DeKalb County Georgia, Background Check On Obama, Placed On Leave, Secret Service called, Officers have standing in court

** Update July 30, 2009, 3:20 PM – see below **

These 2 police officers in DeKalb County Georgia have standing.

They also deserve our support.

“Officers Run Background Check On Obama; Placed On Leave”

“Two DeKalb County police officers have been placed on paid administrative leave after an investigation revealed they ran a background check on President Barack Obama.

A representative for the DeKalb County CEO’s office identified the officers as Ryan Wright and C.M. Route.

Officials said Obama’s name was typed into a computer inside a DeKalb County police car on July 20 and ran through the National Crime Information Center.

The secret service was immediately notified and contacted the DeKalb County Police Department.”

Read more:


** Update  **

I just spoke to a nice lady at the DeKalb County Police dept. The reason that the Secret Service was called in and that the 2 officers were placed on admin. leave was that the database that they accessed is controlled by the US Secret Service and that the 2 officers violated county policy by not using the proper procedures.



Thanks to commenter LM.


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  1. Just surfing around and came across someone’s opinion as to why BO won’t show the real deal … On his BC … it says – Race: White

    LOL ! Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

  2. zachjonesishome

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 28% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -12. That’s the lowest rating yet recorded for President Obama (see trends).

  3. zachjonesishome

    Sorry to repost question-

    Question. Am I the only one (every time I go to the grocery store) that stops by the magazine rack? And looks for magazines with either Obama on the cover and finds the least popular magazine to cover it up?

    I hear Time will have Obama on the cover again.

    Have a great day!

  4. zachjonesishome

    Hostile article in Stars and Stripes. I didn’t see place to comment. They have the facts wrong. Surprise!

    Army caught up in reservist’s Obama conspiracy theory

    By Megan McCloskey, Stars and Stripes
    Mideast edition, Thursday, July 30, 2009

    Shannon Szwarc/(Columbus, Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer
    Maj. Stefan Cook speaks to the media with his attorney, Orly Taitz, after his case was dismissed on July 16 outside the federal courthouse in Columbus, Ga.

    Shannon Szwarc/(Columbus, Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer
    Maj. Stefan Cook places his hand on Ellen Gilmore, a self-proclaimed concerned citizen, outside of the federal courthouse in Columbus, Ga., earlier this month. She thanked him for having “the courage to stand up for the Constitution of the United States.”

    Army Maj. Stefan Cook sought out a notorious lawyer in February, formally volunteered for an Afghan deployment in May and was granted orders to deploy in June.

    But the Army reservist’s intention appeared not so much to fight for America as to fight against President Barack Obama, in furtherance of a bizarre conspiracy theory.

    In July, Cook filed a lawsuit against the Army, the defense secretary and the president, claiming that Obama could not lawfully order him to go to war because he is not the legitimate president of the United States.

    Cook is one of the so-called “Birthers,” a small group of activists who subscribe to a fringe conspiracy theory alleging that Obama was not born in the United States and therefore cannot legally serve as president. The conspiracy theory, proven false by numerous media investigations as well as officials in the state of Hawaii where Obama was born, first surfaced early in the presidential campaign, but in recent months it has continued to fester on the Internet….

  5. zachjonesishome

    I’ll checkin later. Zach

  6. interesting two law officials in one state can do a check


    when an obot in hawaii does it, three times, she gets a free pass??

    hypocrisy abounds in obot tyrannically run government

  7. zachjonesishome

    On topic. Dr. Orly is asking for help.

    Can anyone find these officers, see if they join as additional plaintiffs in my law suit
    Submitted on 2009/07/30 at 9:38am

    t Dear Dr. Orly-I thought that you might find this story interesting. I don’t know what the law is in their department is, maybe just simple curiosity the new trend seems to be anyone asking questions re: Obama eligibility is threatened, harassed or fired for their efforts. My question to the administration why the paranoia which seems to be on steroids?
    DeKalb County News 11:00 p.m. Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Text size:
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Two DeKalb County Officers are being investigated for allegedly performing a background check on President Barack Obama.

  8. Hope they go into hiding a while


    28% strong approval rating. The lowest yet. Considering that Obama is receiving 95% of the black vote, that’s about 16% of the non-black vote.

  10. Can someone bring the post I posted at 1:06am ( I think) from the last thread over here. The Michael Steele article about Steele believing BO is a citizen. Then go there and read the comments. they are disgusting …. All birthers are racist !!!

  11. i think people against talking about BO’s birth are ANTI AMERICAN and ANTI CONSTITION !!!

    how about that! Same old bush era military bashers and treasonists

    did anyone catch HANNITY last nite , he was supposed to talk about this BO eligibility thing

  12. Val @ 10:22: trying to oblige your request…you mean this one posted at 1:04, I presume…

    btw: this new ‘thread’ popped up while there were still some late posts from both the wee-hours and early beach-coast time today…including some stuff I hope you’ll read, too. Too many to copy and drag over here…

    Gotta run…check in with y’alls later.
    Hope that was what you wanted,Val.

  13. Has anyone read the latest article concerning the military’s involvement in “assisting” with the pandemic outbreak on US Soil? “CNN is reporting this evening that the U.S. military is gearing up to get involved in the H1N1 swine flu outbreak widely expected to strike the U.S. this fall.”

    More info can be found at this link to the article from Natural News.

  14. What’s happening to those two police officers is a crime of unseakable proportions. I’m gonna see if I can do a post about it. Does America need any other wake-up call than that?

    I just posted – something different – I hope you all like it. I’m just trying to stand up on top of the mountain and scream.

  15. I wish someone would investigate this:
    In the Stimulus (Recovery bill) almost every state has money going to:
    “CDBG State’s Program and Non-Entitlement Grants in Hawaii”
    Why would other states have money going to Hawaii from their own allocated money? I want to know if this is a bribe.

  16. If there were some way to do a backround check on Obama, I would use the name Barry Soetoro. I would imagine there is a wealth of information attached to his real name. Although it may be hard to do a thorough check, as he has used something like 22 social security numbers. Right?

  17. truthbetold11

    Many inquiring minds want to know!

  18. Zach – I wish you would have used the correct name for “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution”. Its’ real name is THE ATLANTA URINAL & CONSTIPATION.

  19. I am wondering if the latest post “DeKalb County, Georgia…” has been scrubbed. I still see the “comments” …but when I google “citizen wells” I get “Fukino” as the first article (unlike an hour ago, when I read the “DeKalb County, GA…” ????

  20. sorry…..NOW it is coming up again as the first article (DelKalb) !!!!! Thank you.

  21. I want to give everyone a heads up. The 5yr bond auction effectively failed yesterday. Again the MSM is not reporting the facts. The 7 yr goes today. 235B are on auction this week. This is not a good sign, Treasuries are in trouble.

    Take a look at Denninger’s site. Don’t miss his Ten things you must do now article.

  22. Zach jones, ,

    I do all the time. I first started back in Feb. at the airport. had time to kill. numerous bo or michelle on the cover. I turned them over or put larry sinclair the globe in place. Also, when I returned my small town grocery, I started turning them over. One day the clerk, whom I know , busted me and said is that you who has been turning them over. She said ” I just made her day.”.

  23. What I would like to know about the two officers who did the background check is what did the background check reveal about Obama?

    This note to Oldsalt is from the last thread:


    Exactly. However, I think O’Reilly supports Ozero because they might be in the same secret clubs together–like Bilderberg or Trilateral or NWO. O’Reilly seems to be pretending he has seen documents no one else has–if so, let him share them. If not–and it is only that ridicules forged COLB–then he is either the most gullible guy in America or knows very well he is bluffing!
    Either way, we need to call his bluff.

  24. did anybody watch hannity last nite, or is it tonight? he is supposed to talk about BO birth problems

    and yes the Bond market was so so, over half the offerings went overseas. The FEDS are entertaining the Chinese this week in DC, trying to get them to buy more of OBAMA’s BS

    The Chinese know we are going the route of ARgentina, which was the 5th largest industrial nation in the 1920s before going socialist and doing what we are doing right now. And it destroyed their nation for over 80 years. Unless we stop this madness in DC soon, we are going the same route to destruction at the hands of far left liberal illegal thugs in control now.

  25. I truly hope everyone is boycotting Fox – I know I am. Their ratings need to be force-dropped.

  26. cq // July 30, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    CQ and Zach,

    You can also get several copies of another publication and put it on top of the ones that contain his puss.

    That’s what I do :).

  27. John Feeny

    Boycott them all…………it’s just state run propaganda anyway…………

    Also newspapers,,,,,,, that’s a hard one for me because of the crossword puzzle and OBITs.

  28. WOT: (as in: ‘way off topic’)…so if you don’t wanna read this story, skip forward…please:
    intended to help folks with kids/grandkids; and sorta inspired by our pal PF, who cuts us (me)lots of slack for the typos, etc…I really felt compelled to share this this morning…with loving kudos to my “hero-Dad”…who came to my rescue…when I was a ‘victim’ of my own dyslexia:
    In the 6th grade, back when one teacher was responsible for teaching all subjects, we were given a ‘true-false’ science test. I thought I had done pretty well, even though science was not an interest of mine. I got the one-page test back with a big red “F” marked at the top…and with a note that stated I needed to take it home and have my parents sign it…indicating that they’d seen how poorly I had done.

