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Seth Rich murder May 2018 update, Jack Burkman announces $ 155k reward for information leading to arrest of Seth Rich’s killer, The Profiling Investigative Center new details

Seth Rich murder May 2018 update, Jack Burkman announces $ 155k reward for information leading to arrest of Seth Rich’s killer, The Profiling Investigative Center new details

“I know that Seth Rich was involved in the DNC leak.”…Kim Dotcom

“Let me tell you something. They were all over that woman,”
“And it was the type of stuff we ran into with the outfit (the Chicago mob). Intimidation just by watching her, making their presence known. … Just to let her know ‘We can do what we want.’ ”…Attorney David Schippers, Clinton investigator

“Burkman said in an interview that he considered Selig like a brother and was badly shaken by his friend’s death.”
“The tragically ironic part is Glenn’s last words to me were, ‘Be careful,’” Burkman said. “It’s just a tragedy — terrible.””…Politico Jan. 24, 2018


From the PR News Channel.

“Jack Burkman announces record setting reward in Seth Rich case, renews efforts for investigative team

With new $155,000 reward, The Profiling Investigative Center, formerly The Profiling Project, analyzes work and motives of former colleague and welcomes new team member

At an Arlington press conference on Tuesday, D.C. lobbyist and attorney Jack Burkman increased the reward to $155,000 for information leading to the arrest of Seth Rich’s killer and announced new details surrounding his criminal investigation team.

It is now the highest reward offered for information on any crime in D.C., Virginia and Maryland history.

The Profiling Investigative Center, formerly The Profiling Project, has redoubled efforts on the controversial Seth Rich case after former investigator, Kevin Doherty, attacked Burkman in March. In light of the latest push, the organization has also welcomed seasoned criminal investigator Dan Rice to the team.

“We’re on a quest to find answers,” said Burkman. “Despite the adversity, we must renew and double down on our work. We have to find the truth in regards to Seth and now, we have to find out what was behind Mr. Doherty’s actions.”

While following up on a lead for an FBI whistleblower in March, Burkman was shot twice and run down by an SUV at an Arlington hotel. Eye witness reports led police to arrest The Profiling Project’s former investigator, Kevin Doherty, in connection with the attack.

As details of the plot emerged from police, both Burkman and the investigators found themselves troubled by the attack, whether he worked alone, and how his motives could have impacted his work with the Seth Rich case.

“This isn’t a Sherlock Holmes mystery, it’s the tragic, unsolved murder of a young man,” said Burkman. “Before we proceed, we must ensure our work was never corrupted or influenced and that no one else is out there to scuttle this investigation.”

With the help of Rice, the team plans to assess the validity of Doherty’s conclusions and whether he sought to influence the Seth Rich case or had assistance in the attack.”

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“Lobbyist says he was nearly killed by man he hired to investigate Seth Rich’s death”

“when Burkman bent over to pull the papers out from under the cone, he was shot in the buttocks and thigh. As he ran out of the garage with his dachshund in his arms, he was hit by an SUV.

He said the car backed up to hit him again.

“It looked like he was coming to kill me,” Burkman said. But he said a woman watching from a window of the hotel screamed. A guard came running and the SUV sped off, Burkman said.”

“Burkman said he is now traveling with security. But the experience has not soured him on conspiracy theories. His profiling project concluded that Rich was shot by a hired killer, and he wonders if Doherty was working for someone else.

He has not given up on investigating Rich’s death, whose family just sued Fox News for publishing a false story linking their son to WikiLeaks.

“This in my mind makes the whole Seth story stranger and stranger,” Burkman said.””




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