Obama birth certificate, Obama lies, AFL-CIO, Fake birth certificate, Larry Sinclair post, July 31, 2008, Authentic Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth

Larry Sinclair has a new post about Obama’s fake birth certificate and Obama’s lies. Sinclair has a copy of a friend’s certified birth certificate from Hawaii. Sinclair goes on to talk about the AFL-CIO using the fake birth certificate in their mailings. Here is the Larry Sinclair article:

“Thursday, July 31, 2008
Authentic Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth


A friend sent me a copy of their Certificate of Live Birth for Hawaii, where they were born. The image is a certified copy obtained in 1983. The only alterations I have done to this is to remove any personal identifying information.

Member’s of the AFL-CIO should be appalled that their Union Leadership has decided to use Union money to produce and distribute some 600,000 mailings that knowingly continue a fraud committed by Barack Obama and the Obama Campaign in claiming a forged “Birth Certificate” is authentic.

Barack Obama has lied about his Birth Certificate,

Barack Obama has lied about the extent of his illegal drug use, about whether he has ever acquired drugs for others or sold drugs to others. Barack Obama has lied about his being a faithful husband and father.

Barack Obama has refused to even acknowledge the claims made by me concerning his smoking of crack cocaine, his engaging in sexual acts with me, and his involvement in an intimate and sexual relationship with Donald Young, or his involvement in the murder of Donald Young. But his campaign attorney Andres W Lopez responds by calling me a “headache for the Campaign.”

I believe the below comment that was posted on BHDC says it well:


Senator Obama often says that his campaign is about the “politics of hope” and talks about how he isn’t running to tear anyone down. It would be nice if that were true but unfortunately, it’s not. For months, Senator Obama and his campaign have engaged in the very kind of political kneecapping and distortion that they now purport to detest. That’s not change you can believe in. That’s not change we want. That’s not change we will ever accept! And, now, his intellectually challenged minions have taken to the internet, infiltrating blogs like a deadly virus, threatening and bullying anyone who does not bow before “the chosen one.” Their attacks range from obscene language rantings on blogs, to posting e-mail addresses and personal information of bloggers, to threats of malicious property damage to vile death threats. If Obama and/or his groups of thugs think for one minute that courageous, proud Americans can or will be bullied and threatened into voting for him……………….then he will be getting a very big “November” surprise! P.U.M.A.

There is no greater proof of a message being true than how hard the messenger is attacked.

The harder a messenger is attacked; the truer and more dangerous the message.

The truth is always its own best defense; all else is hysterical panicked admission of the accusations as they stand.”

Read more from Larry Sinclair here:



28 responses to “Obama birth certificate, Obama lies, AFL-CIO, Fake birth certificate, Larry Sinclair post, July 31, 2008, Authentic Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth

  1. Thanks again, Citizen —

  2. I have looked at the evidence and it does seem like his Birth Certificate is questionable. If this is the case, how can that even be possible? Are you telling me that they do background checks on low level government positions, but don’t check out the top position? If that’s the case, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  3. This is off subject, but need to know if
    anyone else is having a problem getting on to the chatroom on Larry’s new site? Since yesterday I have not been able to get on and had no problem before yesterday. The link to the chatroom does not take me to the page to enter my username and password. Just goes to a enter password box and then my password would not work. Anyone else have a problem?

  4. citizenwells


  5. I’m not sure, I haven’t tried to access Larry’s site as a user ever since his site was “hacked” and user’s email addresses were posted on an unnamed blog.

  6. I am having the very same problem with the LS chatroom. I hope this gets rectified since it’s important that we are all able to share information. This birth certificate issue is getting to be a bigger and bigger problem for BO. I’m certain that the problem will not just go away.

  7. Yes, as well, not to mention MySpace also shut my account–see below–down too…http://myspace.com/barackobamalarrysinclair

  8. I’m also having a problem. ???

  9. Yes, i am having same trouble, maybe it is disabled til site is ready. Hope to see you there soon..

  10. Larry called into Roger Fredinberg’s program a while ago. He is working on going on Roger’s show next week with his attorney. Said it would be about mid-week.

