P Multani, Paramjit Singh Multani, Larry Sinclair, Barack Obama, November 4 1999, records, Obama not in senate

To read the limo driver story questions and answers between
Citizen Wells and Larry Sinclair, click here:




** Update ** (see below)

Why am I spending time researching and posting about an allegation made by Larry Sinclair about encounters he said he had with Barack Obama between November 3 to November 8 1999. Sinclair alleges several encounters with Obama in a limousine and elsewhere. Obama was not present for the Illinois Senate on November 4, 1999. Obama has been extremely evasive and uncooperative when asked to supply official or personal records to prove his activities and whereabouts.

When I have asked simple questions about Obama’s whereabouts on November 4 1999 and Obama’s records for the rest of his senate career, I have been attacked by Obama supporters. Larry Sinclair has been viciously attacked, yet no one can verify Obama’s whereabouts. The Obama campaign runs on the philosophy of diversions and non compliance. The attitude of Obama and his supporters leads me to believe Obama is hiding something. So many attacks and lies were told about Mr. Sinclair that he has filed a complaint in Washington DC District Court.

Sinclair has stated in the past that he helped illegal aliens. He also stated that the name of the limo driver is P Multani. An illegal alien by the name of Paramjit Singh Multani was in this country illegally and a hearing was set for him in Chicago in 2000. This is near the time of the alleged encounter between Larry Sinclair and Barack Obama. Some one commented on this blog several days ago and pointed out that a Paramjit Singh Multani is a licensed taxi driver in Maryland. They provided a link to the site. Does anyone out there have any more information on this?

Name:Mr. Paramjit Singh Multani
Exp. Date:01/31/2009
Association:Checker Cab Association, Incorporated


 ** Update **

I have gotten a clarification from Larry Sinclair. Below are my questions to Larry followed by his response:

“Thought you should know I did not state the above was the limo drivers name. That is an assumption that internet warriors for Obama made and claimed.

Thank you,

Larry Sinclair”

Hi Larry.
I am not trying to jeopardize your position.
Can you confirm or deny what this commenter on your blog
posted on Mar 20, 8:14 PM. It was posted by ravin kaur.

“When you were in Florida, you help him, Paramjit Singh Multani, come to the States? Yes? He arrested and ordered deported but did not show? Later he and wife try to get citizenship but her I-130 revoked cause his to fail and again order for him to deport out of Chicago? Final order 2000 Yes? He work for Limo service: was it for Nemcovic or Nastev?”

Citizen Wells

“ADDED BY LARRY:I believe I included a comment that this was an example of people putting other peoples names out there with no facts to back it up. I can state that no I did not help this individual enter the US nor did I ever state he was my limo driver or that he worked for five star. I will tell you flat out this is not the driver.”

Visit Larry Sinclair’s blog:



21 responses to “P Multani, Paramjit Singh Multani, Larry Sinclair, Barack Obama, November 4 1999, records, Obama not in senate

  1. Another very fishy set of circumstances

    National News Briefs; Lawmaker’s Son Shot

    Published: October 20, 1999

    The son of Representative Bobby Rush, Democrat of Illinois, was shot and critically wounded outside his South Side home on Monday night, the police said.

    The victim, Huey Rich, 29, underwent two operations today, a hospital spokeswoman said.

    The police said Mr. Rich was shot in the groin and thigh by two men posing as plainclothes police officers.


    Did they make an arrest? If anyone has any info on arrests made or anyone they are looking for in connection with this – please post info.

  2. citizenwells

    Huey Rich murder suspects:

    “Foster, 34, and his alleged partner, Darcell Prince, 25, are charged with first degree murder, armed robbery and aggravated impersonation of a police officer. They are.accused of dressing up like police officers and driving a Ford Crown Victoria to a location near East 80th Street and South Crandon Avenue on Oct. 18, 1999. Prosecutors say they approached Rich, 29, near his home on the 7900 block of South Crandon, flashed fake badges and attempted to handcuff him.”