    The fact of the matter was, I had answered most of the questions correctly, but where the answer was “TRUE”, I had written “TURE”, unknowingly…and those answers got a big “X” through them.

    When my (late) father reviewed my “F” answer sheet, he grew red in the face. He was furious that the teacher had led me to think I was stupid; and that (she) didn’t explain to me that it was my spelling that was amiss. Dad promptly made an appointment to meet with the principal of the school the next day. He made it clear to the ‘boss’ that it was obvious that I had a reading or visual problem…and that (in Dad’s words),
    “he’s probably alot smarter than the teacher.”

    As a consequence, I was tested…then placed in a special ‘remedial’ reading program for the rest of the year, and got outside assistance from a specialist dealing with dyslexia.

    After that, and then going into junior high school, I was tested again. The next thing I knew (again without an explanation) I was enrolled (7th & 8th grades) in an early-bird class said to be ‘for the gifted’?! “Oh, gee; THANKS FOR NOTHING!!…now I gotta be at school a hole hour before school starts!!…and with all the ‘nerds’, no less!!” (LOL, now!) that was my immediate reaction…

    The first day I showed up at that “O’dark-30” hour, the boys and girls who were waiting for the teacher (who never showed up!!) were the ones who were known in school for their academic prowess. I wondered, “what the heck am I doing here?! eeeeuuuu!!”

    I barely graduated high school…after 5 years…and I’m the only one in my family who doesn’t have a college education and degree.
    The ‘school-way’ of learning was just not in the cards for me. I’ve had to be a ‘copy-cat’ ever since. I have to rely on being able to observe and assess what’s good and right…and grab on.

    So: what’s the point of me telling you all this?
    (sort of back on topic, of yesterday, anyway):
    be careful, especially with your kids (or those who rely on the support and encouragement they need from you) about how you label someone…name-call…disparage…however you wanna say it; you may be crushing and covering up something special by a careless and casual ‘oversight’. You may miss something golden while tossing your dirt.

    Lastly: back to you PF: keep the goods coming!
    I, for one, appreciate you HERE.

  29. o reilly doesn’t know anything about
    the oil market
    the eligibility issue
    he is a typical liberal arts know nothing
    do nothing technical illiterate

    like the rest of the liberal BS media

  30. Army D.A.V.

    da verg // July 30, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    o reilly doesn’t know anything about
    the oil market
    the eligibility issue
    he is a typical liberal arts know nothing
    do nothing technical illiterate

    like the rest of the liberal BS media


    And a coward , blowhard, Viet Nam war draft dodger………

  31. Smarter than the Nut Jobs!

    Now I know where the nut-jobs hang out and post! If the officers had standing the Secret Service would not have intervened to enforce Federal law, which is applicable in GA until you all secede (please do!). And for the record, it is illegal to run a background check utilizing the federal databases without probable cause. Again, police acting stupidly!!!

  32. Hawaii Never Confirmed Obama’s Birth Document As Genuine

  33. zachjonesishome


    cq // July 30, 2009 at 12:15 pm (edit)

    Zach jones, ,

    I do all the time. I first started back in Feb. at the airport. had time to kill. numerous bo or michelle on the cover. I turned them over or put larry sinclair the globe in place. Also, when I returned my small town grocery, I started turning them over. One day the clerk, whom I know , busted me and said is that you who has been turning them over. She said ” I just made her day.”.

    EXCELLENT! Did it today! Maybe Time will go broke.

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  35. sandy @ 9:52 am

    Hope they go into hiding a while


    Hi sandy,

    I hope so too.

    I couldn’t help to think of the article *below* while reading about the DeKalb cops. Still not solved as far as I know……

  36. Re-Do @ 10:56,

    Thank you!

  37. Hey!! Anyone notice that the cop’s lawyer is going to attend the White House?

    I hope that the cop uses this as an opportunity to say:

    “Barack, since we’re here, shooting the breeze over a beer… Tell me… Why don’t you just show me your vault birth certificate? You haven’t heard? People are asking… I’ll have another Bud.”


  38. Yesterday Dobbs said he will not back down on the story. I suggest to those who can – call in to his radio show today. Bring up the Natural Born issue and the college records, etc… I believe his show runs from 2-4 – but, not sure. Ask him if you can email him more info. Like the twins BC !

    Thanks, let’s keep at it.

  39. Army D.A.V.

    Obama, the President of the U.S., Is Currently Also a British Citizen.

    Atty Mario Apuzzo

  40. Rigg…JF: if only…LOL! love it…

  41. Val @ 1:54: no problem…you’re welcome; just glad that I got the one you wanted…

  42. Crowley drinks Red Stripe (?) Bo drinks the Bud Light. As in … a little light in britches!

    Larry Sinclair posted the “discription” on his blog ! hahahaha!

    Talk about BO being on the “left” !!! Tilt ! LOL !

  43. Army D.A.V.

    I think these two cops should call the White House and ask for an invitation to join the black liberation nationalist beer get together.

    I also think REV Wright should be there with his congregation and give his famous down with whitey sermon.

  44. citizenwells

    Smarter than the Nut Jobs!
    I.. w i l l… s a y… t h is… r e a l.. s l o w.
    I f… t h e y… t a k e… t h i s… t o… c o u r t,
    t h e y… w i l l… h a v e… s t a n d i n g.

    I hope to God that they do.
    PS Einstein.
    Obama had numerous traffic tickets he had not paid prior to
    filling out his IL bar application.
    (not to mention his involvement in crime and corruption)
    Any questions?

  45. Army D.A.V.,

    And then Rick Warren can give the invocation before the beer drinking starts, or the fighting starts.

  46. I am thinking about opening a gin mill, and calling it the Whitehouse. Anybody want a piece of the action? Ought to have all sorts of OBOTS crawling out of the woodwork. It would give me a lot of satisfaction to relieve them of their money.

  47. citizenwells

    The 2 DeKalb officers, as you would expect, are being
    attacked. Show your support on the DeKalb blog and
    anywhere else you may choose.


  48. I still think that the citizens of our great republic have a right to know, just exactly why the so called articulate first lady, Michelle Obama, has had her Illinois Bar License suspended through a Court order.

  49. RICHARD………………………………………

    The suspension should be public record. Sneak a peek into her garbage can. Might reveal something really useful for LATER when the manure has already hit the fan.

  50. zach @ 1:41: I believe it was the Herald Examiner that I saw at the grocery store rack with the cover showing Michelle & Oprah “at war”…would that, too, be one to obscure from public view/notice? As I posted previously, after having seen that, I was (musing to myself)wondering which one would be first to play the ‘race’ card?!

    Maybe Rodney King could referee that one?!
    “Please, people….can’t we all just get along?!”
    Different subject: I’ve sorta joked several times about the “trade” talks…and the possibility of Lou actually winding up at FOX…though now they’re looking to be “in the tank, too”…
    So: my question is, for real, two-fold:
    1) might that become a reality?…
    2) would that necessarily be a good thing?…
    even a ‘game-changer’…
    Frankly, either or both would surprise me; but I figure they’re going down with the foursome who’ve shown their true colors…so, now where do they turn for those ‘all-precious’ ratings? Hmmm?

  51. can’t post right now, but will be happy to
    share the “Red Alert” I heard this a.m.
    on Radio —- guest was Dr. Corsi—he was terrif!

  52. I’m not sure why one of the officers is denying being involved.

    They should just come out and tell the world why they did what they did:

    To ensure their oath under the U.S. Constitution has been upheld. I don’t know about you but I’d do the same thing, only I would have done it much much sooner!

    We have a bunch of panty-waists in this country (no offense to the ladies). Come on LEO’s, get with the program and start digging before you’re all out of a job anyway…

  53. Does anyone know if Obama went to United Trinity Methodist because Oprah attended the church? Was he attempting to meet Oprah and and get chummy with her so he could advance his popularity? Looks like Oprah Winfrey may have been USED by the master of deception.

  54. citizenwells

    ** Update **

    DeKalb County Police officers

    I just spoke to a nice lady at the DeKalb County Police dept. The reason that the Secret Service was called in and that the 2 officers were placed on admin. leave was that the database that they accessed is controlled by the US Secret Service and that the 2 officers violated county policy by not using the proper procedures.

  55. I just discovered that I can listen to Lou Dobbs online right now. He just referred to Obama as a “lying SOB.” Wow!

    Click on the On Air link

  56. About the Michelle Obama law license. A paralegal working at the disciplinary board that maitains the website explained during the year that Michelle placed her license on hold-inactive, it was required to receive a court order. That is unecessary now.

    Her being disbarred along with the Maya has a COLB are rumors that serve only to keep making us look bad for spreading them…..IMHO

  57. Ah: another ‘Yogi-ism’…fits in somewhere:
    “Sometimes you can observe a lot by watching.”

  58. Lou just took a call about the birth certificate – still asking Obama to disclose it.

  59. citizenwells

    Can we get the audio of that?


  60. CW,

    Did she elaborate as to exactly what the “proper procedures” would be in this case?

  61. citizenwells

    From MommaE blog radio:


    I just wanted to let you know that this afternoon’s show is definitely on! We will be talking about all kinds of things in regards to what out Government is doing and our continuing efforts to remove the Usurper out of our Whitehouse. We are working towards this Goal, because we firmly believe that he is NOT eligible under OUR Constitution.