  11. Larry Sinclair may be single-handedly responsible for Senator Joe Biden NOT getting the VP nod. If Biden is selected, he will have to answer for the whole Delaware mess surrounding Sinclair.

    Heard anything from Biden lately?

  12. Hey Carly!

    Things are coming together on LWS’s new blog site. A little patience, and stay where we are for now. It’s all good! 😉 The turds are restless, and have a mole, so the least said, the better.

    Great article as usual. Keep up the good work!

    ******THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL******


    If you’re reading; the blog site is looking great! Keep up the good work, and stay safe.

    Love you, bud,

  13. Obama’s mother’s original Social Security Number Application


  14. zachjonesishome

    I have a new post. This is the quick post that I use to comment to news articles:
    It seems that Senator Obama is described as having one of the most extreme positions that one can find when it comes to the issue of abortion….Normally, I can understand a lawyer’s dancing on the head of a pin for the sake of not wanting to undermine a future legal argument or position. However, regarding Senator Obama, some other details give me pause and raise questions about whether his stated motivation(s) can be trusted.
    Obama Would Evidently Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater found at:

  15. Regarding logging in to Larry Sinclair site. Some days I feel the enemy is winning.

  16. It appears it is dangerous for anyone to be affiliated with BO. Can’t wait to hear the reasons for this senseless death.


  17. citizenwells

    The evil ones win only if we let them.
    The German people ignored the many warning signs and embraced Hitler and the Nazis. They only saw the change. The rebirth of a glorious Germany.

  18. CW

    Have to say, I do need a pep-talk.

    It is like all of this does not exist, unless it is reported on msm. LS story is one thing, political internet terrorism is another, and then big (internet) business banding together to chase BO UNsupporters from website to website… just like your comment regarding Nazi’s… some nut will say that THIS did not happen!

  19. Good morning,

    CW thanks for letting us hang out until we can get back on with Larry. Number1 – hello! I clicked on your name thinking maybe another way to reach you …. Thanks alot!! Gross!
    We have chatted before. Remember the joke about someone going to heaven? That was from me! I look forward to getting everyone back together real soon! I’ll keep checking in here to see what’s up. Thanks you again CW ! Please let Larry know we are all still behind him!

  20. caringnurse1

    CW..Ty for this site and update about Larry…Also, about that young aide..does anyone happen to know if he was gay?.. OT.. Perhaps the young man pulled off the road to give someone assistance and got robbed then shot..just saying….

  21. You people are crazy. You really need to listen to yourself. Obama and fake birth certificate! You are listening to a man who after his press conference, was arrested. He is a known crook. Get a life guys.

  22. CW,

    Thank you so much!!

  23. I’m not sure who has heard about this. There are two Governments in Hawaii.

    The Kingdom of Hawaii

    The United States

    In 2001, the Kingdom of Hawaii filed a formal complaint with the United Nations against the United States for its unlawful occupation since 1898. You can read more at this site:


    Although the U. S. has considered Hawaii a part of America since 1959, the Kingdom of the Hawaiian government has continued to exist. The site above says that the Kingdom takes precedence in terms of ruling over Hawaii.

    I’m questioning what the legal ramifications will be since this is in no way a trivial accusation. Is Obama allowed to misrepresent his Hawaiian status? All Hawaiian’s from birth must be taught about the sovreignty of the ruling Kingdom. So that he would have been taught that there is the Nation of Hawaii and it doesn’t recognize itself as part of the United States.

    What the heck is going on here? I can’t believe that the DNC doesn’t know about this. Perhaps this is what is holding up Obama’s birth certificate. As a lawyer, he would know there are ramifications under such litigation with the United Nations, but he can play dumb as long as he doesn’t get legal documentation. Even for average citizens ignorance of a law does not apply.

    What would happen if he applies for his official birth record,?