  3. citizenwells

    Tell me more.

  4. larrysinclair0926

    Thought you should know I did not state the above was the limo drivers name. That is an assumption that internet warriors for Obama made and claimed.

    Thank you,

    Larry Sinclair

  5. citizenwells

    Thank you Larry.
    I am trying to maintain facts and objectivity.
    The closest I have come to making allegations
    about Obama is that I believe he is hiding something. Obama’s responses to being asked about his records along with his standard evasive
    answers and documented lies have raised many
    red flags. I have noted the personal attacks made
    on you and I am being attacked for asking simple
    Thanks again.
    Best wishes.
    Citizen Wells

  6. actually larry did state that the drivers name was P. Multani, he said it on his youtube account. I saved a screen capture of the page…..

  7. Your refernce to Nazi Gemany reminded me of a book you might find interesting. It’s like the play book for the BO campaign. The title is “The Goebbels Experiment, A Study of the Nazi Propaganda Machine” (1942) Authors: Derrick Sington & Arthur Weidenfeld.

  8. citizenwells

    I’ll check out the book.

  9. Franklin Templeton

    I can’t stay in the shadows anymore. I was the limo driver that infamous night and I too gave Obama a hummer in exchange for some crack.

    NYC Taxi Medallion #6D55

    I just had a problem in NYC with a taxi driver with medallion #6D55. I just looked on the internet and his name is MULTANI, PARAMJIT, S. Not sure if he is the driver or the owner. I filed a complaint with the NYC TLC.


  12. I gues, we will start acting like undercover, it is getting intresting. Maybe MCA cut the ONE we are intrested in
    <ULTANI,PARAMJIT,s, NYC Taxi Medallion #6D55. Someone will make a great movie about this election, and Democratic Primaries!!! Keep digging and informing US daily!!!!

  13. hey, you fools who may read this blog. first, you cannot impeach a senator. second, looking for mccain’s vote on the repeal of the glass seagall act that led to our current economic mess, it turns our mccain was the only one of 100 senators not voting in the senate at the time. how does that grab you?

  14. Classic Obamanite response:
    Personal attack.
    Uneducated response.
    No law has stripped the House of it’s power and responsibility to Impeach.
    Impeach has a legal and general meaning.

  15. a classic “obamanite” response is with facts. it remains a fact, you cannot impeach a senator. it takes not one drop of sweat to check that out on the internet before you post something stupid. do it. repeated mistakes like this suggests everything else you say is just as wrong, and i for one would not be surprised.

  16. If you have a fact to repudiate the US Constitution present it, otherwise, don’t bother.

  17. you haven’t read the constitution. i have. you cannot impeach a senator. you are asking me to prove a negative because you cannot prove your assertion with a quote from the constitution. you can read it on line. try it sometime.

  18. I have a copy here and not only can you impeach a senator, it has happened before.
    William Blount was impeached in 1797. Someone with at least a 4th grade education and accustomed to using the dictionary would also be aware of this use of the word impeach: To bring an accusation against. Expulsion of a US Senator is the legal term more apt to be applied today. However, now that you have had an educational enhancement, you know that a US Senator can be impeached and expelled.
    Any questions?

  19. Blount was not impeached in 1797. he was expelled from the Senate in that year under article III, section 3 of the constitution, to wit: “Each house may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two thirds, expel a member.”
    The House did erroneously vote impeachment against Blount two years later, after he was expelled from the Senate, but the Senate declined to try him. The only punishment for being impeached is expulsion. Since then, impeachment has been reserved only for the other two branches of government, since impeachment in Congress would be redundant, superfluous, unnecessary, a waste of time, and bad politics since it would involve one house trying to expel a member of the other house. Because of all that, you cannot impeach a senator.
    Thus, any campaign to oust a senator or house member should concentrate on having the person expelled, but good luck trying that.

  20. Blount was impeached by the House and before the proceedings went forward the Senate removed him.
    Look up impeachment in the dictionary.
    Also, the Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama has some excellent resources.


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