu vaccinations, but opposes the emergency regulation requiring the vaccine as a condition of employment.

A judge granted a temporary restraining order Friday morning, PEF spokeswoman Debbie Miles said. A court hearing is scheduled for October 30.

New York was the first state in the country to initially mandate flu vaccinations for its health care workers, but many health care workers quickly protested against the ruling. In Hauppauge, workers outside a local clinic screamed “No forced shots!” when the mandate came down at the end of September.

“I don’t even tend to the sick. I am in the nutrition field. They are telling me I must get the shot because I work in a health clinic setting,” said Paula Small, a Women, Infants and Children health care worker.

Small said she would refuse to be vaccinate, worried the vaccine is untested and unproven, leaving her vulnerable. In 1976, there were some deaths associated with a swine flu vaccination.

Registered nurse Frank Mannino, 50, was also angry. He said the state regulation violates his personal freedom and civil rights.

“And now I will lose my job if I don’t take the regular flu shot or the swine flu shot.”

When asked if he’s willing to lose his job, Mannino said, “Absolutely. I will not take it, will not be forced. This is still America.””

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68 responses to “New York Judge Halts Flu Vaccine Mandate For Health Workers, Breaking News, October 16, 2009, H1N1 Vaccine, NY health care workers not forced into vaccinations

  1. And here’s yet another Obama Kenyan-born article (get it before it’s scrubbed clean):

  2. Linda from NY

    CW: Yay! Finally, liberal NY did something good! They did not “back down” and they’re fighting back!

    Thanks for another quality post!

  3. Linda from NY // October 16, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Hi Linda,

    It’s a good day!

    I’m convinced that they backed down due to some lawsuits being filed, but whatever the reason, chalk one up.

    We’ll be watching on 10/30.

  4. Amazing, finally a Judge that will stand up for the people.

  5. Linda from NY

    Sue K: I loved what Frank Maninno, Registered Nurse, said. He was willing to lose his job over this infringement of his rights in AMERICA!

    Pardon my brain fatigue, but what’s happening on 10/30…refresh my memory bank, please…thanks!

    PS Sue, you have been a blessing to this blog of late…all of that good information from you is saving our sanity. Thanks! As Prairie says, “You’ve been Popping!”

  6. Patriot Dreamer

    Verichip commercial:

  7. Linda from NY

    Patriot Dreamer: “Because slaves need to be monitored!”

    Yuk…what an invasion of privacy! If Mds cannot access the computer for your health records from your Md with your permission, you have walk around with your own little “internal computer!” All because they are unwilling to do it for you…now that’s “in your service!”

  8. Thanks CW. Great news. Hope it holds!

  9. What a great way to head into the weekend. Great news, god bless those who are fighting. As I have said here before. The tide has turned, people are standing up for their rights and we will win.

  10. how to keep from getting the flu (by Dr. Mercola)

  11. My sister is on her way for my brother’s wedding. We have not spoken since the election– she voted for o– should be an interesting weekend! There better be an open bar at the dance!

  12. Proof from FR the new Kenya Born article is legit:

    It’s legit:
    Search results for Barack Obama. 138 total records found.
    Obama rejects Senate replacement » Americas Obama

    Ghanaians Celebrate Obama’s Victory » General News » 6-11-2008

    It’s Real Change – Obama » Americas » 6-11-2008

    Welcome Obama » Editorial » 6-11-2008

    Historic Moment – Obama-Mania Sweeps Across The World As New Era Dawns In US Politics » Americas » 6-11-2008

    Obama name craze for Kenya babies » Africa » 6-11-2008

    Obama Will Be My President – McCain » Americas » 6-11-2008

    Obama Weeps » Americas » 6-11-2008

    What Palestine Expects Of Obama’s Administration » International » 6-11-2008

    Obama builds up White House team » Americas » 6-11-2008

    NDC flies Mills/Obama flags » Ghana Elections » 6-11-2008

    Mills congratulates Barack Obama » Ghana Elections » 5-11-2008

    Kenya declares holiday for Obama » Africa » 5-11-2008

    Historic! Obama next US President » Americas » 5-11-2008

    Obama’s Kenyan home ready to party » Africa » 5-11-2008

    Obama wins historic US election » Americas » 5-11-2008

    The Audacity of Luck: Obama’s rise towards the White House » Feature Article » 5-11-2008

