Obama Kenyan, MSNBC verifies, Ghana visit confirms, July 10, 2009, Obama not eligible, Obama not natural born citizen

The whole world knows this.

Anyone with an IQ greater than a squirrel
who cares
has figured it out.


Obama’s visit to Ghana reveals his Kenyan birth.

From Modern Ghana News:

“History Beckons – As Prez Obama Arrives Tomorrow
Mr & Mrs Obama US President Barack Obama is expected to announce a major foreign policy for Africa during his historic two-day visit to Ghana, beginning Friday, July 10, 2009.

Although Mr Obama has made foreign policy pronouncements for some parts of the world since assuming office in January, this year, he is yet to make one for Africa, and his visit to the country, which the White House describes as “one of our most trusted partners in sub-Saharan Africa”, is expected to be used as a platform to unveil his foreign policy for Africa.

“It is expected that President Obama will make a major foreign policy statement on Africa”, Ghana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni, told the Daily Graphic.

For Ghana, Obama’s visit will be a celebration of another milestone in African history as it hosts the first-ever African-American President on this presidential visit to the continent of his birth.

Read more:



Now watch this MSNBC video!


If MSNBC removes the video, let me know.

Remember this from 2008?


So, when will the idiot, treasonous judges in this country pay attention!!!


Thanks to commenters Sandy and Rocknee for the info.

178 responses to “Obama Kenyan, MSNBC verifies, Ghana visit confirms, July 10, 2009, Obama not eligible, Obama not natural born citizen

  1. Dear CW and CW Friends,

    What in heaven’s name does America have to do to get this illegal moron out of office? Please tell me.

  2. Jacqlyn Smith

    With more lawsuits being filed on a daily basis….this man needs to resign……much like Sarah Palin did….though she was legal it was too difficult to do the business of the people when you are spending all your time and money fighting lawsuits!!!

  3. Obvious to me that the people who put him in office did so intentionally. This was not an oversight, not an error, not a mistake. This is willful and overt TREASON. And over half of the American people were stupid enough to believe this clown.

    The downhill skid is starting to steepen. Be aware, be watchful, be ready for rough times.

  4. “Welcome home” “native son” of Kenya.

    Thank you MSNBC for the blatant report. Who needs to see a birth certificate?

  5. zachjonesishome

    I just wanted to post the review of Larry’s book here that was just put up on last post.


    ILMTB // July 11, 2009 at 11:01 am (edit)

    Just finished Larry’s Book !!! YAY!!!

    This may very well be the smoking gun!

    Everyone please buy this book. There is a ton of information / names in it that I don’t see how they can deny! Buy this book. Help get it to the top of this best sellers and then what will they say? The bigger this book gets … the harder it will be for the BO camp to deny it. Larry didn’t hold back. Lots of information there for a good journalist to grab and run with!



  6. zachjonesishome

    It would such poetic justice if MSNBC starts the ball rolling that put Obama on the street.

    Time to walk the dog. Have a great day. Zach

  7. The gleeful Lamestream Media of Mass Deception seems to think that Obama is somehow “untouchable” on this issue. However, suspicion about Obama’s blatant usurper status is growing among our citizens here in America each and every day!

    If the Kerchner et al vs. Obama et al case can get by the objection of “standing” (lawyers way to dismiss all the previous cases) then I think that it is one case that will be heard by a judge. That is all we need to succeed in this effort. ONE CASE HEARD BY A JUDGE! It is taking way to long – but ONE DAY the TRUTH will come out and WILL be known.

    Obama deserves to be in jail – not in the White House.

    Notice how he completely avoids visiting Kenya during this trip to Africa? Why is that? We, who have been following this treasonous fraud all along know why.

    Word is spreading like wildfire. It cannot be contained forever. I am praying that the case I mentioned earlier is the one that succeeds in removing this fraud from office! The sooner – the better!!!

  8. Zach,


    I really believe that Larry has put enough information and names in the book that it will have to be addressed. But we have to get it out there in numbers.


  9. CW, et al: many folks posting on this site have gone into detail to speculate what the road might look like if BHO remains “on course”, and all this stuff continues to get swept aside…how about, speculating on a real, possible, scenario if everything were to suddenly “flip”, and go as many trouble Americans would hope…what do you think THAT would look like? BEST-case scenario? Hmmm? “Chicken in every pot?” (that was just for silly)…

  10. typo correction…”troubled Americans”, as in, troubled with the way things are sliding now…

  11. Barely a HOpe…?

  12. there are some bright squirrels out there…to bad they can’t vote…hey, wait! ACORN could sign ’em up! Yeh!!

  13. ‘nutter typo, dang…”too bad…” seems squirrels got more sense than some Libs, eh?

  14. looks like I’m having a dialog with myself…Red Skelton used to kinda do the same thing…chuckle at his own material…anybody hone?

  15. or, “home”…dang…okay, that’s enough outta U.

  16. I mean ME.

  17. Re-do, Relax!

    CW, Thanks for the atta boy!

  18. My Latest Addition to the ” THE WORLD’S GREATEST ANAGRAMS”

    Barack Hussein Obama -becomes- Mao Sikh Sunbeam Crab

    The breakdown of this name has many associations and implications to be considered. First is Mao,who was the first leader of the Peoples Republic of China. Although reveared in China today, Mao is credited with the probable deaths of tens of millions and in a 1958 party speech claimed credit for having buried over forty six thousand intellectuals alive.

    Next is Sikh. This is a religious sect originating from the Punjab region of India. They adhere to a spiritual philosophy of one supreme eternal reality, the truth, iminent in all things.

    Sunbeam, light is essentially the source of life. It is a collective name for sunlight and without this life source the planet Earth would be uninhabitable. Sunbeams make the action of photosynthesis possible and nearly all life on the planet dependes on it directly or indirectly.

    We have so far seen links, which are more than symbolic when Barack Hussein Obama is considered as an individual. The associations that include one of the most ruthless of leaders of modern time, the phenomena of a person that can say or do anythng is taken by the masses as literal truth in action or inaction, and his ability to have immediate and sudden impact upon the human life forms of society show signs of deity and a sense of immortality.

    The last word of the Obama anagram is crab. It’s significance in association to the other words or symbols of his name astrologically is the glue that welds the other meanings into one. The crab as depicted as the constellation of cancer and is known as the “dark sign”. The crab or cancer in mythology is the northern gate of sun. The current literal meaning of the word is the most revealing of who Barack Hussein Obama is. The crab is simply the singular of crabs which is slang for PUBIC lice. In modern political jargon this could also be stated as PUBLIC lice. In either case it is a parasitic insect found in the genital region.

    Crabs begin in egg form known as nits. The lineage to nit-wit in respect to Obama is appropriate to his legion of followers. The nit hatches and becomes a nymph which grows and gains strength by feeding on blood. This assosciation to the cult of Obamanites should not be lost on the scholar of this study either. Finally, after 7 days the nymph matures into an adult known as a pubic louse or again where appropriate, the public louse. This animal appears to have six legs but if examined through a high powered microscope the large front legs are actually very large ears (seem familiar) which resemble the claws of a crab and thus the nickname crabs.

    To summarize all associations in the name of Obama we wind up with blood sucking genital parasite, ruthless, deadly cultist who provides false hope of life and has big ears.

    Send this to 1000 friends or 1000 times to one enemy.

  19. truthbetold11

    Thats why the propaganda photos of obama staring at the girls butts was a precise move to make people think he likes girls. When in fact it was to stop the onslaught of larrys book becoming a best seller

  20. citizenwells

    Yes Zach.
    We all need to buy a copy of Sinclair’s book, urge others to and
    provide reviews.
    I will provide a review once I have it in hand.
    As most of you know, I have already read most of it.
    However, I want to review based on a hard copy of the book.

  21. In an interview with the UYK Daily Telegraph newspaper this week a former spokesman for Ralia Odinga, the Kenyan joint Prime Miniter and Obama cousin (allegedly) again referred to the America President as “a son of Kenya.”

    Not the son of a Kenyan but a son of Kenya.

  22. to: truthbetold11@12:42 MY thoughts exactly.

  23. Rock…thanks…they musta put extra caffeine in my cup o’ jo this morning…only had one, honest;
    musta been stimulus overload…

  24. maybe ms. helga had more than one cup, eh?