    Please post this on your Blogs, any other Blogs or we Sites you are connected to and send to everyone in your Address Book.

    The Call in number, link and time of the show for all time zones are below.

    The Call in number is 646-727-2652.

    Here is the link for the show

    12:30 PM Pacific

    1:30 PM Mountain

    2:30 PM Central

    3:30 PM Eastern

    Hope you will all join to listen and chat!


  62. proper procedures

    yeah right

    typical CYA BS

    —people in line of duty have a right to know the legitimacy of their line of command, even on the police level.

    since most of the funding comes from the feds, anyway.

  63. CW,

    I was not recording it, but it looks like the shows are archived on his site:

    What I heard was very brief. Depending on your intended use – I heard he has talked about this on other days – which are all available now.

  64. TO:
    val // July 30, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Crowley drinks Red Stripe (?) Bo drinks the Bud Light. As in … a little light in britches!

    Red Stripe is for the RACIST I ebelive it is from Jamaica and uses a welld dressed black man in the advertising that is probably why he chose it. That racist elite MORON see race in everything and since he is about 56% white DNA he has to suppress whitey at all levels including not drinking a beer that whitey drink. I heard he was married to a white woman, typical HYPOCRIT RACIST.

    The lady Lucia Whalen (Santos) is a fellow Portuguese and since she is the only one that did the right thing in this whole moronic incident she should be invited to the White House to have a Sagres Beer with the Portuguese Water dog and Lucia please avoid any of those 2 legged DOGS AND POLITICAL PIGS. Tell the 4 legged Bo to avoid having any contact with the 2 legged BO from what they were discussing in Larry Sinclair’s blog: the little bumps on his shaft may be Herpes related.

    Good boy Bo stay away far away.

  65. Now he’s talking about last night on O’Reilly.

  66. Regarding the alleged tornado that hit Port Orange, which is Larry Sinclair’s home. I am wondering if it was really Soetoro’s GOON squad trying to find Larry’s place. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. They could have used a couple of choppers to create some hairy wind to blow things around a little. Especially mobile home stuff. Mostly aluminum! Sure looks like it!

  67. magna carta

    maybe you can help us out over here.While we wait on Columbo to bring this to a final crescendo..why does Bambi’s COLB when Hawaii’s statues on this clearly listed they types of races for this field and it does not list “AFRICAN” for race.
    How can a guy with a foreign dad be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN?

  68. OS77 @ 4:21: you mean those homes where the smoke & fire alarm is “jiffy-pop” hanging on a nail above the door?! LOL!..

  69. They already knew where he lives. Larry had disclosed his address long before that.

  70. Have you folks seen this:

    “Suborned in the U.S.A.
    The birth-certificate controversy is about Obama’s honesty, not where he was born.”

    It’s nice to finally see that the adults of the MSM are waking up.

  71. Barry Soetoro Fraud

    Heaven knows we can’t have anyone checking into his “mighty highness” background. I wonder what they saw? I think they should have done this before the election.

  72. citizenwells

    Thanks Ladyhawke.

  73. citizenwells

    I was lucky that she said that much.
    According to her, I was the first person calling in to follow up.
    I was greatly surprised.

  74. HUMOR.


    The link didn’t work but this is pretty funny made me laugh.

    Iowa woman sells her TVs to avoid seeing Obama…

    ‘On every channel and station’…


    I have a new name for him Mr. Integrity…..or maybe The Lone Free Press Survivor.

    He just said DON”T THREAD ON ME!!! as he signed off.

  76. oldsalt77 // July 30, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    I am thinking about opening a gin mill, and calling it the Whitehouse. Anybody want a piece of the action? Ought to have all sorts of OBOTS crawling out of the woodwork. It would give me a lot of satisfaction to relieve them of their money.

    Hey Old Salt – Instead of calling your Gin Mill the Whitehouse call it the OUTHOUSE (Obama-U-Turd)

  77. To: Nancy

    As I said on the last thread BHO has indeed
    stated where he will stand regarding the Muslims. Here below is further information from that comments on the problems with B. H. Obama’s statements:

    Note what B. Hussein Obama says in his own words. They are from his books entitled “Dreams of My Father” and “Audacity of Hope.

    In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

    B. Hussein was writing about the injustices suffered by some in America. In that context he wrote that sentence.

    Will injustices in America ever go away completely? No. We live in an imperfect world. Therefore, will the situation ever arise by which Muslims in the United States will cry out for B. Hussein to lean in their favor. Of course. And will he?

    Well, he’s already said he will “stand with the Muslims.” Need we go any further?

    More from “Dreams of My Father,” B. Hussein writes: “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.

    And further in that same book: “I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.

    There is more: “There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself, maybe. And white.

    Has the Jeremiah Wright twenty year tutoring of anti-white, pro-blackism wedded to B. Hussein’s perspective regarding blacks and whites? No doubt.

    B. Hussein writes in “Dreams of My Father” that “it remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.

    This is particularly telling and frightening: “I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa , that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself , the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.

    Did you get that? Malcolm X, racist who despises white people, is his hero.

    Concerning his father, note: “He comes from a father who was a Muslim,” said civil rights author Juan Williams of National Public Radio. “I mean, I think that given we’re at war with Muslim extremists, that presents a problem.

    In addition, Obama’s stepfather was a practicing Muslim.

  78. correction : The Iowa lady isn’t selling
    all of her TVs, but has 2 of her older TVs up
    for sale. She is keeping her newest and largest
    TV so she’ll be seeing more of Obama on
    LARGE SCREEN version whether or not she’d
    like to remove him from the screen. I think we
    can all agree that there is way too much BO
    on TV and that was the lady’s point in selling
    2 OF her TVs.

  79. As far as BO’s step-granny Sara, I read somewhere, actually Gordon Liddy said on Chris ” he gives me tingles” Mathews show that he had a sworn statement where she says she was in the hospital when that one was born. Is there a sworn statement out there. I’m just thinking … look what happened to poor Granny Dunham when things heated up.

    Just saying!

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  81. Maddie @ 5:10,

    When did Juan Williams say that? I have always liked Juan and he was very critical of BO during the primaries, but since the election he seems to side more with him. But, I was very happy to hear Juan say that the TOTUS really blew it with the ‘stupidity’ comment. Just wondering if that was a recent comment.


  82. Peter @ 4:56,

    Where did she list her TV’s for sale? Was it on Ebay or Craigslist?

    That would be a hoot if a ton of people starting listing their old TV’s and Radio’s for sale due to having to hear BO so darn much!

    I’m sure some here can come up with some funny headlines for the items on sale …

  83. Ladyhawke // July 30, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    I just discovered that I can listen to Lou Dobbs online right now. He just referred to Obama as a “lying SOB.” Wow!

    Click on the On Air link
    That’s very interesting. Sounds like Lou
    is going to keep up the good fight.
    I’d call Lou the real PATRIOT!

  84. Maddie,

    I posted here a couple of days ago.

    Obama in 6 months had 4 Prime Time Press Conferences that is 1 per 1.5 months.
    Bush had 4 in 8 yrs one per every 2 yrs. At the rate he is on track to do 64 Prime Time Press Conferences in 8 yrs that’s 16 times the amount of Bush’s.

  85. Maddie and ALL,

    You can listen to almost anyone online. Almost all radio stations are online. I listen to Rush out of New Orleans. Savage out of San Francisco or Chicago, etc. Now my favorite is LOU DOBBS.

    I encourage everyone to log in when he is on even if you don’t listen just keep it connected.
    I just e-mailed him and told him his new names I made for him and that he is gettign MANY NEW FANS. Lets increase his ONLINE AUDIENCE that is the easiest one for them to track.

    Just click on the website link and then LIVE ONLINE and you can save that to your favorites and you can open the radio automatically.
    Also sign up for his Daily Newslwetter. WEBSITE

    Please pass it on.

  86. Lou Dobbs will be talking next about what Jon Stewart has been saying about him….should be fun, I hope you guys are listening I sent links but they are in MODERATION.

  87. zachjonesishome

    CitizenWells – I used a couple of your comments in a post I just put up. I can remove them if you like. Zach

  88. goodtimepolitics

    You want to read something scary then read what Ben Stein said, he has it all figured out and I agree with him. I can remember back when Ben Stein was agreeing with Obama on some issues, but seem that he has found out that Obama is ant-America.


    CW maybe you can put it up temporarily as long as he keeps support our cause.

  90. CW
    John Feeny

    and anyone else with BLOGS please consider putting up a banner and be an affiliate for LOU DOBBS Radio Show. He is on a MISSION wow he is on FIRE vs BO & Left Wing Media.
    Lets encourage him. All of us please pitch in.


    BANNERS here:

  91. WOW is anyone else listening to LOU?

    Birther Alert, Birther ALert … ohh man. LOL
    LOU is the MAN Jon Stewart, for now.

    As of now he is No 1 on my list.

  92. WTVN Radio with Bob Connors had guest on
    this morning, Dr. Jerome Corsi with a “Red
    Alert.” Corsi started off by saying the head of CNN was incorrect and CNN had given out false information about records being destroyed in HI when records were computerized. That was a lie Corsi stated. Dr. Corsi spoke on what a COLB is versus a short BC. Dr. Corsi named many of Obama’s records that have been sealed from viewing.
    Corsi stated that the “short form” isn’t even
    considered a legitimate birth certificate.

