Obama absent from November 4 1999 Illinois Senate, Larry Sinclair cocaine allegations, Larry Sinclair lawsuit

Larry Sinclair has alleged that he and Barack Obama used cocaine in his rented limousine in Chicago during the period of November 3 – 8 1999. Sinclair also alleges a homosexual act was performed and that they had an encounter 2 days later. The record of the Illinois Senate for November 4 1999 indicates Barack Obama was absent for personal reasons. Where was Barack Obama on November 4, 1999? Below is a copy of the lawsuit Larry Sinclair filed in Minnesota against Barack Obama.




5 responses to “Obama absent from November 4 1999 Illinois Senate, Larry Sinclair cocaine allegations, Larry Sinclair lawsuit

  1. JoAnn Bjorkman

    Get him Larry…..I cannot believe MSM not covering this story. Where is Jackson and Shapton re Gay murders? I cannot believe how they are all ignoring this story. Especially after what they tried to do to McCain. Come on, O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh. Let’s get this story told and find out the truth.

  2. citizenwells

    I know some Bjorkmans in Idaho.
    Could that be you?

  3. good job citizenwells

  4. If this allegation had any truth to it, don’t you think Obama would have been convicted by now?

    Stupid Republicans will try anything to keep their pocketbooks thick and ours small.

  5. Michele, a 16 year old, who thinks toriar is a total and complete idiot.

    How can you say that? Have you not seen people who werent convicted for crimes that did happen? Prime example: OJ Simpson.

    ALSO- this is not about what political party you are. This is just a simple fact that allegations were pressed against Obama. Who is to say that we wouldnt be just as concerned if this was a case involving McCain, which we would.

    And even more- republicans have thick pocketbooks? My family is republican through and through, and we are MOST DEFINITLY not rich. My family qualifies for the free lunch program infact, and we will not do that because we are not going to take unneccessary handouts from the government. We can support ourselves, as many of the lazy welfare recipients could, if they wanted to. You know, the people who have no jobs and no reason, but still arent considered unemployed?

    No, the problem is, our pocketbooks would be thicker if there werent all these taxes forcing us to pay for others when they should pay for themselves! AND YOU PROBABLY SUPPORT GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE MR. TORIAR. HOW IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOUR POCKETBOOK THICK??? DO YOU NOT REALIZE THAT THAT WILL JUST MAKE YOU PAY MORE IN TAXES??

    Learn something more about economics, and you may see that it is not the republicans keeping your pocketbooks thin, it is infact the democrats.

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