  25. Captain Obvious strikes again! America is the laughing stock of the world.

    They’re all saying:

    “What a bunch of morons the people are. They have an African running the nation.”

    I’m with you SueK. What IS it going to take to get this African out of office???

    Aye Carumba…

  26. I received my three books I ordered from Larry Sinclair. I sent one to our boy that is a Lt. in the Marines in Afghanistan and one to our boy in San Diego. He is a Pharmaceutical rep. Now I am going to sit back and continue to read the book. I can’t believe how up front Larry is about his life!! Everyone please buy his book!!

  27. truthbetold: maybe someone oughta photo-shop a picture of B. Frank in place of the young lady?
    wouldn’t that be a hoot? heehee..

  28. JeffM: how do you say “Aye Carumba” in ‘Kenyan’?…(I’m gonna needa nap today…)

  29. Civis naturaliter natus

    CA Patriot,

    I agree with your speculation.

    I think both parties ran non NBC candidates to glean the minority vote, black or hispanic, and that they are intending to continue to do this in future elections to push the nation firmly into the NWO. They are internationalists at heart and are embarassed that the Average American dislikes the UN, the NWO, and internationalist conformism…

  30. re-do said:

    “JeffM: how do you say “Aye Carumba” in ‘Kenyan’?…(I’m gonna needa nap today…)”

    I don’t know. Maybe we should ask OBAMA. I’m sure he speaks fluent Kiswahili.

    DON’T TREAD ON ME!!!!!

  31. bob strauss

    The issue of standing, is getting in the way, of justice. When the people of the USA have been wronged, by a bunch of elites in DC, and deceived, by a foreign born, presidential candidate, telling lie after lie, and the people of the USA have been the victims of a fraudulent election, depriving them of a legal president, every American citizen should be entitled to standing, in every court in America.
    The oath takers, in this country, who have sworn, to protect, and defend, the Constitution of the USA, should have standing. Protecting and defending the Constitution is their duty. How can their oath be adhered to if they are not allowed access to the courts?
    The forefathers, of this country, forewarned, the citizens, of what would happen to this country, if the Constitution, was not followed, and preserved. They warned of tyranny, and usurpers.They put into place, a number of safeguards, to insure the office of president, was safe from foreigners, and no one, who wasn’t born, in America, of citizen parents, a natural born citizen, could become president. The forefathers, couldn’t have been, more explicit, as to who, could become, the commander in chief, and what the requirements are to be eligible.
    The forefathers, description, of the requirements, to be eligible for the office of president, begins, with the word, “NO”.

  32. Civis naturaliter natus

    Well Major Cook has standing, and his suit is making the Obots rabid as dogs. They’ve even got someone posing as a JD from Georgetown attacking it, but he’s been caught misrepresenting the argument pleaded therein. (see the Right Side of Life http://www.therightsideoflife.com/?p=6627 )

  33. Civis naturaliter natus

    Oh, and CW, what is the source of that graphic which says “Kenyan-born Obama”…?

  34. Here’s your chance to ask Soetoro a question while he’s in Africa:


    Have fun. LOL!

  35. Civis naturaliter natus,

    You couldn’t be more right. They’re scrambling to keep a lid on the whole thing.

    And this trip to Africa, which one would have expected to happen back in February, is going to make it impossible to control. Watch. The people of Africa will claim sovereignty on their love child and spill the beans on the whole situation, on LIVE TV.

    The jig is up. I sure hope the Border Patrol prevents him from re-entering the U.S. That would be a nice surprise.

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  37. SueK asked how we can get the usurper out of office….Sue, and everyone else, we need to get the vote out in 2010. Take back the house and senate then impeachment hearings can begin. I know 2010 is a very long way away for all of us fighting for our Constitutional Republic but we have to keep 2010 in focus. In the meantime yes we keep fighting and writing letters relentlessly. I have been on this for over a year and have watched it grow and grow. It will only continue to grow if we keep fighting and blogging and forwarding and copying…..

  38. Civis naturaliter natus


    Somewhere I read that it is nearly all Republicans who are up for votes in 2010, and so the Dems will still hold power thereafter…

  39. I know.. tell BO while he is at it he can go to Kenya and get his BC.

  40. like I heard somewhere else…where’s the SNL skit (too bad In Living Color isn’t still around; they’d do even a better job, IMHO)…showing family life of the O’s at home…with teleprompters all over the place, and all the family conversation /interaction is scripted? now that would be a riot…at the dinner table where he reads, “honey, pass me some grits…”
    maybe one of you clever youtubers could come up with something like that?

  41. BO at -7 index. I hope it gets down even lower. People need to wake up in this country and realize they just elected a foreign-born Kenyan/Indonesian citizen. I hope that there will be a lot of leaks that can’t be contained coming from Africa the continent of BO’s birth.

  42. Dear Larry,

    Congratulations on publishing your book! You did it. Good for you. We all know what tremendous obstacles you had to overcome to achieve what–at times–must have seemed like an impossible dream. This is proof fearlessness and persistence pays! You are an inspiration to all! I am going to mention the book is now available on my radio program tomorrow night between 3:30 and 5:30. If you choose, feel free to call and talk about it at 646-727-3665.

    If wishing makes it so, your book will be a best seller for years to come and also help bring down the Obama Dynasty. What a win/win for all. You will make a lot of money and America will be rid of its destroyer. All Americans will benefit by a restoring America to the Republic she once was prior to January 20, 2009.

    The very highest and best to you, Larry Sinclair!


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  44. As the documents in the Cook case are posted, and the other lawyers (or those of us who call ourselves lawyers) across the internet weigh in against this latest Orly lawsuit, they, too, are met with the same vitriol by the same posters who on this site continue to try to bully the opposition into silence.

    The Cook Motion for a TRO (temporary restraining order) not only is a fatally flawed ‘legal’ document but also, in its muddled convoluted attempt to get the court to rule on whether BO is a NBC, needlessly places the Plaintiff in real legal jeopardy that could have been avoided had his attorney fashioned the appropriate legal case to ascertain such a ruling from the court.

  45. http://www.resistnet.com/profiles/blogs/the-fed-under-fire-this-is-a
    Must see video about Obama giving more powers
    to the Fed!!!

  46. Thanks for the post CW, Sandy and Rocknee!

    And, let us not forget this little jewel either. Out of the mouth of granny Obama.

  47. jbjd,

    Perhaps you should put to use your arguments and post why the Cook request is fatally flawed. That might assist people instead of trying to belittle others attempting to get an answer on this.

    Just a suggestion.

  48. Meanwhile, our “beloved leader” has managed recently to:

    1. Hug and kiss Russian dicators
    2. Miss July 4 on his “America sucks” tour
    3. Be adorned by Africans who pray he’s their messiah while America continues to fall into chaos
    4. Continues to campaign even though the election was over 9 months ago

    Perhaps that’s what he’s doing in Africa: going on an election campaign so he can become President of Africa once he gets kicked out of the U.S.

  49. jbjd,

    If you have addressed this before I did not see it.

    You seem to have the critics eye for what has not worked and what will not work.

    How about getting into the game for us all and DO something that WILL work?? It’s about time that someone show us how.

  50. zachjonesishome

    Yes Zach.
    We all need to buy a copy of Sinclair’s book, urge others to and
    provide reviews.
    I will provide a review once I have it in hand.
    As most of you know, I have already read most of it.
    However, I want to review based on a hard copy of the book.


  51. citizenwells

    Civis naturaliter natus.
    “kenyan-born Obama” image:


    The image was removed soon after several of us saved it.

  52. Disconnected thoughts over the judges in America keep rambling through my head. Until the issue of Obama’s eligibility came forward I had this –I suppose–rather naive idea of what judges were all about. It was probably that judges are men who are so dedicated to law, honor, and the protection of our judicial system, they were untouchable. I guess like Elliot Ness.

    Now I see them as the greatest masters of all law breakers who twist, bend, manipulate and convolute law to use as weapons of oppression against any one, any thing and all of America to obtain their personal agendas. (Much like our Senate and Congress) They are ruthless. There is almost no means without tremedous power and wealth to hold these malevolent wizards accountable. They have too much power. We are at their mercy.