    Dr. Corsi also spoke out about how Obama himself had exacerbated the Gates-Crowley
    situation and that it was Obama’s OWN
    teachable moment.

    Anyone who hasn’t read Obamination by
    Dr. Corsi should do so. It is extremely well
    referenced and is an excellent summary
    of what Obama is all about (or as much as
    we can find out).

    PS: WTVN with Connors is in the Central
    Ohio area. Connors has said that from time-to-time he would be having Corsi return, so I’m
    glad I happened to catch it while driving.

  93. Is Lou still on, I’m going to try to tune into
    the radio show….

  94. zachjonesishome

    Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero – Peter Francisco // July 30, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    I’ll check out banner.

  95. Val,
    On our radio show they said she wanted
    $100 for one of the two old TVs because our
    guy here laughed at how high that was. He said
    she had the 2 TVs advertized in her local paper.

  96. zachjonesishome

    I don’t think I can get his program where I’m located. I’m very rural. Zach

  97. Sandy,

    do you have a link to the article to prove your position ?

    If your correct, you should let Attorney Berg know, so he can pull it off of the front of his website, and also let Orly know, so she can correct her position also.

    I have never validated that issue muyself, but with out you posting a link or a reference either, you fail to validate also, right ?

    Ihave never heard of a Court order to place your bar license on inactive.

  98. Pingback: Ben Stein: We’ve Figured Obama Out « Goodtimepolitics

  99. Oldsalt77,

    Were you ever at MacDill AFB, Tampa/Centcom/Socom ?

  100. ZACH

    zachjonesishome // July 30, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    I don’t think I can get his program where I’m located. I’m very rural. Zach

    Was that directed at me? It is ONLINE.



  102. zachjonesishome

    Where online? PRWH-PF

  103. Well, it looks like Orly had a tentative interview with Chris Mathews on CNBC tonight, and they later called her and “canceled”…lol

    I think once he figured out who she was, and that she would actually be another nail in his coffin, he decided to CANCEL!


  104. New angle: Both Michelle and Obama had
    to forfeit their law licenses, according
    to many reports.

    With Obama, it may have to do with him lying
    on his law application. He should have listed
    Barry Soteoro as an alias, but apparently
    did not. This may be the string that pulls
    it all apart.

    One more note, everyone please take 15
    minutes and read about ” Narcissitic
    Personality Disorder ” online. The
    characteristics fit Obama to a T. He
    doesn’t care that this is causing turmoil
    in our nation. Narcissists are simply
    missing the wiring necessary to feel the
    pain of others….

  105. Val,
    This article is by J. Grant Swank Jr. and as you
    say it is not recent (July 1, 2008). If you go to
    the site and search Obama’s words “I will stand with Muslims” it will take you straight to this

    Also, have you ever heard of BHO carrying
    a Hindu “charm” with him which excited all
    the Hindus/Indians in the US to vote for him?

    The rest of the article is interesting as well–
    he predicts that all Judeo-Christian objects
    will be removed from the White House during
    the obamas time there. Incredible, isn’t it?!

  106. Thanks, Will, right on!

    In Lou Dobbs’ July 29th radio program (which
    I just listened to from the link here) Lou said,
    “It’s all about him (ref. to BHO)—It’s all about
    his plan (ref. to health care plan).
    These comments fit, too, in the narcissitic
    traits of bho.

  107. citizenwells

    Will check into banner tomorrow.

  108. MS Helga,

    We are better than Obama we all can multi-task.

    I don’t an issue with the format and it is busy which better than hoping someone visits.
    But I ‘m not that senior here so I have no vote lol

  109. CW Great thanks. We need to support those that give us a voice and a chance and promote our cause at GREAT CAREER RISK.

    Thanks again.

  110. Anyone know if the DeKalb officers will follow
    up with Dr. Orly T.?

    What about running a “Credit Report” on
    Soetoro/Obama? Could use one of the many
    SS#s the Fraud has used. What about that—
    would be interesting to see what that reveals.

  111. Zach I posted the link…oh sorry it was in Moderation.

    Click on Listen Online or something like that but the show ended at 7.

    Now I listen to Savage out of San Fran. I’ll send on next post to avoid being stuck on moderations. YOu can listen to any radio in the world online.

  112. Zach & Others

    Michael Savage show online:
    I listen here:

    But you can find other stations by doign a Search Savage Radio or something like that.

  113. Did anyone look at the National Review article I linked to above?

    I am completely perplexed. It’s the most positive account for our side that I have read – and turns around the opinion they had on Tuesday – where they claimed that Obama had produced a valid birth certificate.

    This time they cover the difference between a certificate and a certification. They cover the time in Indonesia – and the Muslim influences. Mostly they cover Obama’s constant lying.

    It seems like it should be viral across the internet, for people on our side. I cannot even get the posters on lucianne to read it.

    Is it too long? Am I missing something?

  114. Lady,

    Thanks I’ll check it out.

    Savage is talking about Beer Brawl

  115. Dear CW Posters,

    It’s been nice chatting with y’all. I may read the blog occasionally, but I’m outta here.

    CW, I’ll e-mail you with any further info on the topic we’ve been discussing.

    God bless us and help us.

  116. Revolutionary War Hero –
    Done. Sent in an e-mail to Dave Ankers. I hope the cost isn’t prohibitive. I also got through to Dobbs this afternoon, and had a list of BC talking points lined up; however, I had to get my son and nephew from basketball camp and couldn’t stay on the line (it was pretty long). So, I’m going to try to get through starting just before 2:00 tomorrow. If you hear ‘John from Providence’, that’s me.

  117. magna carta

    READ IT. The best one yet I think This reveals the essence of the BC issue.i.e. DECEPTION. They are building a slow-crescendo career of lying that could culminate in this issue becoming the unthinkable.We are so ahead here and even the experienced writers commentators need time to catch up. This guy is laying the platform for the UNTHINKABLE.

  118. magna carta


  119. Ladyhawke and everyone, almost a year ago now, when Phil Berg filed his first suit, he referred to BO’s on-line COLB as the Birth Certificate. I kept wondering why people called this a Certificate and not a Certification, as its title showed. That’s when I looked this up on the HI web site, and discovered that HI Homelands will not even accept the Certification for Homeland status. I posted this information on NoQuarter, the blog of Larry Johnson, the former CIA employee mentioned in the NRO article. His readers went crazy; they urged me to contact several people, including Berg, which I did. I – and I am sure they – began posting this information everywhere. Now, finally, the MSM is clarifying this distinction, too.

    It’s about time.

  120. Richard,

    I have seen no validation of either. I have searched for hours looking for Maya’s COLB. I have been madea fool of on other websited arguing these points and have ended up with egg on my face.

    So if Berg has Maya’s COLB…..that would be awesome and I could turn the tables…..but I have yet to see anything except a hack that said he was able to see her name under the Obama COLB.He turned out to be a joke.

    I also argued about Michelle on a public website. Another of us,whom I trust, called the disciplinary board and received the info.

    My point is that I am not making the claims. So, I have nothing to prove. However, as a journalism major myself, I would not print this stuff without verification. It is embarrassing to our cause if we jump on and promote what we cannot validate.

  121. Sorry for the typos…some of my keys are sticking tonight…..eating at the computer… shrapnel….lol

  122. Disturbing content on New Black Panther’s MySpace page

    The Department of Justice recently dropped the conviction of Jerry Jackson member of the “New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense” (NBPP). The Washington Times has covered the Black Panther reversal at the Department of Justice revealing,

    “Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perelli, No.3 official in the Obama Justice Department, was consulted and ultimately approved a decision in May to reverse course and drop a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party of intimidating voters in Philadelphia during November’s election, according to interviews.”

    Mr. Jackson stood outside a Philadelphia polling area with Malik Zulu Shabazz, where Mr. Jackson faced charges for violating the Voting Rights Act for engaging in coercion, threats and intimidation and attempted coercion, threats, and intimidation of voters and those aiding voters on November 4th, 2008. Appointed to be a poll watcher in 2008 for the Democratic Party and the Obama campaign, Mr. Jackson is also an elected member of Philadelphia’s 14th Ward Democratic Committee.

    The NBPP member has not stayed away from expressing his views on a social media site like MySpace. Mr. Jackson’s(WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT) MySpace site is chock full of disturbing images with explicit racial overtones. A sample of some of the phrases and images on his MySpace page include:


    “F*** Whitey’s Christmas”

    An image of an execution scene from the cult hit film “Pulp Fiction”

    A photo of a man holding a sign saying, “DEPORT WHITE PEOPLE”

    A derogatory anti-cop poster titled “BEWARE OF PIG”

    An image of Saddam Hussein before his execution

    A photo of a cop sitting next to a black child in a toy car. Beneath the image the phrase “Racial Profiling: It Starts Early”

    A photoshopped movie poster of the “Bourne Supremacy” is re-worded to say “The Bourne White Supremacy” A Swastika is added to Matt Damon’s cheek, and the scope of his firearm is photoshopped to look as if he is about to shoot a black man. Mr. Jackson uses the “n” word to describe who he thinks Matt Damon hates in this movie poster. The New Black Party member also tacks on the phrase, “They should have just stayed in Africa.”

