Tea Parties, April 15, 2009, National tax day, Map, View tea parties across US, The real Barack Obama

The real Barack Obama blog has a nationwide map and YouTube videos of tea parties across the US on April 15, 2009, National Tax Day.

“Disappointed that you couldn’t or didn’t make it to one of the National Tax Day Tea Parties? No problem. RBO’s got ya’ covered.

You can follow the links on RBO’s National Tax Day Tea Party post and go check out the articles and pix — or you can get a feel for Tea Party fever right here in the YouTube video gallery. Sadly, this is only a sampling of all the gatherings — there are hundreds more.

Some folks marched. Some folks sang. Some folks made speeches. Some folks were interviewed. Some folks just stood on the sidewalk and held signs. Some folks got rowdy. Some folks were angry. Some stood in the rain. Some stood in the heat.

Few pro videographers in the crowds, but there are lots of great clips here — and everyone was enthusiastic — with their hearts in the right place. They all knew why they were there even if not so eloquent of speech. They showed up by the thousands, even when the local news gurus (i.e. CNN and anything affiliated with GE) said they were only a handful or a hundred or so strong.

You can bet it’ll happen again — on July 4th for sure. Any chance this is a “movement”? Judge for yourself.

BTW, if these clips don’t bring a few tears to your eyes and a lump to your throat, shame on you!”

View here:


Thanks to commenter Katie for the heads up.


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