    The proof of my statement is the fact that not one judge has had the courage to step in front of the veil of technicalities to demand Obama stand up or step down. They have all hidden behind their fear of offending the president and losing their careers, or that their decision may provoke rioting if they declare Obama ineligible, or simply–“The President is too big” to buck.
    They all have forgotten no man is above the law–ESPECIALLY THE PRESIDENT–who has been given the highest position of public trust. Therefore must he must be the MOST ACCOUNTABLE.

    Sooner or later, these shrinking traitors are going to have to realize that with or without their help Obama will be disclosed and exposed for the treasonous traitor he is. The evidence is getting hotter and closer with every mistake he makes. One day Obama will no longer usurp the WH. When We the people start house cleaning to restore America, among the first trash to be discarded will be every cowardly judge who dismissed a case against Obamawhen all he had to do was make a simple rational order–produce the documents Obama.

    These judge underestimate the memory and intelligence of the American people. The American people and the enitre world know these judges were guilty every time they refused to make that one simple order. Eventually we will replace them–after they go on trial for treason–with men and women of honor and integrity.

  53. CA Patriot and Everyone, I have not only addressed this issue before – I posted a memo on my blog 9 (nine) months ago, in November 2008, explaining how to get standing in a federal lawsuit to determine BO’s Constitutional eligibility to be POTUS, by finding military (national guard) Plaintiffs – but, I also gave Orly first shot at the military Complaint for Declaratory Judgment I drafted shortly thereafter. She chose not to use my Complaint in whole but, instead, has applied it in bits and pieces, and, by doing so in the Cook case, has exposed her client to harm. (I intentionally use the phrase “exposed her client to harm” rather than, ‘protect her client from harm’ because she solicited clients from the military to become Plaintiffs so that she could file a lawsuit.)

    As for “getting into the game”…I have been in this ‘game’ since the primaries. Educating lay people on the blogs as to how their government works is only one aspect of my efforts; go back a few posts and find the posting of my letter to the KY AG reporting BO for violating KY state law on the obligation of pledged delegates to follow their candidate into the convention. (Did you know there are around 13 such ‘binding vote’ states? Seeing one such delegate hounded on the news, I did the legal research, and learned her state was only one of several with this law. Then, I investigated BO’s conduct in these states, drafted letters to state officials whose names and contact information I first had to find, charging that in a vote binding state, pressuring a HRC delegate to change to BO before the convention, was soliciting someone to break the law; and then wrote a memo summarizing this situation, which I distributed via email throughout the blogosphere. Soon thereafter, a D pundit who supported HRC mentioned on FOX News, in some states, the law says the delegates selected in the primaries MUST vote for the candidate at the convention.)

    These are issues of first impression we have confronted in this election cycle. So, I may not know what will work; but I am pretty certain what will not.

  54. Am I the only one to see an opportunity here?

    If those people are proudly proclaiming that Obama was born in Kenya, shouldn’t they be offended when the One claims that he was born in the US?

    Maybe they can prove to us that he was really born in Kenya….

  55. @CW:

    The image is still on their server:

  56. Zeeshopper,

    That is classic. Thanks for the link.

    And yes, we need to let the Africans know their “boy” keeps claiming he’s not one of them and using it to his advantage.

    Talk about suckers!

  57. Jacqlyn Smith

    I was just over at Jag Hunter’s site…Lt. Walter Fitzgerald…..he believes Mr. Cook should be filing papers of TREASON against BO and not the “Conscientious Objector” thing!!! Read about it at….


  58. Jacqlyn Smith

    The following is what I received in an email from Fitzpatrick….I’m not sure anyone is on the same page when it comes to removing the FRAUD from the White House!!







  59. Can you respond to this JBJD? Can we all simply go down to our local US Attorney’s office and file a Criminal Complaint against BO for treason? Would they have to take us seriously or would they just laugh us out of the office?

  60. Fitzpatrick for President in 2012!

    Awesome. Sweet and to the point.

  61. I never intended my civil suit to get BO out of office, once in. I specifically intended that suit would be filed before the EC met and voted for POTUS; and then, when that ‘deadline’ passed, before Congress ratified the EC vote. When Orly did not file this case, I posted it, on-line, so that anyone who wanted, could use it. (I also customized 2 versions, on request for military personnel.)

    However, I believe that once a court of law rules, BO is not a NBC; then, Congress is sure to initiate Impeachment proceedings against him.

  62. (P.S. to my comments at 3:41 PM)

    For all of those binding vote states, I also obtained lists of delegates pledged to HRC; looked up their addresses; and recruited volunteers in those states to send copies of the letters that had been sent to the AG, to those delegates, along with a note assuring them, we had their backs. Then copies were sent to nationwide press (after obtaining their contact information).

  63. citizenwells


    ** All – spread the word **
    The Obama Kenyan born image is still at:

  64. Do Africans believe that the citizenship of the father determines the citizenship of the child?

    If so, then BHO would be African born with an African father. That would not necessarily mean “born in Africa”.

  65. jbjd,

    The logic that Soetoro is president is flawed. Usurpation is an illegal and/or unconstitutional possession of a position of public trust, power, or elected office.

    Soetoro is not qualified for office. This is not something that occurs overnight. In this scenario qualifications are based on a birthright, which means he never was and never will be qualified. As such, he is usurping this position.

    Normally quo warranto would simply remove a usurper in that position and place the person who has the legal right to that position into that position. If no one is the rightful “winner” of that elected position, then we have a unique scenario.

    This is quite different than impeachment, which is designed to remove constitutionally qualified presidents from office. Either you are qualified to be POTUS or you are not. There is simply no other option.

    Impeaching a usurper is unconstitutional and is simply not an option in this case.

    Off topic but to show that there are more and more articles out there by others deside the Bedmate Media and not as blindly fovaorable.

    “…Pundits call it ‘the politics of destruction.’  In the past the tactic was used by political candidates in an attempt to destroy the reputation of the opposing candidate in a campaign.

    However, the Obama team has taken the politics of destruction to a new low.  The Obama-thugs use the tactic against common citizens who oppose them.

    Of course, Sotomayor’s ‘advocates’ are Obama operatives who pushed for and support her nomination and confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, despite being the one Judge in the nation whose decisions have been overturned by SCOTUS more than any other federal judge….”


  67. TO: jbjd

    From what I have read and believe.

    Impeachment is used to removed a dully elected President. In cases of FRAUD and USURPATION I believe it would not be up to Congress but the Courts or Justice Dept. to have him arrested adn removed and held for trial.

  68. Peter Francisco,

    What the article should have said is that Soetoro is a TRAITOR TO THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES.

    Only traitors attack person citizens for political gain while WE pay their salaries. This marks just one of the many acts of TREASON this “administration” is committing on a daily basis.

    When this all shakes out there won’t be enough trees in the Washington Mall area.

  69. Peter said:

    “I believe it would not be up to Congress but the Courts or Justice Dept. to have him arrested adn removed and held for trial.”

    This is partially correct. Here’s what is going to happen (that is if he doesn’t get kicked out for criminal activities sooner):

    1. A quo warranto trial will be held
    2. SCROTUS will find he is not eligible and therefore usurping
    3. Soetoro will simply be removed from office under a court order
    4. Congress will decide on who the real winner was and place that person into the position
    5. Soetoro will be charged with fraud by the AG of the United States
    6. Soetoro will be convicted of fraud in a separate criminal trial
    7. Soetoro will most likely go to jail for 90 days, followed by parole

    That would achieve the same end result.

  70. When do we storm Washington?
    Someone just say the word!!!!

  71. Sharzie, I would be happy to answer your question, once I have read the legal authority that is the legal basis for Mr. Fitzpatrick’s spirited recommendation to file such a criminal complaint. Can you post this, please?

  72. http://secondrevolutionvoice.com/default.aspx


    We believe that our current Congress and Executive Branch are completely out of touch with the real needs and desires of “We the people.”

    We watch our country being rapidly dismantled without abiding by neither the “Constitution,” nor the fore sight of our Founding Fathers and being turned into a Socialist State.

    We have the right to be heard and to have our mandates fulfilled by our elected officials.