    It is hard to believe such web content is coming from an elected party official in Philadelphia, yet Mr. Jackson has been appointed again to be a poll watcher for the upcoming Democratic Primary in Philadelphia’s municipal election. Mr. Obama may think a White House “beer summit” will help smooth over racial ills, but his justice department is doing the country no favors when they give Jerry Jackson and Malik Zulu Shabazz

  123. Cordial and Productive’: Cambridge Police Sgt. Crowley Says No One Apologized

  124. Just read the NRO article, which is excellent. Let me ask a frank question….do you believe we can actually hold out hope that the Messiah will be removed from office? As much as I don’t mind putting the efforts in, I have to think that when push comes to shove, no one in our lame government – even the military – is going to have the balls to do what must be done.

  125. Army D.A.V.

    John Feeny

    even the military – is going to have the balls to do what must be done.


    Military ?, explain please………..

  126. Sandy, I have posted dozens of times that there is no record MO was disbarred. I explained in detail that rules were different then; a court order was necessary under the rules to stop practicing; and the new rules, using the old number, say something different now. I was called names.

    Of course, you are right; no record exists that MO was disbarred.

  127. JOHN FEENY,

    Like I have said we keep making progress and getting closer and closer to a tipping point. This will be won in the court of Public Opinion.
    When the Public outcry is so high that nobody can derail it with lies.
    Polls dropping is a big tell tale sign that the tide is turning.

  128. jbjd,

    From what I understand it was not volumtary otherwise it wouldn’t say by court order and it is sealed. But I’m not an expert and that is a tiny side issue anyway.

  129. PF @ 9:04: and what might an ‘implosion’ look like…when those who’ve been aligned instead start to look out for themselves…is it not possible that the house divided will not stand?

  130. LM,

    I just e-mailed that story to all the talk shows in Boston area that needs to get out especially considering all the stink with Skip Gates and Obam acting Stupidly….and now the new story with a cop and military captain that wrote an e-mail about a banana eating monkey, BUT we have a black panther with all this racist hatred and nobody notices especially an elected official and one that just had Obama drop his Voter Intimidation charges.
    The needs to get out.

  131. or…”is it possible the house will divide and collapse from within; upon each other?”

  132. truthbetold11

    This world is not my home i’m just a passing through. heaven bound

  133. The time lines, places, actions, motives, when analyzed, support, and are consistent with, what is the answer to the Obama birth puzzle:

    Obama’s grandmother is his mother and his mother is his sister.

    Think about it. Review all the facts and claims.

  134. magna carta

    Ok guys there’s work to be done. Daniel Hannon Brith MP weighs in on this issue. Leave your knowledge on this blog please. The Brits are takin the piss….

  135. Army D.A.V.

    magna carta

    Works aready been done…………….

    Obama, the President of the U.S., Is Currently Also a British Citizen

    Written: April 7, 2009
    by: Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

  136. Jack,

    I don’t think so.

  137. Maddie, Lame Cherry frequently refers to the Hindu charm that Obama carries. Lame Cherry says it’s a monkey.

  138. Thanks Kim. Had never heard that he carried
    a Hindu charm. Is that like worshipping an
    idol, sort of??

  139. i drink red bull
    samuel adams
    don julio, but when I am Mexico
    I drink Dos XX

    stay thirsty my friends
    signing off
    as the most interesting poster (note not poster)
    in the universe

    da verg

  140. opps let me re word that

    i drink red bull
    samuel adams
    don julio, but when I am *in Mexico
    I drink Dos XX

    stay thirsty my friends
    signing off
    as the most interesting poster (note not *poser)
    in the universe

    da verg

  141. TO Jack,

    You don’t know jack LOL Just kidding.

    I don’t think so. Otherwise there would be baby pics.
    Obama is liek MOSES he was handed to the Dunhams to raise a while after birth possibly weeks or maybe up to 2-3 yrs after his birth.
    He may have been a eligitimate bastard child or a child from Africa to create roots here to have a family member to sponsor other family member to immigrate that was very common back then.

    This is the solution that to me makes the most sense and fits just about every scenario. From Stanlery travelling from Hawaii to Wahsington state only a week after birth, no one remembering her being preganant, no hospital birth records, no baby pics, the Huge Vendetta Obama had with the Dunham women, his perosnality disorders, etc.

    He is a Bastard Child of yet unknown legal name or roots. The Stanley and Obama story was just cover. That’s my opinion.

  142. The Leprechaun interviews Goldberg.

    This is actually pretty good for bringing more attention to the issue.


  143. Just was watching Hannity. I think he had a slip of the tongue. He was on with someone who was speaking about religion (not sure who he was). But Hannity said “Barack Obama is destroying the economy”. Then he immediately looked into the camera & said “Sorry Barack”. Seemed like a telling moment, but not intended or planned. Maybe his true feelings just popped up?

  144. Doesn’t anyone listen to Mark Levin? I think he’s awesome BUT if he’s so informed about all things constitutional, I don’t understand why he doesn’t speak out about O’s ineligibility.

  145. Berg and Taitz I’m sure know something along the lines on this subject matter, even though i want definitive proof, i find it amusing that they both think that something was non voluntary.

    I agree with jbjd, even though i need more clarification.

  146. LadyHawke,
    Loved the article, and the last paragraph says
    it all!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Orly’s appearance on Colbert Report was a great move. She was scheduled to do in interview (tel.) with Chris Mathews but he cnacelled an hour before it was due to happen. They were probably hoping she would decline and then say we invite dher on but she is scared of facing tough questions, etc. But it backfired she is ready willing and able.

    Here’s the Colbert segment on Colbert Nation:

  148. Interview done by KGB of what we may soon see from sea to shining sea. Chilling.

  149. Kim,
    Mark Levin makes sense–have heard him a number of times.

    When the question came up last night on who
    should go on TV and speak the truth on this
    issue (and Orly, Keyes, etc. came up) no one
    mentioned Dr. Corsi. What do you think of
    Corsi sounding the drum beat?

  150. Off Topic: Two questions:

    1. Would running a Credit Report on the Fraud
    under the aliases he’s used be of any help?

    2. Does anyone remember the name of the
    young lady bo dated seriously in college,
    where is she now, and has she made any
    statements of any sort?

  151. I know this is off topic, but……….this has been on my mind. I have been raising my grandson since birth. Last year, when he was in 5th grade, we got a letter from the school saying NJ law made a mandatory law that preschoolers had to be flu vaccinated (6 months thru 59 months old). It aldso said that, effective Sept. 2008 every child born on or after Jan. 1, 1997 had to be vaccinated with a booster dose of diptheria, tetanus & pertussis, as well as 1 meningoccal vaccine. He was born in Nov. 1996. So he was exempt. Then Last October I get a letter home stating the dfatre as on or after Jan. 1996 (a year earlier) & informing me that he would not be allowed to attend school if he didn’t get it. Fortunatel, I had saved the 1st letter. I called the school nurse & told her they had changed the dates & that I had double-checked the info. with the NJ Dept. of Health & Senior Services, Vaccince Preventable Disease Program & that their infro. corroraborated with mine. Never did offer any explanation, just said he should get them anyway. It was quite offensive to me that they would say he would not be allowed back to school, after the fact that the date was altered. I still have copies of all. Just putting 2 & 2 together now with all this flu stuff & talk about mandatory vaccines. This may have been started awhile ago. Any thoughts anyone? I don’t really think I’m just being paranoid, personally.

  152. Sorry for the typos-it’s late for me to be up.

  153. TO: Kim // July 30, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    I listen to Levin once in awhile. I love his PASSION and call to action which is WHAT WE NEED. I don’t like his dark side of personal insults and attacks on other colleagues especially Michael Savage.
    Michael Savage and all these talking head need to study and learn the activism of the father of Talk Radio activism Jerry William. That is what we need. Michael Graham in Boston has a bit of it and so does Levin.

    What we need is to organize all (or most ) of these conservatives talk hosts and have greater Education and Activism organized Message and Action.

    Savage loves ot say what can I do I’m just a man on the radio….man on the radio you can do a lot by organizing and inspiring us listener and call us to action. As you can see we buy your books we have huge numbers, just need leadership.

    Anyone that want to listen to Levin just Search Mark Levin Show.

    I guess Orly’s interview with Colbert is on

  154. truthbetold11

    A small spark can set a whole forest on fire, thats what’s going on. except the spark is still very small to light it up

  155. National Review ONLINE

    Suborned in the U.S.A.
    The birth-certificate controversy is about Obama’s honesty, not where he was born.

    By Andrew C. McCarthy

  156. TO Maddie // July 30, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    That woman got shipped off to the Bahamas I believe real quick by Michelle. I think she was someone that worked in hi office or campaign. If you Search: Obama Campaign Worker Caribbean it may come up.

    Found it here: Barack’s Girlfriend and Lover, Vera Baker Has Been Found! She was Exiled to Caribbean by Michelle Obama – Located in Martinique by the Daily

    Another big story that The Obama Bedmate Media hid.

  157. I know it is late, but can someone offer some insight ti my 10:18 post, please?

  158. “Mark Levin sells out on Obama’s birth certificate”

  159. PRWH– Yes, I remember the campaign worker
    linked to bo and sent off my mo.

    And, there is another one—this one during his college days—she was bi-racial of some combination but didn’t have the radical leftist
    view that obama held. They dated for quite awhile, but from the vague bit I recall he broke it off and his half-sister Maya was mad at him for that. I wish I could remember her name and what year that was in college, etc. It must have been in one of the books I read during the primaries–guess I’ll need to go back and dig it up. Just wondered if this lady was still around and had made any comments. She would surely know alot about his background I would guess.

