Jerome Corsi interview, Tonight, Monday, October 13, 2008, MommaE blog radio

From MommaE:

I just wanted to tell you that Jerome will be on tonight as I confirmed it about an hour ago.  Please post this on every Blog that you can and e-mail it to every one you know!
Here is the information for the show!
Show times areas follows5 PM Pacific
6 PM Mountain
7 PM Central
8 PM Eastern
You can just listen to the show by clicking on the Red Listen Live Button on the top left hand side, or you can click on Live Chat and enter MommaE’s Private Chat.  Just enter a Nickname and click on Chat and you can join in or just read what everyone is posting while you listen to the show!
Hope to see you all there!!!



14 responses to “Jerome Corsi interview, Tonight, Monday, October 13, 2008, MommaE blog radio

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    Polls are essentially important to reveal trends, the actual numbers are less important. But this seems to indicate a possible shift in the wind.

  3. Milli Vanilli

    Sen. McCain did not take questions in Wilmington, NC. Was that because Larry
    was in the audience?


    The most enduring element of this race is the number of undecided. For eg. the Jewish vote is approx. 20% and in a state like Florida that can be significant.

    It is only one poll but contains some valuable info.

  5. WOW! Berg vs Obama made it to real TV, Fox in Toledo. The video is up! Leave wonderful comments. AND CALL YOUR LOCAL FOX NEWS STATION AND ASK ABOUT THIS TOLEDO PIECE!

  6. So when will Corsi make it to Hannity and Colmes?

  7. I am looking into that.
    He called into the MommaE radio show from his bed.


    I don’t want to make too much of this recent poll, but their record in the last election seems to be impressive.

  9. Did Corsi say anything new on MommaE’s radio show? I can’t find a recording of it.

  10. What is this story about the young American caught on the pakistan border today and how he relates to Obama? A pollster on FOX stated it was this story that could derail Obama’s campaign. I have tried to google it, but it only tells about the man being captured, not how it relates to Obama. The press knows something we don’t! Anyone have the inside scoop?

  11. I’ve gotten emails that are suspicious at best.

    Larry has my phone number. I have never been wrong when listening to a voice.

    Everything is compromised as far as I’m concerned. Larry calls, I reset it all.

    Larry doesn’t call and I drop it all and move on to the next tactic.

    No questions, no arguments will be heard. Phone call. The emails I have received are suspect. No more communications. Phone call. Or nothing.

  12. 24 hours is the deadline.

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