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The MSM has been giving Obama a free ride. This includes, but is not limited to Meet the Press giving Obama a forum to speak and CNN which moderates and filters blogs to keep out most of the questioning of Obama. Would you like to know the truth about Obama? Below are some of the prominent statements by Obama and below that is a link to another blog that has provided multiple sources of correct information. Read the following statements and then get the truth about Obama:

“The March on Selma got me born.”

“President Kennedy rescued my father from Kenyan obscurity and airlifted him to the American Dream.”

 “I do not vote ‘Present’ any more than any other IL Representative.”

“I barely know William Ayers” – A.K.A. – Abu Zayd

“I support a 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.”

“I have the solutions to repair our economy.”

“I barely know Tony Rezko. I did about 5 hours of billed work for him.”

“I don’t have ‘bundlers’ and I don’t take PAC money.”

“I don’t take money from lobbyists.”

“I have clean connections, unlike my opponents and most of Washington.”

“I sponsored dozens of my own bills in one year and passed them in the Illinois State Senate.”

“I believe in fairness, not tactics, to win elections.”

“I never heard sermons at Trinity like those being played on Youtube and by the mainstream media.”

“My campaign donations are from millions of average people {bitter, typical white people too?}. We are winning in a new way, without corporate influence, or special interests.”




7 responses to “Obama lies, facts, Obama liar, documentation, Obama statements, truth, Obama facts, Obama revealed

  1. Ben Hoffman

    Apply the same level of scrutiny to the other candidates and you’ll find that Obama is much less of a liar than the others.

  2. citizenwells

    I have and many others have.
    I am speaking now as a concerned American.
    Forget the Democrat, Republican, black & white
    I began researching Obama after knowing little about him and hearing allegations.
    All of the documented facts about Obama scare me.
    Many of the allegations gain credence because of Obama’s known actions and associations.
    Obama is the scariest candidate I have encountered in my lifetime by a longshot.
    I have no other motive.
    I care about this country.

  3. He is a socialist. Thats all you need to know.

  4. goodtimepolitics

    Obama is a far left liberal, He makes Carter look good. It seem that he is what the people want and after they get him watch them call him a lier and all the things they called Bush, because they will not get what the want a free ride. I do think that he will be easier for McCain to beat than Hillary would be, cause we do know that she does love her country.

  5. sisterrosetta


    Pelosi: Let the Democratic Race Continue
    May 07, 2008


    blue Irish:

    Why Pelosi suddenly changed her mind?
    Did she just find out something about Obama she did not know before?

    October Surprise


    I’ll take a guess:
    Remember Donald Young, that gay choirmaster from Obama’s church? The guy whose recent murder remains unsolved? The guy who called Obama’s gay lover and cocaine buddy, Larry Sinclair, several times before he was murdered?
    Well I think the “October surprise” has something to do with Obama’s involvement with Donald Young, and maybe his murder. Just a guess.

    18 posted on Wednesday, May 07, 2008 1:33:11 PM by Lancey Howard

    I don’t remember anything about this. Can you post a link to some article about it?

    51 posted on 05/07/2008 12:48:18 PM PDT by Spunky

    Here. This will get you started.


    I think pissant might have a file of links about Obama and his gay lover as well as the murdered gay choirmaster from Obama’s church. pissant may be able to direct you towards the info better than I could.

    60 posted on 05/07/2008 12:55:33 PM PDT by Lancey Howard

    You better believe that Hillary is fully aware of the Larry Sinclair saga. The best place to check out the story is to do a search here on FR for keyword “larrysinclair”. I’ve been posting about it since the beginning.

    66 posted on 05/07/2008 12:59:28 PM PDT by pissant

    Thanks! I Googled also and found some more interesting stuff.
    “Larry Bland, another gay member of Obama’s church was also murdered late in 2007.”……..
    “Nate Spencer, another gay member with ties, also was murdered last year.”
    Sounds like someone is trying to do away with the evidence.

    77 posted on 05/07/2008 1:14:36 PM PDT by Spunky

    Now the gays, along with the Latinos, will sit home if Obama’s the nominee.
    Too bad we didn’t kill Hillary in Texas and Ohio. Something about some crossover for Clinton operation?
    McCain would have cleaned Obama’s clock, now Hillary will clean his.
    WTG, OpChaos!

    78 posted on 05/07/2008 1:19:19 PM PDT by txflake

    Did yoy see post #77?
    This is the first I heard about Larry Bland and Nate Spencer. Obama’s church sounds like one swinging place for sodomy and murder. No wonder Oprah left.

    86 posted on 05/07/2008 1:50:55 PM PDT by Lancey Howard


    87 posted on 05/07/2008 1:52:34 PM PDT by pissant

  6. sisterrosetta

    Tuesday, May 6, 2008

    Team Hillary warns of Obama “October surprise”


    Ickes Throws Down the Gauntlet on What Constitutes a Majority of the Delegates
    Tuesday, May 6th, 2008


    Catherina at Democratic Underground Not Ready to Make Nice – HRC Supporters Not Ready to Care


    there are some people to whom I’ll extend that branch

    DLC shills, corporatists, warhawks, racists can kiss my ass; I won’t be extending an olive branch to them because I want them OUT of the party. People who fairly supported Hillary because they liked her better on healthcare or gay rights are a different story.

    Hillary’s camp gave another warning today of an OCTOBER surprise on Obama. I’m not turning my back on them, extending an unarmed hand or putting up with the kind of racist, willfully deceitful kind of posts we had to deal with.

  7. Real proof…. Picture, phone records, Emails, DNA. Monica kept Bills load on her blue dress I am sure Larry could have kept something.

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