  160. I am so glad that so many read and appreciated the article from National Review.

    I am still trying to pass it around.

  161. Does anyone have an update on the classmate of Obama who is supposed to come forward with information that BHO was born in Kenya?

  162. Hi Nancy,
    First, I’m glad you kept the first letters.
    Next, I don’t think you are being paranoid–in
    fact with what is going on now with healthcare,
    flu vaccinations, etc. I’d be very cautious in
    ALL decisions. I would trust no one who tries
    to force you or your family into doing anything
    that could impact personal health. Just my opinion.

  163. Laura Ingraham was rude and flippant to a caller who was polite and intelligent and wanted to explain the issue. He was left out in the cold while she cited the top google reasons why its preposturous. Her HAUGHTINESS sent me over the edge. Nobody will listen to the OTHER SIDE.Especially these NATIONAL CONSERVATIVE hosts.Do better with local guys. Have heard them air it several times. Rush has actually done the most to BRING IT UP.His theory was I know but do you think anything’s gonna get done…PRE-ELECTION even.I do not hang with Laura any more either.
    It’s gonna take a JUDGE!

  164. Maddie,

    I think he wrote about a gal in one of his books. Something about her coming from a well to do family with a big house …? Then it was mentioned that that story sounded very similar to a story Bill Ayres either told or wrote about. Could that be the gal??

  165. They say competition drives the market. Maybe Lou and his increase numbers of listenters will drive Rush and Hannity to follow suit. Let Roll!!

  166. Thanks Maddie. I trust my first instincts. Just thought it kind of strange that this was last year when these dates were switched. I truly appreciate your response.

  167. LadyHawke—
    One of the other statements in the article that’s
    important to remember was the remark that
    it’s the ongoing “small” lies that obama regularly tells the American people, not only the big ones that we all focus on.


    Kim—That’s right. I had almost forgotten
    about that classmate. I wish I had more info.
    on that, but don’t know. Let’s see what we can
    find out.

    Any suggestions for my sign for Columbus’
    Liberty Tea Party Rally this weekend?
    I can always take my old sign which is still
    pretty good— NBC issue, Constitution, etc. on
    that one.

  168. TO Nancy

    I would check with your family doctor and check your options. I would be very careful with any vaccinations. I especially advise everyone to be careful with the Mexican Flue (H1N1) shots they are VERY SUSPECT.

  169. I like Mark Levin, I listen to him as much as possible. Last week, he said something sarcastic and disparaging towards Glenn Beck, regarding relative book sales. It would seem that they are both on the same side. They do both have books on the current bestseller lists – both doing well on different lists. I have both books . They are both important. I would have to say that Beck’s is more readable.

    Levin, who I have always admired, showed terrible ego in that moment. I was disappointed.

  170. Val // July 30, 2009 at 10:50 pm


    I think he wrote about a gal in one of his books. Something about her coming from a well to do family with a big house …? Then it was mentioned that that story sounded very similar to a story Bill Ayres either told or wrote about. Could that be the gal??
    Yes, that sounds like it could be the one.
    She was from a well-to-do family. Do you remember this—- she didn’t have a “chip”
    on her shoulder and wasn’t anti-white whereas Obama was always hauling off to Malcolm X movies or other pro-black/anti-white activities.

  171. Thank you Peter. It’s just the way the school district changed the date of birth years for these shots in the 2nd letter they sent. Wish I could post these letters-I’m not that computer savvy (yet!)

  172. TO Ladyhawke // July 30, 2009 at 10:57 pm

    DITTO. He’s a DOPE at times. I was just listening to that video (up thread) and someone wants to talk about inaguration and he censors him…ARRROGANT JERK. Savage sometimes can be the same. They should at least hear you out you call and hold on for ever. They need to learn some manners from Skip Gates and Obama LOL

  173. Conservative radio talk show hosts need to show support for their colleagues at this time. Why has Michael Savage been abandoned? Very disturbing…

  174. Heck, I may have to homeschool the kid if they try to force these Fall vaccines. Question is how, couldn’t even really help with his Math homework last year. LOL

  175. Nancy Peacock

    Maddie, thanks for the info on Obo’s Muslim statement. We’ll have to wait and see how Christmas at the White House plays out.

  176. Nancy,
    Just thought of something. If they force the vaccination issue, and “if” this stinking healthcare plan passes—-demand to know by WHAT AUTHORITY does the POTUS require
    these vaccinations. You should have “standing,” right?

  177. Anyone notice the Honolulu Advertizer removed the Birth Certificate Columns?

  178. Nancy–Don’t get your hopes up for Christmas at the White House this year. I think mo will put an end to all the traditions and all Christian symbols. It will probably we Kwanza (sp?) and
    whatever the Muslims do (I have no idea, sorry)
    in Dec. or winter or whatever. I’ll quit there before getting myself in trouble.

    Have enjoyed the discussions tonight and am
    signing off. Take care Patriots and get some rest for the fight that is gaining speed.

  179. Maddie–
    I think I may have “standing” on this issue. But I am hearing chatter that these vaccines may be given to children first, at their schools. How do I fight that? He is my 12 year old grandson & I am getting old. I’m feeling like the walls are closing in, but I don’t want to give in.


  180. magna @ 9:25: thank you for the (refreshing) post of the UK Telegraph & the no-baloney (bologna is the meaty kind! LOL) …
    Daniel Hannan; I think he’s great. Cheerio!

  181. Oh, one more comment – some guy stopped in front of my house today. He had a clipboard & was filling out papers for about 5 min. I told husband not to answer the door if he came up to it. (If I’m not expecting someone, the door will not get answered).

  182. da verg @ 9:53: me too…only I can enjoy a Dos Equis right here! (Pacifico works for me just as well…) don’t get to Mexico any more…

    Ron Paul’s Healthcare reform HR 1495

  184. Maddie-

    You say I’m not paranoid. I think I may be, with good reason to be so. I hope with all my heart that I am wrong.

  185. Are the twins’ birth announcements in the same announcement as bho’s?

  186. Kim, The theory is that the twins were born to a prominent surgeon (I think) and therefore warranted an actual story, I have yet to see it.

  187. Ladyhawk, I read that the birth announcements were generated by the hospital, so that would mean they should have had a birth announcement too.

  188. Most days I just want to scream like the lady in red,”I want my country back!” and more personally, “I want my life back!”

  189. Birth annoucements,

    I believe they are done by gov’t records official

  190. “It is unclear why the officers ran a check on the president.”

    As it that isn’t obvious enough. The same reason why millions of Americans want to see if he has a valid birth record. If our president wasn’t so secretive, perhaps members (like in this case) from our law enforcement wouldn’t have to snoop. Why should they be placed on leave though?

  191. There has been a lot of activity on American Thinker, two posts about O’s eligibility and tons of excellent comments.
    Here is one:
    Obama owes the American people a fair explanantion. And pointing to the COLB, under his circumstances, is utterly insulting to the American people. And they will soon know that, not to an empirical certainty, but to a moral certainty… Obama’s activist hiding of his pertinent background is an obscene middle finger against the Republic.
    It is insufferably immoral for Obama to fail to explain his situation.

  192. CW,

    Maybe this is a good one for a new thread.

    Joseph Farrah call O’Reilly out and challenges him. Job job Mr Farrah. Lou Dobbs is my favorite TV guy now.

  193. I just saw were there is now 40 Czars

    Ali Bama and the 40 thieves .

  194. Citizen Wells, I think the lady you talked to in DeKalb County was misinformed. The NCIC is run by the FBI, so when the officers’ request for information about Obama came up, the FBI automatically notified the Secret Service. It would be nice if the officers could now have standing in court. Somebody needs to get Obama’s info exposed.

  195. magna carta,

    Great find on that British article, I like this comment!

    ” “What if Barak Obama was in fact born British?”

    Don’t you think we’ve got enough problems? ”

    LotsOfLaughs !!!

  196. Video: Obamas birthplace mystery raises doubts

  197. Did Jesus actually reveal name of the ‘antichrist’?

    Viral video makes Hebrew word connection to latest White House occupant

  198. I thought that FEMA exercises were to begin 27 July. Are foreign already troops here?
    What are we to do?

  199. Joseph Farrah call O’Reilly out and challenges him. Job job Mr Farrah. Lou Dobbs is my favorite TV guy now.

    Pardon me, but isn’t this exactly what I have said in the last thre or four of my posts. It makes my heart soar like an eagle to think–maybe not–that I might have inspired Joseph Farah!

    Remember my poast about claiming O’Reilly is playing poker and we should call his bluff!

    Thank you, Mr. Farah!

  200. Kim,
    You said,
    “I read that the birth announcements were generated by the hospital, so that would mean they should have had a birth announcement too.”

    I agreed, but I think you misunderstood. The twins had a prominent father. The theory is that their birth announcement was plucked from the want ads legal section (can’t think of a better description) and reported as a real news story.

    We need someone to look at the entire newspaper on the day(s) to know for sure.

    Anyone in Hawaii want to read micro-fiche?