    AMERICANS DECIDE TODAY. GO OBAMA! » Americas » 4-11-2008

    History Beckons America – Will It Be Obama Or Macain? » Americas » 4-11-2008

    History beckons America; will it be Obama or McCain? » Americas » 4-11-2008

    Barack Obama’s grandmother has died » Americas » 4-11-2008

  13. Here’s an old article re O’s senate run:

    And, here is the contact info on the Standard…just in case that ever gets scrubbed:

    The Standard Ltd
    I & M Building, Kenyatta Avenue,
    P.O Box 30080, 00100 GPO, Nairobi-Kenya.
    Tel. +254 20 3222111, Fax: +254 20 214467, 229218, 218965.
    News room Tel: +254 20 3222111, Fax: +254 20 213108.

  14. Patriot Dreamer

    CertifiGate continues …

  15. Linda from NY // October 16, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    Hi Linda,

    Ya, I think Frank echoed what a lot of us feel.

    From CW’s article above:

    ‘A judge granted a temporary restraining order Friday morning, PEF spokeswoman Debbie Miles said. A court hearing is scheduled for October 30.’

    Thanks for the ‘blessing!’ 🙂

    I just had a conversation with THE person in the know about flu stuff. He asked me to get in touch with him on Monday, so I’ll do that.

  16. Lamont Hill has been fired from Fox.

  17. Patriot Dreamer

    Prairie, what did Lamont Hill do to get fired?

  18. Linda from NY

    twe: Excellent video…thanks so much for sharing!

  19. Thanks, CW for posting the complete article.

    I saw the headline on Drudge, too, and was ecstatic, so I quickly posted only a few lines about it on the other thread.

    It’s a big coup for these folks and for all of us.

  20. PD,
    A shareholder raised the question of his defending cop killers and racists. Here is the link.

  21. With all due respect….Please, enough already with all the newspaper articles about “kenyan born!” Copies of articles in newspapers are most times unverified and probably not documented.
    They have NO weight in a court of law.

    Only the very words from the “purple lips” themselves or verified, documented, stamped, sealed, etc, etc, legal records are going to help us now.

    I know his lord Obama’s lawyers have used the fact checked stuff from the internet as proof of his birth, but it won’t work in the reverse.

    We need discovery to open sealed records. Hopefully then everything will come to light.

    In the meantime, quit dwelling on a dead end.
    It is taking up precious time.

    Please don’t take this wrong. I appreciate everyone here and all the hard work seeking the truth. I just think we’re going in the wrong direction.

  22. Linda from NY

    Prairie: ??? Which grandmother was that?

    Barack Obama’s grandmother has died » Americas » 4-11-2008

  23. Sue K,

    This is a great first step, don’t you think?

    THIS should be the main headline on Drudge Report. Instead, they’re raking that poor man and his family over the coals about the silly weather balloon. Joe The Plumber redux.

    Now, I anxiously await a ruling on Laibow’s case. You remember her suit is seeking an emergency injunction to stop the distribution of the vaccines. EAU under the BioSphere Act…a bunch of hooey.

  24. Linda,
    I searched it, I believe it may be a foreign report that puts day/month/year. That’s my guess.

  25. Can anyone here get to the forum page of Obamacrimes?

  26. Honorfirst, while you are waiting for His Purpleness to admit his birth history, I will delight in every shred of evidence exposing him for the fraud he is.
    I just wonder why these articles were not uncovered a long time ago!

  27. Kim,

    I can’t help but wonder if there’s a covert mission going on that involves the discovery of these items. Timing is everything. Sounds like you have our suspicions, as well.

    Have to wonder, with the concern the CIA has with him, if they aren’t somehow fueling this. Remembering what McGovern recently said in an interview, there are 2 CIA’s. I don’t know for certain. But I do know it wouldn’t be the first president they had a hand in bringing down. Just sayin……

  28. Linda from NY

    Margie: When you click on “forum,” you get a message that says the “Forum Page is currently OFFLINE, please try back later.”