    So many of these civil servants have forgotten that they are CIVIL SERVANTS. Many have never been a working part of mainstream America, and are clueless to what really needs to be addressed.

    We ask that ALL eligible voters go to the polls in all upcoming elections and vote out any and all incumbents without regard of their record or Political Party. Replace them with another of the same or different party affiliation.

    We need to let them hear our VOICE.

    Our Revolution is one of NON-VIOLENCE but indeed a true Revolution.

    We must re-claim our once great, charitable and God fearing nation from the Socialist minded enemy in Washington, DC, our state capitals, our cities and our towns.

    Our VOICE will NOT be that of a single individual, but that of a new great ARMY of citizens taking back our beloved nation.

  73. Jacqlyn Smith

    This is off the subject but please check this out and join today….


  74. Here is another article that caught my eye. Obanana is worried abotu one party rule in Africa and says it is NOT good for the development of Africa. So he wants Africa to successed and for success you need more than one party rule. Yet in America he wants ONE PARTY RULE does this translate to him wanting America to FAIL?

    “On January 20, 2009 in Washington DC, after the historic events of Obama’s inauguration, I chatted with one of Obama’s Africa advisers who said “Obama has witnessed the downside of one-party rule in Africa and he’s not for that. He means change and more openness.””
    Article link (quote on 5th paragraph):

    What a diff 6 months make…now he stands for SECRECY, Sealing, Hiding and Muddying everything that has to do with his own TRANSPARENCY.

    How cone this “man” be trusted? He doesn;t know when he met his wife, what hospital he was born in, how many states we have, etc .

  75. Fernley Girl

    Anyone here know which British tabloid is the nastiest/most popular? I’d be happy to send a copy of Larry’s book to someone in the foreign press….IF they are REALLY nasty. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. I looked around, but am not familiar enough to know who would be best.

  76. He is in Ghana to ingratiate himself with the present generation of American African slaves of yesteryear, through visiting their ancestral lands. He already came to Kenya to sanitize his own ancestry ahead of his successful presidential bid. He did not want this to be an election issue. He has been to dictatorial Egypt to pacify the Islamic world. There is nothing to bring him to Kenya, and I doubt that it is important for him to come to Kenya – to bring what? Ultimately, our destiny is in our own hands.

    We can make this country anything we want it to be. Yes, we can, and we do not need Barack Hussein Obama to show us how.

  77. Girl: Well, The Sun may not rank as the nastiest UK periodical, but it’s pretty big, and might be a good place to start…give it a go. Or, as the Tour de France announcer would say (ref to BHO),
    “He’s in a spot of bother now!”

  78. (Off topic)

    Compare samples of Obama’s printing (Part 1)

    Did Debbie Schlussel ever get a judge to pay attention to her investigation of Obama’s Selective Service registration card?

    Observe the printing, purported to be Obama’s, on that registration card:


    ‘August’ is printed in mixed case.

    All other printing is in upper case.

    Except for ‘Honolulu’, all the upper case letters are approximately the same height.

    For next link, see Part 2.

  79. Compare samples of Obama’s printing (Part 2)

    This document is from Obama’s Chicago days, when he was chairing the Chicago Annenberg Challenge:

    Click to access PPM41_obama_questionaire_1a.pdf

    Every word of Obama’s printing is in all upper case . . . but the characters representing capital letters are approximately twice the height of those representing lower case letters.

    Did Obama change his printing style . . . or are those mixed heights evidence that the Selective Service registration card is forged?

  80. Fernley Girl

    Re-do: Thanks for the info.

  81. My email to the “big four” Fox News anchors…It doesn’t hurt to try.
    Dear Fox News anchors,

    Now that MSNBC has seen it fit to finally go ahead and report, live on the air, that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, don’t you think that it’s about time that Fox News finally tells the people the truth of this matter also?


    Contrary to the biased reporting displayed by the MSN that people who believe this are a small group of tin foil hat wearing “Birthers”, our numbers are in the MILLIONS that know this and have known for a long time.

    In the coming weeks this story is going to unfold for the entire world to see….It’s not going away, EVER!!!

    The question now is, does Fox News want to be one of the first to cover it or not?…..MSNBC has already spilled the beans on Obama’s Kenyan birth….Whether it was intentional or not doesn’t matter…The cat is out of the bag!!!

    The LONG LIST of credible people that have stated that Obama was born in Kenya has now been lengthened by the addition of one of MSNBC’s own reporters, as well as Ghana’s own Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni.

    Barack Obama is ineligible to hold the office of President of the United States, under the U.S. Constitution because, pursuant to the Constitution, only “a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of the Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President” (Article II, Section 1, Clause 4).

    It’s past time for the people to know the truth….They deserve no less.

  82. Fernley Girl

    Homeless people die after bird flu vaccine trial in Poland
    Three Polish doctors and six nurses are facing criminal prosecution after a number of homeless people died following medical trials for a vaccine to the H5N1 bird-flu virus.

    By Matthew Day in Warsaw
    Published: 4:37PM BST 02 Jul 2008

    The medical staff, from the northern town of Grudziadz, are being investigated over medical trials on as many as 350 homeless and poor people last year, which prosecutors say involved an untried vaccine to the highly-contagious virus.

    Authorities claim that the alleged victims received £1-2 to be tested with what they thought was a conventional flu vaccine but, according to investigators, was actually an anti bird-flu drug.
    The rest of the article is here:


  83. http://www.individual.com/story.php?story=103631592

    this is the kenya article that says obama sanatized all his records before he ran for president and kenya is mad he did not come there. read and see obama got rid of his records of his birth so he could run for president

  84. TO: Anonymouse,

    Thanks for your efforts that PDF has good info BUT I don’t think it was filled out by Obanana. It seems to have been filled out by some committee that was deiciding to endorse him.

  85. @ cadyctx:

    Very nice! Thank you for the link.

    Here’s where the original article is from:


  86. anonymouse,

    Do you, or anyone else know what is blacked out on the top right section of Obama’s Selective Service registration card?

  87. I have always believed that the military brass do have the power to arrest Soetoro,at any point in time.It is only a matter of them having CLEAR JUSTIFICATION. If the pentagon brass were to find something which they deemed to be absolutely damning they could act without informing Congress,or anyone else. It is doubtful that anybody in the other branches would attempt to override the military. After all they have the shootin’ irons. I doubt that the Supreme Court would do much except spew millions of verbs with their feathers all puffed up. But given the circumstances, and who it would involve, that might not even happen. These people are so cowardly that they will change sides at the drop of a hat. I have long held the view that Congress,and the SCOTUS are made up from some of the slimeyist criminals on earth. Not a day passes without either reading of,or hearing about still another POLITICIAN being caught in a criminal venture.

  88. TO: JONAH

    That was already revealed it is the filing number I believe.

    That whole form is a HUGE FRAUD but nobody cares. We ahev massive corruption at all levels and NOBODY cares because the Bedmate Media loves Obanana

  89. Fernley Girl // July 11, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    Fernley Girl, The Sun was the cruelest, most unscrupulous tabloid when Susan Boyle was competing on Britain’s Got Talent. They pulverized her after the competition when she checked into rehab for some R&R. The words they used against that sweet woman made me and all of Susan’s fans sick!

    The Sun is your tabloid!

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  91. Pingback: “Obama In Ghana: ‘Africa Not Separate From World Affairs’” and related posts | Bull Quake

  92. I am praying that the people of Kenya get really bent out of shape because Obama was in the territory but didn’t stop in for tea. This is something that they take pretty seriously. Playing around with the rest of Africa is definitely not going to sit very well with the Kenyans. It is even possible that somebody there might just decide that he/she has had enough of Soetoro’s BULL-ONEY,and publish a copy of his Kenyan birth certificate for the world to see. They would think that they were doing him an honor,by proving to the world where he came from. Perhaps this will happen sooner,rather than later.

  93. SueK,

    How are you ?

    Have you , or anyone else heard, that Justice Scalia may have said something along the lines of agreeing to hear one of the Obama cases ?

    I just heard the rumor, and cannot validate it anywhere.

  94. Civis naturaliter natus


    Don’t think you have yet shown in an substantive manner that your accustations against Orly’s pleadings put Major Cook into the danger you specify.

