Larry Sinclair, Anderson Cooper, AC360, CNN, citizenwells, Obama campaign, conspiracy?, allegations

I posted yesterday, April 16, 2008 about Anderson Cooper’s blog on CNN, AC360, my comments that were approved and retained and Larry Sinclair’s comment that was moderated, approved and then removed. Other Larry Sinclair comments were not approved. I posed the question yesterday: Why was Larry Sinclair’s comment moderated, approved and then removed. Why would the Anderson Cooper “group” remove a comment they approved.

Yesterday I noticed that the post thread was still open. I also noticed that someone posted a derogatory comment about me that was approved by AC360. I posted a comment including the comment made about me and indicated that this was the kind of pesonal attack I had been receiving. The comment was awaiting moderation. I waited and then posted that I was still waiting. I noticed that the thread appeared to be open this morning and again posted that I was still waiting.

So, my question is: Anderson Cooper, AC360, CNN, Is the removal of Larry Sinclair’s comment and ignoring my subsequent comment the policy of the Anderson Cooper “group” or CNN or is this some rogue employee that is a die hard Obama supporter? Is this part of some organized conspiracy to prevent Obama from being questioned about his past?

I would like an answer from Anderson Cooper, AC360 or CNN.

Below are my comments that were retained and Larry Sinclair’s comment that was removed from April 15, 2008:

citizenwells   April 15th, 2008 6:31 pm ET

The real Obama?
Well, a lot of us are searching for the real Obama.
It has been made more difficult due to Obama not complying
with Illinois FOIA and records access laws and by his evasive
What we know about Obama is scary enough.
Anyone with doubts should follow the Tony Rezko trial
and check out the Oprah site for her show in April
2004 about down low.
Citizen Wells
larrysinclair0926   April 15th, 2008 6:42 pm ET
There is another REAL Obama but AC 360 is scared to report it. Just ask Larry Sinclair
citizenwells   April 15th, 2008 6:47 pm ET
I have been researching Obama extensively and have written
quite a few articles about him.
I was initially a huge skeptic of Larry Sinclair. The more
I researched Obama and the more Larry was attacked personally
and the more I was attacked for asking simple questions, the
more believable Larry’s allegations are.
Obama is hiding something.
Look for some big news to break soon.
Below is the derogatory comment made about me and my comment that was ignored by AC360:
neecee   April 16th, 2008 2:45 am ET
citizenwells were you on the down low with Barak? I ask because you seem so confident in your comment.
I really like reading the blogs, however, sometimes I am aghast at some comments. I can only guess lack of intelligence, fear and hate are at the root of some of them.
I would like to believe that the DNC and their two candidates had the good sense and did not leave any stone unterned when it came to background issues. Just think, a black man – he knows americas will do what they can and if there is nothing they will fabricate something. Fox news!! LOL – get real, those folks are the devil incarnate….. are they taken seriously?
Hililary as a woman candidate knows that the misogynists will pick the skin off her bones.
Shame on them if the ‘good ole’ white boys’ find dinasaurs in their closets.
citizenwells   April 16th, 2008 4:37 pm ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
This is the type of personal attack I have been talking about:
neecee April 16th, 2008 2:45 am ET
“citizenwells were you on the down low with Barak? I ask because you seem so confident in your comment.”
This was posted here and approved by CNN
citizenwells   April 16th, 2008 7:31 pm ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Still waiting for a response.
8:50 PM tried again
Please try the following:
Open the home page, and then look for links to the information you want.
Click the  Refresh button, or try again later.
Click  Search to look for information on the Internet.
You can also see a list of related sites.
HTTP 500 – Internal server error
Internet Explorer  
Below is the attempt this morning, April 17, 2008:
citizenwells   April 17th, 2008 8:57 am ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Still no response.
I know for a fact that there is an orchestrated campaign to discredit Larry Sinclair. Is CNN, AC360 or Anderson Cooper part of this? 

7 responses to “Larry Sinclair, Anderson Cooper, AC360, CNN, citizenwells, Obama campaign, conspiracy?, allegations

  1. Myta Santiago

    I’m an AC360 commenter as well, and sometimes my comments don’t get approved, even though it’s just the beginning of the show. To be positive about it, I think they have a glitch in their system that lags international comments, as I have noticed the comments are East side or South side… but that’s my point of view.

    Anyway, if that “glitch” is happening to you too, then it’s not some kind of coincidence. That blog actually has no moderation at all. I’ve noticed that people reply just to greet other bloggers… and they get approved while you and I who have typed lines upon lines of our opinion, don’t.

    I don’t think it’s orchestrated or moderated by a die-hard Barack supporter, but I do think that the moderator, whoever he or she is, just doesn’t read and clicks “Approve” on the shortest lines. It could be the lag, also, that inhibits us from seeing our comments… but it’s easy to rule that out.

    Now that I see someone else is also having that problem, I feel like sending some mail to the AC360 blogging community.

    Thank you for voicing out your opinon, and that neecee person just should be ignored.

    Myta Santiago
    Manila, Philippines

  2. citizenwells

    Myta Santiago.
    First of all thanks for taking the time to respond.
    What I really have a problem with is the comment that Larry Sinclair posted between mine.
    His comment was moderated, accepted and appeared in the blog.
    Some time later it was removed.
    Larry Sinclair, myself and anyone asking questions about Obama and his past
    are being attacked.
    Some of these attacks are vicious.

  3. Myta Santiago

    I see… Hmmm… Have you tried emailing them? Actually, there are A LOT of unwanted comments… there are those who just greet other bloggers; it’s so annoying. I hate it. I’m so discouraged to even reply, knowing that the moderator is not up to the job.

  4. citizenwells

    Hi Myta.
    I put a comment on another post.
    I am going to let this play out and see if they are paying attention or if they care.
    I noticed that a lot of people posting are not
    happy with CNN.
    Ever so gradually the MSM is losing their market share. The internet and blogs are playing a larger role.
    There is a lot of junk out there but I take what I post seriously.
    I will report the facts.
    If Obama provides records to dispute various allegations I will post them.
    As it stands, I am compelled to scutinize a candidate that we still don’t know enough about.
    Best wishes.

  5. Myta Santiago

    Best wishes to you, too, and I hope your replies will be aired respectfully.

  6. Benoit Demers

    This is what i got
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I just wondering why an army so powerfull like the Israelian army is not able to destroy the missilles that comes from the Gaza strip….you did it when you where in war whit Iraq whit the use of patriotes missiles..
    Im sur that if Québec trow missiles to Old orchard beach…you will interceptes it right away…and is is ok…we will do the same…
    So why Israel dont have the capability to do so?
    (excuse my a french canadian fronQuébec city Canada)

  7. I have blogged on larry King for years, recently all my comments atrted getting the moderation message, they have always been censored at AC360, i think its a group of employees and it infuriates me and I am pro Obama, I dont get it but it is certainly a juvenille practice.

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