  201. I heard on Lou Dobbs radio show that at the border they took down signs that said Welcome to theUnited States of America. Wow! this is really strange.

  202. The web page for the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem mentions the $200m the U.S. is giving to the Palestinian Authority; a movie theater subsidized by the Consulate to provide entertainment for Palestinian children from Gaza and the West Bank, who are disadvantaged and displaced; and a commemorative gathering to celebrate the first State Department grant to the Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange. But there is not one mention of Israel. Go to Atlas Shrugs to connect to the Consulate web page, as well as the U.S. State Department to register your views.

  203. PRWH – Since you brought her up, let’s make Vera Baker the subject for awhile. I googled up “Vera Baker” making sure to do it in parentheses and got the following –

    88,000 articles. The most interesting article says Michelle had her sent to Martinique for 9 months.



  205. Morning, everyone….
    Just catching up on the posts during the night. Can somebody explain to me the problem with the flu vaccine? I have an 11-year-old son, so I’m understandably concerned.

  206. Richard,

    I have learned that when I read something off of a single blog or two, I must be careful in confirmation before I spread it as “news.” Believe me, I posted the Atlas Shrugs link first off. People questioned it, but I believe you don’t see follow up because it has been debunked, as I said, because court orders were the proceedure at the time for going inactive.

    Jumping the gun happens on both left and right wing blogs.

    I found one right wing site a couple of months ago who ran the Michelle story and then printed a retraction, leaving the entire article up and apologizing. He said he left the article up to illustrate just what we are discussing here…….how rumors become facts in many minds.

    I belived the Maya and Michelle stories as facts too.

    That being said, I still question why she would spend all the money and effort on her education and taking the bar and then let her license lapse. Some say to pass on the continuing education demands…… and why bother with that when she collected such high paying jobs through hubby?

  207. What’s up with Sue?

    CW, would you mind giving her my email again?
    Also, have you ever thought of adding a chat room? LOL



  209. John,

    I work for a pediatrican sometimes. She said Tamiflu works great. She told me she doesn’t do conspiracies, but why bother with an untested vaccine when Tamiflu is working so well now.

  210. citizenwells

    Margie O.
    She was very specific and repeated the fact that the database that they accessed
    was operated by the Secret Service.
    This was initiated by my asking why the Secret Service got involved.

  211. truthbetold11

    Obama needs a manufactured crisis of his own to rally people to him, i’m concerned this one will be big. He is losing ground on every issue and will do anything to change the polls

  212. Good morning,

    Last night on John Stewart … I just caught the last few minutes and he was showing a video that they put together with different clips and it was of Magnum P.I. – Ton Selleck (sp) and it was all about him running around Hawaii looking for a birth certificate. At the end Magnum says – “I’ve been running all over for a birth certificate that doesn’t exist! Then it shows him give a wink to the camera. Can anyone find that? The very last minutes of John Stewart from last night. Then on Stephen Colbert – at the beginning he does a segment and ties in music CD’s with the topic. Then he says and for the “birthers” ( and he covers his mouth as he tried not to laugh) he shows Bruce Springstein’s ” Born in the USA” I took it as a jab to the birthers. Can someone find that one too. They were back to back on the Comedy Central channel.

  213. As far as Christmas for the Nobama’s – I remember last year that it was said they do not decorate and they do not exchange gifts. Not even for the children.

  214. @8:57,

    TOM Selleck

  215. Nancy—sending this comment to you from last
    night’s discussion on the vaccinations, etc.
    Even though your grandchild is 12 the legal
    guardian of the child should have rights to stand up for the child. I am not a lawyer, but to get a
    legal answer to what can be done you could consult one. As we all say, “by what authority”
    does the govt/ Obama have the right to do
    these things—- i.e. if we can get a court to
    hear one of these cases, bo will have to prove
    his eligibility—that is, step up or step down.
    On the paranoid issue, I’m not a psychiatrist
    either (though I think the stress of all this
    obama crap is driving most of us to one)
    I don’t know for sure if you are “paranoid” or
    not as you say. I’m just saying that I agree with you on being “cautious.”
    On the person outside your house, there have
    been “census” takers coming around and
    asking for information. Under the Constitution
    it has been stated here that we only have to
    state how many people live at the premises.
    That is all–no other information, no filling out forms, etc. AS I UNDERSTAND—Nancy,
    I am not an authority on anything legal but am
    happy to give an opinion which is what it is,
    only an opinion. All the best, Maddie.

  216. is down

  217. Kim // July 31, 2009 at 12:16 am

    There has been a lot of activity on American Thinker, two posts about O’s eligibility and tons of excellent comments.
    Here is one:
    Obama owes the American people a fair explanantion. And pointing to the COLB, under his circumstances, is utterly insulting to the American people. And they will soon know that, not to an empirical certainty, but to a moral certainty… Obama’s activist hiding of his pertinent background is an obscene middle finger against the Republic.
    It is insufferably immoral for Obama to fail to explain his situation.
    I thought we needed to read this again. Excellent. You know, obama thought he was so
    cute when he gave the middle finger to HRC and
    others now I think turn around is fair play.
    He is the dirtiest politician I can remember in my lifetime!!!!!!!! He is an arrogant thug/slug!
    I can’t think of enough adjectives to describe him.

  218. Truth,

    That is one heck of a prediction. I bet the odds are good that you are right on

  219. Patriot Dreamer

    Nancy, many states have vaccination exemptions for various reasons. Check out the following web site:

  220. Patriot Dreamer

    John Feeny // July 31, 2009 at 7:54 am

    Morning, everyone….
    Just catching up on the posts during the night. Can somebody explain to me the problem with the flu vaccine? I have an 11-year-old son, so I’m understandably concerned.

    John, many people believe that the Swine Flu vaccine is part of the New World Order’s depopulation program (go to InfoWars and PrisonPlanet dot com websites to read more). I have no idea about that, but I am very concerned about them using a vaccine that hasn’t been fully tested yet. The vaccine reportedly will contain thimerosal, a mercury based preservative.

    No one will be giving my kid a vaccine without my express permission!

    Check this article out:

  221. Patriot Dreamer

    Note the mention of Baxter pharmaceutical in the article in my above post.

  222. Call REPS AND SENATORS WITH this info

  223. Exclusive: Seniors – Beware the AARP’s Support of ObamaCare

  224. Also suggest 2 books that they need to read on break Glenn Beck COMMON SENSE and
    Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair
    order on and or Barnes and Noble Secret Life

  225. How to Create a CRISIS and STEAL A NATION

    Articles here

  226. Yes, keep it up folks! The elite media do not understand the boiling resentment and anger on display at town hall meetings with members of Congress. Awwww, too bad! Great read here.

  227. LM // July 31, 2009 at 10:07 am,

    This is not the first time AARP has done this. Considering it’s an association, every member should GET OFF THE AARP BANDBAGON ASAP!

    Why in the world would an organization support bills that threaten the livelihood of their members??? Buffoons I tell yah, buffoons!

  228. TRUTH NOW // July 31, 2009 at 10:06 am

    Call REPS AND SENATORS WITH this info


    I sent my out to the following;;;;;;

    I got this list from someone on this site and been using it since…forgive me for not knowing who provide this.


  229. Any word today regarding the two officers?

  230. I applaud their efforts! I wish I knew what they found. I have been under the impression that all our politicians backgrounds were available to us. IT makes me highly suspicious that this is the reaction of the White House on this issue. It’s the response of the White House that makes one suspicious. What is it that Obama doesn’t want us to find? Could it be that Obama hasn’t lived in this country long enough to be eligible for his position? Could it be the company he has kept in the past? I personally would like to see these fine Americans restored to their positions. Namaste! Pamela

  231. digital dust

    Breaking News from 1956:

    *Access To Information*

    Editor’s Note: The following is an editorial appearing in the Los Angeles Herald-Express, April 3, 1956, which is considered worthy of the attention of publishers.

    Federal Judge Leon R. Yankwich of Los Angeles certainly hit the nail squarely on the head in his speech before a Marquette University conference on freedom of the press.

    Freedom of the press, the veteran judge declared emphatically, carries with it the right to freedom of access to information.

    “At all levels of government t h e r e have been attempts in recent years to deny access to the activities of public men and bodies,” Judge Yankwich declared.

    We have seen that trend growing, unfortunately. Government bureaus and departments, many, many times trying to keep their skirts clean, have felt they had the right to keep their actions a secret from the American people.

    But listen to what Judge Yankwich says that means: “Secrecy breeds irresponsibility and tyranny. “The right to know is implicit in the democratic idea of responsibility of those who govern.

    “And the right to circulate information is a part of the guaranty of free speech.” And what would happen to our freedom and the freedom of our great American press otherwise? Said the noted Los Angeles jurist: “Only as the press serves the public’s right assiduously is freedom of the press important. “Secrecy as such cannot be tolerated if the democratic process is to survive.

    “A government in which secrecy is dominant would cease to be responsive to the people. “To avoid this the demands of the public for information as to its business must be met. Legal restrictions which may impede access should be removed.”

    It couldn’t have been said better. Reprint from the California Publisher, May, 1956.