    Nor does one readily conclude from the pleadings themselves that Major Cook will actually refuse to be deployed, because his objection is not essential to deployment, which he specificially states he is willing to do, but to the possiblity of being held to be a war criminal after actions taken in the theater of war on the basis of an illegitimate order.


    You may know many things about the law, but in my opinion you do not understand the law well. In the Constitution and in Federal Law, as is evident from cases cited over at RestoretheConstitutionalRepublic.org, that a usurper cannever be a defacto President, but is always a fraud. That you hold him to be ineligible yet a defacto President that could be impeached also speaks to your miscomprehension of the law.

  95. Hi Jeff, Greg and All,

    Yes, I agree that we can make our voices heard at the ballot box; what I fear is the damage he’ll do in the meantime. Every day he’s in there ruins America more. There *must* be a quicker solution but I don’t know what it is (one that’s non-violent, of course).

    I also have a question that’s been bugging me: Since when does the President hopscotch all over the world with his family in tow? I understand an occasional trip, but this is ridiculous! Isn’t Camp David the venue for hosting foreign dignitaries? Why is He traveling to THEM?

  96. Civis naturaliter natus


    That he travels with his family really does not bother me; I would do the same.

    But if one wants to be cynical, he could say that you keep those who can best incriminate you by loose lips, at your side, so that you can be 100% sure they don’t.

  97. Pingback: The Right Side of Life » ModernGhana.com: “Obama’s … visit to the continent of his birth.”

  98. The Sun might have the reputation of being brutal, but keep in mind that Susan was sort of a British Sarah Palin. In reality you might discover that the Sun could actually be pro-Soetoro. Another good comparison is with CBC who have some people on their staff who are orally evil. I am sure that everyone will remember the lewd remarks of a certain female columnist associated with CBC, who later was compelled to apologise. I know a little about that!

  99. I tried to purchase Larry Sinclair’s book on Amazon and there weren’t any in stock. Also it wasn’t listed on Barnes and Noble site. Where are you ordering the book?

  100. Richard // July 11, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Hi Richerd,

    Not too bad; how are you?

    Yes, I remember reading that; it was when Orly confronted Scalia and had him sign her book back in March, I think.

    I was able to find the article from WND:


    Gotta say that she’s one plucky lady!

  101. A friend sent a bogus e-mail with an older, undated article about obama. I thought there was breaking news.

  102. Cherilee……………………………………….

    It can be ordered from Sinclair Publishing, Inc, 9 Spring Drive, Port Orange, Florida 32129

  103. Cherilee // July 11, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    I tried to purchase Larry Sinclair’s book on Amazon and there weren’t any in stock. Also it wasn’t listed on Barnes and Noble site. Where are you ordering the book?


    Go to Larry’s website and order it.


    Under the ‘Bamopoly’ game (which is hysterical!), look to the right where it says ‘Direct Order From Sinclair Publishing, Inc.’
    A click will take you to the order form.

    I’ve already ordered my copy :).

  104. Cherilee,

    The book can be ordred directly from Larry Sinclair there is info on his blog or go Directly to: SinclairPublishing


    The book is not available yet at those outlets. They are only taking pre-orders

  105. Cherilee………………………………..

    I forgot to include the price which is $25.99 post paid.

  106. oldsalt77 // July 11, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    Hi OldSalt,

    I still say The Sun is the S.O.B. of the British tabloids. I’ll do a little research and see what I can find that gives us an idea of what he thinks of The Chosen One, pro or con.

  107. Go look at the pic of Obama on this website and then you will really know Larry Sinclair’s book is the truth!!!


  108. http://americangrandjury.org/

    Part 1:

    Posted by Bob in American Grand Jury, Super Grand Jury on July 11th, 2009

    “What is the best way to put the government on notice that you want corruption stopped and the guilty removed from office?”

    Many of our citizens are doing everything in their power to address the criminal charade where Barack Obama continues to act as the Usurper and presumed Commander-in-Chief. This crisis has gotten to the point where the laws of the Constitution are being hammered to death by those that are sworn to protect it. Those of you that believe that it is okay for Obama to criminally break the laws of the Constitution are going to wake up one day and realize your rights as citizens to elect anyone into the Presidency will be gone forever.

    American Grand Jury has been actively using the Constitution to address grievances to government for months now. Our Grand Jury Presentments are handled down by law abiding citizens whose members work within the law, not against it. We do not endorse any type of violence and we certainly do not advocate the overthrow of our government. We are simply demanding that government act and do their job of protecting the citizens by correcting injustices as were sanctioned by our Founding Fathers through the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

    Our jury members spend their time and hard earned money working to get the word out to influential government officials and politicians by serving Presentments with those people. We don’t threaten people, we simply tell them to look at the evidence and plead with them to take action. It is amazing how government will tell you that they work in the best interest of the people but in reality they work only for the best interests of their institutions. Many people that are influential Judges, Legislators and Politicians should be ashamed of themselves. It has gotten to the point where power and money have corrupted their Oaths to the Constitution beyond reality.

    One such person that is not corrupt and takes her Oath to the Constitution serious is Governor Sarah Palin from Alaska. That is the main reason why the Patriots love her and the Statists hate her. She represents everything that is good and honorable about government.

    The American Grand Jury Presentments have been formally sent to Governor Palin. She should have receipt of them in a few days. We know that Governor Palin has a million things to do but we are hoping she will take the time to review our Presentments and respond.

    The Presentments were sent to the Governor by Neil Turner, one of our American Grand Jury members. He sent a cover letter along with a formal copy of the Presentments to Sarah Palin. I have reprinted the letter here for the public to read and respond:

  109. http://americangrandjury.org/


    July 7, 2009
    Governor Sarah Palin

    Alaska State Capitol Building
    P.O. Box 110001
    Juneau, AK 99811-0001

    Phone (907) 465-3500
    Fax (907) 465-3532

    Dear Governor Palin,

    Kudos, Governor. Kudos!

    Your decision to ‘pass the reigns’ of Governorship of the great State of Alaska to your Lt. Governor, at a time when your skills, knowledge, dedication, abilities and insight are more urgently needed elsewhere, may well prove to be the most brilliant and propitious political move ever in our nation’s history; an act that may well lead to the saving of our Constitutional Republic.

    As a former member of the U.S. Military (Capt., U.S. Army-Aviation, 1957-1964), I can not only hear the dedication you have for our Military when you speak, I can feel it as well. It helps me, as well as millions of other Americans, to renew my pride in being an American citizen of these Sovereign United States.

    Governor Palin, I have also noticed the rapid erosion of our Constitutional rights, the passing (at a staccato pace) of innumerable unconstitutional laws, and the blatant attacks on our God-given inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, – not as a Democracy, but as a Constitutional Republic. As a result of this awareness (motivated by your VP candidacy last year), I became a juror on a 21st Century Citizen’s Grand Jury, one of which has recently issued a ‘True Bill’ Presentment/Indictment against Barack Hussein Obama, aka: Barry Soetoro, presumed President of the United States – Defendant. A copy of that Presentment/Indictment has been enclosed herewith.

    This Citizen’s Grand Jury action has been endorsed, corroborated, and legitimized by SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia in a 1992 ruling when he said:

    “Rooted in long centuries of Anglo-American history, … the grand jury is mentioned in the Bill of Rights, but not in the body of the Constitution. It has not been textually assigned, therefore, to any of the branches described in the first three Articles. It is a constitutional fixture in its own right..”

    “In fact, the whole theory of its function is that it belongs to no branch of the institutional Government, serving as a kind of buffer or referee between the Government and the people.”

    I have enclosed a copy of this ‘Presentment’ in the hopes that you, as a sworn elected official – soon to be a ‘sworn-to-uphold-our-Constitution’ civilian – will get this indictment into the hands of a patriotic, honest, and duty-bound member of the judiciary or law enforcement – anywhere in these 50 United States of America – so as to order ‘Discovery’. I would be honored to provide you with any assistance you may need in the ‘serving’ of these indictments. (I personally served a set of Presentments from the May 9, 2009 American Grand Jury at the Williamson County District Court in Georgetown, TX on June 15, 2009 – copy of Cover page enclosed).