    Did you get that message? If so, then none of us can get to the forum, either.

  29. Sue K,

    Curious what do you know about Lab 257 in NY? Anything?

  30. Linda from NY

    Just Me: Then, do you think all of this is happening “on purpose?” Or…is this just another diversion?

    I wonder, too, if the FBI and the CIA have known all along he was ineligible, and someone has paid them to be silent.

    I really cannot believe he got a Security Clearance. I wondered, too, if they gave him false information since he does not appear to be operating from a position of strength. Maybe, they are watching him more than we know, too!

    It’s all so confusing…and annoying!

    What do you think?

  31. Linda from NY

    Whoa! This could keep the IRS busy for a while!

    Acorn: Examine the history of the federal and state tax liens

  32. So happy to hear the good news from New York on this thread. Finally a judge is “listening.”

    LindaNY: I just caught up with postings from the previous thread and one of yours caught my eye. I agree that a number (who really knows how many) of “Congress men/women” will be questioned on what they knew about Obama and when, etc., but it’s not just going to be the party presently in power. This is going to be open to all who either knew and ignored, could have assisted and didn’t, should have asked a “question” and remained silent & who legally administered an Oath of Office to an ineligible “candidate.”
    Hope you get my drift without naming names which I may do later tonight in a posting.
    There is PLENTY of blame to cover them all!

  33. I see three answers to Why NOW?

    1. The obots are distracting (trying to draw attention away from Hi DoH) – a Kenyan birth smokescreen.

    2. Someone is “allowing” the articles to be found at this time.

    3. The first article started a frenzy of people looking and the number of those questioning o is growing exponentially.

  34. Linda NY,

    I say anything is possible.

    Since we don’t live in “that world” that operates at the highest level, & I don’t mean highest level of government, big difference, we can’t know.

    Forty five years later, we are still discovering the REAL facts of the players involved with the demise of JFK. I wonder who here knows Oswald worked for both the CIA and FBI? I didn’t.

    I just bought a very well researched book about the JFK assassination. It’s a stunning read. Just a few pages into the book, there is already an eerie similarity to what JFK was trying to do and what “O” is trying to do. We know the outcome of that.

    Suffice it to say, some of those same players are still around.

  35. JustMe, Linda from Ny,

    Random events are part of the universe, but largely these uncoverings are not by chance. I have been speculating for some weeks.

    There is a supernumerary war going on, not privy to the general population, just as there was when Clinton lost the nomination. That event unfortunately was not a surprise. This isn’t either.

  36. LindaNY—Just my opinion, I believe they ALL had an idea something wasn’t really right—This includes when former Pres. Bush left the Executive Order that permitted certain investigations of administrative personnel including the POTUS. (Of course, bho quickly shot out his own EO knocking that of the radar). Then why VP Cheney DIDN’T ask the question when Electoral College Cert. were presented. And more and more, I’ll post later….

  37. JustMe,

    Could you identify the similiarities between JFK and O, in terms of their ambitions? I’m somewhat puzzled.

    JFK from what I understand opposed the influence of the Federal Reserve. Are you suggesting that O is too?

  38. HonorFirst,

    Absolutely agree. That’s why the complaints for election fraud are so powerful: BO’s words, and the words of his lawyers, submitted to a federal court; coupled with APFC’s words, will hang him. And NP. But this concept of filing election fraud complaints using their words, which I conceived and drafted, is so brilliantly simple, it lacks the ‘sizzle’ of the bells and whistles issued by these other impresarios, which sidetracks the attention of the masses.

  39. Venice,

    Wanted to let you know, I’m going out for dinner and want to respond to your post about JFK and “O” when I return. The book I’m speaking of is the one McGovern spoke about in his interview.

  40. Linda from NY

    maddie: I agree…so many players…so many compromised…it makes no sense why no one spoke out; no one came forward; no one even batted an eyelash!

    Not to mention that ALLEGED threat that if they did not pass the stimulus bill, Martial Law would be declared. It all reeks of deception of the highest order!