    I think there is more here that isn’t being publicized or talked about. I think the American people are being bamboozled.

    Where the heck is Congress and why aren’t they saying anything about this. Why are the DNC and delegates allowing this election to get this far when they know the presumptive nominee is first considered a citizen of the Kingdom of Hawaii and that Nation doesn’t recognize the United States since their formal petition claims illegal occupation since 1898. The President is a republican but he is the President and shouldn’t be waiting until October to pull the plug.

  24. Doris T, OMG, This is the first I have heard of this. The insanity of this election is just beyond belief. What the heck is going on& who is running the show!!

  25. Dear American People,

    Hello. I will not be giving you my real information, as it needs to remain secret – at least until after our plan is enacted. I am a Top Executive at the Democratic National Committee. I can tell you this. What you have have been suspecting is true – Barack Obama was not actually born in Hawaii. The document that we have provided him to show as his birth certificate is not authentic; it was created in our experimental laboratories at the DNC’s World Headquarters in Saudi Arabia. This experimental lab – and, this may be quite shocking – this lab is where Barack Obama himself was also created, almost 48 years ago, as part of PROJECT FLAGBURN.

    Yes, we had been trying for years, using the latest technology, to create the perfect candidate to enforce our liberal agenda. In the fall of 1960, we were finally successful, in our ninth try, in using recombinant DNA and artificial insemination to inject our carefully-crafted genetic material into an electronic womb (by bubbling Argon gas through radioactive stem cells). As the BARACK9 grew, we fed it nutrients infused with “Memory Cells” culled from the brainstems of famous left-wingers such as Adlai Stevenson, Bertrand Russell, and Ambrose Bierce – guaranteed to transmit our policies and doctrines into its growing brain. We radioactively stimulated the liberal centers of the brain and implanted radio-controlled microchips into its cerebellum.

    Here at the DNC, we detest nationalism, pride, the Christian religion, and our troops. We have decided that a hybrid of Communism and Islam would be a much better system for our country. As BARACK9 grew up, we taught it to have these values as well. When the time was right, we entered it into politics, controlling its brain with our “Brain-Control Device”. We also were responsible for 9/11, the financial crisis, and other key events to ensure that George Bush has a low approval rating. Now, the time has come. Soon BARACK9 will be voted in as the head of the most powerful country on earth. You will soon have a President named Barack Hussein Obama, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. As his first act, Barack Obama will issue the following executive orders:

    1. All flags will be replaced with pictures of Barack Obama’s face
    2. All personal property and land of registered Republicans will be forfeit to the state
    3. All churches, pictures of Jesus Christ, and religious iconography will be destroyed immediately. All mentions of the Christian religion will be punished by death
    4. Everybody must wear a turban at all times and pray to Mecca 12 times a day
    5. Arabic will now be the official United States language
    6. The country will be renamed to The Islamic Communist Republic of Ameristan
    7. All white people must issue public apologies to minorities for former misdeeds of their race. The jobs and money of Whites will be offered to blacks, muslims, and atheists as punishment.
    8. White women will be offered as brides to black muslim men who get first priority of choosing up to ten wives. Whites will be put into forced labor camps for one year to show them what slavery was like
    9. All heterosexuals must issue public apologies to gays and lesbians. In order to increase sensitivity to homosexual issues, they will be incarcerated for one month with a homosexual member of the same sex who is allowed to use them as seen fit.
    10. Republicans will be branded with a R on their forehead and must kiss the buttocks of a liberal whenever requested to do so

    I am only divulging this because there is nothing which can be done about it at this point. We initially saw Sarah Palin as an immense threat to our cause, but we have launched a huge and successful disinformational smear campaign against her which has neutralized her influences.

    Prepare for your new leadership to begin on January 20!
    DNC Top Executive “John”

  26. dang whats going down with this situation today i can’t wait to see who is pres of the usa HECK YAEH!!!!! i hope maccain wins this i think he will make a good pres.

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