    In August, as a sworn and patriotic civilian once again, you might just want to consider forming a Citizen’s Grand Jury in Alaska – to attack corruption on a local, regional, state-wide, or national level.

    Finally, should you choose to pursue the Vice Presidency (or Presidency) as a strict Constitutionalist – in the new elections we will be demanding within 3 months of the imminent removal of the alleged Imposter (and the vacating of all his illegitimate appointments, signings, and Military and Executive Orders) – I will do everything in my power, along with tens of millions of oath-keeping and patriotic Americans, to see that you are elected to help lead a government that will once again represent We The People!

    God Bless and Godspeed;

    Neil B. Turner
    Carlsbad, CA

  110. That could be true, PRWH; see the article that linked to the questionnaire:

    === A week after Politico provided the questionnaire to the Obama campaign for comment, an aide called Monday night to say that Obama had said he did not fill out the form, and provided a contact for his campaign manager at the time, who said she filled it out. It includes first-person comments such as: “I have not previously been a candidate.” ===


    But the individual characters . . . a few months ago I had a collection of various instances of his signature. Then I lost the collection. I’m almost certain that his ‘k’ in ‘Barack’ had that ‘leggy’ jut. And see how round is the ‘O’ in ‘Obama’, and that it closes at the top? and the smaller circles inside the larger circles in some of his answers (that possibly suggest narcissism)? The fat ‘O’ is characteristic of his printing, though he makes it more ornate in most of his signatures if I’m remembering right.

    If anyone can find some of his signature examples, maybe they could spark my memory. He hasn’t left much of a paper trail. 😦

  111. Oldsalt 77,

    I see China and India might have a go at it, with India posturing their SU-30’s and building up their defenses.

    Worldnetdaily.com has the article, could not paste it.

    Both have strong navies, could be an interesting developement.

  112. Suek……………

    Let me know what you determine!

  113. Jonah (July 11, 2009 at 9:03 pm), I haven’t studied that SS registration card in months, so don’t remember, but PRWH’s answer sounds right.

    And replying to your post to me in the Grand Jury Presentments thread (I’m very behind), don’t you wish a child was around when you need to open a childproof cap? 🙂

  114. Consider the efficacy of Cook after reading the UCMJ. For your convenience, here is Title 10 of the U.S. Code, Subtitle A, General Military Law. Scroll down to Ch. 47, Uniform Code of Military Justice, Sub-Chapter X, Punitive Articles.


  115. http://www.resistnet.com/profiles/blogs/military-exercises-1
    Please read just found from this site!!Military exercises!

  116. Hi OldSalt,

    The Sun doesn’t seem to be in the tank for him-they report the news as the rest do. I didn’t see anything earth shattering in their reports, but maybe their ‘pit bull’ reporters were busy digging up dirt on someone else.

    Still, I think that they may run with something profound about him. May be worth a try.

  117. This from Orlys blog:

    From Former ambassador of US to UN John Bolton
    July 11th, 2009

    Forwarded message-
    Black’s Law Dictionary defines Treason (as of Sixth Edition) as follows:
    “Breach of allegiance to one’s government, usually committed … by giving aid or comfort to the enemy … The offense … of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power…requires two elements: adherence to the enemy, and rendering him aid and comfort. … can only be convicted of treason on the testimony of two witnesses … [there are various types of treason] … ” But, see: 18 U.S.C.A. Section 2381 or any revisions.

    Read the below article with that definition in mind…and, start thinking about who our TWO WITNESSES are going to be!

    Opposing view: Deal weakens U.S. posture
    Obama’s policy makes risky reductions in nuclear weapons.

    By John Bolton

    President Obama has to date failed to articulate any coherent strategic rationale for the substantial cuts in nuclear weapons and delivery systems he agreed to Monday with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Obama’s inability to do so is not surprising, because he made these commitments without waiting for an up-to-date “nuclear posture review,” the definitive mechanism for assessing America’s strategic needs.

    Avoiding this authoritative process, coupled with the administration’s hell-for-leather insistence on ratifying a new treaty by December, and its proposed cuts in missile-defense expenditures and critical weapons systems such as the F-22, demonstrate just how ideologically committed Obama is to a less robust U.S. defense posture. Not only are the proposed cuts in nuclear weapons levels dangerous, but the reductions in delivery systems are even more reckless, as the United States now significantly relies on such systems to deliver conventional warheads. Russia does not.

    Obama’s approach weakens our nuclear and conventional capabilities, while leaving Russia exactly at levels to which it would otherwise be driven by its own bleak economic realities. Moreover, Russia still insists on linking reductions in U.S. missile defenses to offensive cuts, and Obama hasn’t unequivocally rejected this dangerous connection.

    Obama’s policy is risky for America and its global allies who shelter under our nuclear umbrella. It is hardly the time to shred that umbrella. Nuclear proliferation threats are growing, with North Korea detonating nuclear devices and testing missiles; Iran’s nuclear and missile programs progressing; India and Pakistan increasing their capabilities; and other would-be nuclear states watching America’s response.

    Although Obama hopes dramatic U.S. nuclear weapons reductions will discourage proliferation, the actual result will be the exact opposite. Reality is much harsher than a wishful-thinking administration willing to accept deep cuts in America’s defenses, with our military already stretched thin.

    The answer is not to rush into any new treaty with Russia by year’s end. Preserving the verification mechanisms of the START treaty, which expires then, is doable by simply extending those mechanisms until new strategic levels can be carefully considered and prudently negotiated. Any other approach leaves America vulnerable. Our president should know better.

    John Bolton, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, was U.N. ambassador and under secretary of State for arms control during the George W. Bush administration.
    Posted at 12:21 AM/ET, July 09, 2009 in USA TODAY editorial | Permalink


  118. Anonymouse,

    Thank you for replying.
    PRWH said the black space was a filing number. Could be but its a pretty big space for just a number, don’t you think? Like CW, I’m just seeking truth, even if the truth is not what I want it to be.


  119. Richard………………………………

    Did you read my last comment regarding some details relating to the development of the specialised Sonobouys? I should also comment that the late versions were still active up until about 2001, and started out as AN APQ 94 Sonobouy. Apparently the old sonobouys are no longer classified, but I am assuming that the specialised tech still is. Further I am assuming that the hearing technology used on both our FAST TACS, and BOOMERS is most likely classified as well. When I read about it’s ability to hear to a certain height above water, I was really fascinated. For years there has been a RADAR dead zone down to the surface. While the actual uses of the high tech sonobouyis still somewhat conjecture, because I do not have any material which shows in what capacity they were used, if at all. I do know that the US recorded the prop cavitation noise signatures of almost every Russian sub. Each has a distinctive noise that IDs the particular sub.
    You are right about the Russians having high speed torpedoes. However I doubt that it is 700-800mph. I might be agreeable to 70-80MPH,and even then with a grain of salt. I say
    this because the depth has a great deal to do with the average speed of s torpedo. The deeper the slower. In the case of sub vs sub they could be 1000 or more feet deep. I suspect that the US Navy possesses a wide variety whup ass weapons but I am also aware that some of it is still largely experimental, and probably would never be considered for use in any sort of serious confrontation. It would have to be a proven technology and have people specially trained in it’s use. Fighting in real depth will also require highly trained skippers as well. In a sub you arent allowed a second mistake. You are alteardy sunk, and it is only a matter for the enemy to make it PERMANENT.

  120. A little law in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing.

    In Cramer v. United States, 325 U.S. 1, 47 (1945), the first treason case to reach the SCOTUS, the Court reaffirmed the restrictive construction of the scope of treason.

    In 2006, the U.S. brought its first case of treason in 50 (fifty) years.

  121. EDITORIAL: Stonewalling on Walpin-gate
    The White House ignores unanswered questions about the scandal.

    President Obama’s dismissal of AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin becomes more of a scandal with every White House action.


  122. Oldsalt77,

    The sonobouy’s is an interesting technology.

    Here’s a link for the Russian Shkval Torpedoe.


  123. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/russia/shkval.htm

    Oldsalt, here’s the correct link.

  124. JeffM,

    Did Peter forget one. Barry is an illegal alien. How about deporting him to the country of his true citizenship and never let him back into America again. He can take dragon lady with him.