    The Arizona Publisher

  232. Anyone see this? It’s an interesting read:
    Sure there’s evidence that Obama’s not a natural born citizen. He was turned down for US. financial aid when he went to undergraduate school. He got a letter from the US. Department of Education saying he was unintitiled to the Federal aid because he wasn’t a US. citizen. This letter was signed by the Dept. of Education Secretary during the Reagan administration. Obama’s picture on NNDB website was the picture he sent to his undergrad. school when he did the whole application package, including his financial aid form. That’s why his school sealed his records – they can either eat from the trough or be threatened by his imperial presidency by losing all their government aid (research dollars) from divulging this information.
    The Directors of the FBI and the CIA are responsible for controlling who gets the ciphers to read classified information. The Director of the FBI guards the ciphers – like the one for reading the nuclear code. If Obama threatens the CIA Director and tries to politicize the CIA, the FBI Director will just sit, sit, and sit some more on the ciphers until Obama produces a vault copy of his birth certificate (which he doesn’t have). One of the former CIA Directors had the Dept. of Education financial aid letter investigated and certified that it was authentic, but Obama can punish him if he speaks out by putting him on trial for alleged war crimes. He’s innocent, but he would have to use his life savings to defend himself.
    The Director of the FBI refuses to have his agency politicized, so if he sits on the ciphers and Obama as an acct of spite tries to fire him, he will just release the information to the public. All of this is going behind the scenes, but if you see Obama clearly not discussing certain topics like Iran during a press conference, that means he is *uninformed* for a reason…

  233. LM,
    Good work, thanks.

    Jeff, _ Officers.

    It will be hush hush for awhile and then we may find one or both of them hung or shot in their car in front of a church at 6AM.

    I blame this on ALL OF THEM that allowed this Eligibility Charade to go UNCHECKED… Dr Manning said “THEY ALL KNOW” ALL the Political Pigs voted, elected, selected, appointed, etc. legally or by corruption and FRAUD they all KNOW…they are all accomplices even if just by denial.

    Keep the pressure on and keep telling others….The Court of Public Opinion is assembling and sitting more and more jurors.

    WND has a page of all the stories that have been done by them in this Eligibility Election pass it on far and wide Thanks

    Whenever you post a comment it would be a great idea to post the above link. Many are not informed of the issue this puts it on their fingertips all assembled in one place.

  234. The NRO article by McCarthy is terrific – only comment is suggestion of mocking those questioning his bon fides is directly linked to the cover-ups by BO – or serperating from “birthers ” as conspirators but rather looking at facts – precisely what the “birthers are all about – THE FACTS !!!! and they are loud and clear – the man is a liar !! interesting WND – defining him a s possible anti – christ looking at the word barak and bama in hebrew – hum- he did ask Georgetown to remove the or cover the crucifix when he came there to speak and practices or claims no christian church – nor does he celebrate Christmas – what else is needed to prove he is at least an opportunist – not a servant of the people – self serving is his motic apparande and he lies to who ever he is infront of to gain their trust ………… he could be the ONE we’ve all feared –

  235. Georgetown, Do you have a source for that story? I can’t find one.

  236. Georgetown,

    Where is the link to your article ?

  237. Pardon me please, next time I’ll post the link….

  238. georgetown, two above

    proof please??

  239. Da Verg:
    Flos-666 Bottom of the page it is a comment
    … not an article

  240. Jacqlyn Smith

    LM // July 31, 2009 at 10:35 am

    TRUTH NOW // July 31, 2009 at 10:06 am

    Call REPS AND SENATORS WITH this info


    I sent my out to the following


    LM…That looks like my list!!!

  241. The only way to get rid of Sotomayor is to get rid of the USURPER. Every appointment will become null and void if a USURPER. It’s as simple as that. ACTUALLY, that is why both parties are protecting the USURPER. If the USURPER is brought down ALL HELL will break loose. IF HE ISN’T BROUGHT ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE. Do I make myself clear?

  242. Jacqlyn Smith

    Ms. Helga….You got it right girl!!!

  243. Just posted for today. A little baseball, a little Hamlet, and a little Waynes’s World…all wrapped around the Messiah, of course. Hope y’all like it.

  244. Maddie, so funny you mention that middle finger incident… I was thinking, visualizing, if you will… I could see BO heading into the sunset, after impeachment, with the cabinet, including HRC, looking on… and there, almost imperceptibly, with her arms down and her hands crossed in front of her, that little finger twitching, which he notices just as he enters the limousine…

  245. truthbetold11 // July 31, 2009 at 8:51 am

    Obama needs a manufactured crisis of his own to rally people to him, i’m concerned this one will be big. He is losing ground on every issue and will do anything to change the polls

    Good Grief! Perish the thought. Are you now sympathizing with Obama? “. . .needs a manufactured crisis of his own. . ” Thank God He is losing ground on every issue and his numbers at the polls are going down. Better yet, Obama and his dragon lady need to be arrested, put in jail, tried and possible deported or remain in jail the rest of their criminal lives!

  246. Jacqlyn Smith // July 31, 2009 at 11:48 am

    thanks for the email list….I use it everyday!!


    In 1961, the Public Health Services, U. S Department of Health, Education and Welfare, National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics Division published the “Vital Statistics of the United States — Volume I — Nativity.”

    Here is a .pdf copy of the 246-page document — if you don’t have high-speed Internet connection, go get a cup of coffee when you click the link.

    Section 5, the Technical Appendix, contains text discussion of factors affecting the collection, classification, and interpretation of the natality statistics published in this volume.

    Subsection 5-7 contains the requirements for “Sources of Data,” and contains an image (page 228) of the “Standard Certificate of Live Birth,” issued by the National Vital Statistics Division. The Standard Certificate of Live Birth (page 227), issued by the National Vital Statistics Division, which has served for many years as the principal means of attaining uniformity in the content of the documents used to collect information on this event. It has been modified in each state to the extent necessitated by the particular needs of the State or by special provisions of the State vital statistics law. However, the certificates of most States conform closely in content and arrangement to the standard certificate.

    The “Standard Certificate of Live Birth” contains the father’s race in block #8 and the mother’s race in block #13. Hawaii’s “Certificate of Live Birth” contains the the father’s race in block #13a and the mother’s race in block #12a.

    Now, here comes the good stuff. Page 231 contains the requirements for “Race and color.”

    “Births in the United States in 1961 are classified for vital statistics into white, Negro, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Aleut, Eskimo, Hawaiian and Part-Hawaiian (combined), and “other nonwhite.”

    Read More Here:

  248. Army D.A.V.


    Reichstag Fire

  249. “Wall Street Journal Caught Spreading False Legal Propaganda Via James Taranto”

    Leo Donofrio:

  250. LM, great find. Well, this is quite damaging to Obama. The 1961 guideline of vital records of the United States states clearly on p. 231 of that big document that births are recorded as “negro,” for such births. There is no listing for “African.” It appears that Obama’s alleged “certification of live birth” from Hawaii is a sham, a forgery. There is no way to explain away the gross inconsistency on father’s race.

    Sorry folks, game over. Why isn’t this getting more coverage in the media?

  251. LM – I don’t believe it’s forged, but perhaps the person inputing the data at the Department put exactly what was on the British/Kenyan Birth Certificate, as we know children (and adults) born abroad can obtain a Hawaiian BC:
    [§338-17.8] Certificates for children born out of State.
    (a) Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.

  252. Rush is talking about the BC. Talking about Andrew M article. He’s saying Obama could make this all go away if he would just release it. Rush also saying Obama needs to release all his records –college, etc. so we really know who Obama is.


  254. jbjd–I can see the scenario, too, but in another
    scenario just a tiny change, everything you said
    but HRC walking into the Oval Office and taking
    her place behind the desk–his replacement.

  255. Pingback: Twitted by drkate4justice

  256. Hey, how’s it going?

    I want to pass along some very important news that everyone needs to hear!

    In December of 2017, Donald Trump made history by recognizing Jerusalem as the captial of Israel. Why is this big news? Because by this the Jewish people of Israel are now able to press forward in bringing about the Third Temple prophesied in the Bible.

    The Jewish people deny Jesus as their Messiah and have stated that their Messiah has been identified and is waiting to be revealed. They say this man will rule the world under a one world religion called “spiritualism”.

    They even printed a coin to raise money for the Temple with Donald Trumps face on the front and with king Cyrus'(who built the second Temple) behind him. On the back of the coin is an image of the third Temple.

    The Bible says this false Messiah who seats himself in the Third Temple will be thee antichrist that will bring about the Great Tribulation, though the Jewish people believe he will bring about world peace. It will be a false peace for a period of time. You can watch interviews of Jewish Rabbi’s in Israel speaking of these things. They have their plans set in place. It is only years away!

    More importantly, the power that runs the world wants to put a RFID microchip in our body making us total slaves to them. This chip matches perfectly with the Mark of the Beast in the Bible, more specifically Revelation 13:16-18:

    He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

    Referring to the last days, this could only be speaking of a cashless society, which we have yet to see, but are heading towards. Otherwise, we could still buy or sell without the mark amongst others if physical money was still currency. RFID microchip implant technology will be the future of a one world cashless society containing digital currency. It will be implanted in the right-hand or the forehead, and we cannot buy or sell without it! We must grow strong in Jesus. AT ALL COSTS, DO NOT TAKE IT!

    Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.” (Revelation 14:9-11).

    People have been saying the end is coming for many years, but we need two key things. One, the Third Temple, and two, the technology for a cashless society to fulfill the prophecy of the Mark of the Beast.


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