Jill Stanek, Obama lies about Abortion, Babies not persons, Fox News, Obama lies, Jerome Corsi, David freddoso, Obama Abortion stance

“But, he argues, we cannot legally recognize them as “persons.”
Because if we do, then somewhere down the road it might threaten someone’s right to an abortion.”
David Freddoso on Obama

Jill Stanek, the nurse that held the new born left to die after a failed abortion attempt and Jerome Corsi, author of “Obama Nation” were interviewed on Fox News, “Hannity and Colmes.” Both Stanek and Corsi stated that Obama lied about his position and votes on abortion laws.

Jill Stanek has a website and she has an article out that reveals that Obama is the one that has lied and not those questioning Obama. Here are some exerpts:

“Indeed, Mr. Obama appeared to misstate his position in the CBN interview on Saturday when he said the federal version he supported “was not the bill that was presented at the state level.””

“Little did Obama know his own words would so quickly condemn him. He admitted what he did “defies common sense and it defies imagination.” In fact, it was heinous.

While the Obama campaign tonight finally admitted Obama has misrepresented his Born Alive vote all these years, it had the audacity to offer a ludicrous excuse, an excuse Obama himself contradicted only 24 hours ago, as he has for years, that “I would have been completely in, fully in support of the federal bill that everybody supported.””

Read more from Jill Stanek here:



The Citizen Wells blog has several articles regarding Obama’s position and record on Abortion:





Make sure your voice is heard. Visit the Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama:


3 responses to “Jill Stanek, Obama lies about Abortion, Babies not persons, Fox News, Obama lies, Jerome Corsi, David freddoso, Obama Abortion stance

  1. Thanks, Citizen Wells —-


    Obama Infanticide Audio:Explosive Audio Found Obama arguing against BAIPA

  2. Thanks, Citizen Wells —


    Jill Stanek on Obama’s Vote Against Helping Aborted Babies Born Alive

  3. In the third presidential debate Senator Obama made the claim that he would ban Partial Birth abortions if protection was given with regards to the health of the mother. This is an empty argument since the baby is killed after it has been 90% delivered and only its head is still in the womb. The mother’s health is not in jeopardy for that last second it takes to deliver the baby. He is just being dishonest. Take a look at this video which goes into detail of the procedure.

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