  125. Jonah (July 11, 2009 at 11:26 pm) wrote:

    === PRWH said the black space was a filing number. Could be but its a pretty big space for just a number, don’t you think? Like CW, I’m just seeking truth, even if the truth is not what I want it to be. ===

    In general, box sizes on forms can mean nothing. I’ve redesigned forms that had designated three inches for a ZIP code and one inch for a name. Check out the design next time you need to fill out a medical form.

    Re the purported SSS card for Obama, Google Images has a variety of forms for the Selective Service System’s registration cards. One that somewhat resembles Obama’s is that of Lee Harvey Oswald.

    The scan is very low res, I cannot make out the word in the upper righthand corner after ‘Selective Service’, but you’ll see four boxes holding four sections of a ten-digit number. So it appears that PRWH is correct.

    On another note, now that my eyes are rested I examined the SSS registration card more closely. See the ‘chorus line leg’ of the ‘K’ in ‘BARACK’, and similarly the ‘leg’ of the ‘R’? Those closely resemble the ‘K’ and ‘R’ in the second instance of Obama’s name in his 1996 questionnaire for Illinois State Senate candidates. The resemblance implies that either Obama himself or an adept forger filled out the SSS registration card.

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  127. Don’t miss this one – It’s a Gas


    Fae // July 11, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    Go look at the pic of Obama on this website and then you will really know Larry Sinclair’s book is the truth!!!


    Read the comments too.

  128. BO has committed treason. He is a total criminal. Africa is so proud to admit he was born there. So, what gives? I say he should be removed from office for all the crimes he has committed against our country.

  129. Patriot Dreamer

    New article at World Net Daily:

    Obama Science Czar Holdren Called for Forced Abortions [in 1977 book “Ecoscience”]
    ‘Comprehensive Planetary Regime could control development, distribution of all natural resources’

  130. truthbetold11

    What do with him? How can u lock him up? there will be his loyalist who protest day and nite till he’s released. Even if all these are proved right millions who are drones will not believe it no matter what. How do u lock up a american idol? The media has destroyed america and should be held accountable for the flat out lies. Swaying public opinion and getting his poll numbers to drop is the only way. We must hurry before he creates a 911 senario where people rally around him to save the country. Unfortunately most americans will trade in their liberties for security

  131. There are millions of us who know he should not have even ran for office. This is Chicago style mob mentality and corruption at its best. Our Government is no longer for the people but for themselves. How the heck are we going to get this dirt bag out of office when in fact we know that he is not legally a United States Citizen. It amazes me how the Judical system has let us down. Why do you think he wants Sotomayer in position? To stop all the lawsuits. This Ursurpers purpose is destroy this Country within and if no one can see it I pity you.

  132. zachjonesishome

    Good Morning CitizenWells. I put this (your) post up this morning. Have a Great Day! Zach

  133. Pingback: Tea Party – Holder/Obama Criminalizing Those Who Defend America – Nuclear Weapons, Deal Weakens U.S. Posture – Obama Science Czar’s Views – Modern Ghana News – Africa “continent of his birth” – Citizen

  134. Pingback: Tea Party – Holder/Obama Criminalizing Those Who Defend America – Nuclear Weapons, Deal Weakens U.S. Posture – Obama Science Czar’s Views – Modern Ghana News – Africa “continent of his birth” – Citizen

  135. Civis naturaliter natus


    The story will shortly disappear.

    Obots will claim it was a an ignorant Black speaking.

    Then they will try to hide their latent racism, by calling us racists for believing the story…

  136. SueK: I was going to thank you for the confirmation about The Sun…then I read Old Salt’s point…so it got me thinking: “who doesn’t give a s**t about anyone’s reputation?” How about the Hollywood papparazzi (sp?)…they mess with everybody! TMZ, baby…send some of their dogs after ‘im…or the kind of folks that dogged Princess Di on scooters…those folks have no shame whatsoever…know any? Heck, for two bits they’d turn in their own mom.
    Good luck to you on whichever means you decide to pursue.
    Another to O.S….”send in the Marines!” I say…
    And Troy: if you would be so kind as to post those email (or even snail-mail) addresses for the Fox guys right here, I’d be tempted to send ’em a letter of my own; maybe others would, too…and let them truly know the magnitude of the rising tide…I hope yours get noticed; bravo.

  137. cnn: re: the whole “racist”-thing…wouldn’t you think it would be the black community who was most upset and disturbed by BHO’s conduct?…that they’d be ticked enough, like one comment another wrote stating something like “… he has set back race relations 100 years”? I sorta expected to starting hearing those in black community who want to distance themselves from him would state…”hey, wait a second…the dude’s mother was white! don’t blame us!” Somewhere, the ghost of Abe Lincoln is weeping…donchayathink?

  138. Sorry To Get Off Topic – Tony Snow died 1 year ago today-


  139. ms. helga (that is)

  140. Sunday sermonette: (per cw & jbjd’s words: along the lines of keeping the comments and dialog about the content and context of the subject, and not personal attacts):
    the exchange of ideas and hearty debate is, I believe, the context of “iron sharpens iron”…the freedom to do that here the great land of America is what causes folks from less-blessed parts of the globe to risk life & limb to get here! Conversely, when the contest is reduced to disparaging remarks…particularly about things the other cannot change about themselves i.e. the way they look, their color, their mannerisms, etc….it is no longer just uncouth and in poor taste: but it’s an offense against The Creator…in whose image each of us are made. And, simply, it accomplishes nothing. It is His kindness that leads a mind and heart to turn towards Him. Our unkindness to one another stirs His anger. Be good to each other, people; and walk in His favor. If the battle is gonna be won, it’s gonna be when good overcomes evil. Love will prevail. Though we don’t deserve it, I still pray: God; bless America.

  141. Morning Re-do,

    Hopefully, my copy of Larry’s book is on the way and I agree with Fernley Girl-the killer British tabloids need to know what’s going on across the pond. Our tabloids can’t hold a candle to those guys. They had much to do with Di’s death, I think.

    Although there’s no love lost for Gordon Brown on the part of the British citizenry, Obama did dis him and the Brits so maybe, just maybe, The Sun would be interested in Larry’s account; after all, it involves gay sex and drugs…perfect tabloid fodder!

    I just can’t wait to read this book!

  142. Isn’t it nice to know all this bailout money our tyrannical government is handing out is going to a good cause…


  143. SueK…you’d think that at least The Sun would wanna verify any rumor (or figure a way to twist) that suggests BHO is a British citizen…either to their glory or shame…whatever…eh? BTW: love repeating that UK announcer’s phrase, “he’s in a spot of bother now!” Classic.

  144. citizenwells

    Thanks Zach.
    God bless

  145. Good morning all,

    There was an article by a Kenyan who is not very happy with Obanana. I wrote him an e-mail yesterday complimenting him on his article and ecouraging him and telling him that there are many Americans that are not happy with the Usurping Plunderer-in-Thief.

    Here is the article:

    Here is his e-mail:
    okwaromuluka@yahoo.com Mr. Muluka

  146. Said it once and say it again. When the civil unrest (shootin) starts, wouldn’t wanna be one of several groups of folk: Black, Foreign looking, Foreign speaking, Foreign anything, and of course a Politician.

    Everyone have a nice Sunday!

  147. Another AFrican Article by a Professor the really pissed me off with the LIES or maybe it was Covered up by the Bedmate Media.
    He has the balls to write that to his Credit Obanan NEVER tried to Suppres the use of his middle Name, on the contrary that is all he and his Gansters did call out anyone that used the middle name. This article goes into detail about his Muslim upbringing which Now Everyone is Encourage to write about. How he has so far SNUBBED Africans and Praised Muslims, etc.

    Article here:


  148. BTW on that PDF that was given out here yesterday….as I stated before Obanana’s first election by his own admission he was Representing teh Chicago COMMUNIST PARTY and in that PDF it states it. He was endorsed by the NEW PARTY, which is the American Communist Party.

    Click to access PPM41_obama_questionaire_1a.pdf

    You will find this at the end of the page that talks about Endorsements.