    Unless, of course, everyone had something to lose by talking…it’s just too incredible to be true!

  41. Thanks JustMe,

    Funny that crossed my mind, that is the book by McGovern. Take your time and enjoy your evening.

  42. Linda NY and et al – I’ve had these same inklings for over a year now. There is no way I can wrap my brain around the thought that my country’s intelligence agencies have been so infiltrated by these commies that they would throw us pratiotic Americans to the curb. It’s unimaginable.

    Think about it. These good folk knew that the MSM was bought off by the oligarchs. Hell, I knew it b/c it was a big issue during the Bush administration when they changed ownership rules and policies for the FCC. The liberal blogs were covering the story at the time. I knew then, like many others, that something was up.

    Now, ask yourself, if MSM is bought and paid for by the oligarchs, where would a psy-op be able to get the word out about 0’s ineligibility? You got it. The blogosphere.

    I could care less whether the sites I visit daily are psy-op blogs. I just know, we, the blogosphere, is fully informed about his ineligibility whereas those that depend on the MSM don’t. It’s that simple for me.

    Friends once looked at me when I brought up the ineligibility issue w/crazy, spooked, nutso looks. So, I stopped bringing it up. However, today, I now look at those friends as crazy, spooked and nutso. I have no room in my life for them.

    I don’t know about you, but there is not a doubt, not a scintilla of doubt, that 0 is usurping the office of US Presidency. Not a doubt in my mind.

    And the place I learned it was here, in the blogosphere. The place I studied and researched such claims were here in the blogosphere.

    Thus, if I was smart enough to ditch the MSM propaganda 20+ months ago, then good for me and good for all of the others that did the same thing.

    We are now the soldiers, patriots, the frontiermen/women standing at the front line and it is our responsiblity to formulate whatever strategy necessary to wake up our brothers, sisters, friends and family with the facts that they were fooled, duped or whatever into ignoring you and your concerns about him at great expense to our country and her future.

    Just be certain to be kind and gentle when you do this. No one likes to know they were fooled. These good people will have an opportunity to file a class action suit at some point to sue the DNC for their fraud, which is why I continue to hammer home the need to support jbjd’s work. If just one AG investigates, finds fraud and goes to court the DNC is done/toast/never again.

    As a former D, this saddens me greatly, but I believe fully that the pheonix will rise and the remnants of this Party will rise to greatness and do good by all of their voters and supporters.

    We must YANK our Party from the TEETH of the radical left. We MUST.

    This period in time will go down in the history books as the darkest days of the Party. Let’s make sure of that.

    We are right. We’ve been studious and we have learned. Therefore, we MUST serve faithfully on theat front line. Our country is counting on us. Let’s not let them down.

    To the children, Onward,

  43. sorry the interview

  44. Linda from NY

    Just Me: You have sparked my interest…cannot wait until you return.

    venice: How ’bout you?

  45. Prairie-My family was divided too, half went for O, the half someone else. No hard feelings on our end. I just know Obama can’t last too illegal too corrupt.

  46. Linda from NY,

    I think the oligarchs are at war and that by necessity involves the CIA. But yes, I’ll be interested.

  47. Jacqlyn Smith


    Prairie // October 16, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    Lamont Hill has been fired from Fox.

    Good for Murdoch….I can’t stand this LIBERAL HYPOCRITE!!!

  48. Linda from NY

    d2i: Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I haven’t watched TV since January of 2008. I got tired of being spoon-fed what I should know about what is happening.

    After the Rules and By Laws Committee meeting, it was evident to me [and any thinking person], something had gone awry.

    When Lynette Long investigated Caucus Fraud, I was appalled at what she reported even though I only suspected something was not right.

    When pp was strutting around like he had just won the election in March of 2008, I wondered why he was so arrogantly confident. Well, that’s because he knew he was going to win, and no one was going to be able to stop him.

    I did not renew our newspaper subscription long after I had found the truth on the blogs and only after it had run out. I got tired of seeing his ugly mug on the front page of every paper.

