Rezko verdict, Rezko guilty, 16 of 24 counts, Rezko trial, Obama long time associate, Obama ties, will Rezko talk?

I received a tip that the verdict from the Rezko trial was about to be announced and was away from my office. Tony Rezko was convicted of 16 of 24 counts in his corruption trial. Rezko and Obama go way back, had many business dealings and Obama socialized with Rezko and his wife. Rezko has been a big financial supporter of Obama. In fact, Rezko hosted the social gathering attended by Obama and Iraqi born billionaire Auchi. Rezko is tied to many of the crime and corruption figures in Chicago and Illinois. Rezko, who is from Syria, has many connections to the Middle East.

The big question is

Will Tony Rezko talk?

Breakdown of Counts
• Guilty on 12 of 15 counts mail/wire fraud
• Not Guilty on 1 count attempted extortion
• Guilty on 2 of 6 counts corrupt solicitation
• Guilty on 2 counts money laundering

(Thanks Marielle for the breakdown.)

Money laundering…..hmmm…..some have described Obama’s “legal retainer” money trail from Robert Blackwell as money laundering.

I have many articles about Rezko and his ties to Obama, crime and corruption on this blog.

5 responses to “Rezko verdict, Rezko guilty, 16 of 24 counts, Rezko trial, Obama long time associate, Obama ties, will Rezko talk?

  1. Sadly, I don’t think he’ll be the one to talk. It’s possible that he requested serving his time immediately because he knows he’ll be safer in prison, and quiet, than out of prison and potentially talking. And NOI has plenty of recruits on the inside.

    Levine’s the one who’s talking… yet he was silenced in court by the judge, stopped from naming names, including the names of the politicians and powerbrokers who had the “all-night all-male drug parties.” And those he has done his talking to — FBI? Fitzgerald? some we know, some we don’t — haven’t let any secrets slip, either.

    They’ve thrown Blagojevich to the wolves… and we both know who he was sacrificed for.



  3. Good to see you are up and running again, Citizen Wells. You are certainly correct about the Governor — they have no use for him. Obama is the golden child. But one has to wonder, given the silence on Capital Hill after the Rezko verdict was read, how many individuals from BOTH parties who benefitted over the years from Rezko’s dealings will be thrown under the bus along with Governor Blagojevich? It seems unlikely that Mr. Rezko will spend all those years in jail in silence.

  4. It is hard for anyone who is willing to see the truth not to notice a quid pro quo is the Obama and Resko relationship.

    You tell me what you see when you consider the facts:

    1) Obama buys a house for $1.6 million.
    2) Tony (via his wife) buys the let next door the day before for $675,000.00.

    3) Rezko then sells a portion for $104,000 to Brack as a side yard. (and herr’s the kicker, Barck says in an interview “My family has not used the side yard for familiy activies”) The shit the MSM lets him get away with.

    4) Resko then the sells the remaining lot to another person he controls (A former lawyer of his) for the exact balance that he paid for the lot via a secured mortgage. Recouping any out pocket money he spent so that the Obamas could enjoy a better lifestyle.

    Obama says that Resko looked at the property prior to his purchase because Resko was a developer in the area.

    QUESTION: Is there any evidence that Resko knew a dam thing about histori homes or single family residential develoment.

    ANSWER: No, None, Nada…

    Its all BULL SHIT…

    Now I know the MSM will give Barck a pass on this “Boneheaded Mistake” but the average citizen would be working on a plea deal at this point with the DA.

    I wonder if the US Attorney’s office is going to give Barck a pass as well. Maybe for fear or just maybe for future favors.

    In any case the question of quid pro quo is clear, and for those of us who did not drink the cool aid we can see it and smell it from a mile away.

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