  149. zachjonesishome


    citizenwells // July 12, 2009 at 11:20 am (edit)

    Thanks Zach.
    God bless


  150. Re-do // July 12, 2009 at 11:16 am

    Yup, Re-do, tabloids live for this stuff! They have the ability to take an innocent phrase and run with it. For example, Susan Boyle was physically and emotionally drained after the competition. This became ‘nervous breakdown,’ ‘mental illness,’ and ‘bipolar.’ They baited her, then reported that she had a meltdown and started throwing the F Bomb at them. They’re capable of pretty much anything.

    It would be interesting to see what they’d do with Spanky’s ‘tryst’ with Larry. Let’s hope that Spanky would indeed be ‘in a spot of bother.’ Love it!

  151. Americangrandjury.org is looking for more jurors.

    I hope that this will be effective in removing the usurper. Something has to be effective.

    BO must go!

  152. I’m one of the thousands in this country who’s been tracking the outrageous precedents being set with regard to this dictator-in-the- making. I’ve written a book in which he is the centerpiece of the latter part of it, and I keep my own blog – “The Conservative Resistance” – http://www.conrest.blogspot.com – which all of you are also welcome to visit, leave comments, and have discussion. Aside from the people who are following this blatant treason being perpetrated on the greatest country in the world, millions of people in this country have NO IDEA how bad things are going to get. I pray to Almighty God that the United States of America survives this attack.

  153. The Black Widow Angel of Death visits the Pope

    Did anyone see what Michelle was wearing when she visited the Pope?
    WOW. Was she in MOURNING? Looks like the Angel of Death visited the Pope. Was she mourning the death of the King of Popodephelia? Or is she MOURNING the Death of her marriage by the Pen of Larry Sinclair?

  154. PHWH Peter,

    Finally getting a weather break here!

    I agree that Moochelle’s attire is usually inappropriate…wearing a ‘sweatah’ to meet the Queen? Eh.

    If I recall correctly, she pulled some strings to put the kibosh on Larry’s original publisher and that’s how Sinclair Publishing came to be. She does NOT want Larry’s details to be seen but alas, Moochelle, the book it out and being distributed. Will she stand by her ‘man’ when this all comes out?

    Gonna need to be a lot of damage control; wonder how they’ll backpedal on this one. Dying to see Baghdad Bob Gibbs tippytoe around this.

  155. Suek………………………………..Susan Boyle allegedly threw the F bomb at the British MSM. She probably would have been justified in throwing about anything at them that she could get her hands on. I stand upon the premise that the MSM clearly needs to have some really nasty individuals latch on to a few of them and do a little RESHAPING OF their “MAIN STREAM MORON” HEADS.

  156. I’m also one of the many people who’s been trying for the life of me to wake people up; not only is this man not a citizen, but he’s also extraordinarily dangerous. I’ve written a book in which he is the centerpiece of the latter portion of it, and I also keep my own blog – “The Conservative Resistance” – http://www.conrest.blogspot.com. Anyone here is also welcome to visit, make comments, and have discussion there as well. I only hope that the Unites States of America can withstand what is nothing short of a stealth attack to its very core.

  157. bob strauss

    ms Helga, take a close look, at the photo of Barry, and his “friend”. The photo looks like it has been photoshopped to me. Just like all of the other photos of Barry.

  158. oldsalt77 // July 12, 2009 at 1:05 pm

    Not sure which paper over there it was, but she was ‘taunted’ and ‘baited.’ I don’t even wanna know what was said to her-whatever it was would be upsetting.

    They pretty much destroyed her (as did the bookies-she was the odds-on favorite to win, but they’d have lost a ton of money if she won) but she came out if it a stronger person with a bright future.

    Having said that, I’m just wondering what they’d do with Larry’s story. While Susan Boyle did nothing wrong and was attacked, will they do the same with someone who is a criminal, or will they blow it off just like the MSM here?

  159. Redo…………………………………..

    With respect to the MAIN STREAM MORONS, it is clear that they think that they can walk right in to other peoples personal lives, hound people, and otherwise harrass everyone just for the sole purpose of twisting an issue to make it appear to as something it isn’t. Where, and when have ALL of us seen this before?

  160. citizenwells

    ** I have a new post up **
    It is a link to Atlas Shrugs.
    They have the movie “1984”.
    Watch the movie while you can.
    I do not know if it is legal, but it is a Google video.

  161. Suek………………………………

    I think that we need to always remember that anywhere on Earth the MAIN STREAM MORONS behave in a predictable manner. Their whole life is to make everything that they report on,or anyone that they talk to fit their own manufactured mold. If it doesn’t fit they either add to it, delete from it,or otherwise alter the story with their own BULLONEOUS manure to make it fit.

  162. oldsalt77 // July 12, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    Of course you’re right, OldSalt, as usual. Isn’t it a shame it’s come to this? If it’s not news, MAKE it news. My Dad is flipping in his grave.


    John Feeny, thanks for posting-good stuff! Will visit regularly.

  163. citizenwells

    ** Please watch 1984 and tell all to watch it **

  164. Anonymouse // July 11, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    (Off topic)

    Compare samples of Obama’s printing (Part 1)

    Did Debbie Schlussel ever get a judge to pay attention to her investigation of Obama’s Selective Service registration card?

    Observe the printing, purported to be Obama’s, on that registration card:


    ‘August’ is printed in mixed case.

    All other printing is in upper case.

    Except for ‘Honolulu’, all the upper case letters are approximately the same height.

    For next link, see Part 2.


    Thanks for sharing the above, Anonymouse. Also, aside from the printing irregularities you have high-lighted, I compared his signature within your shared link above with his signature on a White House stationary letter where he is congratulating the hospital of his purported birth…


    Seems the capital letters (“B” & “O”) of his signature has expanded considerably too…when compared to the Selective Service document signature and the hospital birth letter signature.

    Could this simply be a case where on the Selective Service document he didn’t have much room to write as large as he normally does, or could this be a matter where someone other than himself may be forging his signature? His much smaller “B” is fully closed on the Selective Service document-signature and left open on the White House stationary.

  165. Sue K –
    Please leave a comment if you do, and pay attention to some of the posts I’ve made over the course of the past 1-2 weeks. I’ve a very real feeling that we may be up against something that is much larger than anyone is actually considering. I really need to bounce some ideas off of someone who might want to listen.

  166. SueK: I don’t think you’re recalling you Our Gang /Little Rascals characters correctly (heehee)…I think you meant “Buh-wee”…
    (aka Buckwheat); while a more fitting “Spanky” might be B. Frank! Hahahahaha!

  167. Hi John,

    Yes, I’ll certainly comb the site as time permits.

    I *know* this is much bigger; Spanky is just a puppet. When you look at the series of events as a whole, it’ll scare the pants off ya.

    Will post accordingly, under my name as it appears here.

    Thank you!

  168. Actually Re-do, I call anyone I dislike ‘Spanky.’ That’s my next door neighbor :(.

    Buh-wee would be racist now, wouldn’t it, but I agree that Spanky is a more fitting name for Bahney Fwank…

  169. SueK: seriously, for a moment, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘would be racist now’…and am almost afraid to ask…on the lighter side, I was a huge Little Rascals fan as a kid…so any parody made re the Our Gang characters are done so with fond memories, affection and humor only…
    as far as I know, until they’re taught otherwise, children are ‘color-blind’…that’s a good thing.

  170. Re-do // July 13, 2009 at 10:54 am

    Hi Re-do,

    As you well know, anything these days that can be construed as racist, is, especially with this ‘pseudo-presidency!’

    Personally, I agree with you and think it’s funny, but holy crow, if something like that were ever published in a newspaper I can imagine the letters they’d get!

    The Rascals were all friends and it really didn’t matter. I just look at the way things are today; what the kids are being taught. I think that the Rascals had the right idea.

  171. Well, the MSNBC video is gone now (we all knew it would be removed, of course) and the phrase is now “the continent of HIS FATHER’S birth”).

  172. Pingback: The Right Side of Life » Certifigate: Claim: Kenyan Registration of Birth for Obama?

  173. There is something rotten at the core of Federal government. Like Nazi’s many will claim they didn’t know – but most knew and they should be charged with high treason!

  174. someone made a comment (and it was good) about court and “if” we can get this into court, but on that same note…. Obama did select Sonya Sotomayor on the high court, so you can probably kiss that idea goodbye…. It was a good idea though!

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