    While I am no legal-eagle, I read jbjd’s blog with great interest and admiration. All of the other cases were getting nowhere so why hadn’t anyone pursued election fraud, I wondered. After all, it was right there in front of our eyes. How else could he have accomplished this coup? Are we to believe out of some 300 million, this inexperienced nobody could get elected?

    It all just reeks of deception IMHO.

    Thanks for listening…


  49. Linda from NY
    “I wonder, too, if the FBI and the CIA have known all along he was ineligible, and someone has paid them to be silent.” The FBI/CIA guys are so super straight, I don’t think there is any amount that would have them go dirty. Maybe a bad egg here and there, but not as a group and they are tested for certain traits (super straight).

  50. Linda from NY

    Michelle: Then, why haven’t they arrested him? He had to go through a lengthy background check for a Security Clearance…how could they NOT know? I am not saying they are dirty, but why is it that McGovern claimed there are two CIAs? What did he know? It just makes no sense to me at all!

  51. Michelle,
    Thanks for your thoughts, she will be here in minutes. It’s so bad my boys are telling me to quick turn off Fox news. I know that facts will not get through- she argues with emotion, like a true liberal. Hard to believe we grew up in the same house.

  52. **NEW POST**

  53. jbjd-Sizzle, I think them hanging themselves with their own words is the best. That is beyond sizzle and it is a brilliant tactic. I still miss my Revolutionaries handbook that had quotes from all our Founding Fathers. The government hates it when you use their own words to convict them.

  54. Linda from NY

    venice: I agree…the war is on, but please explain why that involves the CIA…thanks.

    What is it they [CIA] have to do? What is their role in this war?

  55. I just realized I’ve already heard this interview with McGovern. It is interesting and I’m certain that JustMe initially posted it. Here’s the link:

    Just click on link with ex-CIa analyst Ray Mcgovern.

  56. Linda,

    See my post and listen to the interview. It will answer your questions.

  57. 500,000 X $20 = $10,000,000


  58. d2i”Just be certain to be kind and gentle when you do this. No one likes to know they were fooled.” I told my friends and family that I could not vote for Obama, because I am from Chicago, and very familiar with mobbed-up, corrupt South Side of Chicago cesspool of corruption.

  59. Linda from NY

    venice: Thanks.

  60. d2i // October 16, 2009 at 6:07 pm
    Everyone wants an explanation for the silence..the way I see it, it doesn’t need to be verified, just the mere threat of bombs, violence, disastrous damage to metro cities would stop any investigation into the life of aka obama………influence, wealth, privilege access to insiders ……..
    use of a little imagination gets me to the solution and his name starts with a S.

  61. Hi Prairie,
    I know how families can be torn apart.
    Was your sister, perhaps, a Hillary supporter
    first? I saw Hillary supporters torn apart–some going over to the Fraud and others not–lots of fighting resulted.

    I just saw a Ralph Nader sticker today. Ron Paul was pretty popular in the primaries. Hillary was the most popular in the primaries here. Then, that ominous day when election fraud occurred and everything “changed.” One dismal day 😦

  62. Linda from NY

    venice: That interview was incredible! I did not know about the book but I have been reading, with interest, the new information about JFK’s death. The Warren Commission, IMHO, left me with more questions than answers so I did not buy into what they were pushing.

    Ray McGovern is an undeniably wonderful source of information on many levels.

    Thanks for providing the link to the interview.

    I understand so much more now after trying to piece together some fragmented information from here, there, and everywhere.

    You rock!

  63. Linda NY and Michelle thanks for info. on OC yes I get the same message. I liked reading there thoughts as well. Not sure when the forums will be open again. I even emailed Phil Berg, no reply. Story of my life lately, no one answers any of my questions.

  64. N.Y. Health Care Workers Revolt Over H1N1 Vaccine: “Registered nurse & gay rights activist Frank Mannino, 50, was also angry. He said the state regulation violates his personal rights,Frank has been a valued member of the gay rights movement ,……..

  65. DanFromSanFran

    Margie and Linda NY, I too am disappointed that the OB Crimes Forum is unavailable. What is even more curious is that none of the search engines pick up much traffic about this.

    Phil is the Canary in the Coal Mine. Keep your eyes on his health.

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